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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your Jamie Ragini Bismillah your Walkman your wahi Waka danika I thought now I lay him Leah Alamo and y de la he had one as I did. Ye Buffy had it via done as our own Urbina, whom I'm wrong for fapa and obudu. Highly him banyana Rob boom, Alam ob him bol nada Nirvana boom Embrey him Leonard does he then now I lay him as jaida sakalava love him. So we concluded the discussion of verse 20, and the preceding verse 19, where Allah subhanho wa Taala revived them, they debated the duration of their stay. And then they collectively agreed that this is a futile discussion. Let's do something more objective and that is appoint someone to go to the city and purchase some food.

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NARRATION suggests the name of that city was to resource at that time, unknown to them, this was a more drooler a person who believed in tawheed and the oneness of Allah.

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Anyway, to move forward into verse 22. And just to tie up what scholars of Tafseer have mentioned between verse 20 and 21. So this individual em Li hartham, li ha takes the money and goes to the city, but as a exits the cave and he walks through and he arrives there and he goes to purchase few things. He is now being identified as as a stranger. And when the coins are presented, everybody is like now startled, people are puzzled. What coins are this year? What is this Who is this year? So immediately the shopkeeper was caught off guard, he was puzzled, he was confused. He called some other people. And can you imagine the anxiety that would grab this individual? Because he was given

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the task of being gentle, subtle, polite, and discreet, and suddenly unknowing to him? You know what his presence has alarmed? Everyone has alarmed everyone. And people are rallying around and mobilizing your this person is strange. He's speaking his unique his coins are of a different century and a different time altogether. Oh, wow, what's this? Where are you from? And people were called up and new started coming out. And of course, over the period of time, there was the story that was being transmitted, that back in the years in the bygone years, some youth had taken shelter, I heard from my grandfather, and he heard from his father and so on and so forth. And the

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whereabouts of these youth were never discovered were never discovered. And now, the old folks, the old folks were brought in this is according to historical narrations, and they asked some questioning to this individual and everything tied up.

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But Subhan Allah. At this time, the king was a more highly believed in Allah. And there was a debate that was going around amongst the people which Metallica Tenzin Allah Munna, Sufi expounds on this idea as the interpretation in the uttanasana. Buying a home Umbra home is yet another owner buying a home ombre home. When many people at that time were debating the essence the reality of life after death and resurrection. So some said to Bertholle I decided to do nl Urvashi and other said to bassel aroa. Who do now I decided, some believe that some were unclear Some were not convinced. Some said that no, it would be resurrection, but the resurrection of the body and not the soul, other

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said is the resurrection of the soul and not the body. And the king of the dime was making because he was a very pious, Allah fearing individual, a sage of the age. And he continuously made dua to Allah, Allah, you provide us with an explanation and a miracle that can convince people to understand your power and your podra that the Yama is a reality. And he believed in it in its entirety. So while he was making to ask for something to come to life, that could answer and put to bed the questions of people, the uncertainty of people, etc. With regards to birth battle mode, and this is an integral article of our faith. In fact,

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We talk about Qatar and Saturday right? at an elementary level when we enrolled in our early years of learning Islam, we were taught the article of faith, both the detail and the brief, are meant to be like a warm Allah He can he will go to be, he will also he will young will. Well today, He will surely mean Allah heeta Allah will back the battle mode. By honorable venerable teacher may Allah preserve him with goodness used to often say, we learn this not merely to memorize it or to commit it to the mind, but to live up to the message that has been contained in this article that we bring him on on Allah on his angels on the divine scriptures on the galaxy of prophets. And on the fact

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that good and bad fate destiny comes from the almighty while back at Dell mode, and on the resurrection of the death resurrection of the death bones, I'm Tom Allen Niger Highlander, GM Merida, further down in the same chapter Soraka of chapter 18, this verse appears, where Allah subhanho wa Taala when he will assemble everyone and gather everyone allows it but you were thinking that this will not happen while you're eating cheese and tiama has occurred and everyone has been resurrected.

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people realize that this boy is part of that entire group. Now everybody is excited, elated. You know what a breakthrough a discovery. Yo we are convinced of life after death. People have slept for centuries, and here the man has stood up. And that's exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, work at danika Arthur now I lay him and in this manner, we had a woken them. So putting them to sleep was a miracle reviving them was a miracle worker Galaga Athena and at him we had a woken them and made their story known to others. People now discovered this tale, this narrative, this incident interacted with the individual of the occupants of the cave, one on one, and and he went very secret

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and discreet and really, when Allah plan something,

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and this is what we need to know, that sometimes you try to be very discreet, which is great in terms of keeping your action, as sincere as possible. But Allah subhanho wa Taala gives it prominence and Allah gives it recognition, then this is from Allah. What we should not be doing is seeking the fame, seeking the recognition that is sinful, that is wrong. I should be doing it for the pleasure of Allah. And I should do it as secret and as discreet as possible. But then if Allah gives it prominence, and Allah gives it recognition, and Allah gives it, you know what mileage and Allah reveals it to people, then this is a boon from the Almighty. So the messenger sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said Matthew Burnie Jah Eonni audyssey Luffy Ron amin be absurd Allaha that to hungry wolves that are released in a flock of sheep will not cause so much havoc to that sheep, like the crave of wealth and the crave of fame will do to the amount of a person. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not say

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the wealth will harm he is a man of fame. Well, arm is a man he said the crave and that's the key thing. But yes, you're doing it for your class, the hadith of Bokhari RB of Allah, I perform an action for the pleasure of Allah. And I do not do it to impress people, but subsequently people come to know about it, and when they come to know about it, then they praise me and when they praise me, I do enjoy the praises. And that that is how candid and frank and honest and transparent Sahaba honest Frank question. I do it for the pleasure of Allah. people discover it, then they praise me. And why lie when they do praise me. I do enjoy that's a human quality. So the messenger sallallahu

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Sallam said Thank God you know busara mean, that is the immediate glad tidings and congratulations being conferred upon a believer in this world. So he went out to be secret to be subtle to be camouflage to be discreet, but Allah subhana wa Taala had intended, revealing exposing and unveiling and divulging the narrative work at Galaga Arthur Riley him a ballerina him we inform the people about them.

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did the king and others get to meet these people or not? historical FCT narrations go in both directions. The Quran is silent in this regard. The Koran

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doesn't move on any discussion. After they were revived. What happened? How long did they meet? Who did they come in, in the act worth? Did they you know, what, recall the old days did they transfer or you know, data, information stories? How was it what happened tell us of that King the Quran does not mention the Quran goes direct to the point of the lesson and the moral Leija Allah Moo, we revive them. We are woken them. And by virtue of that we inform the others that this is this is what has happened why Leah Allah mu so people can realize and understand. And now we're under law he had gone that the promise of Allah is an absolute reality, were unnecessary. Were unnecessary.

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And there is no doubt in the happening and the occurrence of the final hour, year before your own eyes, you are witnessing a resurrection of it's,

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you know of a particular form. I mean, daily when we retire to bed and we rise in the morning, trust me, this is a minor form of resurrection. Sometimes you knock out you pass out you sleep out you in deep sleep and slumber you go on you're out completely. And in the morning when when the alarm rings. You know, it's almost like a trumpet that went blown almost. And it kind of gives you that shock and you get up what no Phil huff is sore and the Trumpet will be blown. And then of course Allah subhanaw taala says on that day where everybody will stand up from the graves and resurrection will take place. So the reason we inform the people so that they can understand Leah Allah in

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biannual Quran, the believers it could add to their conviction and those who are doubting can now start believing unnecessary data that they are my larive Athena There is no doubt in it, if we attend as our own a Bane at home amerihome this is this portion of the IRA has been explored in different ways by different scholars of the year is when Tanner's are yet another alternative and when they were mutually and the word mutual is incorporated in the adoption of the expression of the of you know, mobilya from Baba mufa Allah, which is Arabic grammar. So tenors are yet another alternative means to argue to dispute to debate and the fact that it is from mofa Allah means

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amongst themselves, yet another rune abena whom when they were disputing, so Allah nessa fi in my daddy could Tenzin says that a third na Mata Aleppo be yet another hole that we inform the people about these youth, you know, getting up and awakening them at a time and an era when the people around they were debating the depth, the essence the context, the reality the D day pertaining to resurrection after death, so they needed

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more proof more certainty. There were arguments they were counter arguments, they were positive arguments, they were negative arguments but the king of the time was a normal man at the general people the soupcon the population as well they will you know what Allah conscious people, but yes, they will pockets there were a handful of people that had their reservation reservations, apprehensions, logical arguments, etc. How is it possible the body disintegrates, it decomposed, it mixes into sand and soil and time has passed and how is it possible for every human to be resurrected, etc, etc. in Vietnam is our own abena whom when yet and as our own, they argued bainer,

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whom among themselves Umbra, whom they met up, so some narration suggests that the king and his group decided to come to the cave and they said that we would like to meet so they come with this enter Raj now can you imagine this person here, young li ha, who's supposed to bring food and come back quietly and

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you get there I mean, I can I can share a you know, on a different note. Sometimes you traveling and you think you're in a place where probably nobody really knows you in a foreign country you're at an airport or you know, hotel, and you you know, very quietly just want to go to a local Bistro or a restaurant just have a quick bite and and come back to your hotel. But lo and behold, somebody spots you somebody, but aren't you so and so onto so and so or whatever. And next best thing, come home, have a meal, we want to meet you and call this person and call that person. And it's a long ordeal. Now here you've come out and people in the cave are waiting, and you're supposed to bring the food

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and next best thing, there's an entourage around you and there is this whole royal presence and they get to the mouth of the cave historical generations. So he says to everyone Wait, it

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To go in, I need to inform them, because they don't know what's happening. Like, I mean, this thing is unfolding So, so swiftly and rapidly. I'm trying to process it myself. And can you imagine how they will be caught off guard? So he tells them to wait outside. And he then goes in. And he informs them that you know what? Take a guess. You asked me to bring food and you told me Well, are you sure you wanna become a hoarder? Nobody must discover, well, hang on, everybody knows about it. Everybody knows about it. In today's world, it's on social media. And you know what, somebody's got footage of it. And the next best thing is viral. And yeah, there is it gone globally.

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Everybody knows about us. And believe it or not, there are people outside here, they want to meet us. They're excited, they elated. They they very, very happy. And it's good people, noble people. Now at this point, again, scholars debate, some say that Allah than caused a death on them for the second time. Others say that yummly have facilitated this meeting. The King then came in, there was some interaction that took place and they you know, spoke to each other. And then in all the diversity you know what they just leave this vague to say, those who argue they loved on for how long did they love, only Allah knows. And it brings us to the same point, my brother and my sister,

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that the Quran is a book of guidance, whatever is connected, so so the miracle is Allah allowed them to sleep, Allah kept them intact, and Allah revive them. That's the point. That's the point. Now to sit and ask a you know what, when you were sleeping, how long did you dream of anything? What did you think when you're not hungry? Do you remember somewhat? No, no, no, no, the Quran gets to the point. And I keep on saying this year, you're telling your young son, you know, don't drive fast, so and so was driving fast, he couldn't negotiate the band, and then the car cap size, and you know what, it was fatal. And so many lives were lost. And he's like, Okay,

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what car was he driving? Does it have good roadholding?

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Has he gone for the advanced driving? Cause? Did he have ABS brakes?

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Now you ask him all other things, the message the moral of the lesson is don't drive fast. Don't drive fast. That's the lesson. That's the takeaway point.

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The takeaway point here is the comedies the reality the armored is the reality, and also how Allah subhanho wa Taala intervene on behalf of this pious king in his supplication, like, he's telling the people Tiamat is the reality and is making dua to Allah. And Allah allows this incident to happen and unfold in his time, which obviously, is comfort and consolation to him. So let's get back into the verse, verse 21, is when he uttanasana, they were debating buying a home amongst themselves Umbra, whom they matter, for Carl noble, no, I named him banyana. So then they said, erect a building upon them erect a building. So this is now fast forward in again, to the point of their

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subsequent death, fast forward into the point of their subsequent death, that they passed away again, and their bodies were in that cave, whether it happened immediately, or there was an interval, the Quran is silent about this year. And if Allah is silent about this year, then there's no need for us to probe it because there's nothing in it for our guidance. Surely, Allah knows everything. And Allah could have detailed, all those finer things. But Allah tala did not mention it to us, because it is not connected to our guidance. So they subsequently passed away. But the people of the time fell Well, you know, what we need to put some Memorial or some blog or some form of

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memory year, so people know who these people are, and it's identified as a place and people respected etc. for callooh when the people around them said that faqad lumineux Allah in Banja Anna birthed a monument both a erect a building upon them. Now when it came to building a monument or a building or a memorial,

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or some form of memory about who these people were, there was much debate, what to write what to inscribe what to engrave on on the plaque on the stone on the tablet, you know, what, what should we say, youth disappeared, youth slap, many, you know, the related details, you visit any place, you have a blog, and you have some historical perspective to the place. So there was debate amongst them regarding their name, their time, their era, etc. And this is Rob boom, Allah Moby him, you know, parenthetical as they would say, but in tactical Joomla monetary law, in between the discussion, they couldn't come to a conclusion. They couldn't come to a conclusion and they said, Listen, let's

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Do something put up a building the details etc. Allah knows Allah knows livid Allah knows you saying this and saying this insane this year leave it Allah knows best. Allah knows best Rob boom their Lord Allah obey Him, knows them very well. In other words, move on. And let's not stagnate, because we don't we cannot agree on the details. So that's the context of Rob boom, Allah movie him. translation, their Lord knows them best. In other words, we don't have all those details. And we're not going to able to retrieve that data from anyone. We can just put up some building here and some block here. And yeah, it will serve as a memory and of course people will come. Now what should we

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build? Again, this was another point of contention and debate and argument.

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Some said, like, you know, what, a memorial to a building, whatever it is, but those that were in power, those that were in government, those that had muscle and cloud, they said, No, no, no. The best thing we can do is put up a Masjid. Yeah. put up a place of worship. Karla Lavina, Malibu, Allah and marry him by Allah levinas. Allah, Allah and marry him, those who had power in their matters, those who had power in the matters, those who were dominant meaning they were in leadership, they said, law not does he then Allah He messed it up. Surely not that he then we will build an erect Allah him upon your meaning adjacent to them, Masjid are a Masjid. And in bayana

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Koran it is mentioned the reason why they opted to build a Masjid was to indicate that these pious people were worshipers themselves. They used to worship a lot. So Lee's people come and worship them, which is completely incorrect and unlawful. In fact, their whole salient quality for which they were given all this honor and recognition is they withdrew from polytheism and sherek and idolatry. So the best thing to build here is a mustard. Lana Duffy, then Allah, he must Judah, and it will serve as a reminder that these sleepers were on bdn they were worshippers themselves. So that kind of concludes the discussion of, you know, verse 21, that whatever interaction took place,

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people were happy and excited. And yes, yes, those that had their reservations, we're now convinced we're now convinced that you know what tiama is the reality is it we can see these people and see the reality and how Allah kept them alive there. And they got up after so long, so absolutely, this is the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We move on to verse number 22. And this brings into discussion yet another angle of debate putty pertaining to the sleepers, and the mystery surrounding them. sayoko Luna thalassa turabi room caribou home, Allah subhanho wa Taala told the messenger sallallahu Sallam when you're going to narrate this incident to the people those who came to us you

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the mushrikeen and the people of your time, sir they will serve mean soon they will say say up to noon some amongst them will say Salah certain that they were three Robin Oh home caribou home and the fourth from amongst them was the dog so they were three sleepers. And with the dog it was for a while Bo Luna hum said on Saturday so home while others will argue and say no no no. They were five and what the dog was six they were five and what the dog that was six but Allah subhanho wa Taala refuted both these opinions by saying Raja man bill Ray This is guesswork you are guessing so Raja in Arabic means to to stone and Bill right means without seeing so if I close my eyes and I heard a

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stone I'm not gonna hit target you you you you throw in a stone without seeing meaning you know what you just guessing it's an arrow in the dark it's an arrow in the dark. It's a long shot and you're not going to hit target will arrive without seeing you are just you know what blurting shooting gas in and there's no truth to this. So one opinion three with the dog for second opinion is five with the dog six and Allah refutes both these arguments regimen bill right and ally head. You know what? pre war Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is what's going to happen when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was told to face by Tony Martinez for 16 months. Then Allah tala for warned him that oh

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Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you will find that these weak minded naive individuals, they're going to object to this year and they're going to make big question marks about this year. So in advance and that's the truth, the Absolute Truth of the Quran, that precisely when the command came, and the messenger sallallahu wasallam was told to face by to remark this they said oh, now the man is from Makkah

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He says he follows he brought the Abrahamic faith and then he's facing baitul muck this so what's the wisdom and for 16 months this continued say on Paulo so far ha Amina, nice a ma Lang stability haemolytica no Allah soon the feeble minded, weak minded foolish among them will say, ma Allahumma habitability haemolytica know Allah, what diverted him from the Qibla, on which they were called lilla, Hill machine eco well Muslim,

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say unto them to Allah belongs the east and the west. And when the command of Allah was to phase by to map this we phase so it's not the Kappa we worship. It's not the Kaaba, we worship we worship Allah and for unification in our prayer, Allah has instructed us to face the direction. So Allah for bed, even if the tiama if even if the Kaaba were to be demolished and prior to qiyamah. One of the signs is that a person will come and dismantle and demolish the Kaaba brick by brick, right? This is amongst the final signs of the Yama the direction of the believers will will remain the same. So it's not the house. It's not the structure that we worship. We worship Allah, we worship Allah and

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it's the injunction of Allah for us to face. The point I'm saying is a lie ahead for warned the prophets Allah is and this is going to happen, they are going to say this year. Likewise, Allah told the messenger sallallahu sallam, when you're going to narrate this tale, they're gonna say, Yeah, they were three and the fourth one was the dog. No, actually, by the way, you know what they were five and the dog was the six. But Allah subhanho wa Taala refuted both. Why are going on as sad that I don't want me no caribou home, while some amongst them will say that they were seven and the eighth was the dog. In

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the third opinion, Allah did not refute it. Allah did not cancel it. Allah subhanho wa Taala merely conveyed it that three opinions will be provided. Allah refuted the first two and on the third one Allah subhanho wa Taala did not. You know what?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala did not

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comment on it. Allah subhanho wa Taala did not comment on it. So Allah tala just conveyed that. Some amongst them will say that they are seven and the dog is the eight or rugby or Lambo very dirty him, oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you tell them my lord knows their number. My lord knows their number called say Robbie, my Lord, Allah knows best. They redeem their number, my eye level room in khaleel. Only few people know the exact number. So some will say they are seven and the dog is eight. And this is the preferred verdict. I'll explain it Why? Number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala did not refute it. Number two from a grammar perspective here there was our artifact and I don't

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want to go into too much academic language. In the first two there was no our artifact sayoko Luna salata rabbit room where Buddha and Sadie saw him, but in the third opinion were poor known as Serbian, I don't wear thumb in galvao home

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or rugby velomobile ridata him say unto them, my lord knows their number, my Alamo home in Tallinn. Only few people know that exact number. And Subhan Allah, Abdullah Abbas are the loved one and Omar said and aminal khaleel and Amina khaleel my word. Allah says only few people know the exact number. And Abdullah Abbas said, I am from amongst those few people. Can you imagine how profound This is? I am from amongst those few people. And I can tell you that they were seven and what their dog was eight. We'll leave it on that note. And we'll conclude here. And the takeaway lesson like our endeavor in the concluding sentiments of each episode is that Tiamat is a reality. My brother Tiamat

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is a reality when the companion came and asked the Prophet sallallahu submeters. Sir, when is the Yama he said Allah ism didn't answer to him the time he said ma Odetta. What have you prepared for the AMA? What have you prepared for the Yama and from this, the scholars also tell us you don't have to always answer the question exactly. You can. You can sometimes you know what, respond with another question. When am I getting married? how prepared are you to get married? how prepared are you to get married? When you see Yama and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked that person what have you prepared? He said not much but I love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and he's a lot ism said Allah

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mccammon a hub, then a person will be what the one who he loves and the Sahaba said after Islam nothing brought us more joy than this confirmation that a person will be with whom he loves in Arthur. May Allah give us the reality to prepare for us and to prepare for a Yama amin Yoruba alameen, wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Mouni hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen