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An-Nisa 123-134 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 123-125

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I was a bit lame in a ship on a large investment.

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That's the number 64 sort of NASA I owe 123

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laser, the MIT Yukon, what am I an E Ll kita.

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Faraday's is not obtained by your wishful thinking, nor by that of the People of the Scripture.

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Over here, Allah says laser, it is not meaning their award agenda, their award in aphylla. paradise, laws approval, forgiveness, the benefits of the effort of a person cannot obtain them, just by amending just by hopes, false hopes that just because I want Jenna just because I want forgiveness I will be forgiven. That's because I want to just because I have that desire. No, it cannot be obtained by desires.

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In the previous if there was an agenda as mentioned, the reward is mentioned which people are going to be given in general in the form of gender. So for your lessons, don't think you're going to get there just on the basis of Amani just because you want to get there. So reward success, forgiveness, the Rajasthan the afro cannot be obtained by vain desires and expectations. And who does you refer to Amanda Yukon, you all refers to the Muslims. It refers to the Muslims and others have said that it refers to the machine that they're being directly addressed that it cannot be obtained by your desires. That basically reward is not dependent on your wishful thinking that just because you have

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too much Mohamad, this is why you're going to get to Gen.

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One a Manny he and nor is it obtained by the false hopes of who are hidden keytab of the People of the Book. What are the false hopes of the people of the book about success in the after the set National Urban Allah

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we are the children of Allah and we are these beloved ones. So because we are His children, because we are His Beloved, he is not going to question us, he is definitely going to reward us.

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Similarly, they used to say, well, carlu Langer the whole agenda lm and Khanna who didn't own a solder, none will entertain me except the one who is Jewish, or Christian will call Yolanda masana. Now Illa Jamar Duda never will the fire attaches except for a few days, we're only going to be punished for a few days, eventually we are definitely going to gender. These are what false hopes? Who told you that? Never is a fire going to touch you? Who told you that? You're definitely going to paradise Who told you that? None can enter Paradise except the one who has the title of a jeweler the title of a Christian? No, it's not Jannah Paradise is not obtained by just hopes you cannot just

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wish to get there and think that you are definitely going there.

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We learned that even our Vaseline on him. He said that the followers of various religions disputed at the time the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the followers of various religions they disputed. The people of the Torah said, meaning the Jews they said our book is the best book and our Prophet meaning Messiah Salaam is the best prophet.

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The people of the Injeel said, they said something similar, that our book is the best book and our Prophet is the best prophet. And the people of Islam, meaning the Muslims. They said there is no religion except Islam. Our book has abrogated every other book, our Prophet is a final prophet. And you are commanded to believe in your books and adhere to our book that the Jews and Christians and Muslims are all supposed to believe in all the books delta and do but which books should we follow the Quran

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for the Muslims also they began boasting that just because we are like this just because we're Muslim, therefore we're going to gender.

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Allah says laser DMA comala M and E lm kita. Just because you wish to go to Geneva, you're not going to go to general

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may Yarmouth Zoo and whoever does something evil. Whoever does a zoo action and action of disobedience to Allah. Whether it is shipped, or it is scuffle, or it is any kind of sin, small or big, minor or major. Whoever does assume what's going to happen. You deserve he. He will be recompensed for it

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either Indonesia or India, or both.

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Any action that a person does which is soup, which is evil, he will definitely see its consequences. Sometimes

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He will see the consequences in the dunya.

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And sometimes, he's not punished lunia but rather the punishment is kept only for the author of

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so many I'm also and user B.

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What do we learn

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from a yarmulke is called the Latin, higher on euro. Woman yamame is part of the Latin shell and

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that every small action even a person is going to see it. He is going to see its consequences.

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What he did and he will not find low for himself, who will not find for himself, the one who does soo min doing Allah besides Allah Walia any close friend, meaning anyone who will support him who will take care of his matters? Well, honestly, nor will he find any helper to defend him from the punishment.

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What do we learn from this is

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that reward in the

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salvation, the rajgad high ranks are not obtained by mere wishful thinking.

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They cannot be obtained by mere wishful thinking.

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That just because a person wishes to go there, he will definitely go there. Regardless of his actions. Allah says Miyamoto and if you do something evil, you're going to see its consequences. So don't think that just because you're a Muslim, just because you're a Jew, just because you're a Christian, you can do whatever you want. No.

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If you do anything wrong, you are going to be punished for it. The matter is far more serious. It's not based on your desires. It's based on Recompense. recompense for what? Your actions. So if you do something evil, you're going to see it result if you do something good, you're going to see its result. So at the end of the day, it's not desires, it's not wishes. What is it?

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In this dunya, even we cannot achieve anything by just wishful thinking. by for example, if you want to get a degree, you can't say, Oh, I wish to have a degree and the university is so kind. There's so nice that they send you a diploma or a certificate. That Yes, you have this degree because you really want it.

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If you go to the store, and you say, I really, really want this computer, I really want this phone, are they going to give it to you? Just because you want, you can cry, you can throw a tantrum, and how can I give it to you? You can act like a child, but you're not going to be given something just because you want it. You have to pay for it. You have to prove yourself worthy. Why do we think that Arthur is that cheap?

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That just because I wish to go there? I will go there. No. If you can't get you know, a phone, some food in this dunya for free just because you want it. Similarly, you can't get agenda just because you want it because the matter of the afra is far more serious.

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We don't insert the magic is 24 and 25, unreal, insanity Mathematica for in the hill,

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or is there for men whatever he wishes, meaning does a man get does a person get everything that he wants? No, rather to Allah belongs to the Hereafter, as well as this first life as well as this dunya

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meaning whatever a person does Allah subhanaw taala recompense him based on his action.

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We also learn from the side that a person should not depend on high hopes and expectations for success and the alpha. rather he should work for it. He should put an effort

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he should put an effort he should do some armor.

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And the matter of everyone's Acura is in the hands of a loss of hangleton.

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Because over here law says that what he did the woman doing the law he will Legion will no seal besides Allah, what does it show that it is completely in the hands of the last panel.

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So when it is in his control, it has to go according to his rules. And not someone's wishes. by for example, if you go somewhere, a store or a university, how do things function, according to the rules are according to your wishes. According to the rules, whatever the manager has said, whatever the boss has said, that's what's going to happen even if you don't like them. Just because you wish it's not going to change the situation you have to follow the rules.

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Similarly, if the matter of the ohana completely belongs to a loss of final data, then it's going to be executed How? according to the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has said, Not according to your wishes, it's not going to go according to your wishes.

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We also learned from this idea that in the Hereafter, reward or punishment is going to be granted based on what the actions of a person

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what a person has proved himself worthy of. It is going to be based on the actions of

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A person what a person has proved himself worthy off. If he has shown himself as worthy agenda, then with the mercy of Allah, He will get it.

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We also learn from this either every suit, every evil that a person commits, he will see its consequences. May or may soon you just be whoever does any suit, he will be recompense for it.

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It is narrated that I shall they don't have she said, that I said to the Messenger of Allah O Messenger of Allah, I know the hardest I

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I know the hardest if

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he said, What is it, Russia, and she said, My Yarmouth zoo, and you deserve it. Because if you think of it, any suit that you do soon is not clear on any suit.

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If you say a bad word to someone, if you look at someone with, you know, harshness, if you say an impolite word to someone, if you don't fulfill something that you were supposed to do, and all the time we're making mistakes, aren't we all the time, we're making mistakes. Now this is something very serious. You do any school, you will definitely be recompense for you will definitely be punished for it. So I showed it on I said, this is the most difficult time of the

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meaning this is something that is very serious. The profits are a lot of slim set. Who am I? You see will the woman had the neck Betty, young cowboy hat? That is what strikes the believing servant? Meaning what is that just that that a person gets with a suit that he commits? What a person suffers in the dunya? Even the problems that bother?

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So the level of things that bother you? The little little things that bother a person? What are they the result of the wrongs that he has done?

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For example, if you shout at someone, that is what so what is that is that they'll shout back at you. They're not going to talk to you. They're going to be upset with you. So you did something so and definitely there will be a reaction.

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I will reflect on who said that when this is Dr. Matsu, and you disobey when it was revealed. It was very hard in the Muslims, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them, be steadfast and seek closeness. be steadfast and see closeness. What does it mean by see closeness

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mean increase in your goodness in order to be closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Everything that afflicts the Muslim, even the thorn that pierces his skin, and the hardship that he suffers will be an expiation for him.

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Even the thorn that breaks him, and the hardship that he suffers will be what? An expiation for him.

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So yes, this just that. It isn't the AHA but sometimes, for some sense of also pounds it gives it is that in the dooney only for the person is not punished in the money and will soon you disappear.

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We also learn from this is that if a person does something so if a person does something evil, then he should not be deluded by his wishful thinking that nothing will happen. Everything will be okay. No, rather he should worry about what he has done, and he should do something to wipe off the wrongs that he has committed. Like, for example, if a person has committed a sin, what should you do? follow it up by a good deed do is to fall.

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If you look at it, our focus is on what? improving our physical appearance beautifying ourselves physically. And when it comes to actions, we neglect ourselves. If there's the slightest suit, on our bodies, we want to get rid of it. But if there's a Sue in our actions, we don't care about it.

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But in the law, total, in our civil Rico are unwelcome. A law does not look at your faces, your physical bodies, meaning he doesn't care about it, nor does he care about your money, because he's the one who gave it to you. Well, I can, what is the look at the local lubicon who are Monaco, your hearts and your actions. Sometimes we perform the obligations and we just were very content with them. And we think that that's enough that we're doing the bare minimum. We think that that's enough. We don't need to do anything extra we don't need to do is too far. We don't need to seek Allah's forgiveness or they're wrong that we're doing. It's okay. Because we think that just

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because, you know, I'm doing the bare minimum, I'll definitely be fine. I don't need to do anything extra. I don't need to seek forgiveness for the wrongs that I'm doing. But then it leads a person to false thoughts, false imagination, that doesn't matter. You know, I'll be okay. My hermosa You deserve it. Just because you're doing the basics doesn't mean that you will not be questioned about the suit that you're doing. So a person must be careful about the little things even that he's committing because of which he should increase in his good deeds. Because in AlHassan ad, you'd have no say yet.

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We also learn from

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This idea that if a person is suffering from something in this dunya, it could be a result of something that he has done.

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So what should you do?

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instead of complaining, what you need to do is to fall.

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You know, sometimes you really want to do something, you really want to do something, you want to get out to a place you want to travel, you want to go meet your family, you want to just rest and have some fun, but you feel as though things are so difficult.

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When you wake up in the morning, with a list of things to do, you go to sleep at night with a list of things to do. You're just never happy. You just never content you're never satisfied. So in this case, instead of complaining, instead of being upset with other people, what should we do? Increase in our is because it's quite possible that we're in that difficult situation. Why? Because it's something wrong that we have done because may or may have sued and you deserve it. No Sue is ignored.

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Similarly, no good deed is ignored.

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Why am I here i'm i'm in your head and whoever does righteous deeds mean record in our own sir, whether male or female will mean on while being a believer for Ola, aka the Haruna Janata when I use the moon and Akira, then those will enter Paradise and will not be wronged. Even an ugly, what is enough leave the.on the datastore.

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It's a speck on the datastore.

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If you have the data on the backside, generally, you will see this dot. Sometimes it's very tiny, and sometimes it's big as well. So nothing is an example for something that is very miniscule something very tiny. So now you'll know moon and Akira meaning someone who does something good, he will be recompense for the good that he has done.

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In the previous time we learned whoever does something wrong. He will be recompensed right here we learned that if someone does something good with a man, then he will definitely see the good result of it.

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What do we learn from this is that what makes a person successful in the author is not his wishes. But what is it? It says just actions and

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actions with him and why because we're who I mean on while he is a believer.

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Amen. The correct belief is also important. So what makes a person successful, the athlete is not just wishes. It's not his imagination, but rather it's do things. Amen, as well as our mazzoni.

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We also learn from this idea that a man is the basis of all good deeds. He man is the basis of all good deeds, that if a person has a man, it's like a seed from which a plant comes forth. So, you have the seed you have a man and then you will have the plant, then you will have many branches, then you have more fruit, and what is the fruit, the good deeds that a person performs.

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So the more Eman a person has, the more good deeds he will perform. The weaker he man he will have, the weaker his actions will be. So the basis of good deeds is what a man

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we also learn from this is that both men and women are the same in what they're equal and what

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in desire in recompense, meaning, gender doesn't matter. Just as race doesn't matter similar to gender doesn't matter.

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Woman accidental Deena and who is better in religion mimin Aslan or what you have in there than the one who submitted himself to Allah. We learned that the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, that we're all arguing about what

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our religion is the best. And these arguments they continue till today, in the name of in the name of what interfaith discussions.

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So I'm an accidental Dean, and a lot of us over here, whose religion is the best, whose religion is the best woman, our son Udine, and who is better in religion mimma than the one who asked lemma? What do you have in there? The one who submits his face to Allah.

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So the best religion is the one who submits himself entirely to Allah. Over here, what has been mentioned and what is the face of a person. Now by mentioning the face, it doesn't mean that you only submit his face and doesn't submit his arms, doesn't submit his hands, that he does whatever he wants to do with his hands and only looks at what is good and says what is good No, by mentioning part, all is intended by mentioning part all is intended.

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So woman Arsenal Deena women, astronaut or God left meaning the one who's

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admits himself entirely to a loss parameter.

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And obviously, if you think of it, wherever your face goes, the rest of your body follows. You can't say I'm going for a walk or Leave my hand in the house. No, wherever your face goes, automatically, your hands will follow. You know how to say that when you're driving, don't look at your wheel. What should you look at

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the street, the road in front of you.

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Because when you look there, when your face is there, then automatically all of your body will be with you. So faces will orient you. Sometimes when people are playing video games, it's only their face that is concentrating but we see that their bodies are also fully involved. So maman Aslan originally left What this means is that he submits himself entirely to a mosque.

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He does with his eyes, what Allah wants him to do. He does with his lips what Allah wants him to do. He does with his hands what Allah wants him to do. He keeps in his head, what Allah wants him to do. He feels in his heart, what Allah likes.

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It includes our brain. So intention, feelings, emotions, all of these are what what Allah subhanaw taala approves. So the one who submits himself to Allah subhana

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wa Who am our sin, and at the same time, he's also Emerson, who is more than one who does exactly what is done to beautify something. So what is it that makes the actions of a person beautiful?

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When they're beautiful in the sight of people know, when they're beautiful in the sight of Allah.

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So an action is beautiful, when it is done according to according to what the Quran and Sunnah

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according to how Allah is commanded, and how the prophets are the longest and in practice.

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So what we're missing is first of all, understood as that he does what Allah has legislated.

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mean his actions are according to what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded. He hasn't invented his own cell, his own ways.

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Secondly, the set that morson refers to move ahead, meaning one who believes in the oneness of Allah soprano.

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One who believes in the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. That is what Arizona is because it is mentioned in several cases of San Marcos in reverse to why

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and as for following this another prophet said a lot of fun with your son, we learn a lot sometimes Allah says that look at the kind of the computer so the law he was written has been

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in the profits on a lot of them you will find the best example or sweater has Santa has an A beautiful, so what we're Morrison, meaning he is a doer of good, how that his actions are according to the Quran and Sunnah. He believes in the oneness of Allah. Because if a person does every good deed, but he does not believe in the oneness of Allah, he does not believe in it or hate of Allah, or his actions, beautiful thing.

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If he does something, but he doesn't have a class, for example, he is giving a lot of sadaqa but he doesn't have his first. You know, when we think of the heat, we think we don't worship idols, we don't believe in someone being Son of God, something like that. But the fact is that having a floss is also part of yourself doing something sincerely for the sake of Allah. That Yes, you believe that Allah is one, but you should also show with your actions that you're doing everything to please Him, not to gain the praise of people. This is when truly inaction is beautiful.

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Because when a person is doing something for the sake of Allah, only, he will continue to do that action. And he will really bring beauty to his actions you know, when jabril he asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What is your son? What did he say? And that was a lark and Nikita who that you worship Allah as though you see him and that is what true Islam is. That everything that you're doing, it is as though you can see Allah and if you cannot, Allah is watching me. This actually should be good okay before people but who are people My love is watching me It should be beautiful in His sight in his vision.

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Like for example Salah if a person is performing sada before people is trying to make sure that it's very good, but in private, he doesn't care about the fact that Allah is watching you. Is that your son? It's not.

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So we're who are Moxon and he's also Marsan. He does everything for the sake of Allah, every good deed for the sake of Allah. And whatever I'm indebted to him, and he followed the way or he brought him or herself

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who was Ibrahim

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

Ibrahim A lady was Ibrahim Hassan who fulfilled fulfilled what everything that Allah commanded him to do. What he did with Allah, evil rahima or boo boo Kelly Martin

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attempt to hoonah because sometimes what do we do? We say that yes, we have submitted entirely. We will do whatever Allah wants us to do. We say that we have a class, but when really the commands of Allah can we want to pick and choose? We say this is what I like. This is what I don't like. This is what I find easy. This is what I find hard. This is what I can do. This is what I'm going to leave out. No. Ibrahim alayhis salaam, his Miller, his creed was a what? What was his creed? Being Hanif

00:25:33--> 00:25:42

and who is Hanif one believes everything and just focuses on that, which is correct. He focuses he's focused, a true monotheism.

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So whatever our military Ibrahima hanifa, he followed the way we brought him around a center, and he was Hanif. What the hell of law who Ibrahima Medina and Allah to give a humorous around as honey.

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And this is the result of being a Muslim of being a Morrison and of being a Hanif.

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that a lot of Ibrahim nslm as honey,

00:26:13--> 00:26:22

the who is Holly? Colleen is from Harlem land. And what does Helen me fill that gap? The gap between things?

00:26:23--> 00:26:37

You know, Hillel of the fingers, what is it? The gaps in the fingers, you make sure that they're wet in will do similarly Hillel have the beard, that when a person washes his face, he passes his fingers through the beard to make sure that his faces wet.

00:26:38--> 00:26:41

So Harlan, Hillel is gap.

00:26:42--> 00:26:45

And Honda is friendship.

00:26:46--> 00:26:53

hula is friendship. Hello, hello, is to pierce to slip to make a hole through something.

00:26:54--> 00:27:14

So hula is such friendship that enters into the heart and settles there that enters into the heart and settles there. When your heart is full of that friendship full of that love. And Harlan is what gap so your heart is drenched with that love. And you have no space for anything else.

00:27:16--> 00:27:23

There is no Halil for anything else. Nothing else can come and make some space in your heart for itself know.

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Like the heart is full of the love of someone, a friendship of someone, and you don't accommodate anything else. You don't accommodate anyone else.

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So Holly is understood as mohib one who loves and some have said that Helene is my boo, meaning one who is loved, beloved,

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so alive to people around him or her Sam is 100. What does it mean? That Abraham and his son, he was a mohib of Allah. And he was also maboob.

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He loved Allah. And Allah also loved him.

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His heart was full of love for Allah. And he didn't accommodate anyone else in his heart. What does it mean?

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What does it mean? Do you see it though? Do you see the meaning of follow holy, that Abraham has said? And when he had to sacrifice a son slaughter his son? Did he have any space in his heart, for that love of the sun? No. The love of the Las panatela overpowered everything else.

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When he had to leave his wife and son, all of these were tests. All of these were tests he didn't actually slaughter I mean that he was going to because Allah commanded him it was a test for him.

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Similarly, when he left his wife and son, did their love, make space in his heart? No, he didn't accommodate their love in his heart, his father, his family, nothing himself, normal, normal even himself.

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This is what choose submission to Allah subhanaw taala is that a person loves Allah in such a way that he does not accommodate anything else in his heart. Then he is a Mohammed of Allah, and he becomes Mahboob of Allah. He becomes the Beloved of Allah with the heart of love Ibrahim Padilla.

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Now over here, we see Allah says a lot of people who write Islam as a hottie, does Allah need a friend? No. But when Allah subhanaw taala made it for him is Helene. This is what honor for who Ibrahim are listening.

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Now person might say what about the prophets?

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The prophets or the Lord is that him said Allah has chosen me as Helene, just as he has chosen Ibrahim or incident as a study.

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And there is a very beautiful story about this. I said that I'm not even my moon. He said that when my dad came back from Yemen, he led the people in fudger prayer and he recited what the huddle long Ibrahima holida

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And one of the men who was present over there he commented that surely that I, Abraham's mother has been comforted. Meaning She must be so happy to know that Ibrahim and Islam has been made a friend of Allah. Why did you say that? Why did you say that?

00:30:16--> 00:30:39

Because it's such an honor. Everybody's striving strives to reach this level. Ibrahima, this man was made the friend of a law. He didn't know that she was a Michigan. He didn't know that. That she was in Michigan. But you know, he was overwhelmed. Oh my god. Allah took a blow here and Islam as a hottie. That's just amazing. She must be thrilled. She must be so happy.

00:30:41--> 00:30:53

Okay, so what do we learn from this is that the best religion is not of the one who just wishes and hopes. But the best religion is the one who does something like Ibrahim Hassan did something.

00:30:54--> 00:31:15

Ibrahima Islam did something. He didn't just say, oh, Allah. My father is too harsh. I can't go against him. I can't worship you alone here. No. Online love my son. I can't leave. How is it possible? No, he did something. It wasn't just wishes. It wasn't just hopes it was action.

00:31:17--> 00:31:37

We also learned that when a person strives to attain success in the alpha, like when he does something, he puts an effort and he does it with Islam with sincerity. And he also does Arnold sila. And he's also focused on the target his Hanif His focus is the success of the ACA. Then Allah compensates him even in this dunya

00:31:38--> 00:31:44

Allah compensates the person even in this dunya Anika Brahim Edison I was compensated that Allah made him his friend.

00:31:45--> 00:31:52

We learned in terms of Bukhara Allah, this for fania COVID dounia we're in Whoville erotic, lemon aside,

00:31:53--> 00:31:58

that surely we chose him in the dunya. And in the Sahara, he will be at the side.

00:32:00--> 00:32:25

So to summarize, we need to do something, we need to do something. We can't just base our religion, our success, our eternity in the ACA on whims and desires. Just as we don't base our success in the dunya on just whims and desires, we actually do something similarly, we need to do something for alcohol, and a loss of power that has clearly guided us as to what we should do.

00:32:27--> 00:32:28

Let's listen to the recitation.

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What a long, long email Paulina.

00:33:38--> 00:34:18

We learned about Ibrahim when he said that his religion was the best his way of life was the best way because he had submitted what would you who is face to who? To Allah subhanaw taala that however Allah has made me whatever Allah has commanded me, I will do it. So for us, if Allah has commanded me, do not do something, Allah has prohibited me from doing something, but should you think I have submitted my face to Allah soprano. So I will not alter it, I will not change it, even if I wish to because Allah has prevented me from doing

00:34:20--> 00:34:36

so anyway, but he Renaissance religion was the best because he had submitted himself to a loss of training data. And he was Hanif he was focused, focused on what dystonia no focus focused on the actor focused on a loss of potential data loss pleasure.

00:34:38--> 00:34:42

And as a result, what happened of love to give a hero his sedan as a hobby

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