Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L279D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of "good news" is discussed in various ways, including mentioning "good news" to individuals, giving good news to individuals, and giving good news to individuals on the day of Jannah. The law requires individuals to wear gloves and wear masks when entering a plane, and the goddamn light is the light of guidance. The use of light in various situations, such as difficult time or when faced with anxiety, is also discussed. The state of the world will affect the believers, and individuals are warned of potential consequences of not losing light. The wall is designed to prevent light from the light, and the door is designed to prevent the light from the light.
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Out of the blue let him in a shape on your agenda smilla rahmanir rahim lesson number 279 SoTL Hadid. We'll begin from number 12

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yo matorral mininova Minetti on the day, when you will see the believing men and the believing women, yes our new home bainer ad him will be emani him their allied proceeding before them and also on their right it will be said bush law comb your good news is jannatul dream and tactical and how it is of gardens beneath which rivers flow highly Dena Fie her abiding there in eternally then eco who will falls in our lane that is what is the great attainment

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in the previous I add a loss Pandora tells people to do two things, first of all, have a man and secondly spend why because he man and spending in the way of a law or a means of success for a person when in the hereafter.

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And that success is what is described over here that Yo Mama told me Nina, Yo Mama, this is man. So because Oscar meaning mentioned to the amount of profits are allowed in a salon the day when you will see meaning or you human being or you listener, you will see meaning one more minute believing men and believing women both are mentioned separately. And remember that whenever men and women are mentioned separately, then what is the importance of what is to be described? And that the matter concerns every single individual, no person is exempt from it. So believing men and believing women, all of them, you will see them yes our new home their light will be running What does it mean by

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this their light will be running meaning it will be shining and proceeding before them showing them the way and sorry is to run. So it shows how quickly they'll be moving with the slide because of the slide

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and this slide where will it be bainer ID him before then and also will be emani him and also on the right. So, this slide the believers will find where before them and also on there right. Now, which light is this because Allah says noodle home their light, which light is this their light is understood as the light which they will have according to their email. So, each individual is going to have his personal light which is going to guide him he cannot share the light of any other individual each person will have only his light and that will be according to his Eman because he man is what is mentioned over here and neuro home their light, because it will be limited to them

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alone No one will be able to share the light of the other and this light will be in front of them why in front of them to show them the way will be a millennium and also on their right why on the right because they will be given their records were in there right. So and they will be given the records in there right? They will find light because of that record on the right side as well.

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And also on the right side because of the cream because of honoring the right side because good deeds What do they represent? Right behavior and right side is the noble side. So this is the cream for the right side that Allah subhanaw taala will put light on their rights as well.

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And along with the slide, what will happen they will be given the good news that bushwalk on your good news. Meaning it will be said to them that your good news today meaning that by which you will be given good news is what bushwalker will yoma what is the good news that you're being given today? Jonathan gardens 30 min tactical and our meeting soon you're going to enter Jeanette and in these Jeanette you'll be abiding there eternally. Insert the Toba 21 we learned you Machito whom are booneville hemmati men who would have learned what you're not alone homefree hiner emo mocking him that Allah gives good news to the believers of what have Jeanette. So this good news he gives to

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them in this dunya and this good news will also be given to them when on the Day of Judgment even before they enter Paradise. And this good news will be given to them by Allah and will also be given to them by their angels. Allah says their Lika who will foes in our lien, that is the great attainment.

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Now we see that in the previous ayat, do things were mentioned. Amen, as well as spending in the way of Allah and in the eye right before this one. A lot of panel data questions man, that lady you could have the law club that has center where are those people who would like to give to a law, a good loan and excellent loan

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And then this is the reward for a man. And spending in the way of Allah is mentioned

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that those who have Eman And it's not just verbal Eman, but they show it with their actions. They show it with their spending, this Eamonn, this spending, how will it translate on the day of judgment in the form of light in the form of light that is going to lead the believers from the place of gathering to Jannah. And it will also translate into the good news that the believers will be given on the Day of Judgment even before they enter Jannah.

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We learn into the tosylate i a 3231 in la de la Carlota, buena la de mas de como

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la Malaika. And remember the meaning of that and as they do again and again. And one of those occasions is on the day of judgment as well. And what do the angels say to them a lot a horrible one that there is no one else whatever shield will be generated and it can be

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so obvious you over here bush Rocco Malian.

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Now we see two benefits over here of spending in the way of Allah and also of EMA, on the day of judgment, what are those two benefits, light and also good news.

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Now, good news, understandable, but what is this light? Who will have the slide? When will the people given the slide? Why will they have it and what is the slide in reality?

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We learned from several ahaadeeth and the sayings of the son of that in the plane of hush in the plane of gathering

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where all of mankind will be gathered together after resurrection. What will happen is that will take place questioning will take place there wasn't will be established.

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And then the people of Hellfire will be led to Hellfire we have learned in through the Zoomer was the Yukon ladina cafaro Elijah Anima Zamora isn't at all. So the people of Hellfire will be led to hellfire.

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And in the plane of Hashem, it is only the followers of monotheism that will remain, meaning only those people who believed in Allah and His messengers, they will remain in the plane of Hashem.

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And these believers, or these people who were believing in Allah and His messengers, amongst them will be those who are very righteous. Amongst them will be those who committed sin. And amongst them will also be those who are hypocrites, because it will only be those people who apparently under law here, what did they do? They believed in Allah and follow the messenger, the baton only Allah subhanaw, taala noser. So in order to distinguish between those who were sincere, and those who are not sincere, those who are righteous and those who are not righteous, what's going to happen? A loss of data is going to cause a darkness to completely fall on the plane of Russia. So basically, all

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the people over there will be covered in darkness. And we learned this from Hades. I should have learned how she asked the Prophet sallallahu sallam, where will the people be on the day when the earth has changed into another earth and the heavens as well we learned the colonial with a bit of delay the law was semi wet. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, they will be in darkness ahead of the bridge, they will be in darkness. So, at the plane of Russia, what will happen, darkness will befall. And then the next step is going to gender. But between the plane of passion and gender is what the slot the bridge that each person has to cross, we learned in sort of medium is 71 in men

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come in Nowhere to do her can and a lot bigger. hotman machiya. There is none of you except that he will come to it. He has to cross it. He has to go over it. And this is upon your Lord and inevitability that is decreed meaning this is inevitable, it's decreed it's definitely going to happen.

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So before the people cross the bridge, what's going to happen, darkness will befall.

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But in order to cross the bridge, what do people need? Light. So now, every person will be given light according to his Eman And according to his armor.

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Every individual every single person will be given light according to what he is a man and his armor. And this is something very serious because we learned earlier noodle home it's their light. You cannot share anyone else's light.

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No one else has good deeds. No one else is a man no one else a sacrifice can help you. It's only what you did, what is going to aid you on that day. What is going to save you on that day.

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So we learned that instead of the hardware, the

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Our physical hardware in its shot in its explanation, it has been said that in this place, the hypocrites will be separated from the believers, they will stay behind and the believers will go ahead.

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We also learned that it has been said that Allah subhanaw taala will gather the people on the Day of Resurrection. And some of them will be given light like a mountain

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light like a mountain in front of him. Just imagine why, why light like a mountain, because that's what their Eman was like, that's what their deeds were like.

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And this mountain in front of him, some of them will be given more light than that, just imagine some people will be given more light than that of a mountain even

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some will be given their light like a palm tree to the right. And some will be given less than that on the right. So, some people in front of them they will be given the size of a mountain in light, literally. And on the right like a palm tree and some less than that.

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The last one to be given light will be given on his big door in front of him.

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Light were just on his big toe in front of him, which will shine on and off, when it will shine, he will move forward and when it will be extinguished, he will stand still

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remembering sort of bacala we learned about them and everything that their example is like that of a storm right? That could Lama Allah Allah whom Michelle fee will either Allah Allah him amo and remember that the spiritual state of a person is his physical state in the

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how much ever light a person is in in this dunya that is the light that he will have India

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so it is said that he and they will move forward across the Surat. Our people will move forward across the sort of with what with only the light that they have.

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And the Surat will be like the edge of a sword edge of a sword. Just imagine so sharp and what is underneath hellfire. And you know about the details of the sutra that it has thorns, it has things that will literally pull people off. It's not easy to cross the Surat

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avoid in which one is likely to slip. It will be set to them carry on as much as you like enabled you to some of them will cross it like a falling star.

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Despite the fact that the syrup is so fine like a sword. Some people will cross the Serato like a falling star like a shooting star. How does it move so quickly?

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Imagine the speed of a shooting star. This is how some people will cross this out. Obviously someone who is Sabbath, who's always running, always hastening forward, competing in good deeds getting ahead of others not staying behind. He is the one who will be able to run like a shooting star on the salop others will cross it like the wind or like the blinking of an eye or like a man running or jogging according to the level of his deeds. So each person will have light and each person will move with that light depending on his Eman And depending on his deeds.

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Then the one whose light is on his big toe will cross it with one hand slipping and the other holding on. How will he cross it with one hand slipping and the other holding on and one foot slipping and the other hanging on with the fire hitting his sights until when they pass it and read safely. They will say Praise be to Allah who has saved us from you after we have seen you. Meaning when the people and the believers will cross the Hellfire when they will cross the Surat what will they say Praise be to Allah who has saved us from you oil fire after we had seen you we have been given what no one else has been given.

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So what do we see here? That yo lateral movement in a minute, yes or no room bainer ad him will be emani him

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their light will be in front of them. Their light will be on their right. And for some this light will be yes, it will be running it will be moving very quickly. And as the light will move quickly. Those who have that light will also move very quickly. And those whose light is very little. It's flickering, it's barely there. What's going to happen to them, they're hardly going to be able to make it Some will manage to make it and others will fall. Abdullah Miss Earth he said they will pass over this route according to their deeds. Some of them will have a light as large as a mountain some as a day tree, some as big as a man in the standing position. The least among them has a light as

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big as his index finger. index finger that's it. That's the only light he has. It is lit at times and

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extinguished at other times, just imagine,

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sometimes the light will be there and other times it won't be there. And this light, what do we learn over here? Yes, our noodle avena ADM will be a millennium bushwalk camaleon. What does it show that this light is what is going to lead the believers to gender.

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And remember that those who are light Indonesia will have light on that day as well. We learned in the previous ayah, that who led Yuna zero Allah OBD II by Hinata, nuclear camino guru Mati in a no.

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So a person who is enlight, Indonesia through is a man who is our mozzarella, he will have Eman on the day of judgment as well. And such people will be given good news of Paradise as well. And all of this, the hypocrites will be denied. Why? Because they kept away from the light, the light of guidance, even though it was offered to them, even though it was right before then they denied it, which is why light will be denied to them on the Day of Judgment.

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For the believers, the light will be given how would it be according to their email and according to their masala for the moon African, we learned that initially they will be given light. Initially they will be given light. But just as they were deceptive in the dunya. They will be treated with deception on that day as well. How that that light will be given to them and eventually it will be taken away from them as we will learn the following if and when it will be taken away from them they will be left in complete darkness in complete darkness. And in the following as we see that they will call onto the believers that wait for us share your light with us so that we can also cross we

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can also enter general with you because we were with you in the dunya but at that time, they cannot share anybody else's like

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we learned that everyone will be given a light on the Day of Resurrection. When they arrive at the Surat the light of the hypocrites will be extinguished. So when that darkness will be fall on the plane of hardship, what will happen, each person will be given light. And when the people will read this lit up, then we'll have to clean what will happen to their light it will be extinguished. And when the believers will see this, they will be concerned that their light also will be extinguished.

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They will be fearful that what if our light is also extinguished? Just as a light of the hypocrites was and this is when they will pray to Allah which we learn in through the number eight that Allah says yo Malaya Zilla, hoonah b1, Latina Emma Newmar. Who? Nora whom Yes, avena ad will be a man him yaku Luna Robin robina at mainland anumana workfit Nana, they will make the other Oh Allah complete, perfect our light for us and forgive us in Nicola condition in Paddy. Indeed, you are over all things capable. So when they will see the state of the hypocrites they'll become fearful and they will make to our to our mother or law. Don't let our light extinguish. Now this is something very,

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very scary, very serious. And we all need to think about it. We all need to be serious about it. Have you ever been in darkness? Ever?

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Have you ever had to cross some dark place all by yourself? I remember once we visited somebody place up in the mountains somewhere in Pakistan. And there was no electricity over there, at least for that time. Or in that area. At least there was no electricity. And we had to go through the forest to their house. And for some reason, we could not get in touch with them. So we had to walk all the way. And we didn't even know where exactly we had to go. But anyway, we had to walk all the way. It was nighttime, pitch dark, pitch dark. There was not even the moon or the stars. It was like a very dark night. And we were asking somebody about the way and they gave us a candle, a candle and

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they said you go this way and you'll find your way. We went a few steps. And we said that we're going back to dark

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despite the fact that we had a candle, despite the fact that we could share that light with one another, despite the fact that we weren't alone, despite the fact that it was in the slot. But it was so horrifying. It was so scary. So scary, that we couldn't go any further. We just left. And despite the fact that we had come all the way we went somewhere else. We couldn't go there.

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So this is the state of dounia. Allah subhanaw taala shows it to us that in darkness, when you can't see when your light is limited, how hopeless Do you feel and how much you wish that you had some kind of way out.

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But on that day, if a person does not have email if a person has not an Amazon if loss is not there, then nobody else is like can help him

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You may have experienced if you ever go camping or something, and every person does not bring their own flashlight. They're not prepared, how much they're dependent on others, isn't it so

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that the person who has their flashlight they come prepared, they're able to go here and there, they're able to find their way. And those who don't come prepared, who don't have their own lights, who do they depend on others, but on that day, you cannot depend on others. If you are prepared, then you're fine. If you're not prepared, you're in trouble.

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That the stronger a person's debacle is a stronger person's Eman is the stronger persons in our to Allah is the easier it will be for him to cross the sword out on the day.

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Yo a akula when Africa una wollmann. Africa. On the same day, the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women will say to who live Nadine amanu. To those people who believed

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when the believers are racing ahead, they're going ahead with their light ESR neuron banner ad will be a millennium they have so much light, when the hypocrites they will see the believers, they will say something to them.

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The question is who is the winner.

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And whenever is someone who shows a man

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but in reality in his heart is against a man.

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On the apparent he shows that he is with the believers. But on the inside he is actually against the believers. This is when when africanus

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so the hypocrites what will happen to them. As I mentioned earlier, they will also be given light initially.

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But when they will reach this route, what will happen to their light, it will be extinguished, it will be taken away from them.

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And just as they try to trick the believers into dunya, they will be tricked on the Day of Judgment.

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If you think about the taking away of light, that is much worse than not having light at all, isn't it? How

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that first of all, it's a source of humiliation, embarrassment, a source of great regret for a person isn't it? It will leave in their hearts great hestra great sadness that they had it, but then they lost it. But this was their state Indonesia as well. They had a man, but then they lost it. They had it they initially believed. But because of the difficulties because of the challenges they gave up. They didn't continue.

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Because many people for example, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they accepted Islam initially. But later on when they realized oh Islam demands that we have to sacrifice it, we have to leave our homes, we have to do this, we have to do that. There's no way we cannot do it. So the left on the outward they remain Muslim, but on the inside they had left. So similarly, they will be given the light but it will be taken away from them. And this is much worse than not having light at all. Because it will be a source of humiliation, embarrassment, regret, sadness for them. And also if you think about it, if you are in darkness, you have light and that light goes off. Are you in more

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darkness than? Do you feel that you are more in darkness? Yes. So your situation is much worse. So this will fill them with darkness. This will fill them with sadness.

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Allah will abandon them, because they also abandoned the deen of Allah. If you think about it, they abandoned the deen when they were needed. For example, we learned that at the Battle of the week,

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when every single individual was needed, every single individual, every single penny was needed, isn't it? Because the journey was so long. The army that had to fight was so mighty. So every single individual was needed. But what was the state of the winner? 15 at that time, they stayed away at the Battle of boyhood. What happened? What happened? The Muslims were few, the machine were many. What did our dilemma no they do with his companions, he left the Muslims he left the prophets that Allah is Allah.

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So when a person abandons the cause of Islam, at the time, when the religion needs you,

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then look at how a person is deserted at a time when a person needs that light desperately.

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But if you think about it, this is not injustice that is done on them. This is injustice that they have brought upon themselves.

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Light a person will have on the Day of Judgment if he has sacrificed for the deen if he has done something if he has come prepared. But if his behavior has been deceptive, if his behavior has been, you know, very selfish, then he'll be treated in the same way on the day of judgment as well.

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He didn't give preference to the deen of Allah. He will not be given any importance on that day.

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He didn't sacrifice for the deen of Allah, He will not be helped on that day.

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So when they will need the light most, when they will need the light most in order to cross the bridge, they will have no light it will be taken away from them. So when it will be taken away, yo maya colonna, Hakuna wellmune avocado, Lila Dena, Emma knew, they will say to the believers, what will they say, own Luna wait for us on Luna from Nevada. And the word Nevada is to look but it also means to wait for someone. So they will say wait for us. Wait for us Don't go. Don't go so quickly. It's like when you're going somewhere, one person is racing ahead of you. What do you want them to do? wait for you to stop stop, just wait for us, let us come along with you nakota bisman, newly

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calm, we will take some of your light

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Nikita is from the root letters of the scene pubs and clubs is to derive one thing from the other.

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Like for example, you have a huge fire. And from that you light, a brand of fire or you light you know your stick.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:13

So, if diverse is to derive fire.

00:26:15 --> 00:27:03

So Nikita viessmann new recon, meaning we will take some of your light, not all of your light, but just some of your light. And that some meaning according to need only a little bit only as much as we need it. Because obviously when they will see the believers with light, which is the size of a mountain, the size of a palm tree. So huge. What will they think that perhaps we can take some of their light. So only Rona nakota dysmenorrhea can feel that it will be sad. It will be set to the hypocrites if you want to come go back behind yourself meaning step back go back. It's your return will come behind you meaning go back to where you came from. And what is this, go back to where you

00:27:03 --> 00:27:38

came from. This is referring to the plane of hashish because that is where the light was distributed. That is where the light was given. So the NFL team will be told as the believers are going on the syrup. And then when everything their light is taken away, they will say to the believers, give us some of your lights, the believers will say to them, go back to the plane of Russia, go back over there felter mizunara and then seek light, then search for light over there. See if you can find any light over there. If you find it, then come but too bad. We cannot share our light with you today.

00:27:40 --> 00:27:48

If you look at the word file tamiu It's from the newsletters land names in lumps and lumps is to touch by hand to feel by hand.

00:27:49 --> 00:27:54

And ultimus is to find things how by touching them.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:00

If you ever try to look for something in darkness, how do you look for it?

00:28:01 --> 00:28:11

By touching by feeling things, isn't it? So you put your hand over the table, you put your hand over the light. And then finally when you feel the light switch then you turn it on. So this is what ultimas says

00:28:13 --> 00:28:15

that Tell me something. Can you touch light?

00:28:16 --> 00:28:30

You can't. But what will they be told felt me sooner? Go and try to find light in that dark plain of hash. If you find it come along. If you don't, then too bad for you. Felt me sooner.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:38

Some have said that theodorou wa Acoma accom refers to go back to the Nia go back to where you came from.

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And then go and find light over there meaning go and do something for yourself so that you can have light now, but obviously, this is not possible. And obviously going back to the plane of pressure and finding light over there is also not possible. So why Will this be set to them? sarcasm

00:28:56 --> 00:29:42

So Caleb JIRA comm funnel Tommy sundara we cannot share our light with you February babina home then it will be struck between them between who between the moon africaine and the believers between the two groups, what will be placed between them what will be struck between them, what will be set up between them be sued in a wall suit from the petrosino out Ah and so refers to a wall but what kind of a wall is it what kind of a fence that is tall that cannot be jumped over there cannot be climbed over some walls, some fences when you see them, you can easily think about crossing them over. But other walls other barriers are such that there's no concept even of even trying to cross over them.

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So a wall will be set up between them when I 15. And the believers

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and this wall Lahu bad it will have a door. It will have a door. A wall will be placed and that wall will have a door and

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through this door, all those people who had a man will cross will go to the other side.

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So imagine all the people are together in the plane of darkness, people are given their individual lights. as they approach the bridge, the monastic in their light is taken away. Whenever you can say to the believers wait first don't go without us. That is share your light believers say go back to where you came from. This is going on a wall is placed, and then only the believers can cross through that door, as you cross it, then they cross the bridge. And then whenever you clean where are they behind the wall on the other side, so the believers are on one side of the wall. And then when are 15 on the other side of the wall in the dunya they were together but on that day they'll be

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separated. separated.

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And this wall Allah says badly no who inside of it means the hidden part of it the other side of it where the believers have gone there is fee in it is a llama mercy. The wall is placed through the door the believers go on the other side is what mercy and this mercy refers to Jenna paradise, meaning then they'll be able to enter john was a hero and outside of it the outer side of the wall on the side of the moon. I mean, clearly he in that direction on that side will be the punishment meaning the Hellfire

Al-Hadid 1-15 Tafsir 12-13

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