Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L262A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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naturomedica solea Lara Surah Al Karim Amma bird for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. labiche fleshly acidity Wei acidity mg Washington Dr. melissani yokocho coly probenecid in our

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lesson number 262 sorta took off I am number 21 to 35

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won't go and mention. Aha. Brother. Odd, odd is when n zero he warned Alma who his people build off at the

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workout while in fact harlot it passed another the Warner's men from brainy a day he before him, were men and from Kulfi behind him, Allah that not darboux you will worship Illa Allah except Allah in me indeed I a half who I fear or LA come upon you either punishment yome of de or lien great

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carlu they said Ajay Turner Have you come to us later thickener. So you delude us away

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from earlier Tina our God's

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data that come to us Bhima with what their a donor you threaten us in if you were men from a solder pain, those who are truthful Allah He said in nama indeed not but I'll move the knowledge in the law with Allah. We're live welcome and I convey to you man what or sale to I was sent Biggie with it. When I came knee but I Arauco I see you omen of people that you alone. You all behave ignorantly

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falnama but when

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they saw it

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as a cloud, Mr. Kabila one approaching. I will do to him their valleys or do they said Heather this arguable a cloud monthly runner one that brings rain on us

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but rather Who was it that which is their gelatin? Ul hastened be with it. The home a wind see her in it are their bone punishment a Lehman painful to the middle it destroys color every chain thing the Emery by command for behalf of its rub for us but who then they became law not your it is seen Illa except Mr. Aquino home their homes galenica thus Niger z we recompense Toma the people allegedly mean the criminals

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and certainly not can we establish them FEMA in that which in not much can come we established your fee. It was your honor. And we made the home for them. Some are hearing what irbesartan insights was eaten and hearts summer so not only that it availed on home from them some are home their hearing wanna and not a Bizarro home their sites are there and not have either to whom their hearts men from Shay in anything is when can I know they were Elijah? How do they reject? B is with versus Allah of Allah wahaca and it's surrounded by him with them ma that which candle they were busy with it yesterday the own demark

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record and certainly Lackner we destroyed what hola come around you men from an era the city's also Ruffner and we have explained in diverse ways I add the signs, the vs.

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Learn the home so that they yield your own they return

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fanola so why not know sort of whom he helped them and levina those who it the hurdle they took men from dunlea other than Allah O'Bannon as a means of approach and lehighton as God Ben rather Balu they got lost on home from them. Well Danica and that if go home, their life warmer and that which can oh they were yesterday when they fabricate what is and when sawed off now. We directed we turned on

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Laika towards you know foreign a group a few men from Elgin virgin? The estimate Runa though listen attentively Alcor Anna to the

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selama than when halbertal who they attended it.

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They said and say to you or listen silently,

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fella so when Tobia it was concluded, were no better and ILA towards Omi him their people. When they read as Warren as our new day said, Yeah or colmenar our people in indeed we samina we have heard kita been a book on Zilla it was revealed men from bardi after Musa masala a sullen Muslim Deacon one confirming Lima for that which beignet a day he before it. Yesterday it guides ala towards the truth or ala and towards buddy, Mr. Cream one straight Jaco mana or are people ijebu you all respond, Daria color, Allah of Allah or me no and you all believe be he in him said he will forgive Luckily for you men from dunno become your sins, when you did come and he will protect you men from

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or there have been punishment any painful woman and whoever left not your job here response barrier color a lot of Allah salaries so not be mortgages in at all want to cause failure

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in the earth, while a sir and is not law who for him mendonca he from beside him earlier any clause protecting friends?

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Allah iica those fee in Berlin and error, Mo been one clear.

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lm did a not euro they see that indeed Allah Allah, Allah He is the one who halaqa he created a semi worth the heavens while up and they are welcome and not urea, he fails. Behold in Word their creation Bill ardis definitely one who is able either upon on that you hear he gives life remote to the dead ones. Bella? Yes, in the who indeed he Allah upon cliche in everything. Our deal on always all Abel

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well Yama and on day euro, he will be exposed. And Medina those who care for all day disbelieved Allah upon a nerve, the fire la sir, is it not? Heather? This will help. Definitely the truth. I knew they said, Bella. Yes, we're a * by our partner he said for Dooku so you all taste either the punishment Bhima because of what quantum you were duck for own you all deny phosphate, so be patient, gamma, just as Saba, he was patient, although possessors are some of the determination. Men from a vessel the messengers wanna and do not start with you, you'll be impatient or the surgeon, you seek to hasten the home for them and the home as if indeed they Yama en de Girona they will see

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that which you are doing they are promised lemmya Alba zoo, they did not remain Illa except certain and our main from the head a day but a conveying for *. So not your local he is destroyed in LA except

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the people and sassy code the sinful

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Tina Tina Tina Turner

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right the

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Al-Ahqaf 21-35 Translation 21-35

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