Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L096B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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was a bit lame in a ship on your investment.

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For Hall of Fame embarrass him holophone what he sold keytab

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and there followed them successors who inherited the Scripture. For Hanukkah, then he succeeded.

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conifer is from New clutters her land for health, and home is to come after to succeed someone from the same route is a word he left a succession of authority.

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So for one FM Inbar the him, so he followed after them, after who, after the early generations of the hood, the earlier generations of the money Israel, they had amongst them who

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assigned to whom, and also later they're like, other than that, they were the righteous as well as the unrighteous amongst them. For example, at the time of Messiah, listen under your hood, they were amongst them were righteous, and they were amongst them were not righteous. Before musar Listen, in the first generation even of the Bani Israel, there was use of artemisinin, there was his brother Binyamin, who were signing him. But at the same time, there were the rest of the brothers who committed something that was very wrong. So for holler from embarrassing him handphone after the early generations of the Bani Israel, they came there followed 100 successors have this from Karl

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amfa as well and how is used for successors. Literally the word health is the rare part of something and hope is actually used for successors why because they come behind they come after

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first successors, there are two words one is called and another is honnef. With the fifth house Underland

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is used for those successors who are bad, unworthy successors, my yaku Fisher, the one who succeeds another in evil

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and caught up with the Fatah Underland is used for good successors, those who succeed others in goodness.

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So over here, what is being mentioned?

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Meaning, the generation who came afterwards, the later generations, they were not good successors to their predecessors. They were not good successors at all. Why? Because they did not give the book The Huck

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ye suit they inherited. What do you do from the roof Tetris? Well, rasa

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they inherited Al Khattab, the book, The later generations who succeeded the early generations. What do they do? They inherited the book from their predecessors.

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What does it mean by inheriting the book, meaning inheriting the knowledge of the Torah? they inherited the knowledge of the Torah.

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Because the prophets, they do not leave behind their hum andina, why do they leave behind knowledge? So the later generations they inherited the book? It's not that they were evil because they did not learn about the book. No, they were very knowledgeable about the book. But then what made them bad. It was because he, Luna, they would take out other the goods of what hadn't a dinner of this lower life. They learned the book, they understood the book. But through the work, what were they seeking? dunia. They were seeking the good of this lowly life.

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Instead of implementing the book, instead of applying the book, they would take the commodities of this lower life. The inferior goods have this worldly life, whether legally or illegally. They were using the deen to obtain their donia whether legally or illegally.

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Notice the word adult is from their own federal law

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and is from the word audible is that which is temporary. So all our goods that are temporary.

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Remember off him he said that it is everything that does not have permanence that does not have the back it does not last for long.

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It cannot last forever.

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And I will say that he said that Arnold is all of Matera dunya

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the benefits the goods of this world

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Insert and file is number 67. We learned today you do not have a dounia will know who you read Will you all desire the goods of this world whereas Allah wants for you the hereafter.

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So, what does it mean? The goods, the benefits of this world?

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So these people the later generations they were seeking through the deen the goods of this lower life.

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Notice the word Athena

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and Athena is from the Emperor's then known well, or then noon Hamza

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that noon well, or that noon, Hamza.

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If we take it from there, is that noon? Well, then it's from the word new.

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And what is the new mean?

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So at dinner is that which is very near, closest,

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certainly, at dinner is from the router is dial noon Hamza, from the word dinner, dinner, and what does that mean? That which is lonely, that which is happy,

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to the word dunya is derived from the new as well as then a Why? Because it is closer compared to the hereafter and it is much lower compared to the hereafter. What do we learn that the Sunnah of the tutor car before fudges on the Turo Carson? What are they, they are better than the dounia and all that which is in it.

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Just imagine the whole Donnie on one side and to the car on the other side, what is better? The total car Why? Because dunia is very low. It's very less. It's very less compared to the year after.

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So these people were seeking the benefits of this lower life. It's not that they didn't have knowledge. They have the knowledge of the book, they inherited the book.

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But whatever they learned and thought of the book was different from what they did. This Edna, this worldly life, this lower life was more important to them than the book of Allah.

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Way of kulula coluna. And they would say, meaning, if someone would advise them, that why are you seeking dunya? Through the deen? Why are you not giving the half of the book? What would they do? They will justify their sense? How would they justify them by saying so you follow Lana? Soon it will be forgiven for us. Why? Because Eliza for him.

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Because we are believers, we have memorize the Book. We know the meaning of the book. We know the translation of the book, we understand the interpretation of the book, we are very knowledgeable. But the fact is that being knowledgeable alone is not enough. What is necessary

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that a person must also implement what he has learned of the book.

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What was the problem with these people? They learned the knowledge of the book, but they didn't implement anything.

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Their focus was still the denier. It was not the author. Despite learning their book, their focus in life had not shifted to the hereafter. They were still worried and concerned about their world. And they would give up anything of the dean to earn the chattels of this world.

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For example, many times the Bani Israel their scholars, what would they do? They would take bribes in order to change the commands of Allah. In order to give a ruling that was incorrect. Yehuda Narada has a

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way of coluna and when they were prevented, when they were admonished that Why are you doing this? Fear Allah? What would they say so you foreigner, we will be forgiven because we have acquired so much knowledge. We are so knowledgeable, we are heartfelt, therefore we can do whatever we want. Allah subhanaw taala says what he did in Morocco, Miss Lulu. And if it comes to them, what comes to them are all done. The commodities of this dunya mithila was similar to it, similar to what similar to what was offered to them before meaning if they have another opportunity to earn dounia through the dean to earn dunya what would they do who they will take it. In other words, they hope for

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forgiveness, while still committing the crime while still persisting on it.

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What is of the conditions of Toba? that a person must leave the same isn't it

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If a person does not leave the same, and he continues to commit the crime, and he says, Alberto, is this ever going to be accepted? No. What is the condition? He must leave the same? What does Allah say? They don't leave it. What? The amount of the mislabel he had to do.

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Allow me to allow him, was it not taken from them? What Misaki Tavi, the covenant of the book? What was the covenant that was taken from them, and lay your kulu or the law in them? That they should not say about Allah except that which is the truth? What is this covenant? insula either Milan io 187. We learned earlier that what is the law humi, theft, bernadina automl keytab, led to a you know, no hula nasci, while I talk to Buddha, who, and mentioned when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture, saying that you must make it clear to the people and not conceal it. They were told earlier, that they must make the book known, and they must not hide any of the

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book. They must not say about Allah, except that which is the truth. So it's not that they are unaware of the crime that they're committing. They're very well aware. And we saw was taken from them that they must only say about a law that which is correct, what There are so my theory, and they're aware of it, why because they have studied whatever is in the book. It's not that they don't know what the book says. They know very clearly that they're forbidden from using the dean to obtain donia. There are some letters that are seen does, and what does that mean to study. So they have studied the book. It's not that they're unaware of the rulings of the dean. They know but still

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their actions contradict the D. Why? Because their focus is the dunya. That is what they desire. That is what they want. They were Dasa also means to wipe off to erase. So there are so meaning they wiped off literally, what was in the book. The covenants are were made from them, they erase them, they removed them, they deleted them. The commands that they were given whatever they did not like they changed it. What What does Allah say that the home of the year after it is hi to Linda Deena takuan it is better for those people who fear Fnm therapy alone. Don't you understand that the author is better and dystonia is Edna. So you should strive for the accurate and not the out of this

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temporary world.

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So what do we learn in this ayah?

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First of all, you see at the beginning, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that the later generations of the bunny is like you have the youth. They were not were the successors. They proved themselves to be unworthy. Why?

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Because they inherited the knowledge of the book, but they did not have any spirit of it.

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We learned that the companions of a messenger those people who believe in the messenger, while the messenger is alive, they are the sincerest people. They are the sincerest of the messengers oma.

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For example, if you look at the Sahaba little dinner and who they serve the deen with their lives with their wealth with their efforts with their abilities. And then after them who came the therapy room and after them that ABA therapy, and even then, how do they serve anything with similar spirits? However, after them, the generations that came afterwards, they were different? What do we learn from the famous Hardys that higher on NASA or need the best of people are my generation, some melodiya Donohoe, then those people who follow them some melodien A Luna who then those people who follow them,

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the best nation, the best people are which people those at the time of the messenger

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similarly, we see the companions of musar listener, such as you share even knew they were also very sincere.

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Similarly, reciting them his disciples, what were they called her? Why do you and why? Because they were very sincere.

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However, the generations that came afterwards, they were different. They lacked the Spirit.

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And we see this, not just with the prophets of Allah, but even after them. If there is a person who begins the work of Deen those people who work with him who support him at the beginning, they are most sincere

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and as time goes by, and people who come afterwards, they're different. They lack the spirit. Why? Because they have not gone through the same difficulties. They have not

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gone through the same challenges. They have received the dean, they have received the work that is already established. Because they have not sacrificed, they have not experienced it themselves. This is why they lack the spirit. Those people who learn and teach the dean at the beginning, what is their focus that we want everybody to learn? Even if it means I have to sacrifice my time, my money, my energy, but because their focus is different, that is why their sacrifice, their commitment to the deen is also different.

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But people who come later, they are getting something that is pre prepared from before. For them, learning the dean, and teaching the dean is just getting another certificate, just getting another diploma just to put something on their resume, just to get another paycheck. That's what the dean is for them. However, the people who are there at the beginning the savvy one, the earlier generations, they're always more sincere Why? Because they always have to put in more effort. And people who come later, mostly, mostly they lack the spirit of the team.

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Why? Because they have not experienced the sacrifices themselves. We learned in soilless medium if 59. For one FM embody him holophone a bar of solid, then there has succeeded them a generation who neglected the Salah is it that they did not know the importance of solder. Perhaps they knew about the importance much more, but it's because they lacked the spirit. I remember once one of the scholars he was mentioning that today we have more access to Islamic knowledge compared to the people who came before us. To us, knowledge is more accessible. We have the entire body before us the entire Muslim. We have the fasciae of the Quran, that perhaps the people before us never knew.

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There are many bodies perhaps never knew. But their Eman was much better than our email. Why?

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Because they had to struggle and strive to get that we don't have to struggle or strive with all we have to do is go to a bookstore and buy a book set. And it's sitting on our shelves. And we're so happy that yes, we have a set up so he will hurry up say hey Muslim, or we will go purchase something online download something on our phones, on our computers and we have it available. But what's the difference? How come they were more committed and we're not as committed? It's because we have not gone through the same experience.

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It's been because we have not sacrificed for the deen the way they sacrificed.

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It's because our focus is still the output of this dunya. That is the problem.

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Our focus is still the benefits of this world. Their focus is not the benefit of dystonia. They left all of their dounia to get the the way Sir Herbert Rumi, the way survival fantasy, the way so many of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even remain the way they left their dunya. To get ready, we haven't had to do even a fraction of it.

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And if we are told to if we are required to then we say we did not commit for this, we never committed for this, we only committed for these many hours for this much time, I cannot handle the stress, I cannot handle all this work. I never committed for this. So I am leaving. This is our behavior towards study.

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Obviously, how much ever we give How much are we sacrifice? That is what we're going to get? If we don't sacrifice more than how can we get more we cannot get more. What's the problem? Why did they not benefit from the knowledge of the book that they inherited? It's because their focus is the whole donor on all the head at the man, their focus is still this worldly life. The benefits of this word, the life that's what they want. And they're not willing to give that up at all, even for the sake of D. But the earlier generations they left their dunya to get the D and now the later generations they're giving up their Deen to get the dunya they're giving up their religion to obtain

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their dunya

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and we see this in daily life even sometimes.

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For example, in the month of Ramadan. What is the focus worship Riba fasting, reading the Quran, praying the salah and reciting more and more Quran in it. This is the objective This is a focus of the month of Ramadan.

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But unfortunately what happens with many of them

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Muslim sisters, they will spend so much of their day, so much of their time preparing only therefore, and what do they say that we are serving those people who are fasting, we are pleasing our husbands. We are pleasing our families. Yes, of course that's very important. But this is the only way that is left to please your husband with spending so many hours standing in the kitchen, not being able to pray even the first Salah with which you will forget about reciting the Quran. So what's the objective that yo Luna or the heaven

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they will sacrifice their Deen to get some pleasure of this dunya then obviously, depending on how much you sacrifice, that's what you're doing today. Similarly, women will spend so much time cooking so much time dressing up so much time shopping so much time setting themselves up Why? That we are pleasing our husbands? And that is the best sort of Yes, it is. What is this the only way of pleasing your husband? Or is your husband the only one left to please in this world? Yes, it is your primary responsibility. However, what about the helicopter? Dean? What about the hug of Allah? What about your son out? What about your arm? What about the fact that you are of the Muslim oma and it

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is your responsibility to convey the message to other people 1000s and 1000s of people are dying in a state of disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala Is it a true responsibility that you must help them

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our focus has become this dunya and we are not willing to give up the outcome of the study.

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And because of that, we cannot give the haka Dean because of that we cannot give the half of Dean and when we cannot do that, then how can we benefit from the D we cannot. And if you look over here, that in this ayah has been said that they say sign up for Alana, when they're told when they're reprimanded when they're advised, they say we'll be forgiven and child like a little folder hain vinos mania. He knows how much I want to do something and how much I'm not able to do it. And besides, I have studied the Quran once I have memorized these portions of the Quran, say you foreigner, but isn't a federal guarantee for anybody. How do you know you'll be forgiven? Just

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because you're of the Muslim Ummah, just because of that, what about your responsibility? Aren't you going to be questioned about it? So you foreigner is not a justification. This is not enough, you have to do something as well.

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And a lot of data says we're here to rattle the misnomer. And if a seminar opportunity comes before them to earn more than you, they will leap for it. They will jump for it. They will not go for the deen, but they will jump to earn more than you they will strive to earn more than you. So it is a true. Again, their focus is the dunya not the theme. Their focus is the worldly enjoyment, and not the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And with regard to this part of the eye, in particular, the scholars of the CDC, that every time the children of Israel, they appointed a judge, he used to take bribes. Why? Why would you take bribes, that he would take money. And for that he would give a fatwa he would give a judgment that was incorrect. That would contradict that are

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the best ones among them held accountable. And they took covenants from each one, that they would not take bribes. So all of the scholars got together and they said nobody's taking bribes. However, when one of them would take bribes in return for judgment and was asked What is the matter with you, you take a bribe to grant judgment, he would reply, I will be forgiven. You fallen. So the rest of his people would admonish him for what he did. But when he died, or was replaced, the one who replaced him would take bribes as well. You understand? If somebody else was taking bribes, they would tell him, why are you doing it? Don't do this. But if they themselves were given the same

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opportunity, they would also fall for it. Therefore a loss of data says if the others who had managed them would have a chance to loot this world, they will take it as well. Yet, they will take it What does Allah say? That, don't they? No, no, Johan de la mythical kita. Was the covenant not taken from them in the book that allow your color the light and half they must not say about Allah, except that which is the truth. Then why are they contradicting the book? Why are they going against the book? And if we see, so many times we know what is in the Quran. We know what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded.

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But still in our actions, we contradict. We contradict in hopes that say you follow Luna

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But this behavior is not acceptable. What that also Murphy, especially after we have studied it, and what do we need to remember that it was the home of the hereafter it is fatally leadin. At the core, it is better for those people who adopt the core philosophy Don't Don't you understand? Don't use your reason, you will still prefer this worldly life over the hereafter. If you look at it, so many times when we ask people that come and study the Quran, come and serve the deen come and help a little bit, a few months, a few hours, what is the top excuse that people give? We don't have time. I have no time. I'm sorry, I'm too busy. I really don't have time, I can only come for these many

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hours not more than that. I can come and do the work at the Institute. But I cannot take anything home. I don't have time. You have the same amount of time that other people are given? Why do you think it's not your responsibility? And it's the responsibility of other people only? Why do we think like that? That I cannot do it. Other people will do it. I have my children. I have a husband. But other people don't they have their children? Don't they have their husbands? Is it fair, that we are always putting off the work for other people saying we don't have time. If we have to go to a wedding, we have time. If we have to host a party we have time. If we have to spend hours talking to

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people we have time. But if we have to sit and memorize a lesson, or mark a few dust papers, and we don't have time, why? Why Why can we not make time for something that we like for something that is important to us?

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Remember, anything that is important to you, you will definitely make time for it. You will make time for it, you will get up in the night for it, you will wake up early for it, you will do anything to make time for it for something that is important to you. And for what is not important to you, then you will never find time for it. But we need to take the matter of Dean seriously, it is our responsibility so that we can offer more than our before our last panel data that Oh no, I did my best with whatever you gave me. And I did my best that I learned to code. And if they didn't, I did my best. I did whatever I could. But we need to check ourselves. Are we really doing our best?

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Are we really using the best of our abilities?

00:27:30 --> 00:27:51

Many times we think that my family comes first my children come first my house comes first. Yes. Okay, it does come first. But if you don't help other people, if you don't help somebody else's child, then how do you expect your child to be held? How do you expect your family to be helped whatever you give is what you get.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:17

And if you only keep things to yourself, then you will not increase in your goodness. What does Allah say let in ceccato let us either knuckle and have the best forms of sugar is what? Through jawara as well by doing some actions by doing something and what is the best thing that you can do today serve the dean in the way that our last panel data has enabled you to do it.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says well levena uma sacconaghi kita but those people who hold fast to the book, you must see can they hold on to the book, they don't leave it even for a moment. Even for a day. Even for a week even for a month. They hold on to it. They never take a break. They never say I've done too much. I need a break now. When levina You must see carnivale kita those people who hold on to the book you must see corners from the root letters meme seen calf mask m sec. And m SEC is to hold on fast to something to hold on to something and to guard it to not let it go. We learned earlier instead of tobacco for him sercombe maruf of the serum bearson that the pronunciation of the

00:29:12 --> 00:29:20

first and second divorce. Then what does the man have to do? Either he has to keep the wife with maroof or he has to let her go with

00:29:21 --> 00:29:31

him SAP he has to keep her hold on to her retain her guard her protector give her the help that she deserves

00:29:32 --> 00:29:59

so when the deal and you must seek honorable kita those people who hold on to the book they don't leave it will accommo salata and they also established the salah, in learn will do accurate mostly hain indeed we never let go waste the reward of those who reform those who are doing Islam of themselves and also of those who are around them. Such people we will never waste their reward who

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First of all, they hold on to the book. Some people, when they learn the book, they make it a means of earning their dunya.

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And other people who when they read the book, they understand it. And they also implement it.

00:30:18 --> 00:30:24

And they have a constant connection with the Quran constant. It's not a temporary one, it's a permanent one.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:57

If you look at it earlier, we learned that the hunt, they only does they only study the book. And study can be only once, twice, maybe three times, okay, maybe four or five times. But it's a temporary thing. But you must see corner them sick. This is holding on to the book permanently. It's not that a person studies it for a particular reason. And then he leaves it. No, he's holding on to the book permanently?

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And what does it mean by holding on to the book permanently? First of all, this means that a person studies it? And he does not forget it after studying after learning it.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:20

Now tell me, if you study one thing once only, and then you don't revise it. Will you remember that? Will you forget it? You forget it.

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If you took a math course, statistics, score some geography course back in high school in university, and I asked you something about it right now. Perhaps you won't be able to remember it.

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Maybe you'll remember something about it, but you won't be able to solve it. If it's a problem to solve, you won't be able to Why? Because you haven't been revising it. How do we think

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that if we study the Quran, once, twice, thrice, maybe four or five times and we don't need to study it again, you need to study it again, you need to continue to revise it, because if you leave it, you will forget it. Remember, if you leave it, you will forget it. The only way of holding on to the book is constantly studying the book. Never think that if you study the Quran a few times it is enough. And now you need to move on to something else. No, you can never move on to something else from the Quran.

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You always have to remain connected with the Quran. Always. This is like a lifelong thing. Never Can you leave it now. Never. Because if you leave it and you think you need to move on to something else, by leaving the Quran, you're going to forget it sooner or later. Sooner or later, you're going to forget it, you must secona is only possible if you study it, and you don't forget it after you have learned. And this means that if a person has memorized it, then he continues to revise it. If he has learned the translation, then he continues to revise it. And he increases in his learning.

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Secondly, you must see Carnival kita is by holding on to the book constantly and not being lawful of it not being negligent about it. Not being elitist about it. Not being careless about it, but rather, always holding on to it.

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You see if something is important to you by for example, if you have to go do your groceries and you make a list of what you have to buy. You make the list and you leave it at home when you go to the grocery store.

00:33:29 --> 00:34:00

It's not gonna work, right? Okay, you made the list and you put it in your bag and you don't open it over there. Is it gonna work? No, you have to keep checking, isn't it so sometimes you check after every aisle after every section. Some people actually they're holding their lists throughout, and they put it back in their bag when they're done with their groceries. Right? So as long as you have it in front of you, you must seek one and we'll get that you're holding on to it firmly. It will continue to guide you.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:25

The moment you put it away, the moment you put it away, the moment you become fearful of it. You forget it. The moment you become fearful of it, you forget it, it's not going to benefit you. Well Edina you must seek honorable kita and you must take another look at that. Thirdly, ultra means that they act upon it. They learn it they practice it and they give it its help.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:47

And the sign that a person is really holding on to the work is what what accounts or data there a person will establish the brain because many times we think that we're studying the book we're teaching the book so it's okay if I don't really establish the salah that I delay the Salah know if karma to Salah is very important.

00:34:48 --> 00:34:59

What did we learn about the other group? A Barceloneta? The I that I mentioned you have sort of money that they wasted their sauna. They neglected their sauna over here. What do we learn almost

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

And such people who do this they're mostly hanging there those people who are reforming, they're rectifying their own selves and also those around them. Because as long as you hold on to the Quran, you will continue to see your mistakes you will continue to see your shortcomings and you will continue to reform them. The moment you put it away, the moment you remove yourself from the scan, you will not see any mistakes anymore any faults anymore, isn't it'll, as long as you remain behind the screen behind the scan, you will continue to see the mistakes you will continue to see the faults but the moment you remove it you won't see it anymore.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:46

So such people are Muslim, who constantly hold on to the Quran because the Quran tells us what is right what is wrong.

Al-Araf 9-187 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 169-170

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