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Al-Furqan 21-34 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 24-26

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How will jannetty the companions of Paradise yoma even on that day, which day the same day the day of judgment hired almost upon they will be in a better settlement will Arsenal McCullough and better resting place. On the one hand, the end of those people who do not believe in the Hereafter is mentioned and what is that end

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that their deeds are going to be blown into dust scattered away

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and on the other hand, there are those people who will end up in general as horrible gender. So what is there going to be yoma it in there and is going to be higher on masakadza

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hyaluron meaning they will be better they will be in a better settlement compared to compared to the people of Hellfire compared to the people whose deeds are going to be blown away.

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Now what is this word Mr. Army Mr. Parrish salary fighters have rocker off and Coronavirus to be stable stability, firmness and muster power. This is what kind of now was eat feed. But what kind of a noun is it now? Is it a safari? Is it a summer fruit is it is love?

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How do you know

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by the translation? That's a good way

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but how will you recognize it as isn't that?

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Okay meme at the beginning that's also a sign that with some fine

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most of

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the fat off

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the fat around the corner. Let me tell you one thing that in moseyed Fie, the ISM of Rouen and isms are they have the same structure

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in moseyed Fie, Islam and Islam of rule they have the same structure. Because if you look at it is sum of rules what

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what is this some of

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the thing on which an action is done, right, and what is left the place or the time where or when an action is done?

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So, isn't love and isn't of rules, they have the same structure when it comes to ZTE.

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So, hi, Ron, Mr. moussaka is what the time or the place to settle the habitation residents aboard.

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So the abode of the people of genma is going to be high is going to be better, better than the abode of the people of Hellfire better than the Abode that they had? Indonesia?

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You understand?

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Hieronymus Taka there would you have a better home a better aboard compared to what they had in linear compared to what other people have on that day?

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Hiram was the car what is the pneumophila and better resting place compared to

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compared to the resting place of the people of Hellfire are compared to the resting place that people had in dunya?

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Now what is mckeel mean? mcneilus on the roof letters, coffee and

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the main word is Lula and chi Lula is what?

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The afternoon nap.

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And mckeel What's the structure? route letters are coffea lamb

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mufaddal it's actually mckeel and that turns into mckeel. Okay, so Mattila is what?

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What kind of a noun? Is it? My friend.

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And as you go to visit fi, don't forget what you've learned previously. My friend What is my friend?

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What is my friend?

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My Muslim?

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Love, be confident.

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So Mattila is what the place or the time of rest, taking a nap, afternoon nap.

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So Arsenal Mattila, meaning gender is the best place to rest in.

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It is the best place to nap.

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I saw pneumophila the most beautiful, the most beautiful nap that a person has ever had. Where will that be?

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In general, the most beautiful restaurant perfect grass that a person has ever had. Where will that be in general?

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Because in the know what happens? You try to take a nap. You're so tired, because they do that is actually like an afternoon nap, which should not be more than 30 minutes. It's not a two hour long nap. What happens in this dunya you're exhausted, you're tired, you light on for half an hour, you end up sleeping for an hour and a half. As you wake up, your head is hurting, you feel sick. You have a list of things that you have to do in your head. And that makes you so worried. So that restaurant

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causing a lot of problems, isn't it?

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But when a person will nap, in general, when a person will take rest and gentlemen, that will be the best dress that he will ever take. Now, if you think about it, when do you need to take rest?

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When you're tired, so it doesn't mean that people will get tired in general?

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No, then why will they have to take rest? Why will they have to take this afternoon nap?

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Two reasons are given.

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First of all, this mckeel it refers to that the time when people will enter Jannah is going to be the time of the afternoon. And as they enter the first thing they will do is take a nap. Because obviously they have gone through the long day of the Day of Judgment.

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resurrection hisar seeing so many things, witnessing so many things. It's a long journey. And then going over the bridge,

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seeing the Hellfire, seeing people fall into hellfire. It's an exhausting day, and exhausting journey.

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So as the people will reach Jenna, it will be the time of midday. And that is when they will take rest. And that rest is going to be the best rest.

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We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I declare on earth by Allah in whose hand is my life, that the long, horrible day of resurrection will be made very short and light for a believer as short and light as a time taken in offering an obligatory prayer.

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So this is the state of good believers. But there are people who are going to end up suffering on the bridge, isn't it? So like we have learned earlier that as people will be crossing the bridge, they will be thorns and they will be hooks that will injure the people depending on the crimes that they have committed. So for some people, the length of the Day of Judgment, the entire day of judgment is going to be very, very light, just like one fourth prayer. But for others it's going to be difficult and the length of the Day of Judgment is 50,000 years. And whenever we learned that Allah said he or herself What do we learn

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that he swift in taking the account that once the account will begin it will be over in half a day.

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So by midday everything will be done. So when the people will enter Jannah they will take rest over there.

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Sir even debate he said that Allah will finish the judgment halfway through the day. And the people of Paradise will take their mid day rest in Paradise and the people of hell. They will take the rest were in hellfire.

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So what do we see over here that will our Sonoma cleaner and most beautiful resting place? That is where Jenna is. So that is one reason that has been given that as to why people will take rest in gentlemen.

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Secondly, when do you rest? Is it just when you're tired? No. We just like to lie down you just like to take it easy. When you can afford to do that.

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Isn't it

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when you can afford to do that.

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So what does it show that they will rest they will enjoy they will relax. There will be no tension, no heat, no work hanging on their heads. It will be a very comfortable rest. Why? Because they can afford to rest. They have done their work Indonesia. They worked very very hard Indonesia.

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So now when they enter agenda, all they have is rest and rest what are some pneumophila and the best place to take resting

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in throat yacine is 55 to 56 we learn in the US however genitally oma fisherville in fact Jihoon home was widely home feeling achy with Turkey moon.

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Indeed the companions of Paradise that day will be amused in joyful occupation they will be busy enjoying themselves. They and their spouses in shade reclining on adorned couches fieldly lanolin Island icky Tachyon

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so this is the eisah pneumophila

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This is why I Lost Planet Allah says layers that we have Valarie was hydrogen. The people of Hellfire and the people of jannetty are not the same.

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They will not have the same end.

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As hydrogen native whom affair is on the people of gender. They're successful. Why? Because this is the end that they will receive.

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Way Home at the Chicago summer

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and on the day one

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The heaven will split open, build on me with emerging clouds. When will that be on the day of judgment

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that when the sky is going to split asunder because of a cloud, and then what's going to happen when New Zealand Milla equal to 10 Zilla and the angels will be sent down in successive descent. As the sky is split open, a cloud will appear. And the angels they will descend down.

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Now the work the shokaku is from Shin cough, cough shock. And what does shock mean?

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When something is split apart when something is ripped apart, it's torn open, rent asunder.

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And we learn in total in Chicago in a summer own shop

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when the sky is going to split asunder.

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In total, however, if 15 to 16, we learned for Yeoman even worker, the worker, one shortcut is scenario for here yoma even were here, and the heaven will split open on that day, and on that day, it will be in firm.

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On that day, the sky that you see so firm it will become infirm, unstable.

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Intertoto ramen is 37 we learn for Eden Shaka this summer or for Ghana to watch that and cat de Han, and when the heaven is split open, and it will become rose colored like oil.

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So what do we see that the sky will not just split open, but rather Its color is also going to change.

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Its color is also going to change.

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Now, what does it mean by Bill Hammami? That the sky will split asunder bill Herman

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be there? It's helped? And what meaning does it have with but remember that this small letter, but it has at least 17 meanings in the Arabic language, at least 17

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This is why this is been understood in several ways.

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First of all, it has been said that bear over here is a suburb

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that is of suburb, what does that mean? How will you translate that

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because of due to suburb means cause. So we omit the Chicago center will build on me that the day when the heaven will split open because of a cloud,

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meaning the sky will split asunder, because of a cloud a certain cloud will appear.

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And then the sky will rupture, then the skies they will begin to rupture, they will begin to break open after the emerging of a particular cloud.

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Secondly, there has been understood as bad of how

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just as well is also upheld sometimes how do we translate that? While isn't it? So? Sometimes you translate well as and and sometimes we translated as well.

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So this well is highly Yeah. Similarly, Val also gives a meaning of heart.

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So what meaning does it give that the sky will split asunder, while it will turn into clouds?

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the sky will split asunder while it will become into clouds? As if scattered clouds? Right now? What do we see a plain sky with no riffs.

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And as the rifts will appear, as it will crack open, as it will break into pieces, it will seem as though the sky has turned into clouds. And clouds are what they appear to be like, smoke. So Allahu irlam, how it's going to be.

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Thirdly, bears also given the meaning of MMA, what is my army with

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that the sky is going to split open, and along with the sky, what else is going to split us under the clouds? The clouds also will split open.

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For thing that has also been given the meaning of an over here, and

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I kneel on me.

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And what does it mean that the sky will split, and a cloud will come forth

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on what is on me from

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so as the sky will split open, because of a cloud, a cloud will come forth. And this has mentioned elsewhere as well. That this cloud with the cloud will also come who angels we learned through through Baqarah 210

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that hellions Luna

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lair and yet to whom Allah who feels Lula Lin minella, homonymy, Walmart echo that are the people waiting that Allah should come to them in covers of clouds, and also the angels.

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So what do we see that on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen? The sky is going to break open, it's going to split apart. Because you see, it's the summer wet. It's the seven heavens above us. And these seven heavens, this is what prevents us from accessing what is beyond.

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So these seven heavens are going to be blown apart, they're going to be broken apart. And as a result, the angels are going to come down, and a particular cloud is also going to come down. And this is your opinion, of course to be.

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So we're yamata shakos, sammobile economy. And this seems more appropriate because it's mentioned elsewhere as well. And along with the splitting of the sky and the coming of the cloud, who else has mentioned one New Zealand minute equal to them sila, and the angels, they're going to descend gradually, they're going to descend gradually, one after the other than Zilla, and then the accountability will begin, then there his app will begin.

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I just want you to imagine the scene.

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Just imagine

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that the sky that we see, it seems so peaceful, isn't it? It seems so vast, so huge. And the clouds that we see again, they seem to be so peaceful as well, that sometimes it is drifting away by the wind, so peacefully. And just imagine the color of the sky, the blue changes into red, how horrifying.

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And this peaceful sky that we see it's broken up rifting apart.

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And just imagine all the sounds that will be coming forward because of that splitting.

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Just imagine, and then the angels appear. These people want to see the angels. This is when the angels will come

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when the accountability is going to begin.

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And on that day, what's going to happen allemaal cuyama, Eden and hepco live our human true sovereignty, that day is for who for the Most Merciful.

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I look what is mulqueen, authority, power, kingship.

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So all sovereignty, all power, all authority is going to belong to who on that day.

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Man to Allah subhanaw taala

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into the Prophet is 16 we learn liminal malkiel, young lilla Hill, why

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do we Whom belongs all sovereignty this day, to Allah, the One that prevailing

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We also learned in a Hadees, that Allah may be exalted, he will fold up the heavens in his right hand, and will take the earth in his other hand, and he will say, I am the sovereign, I am the judge, where are the kings of the earth? Where are the tyrants? Where are the arrogant

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on that day, all of them will finish.

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So true sovereignty that they will belong to a man, what can a young woman and that day is a day that no caffeine or CLR, it will be difficult for who for the disbelievers. It will be extremely difficult for the disbelievers. I see.

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I see this from opposite of use. So I see for each one that is difficult. Why will that day be very difficult for the disbelievers. Because first of all, the length of it is going to cause them

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great trouble

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as an engineer from the Hadees, that for the believer, the length of the Day of Judgment is going to be just like one foot taller.

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There are people who stand up in salon, they cannot wait to finish. They find the length of the Salah very, very difficult,

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isn't it?

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And if you think about it, if you look at the clock, how long does it take to pray,

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even for

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maximum 10 minutes, eight minutes, seven minutes for some people five minutes for some people even less. But as soon as they do Allahu Akbar, they find it so difficult to stand through the Salah.

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Whereas in reality, it's only four to 10 minutes.

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For some people, it's the window that prevents them that it's going to take so long. But how long does it take to make will do even

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it doesn't take too long at all.

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So for a believer, the length of the Day of Judgment is going to be just like one foot taller. Why? Because for him solid, no matter how long it is it does not feel like a burden.

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It does not feel like a burden. But for those people who find even solid very long. Imagine the length of the

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They have judgment how long that is going to seem to them how heavy it will be for them.

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So we're kinda yamana and caffeine in our car, it's going to be very difficult, its length, its hardships, its fears, the suffering that it will bring the severity that they will experience the scenes of the Day of Judgment the horrifying scenes earlier we learned that the Hellfire as it will see the criminals they will hear it's the labels and the fee.

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So obviously that's going to make that day very traumatizing for them.

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We don't insult them modesitt I eight to 10 that for either nuclear or female who further likoma Eden, Yeoman RC Anelka Farina. Valeria see. And when the Trumpet is blown, that Day will be a difficult day for who for the disbelievers not easy

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intro through comma, I ate we learned mostly Rena Illa dairy yaku kaffee Runa had a Yeoman acid that the people that they will be racing ahead toward the color and the disbelievers will say this is a difficult day.

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inserta Muzammil is 17 we learn for K Fatah takuna, Inca Feltham, Yeoman yadgir, Allah wilderness Shiva, then how can you fear if you disbelieve a day that will make the children white haired.

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Imagine the intensity of that day that it will cause children, their hair to turn white to turn gray.

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So what can a young woman either caffeine or Syrah, it will be a very difficult day.

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We'll listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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will be especially difficult for them Why? Because the sun will be very, very close. And the people will be drowning in their own sweat.

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Just imagine

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and that will be determined by the amount of sins that they have committed.

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We have learned that on the Day of Judgment, the day of worship, the time of worship, even then the people will be punished because of the crimes that they have committed.

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Like for example, if a person has not given a cat, if a person has stolen the property of others, if a person has stolen from public wealth, public Treasury, that wealth will cause him great punishment on that day. How that the money will be in the form of a snake died around his neck, biting on his face, I am your wealth, I am your wealth, and the wealth that he stole, he will have to carry it on his back.

00:24:15--> 00:24:32

And the deeds that he brought the good deeds he brought. Other people will be claiming them because of the injustices that he committed against them. People who are very arrogant, they will be resurrected in the form of ants like as small as ants and imagine being trampled over by others.

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What can I Yeoman, other guy for dinner sila it's an especially difficult day, very difficult day. And a person must strive in order to save himself from the difficulties of that day.

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Just imagine if people are traveling somewhere and they're told that this is a difficult journey. It's a difficult trip. How much they do to make sure that they have a safe trip. They have an easy trip. They don't have to

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experience any difficulties. This is with regards to the near the Hereafter is something more serious. And we need to be more careful about making sure that that day is not difficult for US or Canada Yeoman Arnold Katharina iclr.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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to my eating

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