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Al-Maidah 1-5 Translation 1-5

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So I'm ready

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to go.

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Now whether we want to salia Laura Sudha Hill Kareem a mobarak for a little bit, let him in a shape lanova Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher, Ashley sadly, we're silly emri Washington upset me listening Yahoo coli or banana sweetener in

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Lesson number 68. So, tonight EDA is number one to five

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yeah are you have or you and levina those who knew they believed elfo you all fulfill biller code with the back with the agreements or hell let it was made lawful lacunae for you. But Hema to quadruped animals, four legged animals

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an arm of the grazing livestock Illa except

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that which Youth Law it is recited or it will be recited

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la come upon you. Via other than Michelle Lee once who make lawful us lady, the hunting the game what unknown while you

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are in Iran are in pilgrimage at time.

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In Indeed, Allah Allah, yes, como he judges? He decides Ma, whatever you redo he wants

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Yeah, Are you her? Or you? And levena those who are new they believed last do not too Hello. Y'all make lawful Sha era symbols Allah He of Allah wanna and nor a Shahada the month and how long the sacred wonder and nor al hodja the offering wanna and nor Allah Allah is the garland did one

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wanna and nor Amina one heading one's going

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and beta to the house and how long the sacred yep the owner they seek problem bounty grace main from property him they're up what a blunder and pleasure

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What is it and when Helen don't you all put off the home you all were Hello? phosphor do then you all may hunt

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water and should not yet remain calm. It definitely insight you Shana Anu and mighty omen of a people and that so do come they stopped you

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from Al Masjid, the Mosque, the Masjid

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and held on the sacred and that starts to do your transgress

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What are we know? And you all cooperate mutually. You all help one another?

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Either upon and busy, the righteousness the big

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one what's up we're

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and Allah consciousness and the decoy

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Wallah and do not try new. You all cooperate mutually. You all help one another, either upon alesmith the sin will earn one and two transgression. What's the goal and you all fear Allah Allah

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in Indeed Allah Allah shadow is most severe and the records in the retribution

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for the month, it was made unlawful. Or they come upon you. As Mater to the dead. Were demo and the blood were national and flesh as Nzs of the swine warmer and that which who he left it was called

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the viry for other than Allahu Allah be with it.

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One 100 cotton and the one strangled to death while mo coda to and the one injured the one killed by a violent blow

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one motor via two and the one fallen down from a height when we had to and the one but it with horns. Warmer and what

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Killer it is a Subaru. The wild beasts

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Illa except ma what the Tatum you all slaughtered

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the Katyn you all slaughtered It doesn't mean purified that decade

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that data Tatum you all slaughtered

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Warner and what? They'll be half it was sacrificed. It was slaughtered either upon a no so the author's

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won and that the stock symbol you all seek to divide bill as lamb with the arrows

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then econ that are you our fifth spoon is a sin

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and the oma this day today yet he says he despaired and Medina those who cafaro day disbelieved men from the comb your religion for that so do not the show home you all fear them while show me and you also hear me

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and the oma this day today a commando I have perfected lukou for you, Dina comb your religion what men do and I have completed our they come upon you near muddy my blessing. Whatever we do, and I approved the comb for you and Islam the Islam dinner as religion

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for men so whoever October he was forced, he was compelled fee in mahama soften extreme hunger provider other than Buddha journey Finn one who inclines least men to sin

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for innocent Indeed Allah Allah of a foreign always all forgiving Rahim on all resolved merciful

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yes alone aka they ask you, Mother What is that?

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O'Hanlon it was made lawful the home for them.

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Say who she left it was made lawful local for you have big bad the good things. The pure things warmer and what I learned to you all thought men from Algeria. The hunting animals

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or joetta the hunting animals. mocha Libby once you train

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mocha Libyan once you train or simply trainers

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to only Mona Hanna you will teach them mimma from what I never come He taught you Allahu Allah

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Saku so you will eat mimma from what and second they held on to they caught la come upon you

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what Kuru and you all mentioned is Smith name Allah He of Allah are they upon it? What the Who and you all fear Allah Allah in that Indeed Allah Allah serie or most swift Allah who served in the reckoning Aloma this day today

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it was made lawful Luckily for you

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the good things the pure things

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what bamboo and food and Medina have those who voted they were given and keep ever the book. Hidden is lawful local for you. Welcome welcome and your food Helen is lawful law home for them. One more sonet and the chaste women

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men from a lot meaner the believing women

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while more sonet and the chase women men from Medina those who go to they were given Al Khattab, the book men from a biblical before you either when I say to move on, you all get them or Judah hoonah their bridal money

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works when as one's being chased by euro not moussaka when one's being fornicators wala and nor metatheory the ones taking of them secret friends,

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woman and whoever you work for Kiedis believes bill a man with the belief for God then in fact, have you ever it was wasted. Ahmed who is deep where he was and he see in the hereafter main from a ha serene those who are losers.

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Let's face it, the recitation

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In a lot

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to be

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a sports Elio My

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is Nana Dina?

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Mina Li Na o to kita

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matsumae mosinee