Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #14

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the struggles of a family to strengthen their connections with their children and strengthen their connections with their father. They encourage the father to stay busy and not give up, and encourage the family to try working together to boost their ranking. The segment also touches on the importance of having a mobile app and working together to build a bond.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as you were coming here to another episode of rakia Ramadan, 2012, they 14

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are you friend? Would your would your kids would your son, would your daughter?

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Do you listen to them?

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Have you tried indiscipline madonn to strengthen your relationship with your kids

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who was the closest friend to you is your son, the closest friend to you

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is your daughter the closest friend to you?

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There's this

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this boy

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whose father was so busy,

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busy making money.

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And the boy the son was a was an athlete. You know, he needs to play football or soccer. And,

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and one day he had this tournament, he reached the finals. And he was trying to get his father to come and

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and watch the game in the finals. The father kept, you know, saying that he was busy and whatnot. But the boy kept on

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trying to persist and asked his father to come to the finals. To the fire. The Father, you know, eventually agreed to come. So as the kid is playing is watching his father. And then the father was busy on the phone. He stalks hangs up and talks, you know that he watches few minutes and then, you know, talks on the phone others. And then the boys really got annoyed. He was trying to make some moves to get his father's attention.

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All of a sudden, his father got a phone call.

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And then he stood up and he left.

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The boy saw that and he got really upset, really hurt. He finished the game crying. But he didn't finish the game.

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Couple years later, the father died.

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So his son went to his grave.

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And he says that

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why didn't you spend time to get to know me?

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I really wanted to get to know you.

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Why didn't you listen to me? Why didn't you talk to me and I tried that.

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What was so busy or what was so important in your life

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that you had dinner to me

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was beloved to me.

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I wish you had spent time with me too, just to get to know me.

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And instead of just talking to his dad

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there's this other boy who asked his dad once

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that how much money do you make per hour?

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And then did that, you know told him I make this much per hour. A month later, the boy came back to his dad and says that. Here's that money that you make per hour. Could you now spend one hour with me?

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How much time do you spend with your children?

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How much quality time do you spend with your children?

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Are you friends with your children?

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Why did you don't you take them out? Let's say tonight or tomorrow take them out.

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Go out to the park have dinner with them somewhere you know spend some time listen to them or listen to your son listen to your daughter. Listen to his problems, listen to his concerns.

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What is Boise hanging out with just try to build that bond between you and your child? You know why not only you in a strengthen your relationship with him but if Allah blesses him to be his son, he can be the mean to elevate your your ranks each and

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as reported in Makati. And then when he goes engine and then he finds all these, you know very high ranks that he's in. Or Allah How do they get all you know how did that get here? Unless as though the death of your son to you to the forgiveness that is the heart of your son to you.

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And you my son, my daughter

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Try also to, you know, give time to your dad.

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Spend some time with them. Even if he's let's say busy or whatnot, try at least you know, try to do your best to talk to him. I know maybe some of you guys are busy as well with things. But why don't you try to play your role as a son?

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Why don't you try to play your role as a daughter in discipleship mode?

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No, he tried.

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He tried so much with his son.

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And then his son at the end, he says that I know what I'm doing.

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Isn't that sounds familiar? When your son says, I know what I'm doing. I'm an adult, I know what I'm doing. No son says that. I know. I'm just gonna go up there. And that'll be saved. I know.

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First of all, having a mobile app.

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What happened to him?

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He died.

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So ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters,

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especially the message here today's for the fathers

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and the mothers try to strengthen that relationship between you and your children.

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Try to bring them together

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and do things together in this recent month of Ramadan.

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asking Allah subhana wa tada to grant you all as a family, the highest rank in general, not only you as a father or you alone as a mother or you alone as a son or a daughter, you as a family to be all in the highest rank in general. And I mean,

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until tomorrow for another episode of rock your Ramadan 2012 I say I set out my vehicle

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