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Al-Maidah 51-66 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 55-57

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I was going to ship it rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 73 so tonight we'll begin from Ayah number 55.

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In Mr. Walia, como la who was rasuluh one Latina amanu

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alladhina Yaki Mona salata where you tuna sakata wahome block here

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your ally, your friend, your protector is none but Allah innama What does innovation mean?

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Nothing but this.

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So in Walia common level, your only ally, your ally is none but Allah.

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And if ally is your ally, then as a result, who else is going to be your ally?

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Those people who Allah loves

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therefore, first of all what a Zulu

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and this messenger and then what levena amanu. And those people who believe

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previously we were taught, do not take the route in the Masada as earlier.

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Over here, we're being told

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that as believers who are your only air first of all Allah than the messenger, and then those people who believe but which people who believe just those people who say that they're believers,

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alladhina up Muna salata those who are serious about the thing, and how do you know they're serious about their Deen

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that first of all, they established a sudden, when you look at that, and they also give this okay? So they give the help of Allah, and they also give the half of the people, the Kama Sutra shows that a person is serious about giving the rights of Allah.

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And giving us a cat means that a person is serious about giving the coffee people

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well whom rock your own. And they also do to court. They're also humble.

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But on your own is a thorough enough walk here. And who is rock here one who does bluecore

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now if you think about it, commenters for that, as mentioned in the comments, so that includes performing the record,

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then how come home rock your own is mentioned again?

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What does it mean?

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record is a position which shows humility. It shows humility. So a woman rocky ruin means they're harsh or rude, they're humble, before I lost the penalty,

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and a person who is humble, make sure you befriend them, because perhaps their humidity will affect you.

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A loss of parent data tells us over here these are the people whom you should be friend. These are the people whom you should come close to a person who is very serious about performing the solder, who is very serious about giving this a cat

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and a person who is also humble.

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And Romanov your own others have said that what this means is that they perform Sonata total work meaning they perform the voluntary prayers as well.

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Such people should be your close friends

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because they're going to affect your the

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well my yet Oh la la hora Sula, who and whoever is an ally of Allah and His messenger. Whoever befriends Allah and His messenger and what does it mean by befriending ally in the messenger? How can a person be friends with a line the messenger

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by obeying the commands of Allah and by following the Sunnah of the Prophet?

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Because remember, we lie. This type of friendship has a lot to do with muhabba with love, remember that muhabba is included in this How can you love Allah How can you show your love to Allah? When you will be how can you love Allah? Can incontinent hipbone allow her to be Rooney then follow the messenger sallallahu wasallam

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and what does it mean by loving the Messenger of Allah said, following you so no

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woman yet Oh, la la hora Sula, who whoever befriends Allah and His messenger. When Medina Amano and those people who believe in his Ba La Humala, Hollywood, then indeed it is the party of Allah, they will be predominant.

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Notice over here a loss apparently it says Hezbollah not then they will be victorious. But he says that such people are Hezbollah who those who befriend Allah and His messenger and the believers, such people other Hezbollah.

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The word has based on their own veterans had they

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and what his is used for a group of people that has gathered together that has come together in order to

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To carry out a particular task in order to do a particular thing.

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So, basically they share the same focus, they have the same aim, they have the same goal, they have come together in order to perform a particular task.

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So for in the Hezbollah, this is the group of Allah, this is the party of Allah.

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And such people are going to be liable and they're going to be victorious, meaning a loss of power that is going to help them and ultimately they're going to be victorious. What do we learn from these two?

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First of all, we learn about the encouragement to befriend Allah, His Messenger and the believers.

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And that means that a person should hold on firmly to the book of Allah.

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And a person should hold on firmly to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And a person should also hold on firmly to the sebelah meaning remembering certain new set Sevilla mini in the way of the believers

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when you share whatever Sula, Mubarak the motivation and I will help ya at the very, very rossabi the meaning.

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So, over here, there's encouragement to befriend Allah, His Messenger and the believers. And how will a person do that? By holding on firmly to the book of Allah, the Sunnah of the messenger, and also the Sabine Mini.

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We also learn from this ayah that

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those people who befriend Allah, His Messenger and the believers Such are the Hizbollah

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remember that there is a Hezbollah and there is a his boo shavon

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there's a party of Allah and there is a party of Shetland.

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You know, how in politics, they're different different parties, right?

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So similarly, there is a party of a lender is a party of shavon.

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The party of Allah is what? What's the focus? What's the goal?

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that people should worship Allah and get to then

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they should be saved from hellfire.

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What's the goal of the party of Chevron? that people should

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disobey Allah obey the thought and end up in Hellfire,

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the leader of his will shaytaan Izu shaytaan and what's his goal?

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That I will take a good portion of these people with me to hellfire.

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So there are two types of people.

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Either you belong to his villa, or you belong to his Bishop line.

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In order to be up there his below what do we have to do? The friend Allah, His Messenger and the believers.

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Thirdly, alternative from this idea that the believers, the Hezbollah, that is going to be successful, that is going to have victory.

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Now it's possible that the believers they suffer from defeat in this dunya from their enemy,

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but in the hereafter the believers will ultimately be successful.

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in the Hereafter, ultimately the believers will be successful how, as they will be the inheritors of gender

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and icon will very soon they will be the heirs of paradise. They will inherit when

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we learned the core analyst paradise eschatological love, the ugly banana was really in the love of Korean disease. Allah has written that I will surely overcome. I and my messengers. Indeed Allah is powerful and exalted in weight.

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And you know that story and so let us see where that person when he was setting his people that believe, and they killed him. What did he say?

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Yeah, later Komiyama moon Bhima hora de Robbie, where Jana Nieminen will come in.

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So, he ultimately became successful

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and the people back in the dunya they suffered loss.

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So it is possible that in the dunya a believer suffers from defeat from loss, but ultimately in the Hereafter, he is going to be successful.

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And in adonia How is the Hezbollah going to be successful Allah Subhana Allah Delta's in terms of the lava and soco, if you help a lot, then Allah will help you.

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You will not get the help of Allah just by talking.

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You will not be victorious just by being proud of the fact that you're believers know, you will be victorious when you actually do something.

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And we also learn that the love of Allah and His messenger is a means of attaining success.

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Because Romania to Allah Allah or a solo Valentina Amano,

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then the Hezbollah, they are the hollyburn What does it show?

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That if a person loves Allah and His messenger and the believers, then he is heading towards what? success?

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That's basically recitation of these verses.

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Yeah you

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have believed, let the Tokido la de la dudina con Guzman whether even do not take those people who have taken your religion in ridicule and amusement

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don't take them and Who are these people? may not Medina Auto kitanomine fabrico.

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There from those people who are given the Scripture before you be the Jews and the Christians,

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and they're also from among Who? walco Pharaoh and the disbelievers

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so don't take them as early as close friends. Don't befriend them. Why? Because their market your religion?

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don't offend them?

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Would you like it? If somebody marks it? You know? So how can you befriend someone who walks at your religion?

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If somebody makes fun of your mother, or your sister, or your spouse or your children, how do you feel? How do you feel very upset.

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You don't care if they're your boss, you don't care if they're your employer who they dare make fun of my mother, my father,

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my family? I'm not going to listen to them.

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So how can you befriend a person who marks at your religion?

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A lot of parents are sending us letters don't take them as friends who

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and Medina de hado Dina calm those people who have taken your religion as who's one.

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What does one mean? It's from the roof address head Zay Hamza

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is the is a mockery?

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And who's the one is to market someone to laugh at someone? Why, in order to reduce its importance

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in order to reduce the importance of that thing, or that person.

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So the marketer religion, they laugh at your religion, they make fun, they crack jokes, and they laugh at religion. Why in order to reduce the importance, the value of your religion, to disrespect your religion?

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How can you befriend these people when they're even, and they have also taken your religion as Larry, what does Larry mean?

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Larry was to play

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it is basically to engage in some activity for the purpose of entertainment for the purpose of recreation.

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Like for example, a person could be kicking a ball, or he could be throwing something, why? As a part of his fitness routine, like he's practicing why in order to be stronger in his body,

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this is something purposeful. And at the same time, a person could be kicking a ball or throwing a ball or something like that, why? for recreation, for fun.

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Similarly, a person could be using their phone. Why? Because they're sending emails or something like that. And other person is using their phone Why? Just to have fun,

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is it could be the same action, but depending on why a person is doing it, the action could be different.

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So learn is basically to do something with the object of recreation,

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for the purpose of entertainment.

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So they have taken your religion as a library, meaning they have taken your religion as something to have fun with.

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That they crack jokes about your religion.

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They are non serious about your religion. They say bad things about your religion. Why? Just so that they can spend some time laughing and having some fun.

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So don't take these people as friends who are there, there are many Latina autoclavable coming there, the Jews and the Christians, those people who are knowledgeable while cofell and there are other dispensaries meaning the Michigan those people who are miyun who are unlettered.

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So it's possible that a person who is making fun of lean is someone who is knowledgeable.

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And at the same time, it's also possible that he is unaware

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somebody could be educated

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and somebody could also be an educated when it comes to making fun of the dean

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Allah says what the COLA and fear Allah, meaning this matter is so serious, that you must fear Allah concerning this, that out of the fear of Allah do not befriend them.

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Why? Because if you befriend them, if you're in their company, eventually what's going to happen? You're also going to start making fun of your religion, you're also going to take your religion, non seriously.

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So what token law in quantum would mean, if you're truly believers?

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What do we learn from this is that if we're truly believers, then we must have the core. And the core demands that we leave the gatherings of those people who mock at the deen of Allah,

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who make fun of the novela who take the deen of Allah. Non seriously.

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Second, secondly, we also learn from this ayah that sometimes there are educated people who make fun of the team.

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And sometimes, there are uneducated people.

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You know, if a person is uneducated, they're misinformed. Okay, you know, never mind. They don't know what they're talking about.

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Like, for example, there is a child,

00:16:19--> 00:16:25

or there is a person who is really doesn't have any idea whatsoever. If they're saying something wrong, you ignore them.

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But if a person was educated, highly qualified, they have degrees, their professors and they're up there, and they're making fun of the dean, you feel very upset. So what does it show that such a person doesn't actually have knowledge such a person is not really educated? As we will learn in the following if daddy can be unknown common layer, that these people have no apple.

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Because the person who makes fun of somebody else, what does it show? They don't have Apple, they don't use reason.

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And a sensible person is never going to make fun of another

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what either no datum in a fidelity and when you call to prayer, how

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by giving the other

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so what even a datum illa seletti in a datum is from leader

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to call out.

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So when you call them to the seller, meaning to people so that they can perform Salah it was when they make it a mockery, when they're even underplay. Meaning they start laughing when they hear dnn,

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and they make it a play how,

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by, for instance, imitating via then, in a very disrespectful manner,

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copying the other of the other, or similarity people to perform the Salah, and they're passing jokes, they are saying things that are very derogatory similarity there, they're mocking at the soldier by praying the Salah, you know, like quickly or making fun. People do that. So it was one winner even they make it a source of mockery and play.

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Why did they do that?

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Then he could be unknown, that is because they are homeless, or people layer pillows they don't have.

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So what this does is show to us

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that a person who makes fun of others,

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whether it is for entertainment purposes,

00:18:37--> 00:18:44

under the label of comedy, or something else, what does it show that this person is not sensible?

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He does not have a clue. He's not using his art.

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And sometimes we think that people are so clever that they can come up with such clever jokes.

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They must be so clever. They must be so intelligent.

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But that's what they're doing with their intelligence.

00:19:05--> 00:19:14

The sharp mind that alasa penguin has given them the eloquence that Allah has given them, they're using it to mock at others and just laugh and make other people laugh.

00:19:16--> 00:19:22

So a person who makes fun of others in any way whatsoever, what does it show, he does not use his reason.

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So don't be impressed by his degrees and by his education and etc, etc.

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We also learned that there are some people who specifically don't like the solder, who specifically don't like the other than

00:19:40--> 00:19:46

the sound of the other than the call of the other the way that the Salah is performed, and they make fun of it.

00:19:47--> 00:19:52

And this is something that shavon does mean shaitaan does not like the other.

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We learn from our headset is recorded and Bahati that when the call for prayer is made

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When the Adhan is pronounced shaytaan, texture, his heels passing when so that he may not hear the other basically runs away so that you cannot hear the other.

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And when the call is finished, then he comes back. And when the karma is pronounced shaytaan, again takes to his youth, he runs away. And when the comma is finished, he comes back again and tries to interfere with the person and his thoughts. And to say, remember this and that,

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which he has not thought of before the prayer.

00:20:34--> 00:20:38

That before the prayer, you had no idea you had no thoughts about that particular thing and then during this other

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weird things are coming in your mind

00:20:42--> 00:20:45

until the praying person forgets how much he has prayed.

00:20:46--> 00:20:54

If any one of you does not remember that he should perform to prostrations before pronouncing the Sunnah Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this.

00:20:55--> 00:21:05

So, this shows that a person who does not like the attend who does not wish to listen to the event, who does not wish to even watch people pray so that

00:21:06--> 00:21:10

this has resemblance to the Shanklin this has resemblance to the hood and the masala

00:21:12--> 00:21:14

because a true believer he loves meeting with

00:21:17--> 00:21:18

the recitation of these verses.

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quick review.

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Let's do Latina Taha dudina come who's one winner, even

00:22:26--> 00:22:31

those people who take your dean as a who's one and very bad? Don't take them as what?

00:22:32--> 00:22:36

As close friends? Who are these people? from among Who?

00:22:37--> 00:22:48

First of all, I mean, alladhina okitama, and kubla Khan? And secondly, while cofell, what does it show? That it is not all of the original keytab? who make fun of the team?

00:22:49--> 00:22:52

And it's not all of the cofounders? who make fun of the team?

00:22:53--> 00:23:03

Who is it? men? So those people specifically who make fun of the dean, don't befriend them in any way whatsoever? Why?

00:23:04--> 00:23:05

Why should you not befriend them?

00:23:07--> 00:23:21

Because friends influence one another. If you're sitting in their gatherings, and they're mocking at the dean, they're passing jokes on the dean, having fun by mocking at the dean by insulting the dean and as a result, what's going to happen,

00:23:23--> 00:23:27

you're going to take their influence, you are going to lose respect for the dean.

00:23:28--> 00:23:36

And eventually you will be doing the same thing. What the cola has in control movement in and fear Allah if you're truly believers