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Al-Hijr 51-99 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 51-56

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Lesson number 133. So total hedger is number 51 to 99.

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I was a bit

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over here

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one a bit whom and inform them, meaning Oh profits or loss I don't inform the people. I'm Dr. Ibrahim, about the guests of Abraham are at his center.

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Work nabbit home. What shows that this is

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my truth.

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So the following sentence is connected with the previous sentence.

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What was mentioned the previous sentence that inform the people, that Allah is the Forgiving and Merciful. And at the same time, his punishment is the most painful one.

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Know bit everybody. And then Allah says one a bit home and also informed.

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So this shows that this story of the guests of Ibrahim or Islam is a detail of how Allah Subhana Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, and how at the same time, his punishment is the most painful one.

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This is demonstrated by the story when a bit whom unbelief Ibrahim, life is used for guests from the rooms such as La dff visitors, and the word is used for singular duel as well as plural.

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So in a bit Homer and leaf Ibrahim, who are the guests of Ibrahima, his center,

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angels, it is said that there were 310 or 12 angels, who had been sent via las panatela to ebrahimian SNM. Why, to give him the good news of his son, and also the news are the punishment of the people of lutherie center.

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And amongst these angels was also debrief.

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And we see that these angels, they came in the form of visitors

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in the form of guests, human beings.

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And everyone here is Sam, he received them as guests as well. He was a very hospitable host. Therefore, the angels are called life. It hasn't been said Malaika.

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what has been said, the guests of Ibrahim Bryson. And because he welcomed them as guests, he treated them and honor them as guests.

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How did he do that in solitude is 69 we learned from alavesa and Jabir aged in honeys, and he did not delay in bringing them or roasted coffee, immediately he went, and he brought a meal for them.

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So we should think about heroes him he did not consider these unexpected visitors to be a burden.

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Just imagine if somebody shows up at your house, a group of people 310 or 12 men, and they come at a time when perhaps you're about to eat, or it's lunchtime, separate time. What would you think? How could they come like this? And who are they? Why have they come? But everyone here has said um, he does not consider them to be a burden. He does not consider them to be a problem. Although these guests were unexpected. He brought whatever he had.

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In fact, he brought the best that he could offer.

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And he did not refrain from serving them good food, just because he was a messenger of Allah just because he was a prophet. And these men, he had no idea who they were. But still he brought them the best food that he had.

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And because there were so many numbers, this is why you brought a whole calf, agent, whole calf, just imagine it's huge. But he brought a whole calf because there were so many men in number. So this teaches is a very important lesson as well, that if somebody comes over unexpectedly, a group of them comes

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then what should we do? instead of turning them away,

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instead of being harsh towards them, instead of showing that Oh, you have come and you have disturbed me. I was about to do some very important work, what should we do? welcome them in. Because we never know what health there may be in their coming in their presence

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is the hunter era when they entered upon him When the angels came upon him for callaloo, so they said Salaam and peace.

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They said to him the greeting of peace, which was a sign of being in Muslim

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color, he said, Ibrahim or SLM said in main calm, where de Lune indeed we are from you, ones who are fearful.

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What do you do as a Florida widget?

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Well, Gene lab

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and what do is to feel fear in the heart, on seeing or feeling something, sensing something

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and basically

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margin is depressed ground or a ditch. If you see a ditch if you see a hole in the ground How do you feel

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scared worried.

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And it's such fear that is in your heart. So but I hear this and I'm he said in them in Cambodia, don't we have fear of you? We are fearful of you. Why? Because they were strangers.

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And notice what our humor they said, um, says, indeed we who does we refer to him and his wife.

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And there were two main reasons as to why they were afraid of those angels.

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Because first of all, these visitors who had come,

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they were unknown to Ibrahim, Melissa,

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he had no idea as to who those people were.

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So first of all, they were not locals. And on top of that, they did not even have any traces of travel on.

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You might wonder what's the big deal. But if you're traveling through the desert, if you're traveling in the heat, if you're traveling by foot, even if you're not traveling through the desert, if you're traveling by foot, definitely there will be some traces of travel on you.

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They will appear as though you have not taken a bath for some time, or your clothes are dirty. Or you have some baggage with you or you have some riding animals with you. But there were no traces of travel on these people who had come. So you brought here Sam was afraid. Who are these people? They don't live in the nearby area. Who are they?

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And this is just like in the Hadith, where the energy bill came and he asked the prophets, a lot of them certain questions. What do we learn that law you are alaihe Fl Minister for? No sign of travel could be seen upon? Do you read or listen? Which is why there's a habit they were very astonished who was this man.

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The other reason as to why they were afraid was because the angels did not eat the food that Ibrahim Edison offered to them.

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They did not eat that food.

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As we learned earlier, that when he saw that their hands were not reaching the food ladder.

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Then he became I would just have been upset he he felt afraid in his heart.

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And this is something that worries ordinary people as well.

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That if you have guests over at your house, somebody comes to visit and you offer them food and they don't eat. How do you feel?

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How do you feel? That What's wrong? Maybe the food is not good? Is the food okay? You keep tracking the odors of food, okay, maybe I put too much salt. Maybe I put too much sugar. Maybe there's something nasty sitting on top. So you wonder what happened? Why are they not eating that food.

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So when a person comes to your house, and you offer them food and they refuse to eat, it does worry you, you do become concerned.

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And you wonder maybe they're upset with you. Maybe they got offended by something.

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Maybe they're not comfortable over here. Maybe they're not happy over here. So similarly, Ibrahima lisanna also became afraid when the angels did not eat the food that he presented.

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And we see that Ibrahim or s&m had brought them very fine food.

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What was it

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a calf, a roasted calf.

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And if you think about it, an entire calf to roast it. To prepare it. It takes a very long time.

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A very long time, just to cook that huge animal. You will need hours and hours if you just roast a leg of lamb even it takes minimum four hours, three to four hours. So just imagine an entire cup. If he was going to cook it roasted. It must have taken a very long time.

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And remember, there were no freezers at that time. No refrigerators, in which he could have pre slaughtered and marinated and prepared the meat from before. No.

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So it must have taken a lot of effort on his part to present that food before then.

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Now either he was preparing that food from before for himself. And if these people show up at that time, it was a great sacrifice on his part to bring all that food for them. Just imagine you have your family coming over and you're preparing a meal for them and all of a sudden 10 people show up in your house. Just imagine unexpectedly they show up How would you feel?

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First of all, you won't let them come into the house

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so that they don't see the food.

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They don't even smell the food. If they do come you want to get over them quickly. But look at the generosity of Ibrahim Renison.

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If he was preparing that food from before Look at him, he brings it immediately. And if he had to prepare all that food at that time, this required a lot of effort on his part.

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So what's the lesson in this for us that way?

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guests come, whether expected or unexpected, welcomed them

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and offer them the best that you have.

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And what's the etiquette of being a guest at someone's place?

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What's the etiquette that we have been taught that, first of all, inform the people before going. And secondly, when you go there, and somebody offers you food, for God's sake, eat it. Okay? Eat it, because it's very offensive, if you don't eat the food that somebody is prepared for you and they are presenting to you.

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It's very offensive. Just imagine it takes so long for a person to stand in the kitchen, to prepare all that food to buy all that food. You know, a person has to spend money, he has to spend his physical energy has to spend so much time in preparing all that food and you come and you look at the food and you say foreign food, too bad, I'm not going to eat it. No, at least try.

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At least try. And if we don't like it, and we must definitely refrain from talking negatively about that food.

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Because even if we don't like it, we have to respect the fact that that person put in a lot of effort.

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And we have to appreciate the efforts of people it's possible if you don't like their food.

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You don't like the way they cook.

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You don't like their cuisine. But after all, they have put an effort and you must be appreciative.

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This is shows that Ibrahim Hassan was very generous. And he presented the food whatever that he had the best that he had. And when the angels did not eat, he felt afraid.

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It's only normal to feel like this when somebody refuses to eat your food.

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Another very important thing that we learn over here is that messengers, the prophets of Allah, they do not have knowledge of the ANC. Because if they did, then Ibrahim or Sam would have known that these are angels and he wouldn't have gone and prepared all this food or brought it in the first place.

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Corner they said the angels Abraham or his son amla toda, don't worry, don't be afraid. Fear not. Because in an Uber sroka Indeed, we have come to give you good news of boo, boo Lam and Eileen of a boy who is learned, we have come to give you good news of a boy who will be born to you. And this boy will be Aleem knowledgeable.

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So basically, they came to give him the good news of the birth of his health or the center.

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And when they received his good news, the fear was turned into happiness, no by shiraga.

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Now, sometimes it happens that we see a person and we don't like the way they look again, first impressions,

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which is why we ignore them, which is why we don't pay much attention to them.

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But this is a huge mistake, a big mistake. Because no matter who a person is, we should not judge them just on their apparent if we talk to them. If we speak to them, we never know what kind of benefit we may receive from them.

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If Ibrahima listened and said, Well, I don't know you get out of here, I think you are here with some evil intention. And you know, please leave, he could have done that, but he didn't.

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And look at the hair that he received. Similarly, we come across people who perhaps are dressed up in a way that we do not like who perhaps are sitting in a way that we do not like and immediately we turn ourselves away from them, we don't pay any attention to them. Just try talking to them you never know you might find somewhere in that person.

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They might be able to benefit you in some way or you may be able to benefit them in some way.

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And look at the good news that Ibrahim released and I was given bill me earlier

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a knowledgeable boy

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for the birth of aspiring listener, if you don't hear Listen, I was told for Bashar who build me highly intuitive software I have 101

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is married or listener was described as Holly and is how prasadam is described as Arlene.

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So Allah subhanaw taala did not just give them the good news of a child, but the good news of best children

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and we also should make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to grant us, not just children who look very beautiful, but children who are also very righteous.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala is zu fuddle. He can give a lot. He has a lot.

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It's about how much we ask of him.

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Allah He said Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said to them about shelter money. Are you informing me? Are you giving me good news? About shelf to move me? Are you giving me good news

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Allah upon

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Despite that, and that must sunnier it touched me, I'll keep all the old age. Have you given me good news, although old age has come upon me,

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although I have become so old.

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So we went over Sharon. Then what kind of good news are you giving me? What are you talking about?

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So in other words, Abraham Ellison is surprised at this news at this information

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that you're giving me this good news despite the fact that I have become so old, fundamental verschuren what kind of good news are you giving me? What kind of good news is this? How is it possible?

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Why did he say that for confirmation? This is not because he doubted but this is for later in the country. This is for confirmation.

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And we learned earlier in sort of today is 7273 but the y's we put on humorless and I'm even she responded as quality away letter early do an arduous and we had a barley shaker. In the huddle a shaman RG

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follow they said the angels responded, but shall NACA will help. We have given you good news of the truth. Meaning this will certainly happen. What we're telling you is true. It will definitely come to pass you will definitely have a child. Your wife Sarah will definitely give birth to a child who was going to be Arlene

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Fela documented on your teen so do not be of those who despair. l carnitine. is a plural of Kanye and Kanye is from Kunal

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Kunal is to despair to be hopeless of something good.

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It is to always look at the negative side to always look at the dark side of something

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to always see the cup as half empty. This is what Kanoute is.

00:16:55--> 00:16:59

When a person has given up hope of good and he thinks negatively about everything.

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Further documented in the angel said Ibrahim realism Don't be of those who despair of Allah's mercy, who have despaired of having children due to old age or the passage of longtime

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Allah Ibrahim or s&m said, Who am I he cannot, and who despairs midrash Mattila be of the mercy of his Lord in love balloon except for those who are astray.

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Meaning no one despairs of the mercy of Allah except for those who are astray. A balloon.

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In other words, I am not despairing. I don't give up hope.

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It's only that person who despairs who has gone astray, from the right way. abundant. And a balloon has been understood as those who are far away from the truth. Those who disbelieve those who do not know Allah subhanaw taala. Those who are ignorant of his power of his ability,

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because remember, Berlin is also used for such misguidance that is based on lack of knowledge. The person does not know Therefore, he is a stray.

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So a balloon those who don't know their Lord, those who don't know the power of Allah, they're the ones who give up hope.

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We see that despair, giving up hope, of mercy of a loss of panel data is another word for depression.

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What is depression?

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What is depression,

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when a person has said and when a person thinks that he can never get out of a problem, or that things will not change?

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And he goes deeper and deeper into sadness, and he feels he can never come out of it.

00:18:44--> 00:18:47

This is despairing of the mercy of Allah soprano.

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And a person becomes depressed when he has given up hope of Allah's help when he has given a pope of relief from Allah. And it is in fact a form of ingratitude.

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It is a form of ingratitude. It is a trap of Shetland. That shaytaan makes you think that you don't have this you don't have that. And you can never be like this and never at all Will you have this and your life has come to an end. So and So person died, and you have nothing left in your life. You are the most miserable person. This is a trap of Shetland and it's a form of ingratitude because he makes us focus on the fact that the glass is half empty, not making us realize that the glass is also half full.

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So no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how impossible it seems, a believer knows that Allah can change the situation.

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He can give and the person who does not believe in Allah, He is the one who disappears

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as we learn in select Use of 87 were your Cobra Sam said that in the hula asuna rohilla inland cold coffee alone. No one despairs of relief from a lightning

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To the disbelieving people. This is why it is said that despair is

00:20:06--> 00:20:14

giving up hope of Allah is call for disbelief. Because in a way a person is rejecting the attributes of Allah, the power of Allah.

00:20:16--> 00:20:26

This is what he's doing, he's rejecting. So, a true believer can never ever despair at the mercy of Allah he's always positive. He knows there's always height.

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So what I hear is Sam says, Well mania cannot Mirage medela Biggie in love Daniel. Only such people can despair of the mercy of Allah. I will not disappear. recitation

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So this part of the story demonstrates a bit everybody a neat, another photo Rahim that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is most merciful. And the second part of the story demonstrates that we'll enter the abbey who will believe that Allah is the one who is most merciful, that Ibrahim are listed on he was given the good news of the birth of a son at such an old age, when he was old, when his wife was old, when it seemed very impossible, but look at the mercy of Allah, that he restores favours in so many different ways, even when it seems impossible.