Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-008A Translation and Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 30-39

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Who are we the bIllahi min ash? shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala Sunil Karim rubbish Rouhani Saudi were Siddeley Emery wa Hello looked at our melissani of Prabhu Kohli. Allahumma Hadeel Colby was sadly Sunny was ruled surfing with a Colby Amenia Robert Alameen lesson number eight Surah Al Baqarah verses 30 to 39 Translation what if and when Allah Rob Booker, your Rob said lil Mala Iike to the angels in need. Indeed, I Jerry loon am one who will make fee in early the earth Khalifa a successor Kalu they said at the GRU will you make fee her in it man who you see who he will cause corruption fee her in it

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were spherical and he will shed a Dima the blood will not know while we new sub be who we glorify, be him DECA with your praise, one who are de Sulak and we declare your purity Allah He said in me indeed I are Alonso i No matter what law not Darla moon, you all know what I Lemma and He taught Adam Adam USMA the names cooler her all of them. Sama then out of the home he presented them Allah to Al mela Iike the angels for color. Then he said I'm the only you all inform me be a smart II have names, how Allah each of these In Kuntum if you all truly saw the pain are ones who are truthful, follow they said Subhana QCCA we proclaim Your glory la Ilma no knowledge at all. Lana we have Illa

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except ma what I love Tana you taught us in NACA indeed you and you truly Aleem are the ever knowing and Hakeem the ever wise Bala he said yeah Adam or Adam and be home you inform them be as smart as him have their names firmer than when I'm buying a home he informed them be as smart as him of their names. Color he said lm a call. Didn't I say Lacan to you all in me indeed I R la mu i know labor and seen a summer wet of the skies. While earth and the earth were our Lomo and i No matter what to be doona you will reveal warmer and what condone you all have been duck to moon you all are hiding. What if and when Paul now we said lil Mala Iike to the angels was Do do you all prostrate li Adam to

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Adam. For Sandra do so they prostrated Illa except IB Elisa IBLEES Abba he refused was stuck Barra and he displayed arrogance with Kana and he was or what Kana and he became men among l caffeine, those who disbelieve wahconah And we said yeah Adam or Adam or scone you dwell into you was Oh dukkha and your wife al Janata in the garden Wakulla and you to eat minha from it rather than abundantly Hazel wherever ship to mA you to will without the Colaba and you too Do not come near. Had the Shudra this tree fat Hakuna then you too will be men among a lolly mean those who do wrong for as Allah Houma so he caused them to to slip a shade on the shaitan unhappy from it for a while

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Roger Houma so he removed them to mimma from what Kana they two were fee he in it will call now and we said it'd be a tool you all go down. Bar lukewarmly. Barbin as each others are the one enemy while accom and for you all fee in an early the Earth. Mr. Cochran is a place of settlement, Wilma, Tyrone and enjoyment Isla Hain for some time for tilaka demo. Then Adam received men from rugby he his Rob Kelly Martin words fatawa Alaihe so he turned in mercy upon him in the who, indeed he who were here

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Truly a to web is the extremely Accepting of repentance of Rahim the Ever Merciful oil now we said a beautiful you all go down minha from it Jamia together for ima then whenever you get tn com It indeed comes to you all mini from me Huda guidance feminine then whoever Tabea he follows who Daya my guidance fella the know how often fear or lay him will be upon them. Wala and Nora home the year is unknown they will grieve well Lavina and those who care for who they disbelieved? What can the Boo and they denied Biya Tina, our signs? Our vs. Both meanings are correct. Hola, Erica. Those of us who are companions and natty of the fire home, they fee her in it, Holly dune will be ones who

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remain eternally. Let's quickly go over the words. Okay. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What is the color of Booker? Back to iron number 31 means and it means when and when we see this combination what if and when this is understood that what is being said is that recall the incident when such and such happened. Now, of course, you can only recall something when you have witnessed it yourself. Right? So it doesn't mean that recall what's in your memory, but rather recall based on what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, meaning mentioned the story, talk about the story, keep it in your mind recall its different details, reflect over it and derive lesson from it. So we're in

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the end when all our Booker your Rob said now Alhamdulillah these words are very familiar to you. Allah you know literally means he said but here we're not going to translate it separately because he is a boo. So Allah Buka your Rob said he said to who lil Mala Iike to the angels now Lin Mala Iike the LI means to and L where did the other come from? Because you see this lamb? Okay. There is a hidden Elif lamb here, okay. So l so this is L Mala Iike. He said to the angels, what did he say to the angels? He said that in need indeed I now in no means Indeed and in me with the year means I remember the table that I gave to you the detached and attached pronouns and the attached pronouns.

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You remember the year it indicates I or me? So in me Indeed, I am going to Jerry loon. Indeed, I am one who will make now before we continue, remember that all our route letters are off while lamb Okay, and rabuka Root letters are Alaba Okay, and Mala Iike this is a new word. So now I'm going to give you root letters of the new words okay. So Mala Iike is from the root letters Hamza lamb calf, okay. Now, in Niger alone Geralyn indeed I am one who will make I am going to make who were fill early in the earth. So I am going to make in the earth who is Khalifa. So, Jah Ilan Khalifa. Khalifa is a new word, and this is from the root letters call lamb fat, okay, and I'll tell you the meaning.

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So I am going to make the earth a Khalifa meaning a successor. What happened? Or Lou they said who said who is the day referring to the angels? So the angel said at Dodger Alou will you make now uh, this is a question Okay.

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Will and that you're alone you make that your alluded to indicates you and Jim and I lamb is the route so will you make fi her in it in where? In the Earth? Okay, will you make fi her in it? Man who you see do he will cause corruption what's the root of UFC do what's the root of UFC do fasten that good. So will you make in the earth someone who will cause corruption fee had in it in were in the earth. Okay, and weigh us we could Dima and he will shed the blood. Yes because this is from the room

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Letters seen fair calf okay Suffolk to shed blood so will you make in the earth someone who will cause corruption in it and someone who will shed blood. Now a D mat, Dima is actually plural of the word dumb

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okay which means blood and how can blood have plural Bloods? So he will shut the bloods what it means is he will shed the blood of many okay meaning he will cause a lot of bloodshed it's not just one or two people that will kill you know a few others no they will kill in masses in great numbers weigh us we could demand are you going to place in the earth someone who's going to do this? When National Wild we who is we referring to the angels because the angels are the ones who were talking right? So will you make in the earth someone who's going to cause corruption and someone who's going to cause a lot of bloodshed while we glorify you with your praise when national lucep Bihu behenic.

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Now new sub B who is from seen Baja, okay, this be seen Baja you can see the letters over here. So we glorify you We glorify in a you is in parenthesis you don't have to memorize it because it's not new sub B hookah it's new sub B who become DECA and I will tell you the meaning of this phrase no sub be who behind DECA so we glorify with your praise How do we know it's with your praise be means with hand means praise and Commons you're so we glorify with your praise, and one will cut the Sulak and we declare your purity what and nobody so we declare purity laka literally means for you meaning we declare purity for you meaning we declare that you are absolutely pure. Okay, Allah He said,

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meaning Allah subhanaw taala responded by the way naka de su This is from cough dal and see kala he said in ni indeed I R la mo I know. So Allah subhanaw taala responded that indeed i No matter what law not Darla moon you all know I have knowledge of something that you do not have knowledge of, and this is why you are saying this. Well I Lemma and he taught meaning Allah Azza wa Jalla taught Allah subhanaw taala taught who Adam Adam USMA the names a smart This is the plural of the word, Islam. And Islam means name or noun. So here it means name. So Allah subhanaw taala Adam the names which names color her all of them, okay, all of the names. Now koala, ha ha is referring to names and

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literally her means it okay, it's feminine singular pronoun, but we're translating it as them because it's actually referring to a plural and this is something common in the Arabic language you will see this a lot in your translation that there is an IT and then slash them. So you have to memorize them. So all of them meaning all of the names of this panel try to talk them to Adam, then what happened sama then Otto the home he presented them out of the home this is from iron, law and blood. Okay? All right Allah Allah Allah to present so Allah subhanaw taala presented them what is them referring to hear them is referring to the things whose names ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada talk to

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Adam. So then he presented those things those objects were before or to Allah Mala ICA. So first Allah subhanaw taala type all of the names to Adam. Okay, and then he presented those things to the angels for color then he said meaning that Allah subhanaw taala said to who to the angels that AAM be oni you all inform me now I'm the only this is from the root letters known by Hamza Okay, neighbor, which means news or information. So I'm Bo means you all inform and ne means meat. Okay, so you all informed me be a smarty of names the same word that you can see over here here we had a smack Well, here we have be a smart so he said you all inform me of names, names of who have hair,

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hula, each of these, okay? Meaning of these things which are before you tell me the names of these things.

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In quantum if you all truly are soldered pin ones who are truthful meaning you say that this Khalifa is going to cause a lot of bloodshed on Earth. So if you are true in your opinion in your assumption, and that means that you think that you are better than this Khalifa because you say that you are just, you know, glorifying Allah at all times. So if you think you are better than tell me the names of these things. Now Saudi clean is a plural of Saudi and Saudi it is one who speaks the truth. The root is Saad dal and off in quantum sidefx. Now what was the response of the angels Aalu they said, super Hannukah your glory. Now super Hanukkah literally means your glory. Okay, so the

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Han means glory, and commons, you're now super Hanukkah. This is something that a person says, you know, in amazement or in shock. So super Hanukkah your glory, meaning we proclaim your glory. So this is why we proclaim is in parenthesis. So this ad Subhana AKA, we proclaim your glory, la Ilma no knowledge at all. Law means no, but when you see there's a noun that comes right after Allah in this form with a Fatah right after la Ilma it means no knowledge at all. This is similar to how we say La Ilaha illa Allah La ilaha means there is no God at all complete negation il Allah except Allah. So Allah Ilma This is complete negation, no knowledge at all. Meaning we have no knowledge

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Lenna for us, meaning we have no knowledge at all in law except ma i love to know what you have taught us and Subhanak is also from seen Baja same route as new Sabir so we have no knowledge at all except the knowledge that you have taught us our lambda same route as our lemma, the real okay all of these words are from the same root. So we have no knowledge at all except the knowledge which you have taught us in NECA indeed you until you truly align or the ever knowing and Al Hakim the ever wise if you remember the exercise that we did at the end of the word analysis section in our previous class, Ally leam the ever knowing and Al Hakim the ever wise Allah He said meaning Allah

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subhanaw taala said yeah demo Adam and be home you inform them. Now notice this word um bit home and um we only see these two words um bit you inform and be all you all inform what's the difference

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M B and M B O M B is for singular you one person informed them okay and M B O is for plural you all all of you locked in form okay. So there the angels were being addressed right that all you angels you inform me and here Adam one person is being addressed that you inform them and be at home so you inform them be as mad at him of their names as smart again plural of ism so you inform them of their names fella mad and when a home he informed them notice same route Ambit Ambio Amba known by Hamza is the route okay known by Hamza a home he informed them be a smart him of their names. So when Adam informed the angels of the names of those things, then what happened Paula he said Allah subhanaw

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taala said lm a call Didn't I say now, this is for question. Remember, we read this earlier as well. A Dodger or Luffy How will you make in it? So when you see this Hamza, right at the beginning of a word, typically any when it is separate from the word like here, a lump of coal, then this is a question. Okay? So, Hamza, this means did lamb means not so Alam did not a call I say meaning Didn't I say let come to you all, so Allah subhanaw taala said Didn't I say to you all that in me indeed I are Allah more I know, labor and seen labor. You know this word already. lainnya is the root. I know the unseen a summer worth of the skies. A semi worth is a plural of a summer. So I know the unseen

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of the skies will out and the earth

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meaning anything that is hidden in the skies on the earth I know about it what are Alonzo and i No matter what to do now you all reveal to Badulla This is from ba dal wow okay to Badulla you will reveal a Buddha UbD is to reveal express something to let it be known. So I know what you reveal warmer and what quantum you all have been tucked to one you are hiding testimonies from Caf there me so what you reveal and what you have been hiding? Both of those Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. Okay, now notice you all where's the URL coming from the TR at the beginning and well known at the end. Right? You all were if and when another incident call now we said meaning Allah subhanaw taala

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said lil Mala Iike to the angels same word. We read this earlier. We said to the angels was Do do you all prostrate? How do we know it's you all?

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Because of the WoW at the end good. So you all prostrate and this is from such that scene. Jeem that is the root. So the angels are being told all of you prostrate li Adam to Adam. What happened for sogetsu so they prostrated Illa except Iblees Iblees. Abba. He refused. They all prostrate it except for Iblees What did IBLEES do? He refused to prostrate. Hamza bear. Yeah, is the root was stuck Vada and he displayed arrogance. Okay, what's that? Well, this is from calf that kibble is stick about the cupboard pride, and he refused to prostrate and he displayed arrogance, what Canada and he was meaning from before he was middle caffeine among those who disbelieve meaning from before he was of

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the disbelievers. And here his disbelief was exposed or what cannot and he became now because of his refusal and his arrogance he became among those who disbelieve and I'll caffeine you know as a plural off, Cafayate one who does kufr so he refused displayed arrogance. And he became of those who disbelieve, we'll call that and we said, yet Adam or Adam asked can you dwell, okay was can you dwell from seen calf noon.

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Second, to become still or to dwell somewhere so you dwell and try you, meaning you Oh, Adam, was Oh Dukkha. And your wife, though joke from ze Well, Jean. So you and your wife were means and commons, your and Zoji you can see the root letters There literally is spouse one of a pair the word is used for both husband and wife. So here because we're talking about Adam, it's your wife. So you and your wife dwell where dwell in L Jana, l Jamna. Is from the root letters Jeem noon, noon, Jana literally means to be hidden. Okay, and a garden that is so lush that you cannot see the ground, the ground is literally covered and foliage. Such a garden is called Jana, or you know, there's an element of

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privacy because there's trees all around so it's hidden from others. And otherwise, Janna paradise is called Jana, because it's hidden from us right now. So you and your wife dwell in the garden, what cooler and you to eat. Now this is interesting. This is something new that we're going to learn today. Kula. Notice the LF here, hula you to eat and in the translation you have to. So remember that in Arabic you have, you know in English, you just have singular and plural. Okay? In Arabic you have a thing called Destinia or dual. Okay? So you have singular, you have dual, and you have plural. All right. So, Kula. For example, if you're telling one person to eat, you would say cool.

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Like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the child who was eating with his left hand, that could be a minich. So Mila mentioned the name of Allah and what could be Amin ik, so cool. This would be for singular. For dual we have you to eat you can see over here Kula

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Kula you to eat. And for plural we have Kulu Allah subhanaw taala tells people Kulu hallelujah yerba eat all of you eat

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What is lawful and what is good? So dual This is something new that we're going to look at today. So what color and you to eat and color is from the root letters Hamza

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lamb, a color, a color to eat. And notice here the Hamza has just dropped it's just gone. Because remember I mentioned this to you the roof Allah Elif, or Hamza? Well yeah. What happens with the Elif with these three letters is that sometimes they either interchange and then sometimes what happens is that you just drop them entirely because that's just how the language is. It's just easier to say the word without these letters. So Kula you to eat minha from it from what from a Jana so the HA is referring to Al Jana. So both of you Adam and Hawa Adam you and your wife eat from Jana Raha Dan abundantly that I have done this is from raw line that abundantly meaning there is no

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restriction there is no limitation you know, sometimes when we're eating in public we think okay, I've taken the first serving. I cannot take another one but this is abundantly no limit. Hazel wherever she toma you too will meaning eat from Jana, wherever and how much ever you to want. Now notice again she to match the Elif at the end. Okay, this is indicating the duel. You too will win out Acaba, Aqaba How do we know it's you to where's the sign of the duel? While at Aqaba? Exactly the Elif at the end so Hey, so she Duma Okay, she toma This is from sheen yeah Hamza and while at the crowbar, this is from off raw bow. Okay, so You too do not come near do not even go near What

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had he sheduled this tree don't even go near this particular tree. So the tree was pointed out it was made very clear. Eat wherever you want eat how much ever you want. But this tree you cannot eat of it. Why? Because for the corner, then you too will be men among a volley mean those who do wrong Lolly mean floral of limb. Lala meme is the root and Shedra you know you can see here is sheen Jeem rock sheduled okay Shahdara tree, so do not go near this tree then you too will be noticed again you too. Where's the sign of the two? It's the lf you too will be among those who do wrong. What happened for Oiselle Lahoma che you know, the CHE plan caused them to to slip. So shaytaan caused

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both of them to slip who man. Okay, you see Huma it means them to both of them. It wasn't just that he Lord house and then how tempted Adam no shaitan caused both of them to slip. And as Allah is from the root letters ze lamb lamb, Zilla means to slip and as Allah is to cause someone else to slip. So who caused them to to slip a shade or knew the shaytaan caused them to to slip meaning both Adam and Howard and shaytaan we have done this word earlier. Sheen for noon is the root on her from it from what from a Jana? So what happened for apologia Houma so he removed them to now again Houma means to them to Okay, and Raja, this is from the root letters. Ha, Ra. G so he removed both of them menma

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from what can add the two were How do we know it's the two because of the Elif again, so he removed them from the condition that both of them were in fi he in it. What call now and we said we this is not now means we so we said a bill to you all go down how do we know it's you all because of the well okay. And a beautiful is from her

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door habita to go down below you all go down baucham liberon Or do you are each other's enemy. Now Bartlow calmly burden this is basically a phrase which is why we cannot just translate it literally barreled means some okay and come means you are so some of you all live by Robin for some. Some of you all are

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For some an enemy meaning you are each other's enemy

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Okay, all of you are all of you as in Adam Hawa and Iblees so all of you are enemy to each other all right and are the one this is from rain than Wow welcome and for you all fill early in the earth Musa cologne is a place of settlement of raw raw is the root Quran is TOS settled somewhere Mr. Carr is a place of settlement well my town and enjoyment This is from meme the rain Illa Hain for some time he means time Eli means until so until a time together for some time and Hain is from the root letters have ya known for the local Adam than Adam received? The call this was from lamb cough Yeah, luckier is to meet the Lucky is to receive So Adam received men or behave from his Rob What did he

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receive Kelly Matt in words Kelly Matt is a plural our kalima meaning Allah subhanaw taala taught Adam Alayhis Salam, certain words with which he could seek forgiveness. And Adam and his Salam learned those words and he used those words to seek forgiveness from Allah. Then what happened Fatah verily He so Allah turned in mercy upon him. Now taba This is a very important word. taba is from the root letters Tao Baba and literally taba means to turn, okay. When people do tabco It means that we are turning to Allah in repentance, okay meaning we are turning back to Allah. We are seeking forgiveness from Allah we are changing our way this is turned in repentance but when Allah subhanaw

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taala taba Allah someone it means that Allah subhanaw taala turns in mercy upon that person. Okay, so even though the word is the same, the meaning is different when used for Allah and when used for people. So here it's been used for Allah. This is why Fatah Barili he turned in mercy upon him upon who upon Adam, Why did Allah turn in mercy upon him? Because in the who indeed he indeed Allah is He truly is a to wabbit Rahim. He is the extremely Accepting of repentance of Lorraine, the Ever Merciful, a to Webb again from the same route ta Well, VO So taba, he turned to web. The one who is extremely Accepting of repentance, literally at the web is the one who turns again and again. Now,

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because this is the name of Allah, it means that he turns upon His servants and mercy again and again meaning he accepts the repentance. He gives them the ability to repent again and again. And he is also a Rahim the Ever Merciful coil now we said a bill to you all go down. We just read this word earlier. How about why is the root minha from it meaning from a Jana All of you go down Jumeirah together, meaning Adam howa and Iblees All of you go down from Jana down where to the earth for ima then whenever you get Tiana calm it indeed comes to you all now yet tn calm you see this noon with a Shuddha okay, this means indeed.

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And yet TIA is from the root letters Hamza?

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Yeah, so it indeed you see yet to the year indicates it that's the pronoun that's hidden. Hamza Teja is the route comes and noon with the shutdown indeed. So it indeed comes to who to come to you all. So whenever it indeed comes to you all what indeed comes to you all mini from me meaning from Allah, this is men. And yeah, Monique from me. So what indeed comes to you all from me hotel guidance. So this is a promise that guidance is definitely going to come to you from me. I am going to send guidance to you. Then when it comes from and then whoever tobira he follows to Vera is from ta ba Alright, to follow. We're supposed to do it t bar to follow the prophets of Allah who already have

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seven right? So for men, Toby Rao who Daya my guidance how do we know it's my because of the year so whoever follows My guidance, follow how often then know health health is fear.

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Ha Wow fat then no fear or lay him will be upon them wala and Nora whom they yeah his unknown they will grieve years unknown is from her ze noon who isn't to grieve. So those who followed my guidance that no fear will be upon them and they will not grieve. On the other hand were Latina and those who can follow the disbelieved. Were kids there will be a Latina and they denied Our Verses. Now Canada literally means to belie what does that mean to call something like katiba calf that is the root khateeb is lie, okay? Canada is to call something a lie, and can never be when Canada is followed by B. It means to deny, because why would you call something alive? The point is that you're saying not

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true. I don't accept it. I don't believe it. So can never be is to deny. So they denied our vs. Now this is why you will see that we're not translating be over here we're not going to say with we're just going to say and they denied Our Verses. And I add is a plural of

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Yeah. And if means both things verse as in a verse of the Quran and also a sign like a miracle. So those who disbelieve and they deny Our Verses or our signs hola Iike those are Sahaba now our Companions of the Fire. US have is the plural of saw hip. Okay, and and now this is not just any fire. This is the fire meaning of Johanna. So they will be companions, meaning they will be inmates of Johanna. That's where they will be adhering to Johanna. Home they fee her in it Caledon will be one to remain eternally Caledon is a plural of the word Khalid, from the root letters call lamb that to abide eternally and US hub is from the root letter saw her via quick question. If you go back to

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the beginning, find me three words from the root letters off while lamb cold to say. Actually, let's go over the first verse together and find words that are from off while lamb cold. All right, very good. Allah, it color of Buka. All right, and then we have Kalu. They said, Okay, and then we have again, color. He said, All right. And then again we have for color. Then he said, then again, we have color Lu. They said, We have caller. He said, Paula, he said,

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Paul, now we said we know it's we because of the now.

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Call now. We said

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all right. And then we have hola again. All right, Paul, now, we said.

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So, you see the lesson is long. That's true. No doubt about that. Okay. However, you can also see here that there are so many words that are repeating.

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Right. So many words are repeating and did I miss a word along a call? Yes. And I'm upon this as well. Okay, let's do another one. I mean, let's find words that are from the root letters I in law memory to know, okay, when you see the P here in the R Lomo. All right. R Alemu Mela, Darla moon, where I learn and he taught see Arla mozzarella Moon there is no shudder here. It means simply to know I know you all know, but when you have a shudder like here I lemma, it means to teach to give knowledge. Okay, so you have r&r Motorola moon I lemma. Okay. And then we have here Ilma la ilma lana Ilana I love Tana again same route. Hola Eileen in Naka until Arlene will Hakeem. Then we have

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in the ER Alonso I know what are Alonso and I know okay. So, in Arabic, you will see that you just have to recognize certain patterns. And another important thing is you really need to understand the lesson. If you understand the lesson, what will happen is that you will know what the verses are saying and if you know what the verses are saying, then inshallah learning the meaning will not be different.

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called Yes, it will take time but through practice, inshallah it will get easier. Another thing I would recommend to you is that when you're doing your lesson, make sure that you also listen to the recitation. Okay? And don't just listen to it once or twice, but listen repeatedly, because the more you listen to it, the more it will settle in your mind, inshallah. Okay, let's begin to Tafseer now, we have just a little over an hour left. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Before we begin, I would ask you all to stand up exactly where you are sitting. Stretch a little bit. Okay. I'll rub your eyes if you have to Java.

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Okay, let's begin.

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