Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 303B Tafsir Al-Tariq

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Next Surah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Surah two Tarik Surah two Tarik is a Maki Surah Khalid even at one he said that I found the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the market of the O'Keeffe.

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He was standing leaning on a staff or a bull born born arrow.

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I heard him recite Surah to Tarik

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and I memorized it. And I was still not a Muslim.

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Then Allah gifted me with Islam, and I recited sort of thought ik as a Muslim. This is reported in Muslim.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would recite Quran before who everybody, not just Muslims, he would also read it to non Muslims, because the Quran is who the Linas it is a guidance for all people.

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And we see that people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they heard the Quran and that is what brought them Iman. They heard the Quran understood its meanings. They were affected by its beauty, its power. And that is what brought them faith. So this is why it's important for us to learn the sutras also and memorize them, recite them in Salah to revive our faith daily

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job it'll be longer and who said that once more on the real deal on one who led the salah. And he recited total Bacala total Nyssa This was at the end of the day. And so some people they were really tired because they had been working all day remember people of Medina many of them were farmers. So they were exhausted by the end of the day and here the Imam was reciting Surah Baqarah in fourth prayer and he doesn't stop it through the Bukhara he begins with Nyssa Subhan Allah firstly look at the fact that they knew the surah by heart and then they were reciting them in followed Salah we would barely recite them into Hadoop but these reciting them in fact Salah anyway, some people they

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broke their Salah

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All right, and they prayed their own prayer themselves and they complain to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got upset with Murad lo de la hora and who and he said a turn on anti Yamaraja Are you putting people in trial Omar, you're putting them in hardship? What are you doing in such a difficult situation where if they keep praying, they don't have the strength and if they break the Salah, even that is not very nice. What should they do? He said Machinae ik fika and Takara abyss sama you will thought it was Shamsi will do haha. When we have meaning was it not sufficient for you to recite what some of you will thought it meaning sort

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of thought IK or was Shamcey although her meaning sort of the shrimps or something like that. So from this hadith we see that the sutras can be recited in the daily prayers, which ones in Fudger of course long alright, but we see that here mohareb Orisha and in the previous narration I mentioned to you in Zohar also.

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In two other gurus we learned that everything is visible. It's witnessed, nothing is hidden. All right, the sky that is of stars, it's witnessed the Day of Judgment will be witnessed, and whatever happens Shahid Well, my shoot, the crimes the atrocities of people are also witnessed. We see that in sort of the todich

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hidden matters are mentioned that even things that are hidden, they're known to Allah was summer you will thaw the UK by the sky and the night calmer summer.

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What is summer everything that is above you?

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And this includes the seven heavens was summer you will thought it by the sky and by the Thorac what is a thought it thought it from thought or cough batik pathway and thought it is one who walks on the path. One who journeys. Luck is to knock Bob to hit the door to knock on the door. So Tarik is used for someone who traveled in the night arrives at night and knocks at the door at night.

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The night visitor

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the night visitor

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Now of course if somebody comes at night and rings the doorbell

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would you be surprised. Would you be of course you would be well why? There is a doorbell which is supposed to be wrong. And if somebody's ringing it what's the big deal? Why are you surprised? What's so surprising? It's the fact that it is being done in the night right.

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So thought it as we will see in the verses that was somehow you will

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Barack Obama are the rocket methodic and what can make you know what is the Thorac it is a non GMO therapy. It is a najem the star which is a thuc piercing.

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So why is the piercing star meaning very bright star called a fabric because it's visible in the night

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and it

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grabs your attention.

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Some have said that it refers to the Morningstar or Saturn, Allahu Arlin. But it is another most active circuit is from South Africa. And Sakaba is to drill a hole.

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It's also used for brilliant light. So najmul circuit, meaning a star that is of piercing, brilliant light, it is as if it is piercing through traveling through the darkness of the night. piercing through it, making a hole through it and then you see it it grabs your attention. Why is this oath taken? What is the purpose what is being established by this oath? In Cologne Epson in not cologne, Epson every soul llama except that I lay her upon it is her field, a protector? A guard

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llama gives a meaning of a law over here. There is not a soul except that there is a Hatfield over it.

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You see, heavy law heavy is to watch to guard right? Hips to preserve the Quran retain it in memory. Right? To guard it from being forgotten. This is him. So happy Allah Lee is to guard something in order to protect it.

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But Hatfield la isla

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is to guard something for the purpose of surveillance. Is there a difference? There are people who are being watched in a hospital and then there are people who are being watched in a jail. Is there a difference? Of course there's

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one is being protected

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and one is being watched, their actions are being watched.

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Here which kind of is mentioned. Llama I lay her Hatfield, the one who was being watched under surveillance. There is not a soul and you see inside is not mentioned knifes is mentioned because that's again it's hidden, it's inside.

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It's your soul who you are inside.

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So there is nothing inside of you except that it is being watched. Even the hidden matters about you are being watched by who by Allah subhanaw taala and being recorded by who by His angels in total in fatawa in LA comme la Havoline kilchoman Cardi B in the Ala Moana metaphor alone, this is very frightening.

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if we're embarrassed about something, but it is unreality,

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we don't expose it. We try to keep it inside, or we try to keep it private. We put passcodes on it. We put fake smiles on it. Alright, so that people don't have access to what we're trying to hide. But there is nothing inside of us. Except that it is being watched. It's under surveillance. So what is that thing that we can hide from Allah? Nothing fairly young Laurel Insano. So let the human being look at let him observe mimma Holic from what he was created fully under Nevada. Now what I used to look at something but not just look but look, reflect pay attention. So men should reflect on what mimma Holyoake you see, it's not my man it's me.

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Because what is it that man is created from from a drop of liquid and that drop of liquid What is it it's so small me my

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little bit and from that drop of liquid even there is that tiny microscopic cell from which he has created mimma colic, look at your origin, what are you in reality? Because what is it that we become negligent towards Allah and we start keeping things in our heart which are not good, which Allah subhanaw taala does not approve of

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when we

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Feel arrogant? Is it like for example, keeping bad feelings for

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parents, teachers, spouse, one's own children, one's own family, bad feelings for them, or coworkers? Why do these feelings come in? And if they come in, why do they settle and deepen in the heart? Why? Because you're feeling that you deserve better.

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Right? People should respect you. And they should give you a certain position and they should not speak to you the way they spoke to you, etcetera, etcetera. It's pride.

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All the evils of the heart.

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They can be boiled down to one problem, and that problem is pride.

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What's the reason behind jealousy?

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What is it? It's pride. What is the reason behind anger? That's pride?

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What is the reason behind not being able to forgive someone? It's pride.

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What is the reason behind hating someone disliking someone tried so fondly and Laurel Insano me Mahalik realize that whatever you keep inside, it's being watched. So look, think about what you were made from Humble yourself. Holy come in man in the fake Man was created from a liquid matte water meaning liquid that is deaf

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that is ejected dafuk dal fell off the focus is to pour forth and Africa is when something gushes forth quickly and forcefully. And this is referring to the sperm or the * as it is injected from the man's body. Holy come a man in the field. Yeah, who do it comes out? membranous will be from between the backbone what thorough job and the ribs meaning the muscle the origin of this liquid is where somewhere between the soul and the karate. Now what is the soul? Soul spine? Basically the word soul is used for something that's hard, firm, robust.

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And Tara is the plural of the word tatoeba Taraba and that Eva has been interpreted in different ways some have said that the diva refers to rib

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but not not any rib bone. Especially those that are at the top linguist sale where a necklace is worn.

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Okay, so basically right at the top of your ribcage. This is what the Rebbe is. Some have said that that the Rebbe, Tara includes, it refers to the year then the two arms, Ridge land the two legs, and Arina the two eyes

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so basically the whole body

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isn't it?

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Yeah, who do you mean bein your soul? Be Ouattara if what is meant is that this liquid,

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its source is somewhere.

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It comes from where somewhere between the backbone and the rib. Or if you take the other meaning, arms legs, basically, it's the essence of the whole body.

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And if you think about it, it is essentially produced in the particular organ, which is the testes but it is nourished by what sustained by what the whole body no organ of the body works independently, isn't it? It works within a system

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and especially the sperm cell, what is it? It's the essence of the entire body.

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Isn't it? Yeah, human brain is so to be what thorough Some have also said that it refers to the particular organ, right? And the male sexual organ and it has said that right before birth is when it descends. Right in the male child, before the male child is born, there is the descent of this particular sexual organ. All right, and it descends from where somewhere between here between the rib and backbone, Yahoo driven by new soul be Ouattara

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whatever the meaning is, it can be interpreted in different ways. What is the point over here? What is the message over here?

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Look at your origin or human being.

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It's so disgusting. It's so embarrassing that you even find difficulty talking about it.

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But that is what you've been created from and here you are walking so proudly thinking of yourself as so mighty.

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But you entertained feelings of jealousy and arrogance and pride against Allah and against his servants, inner who are allowed Audrey Lacan did, indeed, he is meaning ALLAH is Allah Rodri upon his return, meaning returning the human being back to life, Allah is over this Laqad is surely able,

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if Allah made man from a liquid, then Why can he not bring him back. And it's amazing. If you conclude these days, I know you have your exams and stuff going on, but you should be free very soon. After that, please try to come on Friday, if you're free, and if you can make time in your schedule, you learn Arabic and you learn how to reflect you will learn the art of reflection. Okay, so this one is the author writes, which one fully unreal insanity makuleke. And he goes on talking about explaining it for like a good three, four pages.

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But it's amazing how the origin of man is what liquid,

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something so small, but what happens as this liquid, it settles and it grows, there are bones, there is flesh, there are organs, there are systems, there is intelligence. And this man, as he is born, he grows he walks around, look at your body. The origin of this body is what illiquid.

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fairly young little internal Mahalik we do look at our bodies, but when we look at them, either we look at them with pride and excessive admiration or we look at them with feelings of anger.

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We should look at our think about our origin

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to keep ourselves humble in the who are allowed your ILA goddess

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Allah has the ability to bring men back again when Yeoman tabula surah is the day that Allah will bring men back again recreate him is the day when tubular Surah to Willa it will be put on trial Bella to test examine analyze something inspect it so what will be inspected that day a Surah Surah is applauded upset era. Sarita see secret said is also a secret. What is Saudi law then? sadena is that which is more secret than your secret?

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You understand? There are some things which you keep as a secret and you think, Okay, I'm not going to tell anybody until end of December

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1 week of December you can't keep it you tell everybody about it. Right? Then what happens? There are some secrets which you keep but then you tell only one or two people and then there's some secrets which you tell yourself Oh ALLAH I'm never ever gonna tell any buddy at all.

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Such people are rare.

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But everybody has something that they keep secret that they don't tell even their best friend about or their spouse or their parent or whoever they don't tell anybody about it. It's a secret they keep inside. Yo mama Taboola Sarah in those deep hidden secrets will be brought out and inspected, examined. They will be checked. No secret will remain secret that day. Into the idea Daya nine Allah says Allah Jana Merida, Bertha Rama Phil kaaboo warehously llama is sudo

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whatever is in the saloon will be extracted it will be brought out

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from Allah hoomin coverting. Well, honestly, then men will have no core and no Nasir. No strength and no helper.

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You see, when you're in good health, you have the strength you have the ability to get a glass of water and drink it. Right. But when you're sick, do you have that Coover to go get a glass of water and drink it? You don't have that cool. So Then who do you need in our sleep someone to help you

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on the Day of Judgment, man will have no Kuwa to defend himself and no now said no internal no inner strength and no external help nothing

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so what does this mean then?

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Fix your affairs with Allah was sama either to ledger now another oath is mentioned by the sky which returns the sky that has a Roger roger to return something. What does the sky return? What does it take? It takes up water and it sends it back down.

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Ignore claim said that salty water from the ocean.

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goes up to the

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Sky, right? It's it evaporates, it goes up to the sky. And then it falls down, as what sweet water

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does it does this take your heart up, reach out to the one in the sky, with your heart and see how it returns.

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Meaning you connect to with Allah, you reach out to him, You worship Him,

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then see what happens to you, you feel bitter inside, you feel horrible inside, reach out to Allah. That is the way you cleanse yourself. That is the way you purify yourself. So as summer, that's the ledger, the sky that has the property of Roger of returning meaning whatever it takes up it sends it back down.

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So, this is referring to the cyclical nature of the sky, that how water goes up into it and then it comes down. So refers to the rain, well, are we that is Southern, and the earth that has a southern southern to crack open to split,

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meaning the earth that breaks open, why?

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What is falling from the sky? Rain, when rain will fall? What will come out of the earth plants and as they will grow, what will they split the earth?

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The rain repeatedly falls and the earth repeatedly produces splitting with vegetation. And also it's taken in the hula colon fossil. What is the response that indeed the Quran is a decisive statement? What's the connection of the Quran with the rain and the growing plants?

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Big connection

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yes, that how the Quran cleans a person cleans his heart cleans his inner state.

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What else?

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Yeah, that how it makes a person humble and cleans him and makes him productive also, that how you see the rain falls, and then plants grow. So when the rain of Quran falls upon the heart, then the heart will not only humble and soften, but also become productive. You see, in order to grow plants somewhere. I don't know if you've ever done gardening, but I found the process of gardening I don't do it. I just watch it happen. Okay? I find it very interesting. My father in law is mashallah an amazing gardener. He loves it. So it doesn't happen like okay, you just get the seeds and you put them in the mud and collapse. Just make sure you water them a little bit. No, you have to prepare

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the ground first. And in preparing the ground, you have to soften it. And sometimes when he's trying to soften it. What happens over the course of the few months, I remember at one time, the neighboring trees their roots had grown into a lot. So he had to cut those out.

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cut those out. Sometimes there's rocks, clean up the soil, dig it out, put fresh, nice and soft, then you put

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the seeds then you water and then something will grow.

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Preparing the ground is so important. The heart is also like the ground.

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The Quran is like rain.

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It makes the heart productive. It makes you useful, as Allah says in surah baqarah is 74 that we're in the middle of hedgerows dilemma at the Fed German Hill and how

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that how some rocks they break. Likewise some hearts so stubborn full of pride. They break because of the Quran. Such deeply rooted sins. They go away because of the Quran.

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In a hula Kowloon Fussel, this is a clear, decisive statement.

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Fussell also means that which distinguishes between right and wrong. So the Quran is like for con decisive. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the example of the guidance and knowledge which Allah has sent me is like rain, which has fallen on some ground. A fertile part of Earth has absorbed the water and brought forth much grass and herbs by another part, which is solid. It didn't soften.

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But at least it held the water. And so that part of the earth didn't benefit itself but others benefited from the water that it contained.

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And there is another kind of Earth and what is that so hard that nothing stays on it. It just slips off and so hard that nothing goes into it. So it doesn't benefit itself. Well, yeah. The biller

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So each person must think, what have I gained from the Quran? Has the Quran broken my ego? Has the Quran made me more humble?

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Has the Quran calmed me down?

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Has the Quran made me more productive, more careful, more useful, more beneficial

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in the hole of coal and fossil because when our bill Hazal it is not amusement this Quran is not for the purpose of amusement hasn't is non-serious Doc

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non serious talk to joke and to just

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this Quran is not for the purpose of entertainment. It's not for fun. It is Poland Fussell. It is Poland sup Isla, it is a heavy statement. So after reading this book, a person should really think about themselves.

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What have I gained from the Quran? Has the Quran changed me? Or was this just a pastime for me?

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In no homea key dunya Qaeda? Indeed they are plotting a plot

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the enemies of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instead of believing in the Quran. What did they do? They plotted against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, instead of paying attention to the message of the Quran. They called it magic.

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Allah says, Well, okay, do Qaeda. I am also plotting a plot.

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Why do you fear

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they're making a plan to harm you. Why do you fear I'm also making a plan from a halal cafe 18 So allow time to the deniers I'm Hill whom

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allow them time but away then for a little my Hill I'm Hill same route, meme Harlem dumb heel is to act patiently with someone without haste.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:15

You understand? To act patiently with someone without haste generally what happens? You see somebody doing something wrong? Without even thinking or stopping for a moment? Instantly? We say something dumb here's why. You act without haste

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to give time.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:23

Because in order to act without haste, what do you have to do? Give time

00:27:24 --> 00:27:41

isn't it? You will get into a small argument with someone you saw them doing something wrong you really upset you don't act hastily. What do you do you pretend as if you didn't see it? Right. And then you go sleep the next morning? Then you discuss it. You gave it time.

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Right this system he now reweighed What does reweighed mean? reweighed is to leisure li

00:27:50 --> 00:27:53

proceed or to leisure li act? Okay.

00:27:54 --> 00:28:01

Hawaii is to go to and fro how very leisure that you see like some people are very busy.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:05

Very busy or they've got something on their mind. How are they walking?

00:28:06 --> 00:28:08

Or how are they driving?

00:28:09 --> 00:28:23

How they know where they're going. They're rushing, weaving in and out of traffic. They know they're going somewhere. They're other people on the road right on the highway driving on a 60 as if they've got nothing to do in their life. Isn't

00:28:24 --> 00:28:25

that is reweighed

00:28:26 --> 00:28:53

like wow, how relaxed Alright, it's 830 Yes, you may have to get to work at 930 But I have to be at school before 845 So this is a way to walk very leisure the to proceed very leisurely. So for my halal caffeine, I'm humor wider. What does it mean? Don't rush. Be patient. Don't take their words and their plotting to heart.

00:28:55 --> 00:28:58

Don't take what they say seriously.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:00

Don't worry.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:50

I will say Don't freak out. Just relax. Give this some time. Allah is planning. Just wait for some time and you won't have to wait for very long. But just wait and do not take any action. Do not make any hasty action against them. Give them some time. Yes, swindler. This verses in the hula Kowloon firstly, Varma who have been hustling, just remember these are the spoken words of Allah subhanaw taala spoken words of Jabra Allah Lystra spoken words of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, nobody writes down, the companion wrote these words. So looking at these words, even ever effect and it has a physical effect. It has a spiritual effect. Physically when you decide the oxygen goes

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

inside and your lungs have an exercise, spiritually Of course these are the Divine Words, looking reading and understanding everything has an impact. Yes

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Not somebody with a young couple them guy goes to the office every morning. He is in a habit of reading the Quran one page. If he's in hurry, just three verses, if not even that time, he just opened the Quran look and close and go. At least I don't know Allah likes you know, whatever allele

00:30:19 --> 00:30:37

you see in the hula cauldron Fussel Hua Hua Bill hustle, right this Poron is decisive speech, right meaning one that distinguishes between right and wrong, tells you what is okay and what is not okay? It's not hustle.

00:30:38 --> 00:30:44

You see, sometimes you read a book, and it's full of randomness. You want something just random information.

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It doesn't make any sense nonsense. Or you just enjoy that that time and later. You don't think about it you don't remember it you don't benefit from it. Don't think of the Quran like that. That is just a book that you studied for the sake of studying just for a course credit and then gone from your life. No, Wilma, who a bill has this is not nonsense. This is something you need your entire life all right let's listen to the recitation of the sodas

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man you're walking it was

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boring one

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coming up for you

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Jim was

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in Kelowna?

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My holy holy upon in

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your whole human being in his whole day what all all

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metal ballasts or

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what do you

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need was summer

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while we wander

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in murky Dune, Arcada we're arcade Okay.

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firma healing, feeding

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