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Yusuf 19-35 Word Analysis and Tafsir 33-35

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He says color, or B, or my Lord, a signal the prison is a horrible in a year it is more beloved to me. I would rather go to the prison mimma than that which year the Rooney they invite me lie to it.

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What is it, that these people, especially the women, were calling him to Zima because it is said that at this point, it wasn't just that the wife of Aziz was calling him, it was the rest of the women as well.

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It was all the other women as well as if they were attacking him.

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So he says, that, oh my lord, the prison is more beloved to me, I would rather go to the prison. Then listen to all of these women. What it does horrify me. And if you don't turn away from me, Qaeda hoonah their plot their plan of elation, I might incline toward them.

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If you don't avert me from them, I am a human being. I am very weak, and I am a man. And these are all women, I might incline to them, I might lose myself, I might make a mistake, I might fall.

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And if I fall, what a con and I would be manager hidden of those people who are ignorant, those people will behave ignorantly. Because who is Jahan? Who is Jahan? A person who does not know when a person who does not know something? Then what is he going to do? He's going to end up doing that thing because he does not know if it's right or wrong.

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Like for example, you don't know if a particular restaurant is halal, or haram. Somebody just tells you or you just assume, and you just walk in there, you're ignorant of the fact that what the food that they offer is how long? What are you going to end up doing? committing that which is wrong?

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On the other hand, if there is a person who knows that that restaurant, it serves her on food, but still he goes there, then what's the difference between him and a person who really does not? Nothing? Both are ignorant, so a criminal janene? I would be of those people who are ignorant, who do not act upon the knowledge that they know.

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So we see that the use of our SNM. What does he do over here? He prays to him?

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He makes Serato. earlier also, what did we read that when the woman invited him openly? What did he say?

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He sought refuge of Allah. And the next step he did was that he ran away from there he left that place physically he left was still

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over here again. When they call him, he seeks the protection of almost.

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And he says Oh Allah, take me out of here, even if it means going to prison.

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Because just imagine you suffer this alone. He could not just go back home. Good he, he was a slave. He didn't have that freedom. How could you go back? So the only way of getting out of the situation was that he would be sent to prison. And he agreed. He prayed to Allah that Allah sent me to prison instead. Because if you don't avert this thought for me, then us will delay him. I might inclined to them. This word us boo is from newsletters slotback. Well, from the word sobu.

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And the word sobu literally is made to inclined towards something.

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What does it mean to incline toward something from the same root is the word sabi? And who is a sabi CBN? slubby a small child sleepy and children because people are naturally inclined to

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little children.

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They're always arguing that no, I'm going to hold the champion. I'm going to hold this child. There's always an argument going on, especially among

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women, obviously.

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So as we're in a, you know, a communal JD. So what do we see over here, that use of it, Sam, he is willing to go to the prison to save himself from committing something that was heaven.

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If you look at it, no one wants to go to prison,

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isn't it? No one wants to go there. Because going to the prison means putting an end to your freedom.

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Because you're confined in a place

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and especially for someone who is so good. People like him. He is good in his behavior. People like him and he's becoming so famous. Just imagine before he was just in the house and now he became so famous amongst the women and he is choosing to go to prison. He agrees to go low profile in order to save himself.

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In order to protect himself, but many times what happens, just because we're becoming very famous, we don't want to go, low profile, we want to keep that fame. We want to remain famous amongst people. But he agrees to give up everything, everything, why? To save himself from committing something that is heaven.

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Because he was in inner torture, he knew that what they were calling him towards something evil.

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And if he touched it, if he went near it, then an eternal jail would await him. And he wanted to save himself from which jail, the eternal jail. Yes, the temporary jail is nothing but the temporary prison is nothing. And this is because when a person really considers something wrong, to be wrong, when he realizes that this is something that will lead me to the anger of Allah, then no matter how beautiful, no matter how attractive a sin may seem, it appears as fire

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no matter how beautiful how attractive a sin may seem, what does it appear to him as fire, because he knows that consequences for this are much worse.

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So we see over here, that the fitna, it had multiplied the virus, it was spreading amongst everyone. And he wishes to save himself. And he realizes his weakness. This is why he prefers the prison.

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What do we think we keep thinking we're very confident we can deal with it. I can deal with it myself, which is why we keep exposing ourselves to many, many problems.

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But use of our listener agrees to go to prison confine himself, because he knows that if he goes out there, he's going to end up doing something wrong.

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Now, we have to also analyze ourselves, that it's possible if we go to some places, if we meet with some people,

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we know that there's a high probability of doing something that is wrong.

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What's better, exposing yourself to these situations, or confining yourself limiting yourself to certain places, certain events, certain group of friends, certain online places, what's better, confining yourself, because if you expose yourself to fitness again and again, then you are weak, you can fall very easily.

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You can fall very, very easy. Like for example, for some people, the big fitness,

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their Facebook accounts,

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and what happens with them. There are people of the opposite gender, we're looking at what they're writing, who they're talking with, what's going on, and they comment on one another's, you know, walls, whatever they're called. And they end up talking to non Muslim, they end up saying things that are completely inappropriate. They end up thinking about them, they end up talking to them about things that are completely unrelated, joking with them very casually, which leads to a relationship that is not acceptable. Even if you say that no, no, no, no, there's nothing wrong in my heart. We're not saying there's anything wrong in your heart, it may lead you to that. So if

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going to the jail means for you closing such an account, going low profile, not having 500 friends who are following you, it's better. It's much better, because that's what use of insulin prefer it for himself, he realized his weakness, he knew that he was a human being and he could follow very easily. And the temptation was too much the fitna was too much.

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Similarly, if you feel that going to a certain place, talking to some people, the fitna is too much for you, you cannot handle it yourself. And you know that you cannot handle it and you must know that you cannot then leave that place, go away from there, because life is too short to make such major mistakes.

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Use of our listener agrees to go to prison. And what happened then, fester Jabba who then he responded to Him, who responded to him, or boo his Lord.

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Allah responded to him. He accepted his door, which there are that Allah sent me to prison for sort of foreign who, then he turned away from him. Okay, the whole nother plot. At that point, Allah subhanaw taala saved him just imagine that scene, all the women are there and use of Reddit said I'm alone and standing over there, just as a loss of final data saved him. When the woman ran after him. How that Aziz, he happened to come by, similarly at this point, as well, a las panatela saved use of an incident

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in who indeed he who is Samir, he is the hearing, and he's also an earline. He is also knowing,

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he hears the door of the servant and he's knowing of the situation that the servant is

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And because he refused use of medicine and refused this invitation.

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Allah subhanaw taala saved him, Allah subhanaw taala protected him.

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He didn't accept it. He didn't fall over there, a lot protected him. And for such people there is also protection when on the Day of Judgment.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah will give shade to seven on the day, when there will be no shade, but his seven people will be provided shade on that day when there is no other shade but history. And who are those seven, adjust drooler a youth who has been brought up in the worship of Allah who has spent his young age in what worshiping Allah spent, not chatting, not hanging out, not going here and there. But he has spent his young years in what in the worship of Allah,

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He will be given the shade of who Allah when on the day of judgment when there is no other shade, but history.

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Because generally what happens in this age, when a person is young, he wants to go out with his friends and talk and have fun, and socialize more and more.

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Then thirdly, a man whose heart is attached to the masjid. A man whose heart is constantly attached to the masjid, he always is thinking about it going there. His day revolved around the masjid.

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From the time he goes out of the masjid until he gets back to then two persons who love each other only for the sake of Allah, and they meet and part in a lost cause only.

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And a man who gives charitable gifts so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given.

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And a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of normal birth, for illicit intercourse with her. And he says, I am afraid of

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a person who refuses the invitation of a woman who is not only beautiful, but she's also very prestigious, Jesus of the elite. But what does he say? I fear Allah. And a person who saves himself here, in this situation, a lot will save him on the Day of Judgment. And a person who remembers a lot in seclusion, and His eyes are then flooded with tears.

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So use of artists around, he agreed to go to prison, and then some other that at home, then it appeared to them. It appeared to who it appeared to, or Aziz and his men. And the word better is from the roof of his back, then well, Boo. Boo is to become clear to become apparent.

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So it became clear to them mimbar, the mantra I will add, after they saw the clear science, what became clear to them

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the innocence of use of race.

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Because up until now, when the recent event happened in which the woman she invited him.

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And when they were both found by their Aziz, what did the woman do? She completely flipped, she turned against use of Reddit sentiment, she accused him of having attacked her.

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And the decision was based on what circumstantial evidence, because there was no eyewitness. So how did they figure out who was lying and who was innocent? By circumstantial evidence, which was with the shirt, but after all of these clear signs, what were the clear signs,

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the shirt that was stolen. Similarly, this event which happened in which all the women they got their hands,

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on of the women cut their hands,

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and various other signs, like, for example, the witness the shahida, hidden the witness as well. So various signs, they clarify to Aziz and his men, that use of earnest Salam was definitely innocent, and these women were at fault. It was the women who are at fault.

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But what did they do? They decided that layers do not know that surely they will definitely imprison him, had their hand until he dies.

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hain is for the doctors High Noon. And hain is used for a time that is not limited that is not fixed. So they decided to send him to prison, not for a year or for five years or for 10 years. It was undecided.

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It was undecided. He was just put behind bars.

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So we see that at first. Aziz. What did he do? He ignored the situation. But then when he saw that this is getting out of hand. This fitness is going from my house to so many other houses. He couldn't possibly punish all the women.

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And what could he do? He could not do anything to those women. And at the same time, use a Friday, Saturday.

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had not committed anything wrong, he couldn't even kill him.

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So what did he do? He just put him in the prison.

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Now, if you look at it, is it user friendly, sometimes well, that he was sent to prison. It wasn't his fault at all. So sometimes things happen in life where you have to suffer because of other people.

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It's not your fault, but you have to suffer because of them. Because they cannot control themselves. They cannot control their emotions. But you have to take the brunt, you have to suffer because of them.

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We see that use of artists and he went into the first jail, which was laboratory, the very deep Well, that was also a prison cell. Many times this is how they used to imprison people in the past, they would just put them in a well, in a in a dry well, which was completely inaccessible, because a person is confined over there, he cannot come out himself.

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So he went into the first prison for a crime that he did not commit. His brothers were envious of him. And over here, again, he was sent to another prison for a crime that he did not commit. It was the women who were in love with him.

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Before it was brothers who were jealous of him. Now it was the women who were in love with him. And both the times he had to suffer. So things like this happen. This is a part of life.

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What do we have to do? Accept it. And think of it as a learning opportunity.

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Think of it as another situation which of loss of peloton is putting you so that you can learn something. And as we will see in the next lesson, how use of our hands around his life to the complete turn from this point onwards, because up until now, he was just a slave in someone's house, his effect, his life was limited to what one person's house. But now with all of these women loving him, he became very famous.

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He became well known for what his good looks. And when he went to jail, he became well known for his knowledge for his good behavior for his son. And then we will see that how the king he had a dream which uses nslm interpreted

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and because of that he was brought out of the jail. inshallah, we will learn about that. But we see that in order to get to that level of success in the society, he had to go through this. He had to go through the prison.

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Because if he stayed in that house as a slave, he would have lived there for the rest of his life. He would have lived there for the rest of his life without any changes. But because this happened, his life took a complete turn now.

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And this is how we must look at the problems that come in our life. That they are

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bringing another learning opportunity. There's some wisdom behind it.

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Especially when we have to suffer because of other people. Remember use of an incident and then compare your problem with his problem. Is yours worse, or was his worse? Obviously, what he went through was much worse.

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We listened to the recitation and then we'll

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we'll call Ernie swan. FEMA, Deena Timo to large easy to

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sing for the show off

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select a

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at all

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Tina Yes.

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I was just thinking like in life, sometimes you can't find shortcuts in the easy way out, you have to go through the obstacles in order to succeed Exactly. And which means many things against your knifes many things, which seem very unfair, very unjust, it's other people's fault, but you have to suffer because of that. Just remember that you're on your way to success, and

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you have to be honest with yourself.

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Exactly, that we need to become honest with ourselves. Many times, we keep saying, Oh, it's not a big deal. I don't have any wrong feelings for him. And, you know, I don't think like that at all. And it took him to ask him about something that's important. And that leads to a joke. And that leads to something inappropriate, which leads to an email back and forth and then leads to a meet up and then one step after the other, to doing something that are completely unacceptable. So we need to be honest with ourselves. We know when we're having wrong feelings about someone. And we must put a stop over there and limit ourselves and remind yourself that Rob is a hub boutilier that the

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prison is more beloved to me. More beloved me mayor, the Rooney if you notice where the other owner, this is plural, masculine. So it means that the entire society was calling him to something that was wrong. This was just one part of it.

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This was just one part of it, where all the women were chasing him. But there were many other things that were wrong and prevalent in that society, which they were calling into. And he realized that if I stay in this society, I'm going to end up doing something wrong. So you save me.

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Also, that we cannot use temptation as an excuse that

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we cannot use temptation as an excuse to do something that is

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provided by jacobellis. And I'm saying plus, I'll bring Jimmy like the patience is beautiful, and it just shows how much use of it Cena went through. He was patient through all the exactly that use of artists around his father your approval incident he said sovereign Jamil. So sometimes when things happen, which are completely unfair, other people's fault, and you have to suffer your Cobra Sam, he loved his son, and his other sons were jealous. And it was because of their fault that he was deprived of his son. What did he say? sovereign German, and use of them as well over here? What was he doing sovereign to me?

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I was just relating it in the beginning of the surah. When last one Allah said work is alika yesterday.

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And I was thinking like, last minute, I really did a good job. To out when the process the dream began, how it started that how each and every test, he was using a lesson I was going on. And each and every test he was passed, and everybody was failed, actually, but sometimes we have the credits if somebody is chosen, why this person is chosen. So unless Mattila told everybody the reason Yes, if he's been chosen, he deserved that because he didn't fail. Even a single test continues. He is passing tests till he even decided to enter into the prison.

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I just wanted to add that UCLA Salam had a lot of beauty, but it did not help. And nobody had really liked him. But it was a great test for him. It did not bring him any benefit. In fact, it put him into trouble. So we as women, we always go for beauty, we want to be beautiful, but it's a huge desk, and like was any other blessing every blessing. every blessing is the bigger the blessing, the bigger the test.

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But sometimes you're fine with it, but other people create problems for you.

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So Dominic,

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I don't know if any of you know that this story that Allah tala tells us how many years ago in the Quran is happening right now in our society in the Muslim society. Forget the white

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When the whoever it is, but our Muslim women think that whatever they see on TV, they have to act out. I know many of my friends go back home, wherever it may be, whether it's South Africa, other countries, Saudi Arabia, whatever they say it is so common, it becomes the instinct even brag about these things. And Allah is telling us that this is a test from Allah smart Allah. And if we women think that it's cool to be like, what happens on the TV, or what the what the soaps do? It's very sad, because I know when I first came to Canada

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30 some odd years ago, there was a some soap going on. And I was so green, I was so naive. I didn't even know about these things. I'm asking my relatives, once these things have come on the TV. They said, Oh, it's just a soap. What's a soap? Or it's like a show that keeps on going on and on and on for years. And what do they do? They only the only thing they do is tape around. That's all they did. And the first time I was reading an article, the first time these shows were shown in Portugal and Germany, guess what happened? The divorce rate went that high. With all the women thought if they can read on the soaps, they should do it too.

00:26:05--> 00:26:22

What happens to us we all get when it's hindi movie, English movie, whatever it is, you we all think we have to do what they do. We don't realize our religion is the best citizen. Allah is not ashamed to tell us this image that Allah is telling you that a woman will be going after the men.

00:26:24--> 00:27:03

And if you are green, you wouldn't even know that I would. I wouldn't know that. But because Allah is explained to us that these things happen. Allah created human beings, right? He knows our faults. So you guys, be careful not like in the sense that a much older man goes after a young girl. It can the other way around to a much older older one goes after a young man, as in another article where women who are in the 60s and 70s, who do not have a husband or boyfriend, maybe they have them, they go to the south to do this thing. Nobody knows. Everybody knows. Because Allah Allah says he knows our secret. But we think somebody else doesn't know everybody knows. The sad thing is we Muslims are

00:27:03--> 00:27:11

following this. It's a fitna. It's a real fitna, and we have to be very, very careful, very, very careful. inshallah Allah help all of us.

00:27:13--> 00:27:44

One point that was coming to my mind was that if you have younger brothers or older brothers, with one thing you need to do is my father, he never allowed any of my brothers even though they're younger than us. He never allowed any of their friends in house ever. Like this was something that was not allowed, even though they're their friends. They could come when they whenever they want, but he didn't open those doors. And it's something that I feel that there's so much stigma in there. Because if you even open that, oh, it's just my anger, but they're always just his friends, or their little voice. But what about when they hit puberty? puberty age, then what about that barrier? It's

00:27:44--> 00:28:03

never there. So you have to be very, very careful. If you have younger brothers or older brothers don't think, Oh, it's my older brother. It's just this friend. It's okay. I'll just talk to him. No, no, it's not okay. Because they're not your mom. It's very, very easy to get into these type of things. Very, very good thing is when there is no distance between you are anonymous, then it leads to wrong things.

00:28:05--> 00:28:06

You have to keep a distance.

00:28:07--> 00:28:40

I was just thinking, as his wife was doing this very directly here. She was approaching us to fight Islam very directly. But the other thing is, you see how weak man is that just by this, he can fall into fitna. And the other thing I was just thinking is she's doing it directly. But sometimes we do it indirectly. meaning you're going to school, high school, university, whatever. And you're asking, How are you how's your day and everything and this can actually trigger his emotions towards you. So when he asks you out, when he says something to you, it's not his fault in the first place you started. And my friend was just telling me she used to say this to somebody in the school. How are

00:28:40--> 00:29:16

you? How's your test? That's it. So when he got married, and he actually was going through problems with his wife, he asked his mom to actually marry this girl who was asking how's your test and everything. So he got seduced to her because of just little little comments like this, that start. Somebody else also said that the wife of ours is she said that if he does not listen to me that he is going to be thrown into prison and be among who will a akuna minestrone. He will be among those who are belittled, and use a restaurant he accepted to be belittled. Why because he knew that he was doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Whoever makes himself small for the sake of Allah, Allah innovative, and he agreed to go small for the sake of Allah. And look at how Allah elevated him later that he became of the elite of that society, he reached the top positions of that society. So we think that if we go small, if we go low profile, if we close our account, if we don't talk to certain people in a very casual way, then we will be considered as those people who are very little who are very small, who don't have any confidence. But the fact is that if you're doing it for the sake of Allah that Allah will elevate you.

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Okay, so chronicon locomobi handicare Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta Mr.

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it'll cut one or two