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AI: Summary © The 20th century has seen a rise in Islam's intervention between intentions and actions, with a recap of the messages and actions of the Prophet salallahu. Islam's intervention is designed to make people feel alive and achieve their mission, and it is a gift created by the individual. The importance of self-development and self-help in achieving success is emphasized, along with the need for positive actions and intentions to achieve success. Islam provides an opportunity to use one's ability and will turn them off if they lie to themselves.
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How will we live in a share economy?

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Yeah, hello, my nostalgie Buddha. He will live also Li the icon Lima yo he co wila Moo

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la yaku lubaina he will call me he will.

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He shall

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be shortly so the ciliary battle rock Tata melissani have called Kali hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah, Allah Allah Allah He or savage pain so monokuma to light Hello with regard to everyone. So in today's small reminder from the series counsel and healing, I wanted to talk to you about the 24th of swords, and tile. Those of you that are not familiar, that's okay, we can do a quick introduction to the slot. It was revealed to the Prophet social, I'm in Medina. And it was given to him after the victories that were experienced in the Battle of butter. So it's post commentary after butter and a lot of commentary on how we should process what happened and what we can learn from it and how to

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move forward from what happened.

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One thing about that is that Allah made a lot of demands that were precedented on the Muslims, like, we didn't just accept Islam, we accepted the mission of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and these companions of the Prophet salacia are now asked to put their lives on the line and sacrifice practically all of their earnings. For the purposes of furthering this mission of Islam, both obviously, the Mahajan would have lost everything to come to Medina and even the Medina and unsought were asked to make enormous sacrifices. So from the beginning, even our show and others actually mentioned how Allah has made a lot of very serious demands from the Muslims that are not

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comfortable, they're not easy to follow. And in doing that, they okay.

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So in doing that, Allah azza wa jal then,

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you know, encourages Muslims to take that extra step in this idea, and he tells us something that's universal, it's not just limited, obviously, to the companions that Allah was talking to. But he gave us something very powerful and universal that I wanted to highlight. So let's go to the side, this is the 24th Yeah, you have lived in Amherst ajibola, he will have a soul without the outcome, demography, those of you who claim to have faith or have come to the faith, respond, and it's the G will can also mean try to respond, do your best to respond and have a desire to respond is different, you know, in quote, incorporates those meanings. So try to respond, respond, have a want

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of responding to Allah and His Messenger when they invite you when he invites you to that which will give you life. So the prophet SAW Selim is calling them to the battlefield, and Allah is calling that life.

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You think calling somebody to the battlefield is then being called to death. But what Allah has done is rewired the mind of a Muslim, when Allah is asking you to make a sacrifice of what you think is yours, like a person whose life they feel is theirs. And Allah is asking this, the Sahaba to sacrifice their lives, you know, when it comes to this mission, or sacrifice their money when it comes to their mission, actually, they're not sacrificing at all. They're investing into themselves, they're building their own life. So we think of our obedience to Allah as doing something for our lives, that which will give us life and not just in Lima your vehicle, he didn't even put a paid on

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it for the asset, meaning he didn't restrict it to the afterlife, but actually truly bring you to life in this life. And in the next. So our response to Allah and His Messenger, our response to the word of Allah, our response to the calls and the demands of the messenger social, are actually for ourselves, and they really truly make us feel alive. This is actually our core of our belief. And then he says this, this is the thing that I wanted to highlight today. Well, Allah and Allah Hulu binal, Maria Calvi, you should know, you better know that Allah intervenes. And Allah comes in between the person and their heart. So very strange expression, unique expression in the Quran,

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Allah intervenes between a person and their heart. So what I want to first tell you about the word yahuda, kind of want to give you a visual understanding. There are two things I'm horrible at drawing, by the way, but doesn't matter. So there's this, here's one box, here's another box, and they were supposed to be joined with each other, but somebody placed something in between them, right? So this, this would be the heart, this would be the heart.

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So it's too far up.

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Right that that's what comes in between. The thing is, it's touching this box, and it's touching this box, without it in between, they would have been touching each other but now both sides of them are touching what is in between. Allah says Allah comes in between a person

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and their heart and it's not literally Allah but Allah creates an intervention Allah

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creates an environment and Allah creates an influence that is between myself and my heart. Now what in the world does that mean? It has several layers of meaning I'll highlight a couple of them for you. One of them is that Allah is the one who inspired you to want to respond to this messenger, the feeling of wanting to accept Islam, the feeling of wanting to do something for Allah, and to obey Him. And to believe in Him is a feeling of love put inside you, but that feeling has to transform into action, right? You can't just have that feeling and then not do something, it has to transform into action and alive seeing from that feeling, and from those neurons firing and from that heart,

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feeling that warmth, to you actually saying and doing the right thing. It was Allah who was actually in between that journey between intention and action, Allah actually intervened and empowered you and empowered me to go from that intent to actually being able to execute and do something right. So that that that was a high in between. So my intention and what we think of our intentions lead to our actions, right? And our actions lead to results. But Allah is saying your intention, I endorsed your intention, I blessed your intention. And then after blessing, your intention, I allowed it to connect to your actions and the results of those actions. In fact, it wasn't just your intention and

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action, it was intention, Allah is intervention and then actions. So he's in between both of them. So it's really powerful, that I don't even think of what I'm able to accomplish, except that Allah allowed me to accomplish it. It wasn't just my intention. But he came in between both of them. And this is a divine gift. It's like Allah saying Allah divinely intervenes in any good thing that I do. That's divinely inspired. That it didn't just happen because I intended it or I thought about it. But now the flip side of it, which is the scary side of it, oh, this is this part in between that I've drawn so poorly. This is a divine

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And if you don't appreciate this divine gift, then it won't work the way that you it's meant to work. In other words, if Allah intervened and inspired you to take the right action and you still didn't take that action because the I began respond to a lender messenger you felt the need to respond Allah even give you the inspiration to respond and to connect it to your actions, but you and I decided to get lazy you and I decided that Allah intervention No thanks. We took a step back what is Allah do then that same Yahoo that Hi, actually Allah says nollie he moto Allah, you want to turn the way you want to turn, I'll help you turn that away. I'll facilitate that wrong turn for

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you, that's fine. You go whichever way you want to go. You're you're in the driver's seat. So what does Allah do? Allah then allow, you know, a person gets disconnected from their intention and their ability to do good deeds. It says, if you've been you know, some scholars would even say like, that maybe Allah inspired you maybe made you hear something good that you should be doing, like you have money right now. And you could have given some charity, for example, right? Or you have health right now and strengthen, you could have helped a family member move some furniture or something, right. Or you have the ability to stamina right now you could have gone to the masjid and pray, you have a

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car, your fuel, you have opportunity, you have time, you don't have a tough work schedule, you could have gone and prayed you could have done, you could have done this opportunity of good deeds, that's Allah intervening between your heart and creating an environment where you can do good, right, so that Allah being hired, opened up financial opportunity for you physical opportunity for you, maybe some people came in your path, that you could have earned a lot of good deeds by helping them that could have happened that was also loving her in between Allah, Allah will bring you a copy. But if you didn't take advantage of those opportunities, it may be that Allah will then create a barrier.

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This is the scary part of this idea alone might create a barrier between me and the good that I was gonna be able to do. And then all I'll be left with is an empty intention, and no opportunity or no strength of will to actually do the right thing. So when you have the chance to do it, do it. Don't say I'm not ready. I'm not sure a lot of people lie to themselves. I can't tell you if you're lying to yourself. You can't tell me if I'm lying to myself. You have to be honest with yourself about this. We have to self assess, and we have to be able to say Am I procrastinating submission to Allah? Am I procrastinating doba to Allah? Am I putting off doing the right thing that I know is the

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right thing. I know I have the ability to do it. And I'm putting it off just because I feel something in me says lazy enough that I'm not ready. When you act in that lazy way and lie to yourself and I lie to myself, Allah might take that opportunity and that bless it into intervention, that divine intervention that he has, he might turn that off for us. And we might create a schism a gap between my intention

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And my ability and my opportunity and my will actually my eventual strength of will to do the right thing. We don't want that to happen. It's, it's I explained this often with other analogies like,

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you know, some of we've been given the blessing of our eyes, right? We we open up our eyelids, there's moisture in our eyes, we're able to see comfortably, right. But if somebody were to put a bandaid on their eyes and keep it on for six months, a year, two years, not take it off, then when they do take it off, they may not be able to see anymore, the muscle hasn't been exercised, they can actually go blind. There's such such a thing called muscle atrophy, right? If you lie in bed for two, three years, you're not going to be able to stand up, your legs won't be working, right? Allah has given you an ability, if you don't exercise that ability, then the divine gift of using that

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ability can be taken away, it can be taken away, so avail the opportunity you have now I better take advantage of what Allah has given me and make the most of it. Now, instead of saying, I got time, not yet, I'm not ready and put you know, delay or consider ourselves weak. So let us sing bring yourselves to light and you know, give give yourselves life by responding to Allah and His messenger. And then you know, when when he calls you to that, which will give you life and finally he says, well enough, we lay it off Sharon, and to him, all of you will be returned anyway. So and then on that day, the excuses we tell ourselves aren't going to they're going to fall flat. The

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other really beautiful thing about the cya that I find very empowering, is that Allah is always really saying that when you have the right intention, and you make the make the, you know, you acknowledge that Allah is inspiring you that it's actually we are empowered by Allah Himself to do amazing things in this life. Like you shouldn't have small goals, you should set high goals for yourself, because Allah Himself, Yahoo, Lubin and Maria Calvi, divine intervention is coming between you and your intent. And it will, if you if you use it in the right way, it will empower you. And you'll be able to do things you never thought possible because it's Allah allowing you to do it.

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It's a lie empowering your effort, your effort, maybe this little, but the results will be divinely empowered. Right. And that's not because of your effort is because of that divine intervention in between that work that that works. It's divine, you know, a supernatural miracle and turns it into something you could never have imagined. That's what we want from Allah. So have high objectives have high goals for yourself, don't just, I shouldn't just think of myself as someone I just don't want to do the wrong thing I want to get by just by doing the bare minimum, no have, you know a higher objective respond to Allah and the messenger when they call you. In other words, there's a

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mission, there's a higher purpose, live up to understand it, and then make your life about it. My language does really help us find meaningful purpose in our lives, and leave a good legacy behind. And milazzo always be, you know, the highest between ourselves and our hearts that in that inspires us to do and empowers us to do more and more good. And I pray Allah brings good out of your life, for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones, for your community and for the world in ways that you never imagined. And we'll accept all of those efforts from you. A lot of Kalani welcome. So I want to come on over to my title.