Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L096A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. It includes examples of false or inaccurate stories, such as the loss of a country, a coworker's coworker's death, a woman losing her job, and a woman losing her job while working in a war. The speakers also mention the use of false or inaccurate stories in media coverage. Later, a group discusses a woman named Maria and her relationship with Jesus, as well as a woman named Maria who is a woman and a woman named Maria who is a woman and a woman.
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I'm about to be left him in a shape wonderful Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara

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safely MD

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Kaku Kohli

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lesson number 96 similar to our number 169, to 187, translation

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for haulover then he succeeded men from Barbie him after them confirm unworthy successors.

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When he threw they inherited when they inherited al Qaeda the book who do they take out over? transient wealth her the of this alleged dinner the lowest

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way to Luna and they say see you soon it will be forgiven Lennar for us. We're in and if yet the him it comes to them alone any transit wealth with Lou who like have it here who do they take it

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Elon Did not you have it is taken I lay him upon them me circle, a covenant lt tab of the book and that lead not yaku they say Allah He against a law in law except and help the truth. Whatever suit and they studied math, whatever fee in it. What the * and the home

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of the hereafter hyaluron is best lilla Deena for those who yet acun they fear Allah, a fella do the not therapy loan you all understand what levina and those who you must see corner they hold firmly Built it up with the book or accommo and they perfectly established a salata de Sala inner indeed we'd lead not Nibiru, we waste a general reward and mostly shade of those who will form

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it and when that takuna we raised algebra, the mountain FOCA whom above them who as if it will attune a canopy well one knew and they thought and the who that indeed it was the only one to fall behind on them. Who do you all take math what

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we gave you the cool watain with strength was guru and you all remember now watch fi in it lol calm so that you get the cone your fear Allah.

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What is and when I heard that he took Rob Booker Europe, men from Bernie children, Adam, Adam, main from Rudy him their backs their loins, the regatta home, their progeny, well, Ash had a home and he made them to testify. Allah upon and fusi him themselves. ls 2am I not bureau decom definitely Europe corlew they said Bella, why not? Yes shahina we bear witness. And lest the Hulu you all say Yo ma en de la jolla Mati of the standing in indeed we could know we were on from Heather this rawfully ones who were unaware.

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Oh or the Ulu you will say in number indeed not but Ashoka. He associated partners he did shift about una our forefathers men are blue from before Wakanda and we were do return of spring main from birdie him after them.

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Well, first then to licona you destroy us Bhima because of what farther he did and mobile saloon those who are false or those who are liars. What are their liquor and thus likewise? No Firstly, do we elaborate we explained clearly

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the signs the versus when are in the home and so that they yield your own they will return?

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What Lou and you recite or lay him upon them, never news and then we have the one who Taylor who we gave him a a Tina our versus fansler her then he stripped off. He came out

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fansler ha then he stripped off or he came out main her from it. So at bar Who? So he followed him a shade on the shape on okay.

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So he was made from a law we those who are misguided

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wello and if shit now we will learn a foreigner who surely we elevated him behalf with it. Well, I can know who but he uploaded he clung Illa to the earth whatever and he followed however, who is desired for method rules so his example tomaselli is like example of the dog in if you attack or lay upon it, yell, he knows his tongue out where he hangs his tongue out.

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Oh or that ruku believe him yell has pillows, he hangs his tongue out

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there Lika that muscle example Okami of the people alladhina those who get the booty belied, be it now with our signs with our vs. taco sauce. So unary leukosis the narrations that are in the home so that they get the first karoun they reflect

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how bad marthaler example some of the people and Medina dozuki the Buddha delight Be it now with our vs. Or enforcer whom and themselves can do they were used to the moon they do wrong. Man whoever yesterday he guides Allahu Allah for who so he looked at he the one who receives guidance, woman and whoever you blame he leaves to go astray for Allah ecosa those whom they are a horsey room those who are losers.

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Well, of course and certainly there are we created ledger Hanauma for Harris, Catherine many men from agenda Jin Wen ins and the humans the home for them kulu our hearts learn not you have Kahuna they understand we have with it what a home and for them our union eyes learn not ubass Luna they see the * with it. What a home and for them as an IRS landlord Yes, Marina de here we have with it. Ola, Ecuador's are now like the grazing livestock, but rather whom they are one or more astray. Will not Ecuador's whom they aloha saloon are those who are heedless. When he left he and for Allah Allah Smith the names and foerstner the most beautiful further ooh so you all call him invoke him be

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happy with it with the rule and you will leave and Medina those who you will say Do they deviate fee concerning a smart he His name's so you design and soon they will be recompensed man what can they work yeah Malone they do.

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When a man and from whom Hakuna we created or Mattoon a group a nation you don't have a guide will help with the truth will be he and with it year the loan they do justice one levena and those who get WWI bi atina with our vs send us the reader home soon we will gradually catch them we will gradually take them main from Hazel where learn not yellow moon they know

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we're only and I will give respect the home to them in the indeed KD my plot Mateen one strong one firm

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alum do not get a photo they reflect may not be sashi be him with their companion main from Jim nothing any madness in not who he is that except the deal a warner will be one clear

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well I'm do and not young guru they look fee in Maluku realm Kingdom a semi work of the heavens will up and the earth warmer and what Holocaust created Allahu Allah min che in from anything well and that are sir perhaps and that he akuna it will be God in fact external that it Jr. To whom their term Furby au then with which Hadees in speech saying bar the who after it you know they will believe

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man whoever you Oberlin he leaves to straight Allahu Allah fella they're not heard the anyone who guides the who for him. What and yet to whom he leaves them fee him to hear him their rebellion Yama Hoon they wander blindly? Yes aluna they ask you on about a SAR that our a Yana when more sir her it's anchoring its appointed time. All say in llama indeed Norbert l mu her its knowledge are in the with Robbie Milan.

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Learn not usually her, he makes it evident leonetti hair for its time in law except for he sacoolas it was heavy fee in a similar the heavens will up and beard, learn not decom it will come to you. Except both the turn suddenly unexpectedly. Yes aluna aka they asked you to unlock it as a few happy you are well informed on her about it called se innama indeed Norbert l Mohan it's knowledge in the width Allah Allah when I can know but most of the people learn not yet Allah moon they know

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we listen to the recitation of these ayat

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him follow.

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He was the

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one lady named

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Be him coo

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coo, coo

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coo coo, Bernie.

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Vini otaku?

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a lady Tina, Tina, Salah hominy

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Amina Mommy,

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boo boo,

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boo boo

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31, d.

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e asthma

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Man holla Kona

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they will be here

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soon. All navy blue big

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we're only

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go mabuza

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movie. lm e o v Morocco This was one of the one

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he has howdy

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Al-Araf 9-187 Translation 169-187

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