Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 154D Tafsir Al-Kahf 92-96

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of a cod witness, including a recommendation for a local name and a trip to western regions, is discussed. Different cultures have different ways of communicating, including sign language and people not understanding each other until reaching certain areas. The use of words like "mover" and "will" in context of Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of effective work practices and finding a way to hold people in a way that is not damaged by the environment. The speaker emphasizes the need for effective work practices and finding a way to hold people in a way that is not damaged by the environment.
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I was going to share my knowledge investment. I have recommended Rahim

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number 155 will begin from Iran and Britain 92.

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So we were studying about the codename, who was the local name,

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adjust ruler. What else?

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You were the sincere worshipper. This is why he's mentioned in the Quran. But why was he given this title?

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He has causal connection because he ruled over the Persian as well as the Roman Empire. While it was he given this title,

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he reached the western regions as well as the eastern regions in his conquest. So he had the western regions as well as the Eastern ones under his empire in his rule, this is why he is known as the codename wild as he calls for name

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because he wore a crown that had two horns in it.

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And because he was a possessor of great might great power, great authority, and what is mentioned about him, in these ayat,

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one characteristic that is mentioned over and over again,

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that he made full use of all of the resources, what was the benefit of that? He used his resources completely to the maximum what was the advantage of that?

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He achieved so much he accomplished so much, all the way from the east, to the west, when, when he saw my advice, however,

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and also another reason as to why he was able to accomplish so much. What was another reason? It's in the meaning of some advice. However,

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he never stopped, he kept on going. He did one thing and he followed it up by another work, he accomplished one task, one conquest, one journey, followed by another one he never stopped.

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And over here, we see again, that a third expedition has mentioned that first of all, he went to the western regions. Then from there, he went to the eastern regions, and then Allah subhanaw taala says, some of our Soboba he traveled again, he used his resources. He went on another expedition had the until either Bulava until when he reached. What did he reach Boehner between meaning the space the gap between a set Daini the two mountains, the word a set Dane is a duel of said and said is basically a barrier between two things.

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However, this word is also used for mountains. Why? Because mountains also become barriers, isn't it,

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they become huge barriers, they prevent sometimes sunlight, they make it difficult for a person to go from one place to the other, which is why sometimes if you're traveling by road, it takes a lot of time to cross over mountains. Why because mountains are like barriers. So sad is a barrier. But in particular, the word set is used for a huge mountain, because the bigger the mountain, the greater obstacle, the greater hurdle, the greater barrier it becomes.

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And some of that that said also applies to mountain ranges.

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So he reached between two mountains or two mountain ranges. So he reached the paths between the two.

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And as you reach the paths between the two mountains, what are the he found min Dhoni Hema beside them to

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beside these two mountains or beside these two mountain ranges, he found omen of people, there was another people who lived over there.

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So we see that local name came across so many different people, so many different nations, so many different civilizations. In his travels in his Congress, he reached the West he reached the east and now he's reached another place.

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But these people whom he found by these two mountain ranges, Allah subhanaw taala says lair Kaduna. They were not able to they were not even near who these people the stone they were not even near yet. Kahuna, they understand Poland a word.

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Yeah, Kaduna is wrong, gaff well del gather the Academy, which is to be at the verge of doing something to be about to do something.

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So llega Dona? They were nowhere near they were not even close to, they could barely they could hardly have Kahuna cola. They could hardly understand a word. What does it show

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that they spoke a completely different language.

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There was a complete language barrier between the Canadian and these people.

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They could not explain themselves to the Canadian and Tokoname could not understand what they were saying.

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Neither. So Les, you can't do any of Kahuna cola? Doesn't it happen? Sometimes you come across some person, and they speak a completely different language, you don't even know how to communicate with them.

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And sometimes it's possible that you use sign language, but they interpret differently. Every culture, they have different ways of communicating even through sign language. I remember somebody was one saying that they went somewhere in the people in order to say no, they would nod their heads. And in order to say, yes, they would shake their heads, so completely opposite.

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So these people like I don't I have Coca Cola.

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And one reason as to why these people were not able to understand anywhere, or they were not able to explain themselves at all, could be because they were completely cut off from the rest of the world.

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Again, what does it show to us that he reached such places where no one else had reached,

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he reached such areas such people he met such civilizations which were undiscovered before which were unknown before, completely unknown to people. Like I don't have Coca Cola.

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But we see the Dukkha name, Allah subhanaw, Taala had given him many resources. He was extremely powerful. He was very mighty, he had been blessed with many blessings.

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And he was also determined to overcome every hurdle, wasn't he? He went all the way to the west, he went all the way to the east. And then he didn't stop over there. So he was very determined to overcome any kind of hurdle, any kind of difficulty. So he somehow managed to communicate with these people as well. It's possible that he had some expert translators or people with very good language ability, communication ability, allow Arland somehow he managed to communicate with them.

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So all they said, who said, those people, these people whom he found by these mountains, they said, Yeah, they'll call nine or they'll call nine. In there do Dilma juja indeed yet dude, and dude. Yet George and George, they are two tribes. Yet George is the name of one tribe. And McGeorge is the name of the other tribe.

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And these two tribes, remember, they are human. They are from the descendants of them, are you sinner?

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Because some people say yeah, Jews and Jews are perhaps not human beings, there will be some kind of virus, some kind of weird kind of creation. No, they are human beings as obvious from this idea, and also from various, a hadith that we find in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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But remember that Yeah, dude, dude, they're extremely powerful. And there are numerous in their number, to the point that the ratio of duty and due to the rest of human beings is 999. To one.

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Just imagine, where there are 999 people from your duty judge, there is one other human being.

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And remember that they are human beings, they're from the descendants of Adam Raisina. But they're very powerful. And they're very moveset. They create a lot of facade, invading tribes.

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Now, personally wonder, where are they? Where are they?

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As we will learn from the story, that during my job, they were, you can say, barred by Zuko name. And he made a barrier, because of which the Jews are not able to cross that barrier, which is why they're not mingled with the rest of the people.

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And for us, this might seem a bit strange, because, you know, with today's discovery and advancement and travel, and technology, we may feel that we have discovered every part of the earth. So how is it possible that these people that are supposed to be 999 times more than the rest of the human beings, they are unknown to us? We don't know where they are. It's quite possible.

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It's quite possible. Why? Because we're out of Allah, he was here. This earth is huge. And there are many, many parts in this earth, that human beings have still not found, have still not discovered.

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As I mentioned to you that remember, in South America recently, they discovered some tribes that were completely cut off from the rest of the site, people had no idea that they existed over there. Till today, every other day, scientists discover new and new types of species. And remember that this place where you're shooting jujhar, this is a mountainous area.

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And some have said that this area is towards Baja. And remember that if you go towards of Weinstein and beyond, all of these areas are covered in mountains, huge mountains. And it's impossible to find people over there isn't it's it's impossible to search. It's impossible to find because of the mountains and the climate of that area and it's so difficult to travel through

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such areas.

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So Allah Arland where exactly these people are, but we believe in what Allah has told us, we believe in that we might not be able to fully comprehend it, we might not be able to discover it today. However, when Allah has said, What is our reaction? Some Erina Well, Toronto, we believe we obey. We believe in whatever Allah and His Messenger has informed us.

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So these people they said to the Canadian that also can name these people. Yeah, dude and dude, they are moved Sedona Phil out there wants to create a lot of facade in the land.

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That every time they come from their area, they come across us they create so much facade.

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And remember, facade will have these various types, any action that leads to harm and destruction and loss

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whether it is through murder, or it is through theft, or it is through destroying lands and crops and buildings, any kind of facade so these dudes are mature they're move Sedona fill up as I mentioned to you they're powerful and raiding tribes.

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So these people requested will contain that for * Niger Alou So shall we assign Lika for you her German and expenditure how much is from the root letters ha ha Jean

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and courage is literally how Roger is to leave to go

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and the word cottage applies to expenditure why? Because when you're constructing something when you're buying something you have to spend money and the money goes it leaves your account it leaves your wallet sometimes you may have noticed that if you're getting some renovations done if you're fixing a part of the house one expense after the other one bill after the other to the money just goes so hard is what expenditure

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and current is also used for attacks

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so shall we assign for you mean Shall we collect for you or they'll contain some expenditure some tax Allah upon under dollar that you make bein in our webinar on between us and between them meaning between the Judean medulla Sudan a barrier.

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So in other words, they're requesting little q&a that we will pay you we will give you the money, but you somehow make some barrier between us and between these union modules.

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So that yeah, George and George cannot come and create facade in our lens. Because we are tired of them. We have had enough we have suffered a lot. So please make a barrier between us and then that will enable them from coming towards us and harming us. Notice the word said is used again over here earlier, it was used for mountain and over here. It's used for a barrier.

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Now the reason why they offered the Mirage is because they did not want the request to be turned down. It wasn't the draconian could not afford. He wanted them to pay him. No. It's just that they did not want that their requests should be turned down. They were desperate for this help, because they had had enough of yet Judenrat dude.

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And as I mentioned to you that Yeah, dude, dude, they are human beings. And one more thing, that their numbers are many more than the rest of the human beings.

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There is a Hadith that is well known. It is reported in Bukhari and Muslim in which we learned that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will say to Adam alayhis, Salam or Adam, he will reply, love bake was or they will hire you for your day, that oh Allah at your service, here I am, and all good is in your head. So Allah subhanaw taala will say to Adam sent for those who are destined to *, from your children, on the Day of Judgment sent forth from your children, all those who are to go to hellfire. So Adam are listening will ask, Who are those destined for *, meaning how many are there? And Allah subhanaw taala will reply out of every 1999 to *, and one to paradise.

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So when the Sahaba heard this, they said, Oh, Prophet sallallahu wasallam which of us would be that one man? How is it possible? Who amongst us would be that one man out of 1000? Who will go to Jannah? So the Prophet salallahu Salam responded, that, and among you are two nations, that among you owe people, there are two nations who are never added to a thing, but the overwhelming it. Do nations are among you or human beings, who whenever they're added to something, what happens they overwhelm it,

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and who are they yet Jojen Bajaj

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and another narration He said, Be glad for indeed from you is going to be the one man who is going to Jana and

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under you, Judah, Judah is going to be the rest of them who are going to go to hellfire.

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So according to that hadith that shows to us, the great numbers of children murdered, how many there are, how many more times

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and also it shows to us that they are indeed human beings. They are from the descendants of don't release as obvious from this ayah as well.

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So what was the response of the company, when the people made this request to him?

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Allah, He said, Mama Kenny, that which my Lord has established me with fee in it. McCarney, as you know, that the authority, the establishment, the power, the position, all that Allah has given me, Robbie, my Lord has given me it has played on it as much better, much better than what than what you could offer me,

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you could offer me just a little bit of tax, just a little bit of wage a little bit of expenditure. But what Allah has given me is much better for me. In other words, I do not need your tax, you don't need to pay anything to me. But what I do want from you is that you have to work with me,

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do you understand,

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you have to work with me,

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you see very good leadership qualities in the academy.

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Many times what happens people say just give me the money I'll do the work myself alone does Don't come near me, I'll do the work myself. Such a person is not successful. A person who cannot make others work, who is successful, who is a successful leader, who can put others to work as well. Who can make them stand on their feet, who will put them to work. Like for example, many times, mothers, they will be with their children, they wait for the children to go to sleep, and then they will go and clean the whole house, then they will go fold the laundry then they will go put the dishes away, etcetera, etcetera. And this way, what happens? Children they never learn to clean up themselves

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isn't they never learned that they should tidy up after themselves. Never.

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Now remember, it is extremely difficult to make the children clean up themselves, isn't it, you have to tell them again and again. Sometimes they don't do the work properly, you tell them to put the clothes away, you will tell them to put the toys away, they won't put them properties, I might as well do it myself because I have to do twice anyway. But the fact is that if you don't go through that effort, will they learn, they will not learn it's much easier to do it yourself. But this has been very selfish.

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This is not good for the children.

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Similarly, this principle can be applied anywhere, whether a person has a teacher or a boss or ahead or, you know, some people are working under him in any area in any kind of work. Successful leader is he who makes people work.

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We see that the Canady at Barcelona, he used all of his resources completely fully. And this is a part of resources, manpower, that you make them work as well. It doesn't mean that you put them to extremely hard and laborious work, but the fact is that whatever work has to be done, they should be able to do it themselves. So he said you have to work with me.

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And what is that for? inone so you all assist to me or you know from the roof letters, I mean, well known around an owner's help.

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So all of you help me be cool within with strength.

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Remember that Cova strength, power is a various types. It includes physical power, the Bedini power, manpower, it includes financial power as well. So for our inone Bill coverton assist me with over meeting with your workforce, I want your manpower

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I want your people

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at your hall, I will make Boehner comm between you were buying a home and between them meaning they George and George Rodman or them

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notice they asked for said and what is the local name say I will make for you Iran.

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Now what is a random random is from the roof that was brought that me

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and rhythm is a barrier.

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It is also used for a very thick wall and primarily the verbal oedema means to seal holes to seal holes to plug them with rocks, etc.

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Like for example, if you see a wall and there are gaps there holds. One is that you leave those gaps you leave those waters there but the other is that you seal all of them. When you seal them all what's going to have

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Up in the wall, the barrier is going to become firm and strong. So Illidan is a very thick wall

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that is completely consolidated. There are no empty gaps in it. There are no cracks in it, anything like that in it. It's very strong. It's very thick and it's well consolidated. So other albino can verbena. I will make between you and them a fortifying barrier or fortifying wall.

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So how are you supposed to help me and Tony, bring to me zubarah sheets of what l Hadid iron, bring me sheets of iron.

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The word Zuma is the plural of the word zebra. And Zebra is a huge block or a piece of iron.

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A huge block or a piece of iron. So bring me Zubrin Hadid sheets of iron, huge pieces of iron. Notice he doesn't say bricks that are made of clay or that are made of some other material. But what does he say? Sheets of iron?

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Because iron is much stronger than what?

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than other materials.

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So I don't use overall howdy had that until either when Salwa he leveled sour from the root letters seen Well, yeah. Until when he leveled. He made equal Boehner solder fine between the two mountain walls, a sort of vein is a dual of sadef. And sort of is the band or the side of something. It also applies to an oyster a shell. Why? Because it bends. It's not straight, isn't it? It's not a block, but the side is bent, it's curved. So sort of his alter used for the side of a mountain,

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the sidewall of a mountain for Cliff.

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So either Salwa Binus, or the feigning he leveled between the two sides of the mountains, remember, these are two mountain ranges, or two mountains. Okay, this is where he reached. So imagine the empty space, the gap, the passage between the mountains, what does he do? He fills them up with sheets of iron, with huge blocks of iron, you can imagine how massive the structure would be that he filled that entire gap until the height of this structure that he was making of sheets of iron, it leveled with the peaks of the mountains.

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Can you imagine

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it's like making another mountain almost.

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So you have two mountains, the gap between them we filled them up with iron sheets.

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Then when the entire space was filled up, father he said on for who blow on football from the rotators known Fairhall never heard, which is to blow. So blow, meaning burn, the iron sheets, or light fire had the until either gyla who now run until when he made it into fire.

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When he made the sheets of iron the blocks of iron into fire. What does it mean by that? That they just looked like fire.

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He burned them. So that in their color, they turned red in their heat, they were like fires. So in other words, they had completely melted, what was the point of melting them? What was the point of burning them

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so that they would melt together and they would get joined together? Because this was blocks of iron sheets of iron. When he burned them all, it became into one mess, one solid structure, all of the pieces were connected with one another. You couldn't just remove one and go through

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all that he said. Now, when the iron sheets that were completely burned, they were like fire Allah He said, Tony, you give me awfully I will pour offering from the root address federally forever if rather is to pour out.

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So I will pour out or lay he upon it meaning upon this wall of iron that has been burned. I will pour on it later on molten copper metal is used for molten brass or molten copper or some kind of molten metal. So, you can imagine sheets of iron that had been burnt that are consolidated and now on top of that he pours molten copper. So what kind of a structure is it once it will call them

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a very solid and firm structure. Can you dig through it? No. Can you try to jump over?

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it No. Can you try to climb it? No, it's huge. It's massive. And it's extremely strong.

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Normally, if you think of it walls are made of bricks and cement, maybe what? Different materials and it's always possible to dig all through them or somehow shake that wall or destroy that wall or break it or do something to it in order to cross it.

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However, this wall is extremely strong, that it's made of iron and on top molten copper has been born.

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