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Said Imani commodifying to live recalculates your brother yo Hey Brahim with another daily tips here at hamdulillah. We're doing a juice a day and this is juice number 20. At Hamdulillah, we're done two thirds of the foreign well in the hand, now locks up from us all. We resumed the Jews in near the end of Sorrell to numb and sort of the number is one of those beautiful chapters in the huddle and that has many important things in it. It speaks about the importance of purifying our intentions with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala shows that not because we have good intentions is that we will be left unmolested, and Allah gives the example of Luth alayhis salam, he

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was a person of purity, Minh and Matata hurryin. And this was acknowledged by those who were opponents to him who were people who seek to cause wickedness and corruption in the earth in sexual immorality. And one of the underlying themes in it is that those of righteousness are not those who will be tolerated by those of morality in the home owner Sonia Tata Harun. Allah also then gives five rhetorical questions in sort of an M near the end of it, where it's a way of laying down the foundations of our faith and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And reestablishing our tauheed and Al Qaeda, Allah subhana wa tada puts those questions from verse number 59, to 64 and halaqa seminar

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to a lot who it is Who Is it the one who created the heavens and the earth? Who is it that brings down the water? Who is it that causes your vegetation to grow? Who is it that has provided you with all these luxuries and menu ajibola Matata either die or who's the one who answers the one who is in need in distress other than a lot, the surah ends with vivid descriptions of the day of judgment and it brings to recount some of the major signs that will happen before it. The emergence of the beast a holiday nada, who left him dead, but allowed the beast of the earth will roam the land, and that the mountains will be from are those that are traveling on these plate tectonics that we know today

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will totally Geobella tabla jameelah you see the mountains you think them solid, but they move the movement of the clouds of Camelot. And therefore a lot ends the sort of by saying that the one who does righteous deeds shall find their reward, and the one who doesn't will be treated as a criminal on the Day of Judgment. The next one is total total causes, which is Surah number 28. induce number 20. a loss of power to enter the underlying theme of the disorder is to quell the anguish, anguish of the believers who are oppressed, and they see all around them the tyranny that's happening in Mecca they see all around them, the whole age Miss handling them and abusing them. The law sends

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this to the prophets is a limit to the amount of the prophets I sell them at a moment of weakness, that look the ascension will always be for those of faith. When we do and the moon Allah levena stood a fulfill out and I wish to show favor upon those who were treated in oppressive ways upon the earth, when Allah whom and I will raise them to be leaders for mankind, when a gentleman do everything, and they will inherit the land, patience, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about five different categories of tyranny that are itemized in the sutra and the categories of tyranny are

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an unjust ruler in the presence of fit Island. And that sort of tells us is the narrative of all of the story of Musashi is set up, and bending and sliding. So an unjust ruler,

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an oppressive minister and cultural minister, and that's in the shape of a man who was the chief Wazir of Pharaoh. Number two, the deviant clergy, the people of faithfulness who lead people astray. And they are in the example given of the magician's who call people and are called by Pharaoh to establish his dominance on a weak minded people. Number four is the merciless military, and they are used as soldiers by Pharaoh to condemn and to murder the young children of Benyus or even to subjugate a whole people. And that's the army of Pharaoh, and fifth and finally is called on the evil businessman, the one who's willing to sell his soul for out of them in a dunya The one who

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doesn't look towards the next day deals with people with economic injustice and impunity. These five are the hallmarks of any deviant society and anytime you see corruption in the earth, it's once again a resumption of that Thoreau Nick men mindset This is what is given to the prophets, it settlement us through the portal and so Allah wishes to show us that we are to be patient enduring and lead ourselves to a path of righteousness to escape it as was done by Mossad he said on another important topic are women in this surah Allah subhanaw taala gives powerful examples of powerful women, the mother of Moses who had the determination and faced up against Pharaoh's army who are

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coming to kill her

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Child, she's unwilling to just give over her child the way hundreds of other Israelite women have done. So she is instructed and in her dream she sees she's to build a basket and make it watertight and put Moses in it. I am defying till the end. Number two, she is also cautious. And we see the second important woman in his life, his sister, who is ordered to watch movies and his quick thinking, she sees that the mother who the lady who drew Moses from the water, can't find him a breast,

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someone to breastfeed him. So she says I can bring you someone she's quick witted, intelligent, thoughtful, and knows how to handle herself on her feet. And the third woman of course, the third example of women are the two young ladies who are standing in their father's place her hair and hair hurting their sheep, making sure that they're good. They're doing a man's job in that society in that time, but they do it with ethics, and equity and without compromising themselves and the law refers to them to their home at 10 Celestia. Another important theme is the concept of redemption, that most after

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volume. Bringing a man's life to an end kills a man by pushing him down with an open, open hand, that Moosa is able to redeem himself and to ask Allah for his favor and to ask Allah for forgiveness. And these are all underlying themes that you find in Minnesota. Finally, Allah subhanaw taala. Near the end, he speaks about caught on and caught on was me and called me Moosa, he was an Israelite, but who sold himself sold his people to make wealth, and he got a lot of money at the expense of those who lived by him and needed to support but what did it get him? It arrived, he became a person of arrogance and pride, and it led him away from the path of a law and what good was

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you know, a God opened the earth and sucked a minute, figuratively and and and physically, that he's a person who had no weight, the earth isn't even worthy of carrying someone of them, although the weight of his gold took many men to carry. These are all underlying themes that you find in total total costs us the narrative, it's a powerful tool. Finally in this juice is Surah number 29. So little to Lanka boot. So total ankle boots speaks about fitna tests and trials and tribulations once again, it's carrying on in that theme. And Allah Subhana Allah says Allah mean, has he been asked, Do mankind believe that they will be left to say we believe we're homeless after noon and that I

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won't test them for 10:11am and problem. I tested those who came before them where they are limited. Allahu la Vina sobre la and Amanda saw the Athene Allah made it known those sada for those who were truthful, and those who were patient in their claim of being faithful. So if you say you're a believer, know that you're going to be tested by Allah. And that test is something that's going to shake you as it shook the people before you. A lot also speaks about the importance of family, and that the test of all of the prophets came in different ways. And everyone who calls to a path of truth is tested in this way of fitna. This is one of the lessons to the prophets is element of

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Sahaba. If you're going to call to truth, I'm going to test you in one of these ways. Either I'm going to test you and your family, like loot like noon, or I'm going to test you in your body, your physical being. I'm going to test you in depriving you of luxuries. I'm going to test you in your wealth in your prosperity. And I'm also going to test you in the longevity of your doubts that it's going to take you effort time and time again. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the solution near the end of the Jews, where he says when levina jahad rufina. Those who have made their Jihad struggled in calling to us and then establishing this truth with patience, then at the end of the

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home sooner, we will lead them to the path that lead them to our happiness and pleasure in them and lead them to gender. We ask Allah to make us from those who call to the truth. This is your brother Yeah. Hi Rahim with another daily tip see a Jews by day and this was Jews. Number 20. I hope you'll join me for an upcoming installment was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh