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An-Nisa 163-176 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 171

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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I 171

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Yeah, and l kita. All People of the Scripture.

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The eye over here, addresses particularly the Christians.

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Why? Because restarted Sam has mentioned India. Up until now, the Jews were being addressed and now the addresses directed to the Christians only. Although the word Ethel Kitab includes

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the Jews as well as the Christians, but particularly, it's the Christians here.

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Yeah, and then kita or people of the book, let Louie de nickel. Do not exceed in your religion. Do not commit excess in your religion.

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The word tolu is from New factors rain lamb well, Vine, lamb, well, Hulu

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and Hulu is to increase something beyond its bounds. To increase something beyond its bounds beyond its limits, it is to overstep to exceed the proper limit of something. So what is Lulu at the jail was ideal had it is to exceed the proper bounds. This is what Hulu is to exceed the proper limit.

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And it's used in the sense of exaggerating or overdoing something exaggerating and doing something or overdoing something.

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For example, it is at a certain meaning he threw the arrow beyond the target Vala he threw the arrow beyond the target.

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Similarly, the word hollyer is used for something that is very expensive. It's overpriced. It's something very expensive. It's overpriced. What do you say? It's more than its value? You're asking for more than what it's really worth. So what is Lulu do? exaggerate. In the matter of something.

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It is at a high level, meaning he ascribed excessive importance and value to something.

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Like for example, for instance, you're doing laundry. Now one is to just take all the dirty clothes and separate them and you put one load on and that's it. And the other is that you spend the entire day thinking, Okay, I have to do this, I have to do laundry and Okay, what about this sock? And what about that sock? And what about this scarf? And what about this, and you spent so much time in trying to arrange the laundry, this is what you're exaggerating? I mean, that action doesn't require you to do so much. You're giving more than what it deserves. So holla is too overdue, to be excessive to go beyond the proper limit. This is what Hulu is.

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So the unlucky that they're being told, let them roofie the unicorn do not commit excess in your religion. How are they committing excess? How are they doing Hello? in their religion?

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First of all, they were taking the Messenger of Allah to the level of of law.

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They were taking the Messenger of Allah, a servant of Allah to the level of Allah, to the level of the ILA.

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How? When they said that he started his Salaam is the Son of God,

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that He is God Himself, are different opinions, right?

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Similarly, the Jews, what are they doing? They call Rosetta. He said, I'm also who sign up God. So this is what we'll do. We also see that some of them, they also did Hulu concerning the angels.

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For instance, jabril Arneson. He is also taken to the level of God, the concept of Trinity, what does that include? The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

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So hello, not just in the matter of the Messenger of Allah, but also in the matter of the angels, and also with regards to the scholars, how, when they exaggerated in their case, how, by claiming that these scholars are inspired, that the scholars that were he from Allah

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or that these scholars they can make whatever changes to the religion and they are correct in whatever they do whatever they say.

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We learned that if the Hadith about a home or a home or baba Min junella

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they took their rabbis and their monks, their priests, their teachers, their scholars, and their hermits their monks as what are Babin as Lords besides Allah they

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Didn't literally worship them. But they made halaal whatever they said was heroin. They made heroin, whatever they said was wrong. So what is this? This is also when

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you're exceeding in their status in obedience to them.

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So yeah, and then keytab letter roofie the unicorn, don't commit hollow concerning your religion, whether it is worship, or it is in love, or it isn't obedience, or it is in even meaning any part of your religion, do not do who live in it.

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Whenever Hulu and do not say I don't lie about Allah, ill health except the truth.

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Meaning, the only thing that you should say about amasa panatela should be should be a word of truth.

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And what is unhealth concerning Allah? That he is? One, he has no partner, and he has no children. And there is none who is equivalent to him there is none rule is equal to him. No man, no angel, no saint, no one is equal to him. So don't say anything about Allah except the truth.

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And what is truth, a shake of Sabbath, meaning something that is established.

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So basically only say that about Allah, which is based on some evidence, if you say that so and so is the Son of God, or so and so is the equivalent to God, what evidence do you have? How can he become the Son of God and somebody else who was perhaps more righteous than him, according to others, he is not the Son of God. How? What gives you the permission to say these things?

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So let the color or the law he didn't have don't say anything about Allah except the truth.

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In love and mercy, who indeed the mercy

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we have done the meaning of the word mercy earlier in great detail.

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Indeed, the mercy who has mercy East Ave Maria resigned his son and the son of Medina, Medina center, who was he rasulillah, the Messenger of Allah.

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Notice, Allah says, intimate What does intimate mean?

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That this is the reality, nothing but this, this is the only truth about him. This is the truth about him. And everything else that you have invented, that you say, is not true, because it has no evidence. There is all assumptions of people in NEMA and mercy hurry seven ammonium, indeed the Messiah, or Isa, son of Mario, Who is he, he is Law School of Law, he is a messenger of Allah.

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Allah sent him as a messenger, to guide people to teach people.

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And we learned elsewhere in the Quran, that in Hua Illa, I've done an

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array, that he was only a slave, and We bestowed huge favors upon him.

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And what were some of the huge favorites that were given to him, first of all, his miraculous birth.

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And secondly, the many miracles that he performed, such as, during the people who were sick. Similarly, somebody who had just died or somebody who had been died for a long time, he could bring life to them.

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Similarly, the person who was blind the person who was suffering from leprosy, he would give them chifa how all of this he did by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala, by the end of Allah. And he was given these special, special miracles, and each messenger is given miracles. Why was he scientists and I'm giving these miracles because at that time, medicine was prevalent. People were very interested in medicine, in the science of pure in the science of medicine, just like at the time of musasa, people were very interested in magic. So he was given those miracles that defeated their magic restarted, sometimes miracles defeated their science. The Prophet said about a sudden

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the Quran that he was given it defeated the poetry of the Arabs.

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So he was only a messenger of Allah just because he performed those miracles don't think that he was God. No, he was a messenger of Allah.

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Well, Kalamata, who and his word, meaning he was born, he was created by the word of Allah. Kadima, Kalima to his word, meaning he was born, he was created how, by the word of Allah, which word of Allah, which threatened of Allah? could be because for a loss of panatela, to create something, even by just saying be is not difficult? It's not difficult at all. We learned sort of DSC 82 in a row either or the shaman and Nicola who call for your call. History

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Mind is only when he intends a thing that he says to it be. And it becomes. It happens. It just comes into existence. It's not difficult for him. So if Sam was born only through a mother and not through a father, why do you think that he's the son of God? Why? What evidence do you have that you are the Son of God? You have no evidence you're only assuming. And Allah created him How? Through his statement.

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Now, over here, we see that recent assignments being referred to as ullas kelemen, as allies Kadima, kalama, to his word,

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and what this means is that he was a result of the kalama Obama, meaning he came into being as a result of Allah subhanaw taala saying, con Kalamata, what does it mean he came into being as a result of a loss of handwriting could be

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and over here Kadima to who has been said, because this is a sign in the Arabic language that says the prophets of Allah suddenly said, Anna, that were to be evil on him. I am the daughter of my father Ibrahim doesn't mean that the prophets are a lot of sin was actually the doula What does it mean? He was the result of the Dora

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similarly kalama to who doesn't mean that he said, this time is a word. But what does it mean? That he's the result of the word of a loss penalty.

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And this kalama con, I'll call her Ella Maria, Allah subhanaw taala directed it, he put it to who in a Maria, to his mother, Maria Maria Santa Rosa men who and resign Assam is also a rule from who mean who meaning from our last panel.

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The word rule is from the veterans law well, and the word rule is used in many different ways.

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It is used for soul for spirit, it is also used for revelation, it is also used for Prophethood It is also used for Rama for mercy. And literally the word rule is that through which there is life, meaning if it is absent, if the rule is absent, then there is no life. So rule is what keeps a living being alive. Like, for example, a human being if he has rule, he will be alive, if there is no rule, he'll be dead. This is what rule is. And the word rule is used in the tangible sense as well as the intangible sense in the tangible sense as well as the intangible sense.

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So for example, when a person has he's walking, he's talking, what does that show that he has, he's alive, it's something tangible.

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And the intangible sense, like for example, is also used for Quran. Why? Because it's like the spirit of the deen. And if a person has the Quran, then his soul will be alive. And if he does not know the Scripture, if he does not know the book, then his soul will be dead.

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So the word war has used a number of ways over here, it gives a sense of soul spirit, it gives a sense of soul or spirit. Others have interpreted this differently. However, here only this is enough.

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So a lot of men who meaning and he was a lot from him from who, from Allah doesn't mean that he was a part of Allah Zulu.

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Because this is what some people say, because men, what does men mean? Some have part of sorrow for men who he was part of God and because he was part of God, he's the son of God. No, that's not what this means.

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rule for men who, first of all has been understood as that he is who he is the true meaning. He started Sam had a rule

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when he was a human being. And secondly, we're all human who that his rule was created at a command from him meaning from a loss apprentice or men who doesn't mean some of but what does it mean, coming from him, commanded by him, coming from him, commanded by him. And you see this concept of roofer men who are commanded to come into existence by Allah subhanaw taala. This is something that is used for Adam or his surname, it is used for all people it is used for all creation.

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For instance, for all creation, we learned sort of through jatiya number 13 was the hora con map SMRT method or the German men who that he subjected to you, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth all from him, doesn't mean that the heavens and the earth are all part of Allah. Does it? Know what does it mean? That at his command and his order

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Secondly, for other medicinal, we don't insult or hedge it is 29 one a first two female ruhi. And I breathed into him from my soul, meaning the soul that I have created the rule that I have created the roof that I own,

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because the measure of route is only the last parameter, he gives routes to whomever He wills and he takes the rule, whenever he wills. Nobody can say Oh Allah put rule in such and such or take the rule out. can it happen? No, the matter of rule only belongs to a loss of penalty. That's why it is called rule of law. You understand? That is why it's called rule of law rule for men who are ruhi. Why? Because a matter of rule is only with a law nobody interferes.

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Thirdly, for all people intrarater such that is 79. We learned a Hong Kong incentive in clean some medallion a slum in Sudan, it may maheen, some muscle wha hoo, whenever for female ruhi then he fashioned him and breathed into him from his soul doesn't mean from Allah. So if you say that's the meaning, then the entire heavens on Earth, all people, Adam restarted sort of everybody is actually part of Allah. That's what you're saying now.

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And then something that is incorrect, because other parts of the Quran completely refute this, this concept.

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What it means by men who is not just yet it doesn't mean that this is part of Allah, but rather it is for Sharif, that it belongs to Allah. Only Allah has control over it. Only Allah has control over it. It is at his command only he is the only owner and Master of it.

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So a roofer Minho meaning a spirit from him, for Amina Bella he also he so believe in Allah and also his messengers. This command is to who to the people of the book because the I began with Yeah, and and Peter, so believe in Allah and His messengers, which messengers, all of them including who he started to them and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because they said that he started from his Son of God, and that's not the correct belief about

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the great belief about resale. Islam is what that he is a messenger of Allah. So Amina Bella, he was really

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one of the Punahou selesa. And do not say, three, do not say, three. What is anybody's three selesa? Trinity, meaning do not say, an led her to fellow

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that there are three gods that there are three Gods Don't say that. Don't say that at all. It's a clear prohibition.

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Now, what is this concept of Trinity?

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There are many different ways of looking at the belief of Trinity

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and different Christian groups, they have their own interpretation and belief concerning.

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For example, we learn in a number 17 of South America, that Lakota Kaffir alladhina parnu in Allaha, who will merci habla Maria, they have certainly disbelieved who say that Allah is the Messiah, son of money.

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So first of all, they say that Allah Himself is an ISA himself is Allah. So basically, they're the same.

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Like some people say that Allah, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are all the same. They're one, and others say that they're three separate beings.

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Similarly, in Surah, today, the i 73, we learned about the cafaro Latina Carlo in Nevada, Sally Sue sedessa they have certainly disbelieved to say a lot is the third of three meaning is one of the three.

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So one opinion is that Allah Himself is irisa. And secondly, that Allah is one of the three Gods so there are different different views concerning the concept of Trinity but basically includes Allah subhanaw taala, he started Islam and ended up and according to some not in Israel, but who? Medina.

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So let the colusa don't say three. I mean, you cannot even unite on what the concept of Trinity is. You don't even have one opinion a unanimous belief concerning it. Don't say because it is incorrect, you have no evidence for it. Let akoto selesa

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interval stop interval from the root letter is known higher, meaning stop from saying this. Stop saying this hydrological, it is better for you. In them Allahu Allahu wa. Indeed Allah is only one God Subhana who Glorified is He an akuna Allahu Allah that He should have

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the words of Hannah, as you notice from the roof that are seen by her, and what does it mean to glorify and praise Allah subhanaw taala basically the words of handleless a parent who is an expression of exclamation in which a person declares that Allah is free from any kind of association, from any kind of undefined attribute,

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and he is far above any weakness, any resemblance to the creation. So for her, no, he is free from any weakness, any resemblance to the creation. How can you have a child? I mean, people need children, a lot does not need children.

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And if you think of it, you say there is only one child, that's quite a weakness, isn't it? If a person has only one child, people want to have more than one children generally, generally, people want more than one children. One boy, one girl, two boys, two girls, the more children they have, the more proud they are sometimes. But if you say that Allah has only one child, that is a weakness, can you not have more children? So how know he is far above this need of having children in your corner, who will add that he should have a child, he doesn't need children. Why?

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Because lahoma is somehow it was up to Him belongs whatever that isn't the heavens, and whatever that is the earth. And if you think of it, that he started Sam was from the earth. He was from the earth. So he was also a possession of a loss of planetary you don't own your children, isn't itself. You don't own your children. But over here, Allah says level Memphis and I want you to fill out and restart Islam was a part of the earth. He was from the earth. He had a body and that body comes from what from the earth?

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So how can Allah have a child whom he owns you don't own your children? The Houma festa Mati when I first woke up I biLlahi joaquina. And Allah is sufficient as a Disposer of affairs. What does it mean by that, that Allah alone can manage and look after the affairs of his creation. He's enough as a rookie, as a caretaker as a guardian. He doesn't need a child. He doesn't need a son who can help him who can assist him. No, to guide people, Allah has sent messengers, and he doesn't need to have a sun and send the sun. No, he doesn't need to do that. for guidance of mankind, he has sent the messengers and to run his creation to manage his creation. Again, he doesn't need any help, he

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doesn't need any assistance. He doesn't need to have a child allies enough as it will keep.

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What do we learn from this if First of all, we learn about the prohibition of Hulu in the DEA, the prohibition of committing excess in the

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weather this Hello is with regards to the belief about a person like a prophet of Allah or a scholar or a righteous person or it is inaction or this could be inaction.

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Like for example, that a person is praying for Raka and he says no, no, I will pray five, I will pray six. This is what we'll do. So, it could be in action. It could be in love, it could be in respect, it could be with regards to belief about a person. Even generally, committing excess going to extremes is something that is disliked now it is an utter lie for example, spending too much money talking too much. laughing too much. This is what something that is disliked and everything. Valeo Turku hollyland they should laugh less while a poker dealer and they should cry more. So excessiveness is something that is disliked in our Deen specially in the matters of religion. It is

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something that is prohibited, it is something that is forbidden. We don't have the right to alter the D by increasing the D. So if a person says that the prophets are allowed isn't prayed, only these many Salah I will pray more. I will do more than the sooner than what is that will do.

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If a person says, you know yes I believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but I love him so much that I love him more than Allah. I fear him so much. I respect him so much that I respect him more than a lot. This is what he will do.

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It is completely forbidden. With regards to the matters of religion. We're not allowed to alter the deen we're supposed to take it as it is.

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Now person might say the unemployed are being told we're not being told what they're being told why. So that we can also take a lesson from this.

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And with regards to Hulu concerning the profits, what about Islam

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This is something that is rampant amongst all Muslims. And we have to be very careful because Allah clearly says a lot of Louie de nickel.

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We learned that under seven Malik he said that a man once said, Oh Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you are our master, and the son of our master, our most righteous person, and the son of our most righteous person. So he said these words of praise in front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, You are our master, and the son of our master, who was the father of the prophets.

00:25:37--> 00:25:54

Who was he? He was a mushrik. Now in his Hulu, in his respect for the profits out a lot, isn't it? What is he doing? He's disregarding the fact that that person committed chick with Allah. And he said, You are the son of our master, who was our most righteous person and the son of our most righteous person.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Oh, people are lazy can become legal. Meaning Be careful about what you see. Or they can be holy can be careful about what you say, and do not allow shaitaan to trick you. I am Mohammed, even Abdullah, Allah, servant, and messenger. By Allah, I do not like that you elevate me above the rank that Allah has granted me. I do not like that you elevate me above the rank that Allah has granted me.

00:26:28--> 00:26:34

And we think that in our love for the prophets that have on us and we can elevate him to a rank that is higher than that of a loss.

00:26:36--> 00:26:57

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, Do not unduly praise me. Do not unduly praise me, like the Christians exaggerated over a silencer. Verily, I am only a servant. So say Allah servant, and His Messenger. Say, Abdullah, what are soon about the prophets?

00:26:58--> 00:27:38

The prophets of Allah and ultracet May Allah curse the Jews and the Christians who took the graves of their prophets as places of worship. Why? Because they took the graves of their prophets as places of worship. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do not imitate them. And why did he say this? To warn the people around him, to warn us, that the people before you, they committed this photo, that they took people to the level of God, even higher? People are people. And Allah subhanaw taala is above everybody else, you cannot take any human, whether he's a prophet, or the most righteous person, to the level of God.

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Secondly, we learn from this ayah about the obligation of speaking only the truth about a loss of meaning a person should only say about a law that we just have.

00:27:49--> 00:28:22

And what is how can I say it was severed, meaning something that is established something that is proven? something for which you have an evidence? If you have a delete, then you say if you don't know, don't assume? And don't say, if you're not sure, don't say only say that about Allah, about what you're asserting? Don't say that, maybe what if no, don't say things like that, because sometimes it is possible that insane statements such as maybe and what if a person says something that is completely incorrect, that falls under should

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we also learn from this ayah about the clarification of reset is that um status, that what is the status, that he is a messenger, he is a messenger of God.

00:28:35--> 00:28:47

Just as a lesson many other messengers, he was also a messenger who was sent by Allah, and that he has no divine attributes, and that he has no divine attributes.

00:28:49--> 00:29:02

We learn in South America in 73, Lakota for a living a color in the law of 32 said as a woman in Ilaha, Illa Illa, who were hit with Elementor who are maiocco, Luna, lamb Ascendant, Latina, kofoed woman who either

00:29:04--> 00:29:16

they have certainly disbelieved who say Allah is the third of three, and there is no god except one God. And if they do not desist from what they're saying, they will surely affect the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.

00:29:18--> 00:29:26

So we learned about the status of recently said that he's a messenger, no more than a human being Abdul, Abdul, what else should

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we also learn from this either Allah subhanaw taala alone is enough to manage all the affairs of his creation. work if I were lucky, lucky that he doesn't need an assistant. He doesn't need a son to inherit from him to take some responsibility off of his shoulders. No, because if a person says that he has a son, and he needs to have a son because you know, somebody needs to inherit from him and somebody needs to take the responsibility from him, which is why many people unfortunately have this image about a lot of parents are notable as if he's very old.

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This is something that is completely imaginary.

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Allah subhanaw taala is hate. He was always alive, He is alive he will always be alive and he is free from any resemblance to the creation. He does not need children. We learned the Quran that Madeira smls he will not ma akun the whodunit.

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He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. How can he have children? How he is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. This person whom you're saying is the Son of God is actually from the earth. How can you be Son of God he cannot be. Allah does not need any help.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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in Merci

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de Walla de PUE

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