Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L088F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various aspects of the concept of "winning a tree" and the use of "winning a woman" to avoid being eaten. It also touches on sh matter and the concept of "we" being hidden from the human body. The speakers emphasize the benefits of sh matter, including making parents and avoiding negative thoughts, and stress the importance of taking the tree to the next level for physical and mental changes. They also mention the use of "bringing on" to describe actions and emotions.
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How's it going? Shivani rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 88. So to Allah will begin from number 19.

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Why Adam? And oh, Adam was gone, and there was oh do dwell, you and your wife were a janitor in paradise.

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After a loss of panel data created Adam Ernie Sam, he was made to live in Ghana for some time.

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And over there he was tested through through shadow, and also through everything being permissible for him except for just the fruit of one tree. And that was a test for him.

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Because life is a test.

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Many people say, Oh, if other words said I've had not eaten of that tree, we would all have been internal. And there would be no test in life. But the fact is, that a lot of panels are created life and death. Why? For test, and before Allah subhanaw taala created Adam already said and what did he say in the journey don't fill out the halifa Adam or Hassan was meant to dwell in the earth.

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So he was placed in general for some time as a test.

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So after what happened with Iblees, a loss of final data set to Adam or his sedan that he was reading dwell seen gaff noon second, who should well under you was algebra and your wife, both of you. You live where a janitor in the garden? Now what agenda is this? Is this agenda to hold meaning the garden of eternity where people will go after the day of judgment? Or is it some other agenda?

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Allahu Allah. Alo are them. We don't know. But we should keep it at its surface. That agenda is gender, paradise or garden, whatever.

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And definitely this gender is not a garden of the world. Why?

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It's not a garden of the dunya. Why? Because later on, when Adam and he sat down, and when they were expelled what was said, a bill to get down to the earth. So this shows that this gentleman was somewhere up in the silhouette or a low earner were

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far cooler than both of you eat men Hazel shaped dinner from wherever you wished.

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Check donor ship tomorrow is a duel off ship, the

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ship, you wished ship donor you wished and ship don't you all wished

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and share he wished? So mean Hisashi Turner from wherever you wish, what are the caliber, but do not go near the caliber from meaning don't even go close to what had he shadow this particular tree?

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Look at how Allah subhanaw taala specified the home. clearly that this exactly this one in particular, this is how I'm upon

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everything else is permissible for you.

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And this is how Allah subhanaw taala has clearly defined the Sharia to us as well, that everything is permissible except for such and such foods. And this is the mercy of a boss parameter that he has clearly distinguished between what is permissible, and what is not permissible.

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So let the colada had his shadow. Don't even go near the tree.

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Meaning it's completely forbidden upon you.

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And by saying that the caliber there is a lot of mobile in the prohibition, it's completely forbidden that you can't even approach it.

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You know, what is that? You're allowed to look at something but you can't eat it.

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For example, when it comes to pork, we're just not allowed to eat it, isn't it? But when it comes to if you go somewhere and it's there, yes, you don't like to look at it. However, it's not forbidden to you to even look at it. It's not forbidden to you to go close to it. What is forbidden eating.

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But over here, when it is said that it means don't even go near, don't even think about it. Because if you go near what's going to happen, what's going to happen. They're going to fall, you're going to become weak, you're going to want to try it. And this is the best way of abstaining from how long that a person should not even go near it. Because the more a person looks at her wrong. The more he admires it, the more he wants to try it. And eventually, his nuts makes it easy for him and he commits to *.

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We learn in total Hadith, that the winner has been on the Day of Judgment, they will say to the believers that let us have some of your light as well.

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Because it will be completely dark for them and the believers they will have their light so what will the monitoring be told

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When I can now confident and full circle, you put yourselves in. You put yourself in such situations in which you could not avoid the harm. Why did you go to such a place where you had to look at her where you had to listen to her? You put yourself in that situation.

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So what's the best way of abstaining from heroin?

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that a person does not even go near it? Let Aqaba had a shadow? Because if you go near it, and you eat of it, then what's going to happen? For the Konami no limit, then both of you will be off the wrongdoers. Meaning if you eat it, then you will be avoided. You'll be doing something that is completely wrong.

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We don't need sort of Haha, I never 117 for cola Yeah, devil in the head, or do we'll know when these are jika follow up. jenica laminal genetti Firtash.

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So we said Oh, Adam, indeed, this is an enemy to you. And your wife, who is evil, he says, then let him not remove you from Paradise. So you would suffer.

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So either one is wrong was not just all about what was forbidden to him. But at the same time, he was also made aware of his enemy.

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Just as a loss of kind of data has warned us all from before that shaitan is your Arduino? Maybe this is permissible for you. This is not permissible for you.

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But what happened for us was Allahumma, shavon shavon whispered to both of them,

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you will notice that both of them are mentioned everywhere. Why?

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Because it was both of them will fall into it. Both of them committed that mistake. It wasn't just that her work. She committed a mistake and other medicine had to suffer because of her. No, both of them.

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First was Allahumma. What was that from them better as well seen well see.

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And what's worse, is literally a social huffy, and look at it. repetitive, secret or subtle voice.

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So basically, a silent address or a Silent Voice very low, very subtle, when a person hears it over and over again.

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And literally the word was wasa is the sound of the movement of the leaves caused by the wind. The rustling sound isn't a repetitive

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that one leaf strikes onto another leaf onto another leaf. And that creates the sound, the rustling sound. So from this is a word was was a, which is a social hobby, a very subtle voice, a very subtle sound that is located that is repetitive, meaning a person hears it over and over again. And this is the worst result shaper. He puts an idea he puts a thought in the mind. And you shake it off. You're like no, no, I shouldn't think about that stuff a lot. But what happens? It comes in, and it comes again. And it comes in and this is was fossa.

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So for us was lahoma shaytaan. And the word was fossa is also used for hadiza naps. Meaning what a person talks to himself about,

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you know, in your mind, there's always a conversation going on, or you can always hear thoughts, isn't it? How do you know what is from shared line? What is not from SharePoint?

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Because this is where we get confused, isn't it? We cannot distinguish between what is from SharePoint and what is not from SharePoint. Sometimes you say yes, it was an evil thought, but maybe it was me maybe it was not the shaper.

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And the reality is that even a good thought could be function one because he starts from good and takes you to evil. Sometimes, like he makes a person do good deeds, and then he makes them commit one sin that nullifies all of the good deeds and that is so pleasing to Him. He loves that.

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And if you're confused about something you're not sure if it is really a suppressor from Chevron, or if it's something that you should do then because the good thought is ill ham and the evil one is was was a

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so what should you do at that time? first one we throw out to Allah, that Allah Arenal have to happen, what is open ativa what Arenal Marzocco he never you all know the meaning of it.

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And it is also said that if the thought is good, then generally it will be considered as one's own hobbies or nuts or something that is good. Something that is purposeful. But if on the other hand, it's negative, it's sinful, then it is from shaitan. And even if it's not from shape one, even if it's from yourself, should you do it anyway? No. Because at the end of the day, what's the test? Is it to distinguish between chiffons was

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On your own speech, no, the dust is what you do. Right? Do you do good or do you do bad, so any voice in the heart that is evil that is negative a person should stay away from it.

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A person should seek Allah's refuge in density.

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And if it's something good, then again, a person should pray to Allah subhanaw taala for topic

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for us was Allahumma shavon shavon whisper to both of them liuba de Allahumma so that you would make a parent to both of them. The updf from the root letters back then well buddhu EBITDA, which is to make a parent to reveal to expose.

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So he whispered to them, so that as a result, what would happen? What was his goal? What was the reason behind whispering this to them?

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That he wanted to expose to both of them melodia what was hidden? warrior from there in Qatar as well? Oh, yeah. From the word Murat, which is to hide to conceal from the same root as a word what are what does it mean? What are the legal behind? So what is behind is hidden? It is concealed.

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Somehow udia en Houma, what was hidden from them do

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what was hidden from them to min so to Hema have their private parts. So as a Florida, so

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and it's from the letter seen, while Hamza, we have done this word earlier as well. So at the Alevi, do you remember, so at a fee, the corpse of his brother,

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so the word so applies to the corpse, the dead body, and it also applies to what the private parts why, because both should be hidden, both should be consumed.

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Which is why when a person dies, and the coffin is put on him, he is supposed to be covered entirely, entirely. It's as though the entire body is like a private part, which must be covered.

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And why is it called sour, because revealing it exposing it is not pleasing. It's not something pleasing, it should be covered, it should be hidden. Which is why when a person dies, he is buried, the body is not kept on the surface of the earth. Why? Because looking at it is not that pleasant, a person whom you knew so well, and he's passed away, and his dead bodies just lying over there is going to be pleasant looking at him every single day. No, it's not.

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So similarly, so applies to the private part, because exposing it is not pleasant. It's not pleasant at all. It's very disturbing, even little children, even they have the sense that it should not be exposed.

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So the goal of shaitaan was to expose the private parts of who have other NSM and hardware.

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Why was this his goal?

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You see, Adam and her were when they were created, they were created as adults. And they were clothed as well. And they were clothed with the clothing of gender, with the clothing of Paradise, which was obviously a source of great honor for them.

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Now, for employees, this was not acceptable at all, that Firstly, everyone had to prostrate to them, all the angels, and it leaves even they had to Prostrate to Adam. And

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then Adam is put in general, and he's allowed to eat whatever he wants to except for just one tree.

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And on top of that, he's given the garments of gin. Just imagine the jealousy and the hatred of at least against them.

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He wanted them to be humiliated. He wanted them to be insulted because he wish to take revenge from them.

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So what was his goal? Somehow or the other, get these clothes off of their bodies. And when that will happen, they will be insulted, they will be humiliated.

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And this is something that is so lowly. It's something so low,

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that a person has so much hate for the other, so much jealousy for the other, that he goes to such a length in trying to take revenge in trying to humiliate the other that expose their body, take their clothes off. So this was his goal.

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And how did he achieve that, that the claws of Adam and Hawaii should be taken off of them?

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That if they're expelled from the nothing, obviously what's going to happen? Everything that they were given Jonah is going to be taken away from them,

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isn't it?

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Whereas if they were to be sent to dunya with honor and dignity, then definitely Allah subhanaw taala would send them with some kind of clothing.

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So he wished to humiliate and insult them, he wish that their clothes should be taken away from them and they should be expelled from gender.

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So this was his target, and how did he achieve that?

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Wakanda and he said, meaning in his West facade to them. He said to them, man, not nothing.

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How come he forbade you both now? known hair? Yeah. Now he What does it mean to forbid? So, Rob bakoma the lord of YouTube, meaning your Lord did not forbid you to unhide his shadow from this tree. The only reason why he stopped you from eating off this tree is one inland except under Kona Molokini that you will be two angels, that he stopped you from having the fruit of this tree so that you would not become angels.

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And if you eat off the street, then you will become Blue Angels.

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Now for other medicine, obviously, for anybody in fact, being an angel is something that is very great. I mean, we're always wondering if you know, my heart could just be good. If I could just always worship Him. If I could just always be good if I could just never lie, if I could never bet but if I could never commit any sin, if I could always have for sure. These are feelings that we always have all the time. We aspire to be the very best. So other than s&m also aspire to be the very best. And for him, he was told that if you eat of this tree, you'll become an angel. Obviously, that's something that he wanted. So he said to them, that if you eat of this tree, you'll become two

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out acuna? Are you to become meaning Holly dean of those who are eternal dwellers were in general, and never today.

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Obviously, this was very tempting for him.

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But we see over here, that if you look at the tactics of Chevron, that how he approaches people, and what is his objective? What does he do?

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We see that his goal, his target was liuba, the Allahumma maioria on human, mental, anti human. So he wished to expose your private parts,

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he wish to expose your weaknesses. And this is what shaitan does, that he makes a person behave in such a way he makes a person act in such a way through which his faults through which his weaknesses are exposed before people. And as a result, he becomes humiliated before others. He makes a person behave in such a way.

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Like for example, he makes a person extremely angry in public, and he starts yelling and shouting at others. What's that going to lead to? His image is going to be destroyed, finished. If a person starts yelling and screaming in public, how are other people going to look at him, they're not going to respect him at all.

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Similarly, husband and wife things are not that good between them. As long as they keep their measures within themselves, they solve their problems with one another. Things are okay. But the moment the husband goes and discusses the problems with his relatives, with his parents, with his friends, what is that going to show? This guy doesn't have any respect for his wife.

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And on the other hand, if a woman goes and talks negatively about her husband, to who, to her parents, or to her friends, what are other people going to think that this woman does not have any respect for her husband? On the apparent they may agree with them? They're like, Oh, I feel so bad for you. But actually, what are people thinking that this person does not have any respect for his spouse?

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Similarly, we see that a person may have a very good image. The person may have a very good image before people. But shaitan What does he do?

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He makes a person talk against another backbite another in a gathering. And as a result, what happens his entire image is shattered, people don't respect them anymore.

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This is the goal of shavonne to humiliate the human being to humiliate the person. This is his goal. And he uses different different ways to humiliate the human being before others, before one another, before even one's own family members, before one's friends, before one's coworkers. This is the part of shaper. This is what he does.

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And we also see over here, that shaytan, what does he do? He incites negative thoughts about who about a loss of

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insights, negative thoughts about a loss penalty. Look at what he's saying. Your Lord doesn't want you to eat of this tree. Because otherwise you're going to become angels. Otherwise you're going to become immortal. And he doesn't want you to become angels. He doesn't want you to become a

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Puts negative thoughts. So one, about a loss of penalty, whereas a loss of penalty is the one who is most sincere to us. And shaitan is the one who is most insincere to us, most insincere.

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And he puts negative thoughts in our hearts about Allah subhanaw taala. So whenever a person thinks, oh, my dog never gets accepted, maybe Allah doesn't want me to become good. Maybe I'm not meant to study the Quran. Maybe I'm not meant to be smart enough. Maybe I'm not meant to graduate, maybe I'm not meant to do this and that, then this negative thinking is from who? It's from shaitan

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instead of falling prey to it, what should a person think? out of it, let him initiate low energy.

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And again, remember, this is a part of ingratitude. What did shaytaan say? Well, let me do a thorough share kidding.

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Because there is wisdom behind everything that happens in our lives. If you want to do something, and it doesn't happen, if you want to achieve something, but you feel that you don't have that skill, you don't have that ability, you lack in that particular talent, then maybe a las panatela wants something different for you.

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And perhaps if he gave you that ability, that talent, you will become so engrossed in that, that you would not do what he wants you to do. There is wisdom behind everything.

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So whenever you think negatively about Allah, know that that negativity is from shadow,

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seek refuge with ALLAH against the shadow.

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We also learn elsewhere in the Quran that at least two other men a cylinder Kala Yeah, * I don't look at Allah shadow rotten holy one will kill a Avila

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that shaitaan whispered to him saying that, oh, Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of eternity, and to a kingdom that will never waste away. So he put such thoughts in the heart of Adam and his son, and that made him want to eat a battery

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will cost them a human and he swore by Allah to them. Awesome, from what does cost money and Oh, so all summer, he swore by who? By Allah before who before both of them

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meaning he emphasized in whatever way that he could, who he believes

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that in Nila, Kumar, lemina nalsa him, I am to you of those who are very sincere, I want the very best for you, I really want you to become an angel. I want you to become an immortal, I want the very best for you, therefore, just eat of this tree. And you will see the advantages.

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And we see that sometimes Shabbat comes to us through people who tell us that they're very sincere to us. But in reality, what are they doing? They are taking us away from Allah subhanaw taala taking us away from the deen of Allah.

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Anyone who suggests to you that you should disobey Allah is not sincere to you,

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no matter how much he says that he's sincere.

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Because at least what is he doing? He's swearing oaths. And he's saying I am very sincere to you.

00:23:15 --> 00:23:26

And it is said that he said things like that I was here before you and us, I have more knowledge than you. And I'm telling you through experience that you better eat of this tree and you will become immortal.

00:23:27 --> 00:23:50

And that's what happens with us as well. People come to us, and they talk to us and they say I'm telling you through experience. Don't go this way. Don't go here. Don't go there. Don't wear this don't wear that people tell us and they show to us as if they're very sincere. But we see over here the Chitwan, what did he do? He gradually trapped Adam and Howard gradually trapped them.

00:23:51 --> 00:24:12

That first of all, he made the heroin look very nice. He made it very attractive. Then he tried to convince them of his sincerity. And then what happened for the lead Homer so he made them fall below rooting through deception for the lahoma the logo made from the newsletters Dan lamb lamb

00:24:13 --> 00:24:17

that lead learner, the learner, what does the learner me?

00:24:18 --> 00:24:34

Not banana? Banana is misguidance and dilemma with a Dell not bought Dell dilemma is to show to lead from the same root is the word delete. What does the legal mean?

00:24:35 --> 00:24:40

Evidence because what does the evidence do? It leads you to conclusion,

00:24:41 --> 00:24:42

doesn't it?

00:24:43 --> 00:24:48

The evidence leads you to a conclusion to becoming firm in whatever you believe.

00:24:49 --> 00:24:55

So for the left Homer, what does it mean? That he led them to what

00:24:56 --> 00:25:00

to eating of the forbidden tree. He

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

made them do what he wanted them to do.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:19

It is also said that the word that no human is actually from then lamb well, then lamb Well, from the root fetters, then well, what was the first route? The Lamb lamb from the word Delilah deli.

00:25:20 --> 00:25:31

Secondly, it is from the lamb Well, from the word deadly. And thirdly, the the lamb. Yeah, Tamar, Buta

00:25:32 --> 00:25:39

dudleya, is to get someone to do something through trickery and deceit.

00:25:40 --> 00:25:54

Because if you tell them do it, they're not going to do it. But if you deceive them, you trick them, you will get them to do the same thing, isn't it? Like, for example, you don't want your child to go somewhere.

00:25:56 --> 00:26:21

And he's begging you, I really want to go do you want to go? If you tell him? No, he's not gonna listen, he's gonna go anyway. So what do you do? You say, okay, you know, we have to go somewhere very quickly, urgently. So you take him quickly, and you get him busy over there. Later on, he realizes I was supposed to go there. So you are making him do what you want to do through how trickery This is what deadly is.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:47

So he made them do what he wanted them to do, how through trickery and deceit. He didn't say to them either of the three so that you can be humiliated and expelled from gender? No, what did he say? If you eat on it, then you're going to become angels, you're going to become immortal. And it's so good for you. This is a solution to all your problems in life, just try it, just have it. So he tricked them.

00:26:48 --> 00:26:53

It is also said that the level mat is from the word delwin, same route that lamb well,

00:26:54 --> 00:27:07

but from the word then one, and the other one is used for a water bucket. And a water bucket is thrown deep into the well, isn't it? When you throw it, then you pull it up, and therefore the water comes out.

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But in order to get the water out, what do you have to do, you have to throw it down. And this is what he did to them, he threw them down, he debase them, he humiliated them, beholden with deception, with delusion from him,

00:27:26 --> 00:27:27

follow me there.

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And then when the age of the tree, meaning when Adam and what they both ate of the tree, what happened, but that's the human so to whom it appeared to them, the private parts of them to

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meaning they became naked, their clothes were taken away, they ate of the harem, and immediately all of the blessings of general were taken away from them, they were worn before, if you eat of this tree, then you will become literally mean and one Buddha's own suffers consequences, what are the consequences of eating of the tree of this world, that all the blessings of general were taken away from them. So, as a result, their clothes are also taken away, they became naked. And what happened? What does he call and they both began by fiocco is from the veterans for fair puff puff.

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puff is to begin to do something.

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And in particular, it is to begin to do something suddenly, it is to begin to do something suddenly.

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So just imagine, suddenly, immediately as I realized our clothes have been taken away, immediately, they began yuxi Fannie Mae, they began sticking upon them to me working gender of the leaves of gender, why? Because it isn't the nature of the human being to cover himself.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:05

So Adam and Howard as well, immediately, they began using beliefs of gender in order to cover themselves the idea of sleep Annie is from Haas Hall thought

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this is not quite as seen by this as hafod

00:29:10 --> 00:29:16

cos is to batch one thing onto another one piece onto another.

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So basically it is to join. It is also said that the word is particularly used for a piece of leather on which another piece of leather is put in order to size the leather so that you can get the right size for the shoe or right shape for the shoe. Like you know when you have to cut a piece of paper or something and you have another piece of paper that has been cut to exactly what you want, then what will you do you will put that piece on top of the other paper and you will cut around it. So this is what costs is to join one thing onto another to join one thing onto another. It is a cost of a shape or the shape to put one thing on another

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In order to join it, to stick it so immediately they began putting onto themselves, they began piecing together they began to stick on them, the leaves of gender

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whenever they're human, and he called them to, who call them to Rob boohooman THE LORD OF THEM, meaning Allah subhanaw taala called both Adam and Howard and he said to them, Adam and her coma, did I not forbid both of you? I'm from Delhi coma that or you do a shadow on the tree till coma tilka what is the alchemy, that it's the feminine of the nickel and this command at the end is from mahato those who are being addressed, who are being addressed Adam and Howard.

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So lm and her coma until coma shadow did I not forbid you from this tree? Or you do so till command center or you too? What a call and I say luck to you to in shape on Allah Kumar or the woman beam and did not tell you that indeed shaitan is to you and open enemy than Why did you listen to him?

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Did you not know that eating of this tree was haram was forbidden upon you Then why did you eat? Did you not know the Chetan is your enemy? Then why did you listen to him?

Al-Araf 1-25 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 19-22

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