Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L009B

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I was going to shave honorable Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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let's go over the word breakup.

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Yeah, Bernie. Yeah. Bernie or children. We have done the word yeah before Yeah. Yeah. Are you a nurse? So yeah is Oh, and Benny is children so yeah Benny or children is ill of Islam.

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Oh guru you all remember you all recall Guru is from the

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and earth Guru is you all remember near mutti my favorite near Mati is near most and yet at the end nirma his favorite blessing and yeah means

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yeah means my any other example but we did have the word yes which means me or my or I

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in may indeed I in the jar alone fill of the halifa so near Mati my blessing allottee which allottees the feminine

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and the Z, okay, and levy so remember my favorite which favor the favor which and do I blessed? I favored. Notice the word is and do insert society how we did the word and that what does an answer mean? You favorite and until I feel okay, what's the difference between the two words? One has a llama and the other hazard

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so remember the favorite which I favorite I've blessed our lay come upon you this is Allah upon canoe what oh food, and you all fulfill Oh, food is an imperative. It's a command. Therefore the meaning is you all do this and why is it you all wise a thorough because of the one why was an indication of

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so what oh foo and you all fulfill B or D with my covenant the year indicates mine oofy I shall fulfill notice the word oofy begins with the Hamza okay. And remember I told you that sometimes not always the Hamza at the beginning indicates i right. So similarly over here oofy the Hamza at the beginning indicates I so I shall fulfill We are the comb with your covenant be with our covenant comb your what a year. Yes. And only mean in sort of Fatiha we read. What a year.

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A year. Here we read a year. Yeah. So a year only me. So her boo knee. So you all fear me? Why is it you are

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because of the world?

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And remember, it's you all because this word again is a command. It's an instruction for her boonie all of you feel me and you see the knee at the end. The noon at the end. You see video at the end? What does it end with? What does it have a cursor under? Remember that whenever a known has a cursor under it, it means me I

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because the word is actually knee with a year at the end. Okay? The word is actually known with a year but the year has been eliminated. Why?

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to abbreviate the word to shorten the word to make the word small.

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And also because the word is coming at the end of the statement. So the word is actually for her boo knee. But you just say for her boo knee. That's it. Okay, so for her boonie you all fear me?

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What army? No. And you all believe again this is a command therefore you all believe Bhima in that which anzahl do I sent down Why is it I because of the

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Think about it and they'll do because of the Dhamma on that.

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Okay, because of the llama on the digest as and I'm too

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Okay. So similarly and two and two I favored and I sent down I revealed mostly the icon confirming Lima for the twitch This is the former that which my comb is with you Mara means with comb you wanna and do not Taku No, you all become Why is it you have the time at the beginning indicates you while indicates Flora letter Qunu. You all do not become a winner first. Are you familiar with the word

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will means first? caffeine in disbeliever This is easy. Be with it. One and do not touch through yourself with it. The word is thorough before

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Right. So touch the roof. You also why is it you have

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that at the beginning and why would

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be a tea with my versus Why is it my because of the feminine a price? polylang level? These are new words. What a year yeah, again only me for the knee. So you all have Taqwa of me. Why is it me? For the hooni if you look at your Jews, what does it say? You all fear me have the core of me. Why is it mean because of the known with a cursor at the end winner and do not tell B so you all mix that will be so you all mix

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at the beginning while at the end and have the truth Ville filled with the falsehood attack to mu and you all can see again it's you all because the test and the world and have called the truth were unknown while you all are no Muna you are no, this is easy work the move and you all perfectly established previously read up moon. What does that mean? They perfectly established over here of the moon. This is a command instruction. All of you do this. All of you perfectly establish what salata the prayer was to and you all give

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to all of you give as the data does.

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What and Ill care through. Again, this is a command all of you do record all of you bow down Mara with a rocky rain those who bow down, break this word up

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the rock here, one who does record and they are known for a rock hearing. Those who do recall those who bow them

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do remember that is separate from the rest of the word. What does over here mean? Do it's a question? That Muna you all command that Marina is from an amorous command. So Marina, you all command and NASA the people bill busy with the righteousness with the fighting bee is with L is the base righteousness. What and then Sona. You all forget why is it you all because of the third and well known and full circle yourselves come? Is your and first selves worthwhile? And to knew all that Luna you all recite? Have you heard of the word devour? What does that mean recitation so that Luna, you all recite Al Kitab. But the book

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is due for then left not directly Luna, you all understand? They're actually doing this from Oracle, what is our

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intellect? What do you do with it? Understand so therapy don't you will understand what and is very new. Again, this is a command you all seek out read instead of the fact they have. Nestor he knew we seek for help. Right over here. This is a command all of you seek out how besotted with the patients you know about the word sobre it means patients be with other sober patients will follow and the prayers were in her and indeed it lacquer below. Surely a big thing Kabira Have you heard of Kabira sin

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Kabira is oh big major. So indeed it is very big in LA except Allah upon Aloha, Shireen. Those who are humble again break this word down. is the one who is humble one who is submissive and Yeah, no.

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So l ha shareen. Those who are humble those who are submissive, who are they are Lavina. Those who are Latina is the plural of

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Allah v. and the feminine of Allah is Allah. Allah Vina those who yo noona they are certain Why is it they

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because of the year and the one right, you will know No, they are certain or they think and the home that indeed they are not is that indeed, and home is the molar who ones who need Remember I told you about the words that begin with me. What do they indicate? Now and one who is doing something mostly right? So malaco ones who meet Why is it plural?

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Because of the word good. So once you meet Rob, be him their Lord, or unknown home and that in the de la heat to him. This is Elijah.

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To him, Roger rune ones who will return break this down.

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Roger one who returned well known

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yeah oh Bonnie children Israel of Israel. With guru all of you remember near Mati my blessing allottee which and until I lost our lay come upon you, or a knee and that indeed I felt well to come. Why is it 412? I preferred Why is it I?

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Because of the two Okay, just as anzahl to okay and to

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have been to so far Well, I prefer

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gum you all either upon Allah Allah mean the world's we have done this word before instead of

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what the coup and you all fear we did the word it Taku earlier as well. But the Han na allottee poco de Haan as well. Hey, Jarrod? So what's the coup and you all Save yourselves? Fear Yeoman a day with the word Maliki yo Medina. So fear a de la neither dodges D it will avail. Now you see the word at the beginning. It does not mean you over here but instead it means it or she

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okay. Because remember I told you before that it is used for you and it is also used for she just as we read earlier in the jury mentality held on her right the jury main tactical and her What does the jury over there mean? It flows not not you.

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So third jersey, it will avail naps on any so on from knifes in any other salts shape and anything at all. You know what the meaning of the word shape it means

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whether and nor Yoko Ballew, it will be accepted. Why is it it

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because of the Yeah, very good. So, you know, it will be accepted men her from it shefa I don't any intercession Have you heard of the word shofar before intercession whether and nor you call do it will be taken again why is it it because of the Yes, you Although it will be taken min her from it or the loan any compensation? Whether and nor whom they yearn for own they will be held. Young Sharon, why is the day because of the year and the wellness in saloon is from nothing. So when will they be held?

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That's the sensitive recitation.

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You Yeah, Bernie is la isla Guney Amati allottee and number two ra

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di o p Br. E

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Yeah, buddy.

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Me What a woman

Al-Baqarah 40-48 Word Breakup

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