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An-Nahl 1-21 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 15-21

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Okay, let's continue the lesson

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by number 15.

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All the row was here, and he has cast into the earth firmly set mountains. Oh, I see florala rasiya.

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And her as he refers to mountains that are firmly anchored, that are very firmly grounded, that cannot be moved by people, no matter how much they try, they cannot shift them, they cannot relocate them. And the last he also applies to mountains that are huge, that are tall, towering mountains and Ravasi together mountain ranges.

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So, he has placed in the earth mountain ranges firmly set mountains, why antonito become lest it shift with you, meaning anatomy that becomes so that the earth does not shift with you, it does not sway with you. So in other words, these mountains have been placed in the earth to stabilize the earth. And if these mountains were not there, then the Earth would always be moving.

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The meter from the roof letters media then made and made is to swing it is to shake, to sway and is basically to move back and forth to shake this way from right to left. So he has placed these mountains in the earth, so that the earth does not move with you.

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One on One, and rivers meaning we're geography here, and how one is placed in the earth, rivers, and how plural off now,

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the water is not just concentrated in oceans, in seas in lakes, but rather he has made rivers so that water is present everywhere. It is accessible everywhere, especially freshwater that people can drink and also irrigate their fields with

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basutoland. So there isn't this rain that comes down from the sky that benefits people but at the same time, he has also placed rivers in the earth so that people have access to water and they could benefit from it was sibulan and pathways so well plural of Sabine, meaning he has placed pathways in the earth that are local data Dune so that you all are guided meaning in the earth, He has made natural pathways, natural roads, so that you can find your way to your destinations. Right now we have roads. But we see that throughout the earth there are natural pathways through which people find their way.

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And of them are rivers and streams. Because they lead you from one place to the other. If you ever see within mountains in the valley, there's usually a river that is passing in the middle. And that forms a natural pathway. So now just over there, but everywhere Allah has made natural pathways, it's as if it has been made for you, so that you can find your way.

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So he has placed the mountains are standing firm, which make the earth stable and keep it from shaking.

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So that the creatures they can live on the earth with peace. And we see that there is a balance in this way that where the mountains are high. They're also rivers, the rivers and seas and water which is deep. So the mountains are high, and the rivers are deep there is abundance in the earth that Allah soprano data has created.

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And throughout the earth, He has made natural pathways so that people can travel from one place to the other and find their way and not get lost.

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While on earth and also landmarks throughout the earth. He has placed various landmarks through which you find your way around Earth as a Florida Allah and Allah is a distinguishing mark assign a lamppost. So in the earth, He has placed a limit, like for example, rivers, or trees, or strings, or huge rocks or mountains. Different natural things that our last panel guy has placed which serve as lampposts even today, many people they find their way from what through trees. Many times this is how people figure their way through mountains that when you're going in this way you see the mountains in front of you then you know you're going to write but they will not know whether you're

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going north or south or east or west. But they will identify from what natural landmarks and this helps us today and this definitely helped people before

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so our ultimate weapon led me and by the stars homie afternoon they obtain guidance, meaning by the stars, people find their direction as to where they are supposed to go. So during the day

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When people are traveling, when people are going from one place to the other, what do they benefit from? Allah not. And during the night when they cannot see their llama, then what has Allah placed for our direction, the stars in the sky.

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So Allah met, which are numerous natural signs, which include rivers, dunes, mountains, and during the night will be najmi, whom you have to do. And these landmarks are these stars, they show us the way to the destination, and during the day and the night. And they also show us about the Qibla. Through them, you figure out which way the Qibla is, and which way we are supposed to pray.

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And this is possible on land as well as on sea, that if a person is traveling on land, there are some elements that will tell him as to where he's supposed to go. But if a person is on sea, all that he can see his water around him, isn't it? So how do you make sense as to which direction you're going? How do you figure out there is no tree in the distance? There is no shore in the distance, there's no mountain that you can see from far. You're in the middle of the sea? How do you figure out from the stars? So we'll be najmi whom you have to do

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that Allah subhanaw taala questions fmeas Lu, then is He who creates Allah Who is the Holic? Who has created all of this for you? FMA Lu, come on, can he be like the one who lay a local who does not create? Is it ever possible? Can you ever make the two equal? Can you ever strike a comparison between the two, Allah The Holic the only one who creates and the rest of the creation that which is created, can you ever make them equal

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FMA loco kamalaya loco, can they ever be equal? No FLR Tata karoon, then do not take it. Then do not remember do not take a lesson from this, that the Holic and makuu cannot be equal.

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And if the Harlequin makuu cannot be equal, then Harlock must be give preference to in obedience, in worship, in everything. Allah is the only one who creates and everything else cannot create, who cannot create angels cannot create jinn cannot create idols cannot create people cannot create only Allah subhanaw taala is the creator. So how can anyone set partners with Allah soprano?

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Remember, this is a Maki solo and from the beginning up until now, no laws have been mentioned. If you think about it, the shahriar have not been given. The commands have not been given pray, do Hajj. But what has been mentioned the blessings are mentioned that use your mind realize all of the see all of this around you and come to the conclusion logical conclusion yourself that Allah is the only one who is worthy of worship.

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We learn to look Look man, I number 11 have a hunting law. This is the creation of Allah. All that you see around you this is what the hope of Allah for only So show me mother Haleakala Dena Min dooney what is it that other beings have created? Nothing at all. Show me everything that is there only a loss of parental data has created them.

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What internal do and if you were to count, if you were to list if you were to number near Matala, the blessings of Allah letter so her, you cannot enumerate it. You would never be able to list them, you would never be able to enumerate them. in Surat Ibrahim, we learnt of many blessings and sort of the hygiene we learned many blessings. And over here, another chapter of blessings. And the list is endless. There are so many blessings that Allah has bestowed you with if you try to list them. If I gave you 15 minutes to list all the blessings 15 minutes are not enough.

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And even if you think I can't think of anything, then that's because our knowledge is limited. While your local nyla alimony creates what you do not know. Because sometimes we only see outward blessings as blessings. But what is going on inside? What is going on inside our bodies? How our eyes are functioning, how our blood is traveling? how things are happening inside our body. We have no idea all of these are what blessings at such a minute level. What's happening. All of this is blessings. We're introducing Rahmatullahi laughter so you can never enumerate them. Why? Because they are so many. There are so many. They're infinite. If you try to list them, you can never ever

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list them. In Allaha Indeed Allah He is loving food on surely forgiving and he is a human merciful

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Why are these names mentioned over here? Think about it. If you try to count the blessings of Allah, you can ever do that. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. I just mentioned the translation. What do you think the connection is between these names of Allah and the fact that we cannot list the blessings

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that Allah has bestowed so many blessings upon us? Look at our gratitude or obedience. Is it anything at all? Despite our ingratitude, despite the lack of our gratitude, a Lost Planet Allah, He forgives us. He forgives our ingratitude, he forgives our disobedience. Because if we were to remain in such debt from the day we were born, till the day we die, even that would not be enough. Even that would not be enough to show gratitude to of course, the panaderia for the blessings that He has given us.

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So Allah is Allah for that he does not punish us. He does not take those blessings away from us. Despite our ingratitude. Despite our shortcomings, he is Rahim He is merciful, he continues to give, he does not cut them off.

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And we see that only a few blessings are mentioned over here. The rain, the mountains, the stars, these are only a few. There are endless blessings, so many more. And if you begin to count, if you begin to make a list, you can never do that. So what does this show to us? What is this show to us? What's the point of mentioning this? Then we need to be grateful. We need to do something we need to give priority to Allah soprano Darla in the LA Hala food over here indeed, a less forgiving and merciful he doesn't cut off the blessings, if we are ungrateful

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will know who we are. And Allah knows mercy Runa what you conceal what matter linoone and what you declare the soluna front sales secret. So whatever you keep secret, meaning whether it is an action, or a thought, or a word, anything that you keep secret, secret in the sense that you Don't utter it, you don't say it or you say it privately. Or you do an action secretly in the middle of the night, in a closed room, in a password protected account, whatever that you hide, that people cannot see that people do not have access to people have no idea is going on. Matta sirona. Anything that you hide, Allah knows about it, why am I thoroughly known and whatever you declare. And when Allah

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knows, you will be questioned about it, you will be accountable to for it. That when Allah gave you so many blessings, what did you do with them? What did you do? In your secret? In your open in your private affairs? In your open affairs when you were alone? When you were in front of people? What did you do? Did you obey Allah? Did you disobey Allah? Were you thankful? Or were you I'm thankful.

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Think about it. Everything that we have a lot of parameters given to us. For example, if we have a phone, who gave it to us, Allah, He gave us that money, or he gave our parents that money. And because of that we have a phone. And he gave us a mind. He gave us finger so we're able to use it. And he gave us friends through whom we can communicate with that phone. But if that phone is being used to disobey Allah, then isn't that ingratitude. Allah knows what you hide what you reveal, he sees you all the time. He sees your behavior, what are you doing?

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One Medina and those people who hear the Unum and dunlea, whom they invoke besides Allah, all those beings who are worshipped besides Allah liahona shaden they do not create anything at all, they cannot create anything, when we have lacunae, and they themselves are created,

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those beings who are worshipped besides Allah, they have not created anything. And even if they try to create, they cannot create and the reality is that they themselves are created by who, by Allah subhanaw taala or they are made by who people like for example, an idle a person has made it.

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So when they themselves are created, how can they create,

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I will add to what is the reality that they are dead? And what is a far enough minute there that you are here, not ones who are alive, but here is a plural of hate, and worth Florida may yet so all these beings that are worshipped besides Allah, they are dead, not alive. Why is this mentioned dead not alive? To emphasize the fact that they have no trace of life in them? They have no trace of life in them at all. And Welcome ladies are here. So first of all, it is for emphasis.

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Secondly, it is also to show that I'm working right away.

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Hear, they are not alive, they were never alive, at no point that they have life, or there is no room in them.

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So for example, if it's an idle, it wasn't that an idle was alive at some point. No, it's later here, it was never alive at any point, at no point in time. Or if it's a person that is worshipped by people, eventually he is going to die. And when he dies, there is going to be no life in him, no room in him. When I assure Luna, and they do not perceive, they have no idea. Ayanna yuvaraj, soon as to when they will be resurrected.

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If it's the idols, they have no idea as to when people will be resurrected. If it's some creation, some living creation that is worshipped, like, for example, a human being a jinn an angel, then that creation has no idea as to when he is going to be resurrected, when he dies, when he is going to be resurrected.

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Because people worship many beings, they worship, animate things, and they also worship inanimate things living as well as nonliving. So the nonliving things, they have no idea as to when the creation is going to be resurrected. And the living things when they die, they have no idea when they're going to be resurrected. So when their knowledge is so incomplete, when they have no idea what's happening, then how can you worship them? If a person is dead in the grave, then how can you be worthy of worship? How is it possible? When there is no trace of life? When there is no power or ability to create or to recreate? to even have authority over oneself? Then how can such a being be

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worthy of worship?

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So what do these eyes show to us? What do they demonstrate?

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The fact that only Allah is the being who is worthy of worship,

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because he is the one who has created everything. And he is the one who is alive, who does not die. He is the One whose knowledge encompasses everything. The Bible says Luna will matter linen and other beings that are worship, they have no idea not even about themselves, and how can they know about you?

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And since he is the only one worthy of worship, what is our duty, that we must show gratitude? How by worshiping and by obeying Him

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with the sort of the recitation of these as

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The name of

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honey was repeatedly coming to my mind, honey is who

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one who is rich, who does not need anything, who is independent, self sufficient.

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And the fact that Allah Allah has given us everything we do near Matala, he letter so what does that show his richness that he has so much he has given us so much that if we tried to list we cannot make a list. He has given so much he has made so much he is that rich.

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And at the same time, he is so independent, that even if we don't show any gratitude, he is a foreigner.

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If we give even one thing to someone, what do we want? They should say thank you to us. They should give us a thank you card. They should send us a thank you email. They should remember us. And if they don't, we say never again. But Allah is so funny that He has given us so much and even if people don't say Alhamdulillah even if people don't bother to obey Him or worship Him, He is the food under him. And even those who do believe in Him when they don't thank him enough still he'll the food over him. He is so funny.

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Part of being grateful for the blessings that Allah has given us is that we share them with others. And today we're so greedy for them that there's no burger. Like, for example, our natural resources, they're being depleted so fast. And also like today we're getting into literally wars over things like oil and we're being so greedy. And part of gratitude is sharing and being content with what Allah has given us.

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recitation of desire

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subchronic Allahumma vmdk Masha Allah Eva illa Anta, Lyrica 102. We like I said, I'm already coming out with the label.