Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 069C Tafsir Al-Maidah 7-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of following guidance from Prophet salallahu and following rules of Islam is crucial to achieving the right to be a Muslim. It is important to be aware of one's rights and obey missed guidance. The importance of respecting people's rights and not denying one's behavior is also emphasized. The speaker discusses the negative consequences of following people's desires and fears, including negative consequences for one's own family and spouse, and the importance of following Islam's commandments and not denying one's behavior. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being saved from harm and the power of Islam to prevent future harm.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 69 Surah two neither will begin from ayah number seven.

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What guru Niramit Allah here are Aleikum. And remember the favor of Allah upon you. When we thought oh, and his covenant, which covenant, Allah the worth aka Combi, which he bound you with the covenant which he made you take, and when you took it, you were bound to observe it, you were bound to live by it.

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Which covenant has this? This covenant, this promise refers to the covenant the promise of summer and thorough of hearing and obeying,

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that every believer makes, either directly or indirectly when he accepts Islam.

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At the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. When the people embraced Islam, what happened they will take bear, meaning they would give the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet salallahu Salam, in which they would promise to hear and obey, to accept every order, and obey it, follow it. But this is not just limited to the time of the Prophet salallahu salam after him after the time of the Sahaba even any person who is either a born Muslim, or becomes Muslim, everyone who says they are Muslim, then it is as though they have entered into a pact into a covenant with Allah subhanaw taala because a Muslim is who is the one who has surrendered the word Muslim itself. What

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does it refer to it refers to a camel whose robe is in the hands of the master, so the camel is completely submissive. Wherever the master leads, the camel follows whatever the master commands the camel does. So this is who a Muslim is the one who obeys the one who submits the one who hears and obeys.

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So Allah says, Remember this covenant which Allah has bound upon you which you are mandated to observe the as believers you have to hear and obey

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it altom Samina will Alterna when you said we hear and we obey what the colada in Allah and he won't be there to salute and fear Allah because indeed Allah is all knowing of that which occupies the hearts which occupies the chest.

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Meaning whatever feelings you have in your heart, Allah knows about it, whatever intentions, whatever result you have in the heart, Allah knows about it, therefore fear Allah, concerning not just the physical actions, but also the state of the heart.

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Because sometimes, we might be obeying outwardly. But what's the state of the heart is the heart in submission as well? Because the one who was a summer will thaw Samira now will Athena than he has submitted internally and externally. So externally, a person may obey may submit out of the fear of people, everyone's praying for a week, I should also pre throw away everyone's read the Quran, I should also read the Quran, everyone's fasting. I should also do that. Okay, there is it Laura, there is summer. But is there a law of the heart as well? What's the state of the heart?

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Is that in submission as well?

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Then Allah says, Yeah, are you Hello Nina Amano, or you have believed Kanaka Wamena de la he be persistently standing firm for Allah

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Shuhada a bill kissed witnesses injustice.

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Earlier in certain missa we learned a very similar command where the believers were commanded going up a Wamena Bill purposely be those who were standing firm for the cause of for the sake of justice, meaning ever establishing justice in every situation. Every circumstance over there it was said shahada lillahi be witnesses meaning when you testify when you give testimony do so for Hoosick Allah subhanaw taala sick because that will ensure that you speak the truth. Over here the command is slightly different, but the meaning is very similar. And what is that? That Oh believers Kuno kawaii Amina lillahi be aware mean for the sake of Allah who is a one. One who is persistently

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constantly standing standing firm and standing doesn't mean that a person is standing and never sitting. what it implies is that a person is always maintaining and upholding fulfilling their responsibilities, the dues the obligation

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I'm constantly in awe of a person is standing everywhere he goes, what does it mean? He's alert, he's active, he's engaged, he's involved. So likewise a woman and Allah, that be persistently standing firm, ever upholding what lay for Allah, meaning his rights, for his sick people to stand up for whose rights, their rights, they demand rights for certain people, sometimes animals, sometimes the environment. And some people, they're so hardcore about this, that they will not shop at certain places. They will not buy certain clothes, they will not support certain businesses, why they don't really care about the environment that much. They're so hardcore about this. Because if

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they will support them, what will happen certain groups, certain people, the environment, the animals, they will suffer. So it doesn't matter whether they're at Walmart, it doesn't matter whether they're at the mall, it doesn't matter whether there are at home, whether they're at school, they're at work, they will recycle everywhere they go, all right, they will buy only those products, which are environmentally friendly, they will make major changes to their lifestyle. Why? Because they're constantly upholding the rights of the certain group which they are supporting. I know of a sister who believes so strongly in recycling, that it doesn't matter whether she's at a wedding, or

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she is at somebody's house, or she's at a masjid. She doesn't care. She will start announcing Baber blades here, cups here, this here this here, she will start recycling things herself. She will make a separate file herself. And sometimes she will even take the recycling to her own house so that she can throw it in the recycling. It doesn't go in the garbage waste. So this woman is standing up for the cause of recycling. everywhere she goes. This is who a worm is. So she's a worm in for who? The recycling

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for Allah subhanaw taala says Kunal Kawa, Amina little Lehi, Lehi, people struggle for their rights, people struggle for the good of the environment. You have to stand up for Allah's rights no matter where you are, no matter what situation you're in, and what does it mean by upholding the rights of Allah? It means obeying Allah, following his directives, His commands, no matter what situation you are in, whether you are at home, or you are at work, or you are at school, whether it is Ramadan, outside of Ramadan, whether you are on vacation, or you are busy working, no matter what situation you're in, whether you're getting married, or you're giving birth, or you are single, doesn't

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Whatever situation you are in, in your life, whatever stage of life you're at, Allah says Kurokawa Amina Lila, stand up for Allah's rights, uphold Allah's rights, meaning obey Allah persistently, constantly, wherever you are. Because what happens with us many times is that we will obey Allah when we are at home, we will pray at time. If somebody comes who's non Muslim, we will put our hijab on, we won't listen to the music, we will make sure that the environment in our house is Islamic, it's good. It's an obedience to Allah. But when we are sometimes hanging out with our friends, or when we are, you know, at school, then we will do certain things which don't fall in this category.

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Many girls very religious, very obedient. But when it comes time to get married, then on their wedding day, they disobey Allah how that I have to put makeup on and this makeup is costing me $200 I have to get my hair done, and it's costing me over $100. And if I do will do, my makeup will get ruined, it will have to come off. So I'm not going to pray right now. Instead, I'm going to delay my Asana. They're not traveling, they're not allowed to delay their prayers. They're not sick. They're not allowed to delay their prayers, but they will delay their prayers just for the sake of those $200 or $300. Just for the sake of that makeup. Is this being called Wamena delay? Not at all. This

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is not someone who's obedient to Allah everywhere. This is not someone who is upholding the rights of Allah. No. You have to obey Allah, whether it is your wedding day, or your daughter's wedding day, no matter what

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is you have to obey Allah everywhere all the time. Because we are not supposed to be seasonal Muslims. Okay, but rather we're supposed to be what kind of Muslims year round Muslims. So gonna call Wamena Lehi ever upholding Allah's rights his hook. And this includes that you OBEY HIM yourself constantly, and also ensure that he is obeyed. It's like you recycle yourself. But you also make sure that other people recycle for the good of the environment. So likewise, obey Allah yourself and ensure that others are also obeying Allah doesn't mean that you go and force people doesn't mean that people who are far from the deen, who don't know anything, you go and force them,

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you go and humiliate them, insult them and order them around. No, this is not the way what is meant is that whatever is within your capacity, whoever is in that category of people whom you can tell, whom you can teach, whom you can instruct, then you are bound to make sure that they also remain obedient to Allah. So for example, within your classmates, you can't tell everybody but your close circle of friends, can you tell them? If one person is backbiting? Can you stop them? Yes. If one person is delaying their prayer, can you tell them to pray? Yes. Likewise, in your house, at work, if somebody's got a musical ringtone on, have a song of some music, CD or something. And every time

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their phone goes off, that song goes off, okay? You can't say much to them. But if it's your spouse, your brother, your sister, should you be telling them? Yes, and we have learned about the details of a morbid murder. We have learned about the details of Amerind murder when the Hayden will go in detail. So we know what the etiquette is who we should tell who we should not tell. But we learn from here that it is our obligation as Muslims when we have made the covenant of summer Ouattara that we obey Allah, throughout our lives in every situation, and we also ensure that he is obeyed. So a person has to see who is under him, who he can advise, whom he can instruct whom he can teach.

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He is responsible Kuno co Wamena, the Lehi shahada, I will personally witnesses, injustice, witnesses for the sake of fairness, she had a floor luff Shaheed, so those who testify those who witness those witness to what elkus so stand for Allah sake, as witnesses for justice, meaning established justice, in obedience to in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. So stand up for the rights of Allah, and stand up for the rights of others as well. So stand up for justice, justice, and for everyone starting from the rights of Allah subhanaw taala because the greatest justice is to give Allah subhanaw taala his rights and then after him for amongst the creation, Muhammad salallahu

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Salam, and then after him, the rest of the Muslims. And it begins from who those who are closest to you. So, Kurokawa Amina Elahi shahada Bill asleep while I enjoy the mana calm and do not let it provoke you lie Audrey mana come from Jim Rami, we have done this word earlier in detail. So don't let this incite you what Shana no calm in the enmity of a certain people that just because you have enmity for them or they have enmity for you. Don't let this drive you to do what Allah upon a letter or de Loup, that you do not do justice. Allah is a combination of unearned love. So don't let the animosity, the hatred, the enmity of people make you commit injustice. Don't let it stop you from

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fairness. So in other words, don't get carried away by your emotions. What is help is help what is true is true, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. So don't let your emotions decide what you should support and what you should oppose, know what should decide. The

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justice. Justice should make you decide what you should support and what you should oppose. Well, Adri manakamana, Andrew Coleman, a

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Learn 32. Because typically what happens is that those whom we like, we believe that they are always right. And those people who we don't like we believe that it is always their fault, is it so?

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Is this how we typically think that if it's our friend, then even if she's wrong, we will support her. And if it's that girl in my class, whom I don't like some second grade, alright, and all these years, we happen to be in the same class, but I don't like her, I've never been able to get along with her, then it is her fault, then even if she's right, I will not support her. This is not justice, this is following the desires. And we have been told to maintain justice not to follow the desires. So it happens many times in the family. In a household even it happens. That, for example, on the one hand, is a person's daughter. And on the other hand, is a person's daughter in law. If

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they both end up in some kind of argument, or there's something for which both are to be blamed, or one is to be blamed, then what happens? Typically, the mother will incline towards the daughter, she will support her, and it happens to be the daughter in law's fault. Or on the other hand, if it's the mother in law,

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and on the other hand, is your own mother, or your own daughter or your own sister, they if they have a problem with one another whose fault, is it? The mother in law? Why? Because you don't like her. between relatives. There's one Uncle, you don't like them? There's another uncle so nice. They have some problem. Whose fault is it? This uncle was not nice, right? This uncle, who I've never been able to get along with, so much so that if there's any problem in our lives, what do we say? This person, they must have done black magic. This person, this closest relative of mine, they must be jealous. This must be their hazard. This must be their I mean, we make false assumptions. Yes,

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sometimes there are reasons to believe that such is the case, but not every time. Not every time. Likewise, if there's a problem, people will think well, this person I don't get along with, they're doing some conspiracy against me. They're going to everybody and talking to them about me. They're spreading rumors about me and you have no evidence to prove that. So this is not justice. This is not fairness. This is what following the desires. So Allah says when he monogame, Shana and Coleman, Allah alerta they do. Don't let this enmity of people prevent you from being fair. He commands us era de Loup, be fair, be just why? Because who are Acropolis taco, it is closer to piety. It is

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closer to taco, what does it mean that when a person is fair, then they have the taco of Allah in their heart. What is the core of Allah, fear of Allah, fear of being answerable to Allah subhanaw taala fear of being questioned by Allah, fear that today I can do whatever I want to however, tomorrow, Allah is going to ask me, fear of his punishment, fear of his questioning. So, the one who will have this taqwa in the heart, that I have to answer Allah, and Allah knows the reality, then what will this person do? He will be fair, he will be just, then his feelings will not come in and prevent him from fairness in the law, have Iran be METAR Malone Indeed, Allah is fully aware of

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whatever that you do, therefore, fear Him and therefore have justice.

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And we see that the core of Allah, this is what enables a person to be fair, in this dunya it's Taqwa of sometimes the law that forces people to be fair, sometimes it's the color of the police, which forces people to be fair, but this is all temporary, because as soon as they will be out of that land where that law is enforced, and they will not be fair. Like for example, if there is a person, they don't get along with their daughter, they want to physically abuse them. What is it that prevents them? It's the taqwa of the police, but what will happen, they will get their daughter out of their country go somewhere else, and then they will do whatever they want to which the COA is

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Allah subhanaw taala referring to that Taqwa of Allah, what duckula Because then you will maintain justice, you will be fair, wherever you are, in whichever country whichever city, whichever room, whichever building, whichever Street, wherever you are, you will be fair then

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because Allah is watching you, no matter where you hide, no matter where you go, sometimes it's the fear of the neighbors that they will hear the screams, and they might call the police. Sometimes it's the fear of certain relatives that they're in the house and then they will come to find out that I'm committing this injustice against my spouse or against my children, and the woman there out that a person does whatever he wants to, but the one who will fear Allah, then he will be just unfair, whether other people are around or they are not around, whether the neighbors are there, or they're not there. So it's the fear of Allah truly, that makes a person just with himself, and also

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with others, are modeled Lido Arn, who as a Khalifa, he was so just unfair, that he would say that if a dog were to die out of thirst, by the river that then aroma will be questioned.

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Because I am the Khalifa. And I am supposed to look after everyone who is under me. And if there is an animal even that dies out of hunger out of thirst, then it is my fault. This is what forced him to be so just unfair, that at times he would be hungry, he would be thirsty. And he died in a state where he left behind only one pair of clothes that he was wearing. This is how fearful he was. And this is what enabled him to be fair.

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She's mentioning a story that she read somewhere about a girl who was getting married, she did her will do and she had her makeup put on everything. And then right when she was about to pray, she lost her will. So if she were to go and do will do again. First of all, all that makeup would be gone. And then secondly, it would take more time because then they would have to apply that makeup again. However, her family wanted her to come already so they said Pray later. But she insisted people did get upset. Her family did get upset with her but she insisted and while she was praying Salah she passed away

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while she was praying Salah she passed away isn't as possible. Definitely because we don't know when death will approach us. We don't know when we're going to die. Therefore Kuno Colorware mean and Allah He be always always upholding the rights of Allah. We always in the state of summer and Florida to Allah be always fair and just and what can help a person be fair and just the fear of Allah that Allah is watching me wherever I am, whatever situation I'm in, in the Quran, we met our Milone what are the Allahu ladina Amma know Allah has promised those people who believe why middle slowly haughty and they also do righteous deeds, who will do righteous deeds the one who does summer

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in thought the one who hears and obey is the one who doesn't hear and obey. He can't do righteous deeds. So Eman is the first step. And the second step is what hear and obey. So those who believe and do good deeds, Allah has promised for them what the homophilic done that for them as forgiveness or Edgerunner Aleem and a great reward forgiveness for their shortcomings and a great reward. But a great reward is given to what great deeds Right. Great reward is awarded to great performance. So if our performance is not there, if our performance is not up to par, then where do we expect the great reward from? On the other hand? Well, Latina kuffaar Or those who disagree with cancer will be a

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Latina and they deny our versus deny our signs. Lulu equals horrible dream. Those are the Companions of the Blazing hellfire. Notice what's mentioned over here cat there will be a Tina, they call our eyes that a lie. They refuse to believe in our if what our eye at remember there are two types of eye art Kony and Sherry shutter it is what do they contain commands, laws, instructions for revisions. So if a person here is an OBS, and that means he is doing there, the sleeve, he is affirming the truthfulness because he says that, yes, this is true. And I will prove that it's true by doing it by living it. And if there's a person who doesn't observe them, rather contradicts the

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commands with his actions, then he is mocking at the commands. He is rejecting them. He's doing their tech leave in a way. So remember that knowing the commands alone is not sufficient. It's about following them. Because those who know yet they don't follow, then their outcome is much worse. While living a cuff on workers that will be attina Ola equals horrible dream

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What's the koroni law here they come Juanita up he was up I believe

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what Temple Law her in Namaha

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video I'm going off on what I mean

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when I say Reman

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da de Loup?

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What Capilla in the long have

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done well I don't Allahu leadin wanting or saw the herd you know who knows?

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Now the me well leadin aka

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yeah you have Nadine Manu. Oh you will have believed was guru Nero, not Allah here Aleikum, remember the blessing of Allah upon you.

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Now the thing is that when a person becomes of those who are co Amina Elahi shahada best or always obeying Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala also helps them and he protects them and he supports them.

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You know, in the Quran, we learn that Allah is the Wali, he is the friend of who the believers

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remember that there are different levels of friendship that people have with Allah subhanaw taala.

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Likewise, we learn that Allah is the verb of the worlds, meaning that he maintains them, he looks after them, he provides for them. He heals the sick, he helps the ones in distress, whether they believe in him or they don't believe in Him, whether they worship Him or they don't. A person who is sinful get sick, Allah subhanaw taala cures in a person who is very sinful is in a lot of trouble. And Allah subhanaw taala helps him out. We see this a person needs money and Allah subhanaw taala makes them so rich. So Allah is the rub off on Amin, right of all the creation. Now again, there are different levels at which Allah subhanaw taala takes care of looks after his creation. One is a

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general level, general level, which is that anyone who asks Allah for help anyone who is in a needy state, Allah helps him. Allah supports him he provides for him. Then there is a hos level, which is that when a person is a believer, then because of his Amen. Allah helps him more than he helps others. Allah supports him more than he supports others. Allah provides for him, gives him satisfaction, gives them peace, answers is there oz fulfills his requests, promises him reward that he has not promised to others. This is why because of the image of the person.

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And then there is a level that is even higher, cost subtle costs of Wilaya of Nestle's our friendship with Allah of Allah's help of him being robbed of herb. udia, the servant is even closer to Allah.

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And that is, for example, the level of the prophets. That how Allah subhanaw taala help them made them victorious, finish their enemy, those who dare to harm the prophets, Allah destroyed them. So this level of horse, subtle horse that is being referred over here, that all believers remember the blessing upon you, when Allah saved you when Allah protected you from your enemy? Why, just because of your Eman just because of your close friendship with Allah subhanaw taala.

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You know, it's like, you work so hard to be on good terms with someone. Why so that when you're in a problem, they help you the better terms you are at with them, the more help you expect from them when you are in difficulty, which is why what happens is that certain people when they need somebody's help, then a few days prior to that they start talking to them. They send them a message. They ask them how are you doing? Can I do something for you everything okay? Why? Because they want to get

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get something out of them. And as soon as what they want is over than they forget them.

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This level of hospital cause is not attained in this way that when you need something, then you start making dua to Allah. As therefore it is left before your exam, you start praying to Allah, you start praying Salah to Sure. And you're also making time to read your morning Let's call your evening of QA, okay, Allah will help you Inshallah, but this level is an average level you can see, the one who gets the support and help of Allah all the time is the one who is Allah's friend all the time.

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The one who will get Allah has assistance is the one who is in obedience to Allah as well. When you are a woman and Allah He, always maintaining the rights of Allah, that Allah will also always maintain you look out for you. Remember, in the Hadith, follow Allah phulka you will be mindful of Allah and Allah will be mindful of you. Allah says Fatcow Rooney, and Coco, you remember me, and I will remember you. So the more you worship Allah, the more you invite the help of Allah. And this is something that we want throughout our lives.

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Because sometimes it happens, that we experienced such moments, some phases in our lives where we feel that Allah's Mercy is not there, then we feel as though we're left on our own. Where is everybody? Where is Allah's help? You know, sometimes we question, what went wrong, what happened to we need to check ourselves that are we also always remembering Allah that we expect Allah's help to always be there? Because over here Allah reminds the believers of his special help and assistance. But that is only granted to those who remember Allah. So this is why Allah says, Yeah, you Alladhina amanu was good oh Namath, Allah, He RNA can recall, remember the blessing the favor of Allah upon

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you. Which blessing which favor is hammer Coleman, when is certain people they had intended firmly resolved the word hammer from her, me, me and him is to be concerned about something to worry about something. But it also means to think, to plan to resolve to do something. Remember, we learned earlier, it had MACBA if attorney when two groups of the Muslims they had almost intended to leave, and this was referring to the Battle of or hurt. So a certain group of people they had thoroughly planned they had intended to they were at the verge of doing what I have a subtle Illyricum idea that they should extend their hands out against you. Yep, I suppose from bussaco to extent, so they

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had firmly resolved they have thoroughly planned they were at the verge of extending their hands out. You like them, meaning to assault you to hurt you to attack you. It's like somebody has already taken their handout, and the only thing that's left is slapping you across your face. So imagine your enemy had drawn their hands out, they were at the verge of attacking you but what happened for CAFA idea women come but Allah withheld their hands from you. He restrained their hands imagine somebody is about to strike you they have their hand up and somebody comes in holds their hand back and they can't hit you they cannot hit you they cannot hurt you even a little bit so the same thing

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happened here a law restrain their hand with held their hands so they weren't able to hurt you what the color haha and fear Allah where Allah He finally at our cannon minion and upon Allah should the believers rely. Now this being saved from the attack of the enemy, being saved from the assault of the enemy?

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This is what Allah subhanaw taala mentions it as what his Nirma his blessing. What does this teach us that being saved from some harm, some difficulty some problem? This is also a huge favor of Allah upon a person that it difficulty was approaching him some harm, some danger was by his feet but what happened? Allah subhanaw taala protected the person this is his special mercy upon him.

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Why? Why did Allah save him? Why did Allah protect him? There's always a reason.

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There's so many people who, when they've embraced Islam, they tell their story about how they were at the verge of dying. They were in

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a very difficult situation they were about to drown something was about to happen. And they said, God, if you're there, save me and I will come to you, I will be a good person. And then what happened? They made a promise there a loss penalty to save them, and let them to guidance. There is a reason why Allah saves a person from difficulty from a problem. And it's a huge blessing of Allah upon a person when Allah saves him from that. What is that reason? It's because that person is Allah spent. Allah is that person's friend Wilaya Hasa. Hospital Hustla. Now this is something that happened numerous times in the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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numerous times. Think about the time when he was doing Hijra

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when he left his house, what happened as he stepped outside the house? Who was standing there men from various tribes of Makkah. Why, so that together they would attack him and kill him? Why? So that the blame would not fall on just one tribe. And then the bundle Hashem the tribal, the prophets on a lot of center, they wouldn't take revenge, they would just agree to take blood money.

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So imagine the prophets a lot of time stepped out, and there's like 30 men standing there to kill one person. But what happened? Didn't Allah save Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam at that time? Who made all those men sleepy? It is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took a handful of dust and threw it. And this was also at Bethel. So who allowed that dust to reach into their eyes? Who caused that barrier to come between those men and between the prophets of Allah Islam? Allah subhanaw taala, right, because Allah wanted to save him because he was Allah's friend. Think about when the Prophet salallahu Salam was hiding in the cave, and then we should be keen, they reached literally the mouth

00:37:04 --> 00:37:24

of the cave. This is mentioned in Surah Toba and if they look down, what would happen they would see Mohamed Salah Lawson and Abu Bakr and they would look at all the dough I know he was so afraid at that time, so afraid at that time. And what did the Prophet salallahu Salam say to him? Like that isn't in Allah, Marinette? Don't worry, Allah is with us.

00:37:26 --> 00:37:38

Who prevented those Michigan from looking down? Who prevented them from looking down? Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because he was going to save his Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:37:40 --> 00:37:58

Once the prophets of Allah Olson was resting under a tree, and his sword was hanging on the tree, a Bedouin, who had been sent by the Quraysh, he saw that, oh, he's sleeping and his sword is not in his hand. It's hanging on the tree. He came, took his hand, and he said, Oh, Mohamed, who's gonna save you from me.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:01

The Prophet said a lot of time got up, and he said, Allah

00:38:02 --> 00:38:34

subhanho wa taala. He will save me. The Bedouin repeating his question, who's gonna save you from me? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said the same thing. And eventually the Bedouin man, he just got scared. I mean, who gets scared like that? Generally, who gets scared like that? Somebody accuses you of something or tries to harm you and you say, Allah will save me. Allah will help me. And people you know, sometimes they don't even hear what you said. But some people their voices are heard by Allah and Allah saves them.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:11

By the time the companion scam, that Bedouin man was sitting down without the sword in his hand, and the sword was in the hands of the Prophet top a lot of Saddam Hussein Mohamed salah, lawless and when he went to speak to the hood of Medina, in order to convince them to put their share in the blood money that the people of Medina had to pay to the machine, but what happened, the Jews they left they said, Yes, we will help you. And one of them he went up in order to throw a huge boulder on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to kill him who saved him, who told him get up and leave. Allah said intelligibly, right. Why, because Allah wanted to save him. How many times people have died in

00:39:11 --> 00:39:15

this way that somebody threw something on them, somebody shot them, and they couldn't survive.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:59

Why? Because Allah special help wasn't there at all. HUDs we have learned this in detail how so many people they came looking for the prophets of Allah is looking for him, scanning the crowd searching for his face so that they could just attack him and kill him. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam fell in a ditch in a hole, and Allah saved him like that. So many occasions. Remember that Jewish woman who prepared a meal for the Prophet saw a lot of summer and poisoned the meat that she served him and what happened? He just put one bite in his mouth and he was told not to eat it. He took it out. Another companion he ate it and he died.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

Who saved Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Allah did.

00:40:03 --> 00:40:31

There's numerous examples in the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, and not just in his life, but in the lives of the companions in the lives of many, many righteous people, many righteous people who are in the way of Allah, they seek help from Allah. They're obedient to him at other times, and Allah saves them, he protects them.

00:40:32 --> 00:40:37

So this is a huge blessing, which is granted to those who remember Allah.

00:40:38 --> 00:41:22

Just the other day, a lady was sharing with me her story of how she got a really big traffic ticket. And she also lost some points. So anyway, she went to the court, and the first time the police officer showed up, and something happened because of which it was left undecided. They were given another date. So she was supposed to come back three months from then. So she went. And when she went, the police officer didn't show up when he didn't show up. So the judge, she was like, It's okay, doesn't matter, I will reduce your fine down from hundreds of dollars to only $80. And she said, I will not remove any of your points. You have all your points. She said before that she was

00:41:22 --> 00:41:41

making are Ya Allah, you saved me, you protect me, it was my fault. You save me. I don't want to lie here. I didn't want to do anything wrong here. I just want your help. And this was amazing that not just her traffic ticket. But even the demerit points. She got everything back only $80 She had to pay.

00:41:42 --> 00:42:28

And I was just thinking that why is it that Allah subhanaw taala helped her in this way. And the only thing I could remember about her was that she's a woman and I can bear witness to that, who gives sadaqa who gives her a lot of sadaqa there's so many works of head and she participates in that. She doesn't have a huge income. No, but still I know that she gives sadaqa whatever money she makes, she spends in the way of Allah out of that she helps other people with the money that she makes. And this is what happens when you remember ALLAH, when you obey Allah all the time that Allah will protect you all the time as well. He will not abandon you. This is why Allah says what Allah

00:42:28 --> 00:42:46

fear Allah because it's the fear of Allah, that will make you obey Him. And while Allah He fully at our current moment on, the believers should only rely upon Allah, what does it mean? That whenever you're in difficulty, rely upon him. Don't start lying over there.

00:42:47 --> 00:43:39

Don't start making things up over there. admit your mistake, admit your fault, and seek Allah's help. rely upon him also for the future. Remember all those times when Allah saved you. All those times that he protected you he helped you. If he helped you in the past, he will help you now and in the future. But you have to build a good reputation. You have to develop a good friendship with Allah to call his to invite his help. So Earth guru near Matala here on a comb. It Hama Coleman. A yerba Soto Aleikum idea home for Kapha idea humara income. What the Kola word Allah he funny Otowa Khalil me know. And sometimes it happens that something is right there. But the person who wants to

00:43:39 --> 00:44:21

harm you, they just don't see it. They just don't see it. It's in front of them yet they don't see it. Sometimes it's an obvious document an obvious thing that's written that's recorded, they just miss it. And sometimes what happens if the police pulled you over? Then it's like one thing after the other one problem after the other, that when we rely upon Allah, it's not pure reliance. We say that yes, yes. Allah you help me I trust you. I rely upon you but at the same time we're looking around, can this person help me? Can that person help me? Can they give me some money? Can they you know, say something in my favor? We expect help from people as well. But truth our cool is that you

00:44:21 --> 00:44:45

expect help from Allah alone. And who can do this the one who does his good deeds for Allah unknown. When you have a class, when you develop sincerity, you're doing what you're doing only for Allah. Then you can reach that level where you will expect help only from him. Where in Allah He fully at our callin me no

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