Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 125D Tafsir Yusuf 68-76

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of actions on one's well-being and the importance of acknowledging and embracing one's emotions. They stress the importance of giving gifts and not doing things that have negative consequences. The use of negative experiences in various situations, such as drinking cup and the punishment of theft, is discussed, along with the use of technology and its potential consequences. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and song.
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So then what happened when a man then when the Hello they entered mean hi to Amara home boom from where their father had ordered them, meaning from different gates. What happened? That his plan work? No, Allah says Makana IT DID NOT ugni on whom it avail them. May Allah He against Allah min Shane anything at all meaning

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Allah's planning prevailed.

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Allah's plan prevailed. The plan that Dr. Cooper escena made it could not protect them from Allah's decree in law, except handwritten in need. Meaning, Why did Allah subhanaw taala let jacobellis Sinha advise his children and then his children they entered from different gates. What was the point of all this if ultimately, Allah's decree was going to prevail? What was the point of all that then? Allah says because it was a Hajer it was a need, meaning a wish that your Cobra salaam had to protect his children for enough Sierra Club and enough severe Coca Cola, which he satisfied How did jacobellis And I'm satisfied that need by advising his children and this is something that we also

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need to do that whenever you feel the need to warn someone to protect yourself or your children and you take the precautionary means don't think that you're over thinking, okay? Because this is what happens if someone says to you, for example, you go somewhere you're looking at this essay, mashallah you think I'm gonna give the evil I don't think too much. No, you're not thinking too much. This is it has a need that you have in your heart, to protect yourself to protect the people around you to protect different things. And for that, if you advise someone to take some precautionary means, then this is perfectly fine. It was handwritten VFC or Kuba, Kuba, which he had

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satisfied by advising his sons were in the hood, and indeed he meaning your Kubernetes Sinha, he was leather Illman he was a possessor of knowledge. He was a knowledgeable man. He didn't do this because he was superstitious.

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He was a knowledgeable man. He knew that I knew how he was an experienced man. After all, he was a prophet of Allah. He was wise.

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So he had this feeling that something bad might happen. And many mothers over here, would you agree with me that you get this feeling sometimes from before that something bad is going to happen to your children because of the way that they're behaving? Or the way things are going? Maybe even you may have a feeling about yourself? Right? So yeah, colorism. He was a man who had knowledge he wasn't superstitious. And we're in a whole other element. Where did he get that knowledge from? What was the source of that knowledge? Lima alumna who, because we had given him knowledge, Allah had given him knowledge. His source of knowledge was revelation, when I can tell a nasty liar and one

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but most of the people they do not know. What do they not know that how decree Allah's plan, it prevails. It prevails over what you're planning your precautionary measures that most of the people they do not know they do not understand that our plans cannot change Allah's plans.

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Allah subhanaw taala had already planned that when the brothers of use of would return to Egypt, something was going to happen. You have to realize and I had a feeling he wasn't too happy. He wasn't comfortable. Because you see earlier when he sent us have something bad happened right? Now again, a similar incident is being repeated, he's sending his other son, he has this feeling something bad might happen. And then he took his precaution. But what is necessary to understand that no matter what you do, Allah's plan will prevail. It will always prevail. And this is something that should bring us comfort when things go haywire. What should bring us comfort?

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What should bring us comfort? That if it didn't work out?

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It was Allah's hidden right

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Alhamdulillah Allah couldn't we have when we lose something in Melilla he were in the 11 year old your room.

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So what happened? Well, a mother Hello Allah use of when they entered upon use of now, these 10 brothers they came and they brought Vinnie Amin with them also. So how many were they 11 When they entered upon use of earliest salaam Why did they come to us to release them to buy food from him? Use the ready so now imagine how he must have been feeling his brother Binyamin his full brother Binney. I mean after so many years, you seeing and have you ever seen at the airports?

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Have you ever seen at the airport tell people this run and hug

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each other and they just go crazy. They start crying. They start screaming, they start laughing. Why? Because it's these relationships that Allah subhanaw taala has made because of which we love each other. We miss each other when we finally see someone after so long, we're happy.

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But most of the time, people react uncontrollably

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isn't it? How do people react? uncontrollably, they start screaming they start swearing, they start crying. You see all kinds of crazy reactions. The use of our listener we see something very different. He's so calm.

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What did he do? He just simply our word la he a whole hour from Hanzo Well, yeah, a week is to take shelter. Our either is to descend close to someone, why would you go close to someone to take shelter?

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And then it also means to just go close to someone. It also gives meaning of hugging someone. Okay? Because when you go close to someone, why would you do that to hug them? So Allah La Hee Ha Ha hoo. He took his brother to the side so that you know the rest of the brothers won't notice they won't see and he hugged him and kala he said Indiana hog I am your brother. Use of and the only thing he said at that time for that after is be McCann we aren't Malone. Just put your fingers on your lips. Don't say anything. And don't be sad about what your brothers have been doing. Fela Tabitha is Tabitha is ba Hamza sin. MTS is to be miserable, to grieve to be disheartened to be very upset. So

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he says to him, Do not grieve over what Bhima can we are going over what they used to do. Meaning over what our brothers have been doing to us, how they have been treating you how they treated me how they have been treating our Father, don't talk about it. Don't be miserable over it. Forget it.

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Strange. This is the only thing that you said Melissa was studying his brother. What is he saying to him? What message is he giving him? Don't talk about the past? Forget it, close the chapter. Let's move on. Because think about it. If you have had a very hard day at work,

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or at school,

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and you feel like your boss or your teacher or people in your class or people that your workplace, they're racist towards you. And they're mean towards you. They're all ganging up against you. You don't feel like you belong there anymore. Just want to get out. So when your mother or your brother or your father or your friend, whoever comes to pick you up, what's the first thing you say?

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What's the first thing you say? You start complaining, right? You start complaining, I don't want to be here anymore. She said this to me. He did that to me. And especially amongst relatives, you know, many times that happens that many girls they don't really have a good experience with their in laws. And as soon as they go to their own family, to their mother to their father, what happens? They just start crying and crying and complaining about their in laws and complaining about all the things that went wrong. What does use of this and I'm say, Don't be miserable over how they've been treating you. Close the chapter, forget about it. We don't want to ruin our time and our enjoyment

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by remembering the past.

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Because you see someone who's harmed you someone who's hurt you. They've probably forgotten about what they've done to you even.

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They've probably forgotten about what they've said to you even. But when you keep remembering it, when you dwell on it when you talk about it, who's suffering? who's suffering, you're suffering. Now, this was a time of great happiness use of realism Vinnie. I mean they finally meet. And if they spent their time talking about what the brothers did, that will be a waste of time.

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That will be a waste of time. So you know what, forget it. Let's celebrate. Let's have fun. Let's enjoy. Forget the best. He said fella Tabitha is Bhima, Kenya Yama, Loon, don't grieve over what they were doing. Forget about it. Now the thing is that when we don't forgive other people,

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and we feel miserable over how they have treated us, then what happens? We become miserable. EBITA so happens, we become miserable.

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Forgive the other person, get over it. Why? So that you can be free? You can be happy, so that you can channelize your efforts into something that is more productive.

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Use of our SNM Did he suffer at the hands of people? Did he suffer at the hands of people? Multiple times. His brothers

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than the woman than the women. And then the man in the jail and the prison. I mean, he suffered a lot.

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But what do we see? He made such an amazing 15 year plan?

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Could this be coming from a person who's miserable inside?

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who's angry and vengeful inside? No.

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This can only come from a person who has forgiven others and moved on.

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So productive. I mean, his planning was amazing, so constructive. Who can do this? Someone who is positive in all circumstances, who protect himself from dwelling on his problems, because you see, dwelling on problems, feeling sad all the time is a big burden. And the more you dwell on your problems, the more you feel sad about them, the more your problems and your sadness increase, they will increase. Think about it. If you get a cut on your hand, and you just sit and you stare at that cut. Will it hurt? Will it hurt? A lot? Will the day go by easy? Oh, no, time will not pass by easily. So what is it that your advice? Don't think about it?

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Treat it. Okay, put a bandaid on it. Treat the wound to the best of your ability and then get busy doing something. Because if you're not distracted, then the pain is going to

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overcome you and you won't be able to do anything. I remember as a child once I was weighing those bangles, you know, glass bangles, okay, and apparently they had broken and I got myself really bad. And I was bleeding. I had no idea. This is how children are usually right. Because they're busy playing, I had no idea that it had happened. And I just kept rubbing my arm because it was uncomfortable. But I was too busy playing I just kept rubbing my arm which kept making those cuts worse and worse. Until somebody pointed out, look at your arm.

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And that was it. I just started bawling. I started crying. I didn't want anybody to touch me. Here I was rubbing my arm breaking those bangles even more, you know, rubbing that glass on my skin. It didn't bother me. But the moment I saw it,

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it was a different feeling. Right? So what do we learn from this, that when you are hurt, when you are experiencing pain, because of anything that has happened in life because of what people have done to you, then don't dwell on those problems, move on from them, forgive the other person, or just try to forget it, move on for your own good and keep yourself so occupied with positive things that you neither have the time nor the mental bandwidth to deal with any of them to dwell on any longer.

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And then gradually what will happen? Time is the best healer, right? So in sha Allah, things will also improve and you will feel better. So use over this time he advises brother for that chapter is be mechanical Yamalube don't feel miserable, because it's all over its history. Its history. And all of you who here and all of the mothers over here, please don't tell your future children or your present children about you know how things happened and how your illustrated your how your father treated you or how your mother treated you how your brother treated you. Forget it. It's history, move on from it. Move on. I have seen children who have never even met their grandparents, or

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haven't have never even met their certain uncles and aunts or their cousins, but their hearts are full of hatred for them.

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Innocent children who never even met them or met them once or twice in their childhood, back when they used to live in that country. Now they've moved. They've never even met those relatives, but they hate them. Why who put that hatred in

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the parents?

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Right? The parents are the older siblings. Now who are suffering, who's suffering you guys are because you're miserable. You're not happy. Falletta is Don't grieve Don't be miserable over what people have been doing. It is as though use of our listeners telling his brother, I have forgiven them. You also forgive them.

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He's almost encouraging him to be patient. He's encouraging him to be forgiving. And it's also as though he's telling his brother don't feel pity over me that I had to suffer so much. Allah took care of me. Yes, the brother has tried to harm me forget about it. Allah subhanaw taala gave me something much better.

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Fell emerge merger has a home. Then when he had furnished them, Vijay has the him with their supplies and we have done these words earlier. Right. So basically when all

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All the 11 brothers were ready to go now the use of ready Sam had given them their food everything was ready gyla use of any salon put a psychiatry the drinking bowl the drinking cup sapphires from Siena Coffea okay it is to bring water to drink. So Sukhadia is the vessel from which you drink, it could be a bowl, it could be a cup, whatever it may be. So use of artisan and he put the drinking cup feel really lucky in the back of his brother, meaning in the bag of Binyamin. Why did he do that? Because he wanted to give his brother a surprise. The 10 brothers when they were going back What did you say? Listen, um, do he put their builder all back. He didn't want to take anything from

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his brothers. He wanted to give them something. And now when Vinnie I mean he wanted to give him something more special. So he wanted to surprise him. So he put his royal drinking cup into his bag. He wanted to make it as a surprise for his brother, a gift. And do you ever do that? surprise gifts for others? Who would you give a surprise gift to? Who?

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Someone whom you really really love. You know, you want to show to them that you care about them that you secretly you know, put something in their bag as you're leaving, you slip in some money into their purse.

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You do something like that as a gesture of love. So you said Well listen, I'm did that he put the Sequoia. But then what happened?

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So my other mo Athena then announcer announced an announcer called out meaning someone came running, making an announcement. He said a to Hillary or caravan in Nakamura Sadiq Khan, indeed you are thieves.

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What does it show something odd stolen at the same time, and they suspected the Egyptians they suspected that it was these 10 men, these 11 men who had committed the theft. He jacobellis and unwanted that they're not noticed, but still they were noticed. Alright.

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Now the word read or even through letters I in Yara and or EAD is used for a caravan or travelers that are transporting food.

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Okay, now what happened the use of escena he put the drinking cup in the back of his brother. And this drinking cup was used to read isms own drinking cup, it was his personal property, but he wanted to gift it to his brother. Okay. Now, at the same time, something got stolen, what got stolen, what went missing? The measuring cup of the king.

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The King's measuring cup went missing. So immediately the royal servants they thought somebody has stolen it. And they said quickly take action. These 10 People are leaving. These 11 People are leaving, so they must have stolen. So as an Athenian a year to * are you in a communist recon call? No. They said who said the brothers of use of our lesson they said, we're arcobello and they advance they approach they came forward. It's as though they were leaving. But then they came back and they began walking towards the smooth oven. And they said Aquila, are they him mad at the freedom? What is it that you're missing? The afternoon from fair cough done? What is it that you're

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missing factors to lose something cannot find it? What went missing? Gone? Oh, they said nothing they do. We are missing? Suwa I'll Melek the suar of the king. What is left? So our is measuring cup Swalwell rain. Now remember that user is that I'm What did he put? He bought a supplier

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and these people were missing a sofa. And they said well human behavior and whoever that produces it, whoever brings it, he will have him blueberries or camels Lord meaning the reward of a camels load of food supplies. Anyone who finds it, anyone who brings it forward, they will get a camera load of food. We're gonna be here serene, and the more Elvin the person who was making this announcement, he said I am a guarantor I am responsible over this responsible over what that I will make sure that this person who produces the cup will get a camera load of food supplies. In other words, their aim is from their letter ze I mean exam which is to take responsibility for a claim.

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They said I take responsibility I will make sure that you get this reward Kalu the brother said to Allah He by Allah Nakata, alimta certainly you know, Luca Darlington certainly you all know that magic now we have not come lean up to the Phil org to cause corruption in the land. We're not gonna say anything

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And we're not thieves either. They said, You know that we have not come to this country of yours to commit theft. And we have come here before. It's not our first visit. Nothing bad happened before. Why are you blaming us? You know that we're not thieves. We came, we bought the food, we didn't steal it. We came here for a purpose. We fulfilled it. And we're going back, we're not thieves here. We haven't come here to commit any kind of facade. Although, they said for managers, who, now who sang over here, the accusers the royal servants, now remember the use of or listen to me is just watching all of this silently. Okay? The scene is taking place before use of our listener. Follow

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they said, the Royal servants set from a desert Oh, who, then what should be its punishment? Remember, the word does that recompense it can be rewarded can also be punishment. So what should be the punishment in quantum caliber? And if you're liars, meaning what if we find the cup, the King's Cup in your belongings, and you're proven to be liars? Then what should be the punishment? If you're proven as thieves Kalu, the brothers of use of Al Islam they said Jezza who his punishment, or its punishment means the punishment for theft? Is that man, whoever would either it is found Fiera li in his bag, meaning whichever person in whose bag the cup is found, for who so he is meaning that

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person is just that who it's recompense. What does that mean? That That person will be in the custody of the owner of the cup?

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You understand? It's very important to understand.

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They said Jezza Oh, it's punishment mean the punishment of theft? Is that man would you feel roughly whoever's bag it is found in what is found?

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The cup, the King's Cup,

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then for whoever does that will who then that person will be its recompense, meaning that person will be taken into custody of who the owner of the cup.

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Why? Because the brothers had kinetic energies in London, me, this is how we punish the criminals, meaning in our law, because these were who the children of jacobellis, and they were the descendants of Ibrahim Ernestina and the children of Ibrahim Renison and those who are upon his religion. This is a lot that they observed, that if someone committed theft, then what will be his punishment? What will be the punishment of the thief? What would be the punishment of the thief the thief would be taken as a slave for one year, for one year, the thief would be taken as a slave for how long for one year?

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I understand what's going on. So far better, I'll be over at him. So he began with their bags, who began the more than the royal servant, the one who had come and accused the brothers of use of illicit nama theft. He began searching the bags and because the 10 brothers they were in the front. Binyamin must have been towards the back Okay, so this more than he started the search from the bags of the older brothers. So for better be over yet him over he has a plural off we are up he began the search with their bags.

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Coppola koggala Before we are a li the bag of his brother. And what did they found in all those bags? Nothing. Then what happened? He started searching the bag of bieniemy and when he started searching the bag of Binyamin what happened Thumma then is the Harada her, he extracted it, men Where is he from the bag of his brother? What did he extract? Ha What does hair mean? It is masculine or feminine? feminine, the word is feminine. Now what were the two things that were the two cups which ones were they one was the Sequoia and the other was, we are now out of these two words. Which one is feminine sci fi Yeah, Sequoia tune, or we are on which one is feminine. Sequoia

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twin. So what happened? These people were looking for the measuring cup for the wearer, but as they search the back of Binyamin, what did they find?

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The Sequoia the drinking cup was Binyamin supposed to have that he wasn't supposed to have that. So they said okay, you guys don't have the way but you're taking the skya with you

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This is something that belongs to someone from Egypt. This is, you know, a royal thing. You can't be taking this with you. So you understand they were looking for something else but they found

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they found something else. So they accused Vinny Amin after left

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because the drinking cup was found were in the bag off Binyamin the musta Harada I mean we are out at Gallica thus kid and early use of we plan for use of Allah subhanaw taala says we made this plan for you so how use an artisan am did not plan this. Allah subhanaw taala did all of this what? This was a complete coincidence. Us the President wanted to gift his brother secretly surprise him. He put his drinking cup his own drinking cup. At the same time, the measuring cup got lost. People are looking for the measuring cup. Instead of the measuring cup they find the drinking cup in the back of Binyamin. He's not supposed to have that either. So they accused him of theft. And now if he's

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proven to have committed the crime, what does that mean that he has to stay in Egypt? For how long for one year in whose custody Have you sorted some because the cup the drinking cup belong to you, sir, I

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could barely could cubanelle us.

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Everything is working in the favor of use of artisanal use a brother Sam just wanted to see his brother.

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That's why he insisted that his brother come and he wanted to give him something. And you can imagine he wanted to spend some time with him, but he probably didn't get a chance because he didn't want the brothers to get suspicious.

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And Allah subhanaw taala made this whole plan for him. And his brother stayed in Egypt because Alika qatanani Yusuf Makana, it was not possible for who for use of our listener Lea, who that who that he should keep his brother feeding in Malik in the law of the king, Dean over here gives the meaning of law, meaning in the law of Egypt, it was not possible for him to keep Binyamin there in Egypt. Why? Because the law of Egypt was that the thief is physically punished. Okay, physically punished. And you see how the conversation took place? What happened they decided to punish the criminal with Palestinian law, not with the Egyptian law. But you see how this conversation just happened and they

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decided to punish the thief with Palestinian law. Allah says, Man can Alia who the whole feeding in Malik Illa aka sha Allah, except if Allah wants Allah unwanted that Binyamin should stay in Egypt. And did that happen? Of course it did. Did this go against the laws of Egypt? Of course it did. But Allah subhanaw taala wanted something. So man made law doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. When Allah wants something to happen, it will definitely happen.

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This is a source of strength that we have. This is a strength and we have that if you have Allah's help, and Allah can help you. He can help you and He will help you. With His unlimited help. Nothing can become an obstacle for Allah subhanaw taala no person, no law, nothing at all.

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No Florida Rajat him and Nisha, we raise the degrees of whomsoever we will use have already sent him his level. Isn't it raised here that Allah is planning for him, use of his land and plan this, Allah planned all of this, not follow the Rajasthan Manisha will follow Coco Lydia, il mineralium. And above every possessor of knowledge is who are the who is already

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always all knowing. And who is that? Only Allah subhanaw taala that we can plan. We can do whatever we want, but realize that Allah subhanaw taala he knows more. He knows more more than what more than you more than anybody. So no matter what the circumstances are, no matter how difficult the situation becomes, no matter how bad things are in your favor, should you ever despair. No.

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Because Allah is Aleem, one is the plot of people and the other is a plan off Allah subhanaw taala at one time everything was working against use of Ryan Salaam and now everything was working in his favor. Therefore what should we do always remain hopeful always be positive? Yes, there was a time when use of radio sometimes life when it was very difficult when there was darkness everywhere but remember that darkness difficulty is by who

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was command, Allah's command and by His Command is also light and relief and ease.

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If anybody wants to harm you, they want to block you know your ways they cannot do anything to you unless Allah subhanaw taala he allows so never think it's the end of the world when somebody manages to hurt you because your brother's of use about Islam think about how much harm they had caused him, but could they really harm him?

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Good day No, because Allah was planning for use of our listener and always remember that even if all the doors are closed Allah subhanaw taala can open a door for you see how difficult use of our listeners life became but now one door after the other is open.

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Yes, Bismillah Illa de Leiria Lumos me shaylen filoblu Allah for summer whoa a semi or an early no one can harm me. If the doors are closed, Allah can open them and always make there are a lot of tiny of webinars. Yola, you open the doors of your mercy for me I see this door blocked this door blocked this person is creating difficulties for me my dad said no my husband said no so many knows what should I do? Yeah Allah you open the doors along with daily

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recitation of these

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while I'm the whole room in Hawaii so

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me on

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law here

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fina FSiA ball bump or ball we're in

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For all in me NI

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Tabitha is Bhima.

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the Jahaz in Jhala Sequoia Taffy li Fe see John

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Oh God

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born on us they do for

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me walima

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all summer long enough to

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know no see that way

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at all

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all just

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getting older now we

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go through the

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Merkur nanny for feeding Maliki in

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long, no foul

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worked on punctually. We mean early

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