Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 264B Tafsir Al-Fath 18-24

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Verse number 18 loco Radi Allahu certainly was ALLAH pleased.

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We see that after her they be one group gained Allah's wrath, his punishment, his anger, as we see in the previous verses you are libcom 1111 lever, and then there are others who gained Allah's approval, luck or draw the Allah Who who is it that Allah was pleased with? The law the Allahu Allah is already pleased with them. He has bestowed His Ridwan upon them who are a little more mean, the believers, which believers 1400 believers who are with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at her labia. Why is it that Allah became pleased with them in when you buy your own AKA, they pledged allegiance to you, they gave you the bearer or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where did they

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give the bearer? The Shadow karate under the tree? Notice over here, Allah specifies the place where the bar was made. And this just shows how honorable this action was near Allah subhanaw taala. Because what is it that you give different descriptions, when something is important to you? So the place the very location is being described, not just her, they via that shadow under the tree, the Sahaba gave the bearer to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So those who gave their barrel, Allah who was pleased with them, fairly mama few coleauxv him he knew what was in their hearts, what was in their hearts of sincerity and commitment, total reliance upon Allah and loyalty to his Deen

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Alima. Murphy Kulu beat him for unzila Sakina then he sent down tranquility, or lay him upon them, that the time when the Muslims had been treated unfairly, at the time when they could have been overcome by fear, Allah subhanho wa Taala put Sakina in their hearts, what Atharva home and he rewarded them with fatten kaliba, with a near victory with a near conquest, imminent conquest. What is this referring to? This is referring to the behra that is one that was also mentioned the previous verses, but it's mentioned one more time over here. What does it show? Allah subhanaw taala does approval, his happiness, His pleasure with the Companions who participated in this?

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This bear

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is known as bear to read one because of this idea.

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Why bear to read one because Allah was pleased with them. Remember, Bayar is what you give. And then you take

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what is it that the that the Muslims were giving on the sahaba? Were asked that what is it that you pledged to they said we gave the pledge for death. We signed up for death. Basically, we said that we would fight until death that we would not run away we would not turn our backs. And remember this happened. At what time when the Muslims were at her they be the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had sent her us manual the owner's manual the little man who did not return for quite some time. Allah says those who gave this pledge that Allah is pleased with them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lay yet the hollow Naira a hidden Marimon barrier that a Shudra none amongst those who gave

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the pledge under the tree shall enter hellfire. None of them will even enter hellfire. How many were these? There were 1400 people. Why? Why was Allah so happy with them? Because this bear was not easy. It was really not easy. Because firstly, the Muslims had come for the purpose of arugula. Now instead of camera they were signing up for battle for fighting. And then remember the circumstances also in which this bearer is being made. The Muslims were not equipped for battle. They were exhausted from the journey. The enemy was much bigger, much stronger.

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But they were so eager to make this better. What we learn is that when the Muslims were at her labia, right, the Rumors are spreading the news is spreading or threat is not here. They must have killed in play now. We learned that remodel Dylan were on who in the state he actually started getting ready for battle. Evil know the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had not announced anything the VR had not happened. Or moral dilemma

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Arne who sent His Son, our beloved aroma to a certain on Saudi men that go to him, and ask him for his horse, so that I can borrow it and use it for the battle. Now, if it Romano, the loved one who goes to that on Saudi men to borrow his horse for his father, and what happens as he's going, he sees that there's so many companions around the Prophet satellites, and I'm under the tree. So he goes there. And he finds out everybody's giving Barbara and even remodeled the law and who right there and then he gave the bearer. He didn't even go to his father. No, he gave the bearer. Then he went to the Saudi man borrowed the horse, and went to remodel the low or no, and gave him the horse

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and said, By the way, there is a barrel taking place, and so remodeled below and who, as he's ready for battle, he's even put his gear on. All right, he goes to the profits on a lot of them and he gives the bear

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What is this show? They were so eager to defend Allah's religion, how difficult it must have been, how difficult it must have been, but Allah says look adorable. Yeah, this is why he was earlier.

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Exactly, I mean, getting Allah's Ridhwan This is also fat. This is also a clear achievement, a clear victory. Getting Allah's approval. This is great success. And then we see over here Sakina has been mentioned again, that Allah gifts Akina to his servants, may Allah grant us Sakina also, because the most difficult experiences can become easy when a person has subpoena. And the most easiest things can become difficult when a person does not have subpoena. Allah says that he or Thaba home for 10 kaliba. He has rewarded them with the fuck, buddy, meaning very soon, the Muslims will be granted a victory Allah will reward them a third is to give the wife to give reward. And that's what happened.

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The Muslims departed from her Davia went to Medina and within three months was the Battle of Hiva fatten kaliba Wham Allah Nima and also Millennium meaning ALLAH will also give these believers much war booty Milan imploring of modern war booty cathedra tan A lot. Yeah, who do not have that they will take it. What can Allahu Aziz and Hekima and ever is Allah Exalted in Might and wise, meaning he's able to grant this to His servants. This aisle, and the end of the previous ayah is referring to the booty that the Muslims gain from the battle of Hiva and this is specifies that that booty was only to be distributed amongst to those whom Allah who was pleased with Lakota Radi Allahu and who

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are those people who participated in the bearer who went for who they be here. Now, we learned that in Zulu karda, 60 year after Hindi was her they via after a little card, that is, what month,

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what month, that hija after the hija is Wilhelma, right? And in Muharram, seventh year after hijra, or according to other reports suffer. So within two to three months, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam announced the expedition to fiber.

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And it was understood that the people who participated in her they be would basically get a share of the booty if there would be victory. Remember that expedition to cable was an offensive battle. The Muslims marched towards the enemy. So far what had been happening the enemy would march towards the Muslims. Why was this done? Remember who the people of labor were? Yeah, who would who had basically sponsored the battle off hudec Remember the Battle of conduct the Battle of zap remember pseudo zap, who had sponsored it?

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Who had it was the people of labor. Right? So of course, revenge had to be taken over here, because these people were a constant threat for the safety of Muslims. So 1700 Sahaba went with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 1400 Were at her they be as a 300. Here were new people. All right, but it was clear that the booty would be only amongst who, amongst the participants of her they via we learned that the journey was about 200 kilometers long. But the Muslims made it within two days. There was a lot of excitement, right, a lot of excitement. And it was on this journey that every time Wilson's went, you know, they climbed a hill or something they would say Allahu Akbar out

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loudly. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Be easy on yourselves. You don't have to say it so loudly. Alright.

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Remember that okay, what was the land of date palms, fertile soil, and the who who lived there had built many for

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fortresses for their protection and safety. So when the Muslims reach there, of course, the Yoo hoo, they lock themselves up in their fortresses. The Muslims laid siege and one fortress after the other after another, eventually, within a couple of weeks, by the way, it took a couple weeks to completely conquer the region of Hiber. And there were approximately eight or nine mini battles. So Allah subhanaw taala granted victory to the Muslims. We learned that the hood, they actually made a truce with the Muslims. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave their lands back to them on the condition that they would give 50% of the produce to the Muslims. This was an agreement. Even remodeled a long

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article, he said that we did not eat our Phil, except after we had conquered Haber. Meaning until however, we never really ate to our fill. There was always lack of food. After Haber. Yes, we got enough food on hamdulillah because of the millennium that came in, and we learned that at this point, it was that the MaHA JRun they returned the lands of the unsalted back to them. Remember when the Muslims migrated to Medina? The UNSA shared their properties with them, Oh, how'd you do? So after high but what happened? The mohajirs They returned the lens of the unsalted back to them. All right.

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So now we see the Kaiba was entirely under Muslim control. And when labor was entirely under Muslim control, what do you think about the surrounding tribes also, they willingly surrender to the Muslims. So this was for for 10 Kariba. And this was not all there was more further to come. Allah says, What are the qumola who Allah has promised you? Milan uma cathedra tun, you think this is Allah? You think fiber is Allah, there is much more that Allah will give you in the future, many more victories, the Hoonah that you will take, meaning you will take her is referring to the Mohan him many more Millennium that you will take Allah who will give you much more.

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However far Gela he hastened luck on for you had he this one, which one cable, this one came very quickly, within three months, Allah gave you cable and what does this show? The many times it happens that you know, when a person does something for the sake of Allah, then yes, Allah subhanaw taala gives him some immediate benefits and immediate reward. And a person should be more hopeful that there is more to come, five gel Allah come heavy, what golfer and he withheld a via Nursey the hands of people or income from you. He withheld the hands of people from you.

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Meaning he did not let them fight you.

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What does this mean? Allah did not let a certain people attack you. Which people? Firstly, this can be understood as the allies of the hood. You see, when Muslims marched to haber remember that the who they had their allies, the blue Assad and a lot of fun, whom basically they had sponsored. right to participate in the Battle of handog. Remember?

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Kind of right? So they have their allies? If you think about it, that you who would have locked themselves up in their fortresses. Where were their allies? Why weren't they coming to fight the Muslims to defend their allies? Why weren't they coming? What happened? Why did the backoff Why did they abandon their allies? Allah cause that orca for a the NSC and con

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Allah withheld the hands of people from you, meaning the bundle acid and a lot of fun. So basically, the hood were left to fend for themselves and the only thing they could do was just to surrender and to make a truce with the Muslims. Secondly, it is also said that IDNs people over here is referring to the people of Makkah. And wishek Enough Maka, that Allah withheld their hands, meaning Allah protected you, your families from the Michigan of Makkah, because of what because of the troops because of the son who they be here.

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Because imagine 1700 Muslims marched out of Medina, all the way to Hiber who's back in Medina?

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There were families it's the women the children the all the sick, isn't it was their families. Now if the soul who they be had not been made, what do you think that we should get of what they would have done?

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What do you think? They would have attacked Medina? The men are gone, the soldiers are gone, the fighters are gone. Right? So haber would basically not be possible. Had son who they via not been effect.

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Right. So what golfer ad a nasty uncle Allah

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protected you.

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While it Hakuna is a little more meaning and so that it would be a sign for the believers. This entire incident was a sign for the believers.

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What was that how Allah protected them? And what is the sign that despite their few numbers, Allah will aid them. Despite unfavorable circumstances, Allah will bring them favorable results. Why? Because he is there supporter, way ahead the outcome, and He will guide you set auto Mr. keema. to the straight path, meaning you will increase you in your right direction, while okra and others meaning ALLAH has also promised you other victories. It's not just Hi but there is more to come. And what exactly is it? lum duck the rural lay her lamb not duck do

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you estimate? I lay her over it or you have power? Doctor? Do you have a draw? You have ability or lay her over it? Meaning firstly, you don't even know what it's going to be. You cannot even imagine.

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You cannot even imagine not in your wildest dreams that Allah will grant you such and such victory. Such and such success in the future. Lump duck through Allah. And presently the condition that you're in right now, yes, you don't have the ability to have those victories. However, God a half Allah will be here. Allah has already encompassed it.

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He's already planned it out. He's already decided that for you in your favor. What is this referring to? If you think about it, what happened after solar they be the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he sent letters to different kings? Correct. He sent letters to the Byzantine King also correct. Remember, we learned in Surah Toba, the background of the expedition to the book? What happened? That the messenger of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the one with whom the letter had been sent, was assassinated. Correct. When he was assassinated, what does that mean? declaring war?

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And so the prophets of Allah is in very soon sent an army. All right. To fight the Byzantines and the Battle of muda took place. The Battle of Malta write it down. Okay. The Battle of moot that took place the battle on water was basically not really decisive because the Muslims, they basically tricked the Romans and they somehow retreated all right. But very soon after that was what the expedition to the book

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right because the prophets, Allah laws and received news of the Romans were gathering their armies to fight the Muslims. And the Prophet salallahu Salam made the Muslims March all the way to the book. And when the Romans found out that the Muslims are coming, they basically never really showed up. Right. This eventually led to in the time of Abu Bakr, Abdullah and who in the time of Ramadan de la hora and the time of Earth, Manuel de la Mourinho. What happened eventually, in the time of the whole of so many victories, we see how the Muslim empire just expanded. So, at the time when saw her they Bo was made good Muslims ever imagined fighting the Romans, fighting the Persians and

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gaining victory over them. No way. Allah says lumped up through la ha. You don't have power over it right now. You cannot even estimate it. You cannot even think about it. You don't even know what it is. But Allah has it all in plan.

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He's got it all planned out. But a health Allah will be here. What can Allahu Allah Cooley che in Khedira And Allah is Ever over all things competent, he will bring you success from closed doors. So her debut was apparently a closed door. Allah subhanaw taala called it Fatah, Medina, because he brought the Muslims so much success. This surah is a Surah of good news. No wonder this surah was more beloved to the Prophet salallahu Salam than anything upon which the sunrises

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so we see after her they via so many victories were promised, and that is what happened after Saudi Arabia. Basically, the course of history changed. It changed completely. Up until her they be and Muslims were just defending themselves defending surviving to live fighting to survive, basically. Right. And then what happened after her they via up until this point was defense. Now it was offense.

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Right? You've been betraying us all along. You've been harming us all along. Now.

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Now we'll take revenge when Oh Cortana calm and if they had fought you,

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meaning if the Americans had fought you, when you were at her they be camped outside MCCA if let's say the battle did take place while oh god hola como la nina Cafaro those who disbelieve meaning the Mushrikeen of Makkah, what would happen? Allah says La will love who surely they would have turned about or the backs meaning they would have run away. They would have been defeated. Allah would grant you victory over them, some Malaya de Luna, then they will not find while Ian, any protector? Well, honestly, Euro nor any helper.

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What is meant by this? That, yes, the treaty happened.

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And yes, after the Treaty, Allah subhanaw taala will grant you a lot of victories. But had the situation ended up in battle instead of the sole instead of the truce, Allah who would have still granted you victory.

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You understand what's happening here, there is no battle. Correct. That they be there is no battle, even though the Muslims gave their bear, no battle. Instead sort of happened. And the sort of led to so much further. Allah says over here that had the sort of not happened. If there wasn't a battle, then still the results would be in your favor.

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Because again, for a believer is always win, win, win, you're in the way of Allah, a happens or B happens. It's all good.

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It's always good.

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And always, always remember this, because sometimes we set out to do a doesn't happen, we have to go with option B and then we're disappointed no, don't be disappointed. Because either way, it's good.

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Allah says that if Saudi Arabia didn't happen, battle would have taken place that would also have been good for you. Because these people would not have been able to fight you the machine of Morocco would not have been able to fight you.

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Why how because soon not ALLAH he this is the way of Allah, Allah to Allah admin Kabul that which has occurred before meaning look at your past encounters with them what happened at but who ran away? They did. You didn't look at a hood initially who ran away. They did then conduct who ran away they did. So if there was a battle in sixth year after hijra, after they via between the Muslims and the machine, who would run away it would be the machine. Allah says well untidily sunnah Tila heat of de la Never will you find in the way of Allah any change? Meaning always, when faith and Cofer when Eman and Cofer

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come against each other, then Allah subhanaw taala will always give victory to those with iman in Surah majority Allah is 21 Allah says Khattab Allahu ugly when Ana wa Rosalie Allah has decreed that he will be victorious. Well who Allah V and he is the one who Allah is the one who got for aidea whom he withheld their hands and come from you. Why isn't it that the battle took place? Why? What prevented it?

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Allah subhanaw taala did not allow the battle to occur. He is the one who would held their hands in the hands of the Mercy keen on come from you meaning from attacking you what idea come and he also withheld your hands on home from them. And we look at how are modelled lower who was ready to fight was a knee. He sent His Son to get him a horse so that he could go he was ready to fight. Allah says he withheld your hands from them also

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the botany Maka in the belly of maca, what does it mean button is literally belly. All right, the Bulkley maca, meaning within the area of Makkah, there could have been battle in Makkah. But Allah did not allow it to happen. And really, there were so many times that a battle could have happened. If you think about when the Muslims set out on their way to Makkah, don't we learn the column and we'll either had, you know, come with a certain number of people and he was blocking the road. A battle could have been fought over there. Right. But the Muslims took an alternate route to Makkah. Then what happened when they were camped out who they via we learned from several reports. Like for

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example in Muslim Muhammad there is a report that has been medical below Maren who said that on the day of her they via 80 men from Makkah came down a particular valley, all right, from a certain side towards the place where the Prophet sallallahu sallam was so basically at men came looking for the prophets of Allah and I met her they via

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Armed why in order to attack him, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he saw them the Muslims got those people and took them as prisoners. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam let them go, he set them free. 80 people were captured by the Muslims. Imagine this itself could have led to battle, isn't it? But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam set them free, let them go. So there was no battle.

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Every time, circumstances were such that literally people would raise their weapons against each other and a battle will be fought, something happened because of which the matter was calmed down and no battle occurred mimbar the after and that of Farah Kumar lay him on Farah.

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He gave you dominance or lay him over the Avada is love felt raw luffa which is victory essentially. All right. It basically gives meaning of foes law, being dominant over somebody else successful

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having power over another. So Allah gave you power over them, those 80 people were captured by the Muslims.

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What can Allah who be Matt Dharma Luna buslee And Allah is Ever of whatever you do, seeing he watches you

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recitation Lacan, they're only along one meaning is Ubay Oh, Nakata, the shadow Latif Eileen, you wounding him for

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a second

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a second

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