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rahmatullah wa barakato

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My dear brothers and sisters Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Mubarak to all of you ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to bless you

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and make this month the month of great blessings happiness, an acceptance of the US for you with which and actions with which you will be able to inshallah, please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and to be able to see your desires being x accepted and answered

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and feel the closeness with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala said about this month our we live in a shaytani r rajim.

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Yeah, yo la Vina Amano? quotevalet Kumasi amo Kamakura, Allah Allah, tala from Lala calm takuan

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which means are you believe a psalm fasting has been prescribed for you like it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become almost a bone

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marrow brothers and sisters, Islam came to change the world. And Ramadan is the reminder, the refresher, the rejuvenator the test and the reward. For those who make that effort

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in a hadith are recorded in by herkie reported on the authority of salmaan Alpha zero, the Allahu anhu who said that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam delivered a hookah on the last day of the month of Shaolin. And in this coma, he said, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, or people the month of Allah. Ramadan has come with its buzzes, blessings and forgiveness. Allah has decreed this month the best of all months. The days of this month are the best among the days and the nights are the best among the nights and the hours during Ramadan are the best among the hours. This is the month in which you have been invited by him jela gelato to fast and to pray. Allah Allah Allah Allah who has

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honored you in it in every breath you take is a reward of Allah. Your sleep is worship, your good deeds are accepted, your doors answered. Therefore, you must call upon your rub in all earnestness with hearts free from sin and evil and pray that Allah Subhana Allah may help you to fast and to recite the Quran. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our evidence until our children and to accept our fasting insha Allah.

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Indeed, miserable is the one who is deprived of Allah's forgiveness in this great month, while fasting, remember the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment.

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Give arms and charity to the poor and needy pay respects to your elders have sympathy for your youngsters and be kind towards your relatives and family. God your tongue,

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against unworthy words and your eyes from scenes that are not worth seeing, which are Haram, and your ears from sounds that should not be heard which have been prohibited. Be kind to orphans, so that if your children become orphans, they will also be treated with kindness. Do repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala for your sins, and supplicate and make dua with raised hands at the times of prayer, as these are the best times during which Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at his servants and his slaves with mercy. Allah answers if this applicate responds if they call grants if he is asked and accepts if the entries

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are people, you have made your conscience the slave of your desires. Also, Rosa Sallam said and I repeat, or people you have made your conscience, the slave of your desires. Make it free. By invoking Allah for forgiveness, your back may break from the heavy load of your sins. So prostrate yourself make sojos before Allah for long intervals and make this load lighter. understand fully that Allah subhanaw taala has promised by his honor and majesty, that people who established salah and such that will be guarded from Hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

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Or people if anyone amongst you are angels for the star of any believer, Allah will reward him as if he had freed us live, and Allah will forgive him his sins, a companion a zombie last. But not all of us have the means to do that. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam replied, keep yourselves away from Hellfire, though it may be by means of half a date or even some water. If you have nothing else, or people anyone during this month cultivates good manners. We'll walk over the ziraat on the day when feet will

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tend to slip. For anyone who during this month eases the workload of his servants. Allah will make easy his accounting and for anyone who doesn't hurt others during this month, Allah will safeguard him from his wrath on the Day of Judgment. Anyone who respects and treats and often with kindness during this month, Allah will look at him with kindness on that day, anyone who treats his kinsmen and family during this month. Well, Allah will bestow His mercy on him on that day, when anyone who mistreats his kinsmen during this month, Allah will keep him away from his mercy. Whoever prays the prescribed for Salawat during this month, Allah will save him from hellfire. And whoever observes

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his obligations during this month, his reward will be 70 times the reward for doing the same thing during other months. Whoever repeatedly invokes Allah's blessings on me sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which means whoever sends Garuda and salam, O, Allah is Allah is Allah. Allah will keep his scale of good deeds heavy, while the scales of others will be tending to lightness. Whoever recites during this month and is of the Quran, we'll get the reward of reciting the whole Quran in other months, see the reward of reciting Quran and Allah He we know that listening to haoran and reciting Quran Allah has made them equal. So therefore, remember when we start in Torah, we stand with awareness

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with that sense that you are standing and listening and Allah subhanaw taala is giving you the reward for reciting one complete Koran for every ayat that the Imam recites on your behalf.

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See the mercy of Allah. Allah I seriously seriously I've said this many, many times, it is not even possible for us to conceptualize what I am talking about. I am talking like a parrot. Do I even understand what is the mercy of Allah? No.

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But I'm repeating the words of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah is that was Allah in the hope that we know that what he said is truth. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bring that truth and make it true for ourselves in sha Allah.

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Rasool Allah Salam continued in this Hadees and he said, Oh people, the gates of Jannah remain open during this month. Pray to Europe that they may not be closed for you. While the gates of jahannam are closed, so pray to Europe that they never open for you. shaitan has been chained so invoke your rabbit not to let him dominate you. Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala this door for myself and all of you in sha Allah. I live in a Vitara dalla Han who said he, he said I asked Yasser Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are the best deeds during this month? And he sallallahu alayhi Salaam replied, oh I would have been the best of deeds during this month is to be far from what Allah

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subhanho wa Taala forbade to be far from what Allah has forbidden.

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To stay away from the hour he to stay away from what Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden is the best of deeds.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam. So what did Islam come to do? I want you to reflect on this thing this whole month is a month of the Quran is the month of reflection. Let us do that it is get out of this transactional frantic lives that we live.

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And let us sit down a little bit and reflect on where this is taking us. Yeah, the Quran says Why? Where are you going? Let's ask this question to ourselves and say, Where am I going?

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So what did Islam come to do? What was the word like when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was sent to present a model to change it? What did he do? And how is this related to Ramadan? That is what today's hot bi is about. I want you to remember one thing, moral frameworks determine legal frameworks and make them effective or useless. A classic example is that of gay rights in India and America, something which was illegal was made legal and to speak against it was made illegal. Try to understand why there's little support for whistleblowers today, except for their monetary value in newspaper sales and TRP ratings. whistleblowing is effective only if it creates outrage. outrage

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depends on values the moral codes, so unless the moral code is changed, there will be no outrage and no change. A whistle will simply be a wind instrument. whistle blowing has nothing to do with the whistle. But everything to do with the tune. To some it is an alarm to others music to the years. The only case where legal framework and moral framework are the same and unchangeable is in Islam, because the legal framework is Dima is divine. It's a framework created by the one who created those who have to live by it, and to whom they will be recalled for reward, retooling or rejection.

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The world that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam came to change was was done

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dominated locally by a society which was based on the principles of fear free market and individual freedom. In effect, it meant the freedom of those who had power to do whatever they wanted to do, irrespective of what happened to those who are not powerful to earn wealth in any way they chose, and to be judged and honored on the basis of how much well they had, irrespective of how they acquired it. At highs, high net worth individuals were prominent role models, the chief of them being the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, Abu lahab, one of the wealthiest businessmen of Makkah, a head honcho, a top dog, to use modern terminology. on a global scale, there

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were two superpowers, the Roman and the Persian Empire, locked in a debt struggle for decades, with a farmer destined to eventually succeed. Though the Roman Empire was ostensibly Christian, it was also organized on the basis of the supremacy of wealth and power and global dominance by means of military might. War was a permanent need of the Romans. Suitable reasons for invading other lands and people were manufactured in the name of civilizing them and bringing them into the fold of Roman justice, which in effect meant slavery to Roman Romans. Anyone who cherished his freedom and resisted was termed insurgent and terrorist and faced annihilation. Anyone who succumbed and count

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out was rewarded with the color of slavery and bones from the Roman table. The war machine ground on and was good for Rome, and the Roman economy, and bad for everyone else. But who get

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into this environment came Mohammed Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Messenger of Allah. With this message the Quran, which spoke of strange concepts of justice, equality and human dignity, kindness to orphans and poor, treating slaves equally with their masters and freeing them from slavery. It advocated the equality of men and women, and made women as to property. Islam raised a premium on social justice, on charity on integrity on compassion and respect for one another, it warned people against oppression and reminded them that one day they will be called to answer before the one from whom nothing is ever hidden. Then they will be rewarded or punished

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depending on what they did or chose not to do.

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The H ni the high net worth individual in this world of in this new world order of Islam was not Abu lahab, but Abu Bakar of the Alanna because the legal tender in it was not gold or silver, but piety and the pleasure of Allah. And that's the reason why also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the famous Hadees

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which is called the heydays of Orava.

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He said

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Medallia slavery was a Yo, Gary ban comma Baba.

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Baba. He said that Islam began as something strange.

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People looked at Muslims and said, Who is this guy? What kind of stuff? Is he talking? He's talking nonsense.

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Equality was that

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women equal to men?

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Women a property to be bought and sold and killed if I want to. I own them equal to me.

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What is the strange

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stuff that they are talking about? And what enemies are awesome, c'est la vie de la la la Sallam said that Islam will go back to that situation, where once again, people will say the same things about the Muslims of that day that they used to say about the Sahaba in one way. And then what did he says Allah is Allah. He said for toolbar in hora. He said that day when it comes, give the glad tidings of Jannah to those people who the world will call strangers.

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Brothers and sisters, my question to you is, do you want to be a stranger or not? Yes or No.

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Because if you want to be a stranger, then let me inform you of the glad tidings of gender that Nabi sallallahu Sallam gave for you.

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He gave it to those who the world will call strangers. He did not give it to those who become sheep in the herd.

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Who blend in

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those who blend in our sheep leaders stand out.

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I want to remind myself when you have two things. Firstly,

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reflect on how similar the story of the world of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam is to our own story today. reflect on how similar his world was to ours. How easy it is to recognize what was happening then, and see it in our terms today. Truly, this history lesson needs no interpreters, no translators to make it understood. 14 cents

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we still have the same world order based on the same principles. Number two, reflect also on how powerfully Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was able to bring about transformational change, not incremental change, not marginal change, transformational change, and that within a single generation, in a period of just two decades,

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change that set a benchmark, that the world that the people of the world may not be following today, but which they witnessed and enjoy it. And if they wish, one day, they can relive those days of glorious justice, peace, harmony, and plenty, but only if they wish to Islam doesn't force anyone.

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The root of this new world order that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam brought was based on a very simple principle, the reason for all effort and endeavor, it is the nature of great global change that it is based on a simple but extremely powerful idea. Complex theories and philosophies and ideologies merely exhaust the mind and drain energy that do not bring about change. It is a simple idea which is the most powerful Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam came with the most simple, but extremely powerful idea to change the reason why we do anything.

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As you know, people make effort for a variety of reasons for anxiety, to get rid of anxiety, to overcome anxiety, for safety for greed was for fulfillment of desire and so on. Islam removed all those reasons and substituted one single reason for all human endeavor, the pleasure of Allah,

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the pleasure of Allah,

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my brothers and sisters, I want you to reflect on this idea with great seriousness, because it is behind every single thing we do in Islam. It is the idea behind the Avada. It is the idea behind every single

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law, every rule and every action. It is the idea behind what we will face on the Day of Judgment, did we please Allah or displeased him?

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needless to say, since we worship a robber, who himself has no need of anything, it goes without saying that anything we do, which is pleasing to Him, is automatically good for us, for the environment we live in. And for all those who share the planet with us. Islam came with the actual word of Allah, with a way of worshipping Him that He commanded, and with a set of actions which he told us, please Him. So Islam prescribed worship of great dignity, behavior with integrity and respect for others, and charity and compassion, all of which actually benefit those who inhabit the earth, not the creator and Sustainer of everything, who is himself, above all need. Allah has

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summit. And the reason why we are audited and encouraged to do all of this, because it pleases Allah. So the single powerful idea which changed the world, and which still has the same power, to once again, change the world is to work only to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and nobody else.

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I want us to look at our lives and see what we are doing and why we are doing it.

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examine every decision you take, examine every action you take, every action you do everything you do everything you choose to do or choose not to do, examine all the choices and say, did I do this to please Allah alone? Or did I do this to please people, even though I knew that this does not please Allah.

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Remember, on the day of judgment, we have to prove this to nobody except Allah subhanaw taala.

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My brothers and sisters

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are we living to please Allah subhanho wa Taala or to please everyone else at the expense of displeasing Allah? Is our philosophy of life closer to Abu lahab, or aboubaker are the alano I submit to you that it is essential to ask these questions before it is too late. Because we will be gathered on the Day of Judgment with those we resembled and those will await and those who followed, we will be with our role models and with our benchmarks. Now look at Ramadan, and how, as I mentioned, it reinforces and reiterate the central idea of Islam. The pleasure of Allah is the reason I live.

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Allah created this world and permitted us all good things and privated things which are evil and harmful, not harmful to him, but to our own selves and to our own lives. But in Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to stay away even from those things which he made Haram in other times

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In addition, he hugely increased the reward of all good deeds, and opened the doors to his treasures and invited us to take from them as much as we wish. asked why

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Ramadan came to reinforce the central transformational principle that it is in obeying Allah alone, that all goodness lies. That benefit is not dependent on whether what we do is logical, scientific, reasonable, easy or pleasurable, but in whether it pleases Allah or not. It is to reinforce this principle that from dawn to dusk, we are prohibited from doing all that is reasonable, scientifically beneficial, logical and pleasurable for one reason only because Allah said so Ramadan came to reinforce although the earth to review our covenant with our rub, to remind ourselves that we are His slaves, and are proud and honored to be so Ramadan came to remind us of the beauty of the

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submission to Allah of being in slaves who are honored by being given the keys to his treasures.

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Only those who are trusted are given the keys to the Treasury, only those who are obedient can be trusted. Ramadan came to give us the opportunity to prove our obedience, our suitability to be trusted as the whole of our of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the earth. Those who understand this, welcome Ramadan, spend its nights in worship and reading and listening to the Quran, its days and doing good and reinforcing the behavior that they will practice for the rest of the year. And for the last 10 days, they come into the houses of Allah to dedicate themselves to the pinnacle of his worship, aitikaf and da so that they can take from his treasures, so people, are you ready?

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to close the loop to close the loop. What's the power of this simple central idea of pleasing only Allah? How does it help in this world where we still need wealth, we still need influence, and we still need power. Allah subhanaw taala made this a world of cause and effect. To achieve an effect one must address its cause. treating symptoms doesn't help because the thing causing those symptoms is still left untouched. Same principle for sicknesses of the body, the spirit or society. The central idea of Islam, which Ramadan comes to emphasize and remind us about is that the cause of all worldly well being, power, authority, wealth, health and happiness is the pleasure of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. If Allah is pleased, then you will be protected from

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regard for you will be put into the hearts of people and they will love and respect you. Your enemies will be neutralized and removed, your dog will be accepted. Your heart will be filled with contentment which is the source of all happiness, there will be Baraka in your life, and you will lack for nothing. And in the end, you will be unable to live your life on the path of righteousness and steadfastness of Serato Mr. Kane, and your death will be in a state of submission in a state of Islam. Anybody allergic to that?

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The causal factor for all of this is to live your life with only one central idea to please Allah alone. Why do you live to please Allah alone? What is the key word in that?

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Alone alone?

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Ramadan comes to teach us this lesson and to enable us to practice this for 30 days, which psychologists tell us is the period necessary to bring about habit change. If we live our lives in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala for 30 days, then it is a guarantee that inshallah we will be we will be able to live the rest of our life in the same way, which is the reason why Ramadan comes.

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My request to you, my brothers and sisters is for us to examine our lives.

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And see if we treat Ramadan like a holiday and go through a hypocritical act of pretending obedience for one month, and then going back to our lives of disobedience after eighth

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Let me repeat that statement. I love it.

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Not only because I wrote it

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my request to you my all my brothers and sisters, is for us to examine our lives and see if we treat Ramadan like a holiday and go through a hypocritical act of pretending obedience for one month and then going back to our lives of disobedience after eight.

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Gillette goes for for a holiday for one month.

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dupattas are gracefully placed over otherwise disobedient heads for one month.

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We stay away from listening to jiving music for one month.

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We do not indulge in spiritual pursuits that come out of a bottle for one month.

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at a level

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How foolish is that?

00:25:16--> 00:25:21

How foolish is that? How entirely stupid is that?

00:25:23--> 00:25:25

And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this specifically.

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And what did he call it? He called it

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cardiac illness.

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

He called it cardiac illness. What it is in

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he said woman and as you may have

00:25:41--> 00:25:48

to Milla mama home, meaning you are the owner, la la de la mano

00:25:52--> 00:25:55

Sharon, fee coleauxv

00:25:56--> 00:26:03

fossa Houma la humara da, da, da da, da li mommy maka, the moon.

00:26:05--> 00:26:06

Allah said and among the people are those

00:26:08--> 00:26:34

who say we believe in Allah. And we believe in the Day of Judgment. But they are not believers. Who is testifying to this? The one whose name they took? He says they are not believers or my humble opinion they are not among the believers. And why do they do this? Your heart Even Allahu Allah, Xena armano they're trying to fool Allah. And they are trying to fool the believers by pretending.

00:26:36--> 00:26:45

And Allah says, or may have done a LAN fusuma Sharon, but the fool no one except themselves, and even that they are not aware of

00:26:46--> 00:26:51

the level of stupidity is so much that they're not even aware of their own stupidity.

00:26:53--> 00:26:58

One is to be stupid, and no, I'm stupid. One is to be stupid and not even to know you're stupid.

00:27:01--> 00:27:10

And why did Allah say why do they do that? fee all over him. Mara. Allah said in their heart is a disease and what will allow to cure it? No. Allah promised not to cure it.

00:27:12--> 00:27:18

Allah said for Zaza humo la hora, Allah will increase the disease while masamune La MaMa Kamiya.

00:27:19--> 00:27:22

And for them there's a dreadful punishment because they are liars.

00:27:24--> 00:27:36

I know the Ababa knows all of this is of this particular I do not know Marina. But as you know and I know the principle of the Quran is the as Baba nozel do not restrict the

00:27:38--> 00:27:50

the meaning of the ayah is to the Day of Judgment. So there's Baba nozel refer to the Morocco Marina. But the meaning of the IR refers to everyone who exhibits the qualities of Norfolk

00:27:52--> 00:28:02

till the Day of Judgment, ask Allah subhana wa Taala to save you and me from exhibiting the qualities of an ephah because believe me a day will come when we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala alone

00:28:03--> 00:28:04

and all these cool ones

00:28:05--> 00:28:08

who you are trying to please in this life will not be there.

00:28:09--> 00:28:10

And then what will you say?

00:28:12--> 00:28:12

What will I say?

00:28:14--> 00:28:15

Let's look at ourselves.

00:28:16--> 00:28:18

And if we have to do something

00:28:19--> 00:28:21

which displeases Allah,

00:28:22--> 00:28:27

then make an error now that you will never do it, no matter what.

00:28:28--> 00:28:28

Are you ready?

00:28:30--> 00:28:38

You know why? You know why? The big photo that shaitaan puts in our mind and shatta and says, you have to do this to be popular.

00:28:39--> 00:28:43

My brothers and sisters, you have to just take that statement

00:28:44--> 00:28:50

and increase it by another two words. You have to do this to be popular with him.

00:28:52--> 00:28:54

With him towards with

00:28:56--> 00:29:06

because believe me, no matter what you choose to do in this world, irrespective of the action, you will always be popular with some set of people.

00:29:10--> 00:29:17

Just get this into your mind, there is no way that you can be completely popular or completely unpopular is not possible.

00:29:18--> 00:29:20

irrespective of what you do.

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You will always be popular with one set of people if you decide tomorrow to become a drug dealer, you will be popular with a certain set of people. If you want to decide tomorrow to start a business running a prostitution racket, you will be popular with a set of people. If you decide tomorrow to make Toba

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and to spend the rest of your life in the harem, you will be popular with a set of people and others will say sandiaga Buddha Kava Kava Kava. Cannon grupo de Grey

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Yeah, Islam a

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teeny Jamaat masataka de casa la dama de Vaca

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

to jazzy Mark

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However kelana magically,

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irrespective of what you do, you will be popular with one set of people and you will be unpopular with another set of people and that's why what must you say when shaitan comes to you? Personal advisor comes in advises people judge autonomy been locked up in Ramadan? Yes, of course. except the one who's with you.

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He's with you. Your Korean is with you.

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Somebody sent me a question. People. May Allah bless all these boys and girls, somebody sent me a question and said that since shaitan is locked up in Ramadan? Is it permissible for a boy to be alone with a girl?

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So I said the boy who asked that question is the chatons How can she be with each other?

00:30:53--> 00:31:16

Therefore, if you want popularity, the key thing to ask is popular with whom? militia, you cannot become an unpop, it is impossible to become unpopular completely. Get this stress out of your mind. Get the stress out of your mind, one bunch of people will leave you somebody else will replace you. And in my case, I found that the ones who replace the ones who left far superior to the ones who left.

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So it doesn't matter Damn, I mean, I don't get what do I get? I care only about whether I please Allah subhanaw taala or not.

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And that is the whole point or other? Why does Amazon calm which is completely irrational order of you know, don't read, don't eat, don't drink,

00:31:40--> 00:31:52

too, to help us to understand, to re emphasize to reiterate to reinforce the single principle idea of Islam which is what I live to

00:31:53--> 00:32:06

please Allah alone, I live to please Allah alone. And therefore I will do whatever my Rob ordered me to do, whether or not it enters this brain of mine.

00:32:07--> 00:32:15

Irrespective whether it makes sense or no sense or not, I will do it because Allah subhanaw taala or me to that.

00:32:16--> 00:32:17

My brothers and sisters,

00:32:19--> 00:32:39

let us reflect and see if Ramadan actually brings about attitude and behavioral change in us as it is intended to do. My brothers or sisters, this, whether Amazon is successful or not will depend on whether we entered Ramadan, or whether Ramadan entered us.

00:32:40--> 00:32:46

If we enter Ramadan, then it's a matter of a mirror did change.

00:32:47--> 00:32:49

One month change to another month.

00:32:50--> 00:33:10

But if Ramallah entered us, then it has the power to change our lives and transform us into winners who will influence all those around them and be role models for the good. Brothers and sisters. The choice is ours. Do we want to be winners? Or do we want to be losers?

00:33:11--> 00:33:11

What do you think?

00:33:14--> 00:33:14


00:33:16--> 00:33:21

week. Hopefully it's because of the fasting. Not because you are adults. Anybody got it out here?

00:33:24--> 00:34:12

To conclude, if we pretend obedience during Ramadan, and go back to disobedience after it, then beware. Those are the characteristics of hypocrites, of those with the disease of an evac in their hearts, for whom Allah subhanho wa Taala promised punishment. Let not Ramadan become a witness against us. Let us use Ramadan as it is intended to be used to review our Eman to acknowledge and submit to the sovereignity of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our lives, and to live our lives as winners in this world and the next I asked Allah subhanaw taala to head for his help, and for him to be pleased with us all. Giacomo Clara swannack alibabam de casa de la ilaha illa Anta Stouffer Kanata

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