Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 165B Tafsir Al-Anbiya 51-71

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of rushed action and how it can be used to create beauty and joy. They touch on the history of the internet's portrayal of people and the lack of fair practices. The sham of M convenience, where people find spiritual security, is also discussed. The land is described as a sham, where people find spiritual security, and the holy spirit of God is said to be the holy grail.
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Surah Al Anbiya lesson number 165 one accord and certainly attain a we gave Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhi salam Rosh the who his rushed after Musa and Harun, who was mentioned Ibrahim s&m Allah says We gave him his washed, been a blue from before. Before what? Before Musa and Harun came before the TODO was sent, or been cobbled before meeting before, Ibrahim was even an adult, before he received prophethood. From the beginning, in other words, we had given Ibrahim his rushed, what could not be here early mean, and we were off him early mean we knew him, we always knew him really well, because Allah knows about every creation of his every creature of his.

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And Allah knew that Ibrahim was deserving of that rush. Now what is rushed, rushed is what's the translation that you have?

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What is

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rectitude? Okay, Russia, Russia, what does it mean? It means to adopt to follow

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the right way,

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the right direction. Okay, this can be in a journey, when a person is traveling, when a person is walking. And it can also mean a person's behavior, or when a person is doing something

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to hold the right belief, right rectitude of action, to take the right course of action, to do something, the way it should be done, properly, correctly. And from this, the word rushed is used for guidance also, to be rightly guided.

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Right. And it doesn't just mean to be rightly guided, but to continue in the way of truth.

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Like, for example, you're driving somewhere, and you start driving on the wrong side of the road. Is that rushed?

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No, it's not rushed at all, but versus driving on the wrong side of the road? What do you know, he's come from England.

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Right? He doesn't know what he's doing. There's something wrong. Right? Immediately, you know, there's something wrong. So rushed is to follow the right direction. And when doing something, do it properly, and then not just at the beginning, but consistently, continuously, to remain on the right way. How, with self constraining firmness, because you have to control yourself, right? You want to speed up, you want to, you know, go on the shoulder of the highway, but you keep yourself on the right course, this is rushed, when you know what to do, you're going in that right direction, and you're also forcing yourself, you're making yourself stay on the right way.

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Russia, the definition that she gave us was that, um, it's a type of there can be any guidance or any knowledge about Russia is like beneficial knowledge that will guide you to the right way. So that's why when Mussolini's son was he didn't just ask like when he wanted to follow play that he didn't just say, like, I want to acquire knowledge, he said I want Yes, very true. And also if you think about it, those who will have they said, Why are you Elon? I mean, I'm Rena Russia the facilitate the right course of action for us and keep us firm on that way. Right. He they are rushed.

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He they had to rush it ITIL is shared what is that guidance in the right way that a person is told go this way, this is what you should be doing. All right. So Ibrahim, Hassan was given his rushed and from this the word rushed is also used for maturity of mind, maturity of mind because with experience with age, or with intelligence, what happens a person makes right decisions, he drives on the right side of the road and as much as he wants to speed or go on the shoulder. He wants to have that majority of the mind. Good management of affairs rectitude of action. So Ibrahim Hassan was given his wish from the beginning and Allah knew him well, because Allah knows every creation of his

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and Allah knew that Ibrahim was deserving of this Laroche. Now an example of his Russia is given in colony A B, he will call me when he said to his father and his people. What did he say to his father and his people? Mao what how do you feel? What are these Timothy? Timothy is a plural of Tim fell? What is himself from the root letters? Meme, sir. Lamb. What does method mean? Example what is methyl to be similar? All right now dem file is used for an idol. Not just an idol but

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figure, a sculpture, a statue? An image, whether it's 2d or 3d. Yeah. What is 2d? Like an image that is drawn that is painted? What is 3d?

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Like a sculpture? All right? So this is what himsel? Is an image, a sculpture. And why is it called him fall? Because it's an imitation of what Allah has made.

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You understand? For instance, if there is a painting of a hand or drawing of a hand, why would you call it himself? Because it looks exactly like a real hand. Likewise, if there's a sculpture of a human being,

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why is it called it himself? Because it is an imitation of what a human being looks like, right? Sometimes people make figures, statues, and they say, this is God. Why? Because they think God looks like this. You understand? They think God looks like this. They give him a physical form, according to their imagination. So this is teams that they represent themselves. It's a statue. And just as a side point, every statue is not an idol. Okay, every painting is not an idol. Because sometimes we go to somebody's house and we see a figurine and we say, Hello Lakota level. And in Urdu, especially both, alright, an idol. I mean, I find that word so funny. Every picture, every statue, every image

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is called an idol. It is not an idol. It's not necessarily that it's an idol. I'm not saying go ahead and fill your house with sculptures and pictures. No, I'm just saying that we should be able to distinguish between what is an idol and what is not an idol. All right. So everyone here listen, um, said what are these? Timothy? What are these things that you've made yourself? You have imitated the creation of the Most Merciful. Or you think that this is what God looks like? You've made it up yourself. And these images are let you which unto mula to Iraqi foreign ones that are devoted, you're completely devoted to these statues, these things that you've made yourself. Remember what

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Ruth is, what is your quote, to remain in one place in devotion to something from the same root as the word?

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Give me a word from the same root. Ah, GIF. Okay. Aki, fan? Okay.

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Eric decaf. What is erotica, if you remain in the masjid, you stay in the masjid. Even if you want to go and have your dessert at Dimitris, you don't go right, because you're doing erotica if you stay in the masjid, right. So he said, where are these pictures, these idols, these images, you've made them yourself? And you're just devoted to them all the time. You're not interested in doing anything else. And you always deal with these idols in the morning. I see you with them in the evening. I see you with them. What's going on over here? This is something that shows the root of Ibrahim renessa. He was intelligent. He was upon the right course, he was mature in his mind,

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because he understood that worshiping idols is something that is not correct. Why because a you made it yourself. Secondly, if you think it is God, this is just your imagination. And then thirdly, it's just something sitting in one place, and you're devoted to it. How is it benefiting you? How is it protecting you from harm?

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He couldn't keep these thoughts to himself. So he spoke to his people. And all of this shows is rushed he was really on the right path. Because sometimes we we see these things and we have these thoughts, but we keep these thoughts to ourselves. We don't question the other person. We don't make them think about what they're doing.

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That is not rushed, rushed is when you're concerned about yourself and also others. So he spoke to his father and his nation follow they said what's the answer that they gave what Jeddah and we found our forefathers Lucha for eight meaning for these idols are already worshiping. We found them worshipping the idols and this is why we are doing the same. In other words, don't ask why it is what it is. This is how our parents did their parents did and this is what we do. Father, Ibrahim alayhis salam said Laqad con Tom, certainly you all are unto him, you wherever you come, and also your forefathers. All of you are feeling early morphine in manifest error.

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In other words, just because your forefathers did, it doesn't mean it's right. That doesn't mean it's right. That's not approved for schicke. The fact is that there is no proof for schicke for associating partners with Allah. And if someone does it, it doesn't matter who they are. They're wrong. So you have

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Well as your forefathers are wrong, you're in clear error. Claudiu they said, a gentleman had been help. Have you brought us the truth? I mean, do you have some basis for what you're saying? You're saying that we're wrong? You're saying that our forefathers were wrong. Our ancestors were misguided. Do you have some proof for that? Do you have some evidence for what you're saying? Some basis? Um, or under You are mean Alarie been amongst those who are playing Larry being as a plural of Larry, who is Larry, someone who is Larry, but playing? Remember what Larry this? It's the opposite of

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being serious. Okay. So opposite of being serious is what? Someone who's non serious, someone who's non serious, what are they doing? They're joking. You're just fooling around. So they say to him, are you just having fun here with us? Or do you have some basis for what you're saying? Carla Ibrahim alayhis salam said by Laura Bukom. No, I am very serious. I'm not joking here. I'm not playing with you. I'm not fooling around. With a book home. Your Lord is Ragusa. What you will IS THE LORD OF THE SKIES in the earth. ullery Fatah, Rohan, the one who made them fatwa, he originated them. He brought them into existence without any previous precedent. There was nothing like the sky

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and the earth that was made by someone else before.

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And Allah imitated that no Fatah, Rohan he brought them into existence, he originated them.

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What Anna and I are Allah upon the Polycom that meaning what I have said to you that Allah is your Lord, the one who has created the heavens and the earth over this valley comb or you people Menasha headin, I am of those who testify. Meaning I testify to the truthfulness of this claim. In other words, I'm not just saying it, I believe in it. I'm not just saying that Allah is the Creator and here's your Lord. I believe in this and I a bear witness to this. I bear witness to the fact that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah He is the One who created everything. He is the One who created you and I and he is the only one who deserves worship.

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In other words, you know, when is it that you testify to something when you have knowledge of it, isn't it and you have knowledge about it? So he's saying I'm not joking here I have brought you the hook. What Tala he and by Allah I swear to Allah He you see this letter. This is for cussing, for an oath, just like one law he. So just like Wallahi to Allah He, by Allah let a key Danna Surely I will definitely plot plan against what US Nomicon your US noun plural of Sonam what Islam? Saddam is a word that is used specifically for an idle, right? Dimmesdale can be for anything Sonam is idle, meaning that we're just taken as an object of worship. He said I will definitely make a plot against

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them and what is Kade gavia doll a secret plot right plan to inflict harm on some enemy. I will definitely plot against your idols bother after I'm that to one Lou, you all turn away mood Vereen going away turning your back. McBean is a plural of mood bit and who is motivated the one who shows his back? So after you have turned and gone away, walked away, I am going to harm your idols. What is he referring to? And did he actually say this to them? It's possible that he said this in his art. You understand? It's possible that he said this were in his heart. And it's possible that he actually said this to them. Remember that Ibrahima Lisanna was from Iraq from the City of Ottawa.

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And the people over there were Mushrikeen they were polytheists. And every now and then they would go for a fair. Okay, not a fair.

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Fair. Okay. And in this fair, they would have their business buying and selling and they would have competitions and like, okay, a fair like that was also in Makkah. And that fair was known as a fair offer root cause Okay, so anyway, when they were going for this fair, they called liberal, humorless animal to come with us. Everybody is supposed to go. The prime minister said no, I'm sick. I don't feel like it. I'm not going so he stayed back. And when he stayed back, what did he do when everybody was gone? Because finally the idols were left alone, right? Because otherwise those idols were always surrounded by their devotees. So Ibrahima has salam for Jara home so he made them do

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that and into

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fragments do that gene Val that small pieces, small pieces of something so he literally broke them and kept striking him striking them until they turn into pieces so that you couldn't even put them back together. Except Kabira Lahoma the biggest of them, he spared the biggest idol. He didn't hit it. He didn't break it. And in the irishman's, we learned that he left the X or the tool that he used to break the idols in the hand or by that big idol. Why did he do that Laurel home so that they lie to him. To who? Ibrahima Arneson amiodarone they would return he broke them. And he told them from before and he was the only one who stayed back. Why did he do that? Because he wanted the

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people to come back to him and talk to him about their idols. He wanted to have more conversation. In other words,

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you understand? Sometimes we wait for other people to begin the conversation about religion about Allah, about Islam about the prophets, Allah Allah Listen, but we see that over here, Ibrahim is Cena he's doing something so that people will talk to him because he wants to do Dawa. If you don't talk if you don't have a conversation how are you meant to convey also the said Laura Lahoma Eli he to it it as in the biggest idol, okay, they would return meaning they would go to it, asking it what happened? Who did this to them? Why the big one had broken the small ones. Okay. Follow when the people returned when they saw the state of their idols. I said, Man, follow her there be early her

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Tina, whoever did this with our gods in the WHO laminate volley mean? Indeed he is of the wrongdoers. Whoever did this to our gods is surely a London condo they said. Samira Anna, we heard fatten a young man, a young boy a lad.

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We heard him he has guru whom he was talking about them talking about who our idols talking positively, negatively. You call Allah who it is up to him. It is said that his name is Ibrahim Ibrahim, his name is Ibrahim and we heard him saying something about the idols. So he is perhaps the one who did this to our idols.

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They came to the conclusion themselves that nobody could have done this except Ibrahim Renison Kalu this had to be he then bring him or Allah or even a nurse before the are you one of the people are in as deplore love. Alright, bring him in before the eyes of the people meaning in front of everybody narla homea schoon so that they witness what do they witness the whole case? The whole prosecution process? This is just like most artists and I was asked by funeral home, right that we will also bring our magic. So mozarella Santa, he selected the day off yomo Xena why? Because everybody would come

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you understand everybody would come he wanted that competition to take place in front of everybody. Just like that. Ibrahim Renison, um, did this, he broke the idols, why so that it would become a public issue?

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Because at that time as one person how many people could He talk to? How many? Not many, right? But we see that when this became a public issue. Now, everybody's concerned. Everybody's excited. everybody's wondering what happened, why he did this? And let's see what happens to him. Everybody's alert. Who is this man Ibrahim? Why did he do what he did? Everybody's involved excited about this. And we see that when something happens at a public level. How storms you know, they begin where? On social media. Right? Everybody is concerned about that issue at hand so far to the ER that are going to Nasod our lumea show don't know imagine there is a court. All the people the entire nation is on

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one side. They're the judge. They're the jury. They're the prosecutors and the witnesses. And on the other hand is Oh, only one Ibrahim Morales and I'm defending himself the defendant. Follow this up to him? Or did and then you fall to her? Did you do this be any Hatena with our God, Dr. Ibrahim, Ibrahim, or Ibrahim did you do this? Paula Ibrahim alayhis salam said well, rather far Allah who he did it who can be Rohan the greatest of them? Notice the answer we blame or doesn't mean doesn't say I didn't do it.

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Because that would be a lie. You understand? He said farla who curvier woman who got beautiful. The biggest of them did it. Heather, this guy this idol. See the one that is standing perfectly fine. With the axe on his side. He did it for a new home. Ask them as these idols that are laying broken, ask them in Canyon tycoon. If they

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You can speak.

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Yong pecan is from not to speak. So in other words, Ibrahim release syndrome he is trying to make the people think that if you believe in these gods and if you think they help you and they protect you from harm, if they have been broken and shattered to pieces, then why don't you ask them? Why don't you ask them who broke them? Why don't you ask them for your own so they returned in unforeseen to themselves, they returned to themselves, meaning they began to blame themselves. You know, for instance, you're, you're somewhere and you begin to talk to yourself. You have a conversation with your heart. And it's a very honest conversation. So they return to themselves or

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to each other amongst each other. They had a conversation for also they said in a comment to my body when you are wrong, he's right. These idols can't even speak they cannot even defend themselves. How can they defend you? How can they save you if they cannot move? How can they answer us? So they saw the truth and Ibrahim realism and they realize their own mistake. So monokey suella will see him but then Nuki Sue, they reversed are allowed to see him on their heads. Next known calfskin is to turn upside down to put something in the wrong order to turn something over its head. So Nuki so Allah Lucien, what does it mean that they were on the right track? They were going the right way, realize

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their mistake, they understood what he brought, he read this and I was telling them, but then they went back. They went back on the wrong way.

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They understood what he was saying. They agreed with him, but they didn't want to admit they were wrong. So they went back on their misguidance and the sad Laqad certainly alimta, you know Ibrahim Maha Shula young tucan these guys don't speak. They don't speak we can't ask them. Allah He said that's exactly what Ibrahim our listener wanted to hear. Right? He said, If a dar bounnam In dunya Allah then do you worship besides Allah mele and Farrakhan? That which doesn't benefit you, Shane, anything reliable wrong, nor does it harm you. It doesn't benefit you. It doesn't harm you. It's as if he's saying what laws did you incur? When these idols were destroyed? Did you suffer anything?

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Who died? Who got paralyzed? Who got struck by lightning? What happened? Nothing happened.

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These things are not your God. Orfila Khan off to you when you say off.

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Don't you get it already? He's frustrated Orfila con walima tabula muntoni Learn for that. Would you worship besides Allah? If Allah darken on don't you use your reason? Don't you understand? Will you not understand? So Ibrahima has sent me defeated them an argument, but these people didn't want to accept defeat? So now they became violent. And it happens sometimes that when a person is more emotional than intellectual, and when he failed an argument that he resorts to violence called do this at Heroku. Burn him, the head cut off off one Zulu ally, Hatha calm and help your gods help who?

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Who help your gods, it should be the other way around, right? Gods should be helping you, but they're saying Help your gods in quantum fighting. If you're going to do anything. It's as if they're saying Get up, help your gods put them back together and burn him. And it has said that they dug a hole and the fill that hole with firewood, and they

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lit it on fire and that fire burned for a long time. And it was so huge, so massive that they couldn't even go near it. Ibrahim Allison's father himself broke firewood. And if a woman was sick, she would make a pledge that as soon as I'm better I will take firewood in defense of their idols. And then it was so huge they couldn't push him into the fire so they have to use a catapult to hurl him into the fire and they did it. And when they did it, God now we said Jana or fire Cooney Belden be built. Cool. opposite of what is how hot bird is cool. Don't be hot. Don't be warm. Don't be neutral, but be cool on who? Ibrahim right is Sunnah and not just school wa salam and and also

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safety, so that he's unharmed. Allah Ibrahim for Ibrahim fire generally burns but over here we see that that universal law was changed. Fire didn't burn it called Ibrahim relisten. And it didn't harm him. It saved him. Why? Because who is it that fire belongs to Allah subhanaw taala so Allah, He is Al Qadir, he can change the sooner konia even in defense of his servant were allowed to be paid and they intended harm with him. Federal law homologue sorry, but we made them into offsetting the greatest losers

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They were defeated. They were humiliated. Because you see when people attack their prophet, and when their prophet leaves them, then nothing is for them except for punishment. So they brought it upon themselves. Ibrahim and his son when he was thrown in the fire, what did he say? Husband Allah, when you're MANDOKI, Allah is sufficient for us and the best trustee he is the best one to rely upon. One at J. Now who and we delivered him. Allah saved Ibrahim alayhis salam, he saved him from who, from his people who were determined to kill him. His father had said such harsh words to him, his father had said go away, or else I will stone you to death. His father also collected the firewood in order

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to burn him. So Allah subhanaw taala rescued Ibrahim rice um, he saved him. He took him out of there, and he gave him another home and he was not alone, Walton and also loot early his salah, because when Ibrahim realism left his people who was with him, Lutheranism his nephew, and his wife, Sarah, so the three of them left Iraq, and they went were ill all the to the land which land is this allottee which Barack Nafi has, we have blessed in it meaning we have filled it with Baraka. We have filled it with Baraka, for whom Allah Allah mean for the people of the world's meaning all of mankind, all people, they will find Baraka in this land. Which land is this? Where did Ibrahima

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listen I'm to Hijra to the land off a sham Philistine. And this land is described as Mobarak one that has Baraka even in subtle Israel. What do we learn about this place? Subhan Allah de Asahi de Laila minion Masjidul Haram al Masjid Al Aqsa, Olivia Baraka, hola who we have blessed its surroundings me we have blessed that entire area.

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How is it Mobarak? What is baraka? Blessing, goodness that remains, goodness that is everlasting. Now the land are a sham. Why is it Mobarak? There's two reasons. First of all, because people find in its spiritual blessing, spiritual goodness. If you think about it, so many prophets of Allah were from which land this land, a sham Philistine, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam also did Hijra to Philistine and Ibrahim alayhi salam, his son this is where he stayed and remember when you submit his son um, he ended up in Egypt that is how the brothers of use of our listeners ended up in Egypt. But when the Bani Israel left Egypt, where did they go back to Philistine? They didn't go to Iraq. They

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didn't go anywhere else. They didn't stay in Egypt, they went back to Philistine and within the Bani Israel, how many prophets came? You know, when you go to Medina, you have this feeling like the prophets of Allah Azza used to live here.

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Right? It just feels so nice. Just just thinking about Medina just thinking about Makkah and going to that place. It makes you so happy the prophets of Allah Addison walked on this land. He stayed here. I wonder if he saw this mountain. I wonder if he saw this hill. I wonder if this mud was in a different form at that time, you know, you keep thinking.

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And a sham is the place where Reese Arlie Sinan was born. That is the place where the second era has set out. That is the place where you're hearing a Salam case that is a place where Meriam lived. That is a place where so many prophets of Allah came so they might listen and they will their listener. All of the prophets of Bani Israel, where were they in a sham? So people find spiritual blessing and all people. It's not just a certain group of mankind, all people have a right to that place. All people. Why because this is a place where people find spiritual blessing from it's the home of the prophets, right Land of the prophets. And then not just spiritual blessing, but even

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physical blessing. physical blessing, because that land is fertile.

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All right, fertile. And if it's fertile, that means there's a lot of produce. And that produce is also amazing, extraordinary. It's not like produce that you'll find anywhere else. I mean, think about olive, olive trees, and olive oil. And all of these rich foods. Their home is which land this land of Hashem and remember that Arabia? What is it basically it's a desert. And the people of Makkah, where would they go to to buy food? Where would they go? They would go to Yemen, which is in the south of hijas. Or they would go in the north, which is a sham. And you know, the father of the Prophet salallahu Salam Abdullah

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The week the same week that he had gotten married, what happened? He had to go to a sham. All right for a business trip, so he was also going there. Likewise, we learned that Hashem who is one of the forefathers of the prophets, Allah loves him great grandfather. He also went to a sham. He's the one who arranged all of these business trips. And once when he was going to a sham, he went through Medina and when he went through Medina, in Medina, he got married to a woman. He stayed there for some time. And then he went on his journey. He went all the way to a sham. And over there in the plaza, he died.

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He died and he was buried over there in Gaza. Now, his wife who's in Medina, and that time, Medina was yesterday. All right, she gives birth to a boy. And that boy, his name is Shaybah. For eight years, Shava stays with his maternal grandparents, rather his relatives. All right, then what happens when he's eight, his uncle, MK bulb finds out that my brother went through Medina through Yathrib and he has a son there. So he goes to yesterday, and he brings Shaybah with him to Makkah, when he brings him to Makkah, the people of Makkah thought that McCollum had brought a slave. So they began calling him, Abdulmutallab. His actual name was Shava, who was Abdulmutallab? The

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grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So anyway, this tangent but the point over here is that a sham people found in it spiritual blessing find in its spiritual blessing, and not just spiritual blessing, but also physical blessing. Meaning this provision food

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allottee Barack Nafisa Lilla al Amin recitation of these verses please what bother

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hola hola.

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on Oh

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you know he will be

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Sadie Jane

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