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An-Nisa 163-176 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 172-173

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layers, thank you for mercy who never would the Messiah disdain in your corner over the lilla that he would be a servant of Allah lanius Thank

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you sorry SLM would never be arrogant, he would never look down upon being what? being a servant of Allah, being a worshipper of Allah. He never felt shy in worshipping Allah. He never felt that being a worshipper of Allah is going to reduce his status. So why do you elevate him beyond his status?

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When his status is that of being a slave to Allah, then he is asleep. And you know, that he prayed to Allah. So if somebody is praying to Allah worshiping Allah, how can they be son of Allah? lanius Thank you for

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the word. Yes, thank you for is from the roof that was known GAF. NACA is to think too proud of oneself.

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What does NACA for me to think too proud of oneself. And because of that, a person refuses to do something,

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but does not cause me to think too proud of oneself. And because of this pride, you refuse to do something. It is that knucklehead dumber, Neka, dumber. What is dumb, tears netofa dumb is that he wiped off the tears. Why? Because sometimes people think that if they cry before others, it's going to make them look very small, that they're so childish, that they can't even hold their tears back. Or that they're so weak that they cry and every little thing. Some people are shy of crying before others. So netofa dumber is to wipe off one's ears.

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So basically, his thin calf is to feel shy. It is to feel shy, to do something because of arrogance. It is to be reluctant to do something Why? Because of arrogance, that it's shyness, because of

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its shyness, because if you don't have the confidence to do something, why? Because of arrogance, you think that if you do it, it's good to humiliate you.

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Like, for example, if we have to praise Allah, in public, what do we think? Oh, my God, everybody's watching, everybody's watching. And if everybody's watching, because you're shy, that you're going to pray in front of others. Why is that China's? It's that arrogance? What will they think about me? So it's shyness because of arrogance, reluctance to do something. Because of arrogance. A person thinks that this doesn't suit me. I am too beyond this. If I do this, it's going to disgrace me, it's going to lower me in my status.

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This is what is think of is and it is altered to look down on something and turn away from it out of arrogance.

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So Leah, thank you for mercy who resign? Listen, I would never refuse to be a worshipper of Allah.

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He would never be arrogant. He would never be too shy to worship Allah because of arrogance. It's like when somebody ought to do something and say, Why should I do it? Why should I do it? There's arrogance. But there's also reluctance. There's also shyness that if I do it, it's going to disgrace me.

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Like, for example, if everybody has some bags, and there's one bag that is torn, that is ripped. And if you're given that bag to carry, what do you say? I'm not going to carry it? Why should I carry it? Why? It's shyness? And what China's that if I carry this before people that's going to embarrass me? And why do you have this fear of embarrassment? Because of arrogance. So you understand it's China's with arrogance.

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So Isa salon would never disdain to be a servant of Allah, an akuna Abdullah,

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remember that? The rebuttable last panel data, or Buddha to a loss of power that is of two types.

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First of all, what does that mean? That every single creation, every single person is a slave of Allah. Every single person is a slave of Allah is a servant of Allah.

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And secondly, Sheree. What does that mean? That a person shows his servitude before a loss of kind of Allah How? Through acts of worship through a bad

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life. For example, a person who does not worship Allah does not grace Allah. This is still a servant of Allah. Is he? Yes, every single person is still a servant of Allah.

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There is another person who prays Salah Is he a servant of Allah? Yes, he is not just in the car.

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sense but also in the shutter he sends because he is showing his servitude before.

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So over here that he would be in Abdullah which are this is chattery that he would worship Allah

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whenever he got to the macabre bone nor would the angels which angels, those who are brought near to Allah, Allah Boone is a Florida Pokhara who is no one who is brought corrib one who is placed near one who is placed near. So who are these angels who are brought near to Allah. These angels are the hamlet of the carriers of the throne of Allah, the carriers of the throne of Allah, they carry the throne of Allah subhanaw taala. So obviously they're very close to Allah. They're very close to Allah.

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So even these angels, they don't feel shy. They don't feel arrogant to worship Allah soprano.

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Despite the fact that they have such a high status. They don't think that if they worship Allah, it's going to reduce their status. Are you sorry? I said, I never thought that if you worshipped Allah, it would reduce his status. No, they never felt like that. Because if you think of it, what's the problem? Generally, people think that if there is a person, if he has a very high status, then he should not worship Allah. He should not need to worship Allah. And if he's worshiping Allah, it's going to reduce his status. No. The profits are all of a sudden he was a servant of Allah he worshiped Allah.

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Are you sorry s&m was a servant of Allah He also worshipped the angels also there are servants of Allah, they worship Allah, they are constantly praising and glorifying Allah. Their worship does not reduce their status, their worship, their servitude does not reduce their status.

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While many yes thank if and whoever the stains on urbanity from worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. Whoever thinks that he's too high, we're stuck there. And he's also arrogant. He's too proud of himself, first a showroom, la gymea. Then soon he will gather all of them to himself altogether. When, on the day of judgment, why, for recompense?

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What do we learn Messiah? First of all, we see that if he started, who was the Messenger of Allah, who was an Abbot of Allah? And he was given many, many favorites, as well as the angels, who are very close to a las panatela who carry the throne of Allah.

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If they don't feel shy, if they don't feel reluctant, if they are not arrogant in worshiping Allah, then those who are lesser than them in status, like us. I mean, what are we nothing, compare our status to that of resort

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to that of the angels who carry the throne of Allah, they're that close to Allah and we are ordinary human beings. If they did not feel shy and arrogant from worshipping Allah, should we feel shy and arrogant from worshipping Allah? subhanaw taala? No. It suits us more to worship Allah soprano.

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We also learn from this I that those people who refuse to do a battle of Allah, who are arrogant when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Such people will be humiliated because Allah says that he will gather all of them to himself together for recompense meaning he will punish them.

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In certain moments, I number 60. We learn what color of Boko Moroni as the Jubilee icon in the Lydian is stuck, Verona and urbanity say the whole Luna Johanna Mata Hari.

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And your Lord says call upon me I will respond to you in the those people who disdain my worship will enter hell rendered contemptible. So those people who don't worship Allah were too arrogant. Were they ending up in utter disgrace and utter humiliation?

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for Mr. Medina armano. So as for those people who believe what Amina solly had and they did righteous deeds for you, or feed him or Dora home, then he will give them in full day rewards, which reward that they will enter Paradise.

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Where is he the woman family, and he will increase them through his bounty. What is

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that which is extra?

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So, what is this extra that allows a penalty will give them that which No, I have seen, no ear has heard about and no mind has ever imagined. He will give them their agenda. And he will also give them for the surprise.

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Well, I'm melodious.

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Then Cafu. And as for those people who disdain, meaning worshipping Allah was stuck baru, and they act proudly. They're too proud to worship him

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for your ID boom, or there been an email, so he will punish them with a punishment that is painful.

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When I return a woman do they lay and they will not find for themselves besides Allah, when he and anybody, any friend, when honestly law nor any helper, they will find no one do remove the punishment from them. And once they are in the punishment, no one to take them out from the punishment. Who, those people who refuse to worship.

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So what do we learn from these two is

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this think of that thinking oneself to be do great that if I worship a lot, it doesn't suit me, it's going to humiliate me, it's going to disgrace me.

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If you think of it, what is it that stops us? What is it that holds us back? From obeying the laws from worshipping almost,

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for example, when it comes to making the decision to wear the hedger, for instance, what is the fear? What is it that stops someone? It's okay, the fear of people. But it's also the fear of embarrassment before people

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that what will they say? How will I face them? And if I do this, then they're going to not like me anymore.

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I'm going to face a lot of trouble. And we do face a lot of difficulty. And why does a person think like that? So why do people say bad things about me? So why do people don't befriend me? I mean, really, am I do I? Am I too great that nobody should say anything about me. If a person really humbled himself before a life, a person is humble, then he will not care about what people have to say, what people think. So the real problem is pride. It is arrogance. Because we have imagined that we are so great, that the whole world revolves around us that nobody should say anything to us. And we should be the best. Everyone should look up to us. And we should look the most beautiful in the

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eyes of people. And if I cover my hair, if I cover my face, and what's going to happen if I cover my clothes, and what's going to happen, people are not going to appreciate me any more than What's the reason? It's the arrogance.

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And Allah subhanaw taala, saying over here that look,

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he was a messenger of Allah, he was given so much, he never thought that worshipping Allah would disgrace him.

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The angels were so close to Allah, they don't think that worshipping Allah is going to insult them is going to lower them in their status. So we, as human beings, why do we think that if we worship Allah, we're going to lower in our status, we're going to become humiliated. We're not going to become humiliated. If we think like that, then that means we're too proud. And if a person is too proud, if a person is arrogant, then there is severe consequences. That if it's arrogance, if it's pride, if it's shyness before people, that is stopping a person from worshipping Allah, then look, look what the ISS that allows the panels are will gather all such people together. And what Amala

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Deena Stan cafo was stackable for your living room either when a Lehman will add another human doula he religion will enter Co.

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And what was the problem of the Bani Israel? The leaders, especially the Jewish Congress, what was their problem?

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That if we say that, yes, Muhammad is the Messenger, then we're going to lose our prestige, our status, our glory? So what was it that was preventing them from this rebellion? It was,

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it was arrogance. To those people who were too arrogant to obey Allah to worship Allah, you think that you're up there, but at the end, such a person will be humiliated?

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And this arrogance, this is actually a way of shaitaan that when Allah commanded him that was to do that you should prostrate to other medicine and what did he say? What did he say? And a human who I am better than him, that if I prostrate to him, then I am going to be lowered in my status. This is what his thin calf and his stick about and when a person does that is following the footsteps have shaped line and the reason why they have a high status are you sorry, the surrounding the angels because they worship Allah subhanaw taala. We think if we don't worship Allah, then we're going to become very great. Whereas it's exactly the opposite.

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And arrogance and pride, this is something that does not suit human beings. It does not suit them because they are creation. They are servants and it doesn't suit a servant to be proud of himself.

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You see in these is also clearly the LM keytab. I've been told believe it was a problem with the leaders of the etiqueta. But even today, many times what happens a person sees the truth. He realizes the truth, but he doesn't accept it. Why? Because he's saying that I was wrong.

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Up until now, I was wrong and in admitting our mistakes. We are very stingy. We're very stingy when it comes to admitting our mistakes. We don't look at the fact that we're so happy. We're so small. We're so insignificant than the loss of penalties and career.

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And because of that, we think that if we worship alone, we're going to be humiliated if we obey.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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La Vina mano amilo Swanee, Haji

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the moon

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wanna know