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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The heart is crucial to shaping one's life and can be affected by the presence of the heart. Examples include women experiencing sadness and loneliness, and a woman named Hope. The speaker suggests that Hope may be in a situation where her body is not responding. They also discuss the loss of women in LA and the success of women in working and being happy, including the benefits of being content with one's knowledge and the negative impact of being homeless on one's health. They also talk about personal experiences, including a photo of a person being shot and a woman being shot.
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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh dear beloved respected brothers and sisters Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah along with aluminum and fauna on finery ma limped Anna was IDNA Illman Yahama Rahimi, we ask Allah azza wa jal if teachers would benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're obliged I mean, again, please subscribe if you did not subscribe yet subscribe to our channel and support epic during this COVID 19 pandemic inshallah.

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My beloved brothers and sisters tonight in sha Allah, Allah Allah, we will be discussing and explaining a dua where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sought refuge in Allah from four things. There are many years where our souls I seldom sought refuge in Allah from things today we're going to take one

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that he sought from four things in the same in the same day.

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And again, we are in desperate need for all these especially in the time and the situation that we are in right now.

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So the data is going to be in the screen right now if you I will read it slowly. Allahumma inni obika Min colbyn la Yash Yaksha women do in law use smart women Neff sin law Teshuvah women Aleman, Lanza, although big minha Allah E. Arab, so for things that are slow Salam centrifuging, Allah from

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under hadith is intermediate. Yeah Allah I seek refuge in You from number one called Lakeisha. A heart that does not have who assured a heart that does not humble itself, second, from a DUA,

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from a DUA, that is not heard. Or use my here, as we will explain a few second means, a dua that is not answered, and from a soul from enough's letters, from a sir from a soul that is never satisfied, and I seek refuge in You also from from knowledge that has no benefit from the end.

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And then at the end, Allah sir so Salam, he said, I seek refuge from how Allah Allah Allah, I seek refuge in You from all these four. Let's take them one by one in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah in the I will be coming Kolben la Yaksha Yeah, Allah, I seek refuge in You from the heart that has no sure.

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Maybe a lot of brothers and sisters, as we all know, from the Quran and the Sunnah, the importance of the heart. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, yo Mala Yun fell man and whatever and on Illa Illa man at Allah the Columbian Selim, on the Day of Judgment, no wealth, no children, no properties, nothing will benefit except the one who comes with a colleague Salim with a pure sound heart. So and of course, many Hadith told us the importance of the heart and if the heart is good, everything will follow and if the heart is corrupt, everything will follow many Hadith.

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So here I'm asking Allah azza wa jal

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not to make my heart heedless. What does that mean?

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Yeah Allah I seek refuge in You from a heart that

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does not benefit from any

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you know the heart that is have no who Shula is the heart that listens to lectures to talk to Jamar footballs to reminders and nothing happens to it. Nothing changes and I'm seeking refuge in Allah from that kind of heart. I want my heart to be heard that is Salim a heart that when it hears something, it gets affected and it wants to implement what what led to that heart learned Subhanallah Ya Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala award no one doesn't have the Quran in In Surah Zoomer

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for when you little call see at hippo Luvable hum min Nicola hola Erica feed on early Mubin while

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punishment severe warning to the people whom their hearts are very hard from the remembering of Allah azza wa jal Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala soften on our hearts. So the heart that is that is humble is the heart that benefits when it hears the Quran. You know, sometimes we hear the Quran being recited, and the guy next to me is crying hysterically, and I have nothing but even one tear my eyes are so dry Subhanallah that is one case where the heart is really hard and it's not benefiting from from the RE citation of the Quran. You see someone leaving the room or football and he was very

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affected by the talk, and he had a list of things that he wants to change with his life and you feel like nothing happened. Subhanallah that is a very dangerous heart. So here I'm asking Allah azza wa jal to soften my heart to make my heart

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tremble to the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala told us that

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the true believers are the believers whom when the name of Allah azza wa jal is mentioned their hearts tremble their hearts Sheikh Subhan Allah, may Allah make us all from these people. And this is a good time also to beg Allah azza wa jal to any like I gave a talk one time, make it do it from your heart, to your heart. Make it from your heart to your heart, we have to make dua for our hearts also, your Allah. For example, Allah Who Mirzakhani Carl Ben Solomon, yeah, Allah blessed me with a heart that is selling that is sound that is pure alumna zucchini, Calvin Salim and Allahumma by her call will be mean an effect. Yeah, Allah purify my heart from hypocrisy. Subhanallah so yeah, Allah

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here, I'm asking Allah azza wa jal, and I'm seeking refuge in him from a heart that does not have kosher. Second,

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what do you do? In LA, you smell Subhanallah Lamoni I will become an colbyn Lakeisha women do in lasma. And imagine Subhanallah I am all day long learning all these. And all night long. I'm making these in my sujood at the time of where the door is being answered, and all this is being rejected. Can you imagine? So I'm seeking refuge in Allah from a dua that is not answered, does not heard from Allah subhanaw taala. For many reasons, maybe maybe I am not sincere about the DA, maybe I'm making that dua. And I do not know what that means. And that's why we started this whole series. Or maybe I'm making the DUA and my heart is not in that. I'm making the DUA and my mind is somewhere else.

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I'm not even feeling the DUA. Maybe like I said yesterday, maybe my income is haram. Like I said, I'm sending the Hadith, how could he be answered? How could the DUA be answered on someone his food is haram, his clothing is haram and he he is all

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filled with haram. That's another reason for that. Not to be accepted. So I'm seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal from a dua that is not accepted Subhanallah women do I in law you smell for me because if the DUA is not answered, as if somebody is been knocking, knocking, knocking, and he No no one is opening the door for him. Subhanallah woman Lim yesterday we led look at her our cursor, whomsoever Allah subhanaw taala does not answer his dua. He is a major loser Subhanallah imagine Allah subhanaw taala he is the own mercy for the old kind the old loving the old giving Ahsoka and he does not answer my dua that means I'm really have done something really bad.

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And or maybe I did not take by the means where the DUA is answered, so yeah Allah, Allah, I'm seeking refuge in Your from a DUA, that is not answered. Third, women nefs in Teshuvah and then repeated again Allahumma in all the bigger men Colombina Yaksha women die in LA EUSA women Neff sin la Teshuvah nefs, your Allah I seek refuge in you with from a soul from my neffs that is not satisfied.

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this knifes is always wanting more. This pneus is not content. You know, contentment is a huge NEMA from Allah azza wa jal. There's a saying in Arabic that says Aloka to Kenzan left corner contentment is an everlasting treasure.

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So when someone is not content with what Allah subhanaw taala has given them they will be living in misery, they will be having a miserable life. So I'm asking Allah azza wa jal not to give me a soul that is not pleased, that is not satisfied and to have contentment with Allah He, it's a you feel like you are the richest man on earth. When you have contentment, Allah subhanaw taala decreed that you will make this much you're happy, Allah subhanaw taala you're gonna make a lot of money, you're happy, you're sick, you're happy, you're healthy, you're happy. Whatever Allah decreed, you are content by Allah subhanaw taala is decree. But some people are always looking at others and they

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want to imitate others and want to be like others. And they sometimes go into haram means in order to be like the others. No, no, I am asking Allah azza wa jal ya Allah blessed me with a soul that is happy with whatever you decreed destiny with a soul that is happy and content, any personal muscle Allah Islam, he told us to be always content and look at the people, when it comes to the people when it comes to the matters of dunya look at the people below you and be grateful. And when it comes to the matters of Acura and that is of the look at the people who are better than you and try to improve and become like them. So women Neff sin lash back, and also it could mean also here, and

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that's that always hungry and always want to eat and and you know, we all know that the food is eating a lot of food is a means from the shaitan. It's a way for the shaitan to get you tired and lazy from performing the day by that. And the last one is what are all the big men l mean, la young women L min, la danza and Ya Allah, I seek refuge in You from a knowledge that has no benefit from the knowledge that has no benefit.

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What does it mean a knowledge that has no benefit, it could mean one of two things. It could mean the knowledge itself has no benefit. Or it could mean that I have got so much knowledge and that knowledge did not benefit me. I'm not acting upon the knowledge that I have. And subhanAllah We seek refuge in Allah from both knowledge that is not beneficial. Like sometimes No, there was there was a study done for years, and they spend so much money on it

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to check if birds

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get a divorce.

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What's the benefit? What's the benefit from this study? You spent 1000s Or maybe millions of dollars to study if the birds get a divorce or not. Allah told us in the Quran, that they are all human and fellow, they are just like you just like you love and you marry and the divorce, they already get divorce, open the Quran, you'd have saved millions of dollars and saved a lot of time there was a study, why would woodpeckers do not get a headache?

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Subhanallah how is this beneficial knowledge. And there was another study I was looking at today, a B, they made a study and they concluded from the study that being homeless is bad for your health. Being homeless is bad for your health. I mean, he doesn't really need to study and need the waste of time and money and effort. Subhanallah and there are so many non knowledge that has no benefit whatsoever by itself. I teach somebody how to dance that is what what kind of knowledge is this. There's no benefit for it at all. And the other benefit the other kinds of knowledge that I'm seeking refuge in Allah from is the knowledge that I have required. I studied. I studied medicine, I

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studied engineering, I studied all that. And that knowledge I did not benefit from it and it did not benefit any anybody from that knowledge. Or it could be also the religious knowledge I learned everything about the deen and I and I learned that the focus of it and the Sierra and all that and I'm not applying it in my life. That is the knowledge that is not beneficial. That is a lie and that is em they infer or I sought knowledge. Listen carefully. I sought knowledge for the reason to be called chef Maulana Imam this, if that is the reason why I acquired knowledge that is a lion, because that is dangerous. That is very dangerous. Our Armand and our marriage supposed to be all

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sincerely for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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So, after I sought refuge in Allah from all these four, from Calvin Lakeisha women Neff sin la Teshuvah women, women die in the US now I mean less and less women any mean lion fat, I sought refuge in all these from Allah and Allah from all these for at the end Subhanallah

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I repeat and I say yeah Allah I seek refuge in You from all four. Usually

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when when or so seldom does that this is for confirmation to confirm yeah Allah

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Rasool was excellent detail them first one by one and then at the end he made a general dua yeah Allah I seek refuge in You were from all four of them from all four of them. So let's repeat it slowly in sha Allah Tala you can repeat after me Allahumma

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in knee obika Min Calvin Lai Yaksha

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women do in

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law you smile. When enough sin lash ba

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why women l men, Lanza

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with obika minha Allah e l herba obika minha Allah, Allah, may Allah azza wa jal make us from the people who listen and apply May Allah azza wa jal Unitas back in our massagin May Allah forgive our sins and may Allah fill all our homes with love and mercy and happiness and mean your bill Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Subhana Allah Hama behind the

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best stuff on a toolbar click

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in Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning Mina quantity now look on it, the more slowly been our slaw, the bond the one saw DT now was Fabiola Do you want to fall Sherry You know wonderful she

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wouldn't fall she mean I want to call her she I think one down one BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one half of what the was that good enough? Guess

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what the guilt or I don't know who

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you want down

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