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Al-Anbiya 30-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 41-46


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The speakers discuss the reasons behind the S Aleysman and the message of the messenger, which cause people to become sad and lead to disrespectful actions. They also discuss the importance of protecting people from dangerous situations and using miteric words to signal victory. The conversation touches on the history of the Middle East and the lack of protection from evil gods, as well as the devastation of the Earth and the expansion of the universe causing people to feel small and tiny. The speakers warn against being called deaf and emphasize the importance of focusing on what is necessary, even if one's behavior doesn't change.

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Are the below him in a shape of a genius millennial recommend over him

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as the number 165, sort of MBA,

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whatever the students are bureau Suleyman, publica and already we're messengers ridiculed, before you will profit suddenly sallallahu Sallam if you were being ridiculed, this is not something that is new. The prophets before you, even they were ridiculed, even they were marketed. And what is the reason behind mocking a messenger making fun of a messenger? What is the cause behind that? What causes that? It's disbelief, isn't it? It's denial.

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So mocking at the messenger equals Cofer of the messenger.

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So while According to the Bureau, Solomon publica, but what happened for help ability in a Sufi Roman home, but those people who marked from among them meaning from among the previous people, what happened to them? How it envelops them, what envelop them, Mac, and OBS? Does he own that which they use to market?

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So the very thing that they used to mark at the very punishment that they made fun of that they used to say, When is it going to be When is it going to be that same punishment surrounded them, and they were not able to escape it?

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So what is the lesson in this for us? That if we're telling people about the D, if we become serious about to then be prepared to face such behavior from others, that it's possible that you start doing something, you become determined, like you're going to do it regardless of how other people react, how other people behave. So be prepared, that people are going to make fun of you. And remember, that those people who make fun of others what happens? Allah soprano data punishes them. And this is the law of Allah.

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into the Father, I have 43 we learn whenever you hear called macusa you elaborate but the evil plot does not encompass except its own people. Meaning those who make the plot. They're the ones who fall in it. In total, and am I 34? We learn what are the good the bad Oh, Solomon publica for southern Alabama good the Boo. Woo had utter homeless Runa while mo bad theoretically Mattila. And certainly the messengers, they were denied before you, but they were patient over the denial that they experienced for subtotal and they were harmed until our victory came to them. And none can alter the words of Allah. None can alter the promise of Allah,

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which promise that victory is for who? For the prophets of Allah, for the righteous for those who are in the way of Allah, whether it comes soon or it comes late, it will come.

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So in this ayah, the Prophet sallallahu is and has been consoled, and the enemy is being warned.

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On may occur a combi lady when the hell say who can protect you at night or by day, from who whenever a man from the Most Merciful yaku is from the reflectors, gaff Lam Hamza color, and Ghana is to protect it is to guard to watch to preserve, and killer, it's the master killer. And it is to protect something and also preserve it to protect it from dangerous and preserve it from getting wasted. Both protection as well as preservation.

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It is that kind of a koala meaning May Allah protect you may Allah preserve you

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from the same route mclubbe What is mclubbe? What's the structure

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mclubbe my file, so it is off isn't what is my friend

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is some love.

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My friend is a symbol of

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so mclubbe it is the lap of a person, the lap of a person where you say where you hold your child where you put the child where the child sits in your lap. This is what mcla is. So why would a child go and sit in the lap of his mother

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to feel protected, to feel preserved to get a sense of protection. And McCullough is also used for the dock the dock of ships where ships can be secured, they can be protected as well as security.

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So Allah subhanaw taala asks us over here that call maniac Logan who can protect you who can preserve you belatedly at the night, while you are asleep, when the heavy and also the day when you're busy doing your work. Who can protect you who can preserve human or human from the Most Merciful meaning from the punishment of the Most Merciful

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Who can protect you from it? If Allah wishes to punish you during the night? Is there anyone who can protect you? If Allah wishes to send his punishment on you during the day? Is there anyone who can preserve you? No one can.

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But rather than why is it that they don't fear? Then why is it that they feel so safe while doing something wrong? home runs Zicree, robbing him? Are you alone? They are ones who turn away from the vicar of Allah. What is it they could have Allah,

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the coupon

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or remembering Allah soprano died?

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So they turn away from it, meaning they fail to believe in it, they fail to reflect on it.

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So over here, we are being questioned that how can you feel secure, while disobeying Allah? How can you feel secure while having negative thinking about a loss?

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How can you feel secure when you're wasting your time waiting for circumstances to change? waiting for things to happen so that you can do something?

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If you think about it, your life can end at any time during the day, during the night. Within seconds within moments, maniac Lacombe lady and I had him in Oklahoma. If Allah sends the Angel of Death to you during the night, can anyone protect you? No one can. If during the day, no one can protect you. So what is it that makes a person heedless of his death, heedless of the end of his life? It's well, Homer and Victor have been murdered on when a person does not reflect under the curve of loss.

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Insert a large number 11, we have learned Lahu markaba to mean venia D womenheart, v, e f aluna hoomin umbrella. For each person, there are successive angels before and behind him to protect him by the decree of Allah.

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So there are angels who come and record everything, who come for their morning ships who come for their evening ships. And whatever a person is doing, they report that to have most of the time.

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So if a person is busy, engaged in things that are a total waste of time, that are a total waste of life, then what kind of report is going to be given to a

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good maniac locum below at 130 minute, Manny Burnham and zekiel became more a little

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under home le Hutton or do they have gods? Meaning? Do they believe in certain Gods do they worship them? And they believe that dumb narrow woman do Nina that they can defend them from us? Dumb narrow is from the root veteris. meme noon, minor

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and minor is to stop and it also means to prevent, to hinder to restrain.

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So do they have gods that thumb know whom that defend them? Men do Nina other than us? Do they have Gods other than us who can protect them? Do they have deities whom they worship other than us who can really defend them? And these gods they can protect them from our punishment. They can preserve them from our revenge. Layers three Runa Nasir unforseen Allah says the reality of these area whom they worship is that they cannot even help themselves. Lay is still there when they do not even have the ability, not sort of unforeseen to help themselves when they are home, and nor are they men not from us use her womb they are protected they are given protection, meaning nor can they be protected

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from us. These Gods cannot be protected from us meaning if Allah wishes to destroy them, he can do that. And while our who may not use her bone, them also refers to the people who take refuge in these gods heals her wounds from their own fetters slot her back, but does server mean

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companionship? So I have a zoo, a companion. And the words I have is also used for the owner of something the inmate of a place it is at Sahiba law, meaning May Allah protect you and preserve you Sahaba cola meaning May he be with you. Because when someone is with you, when someone is in your companionship, what does it mean? They will help you they will assist you they will protect you. So Sahaba Kala meaning May Allah protect you, may he preserve you may he be with you. So allow him in now use her bone they will not even be protected by us from our punishment.

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So what do we see in this ayah

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that if Allah were to seize a person for his sins,

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no one, no one at all can come to his aid. No one can come to his aid, no one can protect him. Nothing of this dunya nothing of the heavens, nothing at all can protect him in Serato, Aleph 191 we

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And usually Poonam Allah yakushi and Mohammed Lacan do they associate with him those who create nothing and they themselves are created

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Are these the ones whom they depend on?

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Instead of fathur ayah 13 to 14, we learn one Medina, the Roman duni, Maryam licona min pitoni, me, and those whom you invoke other than Him do not possess as much as the membrane of a date seat, they don't even have that much authority. They don't even possess that much ownership.

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They don't even own the membrane of a date seat, they don't have power over that even if you ask them to take it off, they will not be able to take it off. If you ask them to make something like that they will not be able to make it

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into their own home last night Rudra come in the same ayah I number 14 is sort of out that Allah says if you invoke them, they do not hear your supplication wallow, semeru mustachio Buddha com and if they were to hear you, they will not be able to respond to you. This is how weak they are. So if you depend on them, you think they can help you you think they can assist you, you're mistaken. They cannot help you. They cannot defend themselves. And at the end of the day, you will be left on your own you will not even be able to defend yourself

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by Madonna her will a whatever a home. But on the contrary, we have provided good things for these disbelievers and also for their forefathers, meaning what is the reason for their denial? What is the reason behind there a version from UCLA?

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Why are they behaving in this way? It's because Madonna we have provided we have given worldly blessings from the root letters named Mata. So we have given a lot of authority who will eat these present disbelievers, and also what about a home and also their forefathers. So them and their previous generations all of them they were given a lot had that until it became long thought well lamb to and through this the length of something so taller, it became long, it lengthened, I lay him upon them Uluru model the life,

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the duration of life.

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Meaning they had a lot to enjoy a lot to benefit from in their long lives. They were given long lives to live. And they were given many luxuries to enjoy.

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And because of the long life of blessings that they enjoy. What happened they became oblivious to the punter they became heedless of the punishment

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because they thought everything was fine. Nothing is an instant. Everything is the way they want it to be. So definitely they are in a very good state. They don't suffer from any threats, any dangerous Hotel thaller I lay him on a model. And because of this, they think that no disaster will ever strike. Isn't it so that when a person experiences good times for a very long time, what does he think that he never suffered from decline?

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And if he does suffer from something, it comes as a huge shock. It comes as a big shock.

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So had the thought, are they human or Moodle? Allah subhanaw taala says FLR Your Honor, then do they not see that and that indeed we know till we bring the earth

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we are wringing the earth men also have we are reducing it mean Otto raffia from its borders of our Office of Florida, but of so we are reducing it from its borders and thought of is the outermost part, the edge the fringe of something. So the edges of the earth we are bringing them close together, the edges of the earth, the sides, the borders, we are bringing them in together, for whom will Holly boo then will they be victorious?

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So in this ayah people are being corrected. Their thinking is being corrected.

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That if a person thinks that just because he has a lot of money, just because he is in good health, he is in good shape, he will never suffer from any decline. And if he does suffer from some difficulty he can escape. Allah says you are mistaken.

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Because you cannot run away you cannot avoid the decree of Allah. You cannot hide because the earth is in the hands of Allah. Do they not see that we are shrinking the earth we are bringing about its borders close together. What did we learn at the beginning of today's lesson

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that the heavens and the earth they were together. And Allah subhanaw taala separated the two and the universe is constantly expanding,

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isn't it? But what do we see over here that the earth is shrinking?

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How do we understand this? has our bus reset?

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That what this means is none also Herman raffia that this means the victory of Islam over coffee.

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But remember that this is a Maki surah isn't. And it was revealed in the early part of the mechanism. So some scholars have said that this is a prophecy that is mentioned in the past tense, that our time will come when Islam will spread. And the land will reduce for who for those who are upon COVID.

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Because you see early on in the meccan period, what was happening? The Muslims they felt very threatened.

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anywhere they went to even the Hallam, they were not safe.

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If the profits are a lot isn't I was praying over there, somebody brought intestines and threw them on him. Where could you feel safe.

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And when you don't feel safe anywhere, then the earth feels very small to you, isn't it land feels very tight for you had the docket it will be about October. And when you have a lot of freedom when you can do whatever you want anywhere you want. The earth feels very spacious, isn't it? Like for example, if you're in the house, and there is someone who was extremely negative, extremely negative, and you feel that negative energy is literally emanating from them, then your house will feel very small and tiny, isn't it you will want to run away from there. Even if it's a three storey house, even if it's extremely huge. Their presence will make you feel that the house is very tiny.

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It's very small. Right? So similarly, when a person has many limitations, many restrictions are imposed on him. No matter how big the earth may be, it feels small. So initially, this was how the Muslims were in Makkah. But later on what happened

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when Islam was established in Medina, when Morocco was conquered, when all of Arabia became Muslim, then those people who did not become Muslim for them the earth shrank, didn't it?

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It became tight, it reduced for them despite its vastness. So this is a prophecy that has been mentioned over here.

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And so earlier on I went 78 we learn well, I accept vanilla Dena cafaro under my name, Lila home Hi, Rolly unfussy him in a manner known leader home Lee as their do it man, well, a home or their Bond movie. And let not those who disbelieve everything that because we extend their time of enjoyment, it is better for them. Right now, they may have a lot, but sooner or later, it's going to be taken away from them. We only extended for them so that they may increase insane. And for them as a humiliating punishment.

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Instead of the RAD if 41 also we learn our lm euro and then till urban and puzzlement. raffia. The same thing is also mentioned over there.

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So this is one way of understanding that the earth is shrinking in the sense that the places for such people to live freely on they are reducing.

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Secondly, it is also said that the earth is physically shrinking.

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And this is one of the signs of the newness of the coming floors of the day of judgment that were at the beginning of the creation, the heavens and the earth were separate. The universe is constantly expanding, towards the end of time what's going to happen,

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it's all going to be closed up again. Either shampoo, cool, real hot, when the sun is going to be wrapped up. When it's going to be closed down just like a turban is wrapped up. When a turban is open, it's huge. It's expanded, but when it's wrapped up on the head, it becomes so tiny.

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So similarly, the universe right now is expanding, but towards the end of time it's going to shrink, it's going to reduce in its size. So again, this is also a prophecy. However, in the context, the first meaning is more appropriate

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than right now these disbelievers they have so much they have a lot of wealth, they have a lot of freedom. But do they think that they will remain like this in this world forever? No, they're mistaken. Their rest bite is definitely going to come to an end very soon.

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Cool say to them in one zero konbanwa he I only warn you by revelation that if I'm telling you about something that such and such is going to happen in the future. I'm not saying this because I feel like it it's just an idea that popped into my head. It's just you know my imagination. No. Whatever I am warning you off. It is based on revelation that comes to me from who from

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when I smell Samudra, but the deaf do not hear the call either you in the room when they are warned.

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a deaf person, no matter how much you warn him verbally.

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Will he be able to hear? No. Even if you yell at the top of your voice such that your throat begins to hurt, will he be able to hear? No, because he's unable to hear, such as the case of someone who was physically deaf. But if a person does not accept the warning, then no matter how much you want him, no matter how you want him in what way you want him, no warning is going to benefit him. Because he's made up his mind that he's not going to listen. When he is Moroso Madura Emma usarlo, no matter how much you warned them, they're not going to take heed.

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So this is a great warning for us. That if Allah subhanaw taala has given certain warnings in the Quran. And if we still don't change, if our behavior still does not change, like for example, just know we had a discussion on how important it is to focus on what is necessary, despite the circumstances that a person is going through.

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If we don't take a lesson from this, and we keep wasting our time, we keep waiting for things to change, for circumstances to change, then what does it mean that we have been deaf towards this warning?

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This is what it means. No one likes to be deaf. No one likes to be called deaf. But if we're not taking heed from the warnings that Allah is giving us, then it says though we are declaring ourselves to be deaf.

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When I yes, Moroso madora oedema user, because when a person has heard,

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if he has accepted, then he will change. And if a person does not change even after this thing, what do you say? He didn't listen. He didn't hear?

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Would we like to be called deaf? No one is Moroso Madura, either.

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So it is only those people whose ears are open, who accept the warning, who bring about a change in their lives who reform themselves.

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But those people whose hearts are preoccupied with something else, no matter what they hear, they don't change. Because Katara NASA his Apple won't be of Latin. Where are you loon? Larry at avocado boom?

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Well, in Masato Neff, hatom in Europe bigger, and if as much as a whiff of the punishment of your Lord should touch them. They are colonna, surely they will definitely say, Yeah, wila now over to us in cannavale mean, indeed we have been wrongdoers, even if enough of the punishment that is then

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what does Neff hermie

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nefra is from the reflector is known for her

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and never is a gust of wind. It's basically very light wind.

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And never her who is safe is when someone is lightly struck by the sword. So now is a light blow. What is it a light blue

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when someone is struck by something very likely.

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And the word nefra is also used for cold wind and left her with a lamb. same word, but with a lamb left her is used for hot wind. So even if a wave of the punishment if a breeze of punishment strikes them, if you think about it, the wind comes before the storm, doesn't it? Similarly, the fragrance comes to you before the person

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the fragrance reaches you before the food right. So, nothing refers to the preceding events, what comes before the preceding events

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or it can apply to the slight instance. So even if the preceding events of the punishment reach them, or the slight instances of punishment reach them. Like we learned earlier for them a hustle back center when they sense that our punishment when they saw it coming when they heard it coming when they saw it signs, then what will happen layer colon layer wait on it in a corner like that, then they will admit their fault. But today, no one is ready to accept his mistake. Each person has a list of excuses, isn't it? I come late because of this. This reason I have to go for an appointment right now because of this and this reason. I have to go fix this because this industry

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is that I have to go make this phone call. I have to go take this phone call. We have a list of excuses. But we see that when the end when the result comes before us. Then at that time we realize our mistakes. Think about it. When the results sheet is given before us when the test is given to us, then what do we see our mistakes

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And we realize our mistakes at that time. We cannot deny.

00:25:04--> 00:25:16

At that time there can be no denial. But today, we are constantly in denial. We have a list of excuses. So these excuses will not help at all. We have to do something before the time runs out.

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