Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 130A Translation Ibrahim 18-34

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group discussing various topics including the origin of the concept of a "m mood one," a "m mood two," and the origin of the concept of a "m mood three." The group does not provide specific context or details and does not provide specific context. The discussion also touches on a recent incident where a man committed suicide, causing confusion and accusations of murder, and the potential risks associated with the incident.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who

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will want to study on out of sodium Kadeem and Lovato the villa him in a ship on a regime. This malaria wash man over him. Rubbish Russia Saudi way sadly, Emery wash LuLaRoe that has mainly Sani

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lesson number 130. So that Ibrahim is number 18 to 34. Transmission.

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Mr. Lu, Example

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A Lavina of those who care for rue de disbelieved below be him with their love, or man whom their deeds got all mad like ashes is said that it severely to be with it. A visual the winds see in Yeoman a day, honestly, one stormy last not Yokozuna, they are able. They have powers menma, from watch guessable, they earn Allah upon che in anything, then he cadet, it is Ebola, the misguidance the error, the loss and bury the one four

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did not settle you see, a nurse that indeed, Allah Allah Kanaka he created a summer worse the heavens will have and the earth will help with the truth in a Yeshua he will usually become he will remove you wet and he will come the whole thing with a creation Jedi then one new, warmer and not Danika that Allah upon Allah He Allah beer Aziz at all difficult

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Roberto zoo and they appeared

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they came to view

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Villa he for Allah Jimmy Earth altogether. So call us so he said of Bertha the weak ones. Linda Dena to those who is stuck baru they were arrogant in that indeed we could now we were looking for you turbine followers for her so our unzoom you all move nooners Wanzhou avails are not from us main from our their ability punishment of Allah min che in from anything.

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Although they said low if her Danner he guided us Allahu Allah, lucha de Nakhon surely we guided you. So we're on scene or Lena upon us

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whether Josie or nurse, we show impatience

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or subordinate, we endured with patients. Math not learner for us, men from mushy Aslan any escape any place of refuge.

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We'll call her and he said, a shape on the Shavon lemma when cobia it was concluded. For this, it was concluded

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the matters in the Indeed, Allah Allah, what are the call you promised you? Why the promise I'll have of the truth

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and what has to come I promised you

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to come. So I betrayed you

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have left to come. I betrayed you. Warmer and North Ghana was leave for me are they come upon you? Men from suborning any authority in law except under the out of whom I call you? Pastor jepto So you all responded Lee for me? Fella so do not do Mooney y'all blame me. We're Lumo and y'all blame and pusher Calm yourself. Mask not an i Be Muslim at all one who responds to your Christ. Warmer and not until you all the most recent years at all ones who respond to my crime

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at all ones who respond to my crime

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in Nice indeed, I got it. Nice Bheema with what a shock to Mooney you all associated me men from a blue before indeed of why the mean the wrongdoers the home for them or that when a punishment or the mood one painful

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for auto healer, and he was admitted he was entered and Edina those who knew they believed what he knew and they did a solid healthy the righteous deeds, Jonathan gardens, that God is flows main from underneath it, and how to deliver quality dinner once a biting eternity. See her in the evening with permission from the hem of their behavior to whom they're greeting fee her in its center.

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I'm on

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LM did not sell UC gay for health brother. He cited he struck

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Allahu Allah masala an example Kenny mutton have a word for you button one good one pure Kusha rotten like a tree by your button one pure one good or sue her its roots there between firms will follow her and its branches see in a summer the sky to see it gives Akula her its fruit every chain in time be easily with permission are behind us it's rough. Well booty boo and he strikes Allahu Allah and EmCell the examples, the nasty for the people, la la homesource se yesterda karoun data

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were Maisano and example Kadima, think of a word kabisa. To one impure, bad, Khashoggi rotten like a tree for beef that in impure bed.

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It was uprooted men from salty above the Earth, mad not Lahab for eight men from karate and instability. You said betas he makes firm, Allahu Allah, and Davina those who am I know they believe the Holy with the word Acerbis the firm see in a hierarchy the life of dunya of the world will see and in an era the hereafter where you'll be loose and he leaves us tree Allahu Allah have really mean the wrongdoers. Wherefore I do and he does Allahu Allah Mau whichever you show he will

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and um did not sell a UC either to work and Medina those but they do they change near Messiah blessing Allah He of Allah gefallen into disbelief into ingratitude. What a Hindu and they settled and they descended OMA home their people. Dara home Alba of the destruction Jehan nama * yes loner her they will enter to burn in it will be TSA and how bad alcohol the place to set

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what ya do and they made the law he for Allah and then equals rivals Leoben loose so they mislead on from sabini he his way to say so much that you all enjoy the inners and indeed mostly your comb your destination either to a nerve the fires all say the everybody to my servants to my slaves and Medina those who am I know they believed you came they establish a salata the Salah, were unifocal and they spend Nima from what for as of now whom we provided them servants secretly. Why Allah Nitin and openly men from probably before and that yet here it comes Yeoman a de la North Bay on any trade fi in it. Water and North Sea lead on any friendships.

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Allahu Allah, Allah is the One who can occur he created a summer was the heavens will have and the earth will unzila and he sent down men from a summer in the sky man waters for us legit so, he brought out he produced be with it means from a summarize the fruits this one as provision lecan for you was Sahara and he subjected lecom for you and falcata ships, the surgeries. So, it flows

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in especially the C B and D at his command was a hurdle and he subjected lecan for you and unhealth the reverse was Sahara and he subjective locum for you a shamsur The sun will come over and the moon there eBay in both constant both continues for Sahara any subjective looking for you and Leila the night when the hara and the day will come and he gave you men from Cali every man watch the Elsa whoo hoo you all asked him

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we're in and if there are do you all count you all number near Mata blessing Allah He of Allah bless not to sue her, you all enumerated you all calculate

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in the indeed and inside the human being love alone. Surely most unjust Cathar extremely ungrateful.

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That's listen to recitation.

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mezzaluna lady

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initiative jet be hit the Hopi a woman now say lay up on your own I mean

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Then he can bother me. Adam Dada

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hola hola pas was Bobby will have for E Esha it will be hidden via TV

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Jedi The one

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big cheese was

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top all of Baka only levy in a step bow in

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de lalloo

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So I

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saw Bob

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Murphy walk on a shave Shavon

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Aldi and Lidl in hola Hello are more than happy to come up let's do

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one again and eonni

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soon involved in it

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stages into me

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Mooney want to move

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the most

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be Muslim anything in need to be

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a shot to moon in

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Bali mean

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very well this Elan levy

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saw the hand Dejan dreamy

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Hardy Deena de

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Cali. Deena he had eaten Europe beat him to here too. He has

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I'm Tara gate I love

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by Eva Gesha

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by event in Oslo

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Oslo has been

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heard this

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G cooler has

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it near a beach

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while rebula

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or methadone can emerge in kabhi authentic Asha Jonathan kabhi that you need you to tell me

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of the man

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with a beetle long lady in

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diabetes in hierarchy dunya What

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are your

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body mean? Long Ayesha?

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I'm Tara Enon levy

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Mehta more input from

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well John

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sabini all the time at

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at Musala

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Moussa fauna while you're talking to me

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was up on homesale flow

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Babine a

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fee wanna

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Allah hood Larry Hama Santa was

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a Santa

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Rajavi minute is on

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JV me

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them a lot it is one level more so called Allah who carried area in battery and MRI was up for Allah who

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was up for honor promotions our

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EB Aileen was up hold on Lena

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why don't do

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so in Santa Monica

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