A Juz A Day (8th): Truth v. Falsehood From Time

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The 8th Juz begins with Al-An’aam a. 111 and ends with Al-A’raaf a. 87.

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Surah Al-An’aam – Recognize Allah, Worship Him Exclusively
Surah Al-A’raaf – Truth v. Falsehood From Time

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Today we have

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with us

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in Sharla, the eight years of the Quran and I will share my screen with you in sha Allah to show you something of where this just begins and ends ajala

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it is, if I can just quickly do this here for your patience

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so the eighth juice of the Quran begins with surah Anam at ayah, number 100 at 111. And it ends it's sort of out of number 87.

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And it's the last part of an item is covered here, and it has a very beautiful, I add of Quran. And then the beginning of circle RF is also covered here. So it'll autofill and in the next use in light on. So that is what we have for us today. Let's get started. right down to it with IRA number 111. Now I have number 100 111 is actually a continuation of something I was saying from beforehand.

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Qureshi claims and the response of Alas, pantalla. to that. So we're going to start a couple of it before that just so that we are able to see what the context is last month law says, what are the so called levina, the rownum and lunella he fire so belhar either one be ready to not revile those beings whom they invoke, instead of God, less they in their hostility, revile God out of ignorance. This is something that we're taught by this idea of sort of an arm, that we are not supposed to insult the religion or the gods of other people. We can disagree, we can critique, we can engage in a discussion, as the Quran issues, very stern warnings against people who engage in shift. But alas,

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Partha, does not insult them. And neither should we. And this is an important part of, you know, of understanding religion and conveying the religion, the goal of Sorrell hanahan, the one theme that we are trying to highlight is recognizing a lost pantalla, who he is and worshiping Him exclusively, that does not mean that we insult others. In fact, if we were to insult the religion of other people, what it does is that as a reaction, they will insult Islam. And that is not a healthy reaction. Because now because of that, we push people away from the truth, push them away from recognizing that Allah, Allah is the one true God, and that does not serve anybody's purposes, that

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actually only makes things worse. So Allah warns the believers to not do that. Then he mentioned a couple of excuses, that the people of Quraysh were making excuses. When it comes to their,

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into the,

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the practice of or accepting the prophets, Islam as a true prophet. They would say that without some moving language, that a man him they would swear, or they swear his solemn oath by God that if there should come to them a sign, they will believe in it. Like if they're only just just one miracle and all belief, that's what they're saying, even though the Prophet had shown them. In the 13 years, he was with them, a host of miracles, including the Quran. But this is really, like I mentioned before, the one asking for a miracle usually does not believe once the miracle comes, as we will see today, and so little out of the one demanding a miracle often doesn't really accept the miracle.

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And Subhanallah The one who really believes the amazing miraculous creation of Allah all around us, that is evidence enough for them. So a lot of replies to this claim by seeing say signs are only granted by Allah, in our in the law, why am I unhappy? At Law? You mean? How can you tell that if a sign is to be given to them, that they will indeed believe in it? What's the guarantee? In fact, to the contrary, they wouldn't believe what the law says in the beginning of this juice. I number 111. wallow ananas en la Haman melodica work along with Mota or Hashanah la him coalition who will American will umino

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even if we sent down angels to them and caused the dead to speak to them and gathered everything in front of them, Mark annuli you know, they would still not believe

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I lost propolis cutting to do the smokescreen that they were putting up and saying this is all just a distraction tactic of misdirection

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you know, the eyes are everywhere The evidence is are clear the Koran the prophecies of being amongst you, all those are as clear cut evidences as a person could need yet this claim is made because the reality is you just want something to divert the attention something to cause him his direction mark and you know in line inshallah, they will not believe unless God so God has so built

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or lacking Tharanga home, most of them pave ignorantly they don't act rationally. They want to act on emotion. What are kin, Xl homea Johanna that's what Allah says about the people of Quraysh and people who mix similar types of claims as the people of Quraysh Thoreau not everybody is like that, but most of them is like this. Their claims are just like misdirections ignorant statements not grounded in reality. A lot spotless speaks about messengers. And why does Allah allow the messengers to be opposed? Remember, the surah Anam the the goal of it or one of the themes that we're trying to highlight is, we have to recognize Allah and worship him exclusively. Part of recognizing Allah is

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to understand the idea of prophethood and messenger ship. And last time we spoke about how the messenger isn't just, you know, bringing out miracles on demand, or bringing out information from the unseen on demand. That's not what the profits or sums job is, or any profits job. So last month, it also explains, well, how come when a person is divinely chosen by Allah? How is it that they're opposed by people? Well, Allah spot law says is number 112. In Attica, Lee Kulina been I do one shout out in an NC virgin, so panela in like manner, we have assigned for every prophet and opponent Satan's from among the men and the gin, devils of the men and the gin up back in about Enzo

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crowfall, Tony Aurora, who make evil suggestions to each other, by means of specious words in order to deceive words that deceive words that you know, distract words that cause people to lose track of the the message of the messengers, okay? This is how Alice patola has set the system and he says, well, OSHA or buka mufaddal had it been your Lord's will, they will not have done so. ie Allah has allowed, Allah has allowed, that the truth comes and falsehood will oppose the truth. And this falsehood is supported by a a vast army of people

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shout out Lena NCL, Jin. And it's like a whole machine that's churning out these kind of deviant Miss directions to distract from the message of the prophets to distract from the message of the truth. And last as if he'd wanted to, he could have just, you know, ended them and they would have been no opposition. But that's not allowed Wait, allows Wait Is he puts the truth, any lay any leaves the agents of evil, do their work, and then the truth over time will overpower the falsehood. There is times when the truth is dominant. And in times where the people of the truth are, you know, under, you know, under the pump, and that is just the way life is and a lot sparkler wants us to to

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understand that evil in this world cannot be eradicated. Evil is part and parcel of this world. And our job is to live the truth, to live the good life, to call to the truth to call to the good and oppose evil as much as we can. But eradicating evil can only happen in the next life. And last one that makes that clear. So this hypothetical should not be a distraction from believing and following the message of the prophets and specifically the prophets Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned that he does not really have either to Latina la umina will only allow one year coterie for my home telephone, in order that the hearts of those who do not believe in in the life to come might inclined towards those suggestions and being pleased persist in their sinful ways. The existence of evil is also to attract the evil towards the evil and the good

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Towards the good to separate the two groups in this life, and then a last part that will judge them accordingly according to their actions. In the next slide, this is the author of a law. This is a law has told us evil, like the question a lot of people ask is How come there's evil on earth and there's a, you know, if there's a merciful God, because a lot sparkler isn't the most Merciful, the most loving for sure, but he has allowed the devil to do his work, as you'll see and sort of are off when he will ask, oh, my Lord, let me stay alive to the end of time. Allah says you can stay alive till the end of time, he will continue to hatch his evil schemes till the end of time. That is a

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decision that is his plan. Now, that doesn't negate that Allah is all good and all loving, absolutely not. It only

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makes people who are a product of the nature and nurture, inclined towards their natural inclinations, those who are inclined towards Good Will inclined towards the truth, those who are inclined towards falsehood will incline towards falsehood. And then there is like a whole vast, you know, mixture of people in between, they can go either way, and zero people oscillate between the two ends. But this is the nature of life. And as you will see, in Surah, RF beautifully the next sutras theme is truth and falsehood are at odds, truth versus falsehood has been at odds from time from the beginning of time, that's been the reality, that will be the reality. The eradication of

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evil will happen in the next life. But Allah, Allah is Maliki almighty. So this is a very important part, I spend some time on this because this is a concern. A lot of you know a lot of people have a lot of us who go to university and, and and study philosophy. And this is a question that's raised right? And the answer is very simple. In the Quran, that this is Allah design, the world is not meant to be a place of perfect, good and perfect justice. The world is meant to be a flawed place. The ACA is meant to be a place of good, no evil and justice. All right, next thing that Allah mentions is he says, eating from halaal very important point when it comes to recognizing Allah and

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worshiping Him exclusively part of our worship of Allah, as I mentioned, is the rituals that we engage in. rituals are not the only thing about worship, but they are part and parcel a very important component of worship. So last Papa says, firstly, whether we're here or infamy, we're about to leave all sin open or secret we should have strive to have a life where our private secret lives are better than our public open lives. And the worst case scenario is somebody who is very good openly publicly, but an evil person secretly like they have secrets and they have sins that are habits that you know, are, are bad things. That's it. It's a very unfortunate situation and that's

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something we should work to eradicate. And that's what this is what the rules are hidden. If me well Ballina, those who commit sin will receive their new punishment for their sins and don't eat over which God's name has not been pronounced, for surely for that is surely this obedience in the hula Fisk.

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The Devils inspire their followers to argue with you. And if you obey them, you will become of those who associate partners with God, again, the importance of upholding the rituals as an act of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, exclusively. And that includes eating from what Allah's name has been mentioned on when the sacrifice is done, because Allah is the one who gave life to this animal, and we are taking its life in Allah's name to eat it. So it is not just like, food is not just meant to be something that, you know, you know, it's just an animal, it's going to die. No, we have to understand that it there is a sanctity to all life. And when we take the life of an animal, we're

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taking this as a last name as our way of worshipping Him exclusively. And as a way to enjoy the blessings that he has allowed us to enjoy. Example of those who allow guys a very beautiful ayah I 125. Allah gives a beautiful example of those who he guides to Islam. He says when you read the law when yahoo yahoo Yasha sadara who lil Islam, the person who Allah desires when Allah God, when God desires to guide someone, he opens his chest to Islam, okay. It's like the physically doesn't happen to you. It's not like you. You're benching like, you know two plates now Mashallah your chest is expanded. So what I say that is saying is that the

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The sensation of being free. The sensation of like something that's bothering you and bugging you. It's been lifted off your chest and now you feel, you know, like, you're alive. So panela that's the sensation Yasha solderable Islam, he opens his chest to Islam also opening the chest means now the person is able to understand and absorb and implement whatever it is that they have heard or whatever it is that they learn and that is a beautiful feeling that is a powerful, uplifting sensation that Allah mentions. When he says when when you read a you will live level and whoever he wills to misguide. Yeah Jor el sadara, who the Yukon hirogen he causes his chest to be constricted,

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hey, like to become tight, you know, feeling bogged down feeling uneasy. And your saw this summer as if he had to, you know, fly through the sky as if he's like ascending up the skies. And so parallel when you think about this, when a person climbs higher altitudes, there is a lack of oxygen and you feel like that person's chest is constricted and they have some problems breathing when that happens if you go to like a city that has like, at a high altitude as well you would experience that or if you like, go up like a mountain or something you will experience something similar if the mountain is high enough. So this is what this is saying. Just like you experience that physical shortness of

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breath, that tightness is what

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a person experiences who allow wishes to lead astray, yada yada yada, who the yep and halogen annamaya sardo for some are very beautiful example a very precise example. This is how Allah heaps ignominy upon those who refuse to believe that you can alakija Allah 100 Salah Dena Allah you know.

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This is an example of how Allah guides and people who he misguides some scenes from the Day of Judgment Allah mentioned here in this passage, I'm going to go to some excuses that Porsche makes that I feel people today also make the number 148.

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of the people of Porsche

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make this fight the following excuses the same, say abou Latina Shaku Lucia Allahumma Ashoka una wala haram nermeen Shaikh, those who associate partners with God will surely save.

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Had God pleased neither we nor our forefathers would have served other gods beside him, nor would we have made anything unlawful. Okay, the claim that I mean, if God really wanted, we would be guided, right. That's, that's the reality. God doesn't want it. So we're not guided. So this is like a very, very sad excuse. A lost ponteland response to this by saying gallica, Medina and probably him had kobach Santa. Likewise, those who lived before them argued falsely until they came to taste our punishment is very interesting. Again, this is a stern surah I mentioned to you the surah is very stern in its in its tone because it is perhaps the last word revealed before the Prophet migrated

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from Mecca to Medina. And it was served as like the final warning to Quraysh. So last part, Allah has no time for their excuses. He goes straight to the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem is areas a person who doesn't want to believe doesn't want to change their life would just rather live the way they live and make excuses to feel make themselves feel better about their lack of devotion. So Allah goes straight to the root and says gallica gets the ballerina men call him. Likewise, those who live before them argued falsely until they came to taste our punishment, just like you are arguing falsely making up these

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excuses, people before you made the same excuses. And guess what? It didn't actually help them. When the punishment came the excuses were not enough to save them from the punishment of Allah. Allah, your excuses also will not be enough to save you from the punishment of Allah understand that reality. First and foremost. Then he says Allah, have you any knowledge? Has it in the commentary men photography, Juliana, have you any knowledge? If so produce it before us? He interview Runa a loved one. No, you follow nothing but conjecture. We're in unto him in lotro. Soon you are merely guessing who will fall in law Hill who just will live up. If God alone has the conclusive proof.

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Follow sha Allah has come in. If he had willed he could have guided every one of you. Look at how amazingly

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And like breaks down this argument. Firstly, Allah says, understand, you make these excuses and you die making these excuses. It's not going to help you when you are faced with the punishment, number one, number two, you're not, you don't have any evidence for what you're seeing, what you're actually doing is pretending to have some like logical evidence, really what you're doing is instead of your own in love, you want to follow conjecture, you want to create these questions, that will become a misdirection. So you can continue doing the way they what you were doing. So you could continue living with the status quo. Then he says, follow Sha, Allah Hidalgo, Marine, if Allah had

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wanted, he would have guided all of you, right? This is very easily possible. But Allah gave all of us our choice, he gave us a choice, he gave our parents our choice, our grandparents, our choice, our great grandparents of choice, everybody had a choice. Okay. And the choice was, you know, the truth and falsehood, at various levels. Everybody had an option at certain points in their lives to choose, okay. And they chose people's like their lives are in you know, amalgamation of the choices that they have made. And that is the reality. And that's how that's where we are today. That's what Allah say, if he wanted to all of you could have been guided. But in reality, the last part Allah,

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let you choose. And today who you are, you are a part of your choices, follow sha Allah has come as a marine. That's the same thing with your parents who did schilke, for example, in the case of Quraysh, and all those things that were impermissible, they chose, they have the house of Allah in front of them, they had the garba in front of them, they had, they knew what the middle of Ibrahim was, they knew all of this, but they chose to take idols as a means towards Allah, knowing that these idols, there is like a bit of a financial incentive for them in it, or this is a culture part of our culture. And we just leave it be the way it is. These are very, you know, these are choices

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they made. And these are choices that people make after them. And these are choices we make as well today about how we understand faith and how we commit to it or not commit to it. So this is the response of a lost father, to the Pete excuses of the people of Quraysh that follow sha Allah Hidalgo, Marine, he could have done it, it's so easy for him, everybody is the same. Everybody is Muslim, but he left the choice with us. And that's who we are. So don't make excuses for your choices. own up to your choices. So Panama, what is fate I a number 151 to 153. There are 10 commands here and according to like, what city in like

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in kafir, like he mentioned that, for example, even the lameness route would say that whoever wants to, you know, get a summary of what the Quran you know, messages for your camera is, should read these, you know, these these three ideas that are coming, or these

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are these three, that are, we're about to read, and number 151 152 and 153 because they have like the summary of the message. And these are 10 beautiful commandments that Allah gives. He gives us here in sudo and then he will give the same in Surah Surah Surah number 17. All right, let's see what this is a booth at Luma harinama. Rob bukem aleikum comm I will tell you what your Lord has really forbidden upon you. Okay, I'll tell you what's halaal I'll tell you what's hot. I'll tell you what's the right religion? I'll tell you what's the wrong religion come I'll do that. That's the problem is being told to say that

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I love to shoot movie number one. Do not associate anything with him ship with a loss paddler is the number one thing. And that's what Allah mentions here. Do not associate any partners with a law that is the worst type of injustice. Only what what is a loss? The Divine the divinity, that is to be a loss is only for Allah number one, number two availability they need to be good to your parents. Allah chose our parents for us. He made the DNA. He is the we didn't pick our parents. He picked our parents, so be good to your parents as a sign of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course if our parents have done a lot for us, we should be even more good to our parents trying to you

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know, like, do everything we can for them. Number three, Allah Taku Allah dokumen in lac, do not kill your your children for fear of poverty. Na Na Zuko coma iya whom we shall provide sustenance for you as well as for them. Number three, don't kill your children. This is something that is explicit in the Quran. We cannot

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You know, we cannot think that our kids will starve. Now nada Zuko come to your home we will provide for you and for them. This is a guarantee from Alaska Montana. Number four while at Dr. Robin Sharma Mahara minha mama often refrain from committing in decent deeds for law, which is a morality and shamelessness and as we will see a morality and shamelessness in a circle would be one of the things that the shape on wanted for us, the devil, that's what he wanted us to engage in. So Allah says here very clearly don't engage in alpha hush in morality, the kind of morality that if someone sees us commit that we will be ashamed. That's the idea of Russia, whether it is open or it is a secret

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Okay, number five, well not Dakota, Nuff said that you have on a level 11 hub and do not kill the life which God has made sacred saved by right IE whatever is allowed under the law as when it comes to like a retribution or punishment of course under like a through due process, you know, it cannot be like vigilante justice or something that's never allowed, by the way in any in any way in Islam. But under due process, there is a after due process, there is a possibility for someone to you know, lose their life as a

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as a punishment for having taken someone else's life. But outside of that very specific due process. Anything else what doctor enough sanity harmala the life of a person Allah has made secret and you cannot take that life. You cannot do that. That is number five lolicon was soco mihaela locum Taku. That is what he's enjoyed upon you so that you may understand now check this out number. He says here first doc You don't understand. Because understanding is the start of conviction, you have to understand the reason why you believe the beautiful aspects of our faith, the Divinity divine justice that our faith comes with. Then he says, Well attack Romanelli ottimi liability here is an

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avenue I should stay well away from an orphans property except with the best intentions before he or she comes of age as number six, don't exploit the orphan. The orphan is easily exploitable. The orphans wealth can easily be ripped off, no one's gonna question you. You are the uncle and the guardian. But don't exploit the orphans. Well, this is a child that you know be do well with this child. And this is obviously an example for any type of exploitation don't exploit anybody orphan is obviously one clear example but anybody else as well. Do not exploit them. Or Oh full Kayla, while Misa Anna bill case number seven give full measure and wait according to justice when you are doing

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business when you are working. Give your full measure as an employee, do your full job as a as someone who is selling something sell what you have promised. deliver what you promised, you know don't falsely advertise something give full measure and wait. Oh full Kayla, while Misa Anna will test Kayla will Miss Anna is like a type of an emphasis like you know al Qaeda and reason are two different types of measures but Allah says both of them fulfill it bill test according to justice, meaning don't shortchange in any way whatsoever now you can even have son in law was of course, Allah says we will never charge a soul more than we can bear IE sometimes in business mistakes

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happen and that's fine, right? But don't become a crook. Mistakes are okay, but don't become a crook. Don't just constantly if a person is always making a mistake, US dollar mistake anymore. That's just uh, that's how that's who they are. But mistakes are okay. Don't let small things make you paranoid like Oh, did I really give this person their full do or not? You tried your best and handle all your costs, you should be clear.

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Number eight, Lay down the loo Hello Canada. When you speak observe justice even though it concerns a close relative gain. Number eight, when you speak, speak with justice. Speak what's correct. It's not don't don't let relations religions and prejudices and biases get in the way from seeing what is true and just so patola this is what the religion tells us what

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Are the law he? Oh, food number nine and the covenant of God fulfill the the commitment that we have made to last month number nine, these things that we have committed to fulfill them that he was talking behind I'll come to that Coronavirus, nine, right?

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That is what he has enjoined upon you so that you may take heat, that alone was the first if you may understand that, that garoun you can now process this and think about it. And now this is a process of now I'm trying to figure out how I can implement it. That's what that means. For one Tata coffee enema. So

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that grown from Vicar to remember is now I'm freaking out, how after I have understood and remembered it, I can put this thing into action. Number nine, was that we aren't delay oval and number 10 or another subtlety, Mr. kamin, this is my straight path, but who who number 10. So follow it. This is my straight path, who is my here, the prophets Allah. This is my straight path, this is my sadhana. So follow it. That is the way of salvation. That is the way of attaining a less pleasure. That is the way of achieving allows love, that is the way of staying away from a less punishment, but who who follow my path, while others who are Subala Fatah be human severely and do

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not follow other ways that will leave you lead you away from his path any other way other than some other problem will either person away from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. As we know, on the day of judgment, people will this people will be standing around the puffs of them around the pond of alcocer. And the angels will come and grab them and the prophet will say my own my alma, where are you taking these people? And the angel will say you're a solo you don't know what they've done after you. Meaning you don't know what kind of deviance they brought into your faith afterwards. And thus they will be taken and deprived from that supreme honor on that day. But for Raka B komen CBD,

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it will lead you away from this bad the illegal Masako mihaela tahune that is what he enjoys upon useless you may guard yourself you may attain taqwa. Look at this beautiful 10 beautiful commandments, talks about commitment to Allah worshiping Allah alone, our commitment to the people that are around us, our commitment to justice, our commitment to being equitable when it comes to business practices, our commitment to being upright people in all aspects of our life and our commitment to the son of the Prophet solemn, that is like the ultimate purification that the afternoon understand that guru, how do I put it into perspective? And when I put it into action? How

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do I put into action, that guru, that the whole How do I become a better person? That's the levels of you know, like attaining conviction, understanding, figuring out how I can put it into action, and then spiritually uplift uplifted by the, the, the commands of Allah, Allah a beautiful passage that Allah mentions Ayah 151 to 153 of Surah Al Anam. And then he concludes some very beautiful remarks that he concludes with this passage of Surinam is really beautiful, by the way I could talk about a lot, but I will quickly move to this part. I am number 161. He says put in the Nihad Anurag de la serata. Mr. Payne, say my Lord has guided me to a straight path or in the knee had an EOB la

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serata mustafina logbook My Lord has guided me to a straight path The prophets on the same

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dienen PMM militare. Ibrahima hanifa mark and I'm a little shaky in our religion and upright religion, the religion of Abraham, the legacy of our father Ibrahima Salaam, who was not one of those who would associate partners with God. Of course, Ibrahim al Islam would be the last person to worship an idol. Yes or No, but a lot of repeats this part Americana marshmallow mushrikeen. As a reminder to the people a muck up who their claim to fame is they're the children of Abraham. They're the guardians of the house of Abraham. Right yet, what do you do as guardians of the fate? or guardians of the house that Abraham built? You worship other idols? How can you have any claim to

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Abraham, if you're worshipping idols, that is the implication that Allah makes when he says mama Can I mean mushrikeen Subhanallah colinas allottee Manu Suki Mama. Mama Mati lillahi, Rabbil alameen say, my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for God, the Lord of the worlds lusha, deca who he has no partner, so I am commanded to be that eco omit

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A woman muslimeen and I am the first of those who submit. Right? This is the religion, my life, my prayer and my sacrifices, my prayer ritual and my new Suki sacrifice which is something that's offered for the sake of a lost part and also a ritual ritual that deals with the people and the creation around us is an animal we have to sacrifice it distribute its food to people that are around us. My prayer, my individual worship, my communal worship, my relation with Allah, my relationship with the people, my life and my dad are for a loss putana that's what it's devoted to lashley gala hood, that's what I've been commanded to do. So handle a very beautiful concluding

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passage of sort of Anam a reminder of what the religion is what La ilaha illAllah means, and a beautiful call to the people of Quraysh plus Miko says, At last I have the surah Allah dgr Allah, Allah if I fill up, excuse me, who will have the GR Allah come holla if Allah I'll be one of our about Baku, Falco baldon Rajat, he is he It is Allah who has made you successors on the earth. And as exalted, some of you over others in degrees of rank, some of us are higher than others. Some of us have more, some of us enjoy more privileged, some of us some of us are born with a lot more privileged than the others. But that is a lost decision. This is a less design. That's how he has

00:36:33--> 00:37:19

built this world. We don't complain about it, because complaining about it won't change anything. But what do we do? LEAH Balu. Welcome FEMA hautacam he has done that too, that he made us you but what you have given if you've been given more privilege, your test is of gratitude. Even if you've been given or born in a circumstance where there's more hardship, your test is all patience. The blue welcome FEMA. This is the beautiful message of the sutra, the philosophical shenanigans and the misdirections of why is the world this way. Why is there evil? Why is this? Why did God do this? That doesn't change anything. Those are conversations that don't go anywhere. Allah says, The Evel

00:37:19--> 00:38:02

Knievel comfy matakohe He made you a certain way put you in a certain situation. And that's a test for you. Someone else has something else. That's the test for them. You have choices, you make those choices, you are the amalgamation of your choices. Don't blame a lover that like what someone else does. So they are a product of their choices as well. That is the reality we focus on what we control and we try our best to do all that we do in masala tea, we're no sukima, Maja amati, la de la bella mean, in devotion to Allah, Allah, a very beautiful message a very liberating message of the sutra and I am in Naropa said God, your Lord is swift in punishment. why in the hell never photo

00:38:02--> 00:38:51

Rahim? Yes surely is Forgiving and Merciful and a beautiful linguistic subtlety here if I may share with you in Nara bucha sorry, earlier cob there is in that is an emphasis there is emphasis one emphasis here on the idea that your Lord is swift in punishment. But in the hula photo Rahim there is two emphasis in and then the law on the fact that he Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So Pamela, that he is stern in the surah. Stern in his warnings, yet he is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful for the one who wants to attain his love and mercy upon Allah. That is the surah are off. Excuse me. So total Anam. And as you notice, total Anam ended with talking about he has made you

00:38:51--> 00:39:29

successors on the earth will the jhala come holla evil All right, he has made you successors of the earth. And then in this surah as we will see, a last month I will speak about how he has made Adam alayhis salam and the kids of Adam, success is on the roadmap cannot come out, we have established you in the land. Right? You have made you successors on this earth, the progeny of animals. Okay, so it's a beautiful relationship between the two Sutras, how one ends and the other one begins. Also a nice relationship between the two sutras is how one spoke quite a bit about

00:39:31--> 00:39:40

the topic, the idea of, you know, the excuses that people make, then why is it good and why is there evil? Now, this is what I will talk

00:39:41--> 00:40:00

that the central theme of this surah is the battle between truth and falsehood, and how that battle has, has been going on since the beginning of time since the first human being was created. That is the way the world is, and now we focus on how we can

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

can be of the people have the truth and support the truth. The last one that begins the surah with Alif Lam Meem sod is a disjointed letters. He begins by saying Kitab una de la la. This book has been sent down to you, but I couldn't feel solder rica how'd you mean who the Tony Robbins he was the crawling meaning this book has been sent out to you all prophets solemn, that there be no heaviness in your heart about it. This for an is a miracle from Allah, it is there not to distress us is to there to remove our distress. The Sharia is not there to make our lives more difficult and more burdensome. It's there to make it more uplifting and more, you know, fruitful. That's what the

00:40:44--> 00:41:13

religion is supposed to be for us. It w monzi de la que Mira lucam follow what has been sent down to you by a lord and do not follow any other protector other than him. Okay. This is a beautiful command. Following the truth. The Quran and the Sunnah following the truth has been revealed from Allah subhanaw taala. That is the way to salvation. That is what we can control and focus on. That's what should be our focus.

00:41:14--> 00:41:50

A lot says many cities is destroyed come mikania to Atlanta, pejabat, sunovion, ullamco Elune, how many towns we have destroyed our Scourge are a scourge called upon them by night, or at midday when they were resting, meaning Allah has punished cities destroyed nations in the past, don't think a loss punishment is somehow we're immune to it, no loss, punishment can come and we have to be afraid of that we have to be watchful of that the profit some would express that he would say things such as,

00:41:51--> 00:42:18

and he would see a dark cloud, he would sometimes be afraid that this is like a punishment of a law coming as it was sent to a nation in the past. So this is a part of a person's commitment to their faith, that they believe that punishment of Allah isn't real matter. It's not just like a theoretical thing, or a historical thing. No, we have to accept it as like a real possibility and then act accordingly, asking the lowest protection from it.

00:42:20--> 00:43:11

Allah says something very fascinating. He says follow this and then a Latina who sila la him while an S ln l morsani. We shall question those to whom our message was sent, we will shall question those to whom the message was sent out, ie those who received the message and those who brought the message. last panel on the day of judgment will question those who got the message, okay, obviously. But he will also question one unless Lenin and is like an emphasis there. We will question those who brought the message the messengers? Did you do the job? Because the messenger failed at his job? Then how can the people be held accountable? The messenger is liable, not the people. And that's why

00:43:11--> 00:43:28

you see the story of unison Islam, which will come in a few Jews units or lesser I'm left his people before he finished the job. And last part Allah, then, you know, reprimanded him for that, and forgive the people forgive the people because they hadn't fully received the message.

00:43:30--> 00:43:52

And this is a reality of the pourrons style or this is a reality of Allah sending the message, the whole Jazz Team establish the full burden of proof has to be established upon the people, and then they are held accountable for whether they followed their message or not if it wasn't established, and how is that fair to them. But unless Alan,

00:43:53--> 00:44:44

for us, and another nun levena osita la him while ns ln l mursaleen. And this is a lesson that, you know, the message has to be conveyed to the people Clearly, this is a responsibility of a community to share the message of Islam with the people just like Allah says about the messengers that they were sent in the language of the people lean away leanbean allow him to explain to them what is the real message that is a responsibility of the leadership of the of the religious leadership of the clergy to be able to convey the message? And if they don't, then how can the people be held accountable? Right, this is a very important consideration that Allah makes here are some food for

00:44:44--> 00:45:00

thought for all of us to consider. Now he begins with the story of the beginning of creation, a very beautiful story of Adam and Adam. Adam versus Elise, this is the story. Okay. And you know how the story ends though. But what's fascinating is how the

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

That happened how to either let's not lose two employees, okay? or How did you get tricked by police? First the lessons will occur, the mechanic can fill up, we established you in the land, and provided you with a means of livelihood there yet you are seldom thankful, meaning we were supposed to be on Earth, our home is the earth other than Islam was made in heaven. He was created in heaven. But in reality, we were meant to be inhabitants of the earth. And then our final return to the next life inshallah whether it's Jenna or May Allah protect us and in the fire of health, but the place that we were supposed to reside is the earth, one apartment can come filled out. And law says that

00:45:43--> 00:46:31

before he talks about Adam, he says, we created you and we shaped you. And then we said to the angels, prostrate yourself before Adam. Now here you notice the pronoun you we created you all shapes you all set to the angels prostrate before Adam, you all here is not about us. It's about Adam. Right? But he represents us because he is the the father of all children, he is the head of the genius of, of humans. So he is representing us. So that's why I was popular is using you the pronoun here we created you, ie Adam, your father shaped you, ie your Adam, Father, your father Adam, and then set to the angels make such that to Adam towards his direction. They all did except a

00:46:31--> 00:46:55

police who was not among those who frustrated now a police was not in the engine. But he was a highly devoted gin so devoted that he was the best of the gin hanging out with the angels. Now you see his fall, you will see how his fall is steep fall. Why did you not worse? make such that? Oh, he believes?

00:46:56--> 00:47:09

He said ns Edelman who he said I am better than him. Number one. I am better than him. He is saying he's not like just making a mistake here. What are you saying to allies? Oh Allah,

00:47:10--> 00:47:24

you made the wrong decision you chose wrong you chose Adam instead of me. I am better you should have chosen me. That was the mistake or that was just a mistake. That was the

00:47:25--> 00:47:52

the unacceptable attitude of a police. That was it. It's not like we are just like a mistake will cause us to be ruined forever. Of course not. As human beings we make a mistake. And then we ask for forgiveness. And then a loss forgiveness is there. But this was somebody who thought he knew better than God. And that was his, you know, the cause of his downfall. And then he says to Allah,

00:47:53--> 00:48:24

Allah, and then he lie to me by phone give me respect until the day of judgment. Allah says you have respect until the day of judgment. You can live until the end of time. Then he says, Allah Furby ma otherwise attorney because you put me in the wrong because you misguided me or allow you misguided me It's not my fault is your fault. You see how arrogant how unacceptable? How

00:48:25--> 00:49:06

you know just in raging? The attitude of the devil is is like Firstly, God you chose wrong, I should have been chosen, not that person. Right? extreme arrogance thinking of yourself better than a loss pilot knowing better than God and think yourself to be better than somebody else. So much so that you would question God's judgment. Number two, it's not my fault actually is your fault. You've misguided me Oh God, you put me in the wrong. That is the attitude of the devil that Allah wants to highlight as a warning to us so that we don't fall into that kind of a trap. All women are waiting either up or down the long Serato Mr. Clean, because you have put me in the wrong I will lie in

00:49:06--> 00:49:27

ambush for them on your straight path. And I will do this until the end of time and he says You Won't you will find most of them to be ungrateful. Most of your creation will be ungrateful. Allah does not even dignify that with a response. He says all authority when her mother, Mom, mother, hurrah, get out of here despised and rejected.

00:49:28--> 00:50:00

Satan was right. Right. He was right. Even though he is extremely wrong. He was right about something even though he's extremely evil. Right. And this is unfortunately the reality. Most people are not grateful to Allah. But Allah does not dignify his response. He tells us to tell him to get out of here. And he tells Adam to be careful. Voila. Sakuraba the shutter do not approach this tree. But akuna Minal volley mean Be careful.

00:50:00--> 00:50:55

The temptation of the devil is this tree. It's close to you. It's tempting. It may seem far but it's close. Don't forget and don't sleep on it because it will you can trip. And that's what happens. He tripped. He got pulled in slowly but surely for de la Huma be muru cunningly seduced and de la is like from Duluth. Duluth is like a bucket. You throw it in a well and you slowly slowly slowly pull it out. That is how the devil deceived Adam and Esther love slowly, slowly, slowly working and working and working until father mother Kasha until they eat from the tree. Now an interesting passage here is Allah says, Why did the devil want to tempt Adam and Adam and his wife her What?

00:50:56--> 00:51:48

He says to reveal their nakedness. Hmm. But what's what's Allahumma shavon liuba de Allahumma mabuya and hoomans ottima so that he might reveal to them their nakedness which had been hidden from them. Now this nakedness that have been hidden from them, was actually the divine clothes of paradise. Adam and Hawa had these beautiful or these divine codes of Paradise, like a light that covered them. And that was who they were. And the devil at least wanted them to lose the divine clothing of paradise. And then to tempt humanity, which shamelessness and morality that is one of the major techniques, one of the major pitfalls of the devil to tempt humanity with a morality and that's what

00:51:48--> 00:52:36

if you remember from the last surah Allah Takara bufala heisha, Mahara min Hama bottom like Allah says, Don't come near in morality, whatever is public and whatever is private. It's something that is evil. And that is what the devil wanted liuba de Allahu mama Buddha at home whom and so out to him and why not today? Look, what is the biggest temptation of the devil? What is the biggest trap of the devil that he you know, in traps people with on a personal level seduction? You know, in morality, the biggest industry on the internet is not Amazon, or e commerce, it is pornography. Okay. That is literally the plan of the devil, you know, inaction. That is what we see when Adam and

00:52:37--> 00:53:19

Eve ate from the tree, but lahoma so immediately their nakedness became exposed. They lost the divine clothing, the light of Paradise, and then they started to immediately cover themselves because that is a human you know, reaction to cover ourselves with clothes is you know the default status the default way of the humans. Now, a lost partner of course chastised them, he said, Did I not tell you not to eat from this tree? they both said, but by now what I'm known for Santa Our Lord, we have wronged our souls. Very beautiful. I am number 23 but benevolent non force on our Lord we have wronged ourselves. We're in London, Finland, our Hana. una casa de if you do not forgive us

00:53:19--> 00:54:06

and have mercy on us, we will be of those who have for sure lost the way. Robin avellana and Susanna are so our Lord, we have wronged our souls. This is the attitude of the believer. You don't blame God for their mistakes. Oh god, that's your fault. Okay, they don't say why didn't happen to me God, it wasn't really my mistake. You get Oh, you should have chosen better for me. No, the that these are excuses that are logically false. And all they do is create a misdirection what the attitude of the believer is, I will own up to my mistakes, I will own up to my choices that I make. I made the choice. I have to live with the consequences of my choices. Robin Avalon nonpersonal Milo Our Lord,

00:54:06--> 00:54:51

we have wronged ourselves, we made the wrong choice, and in that we have oppressed ourselves, but you are the one who can forgive us and free us from this oppression. So beautiful attitude. And that's the attitude of the believer. Contrast that with the attitude. This is the attitude of other men Islam. Contrast that with the attitude of the devil. And this is a stark contrast that Allah presents here for us. After this there's four lessons from this story that Allah mentions is number 2627 3135. These are lessons that are related to the main topic or children of Adam. We have sent down codes to you Oh yeah, Benny, Adam, all four of these is to begin with the same. Same way. Yeah,

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

Bonnie, Adam or children of Adam. We have sent down costs to you to cover your nakedness and to be pleasing to the eye codes are meant to be a way for us.

00:55:00--> 00:55:49

To protect our our modesty but also to look good, but the best type of clothing is the clothing of the righteousness according to righteousness, meaning the clothing that is in us, like the actions of the person who acts righteous and dresses appropriately, acts modestly dresses modestly. That's the best combo that you can get. That is one of the signs of Allah. Allah says also, all children of Adam don't next Don't let Satan seduce you, just as he seduced your parents out of the garden. Same, you know, like his strategy is the same. He is going to be seducing us. He is the instigator of evil. Don't fall in the trap of the evil understand that life is a battle between truth and

00:55:49--> 00:56:15

falsehood between good and evil. This is not just something we will learn for book reports and in school from analyzing novels, but this is a reality of life. Truth versus false falsehood. good versus evil is an ongoing battle. Understand the devil is the instigator of evil. Don't let him seduce you. Don't let him misguide you, like he misguided your parents Adam and Eve.

00:56:16--> 00:56:59

is nice as all children of Adam who do Zina tocom in the in the Cooney Masjid, dressed yourself properly whenever you are, you are at worship, you know, the the divine codes have been lost the divine coding of Paradise, but you still have good codes in this world. dress yourself well, particularly when it's time to pray, because that's a beautiful expression of devotion, eat and drink, enjoy. You know, like Adam was told not to eat from a particular tree. Something was haram for him. Some things are haram for us as well. But whatever else that's halal, eat and drink and enjoy. But don't be wasteful. 123 Foucault's Allah does not love those who are wasteful. Also, he

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obey all children of Adam, messengers will come truth will come through the messengers. So except that truth from an attacker was the one who takes that warning, and men's his way, he adjusts himself to follow the message of the prophets, that person should have no fear. They are guaranteed peace and security in the next life, and they're guaranteed salvation in the next life. And the one who doesn't, who denies and rejects and is too arrogant like the devil, that person will be the person of the fire of hell and fear Holly do mentions Allah mentions a whole number of scenes from the Day of Judgment, very powerful, some very, very stark, this scene is very interesting in which

00:57:47--> 00:58:30

the people of fire are entering the fire, and they're entering one generation after the other. This is number 38. Right. And every time you host enters the fire, Lana, it will curse is for fellow hosts. This is not a pleasant place. This is a horrible place, everybody's going to hate being there, and would hate everybody who is there. And they would make dua against each other. And Allah would say to them, don't worry, every one of you will have double the punishment, even though you don't realize it. These these statements won't help you seen someone else suffer more and in Hellfire won't reduce your suffering. That's what I will tell your suffering for just be as we will

00:58:30--> 00:59:19

be just as bad, very, very devastating, also is a beautiful scene about the people of paradise. Those who believe and do good, Allah will make them the the heirs of the garden they will remain in there forever. And one of the most beautiful things they will experience in general is one as an AMA fuseli mineral, we shall remove whatever rancor may be in their hearts, whatever, you know, animosity, bad feelings that they may have had against each other in the world alone, we'll remove that. So panela what a feeling. imagine not having any type of ill feeling any beef nothing towards another person, what a liberating feeling, that must be. That is what Allah says paradise will be

00:59:19--> 00:59:59

like, just that is enough to be, you know, working towards paradise, just that feeling of joy. Somehow Allah would be enough. But that is one of the pleasures of Paradise the people of Paradise would save this beautiful la because Al Hamdulillah he lived he had and he had all praise was the God who has guided us to this and had he not guided us We will never have found the way the messengers brought the truth. The messengers of our Lord brought the truth and the voice will call out the same call call out to them saying this is the garden which you have inherited. Be my time alone because you did good work. You did some stuff in your life you committed you study

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

You learn you implemented and because of that today, you are here to panel up.

01:00:06--> 01:00:32

There is a there is a conversation between the people of the fire of hell and the people of gender. very stark conversation. I encourage you to read that on your own. I want to comment on a one thing here. I want to comment on two things. Excuse me before I finish number one is what the surah is named after are off in this ayah right here. Well being the Houma Hey Jawaharlal Rafi the gianduja una cola Mishima home,

01:00:33--> 01:01:15

a barrier will divide the two groups, and on the heights are off the heights, there will be men who recognize each group by their marks, who are these people have allowed off? There's a lot of debate amongst the scholars of the sphere of who they are. But nobody says these are people who will be people there. NASA loob casola became the new boom and agenda. What does that was that beam has enough people who are not good enough to enter Paradise, they don't have enough good deeds, and they're not bad enough to enter hellfire. They don't have enough sense. Okay, so they're like in this middle place. And Allah says about them will hold me up to my own. They haven't entered

01:01:15--> 01:01:58

paradise, but they're hoping that Allah will forgive them and enter them. And that's why Yadier for nakulan bc Mt. They know the people of evil because they've done some, they've done some, right. They know the people of good because have also been part of some good stuff in their life. So they know everybody, the people of the fire of hell, and the people of the peak of paradise. And they're not in either place yet, but they're hoping a level enter them into gender and a very interesting group, because they are trying to, like, talk about the mistakes that they have made. And the people of Hellfire made. And they're hoping that, you know, lotta jalama or mithali mean, they're now

01:01:58--> 01:02:39

praying sincerely Allah, please don't put us among the wrong doors, right? They want to ask Allah for forgiveness. And the last part, Allah will show His mercy and remove them from their situation and put them in paradise. This is a very interesting passage that describes his people, right? And the hope is that we're not among those people who are like caught in the middle, on the day of judgment, that's the last place you want to be. Right you rather be with the people paradise, secure and happy with no worries. So this is what the surah is named after. Also. This is a very beautiful slur because it talks about the good versus evil. And as it speaks about good versus evil, it speaks

01:02:39--> 01:02:46

about the prophets of Allah, it speaks about the, you know, it starts this conversation unless as

01:02:47--> 01:03:34

well by the region about to be in Europe be vegetation comes out of good land in abundance by the will of its Lord. But the bad land will only give you inland nikitas little bit scantily just very, very little, very insignificant. That is the example good people are like good land, they will give a lot they will produce a lot and their offspring will be good. The good that they do will be enormous and bad and evil is like that rotten land that doesn't produce much. Even though it may seem a lot. It doesn't give much it is Leia through Illa Nikita. And then Allah gives examples of Prophet after prophet prophet no prophet who prophet SAW a prophet Lord prophet Shoaib, each of

01:03:34--> 01:04:06

their examples is mentioned. He mentions Firstly, no, Elisa Lam, and he says, For Kalia commerical de la harmala, Camila and lado he said my people worship God, you have no other God but he prophet art says sorry prophet who says kokkola Jaco merimbula la mala Camila and my people worship God you have no other God but him prophet SAW that was it for Kalia fomento de la Hama la comida him little my people worship God you have no god but him. Okay, Prophet

01:04:10--> 01:04:55

new la sala very interestingly says, Oh people have you How can you come in in a mobile nation, such as no one in the world has ever done before? And then finally, sure, Eva Salam says for Kalia commerical de la harmala Camila and Roma people worship God you have no other God but him. As you notice every single prophet King with the same message. People worship Allah, you have no other God but him. Lord Allah salam, though on the other hand, was addressing the base desires of his community, the base desires that were deviant and he immediately addressed that before anything else because those base desires will hold a person back from worshipping Allah. Allah alone. Charles out

01:04:55--> 01:04:59

tomorrow we will talk a little bit more about the stories of the prophets in sha Allah.

01:05:00--> 01:05:38

Then go to the last part to the next use inshallah, but today I just wanted to highlight to you how all the stories of the Prophet began a very interesting and very fascinating piece. I hope to see you all there and shout out tomorrow, same time, same place Joseph McLennan for seeing a little bit extra. I wanted to cover this part today inshallah Tada. And with that, thank you very much. So Hanukkah llama hamburger, Chateau La Ilaha Illa and Estelle Federica to Warlick Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. What I'm going to do is I'm actually going to post the file here. For those of us who want this file the just a file, you can just download it here in sha Allah who

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right there.