Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L187A

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Al-Furqan 21-34 Translation 21-34



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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Leonardo sudio Karim Amar Barrett for the villa him in the shade liner rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Allah you saw that you were silly, Emery or Hello better melissani yokocho Kohli Robin as in our in

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Lesson number 187. So total for con is number 21 to 34

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wirkkala levina. And he said those who lay your joona they do not expect Lika Anna our meeting Lola Why not? own Zilla? It was sent down. Elena upon us elmaleh aka the angels. Oh, or Nevada we see robina our rub laqad certainly is stackable. They have assumed greatness fee in enforcing him their selves wear our toe and they have rebelled or to one a rebellion. A disobedience kaviraj great.

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yoma on the de your owner, they will see elmaleh aka the angels lair not Bushra any good news? Yo ma even that de Lille magery mean for the criminals. We are coluna and they will say hedger on a barrier, my Judo one in accessible.

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Walker them and we advanced Ella to man whatever army do they did. Men from our Merlin any deed? federal law who so we made it have an findest Mansehra one that is scattered

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as herbal companions inmate's agenda of the paradise yoma even that the hieron are better. Mustafa run as a settlement, a place of rest.

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Well, Arsenal and most beautiful mappila in place of rest.

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Ye oma and on day, Bashar Kaku, it will split asunder. A summer the sky, Bill Harmon with the clouds when you Zilla, and it was sent down Alma aka the angels, then Zilla, a definite sending down

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and Molko the kingdom the sovereignty yoma even that they will help the true live man for the Most Merciful what can and it was Yeoman Ada Allah upon alkaff serene the disbelievers are one that is hard.

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Why oma and on day Yabu he will bite a worldly move the wrongdoer Allah upon your day he his two hands yaku he will say yeah, or late any Irish that it has to I took Mara with awasu the messenger sebelah away.

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Yeah, oh, ye letter word to me. Late any I wish that lamb did not at the head I make for lannon so and so. Hi Lila, an intimate friend. Lockard certainly our learning he misled me and from the remembrance bother after it when Annie it came to me what can and he was a shape on the shape one little incentive for the human being huduma one who always desserts

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or color and he said it was Zulu. The messenger Yeah. Or Rob be my rub in indeed. Oh me my people. It the huddle they made Heather this Al Quran the Quran Maha Jura one forsaken.

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What are their liquor and us jalna we made luckily for every Nubian Prophet, or the one enemy men from almajiri mean the criminals, worker and he sufficed bureau Baker, definitely your Hadean as a guide, when a three law and one who helps a helper.

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Walk Allah and he said, I levena those who care for all day disbelieved. Lola why

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Not New Zealand, it was sent down or lay upon him and I know the Quran, Jim Latin altogether where Hayden at once gallica thus Luther bitter, so we may make firm be with it for your heart. What Allah who and we have gradually recited it, dealer, a definite gradual recitation

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while and not yet donecker they come to you be methylene with any example Illa except generika We came to you will help with the truth what our center and most beautiful def sera detailed explanation alladhina those who your Sharona they will be gathered Allah upon would you hear him their faces Illa to jahannam Hellfire hula those children are worst McCann an imposition, what Alba Lu and more astray sebelah in way

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we listen to the recitation

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stuff roofie

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Joe Welcome

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to my eating

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coo Listen, Vina

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una hora de la la paz

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de kriva

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nikolina be in one minute emoji Remi

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Gary Gary b2b

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Dena wanna be measuring

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a lady named Sharona una

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