Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 083E Tafsir Al-Anam 104-110

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the responsibility of the diary and the success of the "verbal war" to force people to accept obligations. They stress the importance of not feeling too hard on oneself and not giving anyone too much information. The success of the "verbal war" is discussed, including the profit scam and the potential for requesting obligations. The speakers emphasize respect and respecting others, as it is a fundamental belief in Islam and the importance of avoiding labeling and not giving up on one's views.
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So let's recall absorb well, who were you the equal absorber who Well luckily for Hubby, Khadija accom certainly it has come to you. Basa era enlightenment Mirabai come from your Lord. Enlightenment has come to you from your Lord Bissau. It is deplore enough buslee era. One is bizarre and the other is bizarre. Bizarre is the vision of the eyes meaning what you look with your eyes, but you look at with your eyes, for example, you look at an apple bustle, the buzzer perceives what? The apple red apple Brasil on the other hand, is insight perception, enlightenment, which is that you don't just look at the apple. Okay? It's not just an apple to you. But you also realize Is it

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real or is it fake?

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You also think about where it came from? Who brought it who caused it to grow. I mean, if there's fake fruit, and if a child sees it, and the child loves that particular fruit, they'll say, Apple, Apple, Apple, they'll cry for it. And you're like, it's not real.

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You have eyes, they have eyes, both of you saw an apple, but you went beyond the physical appearance right? And you understood it's reality. It's not real, it's fake. This is what basura is. Deep vision that you go beyond the surface, you understand the reality. So Allah says, adjure accom, bizarre aromatherapy calm. Allah subhanaw taala has informed you has shown you so many proofs, so many evidences that you don't just look at the date palm. You don't just look at the dates. You also realize that it came from somewhere, there's someone who made it. You don't just accept that surface that somebody says Allah has a child no, you think deeper and you analyze that and you said no way.

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Allah does not have a child. It's not possible. He is above that. So called Jakob bizarro Mirai calm. So what meaning does bissa it convey over here proves evidences that enlighten you that make you understand the reality from an observer for men. So whoever Uppsala he sees, funnily enough, see, done for himself, meaning he will benefit. If someone uses their vision, their understanding, they reflect, and they see reality they perceive reality as is, then good for them. Woman and whoever I'm here, he became blind farily her than upon it, meaning against it, they will suffer if someone becomes blind, meaning blind to all these proofs and arguments, all the signs that Allah has

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presented. They don't think they don't rationalize, they don't use their mind. Then they will suffer for Allah against it, meaning it will be against them, they will suffer at the end. And the prophets of Allah cinemas doll to declare Wolmar Anna and not I am or lay come upon you behalf feel at all a guardian.

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I'm not a guardian over you. Meaning I'm just supposed to convey the message to you. I'm not someone who's going to force you to accept

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her feelings who Hatfield, one who watches preserves? When do you watch preserve something when you make sure that it's doing whatever it's doing perfectly and correctly? You know, for example, a mother is happy over her children. So she makes sure okay, my child ate this much food. Okay, it's enough for them. Or my child ate very little my child ate well, and if the child refuses to eat cheese after the child, okay, would you like some cheese? Would you like some crackers? Would you like this instead, every few minutes, she's on that poor child's case, eat something, maybe drink something. And she's, you know, bribing him and, you know, threatening him using whatever way that

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she can to make sure that the child eats Hatfield prophets of Allah Salam, he is told, tell them that I'm not happy over you. Meaning I'm not someone who's going to make sure that you definitely use your mind your reasoning, you definitely accept you definitely submit you definitely believe No, I can't do that. I'm not supposed to do that. I'm only supposed to convey the message to you.

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And remember, this is true. This is applicable to every single one of us. At the end of the day, you can just convey and that is what you are responsible for. You're not responsible for making sure that everybody believes and everybody does, right.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has been very merciful to us by removing this responsibility from us. Because if we were made responsible in this manner, our life would be miserable. It would be very difficult.

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You know, think about it. If there's someone you assign them some work, and you're like, Okay, you're supposed to do this. And now it's your responsibility. For example, in university, a student is given work by their professor, the per

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First, I can only tell them, this is the assignment that you're supposed to do. And you're supposed to submit it by this day.

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And if the professor has the responsibility of making sure that the student also does the assignment, will they be able to fulfill their responsibility? No. Because then they will have to call the student every day. Did you do it? Did you do your readings? Did you do your research? Did you make the draft yet? Did you write you know this? Did you answer these many questions? Come on, is it supposed to be teaching? Are you supposed to be following up on every student whether they are doing the assignment or not?

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So the responsibility of the diary is what convey he is not someone to force people. He's not someone to make sure that the people follow that the people accept that this is Allah's mercy upon you. It doesn't mean that you don't care about people. They just tell them when you're like, go to *, I don't care about you know, you're supposed to tell them, you're supposed to remind them you're supposed to advise them. The profit scam as Warner's and bringers off good news. So give the warning give the good news like the professor does, right? But at the end of the day, if somebody doesn't praise Allah, despite your constant reminding them, then please calm down.

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Take it easy on yourself. It doesn't mean don't tell them don't remind them no you're supposed to. But don't be too hard with yourself. You can only tell someone to believe they cannot force them to believe correct? This is why let it grow have indeed there is no compulsion in religion meaning you cannot force someone to believe you can't force them to become Muslim.

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Because the heart is not in your control somebody else's heart how can you force a man into it? You can't it's beyond your ability. So when that anomaly can be revealed, what can barely cut and thus no salary fool as we diversify the signs, the proofs so that people understand, but what's the state of the disbelievers Walia Kulu and so that they say meaning instead of believing, instead of understanding, what do they say, the Rasta, you have studied. You have learned all these things, the Rasta from Dell or seen the rasa Russo to study formal study. It's a little hate to read to someone. When you read before your teacher, what does it mean you have been instructed on a one on one basis

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in great detail. So the teacher is dusting you making you read making sure that you have understood correctly. So they say that you have studied, they accused the prophets of a lot of them that you have studied all of this from who from these Roman slaves who live in Makkah, it has said that they were named ESL and Java or something like that. So they said that these Roman slaves you have learned from them, they have taught you all these things. But how is that possible? Because Christianity, what does that promote?

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You know way, and the prophets Allah is Allah. What was he saying? Only though hate La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. So say that he learned all of this from the people of the book. It's not accurate, because if he learned all this from them, he would have said what they say. But in reality, he said something that's very, very different from what they promote from what they teach from what they believe in. When you go to the Rasta Willie Nuba, you know, who they call me or the moon, holy war and Lenovo, Lenovo. So that we make it clear the common for people you're the one they know. So, all these proofs are presented very clearly, there are some people who will remain

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stubborn on their disbelief and they come up with one reasoning explanation excuse after the other at one time, you know, they will demand from you miracles at another time they will demand from you that they want to see Allah at another time they will accuse you of fabricating all of this at another time, they will say that, you know, a Shavon inspires you you're influenced by the jinn. Another time they will say that somebody taught you all this, you have studied all this. How is it possible that he studied all of this when he was a soul who was me who is on me? unlettered, he was never formally educated, formally trained in anything, he didn't even know how to read and write. So

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what so that he didn't even recognize the word Rasul?

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You know, that he didn't even recognize the word Rasul how it is written, because, you know, the Treaty of her Davia when this was mentioned in the treaty, that he is the messenger of Allah, the machine objective, they said, If we believed in him as the Messenger of Allah, we would never have this dispute with him. So this that removal of Sula, the prophets of Allah was until earlier with our new okay erase it he said, I cannot

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I cannot erase the word of a pseudo Allah. I cannot, you know, it's like something you believe in so firmly How can you destroy it? So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Okay, tell me where it's written what it is that I

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I can erase it myself. So he showed him where the word was and he raised it.

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So they say you have studied all this, how's that possible? Doesn't make any sense. He couldn't even recognize basic words letters. He couldn't read. He was never taught. Willie Akoto dosta and if they say he learned all this from what acaba Nofal what a puppet Nofal he died very soon after the prophets have a lot of sin received prophet hood. Willie Nuba, you know, Julio Komiya. Allah wounds on the one hand, there are people who are in stubborn on the disbelief. And on the other hand, there are people who when they learn about all these proofs and evidences, they believe their email increases, things become more clear to them.

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It appears the Prophet salallahu Salam installed follow mad that which Oh, here it has been revealed elago to you Milla bit from your Lord. Your job is what to convey, and to follow, follow whatever has been revealed to you from your Lord. And the same goes for us, we also have to follow La ilaha illa, who there is no god but Him will earn it and turn away. And from an Mushrikeen, those who associate partners with Allah, we don't pay much attention to what they say. They're rumors, they're false accusations, ignore them, they're not worth any attention. Turn away from them, ignore them, tolerate what they're saying, it's just a matter of few days, bear what they're saying. Ignore them.

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And many times it happens that people are saying things which are inappropriate, and if you start listening to them and paying attention to them and thinking about them, you will get distracted from your main focus. You can never do your work. So the prophets of Allah is uninstalled. Ignore the Mushrikeen turn away from them, meaning don't bother, but what they say but what they believe in, just ignore them. Focus on your work, Willow and if SHA he willed, Allahu Allah. If Allah willed man, not a Shaku data check, if Allah willed, these people would have never committed chick, you know, just like we say, if only the whole world could be Muslim, everybody could be Muslim.

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Hopeless. pantalla says yes, if Allah who wanted it could have happened. However, this is not the way of Allah, what to force people do surrender to force people to accept. Think about it. If this is not the way of Allah to force people to accept and how can we force people to accept? Who are we to force people to accept, whether it is that we force someone to accept our invitation, or we force someone to accept our argument, we force someone to accept our opinion, we force someone to accept you know, the food that we're offering them, whatever it is, when Allah does not force people to believe he lets them choose.

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Then who are we? Well, OSHA Allahumma Shaku. Allah doesn't force faith on people, it has to come from within themselves, it has to come willingly, because that is the test. If everyone was forced to believe, then there would be no point of this dunya everyone should have been in Jannah from day one, but Allah send the children of Adam, Adam, listen him his children to this world. Why? So that they can be tested? Do they believe or do the disbelief? WOMAD your Anelka and we have not made you warmer and not Jarl NACA we have made you we have appointed you are laying upon them heavy law as a guardian.

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Again, it's been mentioned we have not made you a guardian over them, to force them to believe forced them to accept and remember, that woma and not under you are i lay you upon them be working at all a manager who is working over everything, Allah alone, you are not working over everything over people. And who is working someone who manages the affairs of someone you are not a manager over people you can only convey in the Quran what do we learn for in the Mara legal below where Elena herself on you as a responsibility to convey and on us is to call people to account. So when we learn about all these proofs, all these arguments, we tell people, and the response that we get

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is so strange. It's so disappointing. It's so discouraging. And we're like, what they should believe, but they should listen, but they should accept so we become angry.

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We raise our voice

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or we begin to hate them. Or we begin to force you know, our opinions on them and they move back from us. They go further and further away from us. They don't want to listen to us at all them.

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So what do we learn over here? Our job is to convey and that's it. Yes.

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Sometimes we get a

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angry with those kinds of people because it's like, we can see and they're blind. And it's like you can see so clearly what they don't understand they don't see it. So that's why you get angry, like, why can't you see it? But we've studied that, you know, Allah puts wailed on people's eyes and all he can remove it. So you can just make dua for them. That's true. And besides think about it, every person looks at things differently. Correct? I mean, if there's a chocolate cake, with some chocolate chips on it, and some nuts on it, who will notice the chocolate chips? The one who likes chocolate chips? Who will notice the cake part, the one who likes that? Right? Who will notice the

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nuts, the one who likes them. And sometimes it happens that things are so obvious, but because you have no interest in them, you don't even notice them isn't at all. You don't even notice them. So just because you understand something doesn't mean that somebody else also understands. So what needs to be done is it you need to be patient you need to give them time? What do we want we tell somebody get up and pray You know, so now should be at the start at the beginning of the time. And you should pray immediately look, I'm getting up for that Jude, I'm getting up for Salah Where are you sleeping and we can furious and angry. But the one who's sleeping has a completely different

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mindset. Right? So you need to give them time, let them wake up a little bit. Massage their feet or their heads so that they can wake up and as they gain consciousness, the yes they will understand Inshallah, that it's time to pray. You have studied the Quran. Your understanding is different other people their understanding is different. Today they don't understand, hopefully insha Allah in a few days, they will in a few months they will.

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There were so many people in Makkah who didn't embrace Islam at the beginning, when did they become Muslim at the conquest of Makkah? Because that is when they understood that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have them killed to the prophets of Allah is gonna make dua against them no, he waited patiently and dislike that we have to be patient when it comes I just wanted to say that maybe sometimes you can just look at ourselves the way that we were at the beginning of the course and where we are today. Hopefully we're different people hamdulillah and we will find excuses for ourselves for being ignorant from before we should also find access to people not knowing the truth

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and not seeing things the way they're supposed to lie to one and do not the so boo you insult you abuse you curse the sub boys from sub scene Baba and sub is to, you know, verbally abuse someone to call them names to ridicule them to curse them. Allah says lead the Cebu Do not insult who Alladhina those beings who yet Runa they call upon min dune in lab besides Allah, whether it is idols, or people or whatever, anything that people worship besides Allah, don't curse that. Don't make fun of it. Don't verbally abuse them. Okay? Like for example, if there is an idol, don't insult it. Why? Because by a sub boo, so they will insult hoo hoo, its believers. Those who love that idol, those

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who believe in it, those who are respected, then they will curse who? Allah Allah.

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Why aren't one as enmity for who for you? Because they're taking revenge, you curse their god, they're gonna curse your God. And why are they cursing? Allah? Why would they do that? belaid here and without knowledge.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Cursed is he who insults his own parents, the people asked who would insult his own parents. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said he who curses the parents of somebody else. And so they curse his parents because they're taking revenge. So you brought that curse upon your parents by insulting somebody else's parents, so they want to take revenge from you, and they insult your parents. So whose fault is it? Your fault because you started it, you are guilty. So no matter what your argument is, no matter what your dispute is, no matter what debate is happening. Don't forget to be respectful. Do not insult those they invoke other than Allah lest they

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insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Gallica thus they can now we have adorned liquidly for every American nation, armella home their deeds, meaning every people, every community loves their deeds. Right? They love what they do. They love what they do. So you know if there are people who believe in something, how marriage should be how family should be, that's what they love. That's what they consider is best. They love it. So if you abuse verbally abuse their ways what's going to happen?

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They're gonna take revenge because that he because a yen Nanakuli, mutton Armada home. And it's so true, people are doing something wrong and they're in love with it, it will be illogical to you but they love what they're doing. They're so passionate about it.

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So, understand the psychology of people, some Ihlara behave then to their Lord Mogera, whom they returned for you Nabil womb, so he will inform them be man with that which can who they were Yama loon they do. Eventually everyone will return to Allah, and he will tell them about what they used to do. So whatever people are doing, it's wrong. You disagree with it. It's chick, it's blasphemy, whatever it is, but do not curse what they love. You know, it's like, whenever Muslims, they get upset about something, they burn the American flag.

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And then they make, you know, like, a finger or something of some person and they burn that, oh, wow, we've done something so great. We burned the flag, and then what do they do as revenge? They want to burn the Quran.

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They want to burn what is Beloved to us what we believe in, they want to disrespect that. So this tradition of burning something if you think about it, where is it most common in Muslim countries, isn't it? So with our such actions, we are basically giving ideas to people you want to take revenge from us. You want to do something bad with us. Go ahead. Here we give an idea to you. So be careful about the things that you do about the words that you use. And remember that everyone is returning to Allah will some will end this war Villa he by Allah Jeff that strongest Amen him their oats, they swear by Allah the strongest oats mean they say one minute why Allah they say with so much emphasis,

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let in what do they say that surely if Jarrett when it came to them, I don't assign a miracle law you may know, surely they will definitely believe be * with it. Because the machine of Makkah, what would they do? They would say, just show us one miracle and we will believe in you, or Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and what miracles with the demand. In total Israel we learned that they demanded that he should break open for them, you know, a spring from the ground, he should bring the spring, you know from which water is coming forth. You should have a garden of palm trees and grapes. And he should make rivers gush forth within them in force. And you should make the heaven fall upon us in

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fragments. And you should have a house of gold and you should ascend into the sky. And when we will see all this then we will believe in you. I mean, they had a list of miracles. Allah subhanaw taala says they claim that they will believe Gollum say in nama indeed not but Elia the signs are in the law near Allah, meaning all the miracles are with who? Allah He is the one who decides what to show when to show if to show that's not within my ability. Allah addresses the believers woman and what usually will come it will make you aware from sheen or in Russia rule. Leia Sharon, remember so what will make you aware that under her indeed it either when Java eight came let me know they will not

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believe or believers were so eager for their Eman? What will make you understand that even when they will see the miracle still they will not believe? Because the Muslims the prophets of Allah medicine were eager. Then why does an Allah shortest one miracle? Just one if perhaps these people will believe ALLAH says no. What will make you understand that these people will not believe even if they see a miracle, because the one who has to believe for him? The miracle of a fruit is sufficient, the miracle of rain is sufficient. The miracle of his existence is sufficient the birth of a child is sufficient. He doesn't need to see strange things in order to believe one or can label and we shall

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turn neocon label off lamber calabrio Kalibo is to turn about the word call resulted from the same route because the state of your color of your heart is constantly changing. So no call label we shall turn off a data home their hearts Florida Fuad what is for our heart, we shall turn their hearts turning the heart what does it mean? Then they will not understand. You know, they will become crooked, perverted in their thinking. And their understanding will absorb them and their vision. We will turn their hearts and their vision. What does it mean? That we will turn their heart and their vision so that they do not see despite seeing they do not understand. Despite

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understanding they don't get it they will not get it when we'll call liberal editor who absorb at home. Why?

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Because if apparently you see this a team

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Like Allah is forcing them to disbelieve. Allah is not allowing them to believe. No, it's because karma because the word karma gives meaning of just as an also because karma because love um, you may know be lamb did not you may know they believe be with it as well a first met rocktime Because they did not believe in the truth the first time, what will happen? Now no matter what they see, no matter what they hear, they will not believe they will not understand.

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This is like a punishment for them.

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You know, it's like, if somebody offers you something, and you're like, No, thank you.

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And then later on, you're like, you know, maybe I should have taken it. Maybe I should have accepted it. And they come back to you again, the offer to but you say no, again. Why? Because you said no the first time. So it feels like awkward as you're changing your mind constantly. Right? It happens with people sometimes in certain situations. And because I refused them the first time. I can't say yes. Now.

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This happens with people. And this happens in the case of iman as well, that because a person has said no once that he's not given the tofield by Allah to say yes then.

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And this is something very, very scary. Because an opportunity to do good comes before us. And we say no, thank you don't want to do it.

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And then what happens? You die for it, you still won't get it. Allah refuses to give it to you.

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Because you arrogantly refused, and then Allah will not give you in a hadith we know that once Three men came in the gathering of the prophets of Allah seven, one, he came, he looked around, he found a gap in the circle. And he went and said, other men, he didn't really try that hard. He just sat behind the rest of the people and other men he came and he just left. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Let me tell you about these three people, the one who came forward, Allah subhanaw taala accepted him. The second person you know, he was a little shy, hesitant so that's what he got. And the one who turned away Allah also turned away from him.

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So remember that when we refuse hide once that we're deprived of it and whose fault is it our fault? So when you call live with an editor who will absorb at home Camilla mute me it'll be a while because they refuse the first time. Now no matter what they say. They will not believe one other room and we shall leave them fi in total uranium. They rebellion Yama Hoon. They wander blindly. They're going here to their, you know, doing one thing than leaving it, practicing something else and then leaving and then adopting another religion. We're constantly chinder dissatisfied, they're going about blindly in their life.

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They've been abandoned, that Allah doesn't care about them because they don't care about Allah. Allah doesn't care about them. And so with hatred I have 1415 We learn well over Dinah Liam vevor minister met for Luffy here on June if we opened a door to them in the sky and they ascended in LA Kalu in nama security of sadhana they will say Our eyes have been secured meaning they are under the influence of intoxication Bill nanocarbon must room rather magic has been done on us meaning them no matter what they are shown, they will come up with one excuse after the other and they will not believe so what's the lesson when goodness comes to you when it comes to you jump for it go forward

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and when you will jump for it when you'll accept it. Allah will give you the ability to benefit from it recitation

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you just

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Subhan Allah who will be handling the shadow Allah Illa illa Anta the stuff is going to be like a Santa Monica would have to live

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