Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L088G

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of past mistakes on behavior and importance of forgiveness and mercy in addressing past mistakes. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness and mercy in order to justify one's actions and improve one's life. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of "slack behavior" and the importance of respect and understanding in relationships. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the potential for blessing and a return to work due to actions and the potential for embarrassment.
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The same thing is with us. Don't we know that some things are clearly forbidden? And don't we know that Chevron is our enemy? Then why is it that we keep falling again and again? Why? Because the wrong is made to appear so attractive to us that we forget the commands of Allah soprano Donna. We are so much in love with it, that we don't care about the consequences anymore. And later on, we realize

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So what was the reaction of Adam and Howard?

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on both of them? said robina. Susana, Oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. We have done bloomin ourselves out by disobeying you. Immediately. They both realize their mistake, and they both accept it. This is how their reaction was different from the reaction of the beliefs.

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When it leaves made a mistake by not prostrating to Adam, what did he say? and vitamin E gave a justification. Other lesson I could also say I wanted to eat of it. I wanted to try it. What's the big deal? And similar excuses we present as well. What's the big deal? If I eat of it? I just want to try it. Everybody has it? Why not?

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And it's just food. Why has religion got to interfere with my food with what I eat? People make these excuses people come up with such objections. But other medicine did not come up with any justifications. any excuses immediately. He said, Our banners laminate and facade. It's our fault. We did wrong. It's our mistake.

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What did it leads to? He said, by the fabula awakening because you led me astray. Other medicine I'm set a lot better for them. No, no, sir, we have wronged ourselves, well inland of Atlanta and if you don't forgive for us with our ham net and you have mercy on us, then akula nominal city and we will be up losers are losers. If we don't have the forgiveness of Allah and if we don't have the mercy of Allah, because without allows forgiveness and mercy where can a person go? Where? How can a person escaped? He cannot.

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The only refuge is with him. There is no refuge against him.

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So if Allah is upset with someone, then a person is in total loss in complete loss. What does he need them? A loss forgiveness and mercy. And that is exactly what Adam and what both prayed for.

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We learned earlier in total Bukhara that Fattah lacar Adam mirabai kaleena that other medicine and received some words from Allah, which words words of repentance, word of seeking forgiveness. And it has said that it was these words that he received from

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that urban alumna, and for Santa, we're inland of Atlanta with our Hannah, Lana coonan, lemon and horsey.

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So if you look at the difference in the reaction of Adam, our listener, and how he believes reacted upon making a mistake, that first of all other realism, he accepted his fault. It leaves on the other hand, what did he do? He did not accept his fault. Other than his salon, he became remorseful. He felt bad.

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And it leaves on the other hand, he didn't feel remorse at all. Rather, he presented an excuse.

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Similarly, other Hassan blamed himself and what did the police do? He blamed a lot.

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Other when Islam repented, and at least did not prevent

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other medicinal became hopeful of Allah's mercy, and Iblees became hopeless, mad woman, mother Hola. He believes what does the beliefs mean from a Walesa, to completely despair.

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And we also need to check ourselves that we are human beings, and shavonne is after us to get us. And at the same time, there are certain things that are unlawful for us, and they are our tests. And as human beings, we make mistakes we fall. But what should our reaction be? When somebody points out our mistake? Should we overreact and say that no, I'm not wrong, you're wrong. And it's possible that in a particular situation, really it's not your fault, or you have no idea what the other person is blaming you for? You didn't really do it. Or you didn't mean it, and the other person just assumed you did something wrong. So in such a situation, what should you do? Prove justify your

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innocence, prove your innocence and argue and argue if you do that, what is that going to show?

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your weakness, your negative side, your bad side, in a situation where you really

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realize your mistake, or you are told that you've done something wrong. What is the best way?

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accepting your mistake? and apologize? That's the best way to say okay, I'm sorry. Thank you very much for your advice. Thank you very much for pointing it out. I'm sorry about what I said, I'm sorry about what I did. Please forgive me and move on. Because if you don't, it's going to make the person stubborn, it's going to make him arrogant, then he's not willing to accept any kind of criticism, any kind of advice. Because all the time What is he doing? He's trying to protect himself. He's trying to justify himself. And then nobody can point out his mistakes to him. Nobody can dare say that what you did was wrong, what you said was wrong. And if a person is like that, how

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will he improve himself? How will he correct himself? Remember, as human beings, we always make mistakes, it's something normal, other than he said, I made a mistake as well. And if he could make a mistake, we are more prone to making mistakes. He was in general, Allah subhanaw taala directly addressed Adam medicina. Still, he made a mistake. Still, the angels frustrated to him still he made a mistake. So you think we're not going to make a mistake? Of course we are. But we have to follow in the footsteps of other marriages somehow, that the way he repented. Similarly, we also have to repent the way he confessed his mistake. Similarly, we also have to do that we also have to admit

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our mistakes. And if we don't, then we are following the footsteps of who are obese. These two ways are open before us, you are going to make mistakes. Like we learned from the Hadees that all children of Adam or hapa own, they all commit mistakes. They all commit errors. But the best of those who commit mistakes are who those who repent to a loss.

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And another hideous petite elders that if you or people would not make mistakes, and Allah would create another creation who would make mistakes because Allah loves repentance.

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So if you do something wrong, somebody points out your mistake. Don't take it to heart. Don't take it personally. Don't take it personally. What should you think? 100 a lot. My mistake was pointed out to me Alhamdulillah I have a chance to repent, and hamdulillah I have a chance to improve myself. And if you say How could I do something wrong? Then what's the problem? ego. It's arrogance. Because you think you can never make a mistake. You think you can never be wrong, you can be wrong, you are going to be wrong, accept your mistake, and move on.

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To history said, reading Allah subhanaw taala said a bit to all of you get down, meaning Adam Hawa as well as at least all of you get them. And remember who both gives a sense of coming down from above how forcibly against one's will. So get down viral.com some of you probably know do some of you are enemies to others, meaning human beings will be enemies to one another. Similarly, Chitwan is an enemy to who, to human beings.

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While I can fill out the end for you in the earth, is Mr. Carvin is a place of stay is a place of dwelling

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was the art from afar for me a place where you will stay warm a town and a place to enjoy and enjoyment, pleasure. So in dunya, you are going to stay and you're going to have some pleasure and enjoyment until we either hang until a time meaning until your time of death comes. Until then you have your dwellings, your lifetime, your enjoyment, all specified outside.

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We will deliver a certain time you're going to live at certain places, you're going to enjoy certain enjoyments and they're all fixed until then elearning.

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And this whole time, you are going to be tested.

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On a set meaning a lot of panel data set. We had the Hilda in it, you will live where in the earth you are going to live who people as well as did in it you will live or does it show we're not meant to live in outer space. We're not meant to live on the moon or on some other planets.

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So he had the helmet in this earth you're going to live this is the only place that is livable. This is the only place where you'll be able to live.

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Well if he had the moon and in it you're going to die. That is where you will live. And that is where you will die. Women have to fortune and from it you will also be taken out when at the time of resurrection.

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We learn in the Quran that min ha ha

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Konerko from the earth we created you.

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Wi Fi Han or Ito COMM And in it we will return you woman her new data. And from it We shall bring you out once again. Why? For his.

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So we see that it was completely clear that other than Hawaii, they were sent to dunya they were sent to the earth. They were meant to live there, as well as their children until their specified times until their debt and eventually their to be taken out of there as well. All of us are to be taken out of there as well. Why? For the purpose of accounting,

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we listen to the recitation of

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Toma Taco Bell.

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Taco Bell

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una Nina worimi

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una shame on julio de de Allahumma

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de Chateau de

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una cainy otaku

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well, coffee.

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Boom, Boom

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Kuhn and

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Paula buco

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lay down,

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de mucho.

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If you look at it, how evil shaytan is that his goal is to humiliate people. His goal is to show their weaknesses to expose their weaknesses,

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to make them very low in front of others.

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Whether it is by taking their clothes off, or it is by making them upset, showing their anger, yelling at people backbiting. Whenever a person commits something wrong, what is he doing in reality? He's humiliating himself. Allah subhanaw taala has honored him. And when we do something wrong, we're in fact humiliating ourselves. And that is exactly what

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this is why he is or the womb will be. He's clearly an enemy, no doubt about his enmity. This is how bad he wants for you.

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This is how he wants something that's very, very bad for you. He never wants Good for you. He always wants bad for you.

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You'd like to share something? What did you learn from the story?

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If you look at children, they know the story from childhood. From a very early age everybody knows about the story. However, look at the way a lot penetrated tells the story so that we can actually take a lesson we can see that he's our enemy. And this is the same way that we should tell our children the story as well.

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There's so much that we don't want to hear anything bad about them. And other one oh well as long as our parents as well. And we have lost our There are so much that I came with

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To know about an argument one of the sister who said, I saw a photo Rahim, Allah forgive

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an hour, he will forgive us as well, if we make too many mistakes, and by that time, she was like defending many other bad deeds, okay if we do, and I said, No, I don't mess around with our parents and they were innocent. They didn't know the destruction by that time. And they just indulge in that act of disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala out in the sense, but we have been informed through Quran all the tactics of shaytan how he comes, they didn't know but we know. So we cannot be answerable to Allah subhanaw taala. So we should have respect for regardless of other medicine, and was told clearly that this is your enemy. And this is what is not lawful for you. But still, when he

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made the mistake, winter consequences they were. So similarly if we do something wrong as well, yes, we should all promise mercy. But that should be after repentance. Other medicine repented as well.

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Yes, so you give a very good logic, word fire and clay. And today, we learned that he's given a logic about the tree which is eternal. So we should be aware about the logic he's going to use to distract us. And if you're not aware about the Quran, and everything in it, then we can easily get distracted with his logic, exactly. That sometimes we know clearly this is wrong. And we know clearly, this is something forbidden, but you will use logic, or you will present logic that we think okay, even if it's wrong, it's good for us.

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Even that logic is faulty, because the fire is not better than and also here, he tells them that you will become angels were previously Allah had told the angels to frustrate to Adam.

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So what do we need to do

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reflect a little bit on the logic that is presented to us. And we will see that it is faulty.

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I was just thinking of two points. I was listening to a lecture yesterday. And he was basically saying that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want you to ever live in guilt for your whole life. So that is why he has created Toba for you, right? a means of getting out of that guilt, so Muslim should never be for his whole life, guilty and depressed and everything. And point number two is a blessing can be taken away to work due to our own actions. But then the last one, that I can give us a blessing back. And all we have to do is increase in our gratitude, because almost none of that will increase you. So example, if you lose money or something, maybe it's because you were doing a staff

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somewhere, tell us one that took away that blessing. He'll give it back to you just have to perform your

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slot like this. I Oh, I'm just realizing how evil shaytan is. And I think everybody knows how evil he is. But the problem is, like, we just know that he's just whispering to us. But what we like I just realized that like he's out there too humiliating. And if you have this mentality that he's out there to humiliate, you're not gonna do what he's whispering to you because you don't want to humiliate yourself. Like he's out there to tell you that, okay, it's just a little Satan and all that stuff. But it wasn't just a little sin. It's the humiliation upon you. So have this mentality that he's out there, he's a real enemy. And no matter how attractive Assange may appear, remember

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that eventually it's going to humiliate you eventually it's going to disgrace you. And sometimes people think that no, if you do it in this dunya, you become so cool. This is what happens. You become so cool. Everybody looks up to you, like wow, you have the guts to do that. Okay, but in the Hereafter, the person will be humiliated for the wrongs that he's done. And that's exactly what he wants. He doesn't want any honor. Any dignity plus

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Sonico I was just thinking about to become humble like recently, like,

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I'll like give you a hard time and then so that you become humble. And then here that we see that other money set up because he was humble that a lot just accept the repentance and similar shit, because he was arrogant that a leftist push him from his mercy. So we should crush our ego and then always we should do our best to become humble.

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That's the recitation.

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To marijuana.

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una Amina faridi.

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Boom Boom

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One of the Muslims

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on earth he had

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he had to move

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to Harajuku.

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subhanak Allahumma vmdk Nisha de la ilaha illa Anta, the stockbroker? Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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