Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L133A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The speakers mention various topics including a trip, a night, a group, and a woman named Zuni, as well as a woman named Jamil and his actions. They also discuss various signs and symbols that indicate a situation, including a person being in a room, a group of people, and a woman named Rebecca Europe and Nownedia. The segment ends with a recitation and a mention of a woman named Rebecca Europe who is a god.
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Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah want to slowly right out of studium Karim Allah Bharath fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for Vishal Ashlee acidity were Sidley emri. Washington. Letter melissani of kahuku. Urban as in

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Lesson number 133. Susan page it is number 51 to 99. Transmission

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when a bit home and inform them

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about lazy guests, Ibrahim of Ibrahim alayhis salam is when the Hulu they entered our lay upon him for Carlos so they said Solomon, peace, Allah He said in that indeed we mean come from you. Where do you lose one's afraid

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or lose they said learn do not soldier you fear you be afraid in that indeed we know Bashir oka we give you good news bewilderment of a boy or lemon or knowing

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Allah He said our or do bus shelter Mooney you all give me good news either upon and that must Sonny attached me alki borrow the old age fabula so with what to buy Sharon you all give good news

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although they said but Shall we give you good news? They'll help with the truth fellas so do not duck on UB main from an honorably those who despair

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Allah He said woman and who you're gonna be despairs men from Russia mercy or be of Israel in there except of Baal Loon. Those who are a stray those who are misguided

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Allah He said some so what horrible come your business your purpose

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you have or you have more saloon the messengers

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are new they said in the indeed we are a center we were sent in our own people would remain of criminals

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in the except Allah family loosen up loads of insulin in indeed we lamona Juho surely wants to rescue them want to save them as a marine all together? in there except Mr. Otto who his wife but Donna we have decreed in her indeed she lemon shorty from a lobby team those who remain behind

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fella so when he came and a family loop of loose or a Santa and more saloon the messengers

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para he said in the comb indeed you Omen people one Corona ones unknown Mancha rune once are known,

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although they said burl rather Janaka we came to you Bhima with what can they were fee in it em Tarun data

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were Athena and we have come to you will help with the truth what inner And indeed We lost our own show the truth for one's

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for asleep so travel by night be ellika with your family because learning in a portion main from a lady the night what the beer and you follow other battle whom their backs wanna and do not and should not. Yell does he turn back? He looked back main come from you. I hadn't anyone when boo and you all continue you all proceed. Hazel were Maroon you all are commanded.

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Work avena and we conveyed wakaba ina and we conveyed lie to him

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vaniqa that

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the matter unless that indeed their bureau route her own a of these Makoto want to be caught off most machine as once every morning

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with Java and he came and loopy Almudena of the city yesterday Sharon they are rejoicing Allah He said in the indeed her Ola ABS by feed my guest fella so do not just bassoon you all this honor me. What the Who and you all fear Allah Allah, Allah and do not do Zuni you all embarrassed me

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to Zuni you all embarrassment guru they said I wanna do and not none hacker. We forbid you. I'm from Atlanta mean the people of the world.

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Allah He said, How old are these burnetii my daughter's in if quantum you were fairly

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ones who do learn Brooker by your life in the home indeed they Luffy surely in sokrati him their intoxication. Yeah mahone they wander blindly

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for a hoarder to so it sees them a fire, the awful cry, the severe blast, we should have been as one's entering sunrise. For Gianna so we made earlier her its highest safira her its lowest one partner, and we range or lay him upon the Hey, Jonathan stones main from sijil heart big play

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in the indeed fee in Delica, that is surely signs Lin with our C mean, for those who discern for those who learn by signs.

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Were in the hair and indeed it levy sebelas surely at Road, surely at way, Mo team one established

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one last thing in the indeed fee in zelicah. That is, surely assign limit meaning for the believers.

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We're in and indeed, Ghana was of herbal companions, inmates alayka of the thicket of acre Lavalle mean surely wrongdoers

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bent the corner. So we took retribution main home from them. Were in the Houma and indeed they do. lobby mm, surely on a highway mubin one clear.

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Well, of course, and certainly Godiva hiddenite of herbal companions, inmates and hedges of the hedges and mousseline the messengers well as Dana whom and we gave them I add in our signs for caribou so they were unhappy from it what are your lean ones who turn away

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what can and they were young she tuna Descartes main from elgiva the mountains booth and houses me Nene as one speeding security

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for that term so it sees them as say hello they also cry most vain as one entry morning summer so not only is it available on home from them man what can who they were the xe boon they earn

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wanna and not holla canal recreated smls the heavens will Aruba and they are warmer and what bainer humor between them do in that except will help with the truth we're in and indeed a sir the our the idea don't surely one coming first. So you forgive a slip have the forgiveness of Jamil the beautiful, gracious

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indeed Rebecca Europe who are He is Allah Allah, the Supreme creator,

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Allah Allah, the Supreme creator and there are named the knowing one of God and certainly at a NACA we gave you stubborn seven min from Alma Cerny, the oft repeated ones

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will call an end the Quran Allah Aleem the great

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lead do not do more than you definitely extend Are you naked your two eyes No matter what but there are no we have given enjoyment.

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We have benefited be here with it as virgin groups categories main home from them whether and do not fascism you grieve or lay him upon them while film and your Jenna hacker your wing. Linwood My name for the believers

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will call and say in may indeed Anna I am an idiot the Warner and will be in the clear

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gamma just as an zelner we sent Allah upon an assessee mean the separators

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are those who divide

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and levina those who do they made or enter the Quran

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aibileen into portions into parts

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so well by Rob Baker your Leonard alanda home surely we will definitely ask them a Jew marine all together about what can do they were Yama loon they do first bar then declare

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then execute Bhima with what

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you are commanded

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What are you and you turn away on from Alicia King the policies

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in indeed we're gonna say NACA we are sufficient for you and Mr. Has the in from the mockers.

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Alevtina those who are Luna they make Mara with Allah Allah, Allah and a god a hot other for so for so soon. Yeah and a moon they will know

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what are called ends

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Certainly not gonna move we know anecca that indeed you your vehicle it is constrained. It is tightened it constricts so DeLuca your chest Bhima because of what your coluna they say

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for sub dish so exalt behind the width brace or big of Europe walk on and be made from a surgery between those who prostrate What about and you worship Rebecca Europe had that until yet the ACA it comes to you and the pain, the certainty, the conviction.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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Follow me

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on Asana

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are the lean

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You want

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to help

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I said

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Al-Hijr 51-99 Translation 51-99

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