Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L134D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of rain and the potential harm it can cause, including loss of pan submit and harm to humans. They emphasize the importance of accepting the diversity of creations and not comparing oneself to others. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being grateful for blessings and remembering them, and the use of "bringing" in English to describe feeling grateful. They stress the need to reflect on blessings and avoid feeling grateful.
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I was a bit lame and a Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 134 pseudo Turner who

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then says why the law he and upon Allah is us to sebelah his direction of the right way. Woman hi j if and among the various bats are those that are deviating what OSHA and if he will, luchador km h Marine, he could have guided all of you together.

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Why the law he and upon Allah, what does Allah mean? upon meaning it is the responsibility of it is his duty. So, Allah He, it is upon Allah, meaning he has taken it upon himself, he has taken this responsibility upon himself to do what cos those sebelah direction of the way, meaning to direct you to the right way, Allah has taken this responsibility upon himself. He hasn't just left you to yourself to figure out No, Allah has guided you as to what you should do

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as from the root Fs, offside that is basically intention, purpose. And secondly, cost also means, that which is the middle that which is free from extremes that which leads straight to the destination. So, as direction as sabew the way which way, the way that leads to a loss of anger, the way that leads to success,

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so on Allah is the duty to clarify, to show the way that leads to him. And how has Allah subhanaw taala done that by sending messengers by placing all of these blessings by showing so many signs that through them, we find a way to Allah subhanaw taala to the pleasure of Allah, Allah la costa Sybil woman her and from it meaning from the various ways that exist in the earth. There are also Jaya is one that is deviated

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from the refactors gene, while ra Jove and Jo is to deviate, to oppress and J, it is such a way that does not lead to the destination. Rather, what does it do? It deviates from the destination. It's deviated from the right way, woman hijra, meaning there are many other ways that do not lead to a loss penalty that oppose the half that contradict the heck, they're not straight, they deviate. And it refers to all other ways that exist other than the hate, other than the way of Islam the way that Allah has shown. So it refers to all types of polytheism all types of innovation, all types of following the desires. So men hydrive, many other ways that exist.

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When OSHA and if Allah wills, the Hidalgo merged Marine, he would have guided all of you together, meaning he would have forced all of you to be on the right way as the city however, Allah subhanaw taala has given you freedom to choose to use your mind to make your own choice and decide what you want to do.

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And what is mentioned in this ayah

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that basically there are many ways to live in this dunya.

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One way of believing in Allah submitting to him another way of just following your desires. Another way of following something that is fabricated another way of following people blindly many ways that exist in this dunya.

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But despite all of these differences, Allah soprano data has shown to us in every area in every time as to what is the way that leads to him? What is the way that he has specified which is why he sent so many messengers, so many messengers, one after the other, he said,

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he explained this concept as well, when you drew a straight line in the sand, and he drew other lines that were crossing it and he showed that this is one way that leads to a loss of panatela and there are many other pathways that take you away and on each one is a shape one calling you towards Well, I'll share the headache of legendary. Why is this mentioned all of a sudden, after the mention of so many blessings, that this is also a huge blessing. We're alive so kind and compassionate to you that he has provided you with animals that carry your loads. It is a part of his friends. It is a part of his Rama that he is also guided you as to what the

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right way to live is.

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One levy He is the one who ends and Amina sama EMA and who has sent

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from the sky water, and this water is that on which your life is based on which your livelihood is based. If there was no water, you could not stay alive.

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lucquin for you, men who from it meaning from this water that descends from the sky, there is for you in it shut off on a drink. Meaning this water that comes down, you are able to drink it as it goes into rivers and springs and ravines what happens? You drink that water? Well men who and from it, meaning from this rainwater, there's another benefit for you. And what is that benefit? Sharon? A tree fi in it to see moon you all make capacitor meaning because of this rain, water, what happens? trees, plants, they grow forth? There's foliage

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and this foliage, how do you benefit from it, that your animals they eat of it.

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And when your animals each of these plants, then you can benefit from those animals. And all of the starts from where from the water that falls down from the sky.

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You see an entire system that is working to benefit the human beings.

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The rain falls down. Yes, human beings drink that water. However, from that rain, what else grows plants and these plants who eats an arm and these anom who benefits from them? human beings woman who shed her own shadow is basically tree but it can also be applied to vegetation foliage plants fee to the moon and to the moon from the reflector seen while me. Do you remember the word here? sunako Sewell either. I told you, Sam, I assume is literally to take animals to pasture. And from that it is used for attacking something. Because the animals when they go for pasture they don't see okay, it's a flower. It's a petal it's a leaf. It's a blade of grass. No, they just attack.

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So woman who Sharon fee to see more.

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So next time that it rains, what should you think this is a blessing of a lot and think that Allah is sending down this rain for us? Don't take it as a burden.

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Because many times people complain Why is it raining again? Why is it snowing again. But the fact is that when Allah sends this water down from the sky in various forms, ultimately who is it benefiting human beings, because it's divided, all that water that is coming down that is going to be absorbed. And you see all the greenery throughout the summer. And then you have all of this fresh produce in your grocery stores. And you eat of it, you enjoy it so much. If it was not for all this rain that Allah subhanaw taala sends, how would you benefit.

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So the next time it rains, think that Allah is sending this rain for us. Because Allah subhanaw taala says love home for you.

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you Me too, he causes to grow from the root letters known better. Luckily for you, again for your benefit he causes to grow, be he through it, meaning through the water that comes down from the sky, Allah causes to grow, etc. The crops

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that are from the electric cellular zutter is used for fields. And it's also used for crop plantation that grows and fields.

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So he causes the crops to grow because of this rain. And this crop is a various types, isn't it,

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your rice, your wheat, and all of those grains that you eat, they are a part of something similar to your lentils, all of this is what is that was the tune and the olives, when Mahela and the date bombs one or another and the Great Plains woman and from goodly thammarat every type of produce some he has mentioned over here, they do nothing.

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But there are many other types of produce, that are loss of data causes to grow from the earth as a result of the rain in the feed alika indeed in that potentially assign for who he called me at a karoun for people who take time to reflect, to think about this entire system that are lost the final data has said who don't just go to the grocery store, buy one thing come eat it, finish it and forget about it. No, they take time to reflect They are the ones who will find the site and what does that sign. What is this is

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the power of a loss of panatela the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the perfection, the ability, his existence, his oneness. So all of these

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Things what would the demonstrate the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala, the oneness of Allah. So

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we learn into the number eight number 16, among Kanaka sumati will offer or Who is it? Who has created the heavens and the earth? What ends at Alico, Mina sama, Emma and Annie has caused to come down from the sky water for you. For unbuttoned IV, then we cause to grow through it because of it had that eco gardens that have a jetty that are of joyful beauty.

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Mark Anna Lacan, there is not for you, and don't be too shallow, that you could grow it's trees that Allahumma Allah, is there a God with Allah, both of them comunidade own rather there are people who ascribe equals to him.

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So we see that the fact that the rain comes down from the sky, and from it, various types of produce, it grows. What does all of this demonstrate that everything is working in a system, because there is perfect harmony, everything is working in a system.

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Like for example, if in the hot weather, when it's sunny, and the soil is dry, or the soil is just perfect temperature, the soil is perfectly conducive to grow plants. If at that time, the sky decides that there should be snow, then what would happen? What would happen all of that crop would die.

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But we see that Allah subhanaw taala has kept the snow for winter. And nice rain for when? for the summer for the spring. So what does it show that there is a perfect system that is working in harmony? And what does that demonstrate that there is only one being who is running all of this? Because if there were multiple beings, then what would happen? There would definitely be some major disasters, major accidents. There would be lots of problems with the fact that this whole is one system. It demonstrates that there's only one being behind it. So in the valley color is and what is the main idea is the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala

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what's the hora nakoma Laila and he has objected for you the night when the Hara and also the day and he is subjected the night and the day. There is a timetable. It's not unpredictable, that night could fall at any point, or the day could come at any point. No, there is a set time for the night. There is a set time for the day. And it's all expected was soccerloco. Elena, when the holiday come one after the other after set times was shumsa will come around and the sun and the moon, one new June and the stars. All of them are Moosa rotten ones that are subjective,

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meaning they are set in their positions, in their roles, in their functions in the work that they have to perform. There are most of Herat, be angry at his command,

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Allah subhanaw taala has put the sun where it is the moon where it is, the stars, where they are, and whatever they are doing. They're doing all of this at the command of who almost

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again, in a fee Delica that is, indeed in that are many signs the Omi RP loan for people who understand who use their mind, who comprehend.

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So we see that there is so much variety in the creation of Allah subhanaw taala

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not just in the earth, but also in the sky.

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There isn't just one sun, but there's also the moon. And there isn't just a moon. But there's so many stars. And there aren't just a few stars, there are so many stars, there's so much variety in his creation.

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So all of these things, what do they demonstrate, especially the celestial bodies in the sky, they indicate the immense power and might have a loss

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that such huge objects, huge objects, how they're functioning, how they're working so perfectly. And because of them, this earth is alive, the creation on this earth is alive.

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And if there was even a slight imbalance, if the sun moved only an inch closer, or drifted away even an inch farther than what would happen, total disaster on the earth, total disaster. Similarly, the moon decided that it has to come and strike the earth, total disaster. So all of this shows it demonstrates the perfect ability and might and power of a loss predator.

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But who will understand this little miracle

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and he has subjected whatever that he has created for

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You whatever that he is multiplied

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woman, this is again connected with Sahar, that he is also subjected what there are, there are often new factors that allow Hamza, any other words on the same route.

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The Ria, the Ria is children, and that is to multiply, to scatter. So children also, they're multiplied and the scatter this spread. And that also means to create. So WOMAD, meaning whatever he has multiplied, whatever he has created, whatever he has dispersed luck home for you fill out the in the earth, meaning what ever that there is, whether an animal or a plant, a flower, anything that he has created, he has multiplied for you in the earth. It is of most elephant varying awareness of its colors. Was the elephant from the deaf Hall and food and wine is the plural of loan What does loan mean? Color

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Felker alone,

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but remember that the word loan it does not just mean color, what else does it mean? type kind is

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similar to elephant albino who varying in its colors, as well as its types. In Effie Delica, I attend Lithuania, in that is surely assigned for people who remember for people who take heat.

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So we see that whatever the last panel died has created in the earth, and whatever that he has spread in the earth. First of all, it's not just concentrated in one place, it's not as concentrated in one place, you find something that exists in one continent, and something similar to it that exists in another continent.

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Like for example, if there are certain types of trees, or fruits or plants in one country, we'll also find it in other country. If wheat grows in Australia, it also grows in North America. It also grows in India, it also grows in various countries. So first of all, it's not concentrated in one place, but rather you see it that are spread all over the earth in different different places.

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Secondly, we see that whatever that Allah has created in the year, it is off various colors, as well as types.

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Like for example, just apples, for example, sometimes you go to the grocery store, you see a pile of green apples, and you see a pile of red apples, and you see a pile of yellow, and some or combination of red and yellow. So there's so much variety, so much variety, in the color in the type in the kind and not just in the produce, but in the animals even. And not just in the animals, but in the trees and the leaves, and the soil, and the sand. And also in the people, various types, various colors. So this variety, this variation in color and type. This is a sign of a lost printer. This is a sign that Allah subhanaw taala has set for us has placed for us a sign that demonstrates

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his knowledge assigned that demonstrates his power, his ability. Because sometimes, you know when people do something, they're limited to certain colors, aren't they are they're limited to certain types, they cannot have a lot of variety in what they have made. But what Allah subhanaw taala has created, it is various in its colors in its types. So infidelity color, iron, nickel, medical.

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Now what does it show to us? That there's a lot of variety in the creation of a vase.

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And this includes human beings as well. That people are of various types. Some people you find, they are very happy.

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Other people, they are generally sad. Some people, they are always making others laugh. And some people, they're always making you worried. Some people, they share things with you, other people they remain silent. People are different, and every person has their own taste as their own choice. And what Allah has placed this variation in the creation, we must accept it as it is. If we try to make everything the same, remember, we cannot do it because Allah has kept this variety. If we want people to become just like one person, it's not possible. If you have a child who is very obedient and you want your the rest of the children to be the same. It's not possible because people are

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different. People are different. And Allah subhanaw taala has kept this difference in the creation

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and also

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Remember, that if there is variation, we must never compare ourselves with others, we must never compare different creations with one another, and say, Oh look, this is so fair and this is so dark, or this is so tall, and this is so short, we are no one's to do that, because Allah has kept this difference. Allah has got this difference. And if we appreciate the fact that Allah has created it, then we will like it as it is, we will like it as it is. So if Allah has made us have a particular color of a particular height of a particular size, you must accept it. Because that's what Allah chose for us. Similarly, if someone is different from us, that is how Allah created them. So accept

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them as they are, accept yourself how you are, because a lot chose that for you. And if we don't accept it, then what are we doing? We're arguing for either who Cosima will be, look at your origin, what are you? And what are you thinking of yourself?

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Well, I love He and he is the one who says, he has subjected to see, Allah has objected to see as well, for who for you, for us for our benefit.

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Meaning he has made the sea such that you benefit from it. How that first of all, it stays within its limits. It stays within its limits. How that the waves come, but then they go back. And sometimes Allah subhanaw taala shows us how the waves come. And they keep coming and they don't go back. And this is to make us realize the great blessing of Allah soprano.

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Because sometimes we don't acknowledge his blessing, that the waves they come but they go back, they don't come beyond a certain point.

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Secondly, wahoo under the Sahara in another way as well, that he has objected the seas for you that the ships, they can float, but something else that you put in the water will drown. Even if it's much smaller than its size, the pin or needle, it will drown, but your ship will float.

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Similarly, he has objected it for you that you are able to swim in it. You were able to dive into it, that you were able to go into it as well. That you're able to fish and you're able to catch so many creatures in it and benefit from them. Leto kudos for that. You can eat Minho from it. Lachman flesh that is 30 yen fresh body from the root letters blah, blah. Yeah.

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And for our is basically the freshness the tenderness of something. When something is standard, succulent, very fresh. So the meat that you extract from the sea. How is it? It is *? It is fresh, which is why you can even eat it raw sometimes.

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solito coolamon hoolahan periya What does the hurry do? And then you all extract men who from it from what? From the sea. If you don't like to eat raw fish, that's your choice, but if somebody else likes it, then let them enjoy it. Like for example, shell foods, seashells, oysters, you can just pick it up and you can eat it. Again, remember, this variety Allah has kept we're no one's to object. And sometimes you know what? We just think that oh my god, how is it possible? I can't even think of it. But if you eat it, you'll be amazed.

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There are many people who don't want to even try sushi. They don't go near sushi. This a thought of it makes them like, oh god, what is this? But if you try it, honestly, it's not bad. It's possible that sometimes you go to a place and you order a fish and you have no idea it's raw. And afterwards you find out it's raw. So Korean, it's fresh, it's tender, it's succulent. What does that really do? And you can extract Minho from it meaning from the sea, Haley at an ornament that asuna that you wear. What kind of ornament is it that you extract from the sea worlds. Everyone loves pearls in their ears and their necks on their fingers on their bags. But that's definitely do mean Haley I can

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tell the sooner you wear them. And it's not just world with so many other types of things that can be extracted from the sea that people wear for the purpose of adornment

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will unfold and you see the ships Mahavira once plowing tearing through fee in it in what in the sea mawatha is a plural of macula there is a Florida man feel rotten from the roof letters. mean ca move and move is to move forward. But it is to move forward while making noise and cutting through what you are moving for

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Don't like for example, if there is a ship that is moving on water, as it moves forward, what do you see

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a split in the water that is behind it, the water it goes sideways, as a ship or as the boat as a tail does it continues to proceed. And what happens if he the water splitting behind it? One way of going towards the right and another towards the left. But as the ship sails, you also hear a lot of water,

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isn't it?

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So Safina Mathura. A ship that is Mathura is what?

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as its sales, it makes a lot of noise. And it also cleaves the water as it sails on it.

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So you see the ship's mawatha Rafi mawatha, what are the two meanings that it gives? First of all, cutting through the water, plowing through the water and secondly, making noise as well.

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While it up the hole, and so that you will seek windfall Lee from his bounty, meaning you sail on the ships, you travel from one part to the other. And when you're on the ship, you can seek the father of Allah, how did you go to certain places in the sea, and over there, you get to fish, you had to catch fish. Similarly, you go from one part to the other, you can travel over the sea. And over there when you reach another place, you can have business you can buy different types of food, different types of things, what he thought the woman felt.

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So it refers to commerce business, which is made possible by sea travel. And it also refers to the benefit that people obtain by being at sea by fishing.

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When I come to school, and so that you all give things so that you all can be grateful that Allah has given you the special blessing, this unique blessing, so that when you go on it, you can be grateful.

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So we see that some blessings, Allah subhanaw taala has made very accessible to us. Like for example, the anon, all you have to do is just pick which goat you want, and just go and slaughter it and have it. But other blessings, they are a little inaccessible, you have to put in more effort to acquire them. You have to go into the sea, or you have to go by the shore. And you have to stand there silently with your net or with your fishing rod. And then you can catch the fish and then you can eat it.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:13

Similarly, some things very easy to obtain from the surface of the earth. But other things, you have to dive into the water, and then you can extract the pearls. If you think of it Allah subhanaw taala could have put these pearls on trees. But where are they? in the water, they're a bit inaccessible, they're a bit difficult to attain why today when we finally get them, we can be grateful. Because just as we learned in the story with Rahim are listening, but when he prayed, what zouk homina thammarat la la mia Sharon, because when you have something all the time, then you tend to get used to it. You tend to get very used to it, you don't see it as a blessing anymore. And sometimes we

00:28:13 --> 00:28:26

begin abusing those blessings when they're more available to us. But when something is rare, when you have to put an effort to get it, when you have to spend a lot of money and energy, then what happens you're more grateful for it.

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So when our local touch guru, so that you all are grateful.

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If you notice in all of these, I add in it number 11 we learned enough Metallica, iron, nickel comi science for those people who reflect

00:28:42 --> 00:29:03

in it number 12. What did we learn in Nevada? I think the common Yaki loon those people who use their reasoning who use their mind, then i a 13. In the free radical I attend the common. Yes, those people who remember. So ponder, reason, remember, and now what are local vashikaran so that you can be grateful.

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So we see that in order to be grateful. A person needs to remember, a person need to reflect a person needs to remember the blessings. And a person also needs to reflect on them.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:29

And in order to do that, what do you need to do? Dark alone? You have to use your mind. Because if you don't use your mind, can you remember? Can you remember? No. If you don't use your mind, can you reflect? No, you can't

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fee to see

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What's up?

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What does

00:31:48 --> 00:32:00

so good for our purposes, because we see that first, when you mentioned all of these blessings and people are made to use your mind, they're made to reflect they're made to remember. And then eventually it leads to sugar,

00:32:02 --> 00:32:06

alcohol, tobacco, and then finally sugar. Go ahead.

00:32:07 --> 00:32:41

I was just thinking we need to think about these things in a technical point of view, for example, rain, we think about how the water evaporates and comes down, but not from this perspective where you're thankful for the blessing funnels. We have studied all of these things, in science at school, and we take it as something that exists as a system that exists that has been set in place, but we don't realize that we're the ones who are benefiting from it. And Allah has placed that gratitude is missing. So Allah subhanaw taala teaches the right way of thinking. He gives us the correct perspective.

00:32:42 --> 00:33:01

I was thinking that Allah says about the helia, he says, that'll be sooner. So it shows us that one of the purposes of the pearls is so that we adorn ourselves and I was thinking, how easy along makes it to obey Him. Because if we think that the pearl is made as a beauty for us, and we were thinking that then it can be a form of worship, too.

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But sometimes we have birds, but we keep them hidden and packed away, when we should use them, especially women are familiar with Hillier woman is brought up in jewelry. So where did you read that you have, it doesn't mean that a woman needs to go in front of non Muslim. The simple thing is that if she's wearing jewelry, and she's waiting in front of a non Muslim simply covered, that's it. But don't deprive yourself of this beauty that Allah has created for you, especially if you own it.

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I mean, when Allah gives a blessing to someone, and he likes it, that a person uses it, he likes to see the other of that beauty of that blessing on a person. So if Allah has given you something, use it, wear it, because that is a part of gratitude.

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I was just thinking about how I was mentioning all these beautiful things that we have and how they were all created for our benefit. But if you look at how people are dealing with them today, we're picking things before our time to take them. Like, for example, one example that came to mind is that the Atlantic Ocean and if you look in history, it used to be filled with fish. And there's narrations of people who are on the sea, and they would literally put a bucket in the water and it'd be full of fish. And now if you look at the sea, there's hardly any competition, it's all been fished out, is very little. And no cod is more expensive than it used to be, obviously. And there's

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so many examples of that. So I think we should be careful with what we're doing. I remember, on Facebook, there's a chef who was posting pictures of his home somewhere near Jordan. And it was really beautiful scene of mountains and everything. But if you look at the bottom part of the picture, it's all litter. So be careful of where you're putting your garbage in. Because that is in gratitude that Allah has given you something so beautiful, but what are you doing? Because you see at the beginning, people are very grateful, then what happens we get used to a blessing. And when we get used to it, we begin to abuse it. And that is also a form of ingratitude and when we are

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ungrateful for a blessing that that blessing is taken away from us.

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Sonico LS finally created as in variety. Can you imagine if we're all Color Purple, and purple? Everything's purple? Who would be? There's a variety, it would be boring. Okay. Second of all, the doubt that the sister has mentioned, it's not that the non Muslims are not reflecting upon the sense of Allah subhanaw taala it they don't have the real concept of Allah. Like, you know, they don't have a true concept of what God is like, you know, Who is God? Like, you know, who is Allah? subhanaw taala

00:35:30 --> 00:35:49

there is a disconnect between the thing that they don't have the Johnson who gave them to us. Yeah. Next thing, the rain. It's true that the in school, they teach you that, you know, the water evaporates and comes down as rain and all that stuff, but they never tell you like, what makes them do that, like, what makes the water goes

00:35:50 --> 00:36:08

down. And like, you know, they don't teach you about God. And I was reading click from previous tours as well, like, you know, there's no way there's no way that any man and illiterate that could have invented such narration exactly, shows the truthfulness of the Quran.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:29

I was thinking about how in schools, we're taught about species and how another population has suddenly increased and how scientists are trying to find to destroy off the entire species. And we don't realize that even in that there's some sort of perfection that unless one that has Yes, that if there's an increase in a certain type of creation, there's a reason behind that.

00:36:32 --> 00:37:02

I was just thinking, going back to this point, that the purpose of gratitude is to go back to its origin. And a lot of times the dunya that we're in right now, everything is fast moving, like you know, the all these creations of vehicles, internet and all this stuff, we never go back and just sit and reflect, oh, my God, look at that tree, like how did it come into being or something like that, or just sit in a gathering and just talk about it. And that like when you go to travel, like for all of us who go back home, go to the really, really like low end villages and stuff like that and see how their life is like you were saying, the candles coming in the morning, I've seen that

00:37:02 --> 00:37:36

myself, and to see the spirit and the gratitude that these men have in the morning, and then how they come home. And that's their life. Like honestly, like I remember, one of the sheep fell sick and the woman were crying. And I was sitting there going like, you know how and now when I look at this look around and if you were to go again, do these is to these people, that the amount of sugar that they would have, which is increase, increase, increase. And it's amazing, these sites really, truly they are beautiful. And it's only because we don't go into those cities, we always go and shop and those are name brand clothing stores, stuff like that we don't go to these villages and see the

00:37:36 --> 00:37:52

actual lifestyle. It's only then we become grateful. So go back to the original things and find out how exactly, we love to see the buildings that have been made, the malls that have been bought the things that people are making, but what Allah subhanaw taala has created and spread for us all over the earth, we think it's boring to look at it.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:11

I was just thinking on the point where it says that some blessings are hard to extract. And I always used to complain like, oh, it would have been so much easier if I knew all of these laws, and I was a little kid. And then now I could have been further but then maybe I wouldn't have been as much grateful as I am right now.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:26

I was just thinking of the i o between study food as fact that if you're grateful for the blessings we have, and also pantalla is going to increase them for us. And if we don't use those blessings, we're not grateful for them, then they may become a burden on us.

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00:38:30 --> 00:38:35

I just want to share with you the feeling on those as

00:38:37 --> 00:38:38

well of

00:38:40 --> 00:38:47

things mentioned, as you get peace when we look to terrain.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:00

Under Utah, you can look to the view of the incoming on you and go to the laser smell like it just goes all the smells like coming to me

00:39:03 --> 00:39:04

is amazing. It's

00:39:06 --> 00:39:18

such a beauty because beauty if you look to yourself and you want to go outside and feel summer esto comes cameras go anywhere here. You won't get it until you get to the nature. Yes.

00:39:21 --> 00:40:00

Because when we are inside the buildings and type of cars, then we're only concerned about what work we have to do and everything is calling us literally when you go out amongst the trees in the grass, surrounded by flowers by water under the clouds in the bright sun. It's so much more beautiful, it's so much more calm. So make sure you take time out to enjoy these blessings that Allah has created. Because unfortunately we simply locked ourselves out in our houses. Go out, go out in the sun walk outside. Enjoy the rain, enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful smell and the beautiful fragrance in the different

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

creatures, make sure you enjoy because all of these creatures Allah has created so that we enjoy. Welcome to modern beauty, enjoy the beauty

00:40:09 --> 00:40:10

Assalamu alaikum

00:40:11 --> 00:40:17

This is actually a message for all the online students that it's a blessing that you are able to take the course online.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:24

You are if you are grateful for Allah double increasing and trust me, I've seen it.

00:40:26 --> 00:40:46

I just want to add, how often do we ever just look at a tree and reflect on that one tree and you need to get out into nature to see it. And I was thinking that even in the city, like you see that these blessings have a lot in nature, they overpower what man makes and even in the city you look in just like a crack on the sidewalk. There's grass growing. So like you can find this everywhere.

00:40:48 --> 00:41:03

Just when you were saying all that I was thinking that you know Jenna is described like that over and over again. And it's not just that it's more so we need to really you know, build on our imagination and crave for that and inshallah work for that so that we can

00:41:05 --> 00:41:07

ensure customers

00:41:08 --> 00:41:13

are grateful for the rivers and the Nia, then Allah will give you more engine.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:25

I was just thinking that rain is beneficial in so many ways. I mean, it's a blessing in so many ways, but even the time of rain. Allah subhanaw taala has made that time the acceptance of the

00:41:26 --> 00:41:30

blessing Exactly. But only a person who is positive will think like that, right.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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Murphy to see

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