Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L195C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Quran is a perfect sign that it is true, but some people consider it a miracle. The Prophet sallaviat recites the Quran to the Arabs, and people of Makjit consider it a miracle. The punishment of the American people is based on culture and history, and people are now ready to accept it. The punishment is temporary and beneficial, and people are encouraged to enjoy and not suffering from the consequences of their actions. warning people before they do anything is important, and people should stop doing so.
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I want to make a cola home item. This will ask for miracles. Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh well amiya cola home item, has it not been for them meaning for the mccanns for the Arabs, I attend, assign meaning assign and evidence of the truthfulness of the Quran that a year alum who that he knows about it, who knows of it, aroma obon he is he the scholars of the Bani Israel? Is this not an AI of the truthfulness of the Quran, that the ruler mouth but he is like you they know of this

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or the man is the plural of it.

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And this fact is sufficient that this Quran is true. This Quran is from Allah, that the scholars of the Bani Israel you they knew about this book,

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especially those who were real early. Because what happened to them, they became believers like for example of the live in Santa, he became a Muslim. And he was very learned amongst the Bani Israel. And it's not just at that time, but also afterwards many scholars of the Bani Israel you for among the Jews and the Christians. Once they learn of the Quran, when they listen to the Quran, when they read the Quran, they believe in it, they accept it. And if you think about it right at the beginning, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given his prophethood, his wife, she took him to what are called the NOFA. And Who was he? He was a Christian man who read the scriptures, and he

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affirmed the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. So is this not enough of a sign that the owner of the bunny is like you they know about the Quran? They believe in the Quran, they recognize this Koran. And if many of the scholars of the bunny is right, even if they don't accept, what do we learn, you're the foreigner who can marry a foreigner urban at home. They recognize the profits on a lot of them they recognize as well as they recognize their own children. But it was just out of pure jealousy that the profits are a lot of Cena was not from among their people. He was not from the bunny Israel, that is why they did not believe that was the only reason Otherwise, they

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recognized him very clearly.

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And also, if you look at it later, when the Muslims when they migrated to the SR. And sort of Medina was recited to see what was his reaction?

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What he does some of you that are you know, whom the field woman at Emory, you see their eyes overflowing with tears? So is this not enough of a sign? Is this not enough of a miracle? Is this not enough of an evidence at this court? It is truly from Allah, that it should be believed in and followed.

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So why are these people not believing? Well, owners Zilla who and if we had revealed it, or the variable or Jimmy, upon some of the foreigners, or Jimmy, Florida, or Jimmy, and Jimmy from their veteris, arranging me, and who does Jimmy refer to? It refers to someone who does not speak the Arabic language, someone who is not eloquent in his speech. So if the Quran was revealed on some of the foreigners, those who do not speak the Arabic language, those who are not expressive in their speech, for Korra, or LA him, and then he had recited it to them, meaning then that our Jimmy person would recite the Quran to the Americans, to the Arabs, then what would be the reaction of the

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Americans, McCann will be meaning, still they would not believe. Why is this being said over here? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was from the people of Makkah. He spoke the Arabic language, and he was also very eloquent. And when the Quran came from him in the sense that when he delivered the Quran to the people, what did they say? That you have fabricated it? Isn't that what we learned in truth, the Sharla that he has fabricated. And these stories he has learned from him from some other people, for here to him largely because

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they give many explanations they refuse to believe.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala says that if the Quran had come to you, through a non Arab through a person who was not eloquent, would you believe no, still you would not believe when it comes from an Arab you say it says fabrication. When it would come from a non Arab you would say, how is it possible that we accept a Quran from him?

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Now, what does this demonstrate this damage?

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illustrates the intense disbelief of these people, that they were not willing to believe at all, that no matter how the Quran was brought to them, they would not accept it.

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The Arabs, they considered themselves to be great experts in language. And they had great poets. And they were very proud and boastful of this fact that they were very eloquent. They had great poets. And if you think about it, all of the nations that are especially mentioned in the Quran, the previous nations, they had something that they excelled in

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as an adult, whether it was architecture, or it was magic, like the people have their own different things that people excelled in. And at the time of the Prophet said, a lot of the people, what did they excel in language, expression, eloquence, and do every nation a miracle was given that was relevant to those people that surpassed the great skill that those people possessed. So for example, if the people of their own if they were great magicians was Allison, I was given such miracles that defeated their magic

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and restarted Sam at his time, people were very interested in medicine, in cure.

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And he saw this and I was given such miracles that surpassed the medicine that people had come up with, that he could cure the leper, the born blind, even someone who had died, he could bring him back to life by the permission of Allah. Why? To show to the people, the truthfulness of the messenger.

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And this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent the miracle at the time of the profits out of autism in the form of the most eloquent speech that made their great voice completely silent. They were unable to say anything in response to the eloquence of the law.

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They were unable to challenge the eloquence of the

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so over here, the Arabs are being told that look, you're so eloquent. You understand great language, you understand great expression.

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And this Quran, it has defeated you completely. This Quran isn't clear Arabic language, but he said and I'll be your movie, and the one who is conveying it to you. Who is he? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. How is he described upside Allah Allah, the most eloquent of the Arabs? Because if you look at the statements of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even they're so precise, aren't they? They're so precise. They're so eloquent, the expression is so great, but still the expression is different from the expression of the

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So, in summary, what are the people being told over here? The people of Mecca, the Arabs, the machine, the deniers that Why do you not believe in the Quran? What is stopping you from believing in the Quran? If you look at it, the scholars of the Bani Israel, they recognize this book that is mentioned in the previous ayah.

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And then on top of that, this Quran has been revealed on who on ofsaa helado. on someone who is very, very eloquent. And if you look at the eloquence of the Quran, it is undefeatable you can never ever defeat into the facilite iF 44 we learn well out there are now an RJ Simeon la kalu localu, Lola facilite. as to who are Jimmy Yoon, we're Adobe that if we made it a non Arabic Quran, the people would have said, Why are its verses not explained in detail?

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Is it a foreign recitation and an Arab messenger? Then they would have a problem with that. A cemetery over here in Las panatela, saying that if the messenger was foreign or Jimmy, you would have the same problem you would not believe. So basically, in these ayat, proofs are being given evidences are being given for the truthfulness of the

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that all of the objections that people were racing against the Quran, all of them are being answered.

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gallica thus select now who we have inserted it, feel connubial moduli mean into the hearts of the criminals. What does it mean by this gallica? That just as the Quran is so clearly from Allah, that it is then Zilla, Mirabella alameen it is balasana RBU movie and they're scholars of the Bani Israel even they know this Quran even they recognize this Quran. gallica in the same manner select now who we have inserted the score on where fuchal When would you mean in the hearts of the criminals? What does it mean by that? That

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This whole on its truthfulness, its reality. Its miraculous nature is very well known to all of these criminals. It has entered their hearts Alekna who we have admitted it into their hearts. The Quran is clearly from Allah. The Quran is eloquent on these Bani Israel. They know it, they recognize it. And similarly the Michigan of Makkah, also, they know of this.

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They recognize its beauty. They recognize its truthfulness, select now who feel mean, but do they believe in it? Do they accept it? No. But can they refuse it? Can they reject it? Can they deny it? They cannot even do that.

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Why? Because they were the masters of the language. It wasn't that it did not recognize the Koran. No, they recognize it very clearly. Think about it. If it is something that you have known all your life, you're very familiar with it. And if the best of it is presented to you, will you not be able to recognize it? Of course, you will be able to recognize it. Why? This is something that you've known all your life. Like, for example, a particular food from your cuisine, from your culture. If you see it somewhere, if you have it, if you taste it, you know, it's going to be excellent. When it's excellent. You can tell between what is good and what is not good from your cuisine. But if

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let's say, some cuisine that you've never ever had before, that's a Korean you've never had before. You've never tasted sushi. The first time you have sushi, can you say if it's good or not? You can't say it's the best sushi. Maybe it's best for you. But you can't say it's the best one. Why? Because it's the first time you're having it, you're not even familiar with it. So if you're familiar with something, you know it inside out, you've known it all your life, when the best of it comes before you, you know, it's the very best you can tell no matter how much you refuse on the surface. But you can tell. Similarly, the Michigan Apakah they knew the Arabic language, they were masters of it. And

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when the Quran came before them, it was impossible that they did not recognize the truthfulness of the impossible. They recognized it. gallica Salah canal Wolfie, marine. This is why they would go secretly and try to listen to the Quran. This is why when they would listen to the Quran, it would have an impact on them, they would want to believe they would believe and then some of them, what would happen to them. They would give up their belief afterwards. Like for example, look, we're gonna be married.

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So it wasn't that they did not recognize they recognized. This is just as the magician's at the time of their own. They knew magic, isn't it? They were masters of magic. And when the miracle of Musan came before them, they knew that this was not magic, this was something much greater than that, which is why immediately they believed immediately the surrender

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psychedelica Salah will feel a bit more dreamy, no matter how much they deny on the surface, they know on the inside, they know in their hearts, that it is true, it is from Allah.

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Now this ayah has been understood in another way as well. That gallica siliconera, who select now who it It refers to disbelief, denial, the feed that leap denial of the Quran, this has been inserted where into the hearts of the criminals. Why? that despite the fact that they recognize the truthfulness of the Quran, the beauty of the Quran, still, they do not accept why because disbelief has entered in their hearts, and one something has entered into your heart, then what happens? It becomes a part of you. It enters the entire body.

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Just imagine if something enters a heart, it's going to enter the bloodstream, which is going to affect the entire body. So this that fear does that leave has entered into their hearts. Why? Because they're so firm in their disbelief, that no matter what they say, No, no matter what they're told now, no matter what they're showing, now, they're not going to believe they're not going to accept

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just as we have learned earlier, that now they're not going to believe Come on, mute me No, be aware that because they denied the first time. Now, they're not going to believe they're not going to accept and this is what happens to a person will become stubborn,

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that sometimes he knows what the reality is in his heart. But just because you refuse to accept that the first time. Now what is he going to do? He is going to refuse every single time

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isn't it? Think about remember some situations.

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That you were in. You didn't want to do something somebody told you to do it. You said no. And they gave you many, many reasons as to why you should do it. But for every reason you have an explanation.

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The other day, I was telling someone, iron your clothes. And they were saying no list of excuses. I don't know how to iron. I'm afraid I'm going to burn. I'm afraid I'm going to do this, I'm afraid I'm going to do that list of excuses. I'm like, this is not rocket science. This is just RNA. What's the big deal? Just do it. And you know, but because they didn't want to do it, they did not want to do it. They had a list of excuses. The first time you say no, once you make up your heart, I'm not going to do this, then what happens? No matter what is shown, no change, then a person becomes firm and stubborn.

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In total, and am I number seven, we learned willona zelner alayka keytab and physical force and fellow masu will be a DM Lacan, alladhina cafaro, in her lsfo movie, that if we sent out a book to you, if we sent out a book to you, a written scripture on a page for lamassu will be ad him and they touched it with their hands, then what would happen? What would happen, they would say,

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this is clear magic, we're not going to accept, we're not going to listen, we're not going to believe in it. So just imagine if the book is sent down, they touch it with their hands, they see it, they feel it, but still they will not believe this is how firm they have become, under

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Allah subhanaw taala says they're, you know, maybe they will not believe in it had your will, or they have an alien until they see the painful punishment. Why? Because they have done totally, because they have denied the first time now they will not be able to accept until they see the painful punishment, they have become so stubborn. And then what's going to happen, they will want to go back, they will offer excuses, but their excuses will not avail them at all

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fair do home. So, it will come to them, what will come to them the painful punishment is going to come to them back that and suddenly without any warning or home laying around and they will not perceive meaning at that time, they will not perceive that the punishment is coming upon them, they wait for the last moment and at that moment also they will not be able to believe because a punishment will come without any warning without even letting them realize

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for your Hulu, then they will say hello humans are on May we be reprieved? Can we be given another chance means our own plural of Monza and Monza is one who is given invalid meaning one was given time, one was given rest bite. So then they will ask how

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can we be given some respect?

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When they see the punishment, then they will wish they had a little bit more time so that they can believe so that they can change so that they can accept but what do we learn in sort of aged I number eight, why American Indian men * and then the disbelievers would not be given any rest by they will not be reproved at that moment. Instead of laughing at 85 we learn from Yaqui And Pharaoh whom he man whom Lama Oba center, when they see our punishment, then their Eman is not going to benefit into the Tunis I 9697 we learn in Ludhiana Hakata la him Kalamata Rebecca, LA, you may know those people against whom the word of the Lord has come into effect, they will not believe what

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I would do if I had your own either. But even if every miracle should come to them, until they see the painful punishment, so then they will believe. So what do we learn from all of these is

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mainly what is being said? What is the message of these is

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that the time to believe is now the Quran has come.

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It is a revelation from who? The Lord of the worlds the miracle has come. The clear sign has come and the time to accept it is now if you look at it, for their own, he was shown miracles did he believe? No, he delayed? When did he believe? Right when the punishment came? Did it help him? Not at all.

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Similarly, we learnt about the people of Salahuddin center. They asked for miracles as well. They asked for she Campbell, they were given the Sheikah they were given the warning that the Listen, no. And when the punishment did come, they became regretful. So does it help a person then to regret at that moment? No. So the time to believe the time to accept is now

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we'll listen to the recitation then we'll continue

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pulu me?

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What was the main thing that prevented the people of Makkah from believing? Was it that the Quran was not clear to them? Was it that there weren't enough evidences.

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So what was the reason? It was just arrogance and stubbornness. And the same thing, who suffered by it as well, who suffered with it as well? The previous nations.

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If you look at it, the people of Iran, the people are Lutheranism, all of the people that are mentioned the previous ayat, the truth was clear to them. The messenger told and in Nila kamasan me, I don't ask any other from you. miracles were shown. Explanations were given no holism so clearly you presented the truth to the people 950 years. So what is it that prevented the people from believing? It was pure stubbornness, arrogance.

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So Allah subhanaw taala warns the people fob or their Venus their genome. So for our punishment, are they impatient? Is this what they're waiting for? That when they see the punishment, then they're going to believe fob or they're gonna do then with our punishment yesterday alone, they seek to hasten meaning despite knowing this, that if they do not believe the punishment is on their way, why are they not believing? Is this punishment that they want? FRB? 11 is their genome? And the people of Makkah constantly this is what they said. We learned intellectual and fat I have 32 that were called Allahumma incana Heather, who will help me Indic for unclutter Elena Hey, Jonathan,

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Minnesota, if this is truth from you, then send out a shower stones from the sky on us. In Toronto or have it i 22. We learn ALU eternality Fianna and early hatena 15 habima 30 Duna in quantum anisotropy,

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bring us what you threaten us with if you are of those who are truthful.

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And the previous is well what did we see that this is what the people said repeatedly to their prophets bring the punishment, bring the punishment. Allah subhanaw taala says, follow our ADA, then Have you considered a matter now whom sin if we gave them enjoyment for years, if we let them enjoy for many years, we let them live. We give them luxuries, we give them many blessings. We let them live for many, many years, so much at home, and then it came to them what Mac I know you are doing that which they are promised.

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And what is it the punishment, that if these people are allowed to live for several years in many blessings, and then finally the punishment comes to them of their own home, America and their own, they would not be availed by the enjoyment with which they were provided. When the punishment comes, the years of enjoyment, are they going to save them from the punishment? No. All the blessings they enjoyed in all of those years. Can they avert the punishment at that time? No. If you look at it for their own, he had so much but when the punishment came, all of those blessings, what happened? They were taken away from him. What did we learn for our genome? We took them out of genetics or you

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could lose my farming career.

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All of them they were taken out of those blessings. So my own their own home, Meccano uma tear on my own it will not avail Mecca numerator on all of those things that they were made to enjoy. Now the machine of Makkah, what would they say that if we are wrong, then the punishment should come upon us. And if the punishment is not coming, what does it mean? We are right, and you're wrong. This is the argument that they had. So Allah subhanaw taala, tell them over here, that whether you live a short life, or a long life, whether you live a life of blessings, or a life deprived of blessings, if at the end is punishment, then whatever you have enjoyed before, nothing at all of you.

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Now what happens? people typically, they get deceived in a very similar way, that if we have so many blessings, if we're enjoying right now we're perfectly right.

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And just enjoy. Now we'll deal with whatever comes later.

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But the fact is that no matter how much you enjoy, presently, if eventually the consequences are harmful, this enjoyment is going to be very, very temporary, transitory, it's not going to be beneficial at all. Like, for example, if a person is allergic to a particular food, but they love it, can do without it. And they have it, they indulge, they have a lot of it, what's going to happen eventually, at that moment, they will enjoy. But afterwards, they're going to have to pay the consequences. And when they're paying the consequences, all of that enjoyment, will it bring them any pleasure at that moment? No, all that sweet taste all that lovely food that you enjoyed in your

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mouth at that time, when you're suffering from that headache, and that bloating and all of that, maybe perhaps a rash? Is the enjoyment going to come to your mouth? No, you're going to forget it. That enjoyment is so short lived.

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So what's the point of all of these blessings when at the end? They're harmful consequences.

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If we don't do this, when it comes to dounia, then why do we do it when it comes to the

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my own our own home, McConnell humanitarian

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intro to layline number 11, we learn? What are you in your own home? I know who he that are the and what will his wealth avail him when he faults meaning when he falls in the Hellfire? all that money you acquired and lunia isn't helping? No. Nothing at all is going to come and benefit a person?

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Well, luckily, I'm in Korea, and we did not destroy any city Illa Herman de Lune except that it had warriors, all the nations, all the people that existed, a loss of penalty sent wonders to them, whether they were sent in the form of prophets of Allah, or they were sent to the form of righteous people who just went and passed on the message of the prophets to them.

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Every nation, every community, every people, they were warned. Allah subhanaw taala sent Warners to them. Why? Because this was a promise that Allah had made for him a DNA company who then fell into Vieira who they are for the homeowner alayhi wa ala homier son at the time when Adam Ernestina was sent from Ghana to dunya, this promise was made that guidance is going to be sent. So Allah fulfilled his promise. And if people were punished, if people were destroyed at the end, it wasn't that Allah did not tell them.

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It wasn't that they were being punished unjustly. No, they were given the message. They were told what was right what was wrong. What led to success, what led to failure.

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As we have learned in the incidents that are mentioned in this, all the nations that were destroyed, what happened to them? They were warned before the messenger gave warning very clearly. In total Islam if 15 we learned one or more of the veena had never either or Sula and we would never punish until we sent a messenger

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in total costs if 59 we learn Womack and aboukir McNichol had ever FFP omega rosulip. And never would your Lord have destroyed the cities until he had sent to their mother, meaning to the main city, a messenger,

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the main city, Allah subhanaw, taala would always send a messenger over there, and he would recite the verses to the people, and he would warn the people and then only the punishment would come if the people didn't believe into the Tunis if 44 we learn in the law hilarious luminesce Shay, what I can then nessa and fusa homeopathy more a lot is not wrong the people at all, not even a little bit.

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Allah does not punish unless and until the people have been warned. It's the people who wronged themselves. It's the people who deny who refused to accept who become stubborn who become active.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

arrogant, and then the punishment comes upon

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the car. As a reminder, well, Malecon does it mean? And never have we been unjust? What does it mean by this the car? The car has been understood as that. First of all, it describes the moon during the Warner's the profits, that they were sent as reminders for the people.

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The messengers, the wounds in the Warner's, they were as reminders for the people. What does it mean by that? That the messenger himself was an embodiment of the message that he brought, he was a living example of the message that he brought. So the people could not just hear what was supposed to be done, but they could see it.

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Like, for example, the prophets are allowed to send and what do we learn about him? kind of hold on. So he didn't just tell the people do this, don't do this. But he demonstrated it to the people. He showed it to the people. So the messengers, they didn't just go and give warning to the people, but they showed the one. They live the example vichara as reminders the messengers were saying,

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secondly, the cry has also been understood as the the core, meaning the messengers, the ones that are in the Warner's who were there. They were those who brought reminder for the people.

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So they call one icon, does it mean and we weren't never unjust, meaning we would never destroy the people unless and until they had been warned.

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And if they were destroyed, without warning, then the people could say, This is not fair. But Allah did not punish the people without warning. So nobody has an excuse. Nobody can blame anyone but themselves.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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