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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of sending out messages to increase their generosity and faithfulness is emphasized. The "will do" message is emphasized as a way to increase their generosity and faithfulness. The title of the Quran is discussed, including its potential for helping others understand its truthfulness. The importance of qualification and legal experts is also emphasized, along with the need for legal records and records of individuals's names. The segment also touches on the idea of a plan B, which is the power of Islam to create laws and laws within the universe.
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After a one week break due to my travels for Islamic q&a with Islam channel, it's always an honor and a privilege to come to LA that we get together seeking the mercy of a loss of karma to Allah discussing the llama that has been sent to us in the Sunnah and the tradition of Barnaby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I pray that Allah subhana wa Tada grants you and I facility and ease and success uses us for that which is pleasing to Him and makes us from those who hear the truth for what it is and follow it and understand the reality of falsehood for what it is and make the choice to be distant from it along with me. I look forward to insha Allah to having some time with you in

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answering your questions. As you do call in live each and every day, it happened to the guy that we meet together. And as you are well aware, you can call the hotline and chat log get yourself queued so that we can take your calls live on air. There are also some of you who do send it in that becomes part of the WhatsApp service that is shared with me. And we try to answer those questions online as well. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah makes us bearers of good news and good tidings for each other. And then this becomes reason for us to celebrate our place in genital Fidel's with our NaVi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I wandered in Chiang Mai while you call in just to begin

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an important theme and discussion that might be of relevance to you and I, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah is the One who sent us the Quran. He is the one who chose to make it the final revelation, the complete revelation, but also the one that would be unchanging as has happened to the revelations that came before it. One of the questions that are times I'm asked especially by those who may not be acquainted with our teachings as Muslims, or those who have not studied formally a little bit more deeply about the beauty of the Quran is why is it that you believe that Iran is one that is preserved, and the other books have or may have been? Had inclusions are things deleted or removed

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from them? At times, it's not always intentional, but it could be due to translations and things of this nature. What makes your Quran so special? So the first thing that I wanted to say about that is it is the final revelation, which means that it has the final Promise of Allah. All the other revelations did not have the final premise, promised that Allah said I will protect it for its text, rapid the protection of the Torah, the protection of the Bible, the protection of the Gospel, the protection of the in G no protection of this boo or the Psalms of David was in the sense that it would be protected that the message that would come after it would complete whatever had been

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removed from it, and purge it and remove whatever had been added to it that was not intentionally there. Sorry, Saudi SLM as Allah quotes for us in the Quran, it says to the people of Israel, were to come, where he led a combat body or women Alikum I have been sent and sent to you as a messenger to undo what you have made haram upon yourselves unintentionally or unjustly. So therefore, he says receiving that message is to make complete some of the things that have become extra stringent in the teachings that were found amongst the people that he saw in Mecca. Taberna Alikum, Allah says another place in the whole and that we're not actually initially written upon you. So that becomes

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something really important insha Allah to understand the value of the Quran as being a final and complete message. We have our first caller on the line as salaam alaikum. Caller How can I help?

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Shake I have one question.

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For me introduce to make this magically

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standard notice that by sending and recycling, it removes a person's difficulties.

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And the best day is on Friday, you can send these recommended on Friday, but what I want to know is other days like today

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was it just for pacifically required for Friday?

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Does that come off here we have a question from our honored brother. He says that he's understood that sending the do rude or making the Salawat upon the prophets I seldom is preferable on Thursday night and the day of Friday. Now the reason I say Thursday night for us as Muslims our day begins our new day begins in the evening of the day. So just like midnight in the middle of the night is the beginning of the day for the Western calendar. For us as Muslims it's actually at the setting of the sun, not the rising of the sun is when the day begins. So method of prayer. So right now to

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It is Thursday for me as a Muslim. It is the beginning of the Thursday. It is just at the end of prayer time here in Perth. So that is the preferred time to send the do route Salawat upon the Prophet iclm. When we say we send our Salam, it means that we are making dua to Allah we are saying, Oh Allah, we asked you to send your mercy, Your love your benedictions your forgiveness, your clemency and your greatest praises upon our NABI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it is in essence at your app for the prophets I send them now the reason that is valuable is that when you make draft for another human being just just say on my behalf, if you would say oh Allah give my

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brother yeah, here good health, expand this risk, protect his family and increase his faithfulness and Iman and reach in that which is good. Help him to that which is success, success in this dunya and Alfetta. By you praying with that for me without me knowing Allah sends an angel to you to say I mean for what you ask, and laka be Mifflin NTU may you be given equal or even other narrations greater than what you asked for them. So for a poor person like myself, you remembered me in your door, and I'm alive. You remember me in your DUA, Allah increases you for your generosity upon me whenever you do something good for others, it reflects back upon yourself. It's given back in you

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invested in you but ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So how then would it be is the one you make dua for is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the beloved to Allah that increases Allah's generosity. So should that only be retained for Thursday nights and Friday? The answer is no. The Prophet said that you should increase in it, meaning the default position is that whether it's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

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Saturday, Sunday, and of course, Thursday and Friday, we are making the salah wet upon the prophets, I sell them. But we increase in that time because the Prophet recommended for us to increase not because we think it's better but the prophets I seldom is the one who told us that we should increase in it. On that day. The prophet Isaiah mentioned that the one who makes mention of him on Thursday night and Friday day, the day of doom, that it becomes a light for them in the pharaoh in one narration that it is displayed to the prophets I seldom, so he's made aware of who sent it to him, and that its reward is magnified on that day. Unlike other days. This does not mean it should

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not be made or should be ignored in other days. And here's something that my teachers would say they said to me, yeah, here nobody will be successful in making an increase in their salary data from the prophets. I sell them on the day of Friday, the ninth Friday, except the one who remembered him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the other days, because the one who is regular invention of the prophets, I seldom they find greater love and attachment for him in the days that follow. So make that a general habit for yourself. For your family. Do it something formally that you can mark your calendar to increase on the Thursday and Friday. But do not ever forget hematite. Selim the Sahaba

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had a very simple pattern that they would not let a day and night go by unless at least 100 sada upon the prophets I seldom was mentioned. And they would say anyone who did not make the Salawat upon the prophets, I sell them 100 times in their day in their night. They would be counted as those who were heedless of their love of La Fille and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah make us of those whose hearts are alive and connected to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him Alia after Salah with him with a slim at the side note it becomes also important to remember that anytime the prophet is mentioned or he is described, or he comes to mind that it

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becomes incumbent upon it's necessary for us to send our Salah and salam upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam so each and every time I mentioned him or rasool Allah or Nabi EULA, or Habib Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam should be mentioned by you, not just by me, it should be increased in our day today and evenings a lot. I mean, we have a question that's come in through the WhatsApp service and hamdulillah Is it permissible to perform will do while naked. The will do is valid but the action is inappropriate. So the will do is valid, but the action is inappropriate. It's inappropriate for a number of reasons. First, we are taught that there are beings that live

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amongst us that are under

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seem to us from the angels and from the gym and from what else Allah is created, Allahu Allah that is aware of us. We are aware that even some of the animate objects around us like ants and, and other insects, they are aware of who we are. The evidence of this is in the Quran in surah nemlig the ends that the end knows prophets are like men, and it knows the function of those who are with him. It says to its other ends, enter into your homes. So like man and his troops, it doesn't say and these humans who I don't know what they are, it knows their function that they are troops of today, man, it knows that they are heedless and may trample over us and not know that they've done

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anything wrong. So we have this false assumption that the world around us is not in tune with us or that we are the only ones who sent it. So I say to you, it is considered a mooncup an inappropriate action to walk around in a state of * to be unclothed completely without need or necessity. And it's something that should not be done when we are seeking ritual rituals that are to make us ready for prayer other than for our Muslim. Now of course, there was the Sunnah door that we should make whenever we remove clothing. The prophets I seldom said that the angels have a natural inclination to hire to modesty, shame and bashfulness around human beings. When we are in the bathroom, when we

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remove our close and when we are intimate with each other. Allah created them to be blinded from us they turn away they don't see us in that moment or see those aspects of us our IRA. However, the prophets I seldom says in those same three incidents he's taught us to act to be said to blind the gene to blind the unseen world. The prophets. I seldom said that when you take your clothes off, say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. The prophets I seldom said that when we are in the bathroom before we enter, we say our wounds will be last minute hopefully we'll have it so that we are not harmed by those that are from the neither world and third, he taught us to say Allahumma Janina shaytaan what didn't

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even shave on my mother's up there now that when we enter we say Bismillah upon our spouses before we have conjugal visit, and conjugal time with each other before we enjoy each other's company and intimacy, we make the DUA this villa Rahman Rahim we say Bismillah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect us from the shape on and to protect whatever may be a fruit of this sexual union with each other from being touched by the shaitan or being harmed by the shaytaan those are the three things that naturally the angels are shy from but the shayateen do not shy away unless you turn off their gaze which is given to you through the Vic taught by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam can you make Lulu while naked during hosts live? The answer is yes. Part of the host is that while we are bathing ourselves we begin by making although that's the Sunnah way of making posts, but should we do it without mostly just standing in the bathroom? We are just completely undressed for no apparent reason. The answer is no, it should not be done even though the will do would be valid, the will do is valid, the will do is valid, but the action is reprehensible and it's not something that is appropriate Insha Allah, I hope that clarifies that issue. The evening later, Anna. Now for those of you who are listening online, please do call in we do love receiving your

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calls and chat. And having you join us along the way, even the left me to Anna also wait for other messages that may come through the service. We pray that Allah subhana Montana makes us a value and us to each other. So we were speaking about the importance of the Quran and understanding that the Quran is a miracle from Allah subhana wa Tada and that the miracle that was sent to us was one that will be lasting. So the Quran is not a creative being. It is an eternal word of ALLAH SubhanA Montana and there were early discussions amongst an amount you know, with the Quran created are not that effective. That would be if it's created, it means that it can be killed off and for us, of

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course the Quran cannot be put to rest. The Quran is the word eternal Word and speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala mean hooba That when he or the Quran is a statement of Allah azza wa jal that is eternal and part of the nature of Allah has power. Some hadn't went to either that he has given a glimpse of it to us and Allah tells us in the Quran, that if all of the trees were turned to pens, and if all the oceans were turned to ink, they would all be depleted before the word of Allah.

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was to be depleted Subhan Allah to Allah, we have a question

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being sent in Masha Allah that can also be valuable in this context. One of the sisters has message on my service. She's asking, well, how can we say and how can we show others that the Quran is a word of truth and a statement of truth. It's important to kind of know that for somebody to benefit from the Quran, they have to have a mindset where they are seeking intentionally seeking the truth, that they are not looking at it with malice, looking at it with both looking at it with seeking to undermine it, looking at it with a preconceived notion about it, that they are not open to benefiting from it and so on. The Quran is meant and will only benefit those who enter upon it with

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pious, righteous, sincere hearts. Allah qualifies this very early on in the Quran, in the beginning of the second chapter, sort of in Bukhara, Allah subhanaw taala says, And if

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mean, that he can kita it is this book that you have been giving them or Hamlet, Lowry, Buffy, there is no disagreement about its truthfulness, hood and little more tucking in, but it will only remain as a guy that will only show benefit, and its blessing, its fruit will only become accessible. The jewels that are in it will only be laid bare when the heart that approaches it is pious and sincere little more talking to those who are God conscious do those who have an interest in working through the truth to find the truth for what it is so that they can adhere to it. May Allah make us of them, Allah who I mean, one of the questions that just been pink, is there any Hadith that says if we hear

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the code that a rooster crowing we should make dua to Allah subhana wa Tada there are different Hadith that speak about animals making sounds. So you don't I don't keep bringing

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is one that is associated when it's at a time other than feeding and so on.

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That it is something that they have witnessed something from the scary from something that has scared it or as riled up from amongst the unseen world in particular the gene that there has been an interaction in that sense or there is the Hadith that you are mentioning about the the cocker the rooster crowing. It's narrated and so I can Behati the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when you hear the crowing of a rooster,

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then Allah is, is the one who is giving full blown Allah is the One who is generous, and it is because it has witnessed an angel that has arrived. And when you hear the brain of a dog, a donkey, then you should seek refuge or the name of a donkey then you should seek the protection from Allah, it is seen as shaitan. So when a rooster makes its cackle and makes it sound, it's because the angels have descended and you and you kind of find that this is usually at the time of solitude, and usually at the time of solitude. Also, in another authentic hadith the Prophet iclm said that he

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that Salah to Lhasa is one of the important prayers because the top of your helmet that the angels change their ranks. So in that vicinity, the angels have made themselves known to these intimate, intimate forces, animals are able to perceive what human beings cannot proceed, and animals are able to sense what human beings are not able to send, and the rooster is able to witness some not all but some of the types of the angels created by Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is a chance where your supplication can then be ascended to and carried by the angels. When the prophesy Xlm speaks about angels he speaks about those who are emissaries between us and Allah subhana wa Tada that they are

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those who carry our deeds. One of the reasons a prophet casts Mondays and Thursdays, it's the days that the angel shift their rings, and he said, I want my deeds when on Monday when the angels returned to Allah that I was fasting and the new angels came down witnessed me passing and on the return on Thursday that I was fasting again. So all of this is something that is

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known in the authentic tradition and the Hadith of the W Muhammad. sallallahu alayhi wa salam so the rooster making the sound is a blessing from Allah and Allah is the one who's going to grant us fun feather Allah

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So make your act to Allah while on the other hand, the brain of a donkey, the name of a donkey, especially in times that isn't calling for feeding and so on, then it is something that is witness to the shaitan. May Allah

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bless us with this Allah, I mean

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we have another question and that is with regards to loosen, can you clarify if making will do during Muslim is required is a must. Now the answer to that is no making will do while as a part of Muslim is not seen as a photo the aspect of the hustler it is a sunnah of the Prophet or insulin. So a person can make loosely by just bathing entirely all of their body with knee yet with Nia to cleanse themselves so that they are ready for worship, even if they did not wash their arm three times and then the left one three times. All of that is a speciality that it is a sunnah that will increase your reward of thinking also, I want you to think about this. And we'll do as independent

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acts of worship. And yes, if you are of course bathing you would not be entirely covered. It is seen as being desirable not to have your our your pre private area shown unnecessarily even when you make use. So it's not something that you should just extend that time when you are bathing in your complete nakedness before Allah subhanho wa Taala uncovered in any way it is better insha Allah that we have some

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modesty between us and the living beings that surround us in the world. So that's an important, I guess, secondary addition to the question that was initially as we return back to our main topic, which is the Quran and its validity and its truthfulness? How can we help others understand the truthfulness of the Quran? So the first is for us to allow them to know that, you know, it's not something that's going to lay itself bare, except to somebody who truly genuinely wants to look through it to study it to benefit from it to better themselves. Number two, the Quran is not idle reading material. It was never meant to be read like a newspaper. It was meant to be studied. And

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one of the things that prophets I seldom warned us about the Sahaba warned us about that no one who meant that can lemma feel Quran Bill easy, yet about what Nephi Gumina. Now, the one who speaks about the Word of God, from their own volition and opinion without being guided from the Sunnah, or the tradition of the Prophet, I seldom where they just make it up as they go away without having the grounding of knowledge, then let them prepare for themselves ESSID and hellfire. So the Quran it's meant to be determined and determined from falsehood and false understandings and teachings. And we hold on to the Quran on to its teaching in the way that will uplift us by studying it, teaching it,

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reading it, reciting it, even making the same elongation to sound as the prophesy sent to me. And that will be I guess, where we pick up in our next segment, we're going to talk about one of the miracles and one of the ways we know that the Quran is a truth by how many people recite it accurately how many people will memorize a book by a cover to cover and how many people not just recite it but recite it with the same intonation with the same rules of Tajweed that make the Quran and undividable and unconquerable truth in life for us as Muslims. I hope inshallah you will join me after the break and that you calling to have your questions on air with me being Dinah. I look

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forward to seeing you again in the next few minutes after the short break was set up Monday, July fourth

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the second one lawfare for those of you who are online As Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I can take some of your questions now on my

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Instagram feed my YouTube feed and my Facebook feed. If you have put up any questions I'm looking at all mashallah the people that are with us today. Do let us know where you're listening in from as well. I think it's always nice for other people to kind of hear

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Let's see. All right, we got a couple of questions that have come in. Let's begin with the Facebook and YouTube. All right.

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Are you allowed to ask for signs to increase our Eman like our Prophet Ibrahim did when he asked for the birds to be resurrected? Now that's a really important question. I want to correct this misunderstanding Prophet Ibrahim did not ask for a sign to increase his Eman. This was done as a demonstration in one opinion for those who are with him. So Ibrahim has fully man but there are people who are with him that Ibrahim wants to show them the power of Allah Subhana Allah the second understanding is Ibrahim wants to see how the dead are brought back to life so he can describe it and say to others I've seen it with my own eye to make evidence to others of their true of his

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truthfulness in that claim.

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Ah Masha Allah so Ibrahim Ali is Salam does not ever ask Allah to increase in faith. He is one of the magnificent prophets of Allah whose faith had never carried never needed any increase it his setup. But to get to your question, can we ask Allah to demonstrate something for us? And the answer is we do not tempt Allah, we do not make a challenge to Allah, Allah subhana wa Medina does not, does not manifest Himself as the will and the commands of people. And anytime a miracle occurs, it is done without the one who receives it knowing it's going to happen. So when a miracle happens when Musa is standing at the end, this is Musa when he's standing at the side of the water, he doesn't

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know how Allah will save him. Benny Surah eel is crying, they say in Ghana, who Drakul we're going to be destroyed. Allah has not told them I'm going to save you. It's at that moment miraculously unknown how they were going to be saved, that Allah save them. Nobody dares say to Allah, I demand evidence from you, except one who is not acquainted with the power and might of Allah. Allah does not need our iman and therefore does not need to manifest and show us who he is as our demand. The Quran becomes an important miracle for us. Our life, our very life that we live is evidence of the truth. Look to the sun and the moon and the stars and the order of the world. Look to what you've

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lived and what you've experienced in past and present. And you will then see the might and power of Allah if we only open our eyes, we have another question. Should we do the same sunnah acts that we do before going to sleep at night when we want to take a nap or sleep after fetcher, dust off the bed and make of car sleep on our right hand side Yes, so anytime you're going to take sleep whether in the night or in the day, you should try to follow as much of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I need you I send him We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us from those who love the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Let's take another question Masha Allah

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debts the prophet Isaiah Lim recommend

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would you learn how to increase the Allah does the prophesy send them sorry sellers recommendation of closing the door measure of include windows, can we keep windows open for fresh air so the prophets I send them asked us to close the doors and then reopen them. And he asked us to close the windows and then reopen them SallAllahu sallam. So think of the nappy that as as this as being an act of you sealing your door. We know from the authentic hadith that any door that is opened and closed with the best mela and that view cannot be entered by anything other than what Allah has allowed. So the prophets I send them said that the one who comes to his house and says Bismillah

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Allahu Akbar, the child can cannot enter their home. Unless they open their door and exit and don't say Bismillah Allahu Akbar, then they can become as visitors right? As those who enter upon us May Allah protect us Allahumma me so I would say to you, yes, take the same precaution with your windows as well in sha Allah.

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We have another question is talking or speaking negatively about another person without them being present for the purpose of reconciling them?

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Is that considered backbiting? If we're trying to reconcile them with others, if what you're saying is going to be upsetting to

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them it is riba so the prophet Isaiah Lim said the crooked a haka we buy a coffee but negatively speaking about someone outside their presence is something that is condemned bubble, if it is to put between them and other people animosity, we're going to be returning back to Islam general maybe we'll expand on this question next if there are no callers in chama does that have a look out for your patients? Sorry, I didn't get a chance to take the questions on Instagram maybe a little bit later.

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And your life and hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam. Well, I know Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa send them well, that it's always a pleasure and hamdulillah to connect with all of you, my dear brothers and sisters, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to add up to greatness by euro and Velyka. For those of you who are calling in and have to do that we look forward to receiving your calls live on air as we normally do on Wednesdays, we pray that Allah Subhana Allah grants us how you imboca Allah who met me, there were another couple of questions that came in on the WhatsApp service and look, pray, look forward to taking them after we listen to our first caller in sha Allah. I said I want to come

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color How can I help?

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That's one question actually already somewhere. When you do.

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If you don't wish a prophet Muhammad's name, the water is invalid. Is it true? Oh, I was only asked to do this manual does that

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there is no known dua other than what was taught to us by the prophets. I seldom that would mean

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I will do our invalid there's no words that have to be said for our will do to be valid. Even the statement of Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim or Bismillah is considered a sunnah and the statement at the end of the will do a shadow Allah Allah, Allah wa shadow none Mohammad Rasool Allah, Allah who much I mean that the web you know with only minimal takahe all of those are statements that are sooner that will do as is required for so that is spoken of by Allah in the Quran, and the prophets I send them simply followed what Allah said in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, By the way, that come to La sala de la ciudad will happen

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what idea chameleon Marathi one second will be will be roussy Come What are Julio Camila Cabaye ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala at least the four places of will do that are must and I want you to understand that there are different aspects of our a bad that some that increase us in sooner. So for example, washing your hands three times before washing your face is a sunnah, but if you didn't wash your hand three times and you simply took water and washed your face your will do is valid. If you didn't put water in your mouth, water in your nose and just washed your face from the outside your will do is valid but you did not receive the reward of sunnah because the mouth and nose are

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part of the face that Allah orders for us to watch. If you washed your arm and just say you know, you know we shouldn't but just say you washed your left arm before your right arm unintentionally your will do is valid your will do is valid you just did not receive the reward of the Sunnah. Sometimes the rituals of Islam we've made them overly complex at times to gain the most reward and when we are taught, we are taught how to do it the best way we can so that if you miss something you will do is still valid. But in general, how would you do that like I took water wash my face, I washed my arms

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up to my elbows and including them I put water over my hair and I washed my two feet including El Capitan including the two ankle bones. If I did that, that will do is valid for somebody to say that you must make salawat upon the privatize LM or mentioned his name or eltra will do is not valid. It is haram for them to say that this is something that is a sin to speak of Allah and the religion of Allah in a way without knowledge. It is haram to put a burden upon the Muslim ummah and to ask them to do something not asked by Allah. And finally it is haram to introduce into the religion, something that was not intentionally meant to be there. The prophets I seldom did not say to us, you

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must make your Salawat upon me for your will to be valid. This wasn't the teaching of the prophets, I send them to the Sahaba and therefore to the rest of our Ummah, may Allah protect us from falsehood

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And from innovation and Allahumma I mean, we have a question that is coming online.

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Is it true that a man without a beard cannot lead the salah? These kinds of questions are really inappropriate. Never will you hear the prophets of Allah Ronnie was salam makes such a condition and such a restriction. What makes a person invalid to lead the salah for themselves or for others is that they are not in a state of Bordeaux that they are not a Muslim. If a person knows they are not in will do, it's haram for them to leave the salah. It's haram for them to pray, if a person is not a Muslim, they cannot lead this or that even if they know that out of the right, somebody who is not deep in practice As for whether a person can be better qualified than another, then the answer is

00:35:52 --> 00:36:39

yes, the prophets I seldom said if you are with a group and you do not know who should lead the Salah, according to whom then the one who knows the Quran most should lead the solder. They said what if they are both the same? They know the same amount of sorrows and they practice it the same? He said the one who the one who has more knowledge of my sunnah or of the religion of the way the Quran and the Sunnah fit together. Number three is that they if they are equal than the one who is married before the one who is not married, number four, the one who is older before the one who is younger, but that means somebody who is young. Somebody who is young can lead somebody who is older

00:36:39 --> 00:37:25

if they know more, or Andaman if they know more of the Sunnah than them. But this thing about qualification with the beard or not, is usually a means that do they follow the sunnah or not? If there are people better qualified and they adhere to the Sunnah physically, outwardly as well as inwardly, then they have a better precedent to lead the salah than others. But there are many of the great demands of the past who were in our generations and so on masters of the Quran, masters of the reading, and we would be honored to be led by them in sha Allah, Allah however, if somebody is defined to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim then it's for that reason we would rather pray behind

00:37:25 --> 00:37:32

somebody else not just by their outer appearance we have another caller on the line has said I'm on a caller. How can I help

00:37:35 --> 00:37:37

so that morning, caller

00:37:39 --> 00:37:42

can you hear me? Yes, my brother, how can I help

00:37:43 --> 00:37:50

you? Yeah, we're gonna create, create the pen, I believe. Yes.

00:37:52 --> 00:37:58

And instructed the pen to write everything. So when I say now the millionaire, the tree

00:38:00 --> 00:38:05

has a lot came up with a plan B. Or was it already reached?

00:38:08 --> 00:38:53

Okay, just like a welfare. So I don't like the way you phrased the statement to Plan B. There's only one plan of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada tells us in the Quran, when Kuno and kulula. Whatever plan there is, there is only the plan of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah before creating Adam mightier brother he said to the angels in Niger, I will fill out the hubiera I have destined for this earth, those who will live in it succession after succession, Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows that Adam will be destined to the earth and the knowledge of Allah How can we coalition in any man it is not a knowledge of observation, it is not a knowledge of IFC what happened or here what happens or learn

00:38:53 --> 00:39:45

what happened? So then I know what happens. Allah's knowledge is the knowledge of creating what happens and being in control of what is created by him, Subhana Allah and allowing the effect of what is in his creation, to occur without enforcing it, but his knowledge already pre is pre aware of it. So think of the other of Allah in part of the knowledge of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, Allah knows what was and what is and what will be. And Allah also knows what could be what other alternative would be or could be, even though it will never happen. Allah knows what your life would be like now my dear brother, if you had not turned into or tuned into this moment, listening to me,

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

just say you had gone to, you know, your shopping center, Allah knows what the rest of your day would have been like his knowledge is not one of observing what you do it is one of creating the knowledge and that's why the pen the concept

00:40:00 --> 00:40:51

The pen, and I don't want you to think of the unseen world with your um with your seeing mind. So just like in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, that Mala in Surah Potter only agenda they have many wings. When when you see in Christian theology when they heard the dangers of wings, they drew the wings of a bird, they made it with feathers and so on. For us as Muslims we don't do that we don't imagine the wings isn't the wing of a plane, the wing of a kite, the wing of a bird, the wing of an angel that is unknown to us, all of it is left to the hype of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tirana. Our map is the OMA that says we believe in what Allah said, without trying to understand it in a literal

00:40:51 --> 00:41:08

sense in accordance to what our mind can comprehend. lead to the recall, absorb Allah can never be visualized and anything of the unseen is different to what is known and material. One of the descriptions of Jana is that the prophets I seldom said

00:41:09 --> 00:42:00

mallam Torah ru limitada I'm when I'm testing my Odin Willem, you have to be very sharp, no eye or ear has seen or hoard heard and no human heart could imagine it. Even though Allah tells it, it has rivers, it has trees, it has homes and mentioned but they are nothing like the trees and homes and rivers and paths of the dunya. Right, those are approximations of meanings. So there is no plan B it is only the plan of Allah, the mind of Allah, the power of Allah, the creation of Allah and the pen is part of the other written by Allah that Allah created that all that is within the universe, and gave it laws, all that within within his dominion that he is aware of, we're not aware of and gave

00:42:00 --> 00:42:50

it instructions and laws, the pen wrote everything. It is all known to Allah, even my destination and your destination. Whether we are from the people of paradise or not is known to Allah, but I have the effect I have the ability to use my time now to make the right choice, but it is known to Allah what the eventual end will be without oppression to me being compelled to choose it, but it is known and written in Allah's knowledge, but it is given to me to make the choices that will eventually lead me to it in such a way there is no fatalism that I don't have a choice, I have a choice of mine, but that choice is perfected already in the complete knowledge of Allah that

00:42:50 --> 00:43:04

ultimately is beyond the observable to Hannah winter Ina. May Allah protect us, Allah from me? We have a few questions that have come in and we look forward to receiving more colors in sha Allah

00:43:07 --> 00:43:55

is it true that it should we recite ourselves when praying in congregational prayer? Anytime the Imam is quiet so anytime you are not the man there's any man and he's leaving a lot of brokers a lot on metric. Both one is low voice one is loud voice. Anytime the Imam is quiet, you must be reciting the Quran. If the secretary imam for Corrado when the Imam is quiet read, but if the imam is reading out loud, and you can critically hear what he is reading. So you're in a place that you can hear the Fatiha. It's not that you're standing at the back and there's no microphone. It's not that you're traveling together and as far away from you can hear exactly what being said. If you can hear the

00:43:55 --> 00:44:22

Quran customer will echo that listen to a give it your ear. But if you are in a place where you can't hear what the imam is reading, then you must read the practice. According the most correct opinion in sha Allah, there is an opinion that says if an imam is appointed, then your sada is the solder of the Imam. But I say to you that why would you not read from the Quran and make the sense of Hamill I'll be all beings who have

00:44:24 --> 00:44:59

a year to live Why do you say that the Imam is saying that? Why do you say those things because you understand that you are part and parcel of the prayer. So when the Imam recites and he is quiet, in a dobro prayer or in you know, whatever it may be, or if he is reading loud, but you can't hear and understand what's being read, then you should read quietly to yourself sort of in 30 At minimum, at minimum in sha Allah prophets are SLM said less so that the left that you have that the Salah is invalid without the Fatiha and that's why we kind of make that

00:45:00 --> 00:45:47

As at a minimum condition Jama should female recite aloud when they are praying alone? The answer is they are allowed to there's nothing wrong with that. We should not ever be excessive in raising our voice we know not authentic, very believable. Behati the Prophet heard some of those who haven't making loud chants of vicar and Quran, the Prophet said lb or LM political silence these loud voices, hold them back. Don't be so loud in your reading of the Quran and making the inactive letter the owner of Sonneman whenever the one who you are invoking the drop that you are making to Allah is not meant to arrive to one who is distinct from you hidden from you, I'm aware of you, Allah hears

00:45:47 --> 00:46:11

you and He is with you up for a vote in a comment heavily when he Allah is closer to us than the very artery and veins that run within us within us. Allah is closer to us with his knowledge with his authority with his power with his hearing, with his seeing with his ability, in all ways. Subhanallah to Anna, is it haram

00:46:12 --> 00:47:00

to take her husband's name after Nika, it would be haram if people assume that you are his daughter. And the answer to that is in modern society, that is not the case. What is haram is for a person to try to take ownership over another human being by putting their name on them. So if if, for example, an adopted child is given the surname of the family to try to make that child believe that they don't have any other family, no other father, then that would be wrong for a Muslim woman to take her husband's name that is entirely culturally driven and choice. So in certain cultures in western context, it makes things easier that your name and your husband's name matches your children's name

00:47:00 --> 00:47:43

on your passports and birthday at birth certificates. It's an easy process to change it. If that's the case, then it's something that is acceptable. Certainly it would not be considered haram. But if one is doing it, to change their name to be on their husband's name, and that may cause confusion in a society where they live amongst Muslims really say, hey, how the two people were like brother and sister Mary, because they look at the name thinking it's one of the same, then that can become a problem and it should be disliked not haram. The word Haram is a really offensive massive word. I remember I met who is one of the four chemical Islamic schools of thought he is very rarely hurt to

00:47:43 --> 00:48:03

use the word cut off. He would say I cannot do that. If I hate this. I use I do have that. Do people actually do that? Now? Yeah, maybe this shouldn't be done. Have you crossed this should be made hateful in the hearts of people. Rarely do people use the word haram so loosely. We have another caller on the line as Salam Alikum Koehler, how can I help?

00:48:06 --> 00:48:09

I said, I'm on a cold caller. How can I help?

00:48:10 --> 00:48:34

Yes, my mother in law died a few months ago and she left some jewelry. While she was ill. She told my husband to give the jewelry to her three daughters, although she has six children. And then later she said all of you can share it. So what do we go by? Do we go by Sharia law that after she died? We distributed?

00:48:35 --> 00:48:42

six children? Or do we go by the last thing that the mother in law requested? Is her request valid? What?

00:48:44 --> 00:49:28

What I would say to questions like this, my dear sister and of course this would be a very contentious issue amongst the family. It would be inappropriate for me to just make a very, you know, quick judgment and a very quick judgment call on it. What I would ask you to do is to select a time with a well respected Imam, not just somebody who leads the prayer but somebody who is learned in the laws of our faith in the laws of our deen, who is from a culture similar to yours who will give you fatwah according to a man that have that all of you can agree on. Because there are a variety of opinions that may arrive in this matter that may cause greater harm and dissension. We

00:49:28 --> 00:49:59

must be very, very careful that the essential element of the distribution of wealth that one of the reasons Allah put it in the heart of the Quran, is in the statement of the Quran with really specific laws speaking about the brother and the father and the uncle in the in laws that Allah was so specific was to help us not to have to make these type of judgments unless it was entirely necessary. So what I would say to you is you would want to meet a legal threshold and

00:50:00 --> 00:50:48

legally Islamically legally, that there were witnesses to, you know, what was said by the mother to who it was said in what context it was said was it under duress, what she meant to feel that I need to say this to make somebody happy. And then after they left, I changed my mind, you know what somebody's having influence and power of authority over her. All of those are things that will be will be brought up, the only way to separate between them is to have witnesses brought to make the testimony in front of Allah subhana wa, to Allah, and to do it according to our legal tradition that has a very high threshold of wanting to protect the sanctity of of wealth, and the wishes also of

00:50:48 --> 00:51:35

the deceased in sha Allah, the worst of affairs in life, is to have even a gram of the hack of another person assigned to us that we are not deserving of it. It is better to relinquish it in the dunya than to regret it in the aphylla. It is better for us to err in caution in the dunya then to regret it in the official. So I would say I'm sorry that I'm unable to answer this question other than to refer you to one of the noble imams in your community, learn it not just a prayer leader or memorize the Quran, but somebody who has judgment and was gone through these processes in the past is able to speak about it with authority and is acquainted with the legal mechanism, mechanism

00:51:35 --> 00:52:19

mechanisms and systems in the land that you reside in sha Allah, may Allah cure the hearts may Allah give you ease may Allah have mercy upon her. May Allah subhana wa Taala make it a charisma that is equitable and pleasing to Allah may Allah subhana wa to Allah reward you for asking and wanting to know what does that what does Allah say what does Mohammed teach some of the lie Salam? What is the verdict of Muslims in this regard? This is such a noble heart may Allah subhana wa Tada preserve you and all of your family for having this desire to bring it back to Allah fold do who in Allah who was who returned to Allah and the messenger in all of your affairs? And such you are, you know, may you

00:52:19 --> 00:53:02

be congratulated by that may you be rewarded just for that very question you as a representative all of the family Allahumma me and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala grant you success and ease and comfort in that regard. I mean, I mean the minute finally in our last minute I just wanted to conclude by saying that the Quran was meant to function as a known as a light in the darkness and as a foregone as a separator between right and wrong, halal and haram. good from bad and that Allah Subhana Allah assists us all to follow it in the best way that we can alone mean or suddenly level mausoleum was in Bavaria Allah

00:53:03 --> 00:53:33

Allah Marlene NEMA Jiang them in the weather kidnapping human will see that Allah Allah will enter the new winner Serafina Marina with a bit of them and I want sunnah told me Kathleen La ilaha illa into SOCOMEC in equal to in a volley me. Are you the big mean hammer that is Shayateen when you're bored Subhanak Allahumma behandelt Shawanda Illa stockbroker what to La Paz Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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