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Al-Baqarah 172-176 Translation

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The hammer the windows earlier a lot of illegal Karim borrowed firewood we left him in a shape ideology investment for him, rubbish rally assadi were Sidley and the better melissani yokocho Holy probenecid are in

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less than ever number 23. So, total bahara I remember 172 to 176

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Yeah Are you her? Are you and Lavina those who are Manu they believed kulu you all eat mean from by liberty, good things, clean things. Man. What Rosa Kanako we provided you all wash guru and you all be grateful limb there he for Allah. In if quantum you were a year who only him there balloon you are worship

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in Noma, indeed not but have Rama he made unlawful or LA come upon you

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estimate that the debt, what damage and the blood when the hammer and meat flesh lgnz of the swine warmer and what he learned, it was pronounced, it was called loudly, be he with it, the lady for other than Allah He Allah

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famine, then whoever

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he was forced, he was compelled by euro, not Berlin, one sinning or one desiring water and nor are they in one transgressing

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further, so not itsma anything I lay upon him in Indeed, Allah, Allah waffled on most forgiving or Haman always All Merciful in indeed alladhina those who yocto Muna they hide man what ends Allah He sent down Allahu Allah min from elkie Tabby the book where Sharona and thereby be with it feminine. A price or leeland level una eco those may not yet coluna they eat fi in botany him their bellies in there except a narrow the fire weather and nor you can move on he will talk to them. Allahu Allah yoma on day of the AMA the standing winner and nor user key Him He will purify them. What a home and for them. Are there been a punishment by Lehman painful?

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Ola, aka those alladhina are those who estado de bartered have been added to the misguidance bill who the with the guidance, well either and the punishment will fill with the forgiveness for now. So what us borrow whom has made them patient either upon a now the fire

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vaniqa that be under because Indeed, Allah Allah knows Allah. He gradually sent down elkie taba the book will help with the truth.

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We're in and indeed alladhina those who is that a full day deferred fee in Al kitabi. The book Luffy surely in shocking, opposite opposition buried in one far.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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