Suleiman Hani – Tafisr of Juz Tabarak #04

Suleiman Hani
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Slow hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earning he was happy woman Juana Solomonic Mohammed more, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us from amongst those who benefit from what we hear, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to forgive us for shortcomings and to allow us to be righteous and steadfast throughout our lives and to the moment in which we return to Allah subhanho wa Taala back to is 23 children for whom Allah the unshackled or Giada Musa will, will soar or will either Polyfilla Mirage guru, this is verse 23. This is describing the divine manifestation of the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala the wisdom of God in His creation, that Allah Subhana Allah created you and

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he is telling us and he's telling, especially those who did not use their intellect properly, those who thought they were rational, but in fact were irrational, those who thought they were reasonable were in fact, unreasonable, that Allah Subhanallah made you or people human beings, not cattle, not animals, you are not meant to blindly follow whatever errors and mistakes people are doing around you, whatever was prevailing during your age or era or time, you were meant to consider what was happening to consider what was right and wrong. And to listen very carefully when the message from God came to you. You were not given ears so that you would refuse to listen, you were not given eye

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so that you would be blind. You were not given a heart and intellect in terms of reasoning so that you would not reason Hulu will lie of course gonna be heard Allah says they have hearts spiritual hearts in terms of the receptiveness of knowledge, they do not process they do not think correctly, they do not reason properly. And it says no loss pattern is saying, you were also not given knowledge and information and intelligence and reasoning and the faculty of thought. So that you may simply give up thinking and reasoning properly, give it up to someone else, or something else, or some ideology that was prevalent during your time, something or someone that was crooked in the

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world. Use your own intellect, to see clearly that this is the truth, to see clearly what is right and distinguish it from what is wrong. Allah blessed you with all of this, Allah blessed you with your intelligence, Allah blessed you with your sight, Allah blessed you, with your hearing, Allah bless you with all of these faculties hollyland myrtus Quran but very few people, neither the majority of people are not using these faculties properly. And one of our goals as Muslims is not only to use these faculties properly and to continue to worship God, but you show others as well. You have a tool, a faculty, you are misusing it, you're using it in the wrong way, in a way that

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actually will lead to regret in the next life. To the extent that people will say, well, our new lacuna smell oh, now, they would say in the Hellfire if only we used to listen, if only we used to use our reasoning, if only we were really smart, intelligent, rational, reasonable people, we would not be amongst the people of the fire. Now, out of the five physical senses that we have two were mentioned in the say. So you have a son and you have a muscle you have hearing and you have seeing and this is because generally speaking, you do not receive most of your information or knowledge in life except through these two sources, meaning most of the information most of the knowledge that

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comes to you is through seeing or hearing. And this is why they were emphasized here. So we depend on it. Another faculty mentioned LF EDA and f it is referring to the hearts here the spiritual hearts, the one that receives knowledge, the one that takes in information, the one that is processing the one that can be protected. And of course this is linked with other parts of the mind and the body the metaphysical and the physical. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who brought you into being from nothing and he gave you what you have ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one that you will return to you will return to him so prepare for that return prepare for that gathering you will be

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resurrected while he took a shot on this these verses continue with the flow and we'll talk about the the bigger question here. Remember, we presented the questions for these IATA rhetorical questions. The one that we want to get to 24 and 25 connected were la hater Sharon Waiuku Luna Mata huddled while you're in control solidly. So here the Prophet SAW Selim has commanded like messengers before tell your people they will return back to God the One who created them, do you want proof that you will die and leave this world that you must move on look all around you, every living being dies, every living being will die and every human being that you've known in general human beings

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they are vulnerable to death meaning they are able to die. So you are not going to live here forever then then what is your purpose? Then what is your preparation? What do you need to do today? You are not meant to stay here in a dunya we do not belong to a dunya and I know that's a difficult thoughts because we want to run away from it. We want to run back to your comfort and entertainment and desires. We do not belong to a dunya we have to recognize this reality by reflecting on it every day.

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Because this type of person will Etosha ruin, they are being told you will return back to Allah. And then they say what mockingly out of ridicule out of arrogance, as many New Atheists say today, we have coluna meta that value in quantum scientifically, if what you say is true, what will this promise be fulfilled? You tell us that we're going to die and there's a resurrection. Now, I want you to keep this in mind when you read an idea like this. This question is not asking for a specific date and time so that they will accept the answer. This question is not being asked out of genuine sincerity that if you give us an answer, a date and a time in which life will end and we will return

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back to God, and there's a day of resurrection, that these people who deny the truth, are suddenly going to accept the reality of Islam or accept reality of submission to God, what what is being meant by this what is intended by this? It's as though they are saying this strange story you are telling us about a day of resurrection and a gathering, that you're telling us when will this materialize? When will this happen? Why is it delayed? Why hasn't it happened already? Or why don't you bring it forth to us, they are telling the messenger this. So they used to mock the messengers, when they would tell them that you're going to die and return back to God. So what we want to

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understand here that we can be certain. So there's the clean 100% conviction, certitude in the resurrection, through multiple avenues of knowledge through multiple sources of knowledge. And I'll talk about what this means in a moment. I will ask you a question inshallah. So the rational, the empirical, the intuitive, the filter in it ism, all of that. And this was elaborated in many places in the Quran that we know there is life after death, so only an ignorant person could ask, while ridiculing the Muslims or the believers, only they could ask with ridicule about a date and a time for the afterlife, as though it's going to make a difference for them as though they're going to

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accept the truth. Because if you gave them a date and time it would not matter. And this is this is what is intended by this. Now, I want us to notice something here, in order to invoke in this particular area, where Hoonah matter hadn't value income from Saudi Arabia, does anyone know off the top of your head? Anything interesting about this idea, this particular phrase way of coluna matter? How did Why are you in control sonically, do you remember this from somewhere else? For example, you remember this perhaps from another sort of way, hakuna matata, heard that while doing contemplatively? If what you say is true, when will it be fulfilled? When will this happen?

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And this brings us to the point of repetition. There's a beautiful gem here, this is one of the verses that is often repeated in the Quran. And I want to talk about repetition here so that when you study Tafseer, or reread the Quran in general, you have some introduction to the concept of repetition in the Quran. Does anyone here know how many times this is repeated in the Quran?

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Without googling it since we're all online now.

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So this verses in the Quran six times in this exact phrase way oppo Luna Mata heard that while you encounter them Saudi thing, seven times if you count one, basically different area where coluna matter of fact, in controls auditing, so in order to search the six times repeated in the Quran, exactly as is this is not the first time we hear this idea or read this I and I want us to think about repetitions, not 100. Why is the repetition in the Quran, to crawl to have repetition means a word or a phrase or meaning in the Quran that is repeated multiple times more than once. And it could be for emphasis lit up here. It could be for exaggeration, reinforcement or reminder, there

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are many possible reasons we'll get to that in sha Allah. Repetition in Arabic in Arabic.

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Rhetoric. bellava is a type of eloquence, so Imams to you to Ramallah, one of the scholars of Alumina Quran. He said, repetition is more eloquent than merely emphasizing and it is reflective of great linguistic style. It was known especially to the Arabs and those of poetry. It was known that repetition had some benefits. And it's not just about entertainment, we're not talking here eloquence, like oh, this sounds so beautiful. And that's the only reason it's repeated. No, there's there are multiple reasons within that reason, multiple reasons within the repetition. And there are many types of repetition. You might have noticed in the Quran. Were mentioned for example, the two

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main categories of repetition, number one, the repetition of Maharani meanings, but not kalimat not words. So the repetition here have a specific meaning. Now, this is the more general one you might have noticed this every time you recited the Quran. This is the Stories of the Prophets that are repeated multiple times. The story Prophet Musa alayhis salam 134 verses in the Quran, you have many repeating the story of

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of Musa and her own Ibrahim Ali Salam, the story, the stories of specific individuals that island has mentioned more than once the story of Adam is Salam. So the meaning is preserved, the meaning rather is repeated. And the words are different and there are reasons for that. And of course, Paradise hellfire, the afterlife, the meanings are repeated many times in the Quran. The oneness of Allah is one of the most repeated things in the Quran, to worship God, this is why you are created. So all of this is under the first classification of repetition, repetition of meaning, but not words. That's number one repetition of meaning are not words. Number two is the repetition in the

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Quran of words and meanings. So repetition of very specific things. This is where words are repeated, with no difference in the meaning. So there's a general similarity in terms of the implication here. And even this category has two types. There's the connected type and there's the disconnected type. The Connected type appears in multiple ways in the Quran, for example, by repeating the words in the same area such as when Allah subhanaw taala says, Hey, you had to hurt the match we're doing in our soul too far very far. Is that what you are promised? Or at the end of a verse and the beginning of the next verse, For example, Allah Subhana Allah says in surah two the

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concern what you call for our letting him be earlier to Millfield Lattimore acquire being cannot power your power, your Amil feet watching for the roof, top body or amongst them, they will basically have around vessels of silver and cups of crystal for arena and then Allah continues, our year on May 5, but in crystal clear made out of let's say silver, for dharuhera. Top lira measured, they're up for the people agenda. So you have the end of the eye and the beginning of the iron, a repetition of sorts, you could also have repetition in the eye at the end of the iron for example, Allah subhanaw taala says, can either do cotton or although that can that we cover this interview

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and just lay indeed, when the earth is ground to powder, pulverize the catalog that can deck this is an emphasis emphasis on it. This is how much it will be destroyed meaning for the Day of Resurrection, or when Allah repeats a verse after another verse with the same phrases or similar phrases in a surah that most of you and most of us know for in mostly use raw in grocery use raw verily along with every hardship is ease or relief indeed, along with every hardship is relief. So here it is repeated in the following it as for that which is disconnected, it appears in two forms, either it is repeated in the same Surah or it is repeated somewhere else in the Quran. So again, we

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said there is connected and disconnected connected is happening in either at the end of an ayah the same idea, the next idea and that there are disconnected so it's not necessarily the next idea or the same, there could be the same sort of or it could be an entirely different sort of the most common example I will ask you this the most common repetition in the Quran in the same surah is which I someone gives us at least the name of the Surah or that is the number one the most repeated a in the Quran. In the same Surah Surah Rahman is after mafia and the A is 30 a year.

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You will not be Kuma to cut deeper

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than which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both the jinn and the humans deny meaning how can you deny all these blessings This is mentioned and then blessings are mentioned another as mentioned like this, and then another blessing. This is repeated 31 times in salt Obama. So repetition in the same sort of another common repetition in just about

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something that maybe we will cover in Sharla next semester, why are you lonely? ie the little more cat dB, this is repeated 10 times in surah. Three more Sadat 10 times repeated in the same surah in different places as well. Allah subhanaw taala says sort of the shorter what not Buckler one Lars is or Rafi indeed your Lord is the almighty the Most Merciful This is repeated eight times in Surah Assura this isn't the same Surah as for repetitions in different so on. One of the most common repetitions is the one we have right here right now. So that will make way Aluna but heard and while doing quantum scientifically, when there are repetitions, there are many reasons for that. What are

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some benefits that come to mind number one is confirmation of an idea a message or concept confirmation. Number two is emphasis lit keyed, and this is one of the most foundational in fact every repetition has an emphasis of sorts. Emphasize emphasize emphasize Did you hear me? Did you hear me? So there's a repetition to emphasize. Did you hear this point? I will ask a call your name again. Did you hear this point? So

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was an emphasis here, emphasis usually to alert people. There's also a different point that emphasizing each repetition at times, and I don't mean here are the ones that are exactly the same, the repetitions of meanings and not words. For example, the story of Musa and heroine, the two brothers Alejandro salaam who are prophets and messengers, their story is mentioned throughout the Quran in different ways. And each time you study the Tafseer of that particular passage, you will find some things more emphasized in this time when Allah presented it that were not emphasized last time and each time there's something else that might need spotlighted. So Allah subhanaw taala will

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mention a story in several places in the Quran, and every time he will highlight a different idea and maybe a different conclusion on objective, just as Allah subhanaw taala and His messenger and the Quran are called by different names. Each of these names indicates a meaning that is not indicated by the other name, but ultimately it's referring to the same source the same thing. So there is generally no repetition in that.

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It is a kind of diversity. You have the names of Allah subhanaw taala man on Rahim alive for when you hear on ramen or him almost every day 17 times you're receiving this other man and Rahim are very similar. And we are referring of course the same entity, Allah subhanaw taala they have different implications. They have different connotations. Allah are full of food I will offer at a worm all of these have different things that they are emphasizing and highlighting but of course we are talking about the same entity we're talking about Allah subhanahu wa taala the person here for example, Prophet Muhammad slice and it was the same but we have many names for him nicknames for

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him, emphasizing a different characteristic, the Quran as well, alpha on the criterion of truth and falsehood and newer the light alHuda the guidance as Shiva, the healing the cure, all of these are names of the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala says, What can Nika

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know Robbie was sort of rough now if he Meenal worried I love him yet on

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top of your

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deck law, we have explained in the Quran, the detail, the details of the warnings, the details in many different ways, many different ways. So often if he even invite me there's a diversity of reminders that allow me a telephone so they may have Taqwa God consciousness, so they may fear the afterlife in terms of not preparing for it, or said that so that they may learn a lesson from it. Oh, you're ready to learn Vicara they will remember something, learn something from it some kind of lesson. Every time you come across a repetition. Take something from the repetition. Take something from that moment and that passage and that meaning. Another reason is to consider this. Sometimes

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you recite an idea that will later be repeated or an idea that will be repeated in the same passage. And it's mentioned again at the end of the passage so that you are keeping the idea fresh in your mind so that you're reminded of why you're reciting this passage. So Allah subhanaw might remind you about something and then and then mentioned something else and then bring you back to the ultimate first reminder to begin with. And again, the objective with all of these repetitions repetition throughout the Quran, both in meaning as well as in wording and meaning. The objective is emphasis. So pay attention, pay attention, pay attention, you can learn say, through McCullough say there's an

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emphasis of confirmation. So pay attention when you see repetitions in the Quran. Now, I want to ask you all a question in sha Allah and I will need some of you to try to respond to this. The question I want to ask you is one that I asked frequently because it has implications, because it is brought up in many discussions with atheists because many Muslims might not have thought of an answer to this question before I ask this as well as the last lecture I gave at the ICD a lecture we a topic we need to really understand is life after death. How do you know there's an afterlife? This is a question. Many atheists ask, why do you believe in life after death? So my question to you is this

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question when an atheist asks you, how do you know that the afterlife is a true reality? Or why do you believe in the afterlife? How might you respond? While kulula matter that value? In quantum scientifically, they might ask you this question mockingly. But if someone were to ask you genuinely, how might you respond? What are some proofs that there is life after death? Can we say there's an empirical proof that we can see and observe and test the afterlife scientifically and come back until people? Of course not it is not empirical? But there are other avenues to knowledge way beyond just the empirical? What are some proofs for us as rational human beings that there's

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life after death? How might you argue your case? Let's hear some answers and trauma.

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So I've heard this question before.

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I get that. And like you said, there is no scientific answer. There's no physical proof that yes, you know, we someone went and came back, of course, like you mentioned. But what I would always point to is, what was the point of? Why do why are we here? All the injustice that we witnessed on a regular basis, especially these days? And throughout the millennium, so to speak?

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What was the purpose of all of it? We are here to

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say, obey Allah. And if

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there was no hereafter, you know, why why does anything matter? And the, you know, a lot of them will also point to, well, why is there so much evil? Why, you know, evil killing or you know, ravaged diseases and whatnot, this is not a permanent place to stay, there is a permanent place to stay in Charlotte's the hereafter. Excellent answers is I can go ahead and have him home. And both of these are correct, both answers are and they could be slightly distinguished, what is the purpose of all of this, so the argument from purpose, and also the question of suffering, what is suffering bring to us in terms of this discussion, that there is within us a principle. And this is the idea

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everything that is desired at the innate human level, is a proof that there exists for it, something that satisfies it? What do we mean by this, the existence of hunger in all human beings is a proven Of course, we say all human beings, the overwhelming majority unless somebody has, maybe something changed in their perspective. But the general innate desire of hunger is a proof that there is something to take care of that hunger, for example, food, the the innate desire to live forever, to be immortal not to die, the fact that humans don't like the idea of death in general, is a proof that there is a life in which there is no death. But that's not this world very clearly. So there

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must be something to prepare for. The innate desire not to go through suffering and hardship is a proof that there exists a place in which there is no suffering or hardship. This is something that can be applied across the board to human beings. So one thing to know and I liked that you mentioned this Brother Mohammed is up later on, because it's a very important emphasis here. And please remember and pay attention to this point. Science is not the measurement of all truth. Science can test some things. And science, by the way, philosophically, has its limitations and a number of problems. It's based on assumptions, right, the problem of induction, I'm not going to go in depth

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in that. But the point here is that there are many ways of knowing things. Don't be fooled by New Atheists, who have taken science as a religion, and the only metric the only measurement of knowing truth, when very clearly, there are multiple ways of knowing something, for example, the branch of testimony, so many people know things and have knowledge based on what they heard from someone else, or what they read. And it could be true knowledge. And of course, this requires conditions guidelines, making sure it's authentic, as well as rational, you can rationalize things as well as it isn't the knowledge that you are born with, and you don't gain through experience. This includes

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morality, cause and effect, even children are able to identify these things. So there's innate knowledge, a priori knowledge, for example, in philosophy. So it's important to know that when an atheist asked this question, if they feel if they say, prove to me that an afterlife exists, you might have a problem with the one who's asking the question. And this betrays This exposes their lack of knowledge in understanding how philosophy works, that you know things through multiple avenues. So I am telling you, and you are not seeing empirically, I have, for example, next to me, a bottle of water, you cannot see it, it's off screen. But I'm telling you this now, if you believe

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this information, you consider me to be a person of authenticity. May Allah make us all people of truth and authenticity, then you believe that there is a bottle of water there. Now, if you see it empirically, you have seen it now. But that's actually the lowest level of knowledge from the Islamic perspective. For the new atheists. That's the only source of knowledge and that's very problematic. How would you know there's life after that there are multiple avenues. There's the philosophical, which we just indicated, philosophical and also linked with the fitrah the natural disposition that we know that the soul lives on. So here we're talking about and this is another

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answer, consciousness, the fact that we are conscious the concept of the soul which science by the way, in neuroscience and philosophy have have demonstrated this is one of the problems they are not able to answer. This is one of the problems that some New Atheists said I cannot comment on consciousness, I have no information about it. Some of them have said I cannot really understand and we cannot understand consciousness. This is something beyond our understanding. Whereas Luna county or whoever they asked you about the soul, Allah says to the prophesy Seldom will go home in Amarillo be one my own Tito Minami la vida, tell them that the soul is from the knowledge of my Lord and you

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have not been given of knowledge, except very little. It's really matters the affairs of my Lord and you

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only given a little bit of knowledge, science and neuroscience does not fully understand consciousness, non living matter cannot create a living matter. Consciousness in your in your body or rather who you are does not exist in one particular cell you cannot find in one of your cells, the property of consciousness, and consciousness also cannot emerge or appear from nothing. It cannot self create, it's not even fully understood in and of itself. So, there's a proof here that there's something within us that is lasting, that science and empiricism cannot understand and it will move on. And oftentimes many atheists who have come to Islam, they would share with us their

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stories. One of them was telling me that what really hit him hard. What woke him up from his heedlessness was the moment his loved one passed away in the hospital. And they were sitting by their side holding their hands. And they said, I was talking to them, and then they died. And I just couldn't believe the reality that this person, this this conscious living being with all their thoughts, dreams, emotions, feelings, innate feelings, and morality, all of this, they're good, and they're back, that suddenly they died, and they're gone forever. They can't be gone forever. He said, I just felt like something was wrong with that. And that was the moment he started researching

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religions. That was the moment he started looking into consciousness from the religious perspective. And when he saw what Islam said about the purpose of life, and the afterlife, and the reunion of good people in the next life, this and brought him to the doorsteps of Islam. And he asked questions, and he became Muslim of Hamdulillah. Now, this is one example of many. Another response might be our desire for justice. And Brother Muhammad is Aquafina. And you commented on this as well, the argument for injustice, we see people of good and evil all around the world, and good and evil as defined by a law not by some particular social system, movement, or manmade system, as Allah

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defines good and evil. Now, again, if you are at the receiving end of injustice, you don't want to simply see this person of evil get away with their evil, you don't feel like it's fair, when you see someone killed have a million people, you don't feel that it's fair that they would die, and seemingly get away with what they did. And that the righteous people were simply murdered. They were butchered for being who they are, or for being Muslim, or from a specific ethnicity or nationality, as we see in many places around the world when it comes to oppression and injustice here in the United States as well. So the fact that human beings generally across the board, every pure human

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being, does not want there to be injustice, meaning they don't think good and evil are the same, and that they should not be the same is a proof that there should be a day in which rights are restored, once again, a philosophical argument here, but also utilizes the fitrah the natural disposition that Allah created you with. Now, there could be many people in the world today whose fitrah is clouded. They've covered it with corruption, Chabot, hat and Shaohua desires and doubts. So they are not thinking clearly their morality and their moral compass is messed up. May Allah protect us. May Allah subhana purify us, May Allah help us to help others as well. true justice will be established

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on the day of Justice, the day of compensation, another proof of justified rational proof that there is a day of resurrection is the Quran. Now someone might ask you, an atheist might ask you, isn't that blind faith? Do you have blind faith? By following the Quran that tells you that there is life after death? What could you respond? How could you respond?

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Is it blind faith for you to follow the Quran?

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Let's hear an answer. Inshallah. I'll give 15 seconds for an opportunity and then I'll answer Hmm.

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If an atheist asks you, Why do you accept what the Quran is telling you? And how can you accept that?

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You could argue that it is more rationally justified than anything else in the world to follow the Quran. Why? The one who studies the Allah in a newborn proofs of Prophet who Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was he was sent by God to all of humanity, he was sent to remind us he was sent with a final message preserved until the end of time. And to prove to you that this message is from God, it's going to have some, it's going to have some miraculous traits or characteristics. There are some things about the Quran that when you study just one Quran, you can see very clearly that the only rational explanation for the Quran is that it's from God. There is no other explanation

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that is rational. There is no other explanation that is reasonable. And I'm telling you this and I say this in many of my lectures, it is foundational for every Muslim to study the basics of original Quran. I have seen and spoken to so many atheists and agnostics and Christians and others of course, and even Muslims who had doubts, the thing that keeps you grounded the foundation of Islam over everything else. That clear proof is the miracle the more decider Allah subhanaw taala gave to the final messenger, there is a lasting Marchesa study on Jasmine Quran, and there are many facets to that I'm not going to go into depth you

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You can look at the ATHLEAN Institute there are two articles that I had published on there and hamdulillah about the areas of Quran. Look into these articles and see the clear proofs that this scripture the final scripture is from Allah, it cannot be from any human being now, you are rationally justified thereafter to accept everything from the Quran, everything that Allah tells you. Why? Because you studied Jazel Quran and you've proven rationally, you've proven very clearly that there's no explanation for the Quran except that it's from Allah. Clearly the Quran is from God, how can anyone ignore this? When you've reached that point, and you see that this is the

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reality the Quran is from God, then you have to take the branch of testimony, everything in the Quran, you cannot pick and choose and say some things make sense. Some things do not. That's not rational, that's not reasonable. So study the Quran and you will find it is a Shiva it is a newer, it is a guidance for every misguidance it will give you peace and tranquility in times of hardship. It will give you all the guidance and all the light that you need when you're going through difficulties or you face these types of questions and challenges in society. When people say Do you really believe in life after death where Aluna Mata had and while doing quantum solidly so please I

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refer you to the two articles on your clean If somebody wants to pull up the articles and share them that would be great inshallah. Yes, the prophecies in the Quran that became evidence the way of life of the Quran, it does not contradict itself. It does not contradict life. It is universal in its morality. There are many proofs in that. But again, I'm not going in depth into Jazel Quran here, I refer you to the articles and channels, the long series that is forthcoming with the law. So I want us to keep in mind when it comes to questions from atheists. To consider why a person is asking, because the natural religion according to cognitive psychology, according to a

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cognitive psychologist, a number of studies from around the world, humans naturally believe in God and naturally believe in the immortality of the soul, that the body is not the end all be all the body will die the soul lives on and all of us will depart and our souls will move on. You are your soul and you are embodied with this vehicle this temporary vehicle. But one day soon we will all check out one day soon we will all leave and it may be abrupt. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us and guide us keep a steadfast upon good habits so that when we die, our last actions are pleasing to Him Allamani Today we came back from a janazah a few hours ago actually, for our brother from this

00:32:28 --> 00:33:06

community. Some of you may have heard, I hope all of you have heard by now. Chef Abdul Rahim Wahid, one of the Wahid brothers from Lifta Institute, has returned to Allah subhanaw taala. Last night it was or two nights ago he was in a vehicle accident. And subhanAllah one of his last things one of the last things that he did, he's 23 years old, the fifth of the five brothers all memorizers of the Quran all into scholarship and studying and teaching the religion. And he Subhan Allah was on his way to teach Quran so he had a hand up offer Quran or he had just talked about and, and he did something that they found out the next day Subhanallah he picked up early, it picked up the

00:33:06 --> 00:33:37

medication for his mother from the pharmacy, something that seems like a random errand or random task, a random thing you have to do. somebody in your family needed something, somebody who loves you asked for something, somebody needed some kind of help, and you did something for them. And that was the last thing that he did. Rahimullah, he passed away in a car accident shortly after that. The next day, when they went to pick up the medication. They were informed somebody already picked it up, somebody picked it up and they were referring to the younger brother Subhan Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on him and allow us to die in a good state. You cannot guarantee how you

00:33:37 --> 00:34:15

leave this world, you cannot guarantee when you will die, you cannot choose the date of your death. If you are putting off something that will bring you closer to Allah, if you're putting off an obligation, if you're still committing a major sin and you refuse to let go of that habit. This is the this is the time to move forward. When you are reminded before the natural religion feed the filter on calls us to focus on life after death. And not to be distracted by what's in front of you. Don't be too distracted by what's happening in front of you take care of it. Be efficient with it plan for this life properly, but only as a small pixel of a stepping stone to something much larger

00:34:15 --> 00:34:36

and greater. We don't want to be people have regrets when we depart. We want to be celebrating. And the way to celebrate when your soul leaves your body is to be in a good state to be in a state of practice and worship throughout your life. Because you do not choose how suddenly you will depart from this world. May Allah subhana allow us to live upon that you didn't want him to die upon it. alarm me a number 26 But in

00:34:38 --> 00:34:54

the law so they asked what is the Day of Judgment they're asking with a mocking tone. And the response say to them that knowledge is with Allah Allah we're in love. And I know the Euro movie in an im a clear warning. I am sent with this clear warning. What does this mean?

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

You have people who ask us questions who oftentimes care and they are genuine

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

And then they really want to know and you have people who are mocking

00:35:03 --> 00:35:44

whether or not I have the answer is irrelevant, because I know with certainty that the day of judgment will come and knowing with certainty that something will happen suffices for me to warn you so that you also prepare for it. Here's an example. As for the exact time when a person will die, that is only known to Allah subhanaw taala. However, we all know everyone knows atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, everyone knows that everyone has to die one day, this knowledge that you will all die one day we will all depart is enough. So that we are giving a warning and receiving the warning and we are looking after the one who is heedless, and reminding

00:35:44 --> 00:36:20

this friend of ours that is heedless. Don't ignore that reality. It's in your best interest to prepare for your death. And this warning for it to be efficient. It is not necessary to know exactly on which day you will die. But it's important to know that you will die therefore prepare for that moment does this make sense for leaving them alone anymore in the law, the knowledge of the exact time in which this world will end and your world will end because you will enter the afterlife as soon as you die as soon as your body dies and your soul moves on. That knowledge is with Allah. But you know that's a reality so prepare for that reality. The prophets roles Hello Isilon is as a clear

00:36:20 --> 00:36:24

warning. MOBA Sharon, one of the rubbishy Iran one zero

00:36:25 --> 00:37:08

and verse 27, Fela Moreau, who will fit and see at will you will Adina Cafaro, what are we referring to here, fella was unfetter. This is when they see the torment on the Day of Resurrection getting close to so people who denied life after the people who ignored all the messages, all the signs all the warnings. When the reality became clear when they now are witnessing this firsthand when they see the torment close to them, the faces of the disbelievers became or become gloomy. And then it will be said to them what Lila heard the lady Quinto be turned down, this is the very thing that you claim would never happen. And I want us to consider here the reality of the claim of the New

00:37:08 --> 00:37:49

Atheists today. They have more faith than anyone else in something that is unjustified with no evidence whatsoever. more faith in their new Atheism with absolutely no justification. The Muslim has 100% a year of clean certainty, with proofs and clear signs left and right up and down and even within us. This is the difference between the faith of the one who believes in something unjustified. And the faith of the believer, the Muslim with the clean because we have a methodology of knowing what it means to have faith. Oftentimes the word faith by the way is misunderstood. When someone says you have faith in something you have faith in this or that some people have faith and

00:37:49 --> 00:38:25

an atheist says they have no faith. What do you mean you have no faith? You must have faith in something, what do you believe in? And then they start telling you and they expose and reveal what they believe in. They believe in a multiverse with no foundation that requires beyond 100% blind faith, something that has no evidence scientifically or philosophically, blind faith and a multiverse in the reality that what they think in the theory that a monkey could somehow type up an entire Shakespearean novel or poem. Really, that's your blind faith. You're ignoring the Signs of God for that. That's a person of blind faith right there. The Muslim is not a person on blind faith.

00:38:26 --> 00:39:05

The Muslim the rational, intellectual, intelligent, confident Muslim, recognizes the methodology of claims and evidences and we are humble. Atheists, and specifically New Atheists do not have intellectual humility. And they speak beyond their qualifications. Many atheists, for example, take matters of science, and try to add to them a philosophical baggage. But all science must have something with it that is linked to the ultimate reality of life and the universe. And they add to it their own biases and perspectives and try to make it mainstream to the point where they try to make those who believe seem like they are unintelligent, or seem like they are missing something

00:39:05 --> 00:39:43

when in reality, all people have faith. What do you have faith in? I have faith in something that is evidenced in something that is very obvious in the signs that are very clear in the irrational justification of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as the last messenger of God and the Quran is the messenger of God. This is all backed up by evidence. What does the atheist have? And they are at the base level. Ultimately, they are following a desire. They are not following science do not be confused or tricked, because they want people to think science and religion are two different things when in fact, science is simply a tool. It's one small branch. It's like saying epistemology or

00:39:43 --> 00:40:00

religion, what do you mean? It's simply a tool? It's like saying a testimony or religion is simply a tool. It's like saying rationalism or religion again, it's simply a tool to know religion includes everything of science. Now, if you're talking about the philosophical interpretation of what you're claiming,

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

To be science, then that is disputed within the scientific community. Be careful, be careful, be careful not to fall for the traps of New Atheists today. And they are fooling Muslims and Christians and others left and right. May Allah protect us. This requires us to study and to understand how to think critically and properly and to have foundations in our faith. Because on that day, on that day, the atheists, the one who rejected the Quran, the one who rejected the Prophet, so I sent them on that day, they are going to be told this is what you claimed would never happen. And you had no evidence for your claim. We have many evidences for the Day of Judgment, the fact that Allah told us

00:40:36 --> 00:41:14

about it suffices. And this is rationally justified. Don't let them think that they are people of science, and you are people of faith. No, we are people of faith and science. But we are justified rationally in all of our evidences and claims. Her the lady couldn't be turned down on that day when the disbeliever witnesses hellfire, and they see it, and they see it with their eyes, I finally again, again, the lowest level of certainty is seeing something really, really ugly in the knowledge of something that they experience how polyethylene the reality of it. On that day, when everything starts to manifest, what they denied will occur and this will start to grieve them, they will start

00:41:14 --> 00:41:53

to say, I wish I used to listen, I wish I didn't mark the Muslims, which I used to be a person of intellect and knowledge. And this is when on that day they will be surrounded by their fate by their reality. And Allah subhanaw taala will come in for them, they will see this reality what they were not be able to reckon or fully comprehend to come to them. And so what we want here to focus on is this claim her the lady going to be turned down, I'm going to ask you a question. They are being told this is what you claimed, whenever they used to mockingly asked you, they used to ask me they used to ask Muslims, they used to ask people who believe in life after death? When will that day

00:41:53 --> 00:42:13

come if you're telling the truth? So the question of synthesis here, again, synthesis linking two concepts together? How can you link this idea to a previous? Can anyone anyone give us a link in the next 15 seconds? How can you link this idea with any other previous idea of the surah?

00:42:14 --> 00:42:23

Her the lady contributor down they're going to be told this is that thing that you claimed would never happen? Can anyone here link this with a previous verse that we heard?

00:42:38 --> 00:42:52

For $1,000, I feel like I'm fundraising or we're playing Jeopardy. I'm kidding. Somebody's passing by you as you're listening to this lecture and they heard there's $1,000 in the Tafseer class. That would be nice. Answer this question $4,000 4000 has enough to show

00:42:55 --> 00:43:04

as six excellent as six now somebody's going to ask in the comments what is a a six, because this is going to require some link between the two.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:42

Is that mostly when you Latina kuffaar will be robbing him either Bucha Hana what bits are mostly those who disbelieve in their Lord they will suffer the punishment of * and indeed this is an evil destination does that mafia known as six and seven and eight and nine and 10 Well, Hollywood Hakuna smile, I will knock you know Makena feels homicide all of these are linked to it and especially the crux here, their confession photographer will be then be they admit their sin, their sin here is disbelief. This is the ultimate sin that they committed for so fondly as homicide away with the residents of the fire. And at that point six to 11 that's when we started discussing

00:43:42 --> 00:44:22

rationalism the intellect allowed them how to reach certain conclusions. Does that make up for your answer? Brother No. So I want us here to keep in mind the importance of synthesis between verses so we can make links between what we are receiving, understanding learning and inshallah implementing. Verse 28 will arrive at Amina Lakhani along with Mary Oh Rahim Allah familia G. Rowley curfew, Lena, you know, they've been learning. So this is the last passage of Surah to remark and these are very important questions to consider at the end. Allah subhana wa Tada is telling the Prophet slicin I'm saying to them or prophet, consider this. If Allah subhanaw taala causes me to die and the people

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

who follow me if Allah causes us to perish and die, or he shows mercy to us, oh Rahim Allah, whether or not that happened, who will save the disbelievers from a painful punishment who's going to save you on that day? Meaning, whether Allah takes our lives as the disbelievers wished and wished today, as whether or not Allah takes our lives or renters or long life regardless, it is all good for us. We're okay we're not worried about that. Meaning what? That's not the worry here the worry here the emphasis is that you are rejecting the truth, who will protect you from Allah if you disbelieve in him. When the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started his mission of Prophethood in

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

Mecca and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

Members of the different clans and tribes of Polish began to embrace Islam. The people of almost every single house started to curse him in his companions. The people started becoming angry, they started claiming certain things they start trying to assassinate him. There were so many assassination attempts on his life and they started devising plots to get rid of the Muslims. At this point, it was said to them say, oh certain profits wise and say to them, what will it profit you? What will help you? What will really benefit you? Whether we perish or we live by the grace and mercy of Allah? What does that matter to you? You should worry for yourselves as to how you will

00:45:37 --> 00:46:19

save yourself from the punishment of the grave and the afterlife. So this is a question for what consideration a question for reflection. And the people who are listening and want to be people of reflection and benefit will benefit. And this brings us to the finale 29 and 31, who are watchmen and the wily Torkel one of the most uplifting verses for the believers say he is the Lord of Mercy, we believe in him and Nabil while Etowah Cana we put our trust in Allah first Tada Munna man who are feeling all that it will be in you will come to know very soon, you will come to know who was truly an obvious error. This means what we have believed in a lot you are denying him we put our trust in

00:46:19 --> 00:47:04

a lot you put your trust in yourself, your desires, your rationale, your own resources, your idols, your false deities, your movements, humanism, secularism, atheism, whatever it may be, you put your trust in something other than Allah. If you are trusting in Allah, you have nothing to worry about. If you don't have your trust in Allah, then who will protect you who will help you. This is a verse of being uplifted, to solidify your email and to remind you, every every day or every night when you recite Surah Al Malik, Paul who are Rockman and we believe in him, man, we believe in him not ever Merciful, the One who created us out of His mercy, and we were all at our can we put our trust in

00:47:04 --> 00:47:35

him. Put your trust in Allah he will decrease your worries of worldly things, and to the disbelievers versatile Munna men who are feeling early, maybe you will come to see you soon. Who was wrong, who's clearly in error. You claim we're wrong, you claim more backwards, you claim we don't have this or that. In fact, you will see very soon that you are incorrect. Again, I want to ask you a critical thinking question synthesis. How do you link this is to a previous one in the Surah regarding the disbelievers what comes to your mind what comes to mind

00:47:37 --> 00:47:40

you will protect yourself by choosing the right path excellent as

00:47:41 --> 00:47:58

you protect yourself by choosing the right path. So go ahead and link verse 29. To any previous idea of the surah regarding the disbelievers has a ton of moolah Men Who Have you got any movie, you will come to know who is an error someone give us an answer in Sharla link this idea to a previous i In the Surah

00:48:01 --> 00:48:03

feel free to unmute yourself and chill

00:48:14 --> 00:48:21

I'll give you another 15 seconds to think about each other link this idea to a previous idea regarding the disbelievers.

00:48:41 --> 00:48:47

Verse 22, Zack McLaren, a famous and we have another answer verse 20.

00:48:49 --> 00:49:28

So with regards to a 22 FMA machine will keep Bernardo when he earned the EMG. So we and others are automatically reversed we ended with last week and started with this week, who is more rightly guided the one who crawls facedown or the one who walks upright on a straight path and the link between the two you will come to see very soon who is actually on the straight path. So again, the link here is yes, one that seems to be of dialogue. But it's your reality, and you're seeing it with what with conviction as a Muslim with pride. You're proud to be Muslim, you're proud in what you believe in you. You know, the reality of the day of judgment was Samuel Orsa to help the hereafter

00:49:28 --> 00:49:51

and the our meaning the day of resurrection when it starts is a reality. So you're going to see very soon as you mock us as you mock those who believe in life after death, who was truly in error and who was walking upright this entire time. Another link that was suggested, brother north is up nuclear is verse 20. A man had a lady who had you know laconian solo coming up Rockman Excellent.

00:49:52 --> 00:49:59

Excellent link between the two. Allah subhanaw taala is telling the prophets why Selim and telling us as an extension, but who want a man and

00:50:00 --> 00:50:24

The meaning you put your trust in Allah that ever Merciful a rough man and hearing this as well a man her the lady who are jundo Lakhan young solocom In universe man, what powerless force can help you? If Allah Allah man does not if you're abandoning God and India indeed the disbelievers are truly diluted any coffee at all a Lafayette road. There's a link here at the end of the verses as well for Setar Ala Moana men who are female and it will be excellent.

00:50:26 --> 00:51:05

If there are any other answers, go ahead and comment or unmute yourself otherwise we'll move on to Sean so it's important again when you study to see it and when you read Quran and you recite on your own to pause maybe every every other idea and reflect what links can you make between this idea and your life links between this idea and society link this idea to community link this idea to psychology link this idea to theology linked this idea to happiness linked this idea to a previous area or another Surah think often like this, you will find yourself benefiting more Inshallah, from what you learn there. Thereafter, you will notice you are learning more concepts you are becoming

00:51:05 --> 00:51:51

strong and solidified in your concepts. So, conceptual thought rather than only taking in information if all we wanted as a group as Muslims if all we wanted was information, I would just write all my Tafseer out all the different research that my ideas the input I added all the shoe who commented on it the feedback that I got and then simply share it with you as a writing, but the point is to discuss so that we are seeing the links between different verses. The point is to learn inshallah to improve and extend our critical thinking when it comes to the is that we are reciting the last verse the finale of Surah 2008 In US Mahana como Hola, familia de Colombia in my say indeed

00:51:51 --> 00:52:30

this say this to them, consider the following. If your sources of water, if all the water of this world were to sink into the earth, what you disappear into the earth, if your water was to disappeared, then who else could bring you flowing water? Who else could bring that to you meaning other than Allah, meaning is there an army you have that has this this source of controlling the Earth and its water if Allah causes the water to go into the earth, in other words, has another besides Allah the power to restore the springs of water for you and to you, if no one else has this power, and you know fully well that no one else has it than who is worthy of worship God or your

00:52:30 --> 00:53:10

desires, God or your false deities, your false desires and deities who do not have the power to restore water to this world, the water cycle as your own cells, who is guided and misguided who is walking upright and who is on their face, those who believe in God or those who are rejecting that reality, or you who live on the earth, dig the wells that you can dig and drink water from it to quench your thirst and grow your plants and vegetation and nourish and cultivate your societies and civilizations. But do not forget that none of these things are truly your personal property. They are a divine gift. Allah subhanaw taala has sent down this water and is preserved for us in many

00:53:10 --> 00:53:51

different ways. And it is preserved on the peaks of mountains and in ice around the world as well. And it is left for us in terms of the cycle to constantly be purified to constantly run on its own who is sustaining it on its own meat no human being is sustaining the watercycle it is Allah subhana wa Tada this is a divine gift. And Allah subhanaw taala if He wills could remove that from this birth, if Allah took away the access we have to water in this world, who could sustain us who could allow us to live? And if no one could sustain us, then why would we not turn to Allah? So this is a question for reflection, a question to awaken the filter. In other words, if all the water of this

00:53:51 --> 00:54:31

world were to disappear into the depths of the earth, does anyone in this world, any scientist, any country, any military, any organization, any civilization, do they have any power through which they will be able to obtain pure running water when a law removed it from our path? And Allah removed access to it? And of course, the answer is no one's the lamina sama EMA and we'll call that investor now moving all the way now I know there haven't been up on the rune. Allah says We sent down water from the sky in measure meaning with specific amounts, there's a cycle to the earth and lodged it into the ground so that we are able to access it, and we certainly are able to withdraw it. Allah

00:54:31 --> 00:54:59

subhanaw taala is speaking here to the miracle and the gift of water in this world on this earth. And we want to keep in mind here, a question that arises when you recite this and you reflect on the benefits of this. Is there anyone who can protect you guide you help you sustain you? If you turn away from the One who created this world? answer is no. How can any of us turn them to our doubts and desires, turn them to rejecting that

00:55:00 --> 00:55:15

Reality, the shaytaan the devil against victory over a people and over an individual when they disregard or disbelieve in life after death, because then they will do anything and justify anything then they will deny all the favors of Allah all the blessings of God.

00:55:16 --> 00:55:58

So be a, you know, be command to Candyman, whichever of the favours of your Lord, are you going to deny some people when they recite the end of solitary Moloch familia t can be met in line they say a lot. They say Allah is the only one that can grant us this. And this was a question that was posed to me as well. And I did some research into this. It was quoted by even hudgell Rahim Allah that one of the early chef, any scholars mentioned this. But the in terms of the actual explicit Hadith, I could not find any authentic hadith and most of the scholars that I've consulted also mentioned that there's no explicit Hadith on saying a law after you finish reciting this. And that was basically

00:55:58 --> 00:56:36

quoted by Chef a scholar alongside other things that were mentioned a hadith, for example, the end of sort of Yama or Surah, two teen, at least along the academic community, you can see Bella for example, this is mentioned authentic hadith. And when you read certain verses of the Quran for mercy ask Allah for mercy. When you reach verses of punishment ask Allah for protection. When you reach a verse, or for example, you recite suddenly a small beacon Allah glorify Allah subhana wa Vijnana these are mentioned authentic hadith even during the Salah, the Prophet slicin would do so Some scholars say only in the voluntary prayer, but as for saying anything after this last I cannot find

00:56:36 --> 00:57:13

any proof of that rather let us reflect Inshallah, when you reach this last ayah Allah subhana wa Tada is the only one the law of the world who can grant us access to this water. He is the One who created this earth for us. Let the Holocaust savasana version three. But why did He create it? Go back to the foundation, the purpose of everything. Why are we here? And then the Holocaust in moto? Well Hyah, Talia beluga, cool ucommerce and Ramona, the One who created death and life in order to test you to see what's best in their deeds. May Allah subhanaw taala, purify our actions, purify our hearts, purify our thoughts, greatest sincerity and steadfastness. This is the objective of

00:57:13 --> 00:57:47

everything, to worship Allah to know Allah to pass this test. If you ignore the reality of this test, it's not simply going to go away, the one who ignores the reality of the test, and they don't want to face this test. And they disbelieve in the test, they did not escape the test. That's like saying someone is in a building that is on fire. You gave them a map, how to get out of this huge building, you gave them tools to protect themselves a suit, you gave them a fire extinguisher. And they said, Well, why am I here? I don't believe in this reality. I don't believe that I'm in this building. I don't believe that there is a fire I don't believe that I have to do anything. And they

00:57:47 --> 00:58:23

ignore everything that they had. And as a result, they find they're going to face the consequences and say, or call your local nurse. Now, I will not do mock interviews, find the site only needs to listen or think properly. There are many people, Muslims as well, unfortunately, who fall for these traps. These doubts these tricks and will lie they are tricks and illusions, people who have one doubt or two doubts and suddenly they magnify it and exaggerate it and make it a big deal. And then they use it to justify their shadow worth and they use it to justify their abandoning of reality and God, and they don't leave the certainty of Islam to some other certainty. They leave and find

00:58:23 --> 00:58:26

themselves more lost than before. And they find themselves

00:58:27 --> 00:59:01

feeling a type of nihilism, a type of meaninglessness, they find themselves feeling that there's anxiety when facing the reality of death or anxiety when talking about the truths of Islam. Many of them no longer want to discuss these, these proofs and evidences because they're afraid to face this reality. And just yesterday, a man fell into this kind of trap here in the United States. Basically, he was in a conversation with a close brother and a colleague. And and then finally he said, You know what, I know you probably have many more arguments. I don't want to hear them. He said I don't want to talk about Islam. And he shut the door there. And the collie basically said to him, you

00:59:01 --> 00:59:08

reached out asking for help. You're the one who said you had a doubt and you were sincere in wanting an answer and now we're giving you an answer and you're running away from it.

00:59:09 --> 00:59:46

First Attalla Munna manual for your wallet it will be. May Allah Subhana. Allah protect us and guide us. We are here with a purpose my brothers and sisters, let us live for this purpose. be meaningful and purposeful and everything that you do, set goals for yourself that build towards your ultimate purpose. Allah created you and he is going to test you how do you respond and react to the life around you the circumstances that you have to the world that you're in? How will you respond? This is why we're here. And Allah gave us all a guide. In Legend a key to get through this life without feeling concerned confused or lost. There is clarity, there is a clear light, it is justified, it is

00:59:46 --> 01:00:00

rational, it is intuitive, and it has all of these different signs embedded within it and the signs all around the universe and the signs within yourself. Your own consciousness your own thought process your own idea of First Person. Me

01:00:00 --> 01:00:37

myself and I, this is a reality of recognizing one of many signs of God, that you exist that you have monocot metacognition, that you have higher purpose, that you seek a life with no suffering that's Jannah that you seek a life in which there is justice and rights are restored. That's the day of judgment, that you seek a place in which there are no longer test and trials tribulations, that is paradise eternal bliss, work for it, work for it, work for it, and do not stop and rededicate, analyze reassess your goals. Ask yourself where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow, on a scale of one to 10 How well are you passing this test? And if you feel like there's room for

01:00:37 --> 01:01:13

improvement, what will you do about it? What can you do to take your passing of this test to the next level? The fact that you are a believer Alhamdulillah May Allah keep us steadfast is a huge response to the question of how are you responding to the test of God, that you have accepted the truth and you are fulfilling what you can? Why would rob Takahata to karate and worship your Lord until you die until you return back to him and face that reality that you will see when your soul leaves your body and you will want to the next phase of existence before the day of resurrection. Now there are links between the opening verses and the closing verses I will mention a few

01:01:13 --> 01:01:55

inshallah. The first is the power of Allah to about aka lady via demon. Baraka is with Allah, the kingdom and all authority and all power belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. So blessings from Allah. If you use all that Allah has blessed you with to disobey Him, then you are ungrateful and have rejected the blessing. True gratitude is to use the blessings Allah gave you to obey him to please him to seek His pleasure. If you are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala recognize these blessings for what they truly are. Recognize that there is a sustainer the main tuner Allah, submit to Him out of love out of humility turned to him a lot believe in supplication in Douala. Think of Allah day and

01:01:55 --> 01:02:32

night reference a lot in everyday conversations. Your heart and your mind cannot see any sign any idea of Allah subhanaw taala without thinking of him, the opening verses spoke of our test. And then the follow up on motor Hialeah blue Acoma, UMass and Ramona part of this test is to see the blessings of God and to use them wisely. Allah gives us free will to do what we want in this world with these blessings, including the magnificent Blessing of Water. But in the next life, there is accountability for the time spent in this world and the blessings that we use in this world. So we started off with the blessings of Allah and we ended with what are the blessings meaning tomorrow I

01:02:32 --> 01:03:10

can let the the powers with Allah control the universe's and Allah's hands, and we say at the end, Allah Subhana Allah is the One who gave us the source in this life, of all life, and that is water. When John lamina equilibria in high we made from every from water every living be Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us of this blessing that we need to be sustained to stay alive with this physical world that we are in. May Allah Subhana Allah make us grateful. They will keep us steadfast May Allah allow us to be people of Surah Al Malik, in its resuscitation, understanding memorization, implementation and teaching Aloma I mean, I remind you once again, as I did when we started Surah,

01:03:10 --> 01:03:45

two in Malik, please do recite it every night for your own sake, please do encourage your children, your loved ones, your friends, your community members, social media post about it, the importance of reciting Surah to like, make a campaign if you can remind people in a very powerful way this is a sort of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would not sleep until he recited it, and the one who is wise will follow in his footsteps it his Salatu was Salam. May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, forgive us for our shortcomings keep us standing and walking upright on the straight path and allow us to see the light until the day that we get to him and may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be

01:03:45 --> 01:03:53

resurrected in good company and close to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along the Amin masala Marlin Amina Mohammed Wan Ernie he was like me me

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