Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L088E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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So he presented this logic what it allows a penalty all built in her Allah said descend from it. Just leave this Go away from here. Go away from Jenna. five min What does he refer to it could refer to gender it could refer to the heavens the summer wet, meaning he was expelled from Allah's Presence. He was expelled from the company of the angels and remember who bought it gives a sense of coming down from above, coming down from above, against one's will forcibly.

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humiliated, debased, degraded, just get down from here, familia Kunal aka, it is not right for you. It is not permissible for you, and Taka Baraka that you become arrogant here. You're not allowed to show any arrogance over here. There is no greatness for you here. Because greatness is only for Allah, and for creation is humidity. So you're not allowed to show any kind of arrogance over here.

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He was trying to show himself to be very great. This was pure arrogance, I am better than him. What does Allah say get out from here, you're not allowed to show your superiority, to show that you're greater.

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And remember that the book is to be arrogant. And when it's used for creation, it is when a person or when enough makes oneself greater than what he actually is, considers oneself greater than what he actually is.

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You're not allowed to be puffed up over here. You're not allowed to become hottie over here, to display any kind of arrogance

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for courage, so get out in the communist sovereignty and indeed you are of those who are belittled, you are trying to be great. In reality, you are of those who are low, you are of those who are humiliated and disgraced.

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Remember, that humility is a quality of loss of planetary servants, is a quality of those who Allah likes. Those who will be admitted into gender.

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Wherever the men and Latina I am Shona, lllp honan the slaves are the Most Merciful. When they walk they walk upon the earth, easily hone in with humility, softly, gently. What is the Hadees tell us that mentor well, Darla, but a pharaoh law, the one who humbled himself for Allah, Allah will elevate him. And on the other hand, a person who becomes arrogant, he is not allowed to intergender

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Iblees was arrogant. What did Allah say get down from here. You're not allowed to be arrogant over here. Because there are these tells us that he shall not enter Paradise, who has an atom's weight of arrogance, who has an atom's weight of arrogance, such a person will not be allowed to enter gender.

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Gender is not for the arrogant.

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It's for those who are humble,

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who is the arrogant,

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the one would think some selves to be superior than others who cannot acknowledge and accept the greatness of others, the superiority of others, the excellence of others, he's full of himself, or he can see in himself his good qualities, and he can never point out his mistakes his faults.

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On the other hand, the humble one is one who is willing to accept the other superiority.

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He's willing to accept the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given to others, he acknowledges reality. And he realizes his mistakes, he accepts his mistakes.

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Color he said meaning he said, um, blatantly lie to me, you bar soon, then give us by to me until the day that they will be resurrected.

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Meaning allow me to live until the day that the people will be resurrected.

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And don't punish me until the day that we people will be resurrected from their graves because a person may wonder that how come Iblees has not died yet?

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Because Jen also they are born and they die, just like human beings do. Because no creation is permanent. Good luminar laya fan, everyone upon this earth is going to die. So how can we please has an idea it's been 1000s of years, or how come he has not been punished? Because there are many people when they do something wrong, they're punished. How come he hasn't been punished? Because he asked for

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that don't punish me. Don't give me death until the Day of Resurrection, until the day that people will be resurrected from their graves. Why? So that I can mislead them

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into little hedger is 36 to 38. We learn all of the ferns lydney Eli Yogi Berra soon. He said, oh my lord, then give me rest bite until the day that they are resurrected Oliver in the communal mazarin he said So indeed you are of those who will be given rest by Allah Yeoman walked in my room until the day

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The time well known.

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So Allah subhanaw taala responded cada in Mecca with el mundo de he said, Indeed you are of those who are given breastfeed

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until when, until the Day of Resurrection until the time of the first blast of the trumpet.

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fabula avoid any at least said because you have put me in error. Now he's blaming a loss penalty, because you have made me commit this crime. Therefore the upper than, surely I will definitely sit in wait long for them meaning for people split off I can muster team on your straight path. I'm going to sit there waiting for them to come. And I'm going to mislead them.

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But look at him. Look at his Audacity. He's blaming Allah subhanaw taala for the wrongs that he has done.

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And many times we also do the same thing. We do something wrong. We say, Allah allowed me to do this. It was written, Allah made me do it.

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But the fact is that Allah Subhana, Allah has given us freedom. He has allowed us to do whatever we want. He doesn't force any actions on us. And what does it really say? for Obama of waiting? he's blaming a loss of data.

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The word awakening is from his vein. Well, yeah. You know what? And why? What does it mean

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misguidance. To be astray, it is to become hopeless of success, or finding the right course, this is what a right is what a person has gone astray. He has completely lost the right way. And he has become hopeless of ever going back to it.

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There is another word that is used for misguidance. And what is that?

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But Ray in particular is used for one who has gone astray with regards to religion. Whereas the Lal could be a mistake, even in worldly affairs.

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And awakening from Illa Illa can be understood in many ways. First of all, it is to lead someone astray from the right course.

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What does it mean to lead someone astray from the right course somebody was going right? And you tell them don't go here, go here. Instead, somebody is going in the right direction. They're following the right road, and you tell them no, no exit here, go there.

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So it is to lead someone astray from the right course.

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Secondly, why is to give someone a command, an instruction, whose disobedience becomes a cause of their misguidance

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to give someone such a command, whose disobedience will result in what their misguidance their total loss, you understand.

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Like, for example, if you were told that if you fail even one test, then that's it, you will be suspended from the course you will not be allowed to continue to course.

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Now, if you fail, have just asked even even one that is a result of what total loss, you understand. So it is to give someone such a command to give such a rule, that if a person goes against it, then that's it is gone. He's a total loser.

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Thirdly, his work is also to misguide someone as a punishment, for their choosing error.

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So in other words, it is to let someone go astray as a punishment. Why? Because they selected air for themselves.

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So it bleeds. He chose this reaction. He chose this response. He selected and by choice, the angels frustrated, he did not prostrate. He did not prostrate. So because he chose to not prostrate as a result of that alasa panatela punished him With what?

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With what? With further misguidance.

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So over here, all of habima awakening, because you gave me a hokum, you gave me a command, which I didn't follow. And as a result, I have ended up like this, therefore it's your fault.

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Whereas in reality, whose fault is it? It's his own fault.

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Allah has given you a choice. It's up to you. It's like on the deodorant people saying that it will lie, you gave us a Sharia. And we had to follow it. We didn't follow that. So we're ending up in the hellfire. It's not our fault. It's your fault.

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It's like somebody going to a university taking a course and saying go, you've said all these rules. And because of you, I'm failing.

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It's not our fault. It's your fault. You're already in the system. You can't get out of this. You know the rules. You better follow the rules. If you don't, it's not our fault. And this is exactly what people do as well. They blame those who have made the rules. Why did you make such rules? Why don't you change your rules.

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All of habima are white and he he's blaming the higher authority he's leaving a loss a penalty.

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It's your fault. It's not my fault.

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And because it's your fault, the algorithm elements erotical. Mr. Team, I'm going to take revenge, how that I'm going to sit. And I'm going to wait for them to come meaning for people on your correct path on your right path. And as they come, I'm going to miss kaita. I'm going to lead them astray

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some minor attina home and how would I miss guide them that then I will come to them? I'm going to approach them to misguide them from where Min benei ad him from before them. Notice that it and no definitely surely I will definitely come to them and who does them refer to not just add them but all of them relationships, children that are in order to lead them astray? In order to stop them from your path? I am going to come from before them.

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What does it mean by this I'm going to come from before them.

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Scholars have said that what this means is that I will beautify the dunya for them, that what is before them what is in front of them. I will beautified for them so much that they will run for it and they will ignore everything else. Do you understand that the dunya will be so glamorous so attractive for them, they will run towards it. They will spend their whole lives acquiring the glamour of this world because it's right before them. And they will forget ahead of what other

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men benei at

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seminary other scholar who said that what this means is that I will beautify the bad actions for them. I will present them as good I will make dunya very attractive.

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woman can feed them and from behind them, I will also come to them from behind how that I will make them forget the

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I will make them forget the hereafter I will make them forget about what is going in their record of deeds.

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I will make them completely oblivious to that

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one amen him and from their rights a man is a plural of you mean what does he mean by this? Right symbolizes good. So I will come to them from their right meaning through good deeds.

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I will make them do good deeds. And then I will make them perform one sin that's going to nullify all the good data.

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Or I'm going to make them do good deeds, but with the wrong intention with the start they end up in Hellfire because remember, the person who recites the Quran, but with the to get the praise of people, on the Day of Judgment he will be brought and he will be asked what did you do? And he will say I read the Quran I memorize the Quran, I recited the Quran, to get your appreciation Oh Allah, what will Allah say that you are lying? In fact, you did it to get praise and you got it. Such a person will be sent into hellfire. Now he is apparently doing something good shadow and what does he do? He makes us do good, but with the bad intention for the wrong reason. And as a result, that good

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deed is an argument against us is not in our favor, it actually goes against us.

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similarity similarly, he makes us do one good deed after the other. And then he makes us do one sin, which completely finishes all the good deeds. Like for instance, has said What does hazard do jealousy. It consumes good deeds just like fire consumes dry wood. Now a person is doing a lot of good to another. He's being very nice, apparently. But in reality in his heart, His heart is full of herself with the fire of envy. Apparently he's doing good. But all that good is being consumed by that fire of envy.

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When a man him and from the right, why aren't Chima Elysium and from their left Shama is a plural of chemin and chemin is the left side of something.

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So, I will come from the left side as well. How through since that I will make evil, insignificant to them.

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Or I will make things very attractive.

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They will be so attractive, they'll be so easy for them to do. I will make them so insignificant that they will do them.

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What did you do? Wrong? shocking and you will not find most of them grateful.

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This I will definitely inspire in all people what in gratitude to our last panel data,

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which is why you will find many people who are not grateful at all. Who is you're talking to over here a loss of primal data, the lethargy, to act on shackling.

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Even our vessel Darren who said that, however, it believes cannot come upon them from above. He cannot come upon them from above, lest he comes before

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mean the servant and the mercy of Allah.

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So if you look at it four directions are mentioned and two are not mentioned,

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above and below are not mentioned above your connection with Allah below your such that before of law, children cannot come through that.

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So these two directions are open to us, and it's the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada that He has given us protection from two places at least. So if you want refuge against Chevron, what do you have to do? What do you have to do? strengthen your connection upwards and humble yourself, lower yourself before a loss penalties go down into such that

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if you see over here, it really says that whenever you do act on shaqiri, you see gratitude, gratefulness, it's the exact opposite of negativity and complaints. Most people are not grateful. When something happens, they don't look at the positive side. We don't look at the positive side. Why do we look at the negative side, we don't look at all that has been done. Rather we look at all that has not been done.

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We don't look at the good that the other person is doing to us, which is look at the little bit of maybe rudeness or something that we don't agree with that they're showing to us. This is what in gratitude is that you're not appreciating the good that's out there. You're only focusing on the negatives. And this comes into a person's heart from who from Shetland. This is a tactic of Shetland, that he wants to make people ungrateful because when people are ungrateful, then what happens? doors of blessings are close towards their problems and sufferings increase in their lives. They increase in their lives.

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So in gratitude is from shaitaan and we're talking to Dora Abdullah in aroma. He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to often recite this application in the morning and also when the night would fall.

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That Allahumma inni is a local affiliate of Indonesia will

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Oh Allah, I asked you for well being in this life and also in the hereafter Aloma in the article alpha one alpha v Dini, we're doing a family. Well, I asked you for part and well being in my religion, my life, my family and my wealth. Along Mr. allottee what it will Allah cover my errors and reassure me in times of difficulty. Aloha my name in benei Aditya? Woman Kulfi Warren Yamini Warren Chima early. Ola protect me from before me, from behind me from my right and from my left in the physical sense, as well as against the shape one woman foci and also from above me to be automatic on earth element 30 and I seek refuge with your greatness from being killed from below me.

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So, we see over here that the main tactic of obliques is what? That he begins with ingratitude. He makes the person negative.

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And when a person is ungrateful, then he falls in the trap of shaper.

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Because then saying something rude, will become so attracted to it.

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And that rude statement that he utters, it's going to nullify all the good that he has done. Remember, he comes from the right and from the left, from the front, that a person forgets that okay, this work that has not been done. It's not forever. this dunya is not forever. Soon it's going to end he finds his dunya so attractive and he forgets the answer. He finds yelling and shouting and screaming at people so beautiful, which nullifies the good deeds that he has done. This is the trap of shaitaan and it begins from what? From ingratitude.

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So whenever you feel that in your heart, our feelings of in gratitude, seek refuge with ALLAH against the shame.

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We learn in total Islam I number 65. Allah subhanaw taala says in their iva de les Celica, Allah himself on Waka fabula, Pico Akilah, indeed, over my believing servants, there is for you no authority. You have no authority over my believing servants, and sufficient is your Lord as a Disposer of affairs.

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We learned in sort of Tibet is number 20. Allah subhanaw taala says what are the sub dakara lay him he believes one nahu factor baru in left to come in and movement in and he believes had already confirmed through them his assumption? So they followed him except for a party of believers, meaning majority of the people they fall in the trap of Trayvon and it's only a few people who are saved from it and who are they, the Grateful people will call Lila missionary body of sugar. Very few of my servants are grateful.

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Allah He said meaning a loss of penalty.

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set ablaze Orangemen have that out of it, meaning that out of Paradise, mud Omen, reproached mother, hoorah and also expelled. Leave from here. blameworthy, reproached and also expelled. You're not leaving with honor. No, you're leaving with humiliation.

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Man oh man is on the roof better than hums me

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and RAM is I? What does that mean? Someone's fault.

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So, my room is one who is reproached and disgraced for a fault for something wrong that he has done. To someone who is blamed someone who is condemned for the wrong that he has done.

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motherhood motherhood has on their electors dal Hara, and the Hara is to rebel someone to remove someone far away after expelling them.

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One is that you expel someone and say get out from here. And the other is that you made sure they go far away. You understand? This is what material is someone who has been not just driven away, but he has been expelled and removed far away. my alma mater hoorah.

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lamonta vr caminho whoever follows you from among the meaningful among the people whoever follows you that I'm Johanna, momentum edge Marian. And we do fill up the Hellfire with all of you altogether.

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Every single person who follows the police lamentably are coming home, whoever follows you from among them among the people, he is going to be filled up into the hellfire. The amla energy handler, notice that amla and mill what has made me to fill something to its maximum? That is the amount that fills up a container.

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So I'm going to fill up the Hellfire with all of you together sparing not even one.

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We see over here the chip on it believes he was reproached and repelled Why? Because he did not accept his mistake.

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You know, one is that you do something wrong.

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And you later realize you accept your mistake. What does that do? It fixes the problem.

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But when a person does something wrong, and he becomes stubborn on it, he doesn't even accept the fact that he's done something wrong. Then it leads him further and further away. It creates a greater distance, isn't it? So?

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If you've done wrong, let's say the person has disobey their parents in some way.

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What is that you go accept your fault. Like I'm sorry, Mama shouldn't have done it. Please forget about it. Mom says okay, fine. Don't do this again, finished. But the other is that the truth is no What I did was right. Are they going to look at each other and smile? No.

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is the child going to look forward to meet the mother? No, to talk to the mother No, there is going to be a distance.

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So, Chetan was repelled he was reproached. Why? Because he did not accept his mistake, he did not turn to Allah. Because if he had sought forgiveness, then it would have been accepted but he never sought forgiveness. He became arrogant. He began to present justifications, logic excuses, one on top of the other and he was blaming others. Instead of accepting his mistake, what was he doing? He was blaming Allah subhanaw taala

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he was presented logic. So, such a person he is reproached and he is repelled. He is not worth any attention any kindness.

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And we learn in the Quran truth cough I number 30. a las panatela says Yeoman akuna li Johanna Helen Taylor. It was a coup Hellman mercy. there on the day when we will say to Hellfire Have you been filled up? Are you full? And the Hellfire will say Are there some more? Because Allah says the unknown Johanna, I'm going to fill up the Hellfire with you and those who follow you.

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Remember, if you want to be saved from the plots of SharePoint, what do you have to do? What's the main thing that we learned from these is

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gratitude strengthening our connection with olanzapine

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going into search the more and more

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whenever there's ingratitude in the heart. Remember, it's from the Shaitaan it's a tactic of shaitaan

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and it's the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that will keep you protected. It's the it's your Salah, it's your recitation of the Quran that will protect you Because remember, when a person recites the Quran, when a person remembers Alesha, Tom leaves, JSON leaves, and when a person stops, JSON comes back again. So if you feel in gratitude, remember, this is a plot of shaitaan you need to seek refuge with Allah. recite the Quran, pray the Salah, pray to Allah subhanaw taala in gratitude is the greatest weapon that shaitan has against us. through it, he makes us waste our good deeds. He makes us route towards

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Others, he makes us forget the Ashura and he makes us occupied with the dunya.

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And if we remember the fact that fossa and Takahashi and were there at a low fee Haytham Cathedral that it's possible that you dislike something but Allah places a lot of good in it you dislike something is good for you you like something that's bad for you if you remember that behind everything is a decree of a loss of primal data then there would be no ingratitude This is what a lot wanted. This is what Allah allowed there has to be something good in me for this there will be no in gratitude

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in gratitude is the greatest weapon shaitaan has against us. So the main lesson is whenever feelings of gratitude come into your heart seek the protection of law against the shadow because it's definitely shaitan who is trying to take over

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let's listen to the recitation

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we will john

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one owner

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man aka

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Yoda is no joke all

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coming off the ball

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my camino

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on habima avoid any

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ad warming

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talk on

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a man he

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he wanna

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