Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L295D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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That's continued.

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All I knew her rugby in the humara, Sony new holiday salon, he prayed to his Lord. And he complained to him saying that, Oh my Lord, indeed they have disobeyed me, meaning my people have disobeyed me. They don't listen to me. Earlier, we learned that new Harrison, when he was sent to the people, what did he say to them, that worship Allah, fear Him. And thirdly, obey me, after your oni obey me. And he invited his people in many different ways, making the warning extremely clear to them, calling them continuously, day and night, openly and secretly, publicly as well as at an individual level. And he used every means that was available to him every possible effort that he could put in, he did

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that in order to spread the message.

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However, what was the reaction of the people in the home or Sony, they have disobeyed me, they don't listen to me. I call them but they turned away. And we learned about the reaction of the people of New hairless and and that how when you used to go to them, they would close their ears, and how they would cover themselves up so they wouldn't even have to see him. They wouldn't even speak to him. And they became abusive towards him. They argued with him and they physically beat him up as well. But no halus Ram did not give up. And finally, when he was informed by Allah subhanaw taala, that now no more people are going to believe. And the people also said that that's it, we don't want to

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hear from you anymore. Then no, halozyme complained to his Lord, seeking His help against the people. He said, Rob be in a home or Sony, indeed, these people have disobeyed me. Instead of listening to me, what have they done? What terbaru and they have instead followed? Man, the one who lemmya z to whom Allah who, whose wealth does not increase him? Well, well, I do and his children, so whose wealth and children do not increase him in law herself except in loss? Meaning instead of following me, who have they followed their leaders? And who are their leaders, those whose wealth and children have increased them in their cassava in loss? How is it that the wealth and children of

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the leaders has increased them in loss, that because of their wealth, and children, they have this a bit new hairdresser, and they also lead other people astray? Because if you think about it, those who are wealthy, those who are influential, what happens to them, they think that they are right. And it gives them this sense of pride and the sense of being right. Which is why no matter what the messenger says to them, they don't listen. So my lamea say to whom Allah who will Allah do? Illa Hazara who does it refer to the leaders, that their wealth and children have made them disobedient, have made them arrogant, have made them oppose the messenger. And as a result, they have increased

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in their loss, not in their winning,

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we see that people are attached for other people.

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Sometimes people get distracted, or people get the wrong image of what the truth is because of who the other person is. For example, just because the other is wealthy, a person will think he is right, just because the other person is for a person will think that he is wrong. And remember that most of the times the messengers who were they're opposed by the wealthy be influential al-mulla, the motto of him, and who is it that followed the messengers, it was the poor, it was those people who are not as influential in the society. Remember heraclius when he heard of the prophets that a lot is on them, and it was of Yan was in town, he called him Luciana and asked him a number of

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questions about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and amongst them, he also asked him that what kind of people follow Him and what did he say? It's mainly the poor. It's the women. It's the weak, they're the ones who follow him. And he said, this is exactly how it is. That this is how the farmers of the messengers are initially.

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So the people, those who are for who they end up following the messengers, why? Because through the Huck, they get hope. Because we have learned that how much Oh no, hey, listen, I'm give to the people. You turn to Allah, Allah will forgive you, you turn to Allah along will give you wealth and children and so on and so forth.

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So many times it is those who are weak in worldly terms who turn towards the deen and those who are powerful in terms of dunya what happens? They think they don't need to do so in this way. What happens? Those who are wealthy, they stand against the truth. The leaders, the influential people, they stand up against the messengers

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Over here we see that on one hand new highness and I was calling the people and on the other hand who was calling the people, the wealthy, the rich, Malema z to whom Allahu Allah do a Lucha Sarah.

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So new Harrison was in a very similar position. Well, Mercado makhan corbera and they conspired an immense conspiracy, who the leaders, the influential people, those were standing up against new heights.

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Were on one hand, he was calling people. On the other hand, these leaders what were they doing, plotting against New Zealand and Makoto Macron? What is mocha? mocha is a serene filled facade, it is to put an effort in order to spread corruption, a plot in order to spread facade. So they made a plot who the leaders why what kind of a plot was this, in order to stop people from following new Harrison, in order to stop people from believing in new Harrison, and this plot was what corbera cubao This is mobila meaning it was a huge, immense, extremely outrageous plot.

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So they plotted a plot in order to trick the people in order to deceive the people, how that they made the people believe that what you are doing, how you are following us this is the right way. And if you follow No, that is not right.

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And we see this has been the case in every era as well. For our own for example, what did he do? He also deceived his people, then he say to his people, that la Selim will come so doesn't this kingdom of missile belong to me and all of these and how they flow under me? Am I better or this Moosa? Who is what I occurred to you being, he cannot even express himself clearly.

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So this has been the case in every era, that where the messenger was calling people to the truth, those who were elite of the society who felt that if the people follow the messengers, they were going to lose their power and influence. What did they do? They deceived people? How do they deceive people, by their market? And what was their market by making people believe that what you're doing is right? You don't need to follow the messenger, follow us and you'll be fine. If you follow the messenger, you will suffer loss.

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Just think about it. The messenger is telling them you believe Allah will forgive you. You seek forgiveness, Allah will give you wealth, and look at what the other people are doing. That if you follow the messenger, you will suffer loss will call you and they said letter the owner never leave. What can I do? Who said this? It was the leaders influential once they said to the people letter, the owner, never ever leave, don't you dare leave, never stopped the worship of who, and he has come your God's never leave the worship of your gods, nor is telling you don't worship them. But we're telling you never stop worshiping them? Because what you're doing is right.

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whenever they're on, and never ever leave. What then what? What as well and norsu? Where are you? Who's your who's? Where UK or Europe when is slow? or

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What are these? What are your Who's your openness? These are the idols that the people have no highness and I'm used to worship.

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And remember that these idols, what were they in fact? Or why were they made?

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They were in fact, righteous people who lived amongst this nation. And there's a report that we learned from Buhari in which we learned that even our bustle the man who said that these men were all righteous people. And when they passed away shavon inspired these people to erect statues in honor of them at their gathering places where they used to come and sit. And he also told them name these statues after these men, that whatever names these men had these righteous men had give the same names to who, to these idols so that they can be remembered. And it's a part of honoring and respecting them. They were so good.

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So they did this, as Japan suggested. But then these statues were later on worshiped by who by the later generations, the people who made their images, did they worship them? No, they didn't. It was after some time, the later generations who did not have any knowledge, by the time knowledge was lost by the time he died or was lost. So by then what happened it was a later generation who started worshipping those images and considered them to be divine.

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So basically, we see that personality worship was

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Did that lead to idol worship, respecting and honoring their men? the good ones amongst them? What did that lead to worshiping it let them do shit.

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And it wasn't even that these idols were actually in human form for example it is said that what was a male idol and it was a very tall figure. So our was a female idol yahoos was an idol, who had a lion face yahoos was an idol that had a lion face. And he was an idol that had a horse face. And NASA was an idol that had an eagle or about trophies. Now, if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has created human beings as I should have

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the best of all creation, the most honorable of all creation. And what are these people doing? prostrating themselves before a figure that has a lion face that has a horse face that has a vulture face? Just think about it, this is going to the level of as far as after the lowest of the low. Look at the honor that Allah has given you. And you are degrading yourself by prostrating before such things.

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So the leaders What did they do? They told the people never leave their worship, people worshipping them. And remember that what you're doing is right, no matter what Newark tells you don't listen to him.

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So new hologram he said what are the other Luca and they have misled many, who has misled many, these leaders, these elite, they have misled many, many people like this. Just imagine knew how to center individually all by himself. He is calling people putting in so much effort and on the other hand, all of these leaders What are they doing leading people astray? So they managed to lead many people astray. Secondly, it has been terrible called urban Luca de la de over here refers to the idols that these idols have misled many.

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Remember, Ibrahima Sam, also, what did he say? intuitive? rahima 36. We learn about being known of lenica millionaires, that Oh my Lord, indeed these idols have misled many among the people. How is it that idols mislead people, that their very existence their very presence is a means of leading people astray? How that they appear to be so attractive. The stories that people have invented about them, that people are inclined to them, they're attracted to them.

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So by their very presence people are misled. So new hairless lamb said, What are the other Luca zero, they have misled many one as it is lolly Mina Illa, banana, and you do not increase the wrongdoers except in error. Meaning these people the lie they mean the Michigan they choose the land for themselves. So you also increase them in Berlin only Now, why as punishment?

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Didn't know how they said I'm one guidance for them.

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Then tea? Of course he did. Which is why you put an effort for so long. But if you think about it, you're offering something good to someone constantly, for 950 years and they don't want to take it then what do you say, okay, suit yourself. Whatever you want them take that. You don't want to take this don't take it. So similarly, you pray, whenever does it get lonely? Amina Illa Bonilla, these people want misguidance which is why they follow these idols which is why they follow their leaders. So Allah you also increase these people in Ghana, when as it is only Mina Illa banana, you also increase them in misguidance. And morale over here can also be understood as destruction and loss,

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that they have opted misguidance for themselves, so you also punish them. So in other words, he prayed for punishment for these people. Allah subhanaw taala says mimma hotly at him because of their sins. mimma is min and max and min over here gives meaning of Allah that because of their hopefully, because of their sins, hopefully add is enough, hopefully,

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over the course vehicle they were drowned for audyssey lunala and they were admitted into the fire. Now the question is what are the sins that the people of New halozyme used to perform? Because huddly Act has been said?

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What sins did they do? Did they commit?

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Shake what else? because hopefully as has been said, which is the plural of hopefully

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disobeying the messenger. What else

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schilke disobeying the messenger what else

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leading other people astray. misguiding others. Darwin, Ireland isn't when they were encouraging one another to stay firm on idol worship. What else did they do?

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opposing the messenger opposing them

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Because remember, no Harrison was telling them what the who.

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And when a person has taqwa, then what happens? It leads him to obedience. And it saves him from disobedience. But when a person does not have that pattern, what is he going to do? He's going to end up doing many things wrong. So, amongst those things that they did wrong was also opposing the messenger, that every time he spoke to them, they put their fingers in their ears. Isn't that wrong? It's very wrong. It's very disrespectful. They physically abused him. They argued with him. They look down on the followers of new listener, so mingma hotly at him, it was because of their sins that over Rico, they were drowned, drowned by what? By the flood, for Odyssey lunella. And as soon

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as they were drowned, what happened? They were admitted into the fire.

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Oh, hello, now, they were admitted into the fire? Which fire is this? The fire of the punishment of Bursa.

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Because remember, that once a person dies, it doesn't mean that his existence has been terminated. It doesn't mean he does not exist anymore. Once a person dies, what does that mean? separation of body and soul. This is what death means. And separation of body and soul does not mean the soul does not experience anything. No, the soul does experience and depending on how a person has been, either the soul will experience reward or the soul will experience punishment. So the reward involves off the punishment and Bursa. What is that? It is unhealthy. It is the truth. There is no doubt about it.

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There are many, many verses of the Quran, and statements of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, amongst them also his drawers which tell us about punishment of the greed. We learn about the Shahada, when they pass away when they die, what happens to their souls? What happens to them? They are in the form of Green Berets in paradise. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala says don't say they are dead, but here in therapy music on

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and on the other hand over here we see the people of New Haile s&m. Allah says they were drowned and they were admitted into the fire. Similarly about the people or for their own What do we learn into the closet? I have 46 and now you're aluna Elena will do one why she Yeah, the fire they are exposed to it morning and evening.

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they're exposed to fire every morning and every evening, we oma taco Masato new NFL owner a shutdown either. And the day the hour appears, it will be said make the people of their own enter the severe punishment. So until the day of judgment, until the day of judgment, they are experiencing what punishment of the grave. And on the Day of Judgment after that there'll be admitted way into the hellfire.

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Now if you think about it, both of these nations people of New holism and people have thrown both of them What happened to them?

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They were drowned. And about both of them what do we learn they were admitted into the fire immediately, instantly punished. So it says though the punishment of dunya was followed up by the punishment of Bursa, which will be followed up by the punishment of the hereafter hellfire. Just imagine continuous punishment. Allah has fed me a doula home in doula he ansara and they did not find for themselves besides Allah, any helpers. They could not find any helpers other than Allah to come and take them out of that punishment. No one could save them, no one could protect them. Fellow Mia, doula hoomin dulay onsala.

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Now this is shows to us that the punishment of the grave the punishment of the bursa is something real.

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And it's the first step to the Hereafter, which is why we see that the prophets have a lot of sort of use to seek refuge against the punishment of the green.

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I should only learn has said that I never saw a loss messenger but seeking refuge with Allah from the punishment in the grave. In every prayer he prayed

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that into the shadow before saying the Salah, Aloma ner will be coming or that will probably

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become an adaptogen hana, what are what are becoming fitna till you see her the gel. What are they becoming fitna del Mahal Mama. So he used to make the straw every time he prayed. Just imagine

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why. Because if a person is saved in the grave, then the rest of the Hereafter is also fine. It's the first step and if a person is punished over there, then just imagine, just imagine what is to follow afterwards.

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So this was the way of the profit sort of autism that he would seek refuge against the punishment of the grip and we should do that even more.

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work on a new hook be a new Harley slam parade. He said, Oh my Lord, let other lll liminal carefully in the yellow Do not leave upon the earth from among the disbelievers even a single day. Not even one inhabitant, meaning wipe all of these mushrikeen don't even leave a single one of them. Don't leave on the earth, even a single day yellow from the caffeine. Who is the yellow, the yellow dots on the roof address that well? What does that mean? House and the yellow is one who inhabits a house one who inhabits adult so what is it an inhabitant a resident?

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So don't leave on the face of the earth of the disbelievers even a single dweller. Not even one dweller. Why? Because in NACA into their home, indeed, if you leave them, if you spare them, if you let them live, then what's going to happen? You lilu or Eva, they're going to mislead Your servants.

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Because imagine new hologram had been calling them for how long? 950 years. But despite that, very few people believed. And the leaders on the other hand, what were they doing? They were leading other people astray. So if you let these people live, then what's going to happen? They will mislead Your servants. As people are born, as more people come to this earth, what's going to happen? They're all going to be misled by these leaders by these machine.

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Well, I really do and they will not give birth to jelly do well. lambdin meaning whatever children they have, who will they be in their fragile, except wicked kafala confirmed disbeliever meaning their children are also going to grow up to be who extremely wicked, disobedient people. And also Kapha extremely disbelieving, meaning confirmed disbelievers because obviously, if the parents are like this, and how are the children going to be? Definitely disbelievers definitely like their parents. So this is why he made the straw.

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now if you think about it, some people say that Oh look, he gave up a person might wonder he gave up or he disappeared. This is not that he was being impatient. This was not that he had despaired. This door he made when the hotel was completely established against the people how that first of all, he did our to them for how long?

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950 years? Did he spare any effort? No. He did everything he possibly could. Everything.

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He didn't leave any stone unturned. Just imagine 950 years

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and Leyland when a hat off constantly. He was calling people openly secretly. He didn't leave anything. But still, what was the reaction of the people of disbelief and disobedience? Were on one hand, he was calling people what were the leaders doing? They were misleading them. And the people also said to know Hey, listen, we don't want to hear from you anymore at all. incertitude is 32 we learned earlier no Hakata Delta exalted Elena 13 Abby matauri, Luna in conterminous saw the thing they said, Oh no, you have disputed us and been frequent in dispute of us. Meaning you have argued a lot with us. That's it. We don't want to take it anymore. So bring us what you threaten us if you

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should be truthful.

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This is just like the machine of Makkah. They asked for the punishments and I say no, they are very welcome. And when they demanded the punishment, what happened last panel data center minor punishment against them in the form of the famine, the drought, and later on their defeat at Burger.

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And eventually they were completely finished, their power was completely broken.

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We learned also incertitude is 36 at a loss of panel data himself inform new listener, that we'll get a new one a new language medium and omega 11.

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That now no person from your nation is going to believe except those who have already believed. Now no more people are going to believe

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international commerce is nine to 10 we learn cassava cobalamin como new Han cicada Baba Donna waka Luma junoon was DJ further out of boohoo a name of luban fantasy. So he put in his maximum effort to call the people but when they were going to be no more believers, the leaders Makoto makhan corbera. Allah subhanaw taala himself informed him. So this is when he prayed.

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It wasn't that he became impatient. No.

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He knew that that's it. These people are not going to believe and if they remain on this earth, they're only going to spread more corruption and disbelief.

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In NACA into the home, you will learn a better way to do lF agilon kafele. So what happened? He prayed to Allah subhanaw taala to help him and the punishment was sent against the people. And what was that punishment that they were drowned over the call for Odessa, Luna? ambia is 76 we learn one new handmade nederman kaaboo festa joban Allah who I knew when he called us before, is nederman kaaboo festa Jebin Allah who so we responded to him for Gina who, hello, mina COVID, Arlene, and we saved him and his family, his followers from Al COVID. Arlene, the great distress and what was that great distress?

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The opposition of the people, the disbelief of the people,

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because just imagine that God that he would go through calling people day and night. And what's the reaction of the people

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closing their ears? Just imagine the curve you will go through the profits are allowed. So what do we learn about him until it'll come?

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Back here and of sakara 13 in the mute, no big deal.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:14

So imagine how much distress it would cause the profits or losses that have and how much distress it would cause no Harrison, so Allah saved him from that distress.

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Instead of calmer I attend to 14 also we learned further out of boohoo aneema Lubin fantasy of Adana, abueva summer edema in 100 perfect journal other unit felt calmer I am in

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the water was coming down and coming up as well down from the sky up from the earth. And as a result, the entire place was flooded, and New Zealand and the believers were on the ship. This is how they were saved and the rest of the people, they were all finished, all wiped out.

00:26:47 --> 00:26:57

And then when the punishment came, when the disbelievers were destroyed, new halus and amadora are bill fiddly. Oh my Lord, forgive me.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:12

He prayed to Allah for forgiveness. Oh my Lord, forgive me just look at this. Look at the effort that he's put in 950 years, he had been struggling. And at the end, what is his? Oh my Lord, forgive me.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:15

Forgive me for what?

00:27:16 --> 00:27:28

For what? Because a person might think that oh, you know, as a messenger. And as a diary, as someone who's been putting in so much effort, what sins could he possibly have committed? Why is he praying for forgiveness?

00:27:29 --> 00:27:42

Any deficiency, on his part, any shortcoming on his part, because a believer No matter how much effort he has put in, no matter how much effort he has, what he knows he could have done better.

00:27:43 --> 00:27:50

He realizes his shortcomings, he realizes that he did not give the full help.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:41

Earlier we learned in sort of the knowledge that in other Bobby Himalayan moon, that the punishment of the Lord is something that no one can feel safe from. So which is why the believer when he does something good at the same time, he is afraid of Allah, which is why he seeks forgiveness, or bill fairly. Oh my Lord, forgive me, Wiley Wiley, they Yeah, and also from my parents, forgive me, and also my parents, when the holla at me none, and also forgive the one who enters my house as a believer. Notice he doesn't say forgive my family, because amongst his family members were those who did not believe his own wife. We have learned earlier that she did not believe similarly, his own

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son did he believe? No. So when he when the holla at a minute, and whoever enters my house as a believer, what is the mean by my house, it means literally his house, someone said that the house over here refers to the ship that whoever enters the ship, because it was only the believers who entered the ship. So he prayed for forgiveness for all of them as well. And think about the punishment was being sent on the people. A great flood.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:13

And what guarantee Do you have when a punishment is being sent to people that you will be saved?

00:29:14 --> 00:29:52

Could that punishment not afflict other people as well? Of course it could. Allah says what the COVID-19 legislation and Latina woman comparsa it's not necessary that the punishment will only be for those who have done wrong It can even befall who those who are innocent. This is why at this time, when the punishment is coming on the wrongdoing people knew her lesson was busy seeking a loss forgiveness that you protect us You forgive us, or bill fairly well actually they weren't even the holiday to mean and Walmart meaning Walmart minute and the believing men and believing women, which believe in men and women are these.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

Those who believed in him only know he made the offer them earlier when he went on holiday to what minute

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Because all of the believers who believed in know her lesson and they were with him on the ship, so he prayed for forgiveness for all of them anyway. So which believing men and women are these, those who will come until the day of judgment. Just look at the well wishes of new Harrison.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:36

He is making the law for all of the believers until the day of judgment. Look at his well wishes. This is the kind of sincerity and well wishing the messengers had for the people. And if you think about what kind of well wishing do we have for the messengers, how much gratitude do we have for their efforts?

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Thank you think about it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he made the offer his oma as well, many, many years. He offered sacrifice as well on behalf of his oma, so that is our target reward. Think about it. How much is our love for the messengers? How much is it that we pray to Allah that Allah Allah send your peace and blessings upon them? Well, Mina one more minute, what does it mean in that era, and do not increase the wrongdoers except in destruction. The wrongdoers, those who do shake those rules, whether they are now or they will come later until the day of judgment, such people only increase an interval.

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What does that mean? destruction ruin.

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Debit. Debit is basically a small piece of gold or silver. So basically, when something has been shattered, the value completely destroyed. And they were destroyed. We learned in the Quran waka lanta burner that be raw. So what does it mean in

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como una de

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work on

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What do you think?

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What did you learn from the story of new Harrison?

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The story of patience.

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asked him to the story right away when these people denied him. And for seven years, two years here, you wait for all that long visit, okay. It's okay. Let him give chance this year, this year this year, and he never gave up on them. And after that, I said, okay, because I also enough gonna be asking for this door for them if they denied and finally when they said, Okay, we'll bring the punishment, we're not going to accept you anymore. So he asked Allah subhanaw taala to punishment. I mean, if you think about it, how patient he was, how firm he was. That no matter how the people behaved with him, no matter how they reacted, he didn't you know, out of impatience, pray against

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them. The thing about it, somebody, you're talking to them to put their fingers in their ears, how hurt you would be, once you make dua to Allah against this, think about it. Typically, we would. But imagine 950 years passed by, and then it was that he made what it was made very clear, these people are not going to believe.

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I was thinking that how much pain he went through giving the artists people and I'm like, whenever I give someone and then they shut the door on me and I'm like, Okay, I'm not going to give back and I was thinking what made me do that. And those people who still giving them the thing that they don't have equal the problem with us when we give them the power. The ego comes in the way when things are not according to how we want it. We give up

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But I think that the die is focused on that Allah subhanaw taala should be obeyed. Very true, that it's the ego that comes in the middle. Because we think that if somebody has said, No, we have been disrespected, if somebody has, you know, been harsh in their response to us, we have been humiliated. And as a result, we don't want to continue with that work anymore. But the thing is that when a person suffers in the way of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala, he will protect him, he will take care of him, instead of earlier one, what do we learn what oofy Sebelius, and they were hurt in my way, this is oofy sabini, that when a person goes out in the way of a law, calling people to

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Allah, and he is humiliated, he is insulted. People don't listen to him, he gets hurt, this is other in the way of Allah. And for this other also, Allah subhanaw taala rewards a person?

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And why should we let our ego come in? Because if you think about it, ultimately, who are we nothing. And you're doing this work for the sake of Allah, if your focus is the grandeur of Allah, the might of Allah, the heck of a lot and it doesn't matter how you are treated. And believe me, you go out in the way of Allah, Allah will protect you, he will defend you, He will take care of you.

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It's just amazing that because when I was growing up, we know the story from the Bible was Ark. And, unless apparent what the islands like, you know, he's the way he's describing all these masters in the Quran, and especially know alaihe salam, now you change your view, like you know, you have more respect for the messengers and all that stuff. But it's sad to say that a lot of people out there don't know the reality of the messengers, and they think it's just a story of the Quran. And it was like, everything you ask them, like, you know, do you know the story of this, this man is like, and for you. They actually existed, they actually did all these sufferings, and they did all these

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things for us to believe in one God, but people are because they're growing up. This is the things that imprinted in their mind that these are just stories of the Bible, but Allah subhanaw taala gave the hack of these people that kondalilla and if you think about it, how every time the story of no Hassan is mentioned in the Quran, it's mentioned in a different way, showing us a completely different angle, so that we can learn something completely different each time.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Oh, no, no,

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no no.

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Nuh 1-28 Tafsir 21-28

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