Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L062F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of fear and the potential for the future to impact behavior. They touch on the use of "ironic" elements in media-related topics, such as rewarding individuals for actively enrolling in a program and creating a "haste" culture. The importance of finding one's own success and happiness is emphasized, along with the use of "medover" and "haste" in media-related topics. The speakers emphasize the importance of rewarding individuals for their actions and creating a clear intention for one's life. They also mention the benefits of migrating for the sake of loss and offer advice on achieving it.
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Let's continue our lesson.

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Why may you had your feasterville in a yard, you the feel of the Muhammad, Castilian, wasa,

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and whoever immigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many alternative locations and also abundance.

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In the previous if we learned about hedra,

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that if a person is unable to practice his Deen,

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if a person is unable to worship a loss of penalty in a particular place, then he has no reason to stay there, he must leave.

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Because if a person continues in staying away from acts of worship, or in disobeying a last panel data, because he's being forced by people, whether it is forced, that is directly or indirect, it could be peer pressure, it could be people actively stopping. So if a person is not fulfilling his obligations because of that, and if you offer that as an excuse,

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that excuse will not be accepted.

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It is not going to be accepted. Because at the time of death, the angels when they're going to take the soul, what are they going to ask

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that What were you doing?

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What do you think you were doing FEMA control? What state of mind were you in?

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What were you thinking that you could just live here like that?

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How long were you supposed to live? Didn't you remember your return to a loss of handler?

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And what excuse will such people offer that we were weak?

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We didn't have any choice it was other people.

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So what will their response be?

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Was the earth of Allah not big enough? Could you not go elsewhere?

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So this excuse is not acceptable.

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And in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala encourages us that if you think that you cannot live in a place because you're not able to practice your deen and you must go somewhere else. Obviously, you're going to have fears.

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Just imagine if you're told that you have to move from your country from your city, from your house to another place. What do you feel?

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Scared? What if it doesn't work out? What if I don't find work?

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And remember that hegira Yes, in the technical sense, it does refer to leaving your city, leaving your hometown and going elsewhere. But from the Hades We also learned that Elmo had euro, man Hazara, Amana how long run who that the mohajir is one who migrates from what Allah has forbidden him from.

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So for example, if a person is working in a particular place, and he finds out, he learns afterwards that this work, it has a lot of help, I'm sorry, I must not do it anymore.

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What fear is he going to have?

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What if I don't find work? What if I don't have work for some time? Similarly, if a person has a house on her arm,

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and he wishes to get rid of it,

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what year does he have?

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What if I don't find a good enough house?

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What if I lose my work? Then what am I going to do?

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So whenever a person is leaving something for the sake of Allah, he always has this fear.

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That what if this happens or what if it doesn't happen? What does Allah Subhana Allah say over here, that one may you heard it FISA beaten the whoever immigrants for the cause of Allah

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the only near the only intention behind his ledger is to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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So fees submitted is understood as sincerity for the sake of Allah to earn a loss of handled our displeasure

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to practices Dean

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and feasibly the law is also understood as to serve the Dean of a law the spread the Dean of a law.

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So, when you had to diffuse a return last year due to fill out ugly, he will find in the earth Muhammad Catherine many places of refuge

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The word morava

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is from the root letters are ln mean it is from the root letters all right me ROM and lava is when something is or when someone is humiliated

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because Robin primarily is used for dirt for soil and Ravana. You may have heard of the expression of Lima unfold that made his nose be rubbed into dust. So what does it mean maybe humiliated an expression

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so rather Lima, and full. So from this morava is a place where

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A person finds refuge where a person finds retreat, and his enemy is humiliated.

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Because his enemy cannot harm him.

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He saved, he's protected, and the enemy who's been trying to harm him, he cannot harm him anymore. So the enemy is humiliated.

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So more often than Cathedral, what does he mean by this that he will find in the earth, many places of refuge, meaning you will find a place where he can escape to where he can be saved from the enemy, his enemy will be wrapped into dust on knowing that the believer is successful.

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And we see that when the Sahaba when they migrated from Makkah from different places to Medina.

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They reached Medina and we all know about how the unsoldered welcomed them.

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Especially when the profits are about a certain game how almost everybody wanted him to stay in his house.

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So Miranda Thielen, he will find many places of refuge in the earth, many places to live in

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wassan and also abundance.

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The word saw is from the roof letters well seen

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from the word WUSA and what is was army, vastness, capacity, spaciousness.

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And the words are, is used for the spaciousness, the vastness of a place. So, literally, when a place is vague, it has a lot of space, it has a lot of capacity, when you can put a lot in it. And remember that it's not necessarily by the bigness of the size. So for example, it's not necessary that if a building is 50,000 Square, we then it has a lot of no was there is when you can fit a lot, when you can do a lot in that same place. So it is vastness in place. Similarly, it is used for the vastness of the state of something. It is also used for the vastness or the abundance of a person's action meaning when a person performs a particular action a lot. So, what's the item and he will

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also find abundance, meaning you will find abundance and vastness in risk in provision that you think all of your risk is going to be here. No, you leave for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will replace it for you with something that is much better. He will open the doors of provision for you.

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seminary this vastness is not just in risk, but it is also in deep in Nevada.

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That just imagine you're living in a particular place and you're hiding. You're fearful because of your faith.

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You can pray with wushu, you can recite Quran and if you go elsewhere, then you have more abundance in practicing your deen

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isn't it? Just imagine if you're with a particular friend with a particular person who are not that practicing who don't read the Quran, but you don't remember Allah subhanaw taala much are you going to have sat in your team with them? Long, but if you are with another person who is more Indian, are you going to have someone in your team? Yes, you are automatically you're going to increase in your armor in your vehicle.

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So, so, in this similarly, indeed, and in other ways as well that a person will have many opportunities, he will get a lot of benefits of dunia as well as his D So what element Katia wasa

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Well, many of Rodman Beatty and whoever leaves whoever goes out of his house with what Nia being a Mahajan being an immigrant

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and where is he migrating to? It Allah to Allah or suli and to His Messenger, what does it mean by this he is migrating to Allah

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to Allah and His Messenger, meeting to a place where you can worship Allah and obey His Messenger

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and specifically in the context refers to migrating to Medina. So Mahajan, Allah, he was truly someone some of you the recoil mode, and then death overtakes him. You recall from that or calf, Iraq to catch up with something to overtake something.

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So then death overtakes him. What does it mean? That he dies on the way and he does not reach the destination? He does not reach the place where he is doing. He tried to for the world.

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Are you who are the law, then in fact his reward became incumbent upon Allah subhanaw taala, meaning it has become fixed the word Waqar What does it mean actually to fall down to occur? And from this, it is also used for something becoming mandatory. It has fallen meaning it has happened

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and something has fallen, what does it mean it has occurred it has happened already. So similarly, the promise of reward is as though it has already been fulfilled. It's definite, it's as certain as if it has already been fulfilled. So for the worker I drew Allah, his reward has become incumbent upon Allah subhanaw taala, meaning it is fixed with Allah, Allah will definitely give it to him. Well can allow a photo of a Hema and advise forgiving, and he's also merciful.

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We learned that there was a man who left America in order to migrate to Medina.

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But on the way he died

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in Africa,

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and he was really drawn to Medina. And on the way he died, it is said that he died at the dream. And it's only a few miles from Makkah.

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So the people said how sad how sad he left, but he never reached Medina. So he will never get the reward of digital. How sad that he left Makkah he never reached Medina and therefore he will never get the reward of his ledger.

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Why? Because he never really reached the destination. So it is said that then this I was revealed that know if a person leaves his house even in order to do hijra, and even though he doesn't reach the destination, still it is as though he has done his job. Why?

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Because of his nia.

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So, what is this ayah teaches

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the importance of correct intention, the importance of right intention of correct intention, that if a person because first of all, it has been said that woman you had your

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fi subete in

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and then at the end also what is mentioned the importance of the correct intention.

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So from both of these points, we learn about the importance of correct Nia, that if a person does return for the right reason, then he will get the reward that has been promised in this ayah.

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And if you migrate for some other reason, then you will not get the reward that is mentioned in this.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in Nirmal Armando Binney yet were in Nevada kolibri in Manoa, Furman Kenneth has a right to it a law you are sued he, for his right to it a law he was sued he woman cannot his right to Eli dunia who her attorney. So what do you have? for hegira to Elena hijo.

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Their award of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will be rewarded according to what he has intended.

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So whoever migrated to Allah and His Messenger, then his migration is for Allah and His messenger.

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And whoever did his you know, for worldly benefits, or for a woman to me, then his migration is for what he migrated for, for what he did digital for them, he's not going to get the reward of migrating for the sake of a loss of Hunter.

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So if a person is going somewhere, to fulfill his dream, then he cannot say no I migrating for the sake of Allah. No, you're going to get more dounia to make more money.

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So you cannot say that okay, this is my hegira for a loss of Canada left my home country I came here. No, you get the reward,

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according to what according to your intention according to your need.

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So first of all, this shows us that even if a person is doing such a big, such an important deed, such as Hitler,

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and if his Nia is incorrect, then what?

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You will not get this reward.

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So this shows to us that

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no matter what deed a person is performing, no matter how big or how small, what is important,

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the intention, it has to be for the sake of of loss.

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We also learned from this idea about the blessings of nature, the benefits of hijra

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that there are many, many benefits of Hydro

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and amongst them being murasa and Catherine wasa

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that many places of refuge as well as abundance.

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So among the blessings of Hydra are the many opportunities that open up for a person.

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You see when a person is in his house

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In his home country, or he is living his close life. And he wakes up every morning goes to work comes back home, he's not challenged by the situation, then what happens?

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Whatever is out there in the world, he is blind to it.

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But when he says, Okay, I cannot do this anymore. Let me try something else.

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Let me try something else, this job is not helpful. Let me try something else. And when you try something else, the doors have many opportunities open for him,

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he can learn so many things.

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So many similarly, for persons just in his home country, or he is in a place where he's living, you know, a secret life or private life, struggling to live as a believer, then he doesn't know about what's out there in the world.

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If he leaves that goes elsewhere, and he will learn about so many things. And many times are very close minded.

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We want to live in our comfort zone, in our shoe boxes, we don't want to get out.

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And if we get out, then we will see what's out there in the world, then we will be able to avail the opportunities that are out there.

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It's easy to live your own closed life.

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But when you were forced to do your job, leave your comfort zone, take something else, go somewhere else. Then you learn about different things.

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We also learn from this I live off the lessons of Hitler are good alternate.

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There are lots of panatela provides a good alternative to a person.

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mean, why do you think that what you're doing is really the best for you?

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It's possible that you leave it and Allah Subhana Allah provides you with something that is much better.

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Why do you think that this house that you're living in, which is bought on heroin, is really the best for you? It's possible you go elsewhere, and really, that house works best for you.

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So a lot of panel data provides good alternatives to the person who does Hmm.

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We also learned that all the lessons of digital are freedom. Because it is mentioned, Sarah, what is our vastness, you have freedom and everybody loves freedom.

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We also know that when a person does hijra, then the condition is not that he reaches the destination, but that he makes the intention and leaves, he makes the intention and leaves. Now whether or not he reaches the destination, that doesn't matter. What's the important thing,

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the intention and beginning the action, starting the action.

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And from this, we learned that if a person starts something good, but he is unable to complete it, because of his debt,

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then his ledger is due upon a loss a penalty is

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definitely going to be given to him when

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when he starts something good when he starts something good, and he had the intention to complete it. But he wasn't able to complete it because of his death. So it is as though he actually did the whole thing.

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And I don't know what happened.

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You know, we want to start doing something good.

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But what do we say? No, I can't do it right now. Too busy.

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For example, you want to memorize a party,

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let's say a particular sort of particular job and you think that No, no, I can't do it right now. I'm too busy.

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Maybe later on when I'm free then I will start.

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But if you start even with one eye, one eye especially the 30 edges.

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The eyes are so short.

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If every day you target do I add one line? So inshallah by the end of the week by the end of a month, you will have memorized a lot.

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I mean start at least Why do you think that just because you cannot complete it, you shouldn't start it. Start

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and inshallah, if you continue Allah will give you the trophy to complete it as well. And if you don't complete it, at least you will get the reward for your Nia

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not just you're near but the fact that you started it, even if it was just a little little steps, the small steps, baby steps

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but because you made the near you start it inshallah you will get the reward to never hesitate in starting something good

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