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A Juz A Day (26th): Dawah, War and Peace

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and origin of the Prophet's teachings, including his teachings about the root cause of shaping views and the use of the title in shaping their views. They also address the idea of a person from God and how he addresses the root cause of shaping views. The speakers provide evidence that the Prophet's teachings provide insight into religion and discuss the weight of one's actions in bringing out the truth.
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latos law thank you very much for joining us. Welcome to a just a day. Today we are covering the 26th of june of the Quran insha Allah we will be finishing our study on the Friday today's Monday we'll be finishing, finishing our study of sport on Friday be the night Allah today the 26th Tuesday the 27th Wednesday 28th Thursday 29th and Friday inshallah we will finish at with the 30th of June. We will have a couple of guests joining us in Sharla on Friday, I'll you I'm super excited to have them. And in Charlotte, it should be an awesome ending. We will go a little longer on Friday, but I'll announce all those details once they are all fully confirmed. So stay tuned for that. But today

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we have the 26 Joe's with us the 26th of the plan begins with surah cough, which is the 46th surah then it has surah Hamad the 47th surah then Surah Al fat, which is the 48 Surah Surah cough which is sort of 100 excuse me, the 49 surah. And then sort of the 50th surah. And also has a little bit of advanced yet the 51st. The 51st though we will cover tomorrow in sha Allah because the whole with the 27 just it it flows better with that. So today we have a you know surah number 46 to sort of 50 to cover in sha Allah, that is in the 26th jers, the

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surah half a half is the last of the hominems it's the seventh harm in the last of the seven times. And these tours as we as we have spoken about in the last little while. As soon as they were revealed in Makkah, when the Muslims were a minority, the prophets of Salaam had not migrated yet the Muslims did not had a did not have control or power yet

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they were still under largely under, you know, a oppressive situation, living under oppression. So this is a beautiful, you know, these are beautiful sources to talk about because they talk about how to call people to Allah how to do Dawa, to Allah subhanaw taala while you are still minority, even if you are don't have dominance and power and control how to do it, and why it is especially important and sort of continues that theme and, and wraps it up. And keep in mind also this is the primary or the audience of this was the people of Makkah, the people of Quraysh. And then the people afterwards. So the Qureshi are central here all the high means the Quraysh are like the their their

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problems, their behavior, their accusations, they're highlighted more than other parts of the Quran. This is really the main target audience. But as I as I've explained, this is not something that is restricted to only punish everybody. You know, it is very applicable to the rest of us as well, particularly those of us who feel

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who live and experience a similar type of situation. today. With that said, we look at how to sort of against the sort of against with high meme, then Zillow, kW in a lot Hill Aziz in Hakeem

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Tamim. This book is sent down from God, the Almighty, the wise, then Allah proceeds to go this is, as you've noticed, the highlighted part in red is the one that repeats. And that's a beautiful thread that runs through all the housewarming, right, this is the thing that, you know, unifies all of them. And that is why it's highlighted in red here. Now, the main topic here that's going to be discussed is how Quraysh are heedless, and how they will make all of these

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really, really pathetic, lame excuses. Allah says, we created the heavens and the earth, and all that lies between them purely for just ends bill have purely for just ends is not a great transition. A better translation is we created the sky and the earth, the cosmos, with a purpose. It is truthfully from Allah, it has a creator in shoot it has a purpose in truth will actually masama and it's not for an eternity, it will be for a specific, specific or a specified term. All of this will come to an end, the creation should be leading us to think about the resurrection and that is,

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as you've noticed, a consistent theme of the Quran.

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But those who reject fate will have been a gaffer or a mountain rumali alone, who have rejected faith. They turn away from what they have been

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warned off and hear the ones who are rejecting the faith or the people of flourish. But the AI applies to anybody who has the same attitude, the same behavior, the same thought process as the people who flourish. What is it that they say about?

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About the prophets also alum and about Islam and about the validity of the Dharma? The invitation to Islam? Well, let's say Amir who Luna Farah has he like he's fabricated it he's made it up the prophets of Salaam is not a real prophet. He's just making this stuff up. Okay, now Allah responds to that. All in if the right to if I have fabricated in myself, then the following would be true for Latham licona. Lehman, Allah ha ha. You will not be able to do anything to save me from God if I'm lying about God, You know what? He is going to come and destroy me. Okay, you won't have to do anything. Right. I'm toast anyway. Who Ireland will be made to feel happy but that's not true. And

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you know that, right? That's not happening. He knows quite well what talk you indulgent he knows that you don't really believe that? Who can Hobbesian Eden benei webinar calm he's enough as a witness between me and you. And he is a forgiving and merciful. Now although pivots and explains that this idea of prophethood it is new to you, or people of what age because you've never seen a prophet before. But you know what pulmoquin to be the Amina Russell, I'm not the first of God's messengers. It's not a new thing. It's not a new phenomenon. It is actually a historical phenomenon. well as any oma as an email used to be when I become also as a prophet, I am not somehow a God, who

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knows everything. No, I don't know what will be done with me or with you. I don't know the future. Okay, what am I in a W Illa. You have Ilya, I only follow what is being has been revealed to me, and I am only a warner mama in London, zero mubin. This is what a messenger is. So Allah addresses the root cause of what the origin is concerned about. How could this person be a messenger? What we've never seen messengers? How is he a human being and a messenger? You know, how is he speaking to God or getting revelation from God? So all of those points are addressed, you know, bit by bit. And Allah has addressed this point consistently. The Prophet is a human who receives revelation from

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Allah, His revelation is clearly different. And Mark remarkably unique as a speech of God. And thus this messenger then

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does what he follows what's revealed to him, and he preaches what's revealed to him. And that is the role of the messenger. And that's what he's explaining to the people of Quraysh that he says, For our item in Canada in the law, have you thought, what if this Quran really is from God, and you reject it? Can you consider this in Ghana, meaning the level of autonomy? What happens? If we're showing you the shadow money side? Allah Miss Lee, one of the children of Israel testified to its similarity to earlier scriptures and believes in it. What happens if somebody who's not from Makkah?

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Who hears this? And they have heard the prophets before and they follow prophets before burning Israel? What if they verify Excuse me? What have they verified? This is actually the speech of God and they believe yet you who the Prophet has lived with all these years, who is the the son of the soil of Makkah, you people will reject Him and a foreigner will believe him. How pathetic? And how tragic would that be? What's the bottom line? You're doing this? Because you're arrogant in the law? Hola, como Vali mean, as you can see, this is a very beautiful way to say, look, you guys know the prophets Islam better than anybody else, you know, he is not making it up, you know, he's not crazy,

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you know, the acquisitions you're saying about him are not true. And you know, what, if you don't stop this, others will actually get this message and others will believe in it and what can what what shame would that be? Right? And that's a very interesting response that a lot highlights as you can see, a response here isn't so Stern, as you notice and sort of six, the response was very stern, because that was at the very end of the profits, the you know, period in Makkah, this is still not there. This is still you know, you know, reasoning and, and reasoning with good faith.

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Also known as money isn't always like a evil thing here that you know, Israel is used as an example in a positive light, something interesting for you to consider. If it was good, another interesting excuse. They say if it was good, it was really was true then

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We would be the first to believe it. No one else would believe it before us, but I wouldn't believe before us. And so hey, and I'm and hubbub. I mean, these guys won't believe it wouldn't have believed it before us. You know, these guys are lowly worthless people, how come they believe before read it. And this is a person who thinks very highly of themselves.

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So Allah, Allah, that is a, that's not even a really legitimate argument. A lot of us even dignify that with a response. He says, you know, since they are refused to being guided to it, their only response to it is that had that if could adim this is an ancient fabrication. Because, you know, how arrogant is a person to think that they are so special, that if there's something good in the world, the first person that that good should go to is them? How arrogant is that. And when a person has that level of arrogance, generally, they won't have the humility and humbleness required to accept faith a lot partly highlights that by saying, you see, this is not actually a legitimate claim. And

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in response to that last podcast, highlights musasa, Muslim Islam faced somebody similar, who thought so highly of himself, he thought he was a God, for our own. I mean, probably Nikita Musa imamura, when Moses book did the same, like he faced the same problems, and now we'll have like it, Abu Musab the police and Armenia. This is a book in the Arabic language is a clear pristine book, it is, you know, in line with what Moses brought, and it is to forewarn those who do evil just like Moses, Allah surrounded, and it's to give good news to the righteous, just like he did. So this is a beautiful, as you see the surah very nicely, links it together and then speaks about the actual

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believers, the actual believers are the ones who have humidity, they say, in a boon, Allah, our Lord is a law and then they remain steadfast, and they have no fear, and they will not grieve These are the people a paradise, you know, and incentive, this is how you should be, you know, get rid of leave these.

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Stop thinking so highly of yourself and start thinking more of the, the the contents of the message. And then Allah will warn them about what if what happens if they don't listen to it? If there's a tangent here, about dolla dolla that's been spoken about. Now, although this pivots a little bit to dhaba within the family. What happens when a person is giving power to someone in their family? Here is Example number one, the best case scenario of that. And then the worst case scenario is that the best case scenario of it is almost final in Santa BYD that he is Santa. We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents. His mother bore him What a quarter one, wah wah wah two quarter hub, bore

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him in pain and gave birth to him in pain. Well, how many of you saw husana shahara and his bearing and weaning takes 30 months, that's where we get the idea that if a pregnancy is nine months, then the breastfeeding and nursing afterwards is for at most another two years, you know, a total of 30 months 24 months or so. So that is where we get that idea from Mohammed who was a sore loser. So mushara then had that Isabella lashonda, who now this baby has reached his full maturity or by law or by inertia Bolivar Urbina center he is now 40 years old. This is a grown adult man who is in the prime of his life. He says at this point, I'll be there any My Lord help me be grateful for your

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favors, which you have bestowed upon me such a beautiful dog. I want you to notice and make this law for yourself and for your families. Robbie, Hosea, Annie and Ashkelon, aromatic Allah T and amta Allah Yahweh Allah wa Li oh my lord helped me to be grateful for your favorites that you have bestowed upon me. And upon my parents. When Armada saw the hunter bajo and helped me do good deeds that will please you will leave you Realty and grant me righteousness in my offsprings and I kind of need this door right now because they're yelling and screaming a slightly

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fix my kids for me in Neato eleiko in the middle Muscovy, I submit to you I have turned to you. And I submit to you that this is such a beautiful door up. And this is the best case scenario of what happens in our in family, a parents, you know a group of parents or parents raising their kids, right?

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And the kids,

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they repeat, are not repaid they reciprocate the love for their parents, by their Diwan, and by their gratitude, and expressing their gratitude to Allah making that door to Allah and making that door and for their parents and for their kids afterwards. And it's such a beautiful It's such a beautiful things, Mandala. It shows this is a family where hamdulillah things went right, that will went right. And that's what law says about them. Without a Latina de caballo and home cinema. I mean, these people we will accept from them, the best of what they do. One of the joy was once a year to him, he was having agenda, and we will overlook their evil, they're bad the mistakes, and

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they will be in the Bible genda among the people of Paradise, all of them together. Now what went right in the family, you're all in paradise together. That's the best case scenario, right? You're, you love each other in this world, you make law for each other in this world. And then you are together in the next world. That is the best case scenario of the hour in the family, we asked a lot to give us families like that I mean, your anatomy, while

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you are doing this is a true promise that's been given to them. What's interesting here people is look at the subtle expression, like a Latina Taco Bell on whom

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we will accept the best of what they do, what does this mean? Like there's a lot not accept the rest of what they do know. What it means is that the reward of what they that the way they will be rewarded by Allah is according to the best action. So if they prayed say this hypothetically, they 100 Salas, okay? The best seller of the 100 sellers, that is how Allah will reward them for all their 100

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that is what it means I send them I mean, Subhan Allah, that isn't the amazing Mercy of Allah, it's not just that the average is now taken, or each Salah has its individual reward. And that is how Allah will reward us, right? When He rewards us in sha Allah in general, and ways are these on the scale of john on the scales, on the day of judgment, the way they're weighted is the best action is, then the weight of it is given to the all the rest of the actions of that category, ah, Sonoma. And that applies to like all good deeds that we do. So how amazing is the mercy of Allah is that he's not even like, forget about rounding up, he's literally like taking the best of what we do, and

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projecting it over the rest of our lives. And that is such an incredible, incredible blessing of Allah and such incredible Mercy of Allah, we ask Allah to allow us to do more and more good in this life. So and then do it in the best possible way. So our good keeps getting multiplied. The worst case scenario is the next two ayat, what are the haleiwa li The one who says to his parents orfila Kumar, shame upon you.

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I die donnini and courage Do you threaten me with with being taken out of the grave without holiday? toranomon cobbly while many a generation has passed away before me, and none of them has risen from among them, this the resurrection has never really happened. Well, who am I? So yesterday danila. And these two while he's saying this, is these parents are crying for God's help. And they're saying why he like I mean, believe it Oh, what's wrong with you? In Nevada law, you have God's promised this true fair. buruma illa saltiel Olean. He says these are nothing but ancient fables. Allah says about them like alladhina hakala, he will call it as against such that as these people that the word

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of God has proved true. It is the word of God here is the destiny that they're destined to live out, along with those communities that went before them. jinsan humans in Hong kanuha, serene, surely they are the losers. And this is unfortunately the situation where Dawa in the family doesn't go well. The parents tried to raise the child, their child to not, you know, the dialogue, the invitation was not received by the child. And then he turns around and becomes in fact the opposite. He will turns around and starts to say, well, this whole thing is about the role of wanting These are old fables. What's interesting is as we as you will see in the Quran, and if you note, no doubt

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you've noticed in the Quran

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The Quran doesn't just, you know, if it's talking about talks about resurrection, it gives us parallels to consider parallel to consider about the earth that's dead. And then it's brought back to life, parallel of the seasons how you know, and in wintertime, the plants die, you know, the shed leaves and then brought back to life in the season of spring, and then summer, likewise, the parallel of our conception as chill as in the wombs of our mothers as fetuses, and how that creation process happens from a drop of sperm. And before that, we were nothing. And then the other example is, consider how you start, start as a child, weak and helpless, become strong, and then end up

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becoming weak and helpless. Again, the Quran provides us with many types of examples, examples that you see, and there is an analogous, you know, situation, that's to be extrapolated resurrection of the dead Earth resurrection of a dead human being. Okay? situation, the, you know, a logical example, you will create it the first time second time, the accretion is even easier, you will create it first time from a drop of sperm second time you accretion from the particles of dust will be just as equal, in fact, even easier for a loss patata logical examples, look at how your creation tells you about your resurrection, you are not going to live in eternity. In fact, the rest of the

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world also tells you about that the creation leads to resurrection, the Quran is so coherent with this message, it's so coherent. It doesn't just leave it to like a wild guess. Or it doesn't just leave it to like a blind belief. Last part that provides us with enough evidence is that that should allow us to be convinced without having seen it. And that's the whole test of faith. And that is what this individual failed at. And that is what Allah is highlighting with our went wrong. And this is what I want and the case where it isn't explained in the family. What is faith really supposed to be it is supposed to mean something that you can see, but it's not supposed to be with your eyes

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closed. All these evidences are there and we ask a law to allow us to see them.

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While inequality will equal in the Rajah to me Muhammad, Allah says try your best to people all leads will be ranked according to their all will be ranked according to their deeds. Try your best when you are free from Mama home home loan for the moon, we will requite them in full we will pay them back in full and they will not be wrong just you know, you try these parents are not going to be like they are not a lost case. Their case is a level give them what they have rightfully earned, and will give show them mercy and do justice with whoever else who had turned away. Now the hour to polish through our ads. Again, inviting Allah allows inviting the people to correlation I was going

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to talk about add the Arab ancestors of polish. Okay, I then moved on to Arab tribes and who then saw there are two Arab prophets ethnically Arab prophets let you know, Ibrahim is not ethnically Arab, nor is you know Moosa or Isa they're not ethnically Arab, but who and oily alleys and even ceram were ethnically Arab, they were the ancestors of the Quran.

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And polish and also the Arabian tribes are in like Yemen and other places. So the Quran provides, you know, you details about these two tribes, because there is a clear like the history of the people, the precedent is there in their history. And that is something the Quran uses to you know, invite the people to the worship of Allah and also threaten them about what happens when people reject the Prophet right, the invitation and then threat both together. Also, the interesting thing about the Quran is, the Quran provides details about these error prophets that were not known to the Jews and the Christians, the People of the Scripture, they're not mentioned in the Bible, these two

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prophets, the people of Scripture did not know about them. So the Quran provides extra details that you don't find it providing about, like, say, a silent salon, because it's well known where it's Allison unlived, very well known doesn't provide extra details where muscle is very well known where most of it but for who'd, for example, it tells you who his people were hard and where they left off for solid, who his people were assembled and where the lift headed. Right so this is something the Quran provides. And something that's again shows you what the precision of the Quran, how precise it is, that it keeps its audience in mind.

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The audience that immediate the audience that is listening, you know from afar, as in like a secondary audience and audience that will become primary later on. All of that is considered and taken care of how amazing and how beautiful is that? Now bring us the punishment, they would say to their profit, what's called a Hardin.

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Or tell them, tell them about the brother of ours. And again, notice how the profits are called brothers of their, of their community because they are part of their community. They are brothers in humanity. Okay. All right, the brother of that is hood. And he said, um, he warned the people off the sand dunes. That's what they used to live in the Arabian Peninsula. And they had, you know, you know, gotten warnings before and the message was worship, none but Allah, I fear that the punishment will be awful for you. Their response was, okay, bring the punishment. Right. But do not be mad that I do not include them in a soccer field. Bring us the punishment that you threaten us with, if you

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are truthful. He said, Well, Allah only knows when it will come. And I delivered to you the message which I am sent with. But I see that you are ignorant people. This is something that what the police would say as well the police would say hey, profit, your profit keeping this punishment thing that you're talking about? Same demand. Well, the law says you know what, you don't want that demand to be fulfilled. Now, when the when it came, for that matter over our human and they saw in the shape of a dense cloud, approaching the valleys, they explained.

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The boom, boom, Kiruna This is a heavy cloud, which will bring us welcome rain. They were looking forward to it because they lived in the desert areas.

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But it was said by who dies, but who am I starting to be here the Han vihara that will leave by no means it is a very same thing that you want it to come fast, a blowing wind bringing a grievous suffering and when it did come to the miroku lashay Mb amblyopia it destroyed everything at its Lord's behest for us we're hola euro Illa Misaki new home The only thing that can be left scene of them are their empty homes. This window did not destroy their homes destroyed everything and everyone but the homes were left as a sign for those afterwards that there were people here and they were destroyed. And this is their remains so to take heed karateka Nigel Coleman would remain in

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touch we replay the evil tours.

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Be warned Oh koresh wala Padma can mechanicum be empowered them to an extent, which we have not empowered you. Here again you is kurush specifically, again, generally anybody else but the first audience here is foolish, and we had endowed them with hearing sight and hearts. But neither the hearing nor this site nor their hearts were of the least avail to them help them in the least since they went on rejecting God's revelations, and they were overwhelmed by the very thing that they thought was a joke. The punishment they thought was a joke. That is what you know dominated and overwhelm them. Well, like nama Hola, camino para, we have destroyed other towns that once

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flourished around you or Polish or sobre el iottie and we've given you various signs are lahoma Giroux and we gave them excuse me various signs. So that