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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the upcoming night Please don't go too far and the Exodus of Jesus and Jesus by the Prophet Muhammad. The message of Islam is a insistence on individuals to follow it for all time and to trust in the teachings of Islam. The distraction of the message is highlighted as a way to avoid confusion and distraction, and the importance of not giving too many people away and not giving them too many opportunities is emphasized. The transcript also touches on the benefits of remembering the end of a culture and the need to be mindful of it.
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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to on 3430 hamdulillah. But I mean, we're joined by our special guests for the very first time Shaykh Abdullah guru.

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It's an honor.

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I'm speechless.

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How does it feel to be a guest on plan? 30 for 30 I mean,

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I don't know it feels really different. I mean, last year, there was some other guy he was okay. But I think this year, we're gonna try to make it better and improve every year and show you a lot right.

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Yeah, and he was always acting kind of shy or something. I don't know what his deal was, but it was a crime and you know, the verses and those kinds of things.

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Akhilesh I have done so, Jeff. I've done love courses a regular every night in LA

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or southern or the night will be joining us tonight and Sharla to Anna but she is running a bit late and having some technical difficulties, but inshallah she'll be able to join us in the night Tyler. And we will get started though for the sake of time in sha Allah. To remind everyone to please do download the plan 3430 ebook which is a companion guide, so that covers last season. This year, we're doing a pseudo focus, but that covers the structure and the overuse of the sutras and Sharla tada every year we'll be able to add to our 3430 that night Anna, also download the two day prophetic prayers book with shift on her Wyatt, we promise not to go an hour today and shot lots out

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of this was a we had one, you know just a one off with enough. So we will inshallah tag keeps our time but in the novel, please do download it. And please do continue to support your pain. We are very grateful to you for your drops for your donations, as everything we do is free but in the 90 Tada. And so the more support that you give to us, the more we're able to then the NIH tada produced these free resources for the benefit of the community. With that, inshallah Tada, I'll go ahead and I'll get started but in the nighttime with introducing now the seventh judges of the court and Pamela, we're already now a week in

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the southern Jews continues with certain money there, but then it goes to certain Anam. So I'm going to actually focus on certain anon I noticed that the Nora Dean had planned to talk about some of the verses of certain money. I'll just say one of the things that's very powerful about certain nakida in regards to the prophetic life, the life of the Prophet slice, and then we said it is the last revealed surah major surah right to the Prophet, slice alum. And what's very interesting is is talking about the departure of a Sati has set up Jesus peace be upon him giving his final words to his followers to stay upon truth, to abide by the message to you know, to keep themselves connected

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to the divine revelation and that Allah subhanaw taala would send them another prophet This is the same message that we saw with the Brahim it is synonymous with Baba. And then with Jacobo, it has Salaam so the prophets telling their children telling their followers that they are departing, but that Allah Subhana data has something in store for them. And so in the case of a Saudi Salaam, it's you know, his his message to them his farewell message to his followers. What's very interesting is that it parallels the farewell of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right because the prophets lie some started to speak in a different way, with his companions, giving them hints that his

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mission had been completed, therefore, his time on Earth would now be limited even though there was no observable sickness with the profit slice on them. So somehow, it's just a beautiful connection. If you think about you know, the mindset again of the Sahaba as they're receiving these words, about the departure of the Prophet before the Prophet slice alum being precise, I'm Jesus peace be upon him. And now, the departure of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is to follow. And when we get into sorted, and

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I mentioned this last year, and in fact, I think I'm pretty sure remember we had shift started last year for certain that that one of my teachers actually taught us appy the through sorted announced was a very interesting way of learning Islamic creed by going through sort that anon because it really is a sutra that covers Aki that that covers the creed of Islam in a profound way. But it's different in that this is actually a mucky surah. So this is a sutra that was revealed in Mecca. However, it resembles Medina in terms of its length and its style. So in terms of the themes, being, you know, the theme of APA, the theme of creed, it resembles makin Quran in that sense, and it is

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makin Quran. But in terms of the the the long versus the long surah This is very much so a Madani style of Revelation and therefore it also fits within these first few surah. So it's interesting as you're reading through the Quran, as we said, not either is you know, it

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It came down at finalize the icon completed the religion and then Allah subhana wa takes us back to Mecca to the original creed and the purity of that creed and why people don't believe you know, Subhana Allah, we talked about the categories of people so far, why some people turn away and certainly the Sierra is rich with swithun and as well, so let's just go through this inshallah tada as much as we can get the nine time. If you go to verse seven, so he said, the whole surah is to Hades is emphasizing monotheism and our answers from the profit slice alone, or rather to the profit slice of them, to give to Quraysh with their objections to the oneness of God and their objections

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to the message. And so verse seven, where Allah subhana wa tada says, Well, well, owners done Anika keytab and FIFA pastan for lemma su will be a DM and a partner that the you know, capital in Heather Illa set her on moving that Oh, messenger velocita lines that I'm had, we sat down to you this book this inscribed already, you know, on, on these special pages, right, if the book was to come down to you, in a special way, and they were to touch it with their own hands, they still would have said this is just magic. What this is actually referring to is that Quraysh in the excuses that they were giving to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they told them, Look, we have a condition to believe you

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that this is the book of Allah. So they challenged the Prophet slice them in multiple ways. And this was one of them, where they said, We don't believe this is divine revelation. And in order to prove that this is divine revelation, they said to the Prophet slicin, um, we will not believe until you receive a Book from Allah, accompanied by four angels testifying that you are the Messenger of Allah. So we need to see the book coming down from the heavens, and we need to see four angels coming down with it. And those four angels testifying that you are the Messenger of Allah. And so this is verse seven, is actually an answer to them to say, even if that happens, all you will say is

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that this is sorcery. This is magic, you would dismiss it right away, you'd say those aren't really angels. This is an optical illusion. That book is not really coming down from the heavens. So the problem is not in any lack of a miraculous nature of the revelation coming to the profit slice I'm the problem is in the deficiency of the hearts of the people that are around the profit slice and their unwillingness to relinquish the power that they are afraid of losing, if they believe in this message. So Allah subhanaw taala, you know, dismisses that claim. And I think a very beautiful tie in as well to the CSR is that certain an arm was revealed to the profit slice them in the most

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miraculous of ways, even honestly a lot of time and who says it came down to the profit slice I'm in one shot with 70,000 angels not for angels 70,000 angels praising Allah subhana wa tada as they were bringing down with it and when the profit slice on was receiving sorted, and he looked up at the sky, and he saw the angels filling the horizon, as they were bringing down this beautiful long surah in one shot to our beloved messenger sallallahu said, I'm so not just for angels, but 70,000 In fact, brought it down in the most miraculous way. But of course, the people would always find a way to, to disbelieve, so lost contact goes on to say, what pardue Lola onzie that are at Malak and they

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say had it not been an angel sat down to this prophet, slice alum, or sent, you know, alongside him, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says that had we sat down an angel alongside him, meaning an angel that speaks to you alongside him. Then Allah subhanaw taala says, look, hold the alarm for malaria and Lauren, that surely the matter would have been long decided and there would be no respite that would be granted to them. So there'll be no excuse for you at that point, even though there is no excuse for you now, but, you know, you would have just been wiped out right away for your unwillingness to believe because you would have surely found a way to still disbelieve even in that regard. Allah

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subhanaw taala goes on to tell us if we go to verse 25 of sorts of women hormone your stem like vagina columbium I cannot and Yahoo Murphy, Danny him Walker Ah, we're in your Oh, could I attend la umino be her Hector. Elijah, okay, you JD Luna kaokoland Latina cafaro in her illa sadlier are willing, this is where the mecca part of this really shows the surah. Allah subhanho says none of them there are those who who appear to be listening to you. But upon their hearts, they have these coverings so they can't understand it and in their ears. They have this this barrier so they can't really hear it. And even if they were to witness every sign from you a messenger of Allah lice on

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them, they still would not believe it so much as one

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They come to you they dispute with you. Those who disbelieve would say, these are just the fables of ancient times. Now what this is referring to, is actually an incident where the mushrikeen those that were fighting the prophets lie Selim, were getting caught by each other secretly listening to the poor and and they would admit to each other in private, there's no way this is poetry. There's no way this is magic, there's no way this is sorcery, that that this is clearly miraculous speech. So amongst themselves, they would actually admit that, but because their hearts were already, you know, oriented to reject it, and because they had decided to reject it, they would keep making these

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excuses. So, in this particular incident, you find a man by the name of another ignorant hat, if so, you've heard of other soufiane, you have heard of, you know, omiya, you have heard of and what he did, and emilija, you've heard of these sort of prominent names, and after this initial rate, you know, wave, no hell of all these different people, real quick and heavy, more eat. But as they're speaking amongst each other, I wish I had amongst them right. And they're deciding how they're going to respond to this message. They go to a man by the name of another event had another even have had, it was a particular storyteller of the fables of the past. So when they say it's a South lead on a

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welline, these are just the the fables of the past. That was what allow another of inherit his specialty was was just to share the fables of the past, right just to make up mythology and share fables of the past. So they couldn't accuse the prophets lie some of being possessed. They couldn't accuse them of being a liar, they could not dismiss this as sorcery or said they're just looking for different things. And the way that they eventually came to it was they went to another set. These are assaulted on ovarian, I do this all the time this quarter. And it's just like what I do just stories from the past, right? So they kept finding excuses to do away with it. And then a loss of

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hundreds either we go to verse 31, kulla akoto reccomend de casa in Allah, whatever animal right when a kulula come in the malloc. in a tabular Ilana, you have in a panel I this is one of my favorite verses in the sutra, say to them, oh, Mohammed, so I said, I don't have the treasures of Allah, nor do I have knowledge of that which is beyond my perception, the knowledge of the unseen that Allah subhanaw taala has not revealed to you, nor am I even claiming to you that I am some sort of an angel. Rather, I am only following that which is revealed to me and in that, by the way, is a miracle. The fact that the Prophet slicin him was a human being the fact that he walked the

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marketplace, the fact that he ate and he drank the fact that he was known to the people, the fact that he was fully human. So a lot he was saying is actually a miracle. Right? So the profit slice on his being told to save them, I'm not claiming to be an angel, I'm not claiming to have knowledge of the unseen beyond what Allah reveals to me. And you know, it is your foolishness, that you are thinking that in order for this message, to be a miracle, I have to be some sort of a miraculous, you know, being right. And that's that is your limitation, that's not a limitation on the message or on the messenger sallallahu hardy with such as pilots a beautiful line of response to them that

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look, you're going to make up excuses. And even though you're making up these excuses, let's not get wrong about what I'm claiming. Because you guys are trying to find excuses every single time I'm being very clear that I am a human being a messenger of Allah, who receives the revelation and who Allah Subhana Allah has made a human being so that I could manifest this revelation in a way that human beings can follow it for all time. The last verse I'll mention here, verse 52, inserted an eye on what I tell her the Latina, the owner of the home, beloved, that he will actually you redo now watch her, ma they come in, he savvy him and she won them and he saw me guiding him in shape. For

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total Rhoda home. Further corner I'm in a lot I mean, Allah Subhana Allah says and do not drive away those who invoke their Lord in the morning and in the evening seeking His pleasure. You are by no means accountable for them, just as they are by no means accountable for you. If you drive them away, you will surely be from the wrongdoers. This is speaking about those arrogant people coming to the profit slice them and saying, You want us to come and sit with you. You need to get a get rid of the dog. Get rid of salmaan and fantasy, get rid of Sahiba roomy, get rid of silent fuel costs, get rid of all of these people that we feel are beneath us. We don't want to sit with these people. And

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so if you want us to listen to you a messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam get rid of these people because it is not be fitting to us to sit with them. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says do not drive away those people who worship Allah day and night seeking His pleasure. If you drive them away, you will surely be from the wrongdoers. So don't Don't fall for their trick. You also love them.

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Find another excuse anyway. And those people are not of less value in the sight of Allah because they're in the sight of these people with less value because of the false ungodly standards that they have. So somehow Allah stick with those people who believe and status is given through that belief and those that that cling to this message and that was a powerful message that Alonzo God gave to his messenger so like so and so.

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So with that in Charlottetown I'm not sure if Western audiences here yet I know she from Dulles still here I hope he hasn't left this just yet. Chicago Are you there? Yes, I'm here. Alright, at least you didn't leave me you know, like I don't know what I do without you. You know, I probably have like recycling hopeless and stuff. So

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we hope this doesn't mean will join us inshallah, but inshallah Shahada any reflections on that and of course, build with with you know, just go into what you're going to go into, but in the nighttime,

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vertical, if you don't know snaps not to sound let us know, as Michelle at the very end, you know, the verses you mentioned, at the very end will talk to the lady near there, and then the other two will actually, you know, watch her, you know, I that's a very beautiful extraction that you mentioned, and benefit.

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From the wording of the verse that Allah subhana wa Donna mentioned, you know, prohibited the prophet SAW some from but thought any from pushing away from diverting away from for this, disregarding the ones that have those characteristics, and that Subhanallah is a characteristic of the Motoki as a characteristic generically speaking of the Muslim of the one that is expected of him or her with good thoughts of anyone that says a shadow line and Allah, I should warn them Hamza Rasul Allah, anyone that has that belief in their heart, and the way that they would actually realize that is through their own Allah by whom they would call on their Lord, the process, some

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says, or last month, Allah tells apostle, some prohibits him from turning away from those people, and do not do not in any shape, form or fashion, disregard them when they have those characteristics. And that's, that's important, because Subhanallah, you know, to be totally real, and I know speaking for a lot of people,

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whether it's from either side, when when you see a lot of people that are incarcerated, and they get out of the get out of incarceration, and then they go and seek help, and they go to organizations Subhanallah, and they're there, that, you know, they they're disregarded, they're not looked at, look at it as a lower form of society, because of what society has claimed that they are, and has given people a fixed mindset on something that they may have done in the past. And they saw Toba, not even, you know, forgiveness from people, but Tobler, the law, so kind of went down and they became Muslim while incarcerated, it come out and they're trying to do something better. And this

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verse is particularly for those not saying every organization, but the individuals that tell the person just tell them, no, we can't, you know, in the office, and there's no valid reason. This is a panela, they really need to really contemplate on this is when they turn away from people that are in need. And they don't have the status, the stature, the money, the reputation. But they call on Allah subhana wa data in a way that only Allah knows, and maybe a couple of people know. But what's important for you to know is that there are people that are Muslim, and they are trying to seek help seek help. So that's one of the first things that comes to my mind. Because I faced that countless

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times, countless times, particularly from those that have had a past as all of us have, all of us have, we've had things that we regret, and Subhanallah Allah exposes us in different ways. But what's most important is when you contemplate over that, when you contemplate over that mistake, what do you do about it, and people try to do things about it for themselves. And so panela there's nothing like being turned away, whether it's turned away from your parent, or turned away from someone that you expect to be your brother, or your sister. And that is a segue to a verse that I want to talk about chapter nine, verse number 34, in the chapter one and

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we'll also kind of look down at talks about

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a very important concept. And particularly, you know, when I embraced Islam, this is one of the concepts that really, really drew me towards Islam in a profound way.

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The concept of the dunya

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you know, many times in jahai, or even Subhan, Allah in Islam, you know, we may be in certain gatherings and you know, you may see people that may be of a higher status, higher stature, higher income, a career that's very respected things that nature and Subhanallah you may feel sometimes that you're lesser than them because of what society may make them out to be or the person that is at that point.

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They may look down upon those that are not or that those that don't have that kind of education or from that particular tribe or nationality or level of education. So pound Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us even though what you may possess is something that is virtuous, it all comes goes back to your Nia and how you deal with people with that what you with what you have, because the dunya sapan Allah is something that is temporary, and it is a passing vehicle. It is something that we are here for temporarily, as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Maddie will it dunya in the method one method with dunya chemically rockin Esteban attracta shudra tomorrow What are the

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promises salami said in an authentic hadith webinar, Ambassador De La Hoya, he said that what is for me in this dunya what is for me in this life of this dunya Verily, an example of me and an example of the junior is like a traveler that is sitting under the shade of a tree then gets up and leaves it.

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He compares the dunya to the shade of a tree. It is something that is temporary that you will use in order to continue your destination and the Hadith that the prophet SAW. So I'm told the Allahumma when he grabbed him by his shoulders, he grabbed him by his shoulders, and many scholars talk about the the methods that he used to talk to people with a physical touch, and he grabbed him by his shoulders, and he says confit dunya Kanika Holly or IBD said he says be in this world as though you are a stranger, or a way for passing by. So in a lawsuit kinda with Dallas's in this beautiful verse, after all of inertia on energy, woman higher to dunya in the label, wanna own mother on

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Africa to haven Linda Deena yet to own for the turkey Lord, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, after the context of speaking about the regret of those that disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you notice, in this, in this chapter shivkumar mentioned two different situations, where loss of kind of what data will mention the future of those that disbelief and the things that they will say. And that's interesting in regards to predestination of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is the sixth pillar of our Amen, to believe and that leads us to believe that Allah knows what would happen, from the hypotheticals, if you will, what would even take place and that is a sign of his complete

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knowledge. later on. If you see in the beginning, before this verse, a couple of verses before that last month out and talks about what they would say, well, oh, to do that I do with the man who, who and who were in the academy, even if they were to return to the earth, they would still just believe, verily, they are lying by making this claim. If they were to come back, that they would be those that are truthful, at the very end of this, the veil or the last verse in this context of what he's talking about. He mentions the dunya woman hired to dunya 11 wallow, and this is very, very important for us, that are in this debt or in this life. As we know the word dunya means life, which

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linguistically comes from that, which is as scholars mentioned, a dunu examine our dinner movie, the martaba will follow. He says adu means that which is proximal that is close, or that which is demised or low are not valued to a high, high standard or degree. How is that? When we look at dunya, from the proximity of time as a man, it is close to the athlete All right, at a loss without mentioned numerous times that the dunya is something that is temporary. As he mentioned, when I'm doing it in our hidden column, in bill buzzer, when he talks about the timespan of the dunya. He says, well, man I'm looking at our situation is nothing but the timespan of the blink of an eye. The

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dunya is something that will pass quickly. And I think we faced that at times in our life. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that this dunya is less and less. So the dunya in proximity to the avocado and the dunya in regards to its fossil energy, virtue, that is something that shouldn't be valued to a high degree, to the point to where if we prefer the things of this life, over the actions and virtues of the next life. So for instance, if we prefer our profession over prayer, when it's time to pray, do we even have any feeling in our heart that it's time to show a loss of power down to the ultimate form of gratitude for the profession, for the intellect for everything that he

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is giving you and that is what is important, which is a small example of preference of the dunya over the act and when we mean that we mean the actions of the dunya over the actions of the person of the academic, it is not all there's not contrast in every single form or fashion. But again, it goes back to ultimately the intention. So last month, Allah says when he compares this dunya he says what is this doing it except for

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Let everyone wallow in Arabic. This is the strongest form of negation. What is this except for this? Well, Matt inla and then he says Levon Willa, two things like like a game and playful playfulness, and level distraction or diversion. The scholars mentioned that this distraction is destruction of the of den, looking for a den, will alone will love one film crew live in front of Dan woodleigh, one film crew that it is live it is again, impairment pertaining to your body in the actions and the things that you do.

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And a distraction from the Africa as I always tell, particularly the young men and women, it's important for us to know what is a distraction, particularly in social media, what is considered a distraction, that which distracts you from what has been official for you in this life, and in the next. So it's very important to distinguish those things because Allah says the dunya is nothing but that. So when we hear that we should be very diligent and asking, what is it in this life in this temporary abode temporary abode, that will benefit me for the next life for the last life for the final abode. And that's why Locke calls it the Acura. Acura means the end, because it is the last

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stage of life, or even the other life. Right. So that is what is important here that last month, Allah says it is these two things, and that's how we should look at it. And also in always regard the dunya as a place of Istithmar of investing for the athlete or for the next life. Then the last $1 says to conclude, we're short of time, the last one thought I mentioned.

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laboring alone will lead down after your two favorite little mini heads up whenever they talk, you know, and the asker up in the abode of the Astrodome is better for the mood tucking is better for those that have tuck one, as we talked about yesterday, it better for those that have mindfulness of Allah. So when we look at the Dow, he calls it daddle, as the home of the afternoon, you never hear doubted dunya he says down after for who it is for a particular type of person. It is for the trucking, as a lot starts the Koran off, we see the beginning of Bukhara who didn't live in mod 13, you may try to tell your your friends, your family people, that you would expect them to understand

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what impacted you from the Koran, or from the Sunnah, or from an Islamic practice or action, but it just doesn't. And that's what we have to remember that it goes back ultimately, everyone has a level of responsibility of seeking guidance from their maker, learning who he is and who is not, and trying to make an effort. So Allah says that this

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for the ones that are the most talking, as opposed to someone says that Jenna that be the dunya is the original movement, it is jail for the believer.

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It is jail for the believer, it is the one that really wants the afternoon because they're not totally pleased with being in this dunya from what they see from all of the distractions and too much playfulness that takes them away from the afternoon. So Allah subhanho wa Taala continues on the ask the question

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for that time tampilan do you not ponder, do you not understand. And when we say understand the aka there is a place for the Oracle in regards to the intellect that he is giving you. But when we use the intellect to a degree that may defy the revelation, or the direct cause of Revelation, that's where we have to understand our places, human beings and as forms of creation. So he's asking you to use your intellect in that which benefits you in regards to the one that created intellect in general, and your intellect in particular, use that intellect to ponder over this life, take a step back and see how is this benefiting me in regards to what Allah wants for me? How is this benefiting

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me in regards to my purpose, fulfilling my purpose in life? How is this benefiting me in regards to the relationship with my family? And this wife that I may choose for husband that I may choose? How are they going to help me get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala? How are they going to help me realize that this life is temporary to where things that we do will serve as an investment in the next life? So the beauty of this verse again, is in regards to the dunya and looking at the reality of this dunya and it will make us pleases what Allah has given us and given us and know that anyone that strives for things that are temporary, that in itself is a level of deficiency in regards to

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looking at the bigger picture, because there is something after this physical life inshallah millersport Allah protect us all. zakka Maharaja from de la and hamdulillah southerner Dean has joined us, welcome welcome back to kalantari for 30 Season Two Latika Luffy we're glad you could join us. Good to be back

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About a Kiki and for the sake of time inshallah Tata assistant or the investment, just take us away inshallah. Okay,

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Rochelle, I'm really grateful to hear the reflections. And then we're in this plus the month of Ramadan, a time of reflection, a time of returning back to Allah subhanho wa Taala where we're either doing extra deeds, or we're trying to take bad deeds away from maybe what was part of our normal life, we're trying to take some things away and inshallah to Allah many of us are likely doing both. And so I wanted to focus in the Quran, we're in juice seven, I wanted to focus on Isa Aris and his disciples and unless you kind of tell her the oneness of God hadn't been we have many non Muslims who watch your key and Michelle and we are grateful that you watch us on inshallah learn

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and Alyssa departamento will allow this message to reach you. And Isa Jesus is an important figure, both in Christianity and in Islam. He is upheld as this righteous man who was God fearing a lover of God and pointed people towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let me just sort of restart with spinner hunter him. And there was no way that I say that I'm 100

00:31:31--> 00:32:26

So as I said, I'm he's an important figure in both of our face. However he is, in Islam, he is known to be a prophet. And all of the prophets point people to Allah subhanho wa Taala and hamdulillah Shaykh Abdullah was just speaking about distractions in this world. And when we think about what we call shirk, or believing in God other than Allah subhanho wa Taala, we can almost say that it is a major distraction, it is distraction to the point of extremes, so that you're so distracted by someone else, by something else, that it completely takes you away from unless you're congruent to Allah, and you begin to worship someone other than Him. And so panela often we think about this in a

00:32:26--> 00:33:09

negative way, which happens all the time, as Jacob Zilla just mentioned before, into social media, whatever it is, that distracts us, from our viewpoint on what the other end. So we want to turn away from that and turn back what sometimes we are actually distracted by the good of people. And so we or even a good of action so we can become distracted by salon and think that that's the end all be all, instead of reminding ourselves, this is a means to allow us to partner with Allah that it's not the salon. It's not the first thing that is the ultimate purpose, but using that obeying Allah subhanaw taala by doing that, and utilizing that to reach a larger economy.

00:33:11--> 00:34:04

And the same is true for Isa, Isa the Salam. May Allah be pleased with him and give him peace. Then he was a messenger given amazing miracles similar to our Prophet. They said, I'm a prophet Muhammad, they're both both being our Prophet, and such an upright righteous person, but to the point that people got distracted away from his message, and absorbed in his person, and to the point where sound actually began to worse worship Isa, not seeing him as a man with a message to bring us to Allah subhanaw taala to remind us, otherwise your partner, whatever, but seeing him as the end all be all. And this is something that always you point out Allah talks about in the table spread a

00:34:04--> 00:34:09

chapter of the lawn, called the table spread, sir, known as almeyda.

00:34:10--> 00:34:11

Supposed to pile on

00:34:13--> 00:34:41

a lot, you first see weekends begins. We're in verse 111. So the part where we're beginning almost upon with Allah talks to the disciples. And this is important because we want to not be like those who get distracted by the needs and forget the ends, right? And the disciples were people who were not distracted by the means. But remember the end. So they followed is a center

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

to allow us to kind of adults who reach almost your parents, and they did not make a deity out of Easter. And so Alexi Panos Li says, I inspire the disciples believe in me and my messenger, laser clear, we believe

00:35:00--> 00:35:18

I'm bear witness and we fully submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is such an important reminder, whether it is something neutral or bad or good. We have to remember, ultimately, we're moving not to realize your pattern.

00:35:19--> 00:35:45

So, further on in the table spread than Ola is having a conversation with Isa Elisa Lam. And it's so beautiful because, of course, Allah subhanaw taala is all knowing, right? He knows this information. So this conversation isn't for him, but for us, a reminder for us. And so Allah subhanaw taala says,

00:35:46--> 00:36:01

and on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever ask the people to worship you and your mother as God with as God's besides Allah? So first, it is presented as

00:36:02--> 00:36:54

Easter early so hemisphere in question, he says, being asked, Did you do this, because Easter just as every other human being, is responsible to Allah subhanho wa Taala he too is responsible to Allah, He is a prophet, he was given miracles, but he is responsible to Allah and so Allah is questioning him, but also giving us this conversation as well. And so he won't answer Glory be to You, how can I ever say a thing I have no right to say. And then he goes on to say So first, you know, looking at himself, I have no right to say such a thing. So I will never say it. But then he goes on to say, if I had said such a thing, you would certainly have known it. You know, what is

00:36:54--> 00:37:29

hidden within me and I do not know what is within you. India, you alone are the Knower of the unseen. So reminding us because again, all I suppose Allah is sharing this conversation with us, reminding us that unless you're gonna want to Allah is the all Knower. Allah is the one in power. He's just a man, he's just a messenger, despite the amazing miracle that he was given. On earth. He said, The sun is just a man is a means to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:37:30--> 00:38:24

So is he, he also says in the next verse in the following verse, he says, and look at all of this, that it's a conversation between him and Alessi padawans Allah, but he's also indirectly speaking to us right. So, he says, If you punish, they belong to you, after all, and if you forgive them, you are surely the all mighty the wise. So, he goes from versing I have no right to say that. And then to say, if I said it, you would know that I said it because you are the all Knower. And then that those people who would believe such a thing, ultimately, that is for you to deal with. So also clearing himself as well right? That this is not his doing, he did not tell people to worship him,

00:38:24--> 00:39:18

but those who came up with that on their own. if Allah wills to punish them, he can do so. And if he will sue, forgive them, he can do so. And he said reminds us that own loss you kind of want to Allah is all mighty and all wise. So Jesus la Salaam, Isa is reminding us, don't forget the end. The end goal is unless you partner with Allah, we know in fasting, the end goal is not to start, the end goal is not to be hungry, the end goal is to draw nearer to Allah subhanaw taala the end goal of our extra prayers, the end goal of removing either is sinful and even then mcru the the dislike from our life is to move towards allies you kind of want to Allah. So in that same way, whether it is with

00:39:18--> 00:39:41

righteous people or righteous acts, we don't lose ourselves in them, we draw near to Allah subhanaw taala. And so that was a one reminder that I got from this surah and that we are thankful to LSU kind of Adela for giving us this conversation so that we can remember our ultimate goal

00:39:44--> 00:39:46

is to have a law.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

That was a beautiful reminder and actually ties to inserted an arm where the prophet SAW the lies that I'm missing. I'm not claiming to be an angel, nor do I claim to know the unseen nor do I claim to have the treasures of Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

Just the man that's giving you the message. So somehow the next surah actually builds on that same theme, a very sorry so that I'm reminding people that he is a messenger of Allah, the prophet slice, I'm reminding people, that as mighty of a man as he was, it was, he is a messenger of Allah. And that the role of the messengers above all is to bring us back to our Creator. So I'm just like myself, I understand the routine, very, very happy, you're able to join us and have the knowledge but I mean,

00:40:27--> 00:41:05

with those very beneficial reflections, Sheikh Abdullah, do you have any thought in closing before we just wrap it up in sha Allah? Oh, hamdulillah that that's the last page of I think, if I'm not mistaken, that's one of my favorite verses upon Allah, I had the opportunity from Allah subhanaw taala to, as you mentioned, to our non Muslim viewers to panela, you know, for them to understand or to just to get an understanding of the concept of Isa in Islam. And I think this is paramount for those of you that may have parents that are Christian, and may have a misunderstanding, especially those of you that have converted to Islam reverted to Islam.

00:41:06--> 00:41:44

To if you have an opportunity to read this verse to them to telling you this is the month of Ramadan and I just wanted to read this TV Give me the opportunity, and explain that to them because it's very, very eloquent in regards to their who Isa is and who Allah is, and the greatness of Isa but maintaining the integrity of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the integrity of prophethood, the concept of Prophet in Islam, you know, I did this one time, so quite a lot to for a Catholic sister, and the translated in Spanish and Mashallah, it was a short time afterwards, she eventually became a Muslim, because it was so profound for them. So you know, reading this every time I've had the opportunity

00:41:44--> 00:42:00

to read this, particularly to those who may be at the Catholic faith, it's been something that has been profound for them Michelle, and I like how she she used the segue of distraction and how surprised a lot you know, when speaking to the youth or you know, anyone in general

00:42:01--> 00:42:19

using the word church as a distraction, I mean, that was like us you really touched on that and even a distraction for those that do actions a player you know, actions have good you know, some kind of love and I was so inspired just to know Dean I wrote a little poem a little boy who likes to like just take text

00:42:20--> 00:42:26

Do not let the means be a distraction from your Creator while establishing a healthy interaction.

00:42:31--> 00:42:31


00:42:33--> 00:42:35

you're not you're not like secretly drinking like

00:42:37--> 00:42:40

some like Gatorade or some hydration energy drink.

00:42:44--> 00:42:52

Notice my saw a very very, very nice, very nice Talia. Very nice explanation and commentary on this beautiful beautiful

00:42:53--> 00:42:55

dialogue, Michelle, Allah bless you.

00:42:57--> 00:43:25

Southern reading very happy to have you inshallah, we hope to have you back in the future as well shuffle doll as always Zack Lakota for your reflections and your poetry Mashallah. And to the rest of the to everyone else, please do inshallah again yaqeen institute.org slash on the blog where you can download the ebooks as well as support this Prophetic Mission. But in the meantime, we pray that Allah places all on the path of our Prophet sallallahu he was studying and grant us his companionship agenda for those alumni mean to Zach malachite on with Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica marking to live on a cat. This is your brother Ibrahim Hindi. It's a struggle for parents everywhere to raise our kids to be good, mature, independent adults who are confident and also to be great believers who are confident in their religion and connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. How can we achieve this goal? Join me for this great series keys to prophetic parenting. We will take cues and keys from the prophets and the righteous people on how they raised kids in order to inform how we can become better parents together in sha Allah.