Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 18 – L183A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Hello sweetie Hill Kareem and I borrowed feroze Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah AR him rubbish rightly so de were silly and the better Missoni akufo de probenecid nerima.

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Lesson number 183 sort of to note is number 41 to 46.

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lm did not tell, you see, and that Indeed, Allah, Allah, you said Bishop if glorifies Lahu for him, man, whoever fits somewhere it in the heavens while up and the earth what Pharaoh and the birds saw setting with wings outstretched. Good luck Cologne, each one odd indeed alima new salata who it's prayer, what does be her who and its glorification?

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Will la who and Allah Arlene one always all knowing be man with what you have alone they do

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well Allah He and for Allah Maluku Kingdom sovereignty a silhouette of the heavens while up and the earth what in a law and to Allah and mislead is the destination the place of return.

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alum did not turn off UC and that Indeed Allah Allah use g he drives so haben clouds some then you alifu he joins baina who between some then yeah, Gerardo who he makes it rochem a layer upon layer or a heap

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cetera then you see Elworthy the raindrops. yahuda it comes out men from Taylor Lee between it where you Zulu and he sends down men a summer from the sky. Men from G Berlin mountains. See her in it. Men from burrowed Hill for you sleep Ooh, then he reaches be he with it. Man, whoever he or she who he wills wirelessly for who and he turns it away on from man whoever your shadow He wills he aka do it is near center flesh. burpee have its lightning. Yes horrible. It goes absorbed with the sights.

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Your own label he overturns Allahu Allah. Alain the night when the hub and the day in indeed fee in Delica that there ibra surely a lesson li li for possessors absorb of the sites.

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Will law who and Allah halaqa he created color every day button crawling creature men from man in water for men home so from them, man who am she it walks Allah upon buckling II its belly woman home and from them man who am she it walks Allah upon Ridgeline two legs or two feet. woman whom and from them man who young she it walks Allah upon our back for yes local he creates Allahu Allah ma whatever your shadow He wills in the Lucha Indeed Allah Allah upon goodly every chain thing a deal on all was all able

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laqad certainly einzelner we sent down is vs. mobile unit once clear, will law who and Allah He guides man whoever you share, He willed enough to split off in a bath was the theme one street

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that's this is the recitation of these verses.

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They will see a movie many

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An-Nur 41-46 Translation 41-46

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