Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 077B Tafsir Al-Maidah 109-113

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of following the word to word translation and following the word to word translation. They stress the importance of knowing the truth behind events and the challenges of marriage. They also discuss the benefits of writing well to benefit others and the importance of speaking clearly when speaking to a baby. The conversation touches on the prophets and their supposed success in achieving something, but the speaker argues that people do not believe in them. They also mention a magic trick that was performed by a prophet and how it inspired people to call the Prophets.
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Lesson number 77 Sudha toma EDA is number 109 to 120.

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Now I know that you haven't listened to the translation track. So what we're going to do today is something different. And that is that as I will do tips here, I will read the word to word translation as well. Okay. So, before I will do this, you have any idea what will I do? I will read the word to word of that entire idea or part of the idea. So, what do you have to do?

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listen very attentively and you have to recognize by my tone, what I am doing, so that you know whether you're taking notes, or you have to mark the translation, and by this point of 100, Hola, you should be able to do that anyway. The benefit is that you don't have to write it out. You just have to follow along and Mark and if there's any different words that inshallah will make sure that you have the time to write it down.

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Yo, Maya Jima, Allah who will Sula on the day when Allah will assemble the messengers, fire guru, and he will say, Mother, would you become

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mother? What is that? Or do you Bhutan, you were answered? Follow, they will say Larry Lima, no knowledge learner for us. In Africa indeed you and you alone, I learn more. What you have written before you, I learn one who is most knowing a loop of the unseen hands.

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Yo Maya Jamar, Allah hood whistle on the day when Allah will gather the messengers when he will assemble all of the messengers, and not just the messengers, but also their nations with them. Because every nation will come with its Messenger, where before Allah to answer him, and which day is this, the Day of Judgment. The Prophet salallahu Salam is being addressed over here that remember this day, mentioned this day, when Allah is going to gather all of the messengers from the first to the last from Adam to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and he will ask them, he will ask their people and he will also ask the messengers in total, which is 92 We learn Philip B Calanus alumna whom he Marine, surely by our Lord, we will definitely ask them all together, the prophets will be asked their people will be asked in Surah, three out of six bananas alumna Latina, OC La La him wilderness and unknown mousseline, we will ask the people to whom the messengers were sent. And we will also ask the messengers, because that is the day of questioning, that is the day when Allah will ask every person what he did, if he fulfilled his responsibilities or not, the responsibilities that Allah laid on him, and that he took upon himself

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from other people, every person is going to be asked, and imagine over here, prophets are being questioned. Prophets of Allah, the most perfect of human beings, the human beings who were truly successful in this life, who did what they were required to, therefore filled their responsibilities, Yet Allah who will question them, did you fulfill your responsibility? Or not? Did you convey or did you not? Allah will ask them, then what about the rest of us? Who have fallen short in our duties for sure. But yet it is as though we live we work as though nobody is ever going to question us about the moments that we have lived about the blessings that we have enjoyed, about

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the Salah that we are performing, because if we remembered this, that we are going to be answerable to Allah, then our work would be very different. Our evader would be very different. Our dealings with people would be very, very different.

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So on the day when the messengers will be gathered, and Allah will ask them, and over here a very different question is mentioned

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that the messengers will be asked Mother would you don't what is it that you were responded? Meaning when you conveyed to your people, what response did you get from them? Did they believe or did they not? Did they accept or did they not? Did they follow

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or did they not? What was the response that you got?

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Now, think about it? Should this question be asked from the prophets? Or Should this question be asked from their people?

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That what response did you give to them? Because the prophets are not responsible for the response that they receive from the people? Are they? No, they're responsible for what for conveying who is responsible for the response? The people? So Allah is not asking the nations over here. What kind of response did you give to the messengers? Did you believe in your messenger? Did you follow him? Or did you not know who is he questioning the prophets? Why?

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Because in this process, the guilt of the people will be established the it will be proven. In the Quran, we learn that Allah will ask the infant girl who was killed who was buried, what either Elmo Gouda, to sue ealert, when the little girl who was buried will be questioned, be a ye them in particular, for which crime was she killed? Allah who will ask her, What crime did you commit that you were killed? Did she commit any crime? Never.

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So, who is being reproached indirectly, who is being reproached indirectly, the one who killed her, the one who killed her, this is just like, one child has hit another child. And the parent sees that. And the parent doesn't go and ask the one who hit where did you hit? And why did you hit? He asked? So the other child, where did you get hurt? Are you okay? And when you ask the one who is innocent, in this is what great embarrassment and humiliation for the one who is guilty, that he's not even able to speak over here give an explanation as to why he did what he did. He's not even being asked. He's being ignored. He wants to say something to defend himself when he cannot. He's

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not even being questioned.

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And it also shows that they are not worth being spoken to, that Allah will be so angry with those people that he will not even ask them. What kind of response did you give to your prophets? Allah will ask the prophets, what kind of response did you get? And this will reveal the crimes of the nations against their prophets. This will reveal their sins. And this in itself is great humiliation. So Allah will ask mother Egypt don't follow they will say, learn human and now we have no knowledge.

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We do not know do not know what the response that was given to us. Really? Do they not know Did Muhammad salallahu Salam not know that Abu Bakr believed in Abuja, * disbelieved.

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Did he not know? Yes, he did. Did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not know that the Quraysh came in battle against him at better at what at so many other occasions? Did he not know? Yes, he did. Did he not know that there were so many companions? Who were so sincere and honest to him? Who were by his side despite the difficulties? Of course, he knew. So then why will the prophets say to Allah, we do not know about what kind of response we got. There are several explanations given about this. Firstly, it has been said that due to the horrors of that day, due to the fright of that day, the terror of that day, they will forget everything.

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Sometimes it happens that we know. We know the material, the book that we have studied our lesson, everything really well. We have been studying it all week. We have been reviewing it until the last moment. But what happens when you see the test? Blank, everything disappears from your head. Why? Because you are panicking too much. Then you need to calm down. You need to take a deep breath. You need to realize it's okay.

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And once you are calm, then you can recall everything. So because of the fright of that day, the prophets will say Larry Milena, we don't know or Allah don't ask us. We don't know. Don't ask us they will be so afraid. Imagine if the state of the prophets is this on the Day of Judgment. Then what will be the state of the rest of us who think about a list of excuses to present before Allah subhanaw taala for missing Salah for not wearing hijab for yelling at my parents for not fulfilling my commitments. We have a list of explanations I

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I will say this I will say this I will say that really, if the prophets will say lair ill manana out of extreme fright, what will happen to you and I?

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What will happen to you and i

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others have said that the prophets will say La Mola now, because they are basically admitting their ignorance before Allah, that Oh ALLAH compared to your knowledge, we have nothing, we know nothing. Our knowledge compared to yours is nothing. They will confess their ignorance before Allah, despite the angels, what did they say? They're in Medina, in Burma and London, we have no knowledge except what you taught us. The prophets, they knew so much. They were given knowledge of certainty, they were given earlier pain. They were made to see things that we can never see in this world.

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They were taught things that we can perhaps never comprehend. They knew a lot, yet they admit their ignorance before Allah, Oh Allah, we don't know.

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You know, everything we don't know. And here we are people who barely know anything. And we boast about the little bit of information that we have picked up from here and there.

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And we walk so confidently thinking that we know everything, and we can give fatwa here and we can give fatwa there, and we can talk about the religion and we can say whatever we want, because we know I have studied this, and I have studied that, and I have the authority to speak. I mentioned to you earlier, the story of Imam Malik, once a group of students traveled all the way to him, stayed with him for a number of days, every day they asked him questions. What about this? And what about this? And what about this? And every time he said that? I do not know? I don't know the answer. Because if you don't know, you don't know. And it's not embarrassing to say, I don't know, because

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you don't know. And that is the reality.

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It is off knowledge to say I do not know when a person says I do not know it shows that he has some knowledge. And when a person is guessing answers to everything, that it proves that he doesn't know anything.

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Likewise, scholars have said that they will say this letter in Malena out of respect for Allah, just respect for Allah.

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Just like the Companions, many times we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked them something, and even though they would know the answer, what would they say? Allahu Allah, sunnah, who are alum, Allah and His Messenger know better?

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They could have guessed, but they wouldn't. Why? Out of respect for the prophets, Allah Allah or do sadhana. Likewise, it has been said that the prophets will say Loreen Mela, now we do not know. Because they really did not know the reality of the hearts of the people. Except for what Allah subhanaw taala told them, because they were to deal with people based on what on the appearance, the reality of the heart, who knows, only Allah knows. So they will say that Oh Allah, you know, you know better later in Medina, we don't know who truly believed and who didn't, whose email will be accepted today, and whose email will be rejected today. We don't know who has passed and who has

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failed. And also if you think about it, the prophets only knew what kind of response that we're getting as long as they were alive as long as they were amongst their people. But once they passed away, once they left their nations once they went to Allah, then they didn't know what happened after them. So they will say l'oeil Manana, Allah we do not know. This is just like on the Day of Judgment, we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he will be at the help, how Decosta we learned about the fond of that water from which the prophets of Allah Edison will give water to drink to his ummah. And he will see that there are certain people from his own mother trying to come to him, and

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he would want to give water to them to drink, but those people will be stopped. They will not be allowed to go to the prophets of Lourdes and to get water. And the prophets of a lot of them will say, there are people from my own ma leave them, let them come. And he will be told that you do not know what kind of things they invented in the religion after you. So they're not from your meaning they don't deserve to be here. They don't deserve any water from your hands on this day, because you don't know what kinds of things they invented after you. So the prophets, they will admit on the Day of Judgment, flurry lamella now we have no knowledge or our Lord because in NECA, Anta Allah, Allah

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who you have, indeed you alone, or alone will who you

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If I learn, not to Starlene, where I live, I learn, supremely aware, one who thoroughly knows one who is completely familiar. You are the one who knows fully about what Earl who you plural of life, meaning all matters of unseen, everything that is hidden, only you know about it, whether it is something that a person has kept in his heart, whether it was something done behind my back, whether it is something that's going on in a person's head, I don't know only, you know, in our Lamelo, you, you alone are the one who is supremely aware of everything that is unseen. So when Allah Allah, Allah will tell you that what does that teach us? That we trust Him, and we accept whatever that he

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tells us. We trust people who know only a little bit of this world, who have only one or two degrees, who have studied and taught for maybe just 10 years or 20 years, and we blindly follow them, we accept anything they tell us. But when it comes to the word of Allah, when it comes to the Command of Allah, unfortunately, many people what do they want an explanation and evidence or proof, some material proof to show that yes, what Allah has said is true. And it is beneficial only then they will accept. It doesn't make any sense. When Allah is Allah will tell you that we trust him. This is just like if there's, let's say, a mine, where it is said that there are precious stones.

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And you know that precious stones are not always visible. Sometimes they're hidden within rocks, than if there is a person who's working inside. What will he do? He will pick up a rock and say, Oh, it's just a rock and he will throw it away. No, he will pick up every rock because you never know what's inside. So even though on the surface, it appears to be a rock, you will pick it up. So just like that, when it comes to the words of ALLAH, even on the surface, if we don't understand, we accept it. We take it because it is based on whose knowledge I know who you are. Then Allah says it when Khan Allahu Allah, He said or he will say, Allahu Allah, br Isa, or ISA ignore Motoyama, son of

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Meriam. Well, remember, near Mati, my blessing or alayka upon you were Allah and upon where leader tikka, your mother, now, specifically, your isa Alayhi. Salam is mentioned over here, how he will be asked on the day of judgment. And what's the purpose again? Why is he being asked to indirectly rebuke his people to indirectly rebuke the people who worshipped reciting his salah. And one more thing I want you to notice over here is that all the verbs are mentioned in the past tense. It is as though like if call Allahu Allah is He said, So the future is mentioned in the past tense. Why does this happen to show it certainty? Because what has happened in the past? It's definite. It's true,

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it has happened. You don't doubt about it, because it has happened. So just like that, what is mentioned over here will definitely happen. There's no doubt about its occurrence, it will definitely take place it's as certain as though it has already taken place. So specifically resigned s&m, as mentioned, Allah says, that Allah will say, to resign SNM or recess and of Meriam remember my blessings upon you, and my blessings upon your mother, which blessings upon you, they will be mentioned in the ayah.

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But why is he being told to remember the blessings which were bestowed upon his mother?

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Because a blessing that the parents enjoy, automatically, children benefit from it.

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For example, if a mother has been granted knowledge, knowledge is what is a blessing, then automatically her children, they're also blessed with that knowledge. Why? Because

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the mother will teach them because that knowledge has had an effect on the mother which will affect the way that you will bring up her child. If a father has money, then automatically that child also benefits from that money. So this is the reason why are you sorry, listen, I'm will be told to remember the blessings which Allah bestowed on his mother, which blessings were given to Maria many blessings. First of all, the fact that she was taken in by the Heiko that she could stay there. The first woman, it was unheard off that Any girl would be dedicated over there and spent her life in the worship of Allah in the service of the deen. She was given knowledge and when she would be

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there, she was brought this sent by Allah subhanaw taala

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Ella, she was under the guardianship of Zachary. Yeah. And then she never got married and she had a child. It will. There are many worlds many women who love children who want to have children, but they don't want to go through the difficulties of marriage because they don't like the idea of marriage, but they'd love to have children. So I'm not saying that marriage is difficult, okay. But it comes with its challenges. So does motherhood. But sometimes people want everything easy. So anyway, many of our s&m She had a child without even being married. This was a miracle. Which other girl goes through this. So many blessings were given to her and when she was accused by her people

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of adultery, her child spoke up in her defense. Imagine

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that somebody is falsely accusing you you don't have words to defend yourself and someone whom you never expected they speak up and they defend you so these were all blessings on Maria

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now the blessings upon resign is and I mentioned in when a yet took her I strengthened you Bureau he would spirit a kudos the pure to can live on NASA. You would speak to the people fee in an Murthy the cradle what gala and in maturity. What if and when I learned to care I taught you I'll kita but the book will Hekmatyar and the Wisdom, what Torah and the Torah while injeel and the NG, Allah says over here, remember my blessings upon you, when I supported you with Rouhani produce who is World goddess, the pure Spirit Gibreel is one of the titles of debris Angel Jibreel and Jibreel has many titles, many descriptions in the Quran is described as a mean as Kawi. Just like people have

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different strengths, they have different qualities. Some have more others have less, just like that the angels also among them is also a difference. Some angels have been granted qualities which others don't have, and Gibreel is at the top. So Rue help others the pure Spirit. Allah subhanaw taala says that I helped you with Angel Jibreel meaning Angel Jibreel was sent to help resign his son, and almost every point in his life while he was in the way of Allah subhanaw taala just like remember the time when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he went to a Jewish tribe to talk to ask them to have a share in the blood money that the people of Medina had to give to the people of

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Makkah, because there was an accidental murder. And according to the treaty of Medina, that if there was any such situation, Jews had to take a share in that blood money. So what happened? They said, Okay, we'll just discuss and come back to you please have a seat. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, against a wall, and they conspired that we will go and throw this huge rock on Prophet salallahu Salam so that he will die right here and this whole matter is finished. And they were about to do it but what happened? Allah sent Gibreel to tell Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to leave immediately. So Allah helped Prophet salallahu salam how through through debris,

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the Mushrikeen they said very derogatory verses of poetry about the prophets of Allah sent him to insult him. It was like the media of that time, basically. So the Prophet saw a lot of Salam had her son Ben sabot, one of his companions, say verses of poetry, in praise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as an answer to what the machine had done. So the Prophet saw a lot of sin and prayed Allahumma Yid who butyl * kudos, oh Allah help him through the pure Spirit meeting with Gibreel that led Gibreel help him in the situation that Gibreel you know, puts words in his heart so that he can say the most eloquent verses the most truthful poetry. And we see this that were shaytaan

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whispers in the heart of a person, an angel also does. So Allah subhanaw taala helped his servants with who Djibouti learned and recited Islam especially got the help of who Gibreel so in the year two capital headquarters and what does help to Colombo, NASA filmed the waka hula, you would speak to the people in the cradle and also in maturity in the cradle, who can fit in a cradle, a child that's five years old, and who way who can fit in a cradle only a baby only until that baby weighs maximum 10 pounds, which is why they have maximum weight for carseat and cradled and everything. So a very small base

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Baby can fit in a cradle. Allah says you spoke in the cradle. Allah taught you how to speak when you were still a baby. Have you ever heard a baby babbling? Or cooing? Have you ever heard a baby making sounds? That sound very cute. And sometimes you think that the baby said Mama, or you think or you hope that the baby said what you think he said? Right? But that's not the case. Because baby just making sounds, he doesn't really mean to say anything.

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But imaginary Sarena he said

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he pronounced the words perfectly. He spoke clearly, eloquently to Kalima, nurse, he addressed the people when he was a baby in a cradle. If a baby tries to talk, he's not able to pronounce every letter every sound. Why? Because he doesn't know how to move the tongue. The teeth are not even there. He's not able to pronounce the words clearly. So this was a miracle that he recited. Saddam spoken the cradle. Why did he speak in the defense of his mother? And in order to call people to the worship of Allah, he started Dawa from when, from the time that he was a baby, what do we think? I'm only 15? How can I do that? How can I call people to Allah? We say I'm only 20 How can I call people

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to Allah? When I'll be 30? When I'll be 40 when I'll be an auntie then I'll do this stuff. know, when you know, then you have to call people to Allah. Or you Silas Anna was a baby. That's when he started his Dawa

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to Colombo, Nassif and Maddie, what Gatling girl is one majority the age of majority, about 30 to 40. Or some scholars say 50 years of age. So basically, in that age also he spoke to the people and this is an indication that he will return and then he will call people to the worship of Allah will either allow them to Calcutta but will hikma and recall when I taught you the book Kitab over here refers to Kitab not book but writing in particular. So if you want you can even change the translation over here of Alcatel from the book to writing that he will start how to write, you might say yeah, everyone knows how to write. But back then, it was a special skill that only some people

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possessed, to be able to write. And now also we see that many people can scribble words, but everyone can not write beautifully. And many people can write beautiful writing. But those words, they're useless, they're meaningless. They're not effective at all. You know, there are some pieces of writing, which when you read, you don't understand what the author is trying to say.

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You get bored, you read one paragraph, and you have to read it again. And you really have to motivate yourself to read on. And there are some other pieces of writing, which when you start reading, you don't want to stop, which is why people keep reading even when they're sitting on the toilet.

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You know what I'm talking about. So why, because the way it has been written is so captivating. This is kitao that skill, that ability to write well.

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And everyone does not have the stupidity, everyone does not have the strength. So if Allah has given the strength to someone to write well, and write really well, that they should use the skill in the way of Allah, because Allah didn't teach them the skill for them to waste it. No, Allah gave it to them so that they could make their ocra. So if Allah has given you the skill to write well use it, to make your Akela use it for the service of the deen use it to write good things, people blog about the most random things about the kind of food they ate, the kind of products they're buying. I mean, if you're blogging, you have the time to do that, write something decent, write something that's

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beneficial. So, he was taught, how to write well and also he will start when Hikmah wisdom how to do what in what manner and when and how much in what style in what way? This is wisdom, he will start this wisdom and he was taught the knowledge of the Torah and the Injeel. It is said that when he was of age 12, very young imagine age 12. At this age also he would quote the verses of Torah that people will be shocked. People will be amazed. You know, sometimes you're hearing a lecture and you hear a scholar not just recite in IR from the Quran, not just mentioned its translation, but they also mention the chapter number and the verse number. And they don't just mention one reference

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But the mentioned 1234 So many, and you may think, okay, perhaps they have memorized these five or six references. And then every few minutes they're quoting references.

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Are you thinking about somebody, for example, Dr. Zakir Naik, you listen to his lectures and you're amazed. And it's not just the Quran. It's also these books that we've never read, that we've never even seen. And he's quoting them with references translation as a memorize as if he was reading from somewhere and you wonder, does he have something before him?

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This is knowledge that you know, it's so well you can read it from anywhere, you will see these videos of these little children who are being tested, that someone will recite a part of an iron from the Quran and the child will complete the iron, keep reading or that child will tell you where that is, in which Surah on which page, which part off the page, because they know it so well.

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And this is a gift. This is really a gift. Re starless and I was given the knowledge of the Torah and the Indian in this way.

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What if and when that local you create men from aleni the clay go, Hey, a tea like form a lady of the bird, be with me with my permission? For 10 For who? So you blow fee her in it for the corner. So it becomes free run a bird be Igni with my permission. What Toby do, and you cure ACMA, the born blind will Abraha and the leper be Igni with my permission. What if and when do you bring out a motor, the dead ones be kidney with my permission. Over here, the special miracles that are recited to them was given our mention, he's being reminded that this is also a blessing that you were given the ability to perform these miracles, what that you would make from clay, the form of a bird, but

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notice be Edney. Allah subhanaw taala gave him permission to do this. And he has not given permission to other people to do this, to make sculptures of living things. He has not given us permission to do that. But he recited something was given that permission. And then what would happen for 10 for coffee he would blow in it. And what would happen? That sculptor would turn into a live bird and just fly off.

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Can you imagine?

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just picturing in your head, somebody takes some clay forms of bird blows?

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And flies off like a bird? A real bird? If you would see that.

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I'm sure you would wonder how is this person doing it? And it's not just the skill. It's also the fact that what debris will occur How will Avila you would cure the born blind someone who was born blind never seen anything, he would read certain kalimat and as a result that born blind person was able to see well abras, someone's suffering from leprosy, a very severe disease, very difficult disease that can cause many deformities on the body. And imagine they would be cured. What is totally jewel motivate me dead people, he would bring them out of their graves. It is sad that he would go by the grave of a dead person recite some kalimat and say come out, and that person would

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come out of the crib. Imagine somebody coming out of the grip alive.

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Scary. But amazing. The How did this happen?

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I was at a beach ones. It was a Turtle Beach. So basically a place where turtles come and they lay their eggs. And all of a sudden we see things coming out of the sand and crawling towards the water. And when we went and saw it was actually baby turtles coming out of the sand. And we started looking closely. And suddenly you would see a movement in the sand. And then you would see a head poking out. And then you would see hands poking out and then a thing crawling out. And it's out completely and it's running off to the water. And it reminded me of resurrection that how on the Day of Judgment people will come out of their graves.

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And imagine the people have restarted and the Bani Israel they saw this or if you see this happening, a human being coming out of the grave because of the kalimat of Allah that are recited. You think it's difficult for Allah to cause this to happen on the day of judgment. And yet if a person refuses to believe in the afterlife, then he really has a problem.

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So all these amazing miracles, but notice how we Eve nee is mentioned over and over again, because he was not able to do all this out of his own accord out of his own power.

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where he only did this because Allah allowed it to happen. The prophets weren't able to do anything themselves. It was because of Allah special permission and help because of which they could accomplish what they did.

00:35:13 --> 00:36:02

What it could have to and when I restrained Bani Israel ILA the children of Israel Elijah from you in the home when you came to them will be unity with the clear proofs for color. So he said AlLadhina cafardo those who disbelieved main home from them in not Heather, this Illa except Sirhan magic McBean obvious clear, one that is clear, recited so when he presented all of these amazing miracles to the people, what should the people have done? Listen to him, we see a person performing one magic trick and we know it's fake. It's only a trick. But yet, people will run to watch that magic show. And that magician will say, clap everybody, and everybody will clap, and he will just

00:36:02 --> 00:36:12

stop and everybody will stop. He will give the most ridiculous instructions and people will follow. Why? Because the tricks that he's performing are so amazing.

00:36:13 --> 00:37:04

Here is a prophet performing real miracles. But those hard hearts soften at all. Did they believe at all? Did they listen at all? No, they didn't. They didn't like what he told them. And like the habit of Bani Israel was that every time someone told him something that didn't want to listen, they didn't just reject them. They went to the extent of killing them. So they attempted to kill isa salaam as well. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala got Fef to Bani Israel he he restrained them CalFire Kofu is what to restrain he didn't let them he stopped them from harming resources and then he protected resource center when it Jetta humble bayonet when you brought them clear signs clear

00:37:04 --> 00:37:18

proves for Paula Lena Cafaro Minh whom in her Illa Sahara mobian. But the disbelievers are among them. They said this has nothing except clear magic. Clear evidences clear signs and what do they call it? Magic.

00:37:19 --> 00:38:13

And it happens even today that you could give the most obvious of proofs, the most logical evidences, but someone who doesn't want to accept someone who doesn't want to listen, they will not listen, they will not accept what is and when Oh, hey to I inspired ILA to Al Hawara Yean, the disciples and that amino you all believe be with me what and build a Sunni with my messengers. Follow they said, and now we believe wash heads and bear witness be Anana that indeed we Muslim on our Muslims, ones who are submissive. Allah subhanaw taala reminds recited Cena of yet another blessing that when there were so many people, the whole nation that was calling you a magician, they

00:38:13 --> 00:39:03

call the miracles magic. What happened? Oh, hate to Hawaii again. I inspired the disciples. Oh, hey do from what he and what he literally means to inspire, to communicate secretly. And as a technical term, what he refers to the revelation that was given to the Prophets by Allah subhanaw taala. But over here, remember that the word was being used in its literal sense, not as a technical term, because what he, as the technical term is used only for who the prophets of Allah because only they received revelation. But the word was also used in its literal sense. Like, for example, in the Quran, Allah says, whoa, how to booka Illa Natalie, and your Lord did ye to the honeybee doesn't

00:39:03 --> 00:39:32

mean that honeybees are prophets, they were given revelation. No, what does it mean? That they were instructed by Allah, Allah put it in their heart. So just like that the Hawaii gained the disciples, Allah subhanaw taala inspired them, he just put it in their hearts. You know, sometimes you just have this feeling you do is to call and you have this feeling that yeah, this is the right thing to do, or I should not do this and you're very satisfied with that decision.

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

So Allah inspired to the Hawaii gain. The disciples and Hawaii, as you know, is sincere friend, someone who is sincere and pure in law hidden Balcon on the apparent and also inwardly someone who's honest and dedicated. And basically, it's used for the honest the true supporters and believers of the prophets, and especially the supporters of believers and who are dishonest

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

So the Hawaii Yean Allah subhanaw taala inspired them believe in me and also in my messenger. So what happened to me? And they said yes, we believe so they believed in Allah. They believed in recycling sunnah. And they said wash had been in Nanaimo Simone and bear witness that we are Muslims, we submit to Allah, we do believe.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:37

And this is amazing that there's a crowd of people who is refusing to believe in the Prophet of Allah, yet from among them, there are 12 people who believe

00:40:38 --> 00:41:29

it will happen in your life that sometimes you will call people to something, you will ask them to do something and you will ask so many people, everyone will say no, and you will say, I printed these many flyers. I called so many people, I sent an email to 50 people, but you know, what, only do people responded? Well, you know what, be grateful that even those two people responded, Because if even one person is guided to the truth through you, that is much better for you. Then red camels which are really expensive. You're talking about red portions or something. So 12 disciples believed in reciting sunnah and Allah subhanaw taala reminds that we Silas and M have this as what as a

00:41:29 --> 00:41:33

blessing that remember this, this was a blessing.

00:41:34 --> 00:41:36

Let's listen to the recitation.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:42

Yo, may I do my own long hauls would I say oh Luma

00:41:44 --> 00:41:46

would you be all

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hold in gone along with

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pool near Monkey Island Ito Allah Juanita Tikka

00:42:06 --> 00:42:15

to cubby hole in all those is a to cameo. Lucy to Calais Moon NASA Do you work?

00:42:17 --> 00:42:19

What is your love token? Kita

00:42:20 --> 00:42:23

matter what brought our

00:42:24 --> 00:42:35

G What is the Hello? Amina? Please Nika Hey ATIP point II need for coffee Fatah gonna

00:42:37 --> 00:42:39

be easily Waterbury all

00:42:42 --> 00:42:44

evening talk free

00:42:46 --> 00:42:50

money is to Bernie

00:42:54 --> 00:42:54


00:42:56 --> 00:42:58

been been chief of all

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the ball

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in session

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to 11 How

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To be or we also only follow

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ball Oh

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