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Al-Furqan 35-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 35-42


AI: Summary © The message of Musri against Islam is not only for those who have been the victim of the attack, but also for those who have been the victim of the attack. The message is not only for those who have been the victim of the attack, but also for those who have been the victim of the attack. The segment discusses the loss of people in a crash and the importance of denying messengers. The conversation also touches on the history of evil reign and the importance of remaining firm and not giving up until the end of a course. The importance of remaining patient and staying firm is emphasized, and the need to be patient and stay firm until the end of a course is emphasized.
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Hello humans Shetland rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 188 sort of forgotten. I am number 35 to 42.

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What are the Athena musella kita. And certainly, we gave to Musashi Salaam, the book was your Allah and we made Mara who with him a hall who helped Luna his brother huddle, we made him was Ilan a helper, and assistant and assistant to who to most our listener. But what happened for Colette have a Ll comilla, Dina katabi. Dina, and we said, Go both of you to the people who have denied our science and who were they, the people of their own, and Latina Canada will be it now refers to the people of Iran because Musab al Islam was sent to for their own to deliver the message to him and also to release the Bani Israel from his captivity. But what happened that out and his people

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rejected, and for them Mona home that Amira, and we destroyed them with complete destruction.

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In total, for con earlier, we learned that the people of Mecca they demanded from Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that if you are a prophet of Allah, then how come you do not have an angel accompanying you?

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And that Angel, how come he is not with you, a warner How come he is not delivering the message with you. So they demanded that if there is a messenger, he should not be coming alone. He should be coming with someone somebody should be accompanying him and somebody should be acknowledging him, testifying to His truth for less, and only then we're going to believe. But over here, what do we see that the example of musar lesson is given? that musasa was not sent alone to her own and his people. Rather, he was sent with his brother Harun or listener, who was also a messenger. But what was the reaction of the people who were not interested in believing that no matter what sign they

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see, no matter what evidence they see, no matter who they see, supporting the truth, believing in the truth, they do not accept they do not believe. So over here, what do we see that what are called Athena Musab Al Kitab. Al Khattab over here refers to a collection of teachings that were given to Musan SLM and Harun ursuline, before they were sent to film. Because remember that though, when was it given? after the destruction of our own, remember that so over here, we're learning that musasa was sent with the key tabs Okay, that does not mean total rather, it means a collection of teachings and instructions that they were given, do deliver to fit our own and his people. And remember that a

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messenger, he is given two types of Revelation. One is in the form of the Scripture, in the form of the book, which is recited like for example, the Quran, or for example, the Torah. And the second type of Revelation is where he that is not recited, where he that is laid mutlu. So over here, Al Kitab refers to where he laid Matthew,

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what's your Alomar? Who? Who Haruna Luna was the Euro who is or was he It was either from the roof address was a lot and what does wizard mean? burden weight. Now if a person is given a responsibility with the responsibility comes a lot of burden, a lot of work, a huge task to perform. So was he is someone who carries the weight of the work for you, meaning who shares the burden with you. So who is it Was he an assistant, a helper? So mozzarella Sam, he was sent with a wizard, but those people who did not wish to believe they refuse to believe for corn land, however, so we said to both of them Moosa and Harun that both of you go in a coma Latina katha will be Aya Tina to those

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people who have denied our IRA. Now at this point, when musala Suleiman Hassan Ali Salaam were being sent to fit honest people, for honest people had not yet denied but how are they described. And Medina Qaeda will be it now because in a lot of knowledge they were going to deny because Allah has knowledge is not limited to the present the past or the future, rather, he knows about everything. So what happened then? When musala salaam Harun Addison and when they went when they delivered the message, what was the reaction for their own in his people? denial rejection. So as a result for them Mona home that Mila so we destroyed them with a definite destruction. The Mona from the

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reflectors that mean law and that means is to suddenly attack something to bounce at something in order to finish it off immediately.

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And it also gives the meaning of demolishing something. So if you think about it a building, how is it demolished? Generally, how was it demolished with dynamite or something like that. So as a result, within moments, within a few moments, the entire building has collapsed. So this is what that means is that within seconds within moments, you attack something, and it's finished, it's destroyed, in one go in one shot.

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And that meat is also to cause irreparable damage to something.

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Like for example, when a building is collapsed, can you fix it? No, when it has been demolished? Can you fix it? No, it's a repairable damage. So Furthermore, now wanted to mirror how we're feeling our own and his people destroyed that within moments, they were drowned in the sea, within seconds, within moments, and all of them finished eradicated. And this was irreparable damage that was caused to the entire civilization. Because if a building is finished, okay, you can make a new structure. If half the people are finished, okay, the population will soon multiply. But if the entire nation, every single individual is drowned, then it is such damage that cannot be repaired at all. So for

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the Mona home, Mila, and in this is a severe warning for the people of Makkah, that you are demanding many things, but still, you're not willing to believe and if you don't believe, like the previous people, then your end will not be any different than theirs, will call my new hen, and also the people of new meaning and we also destroyed the people of New when Lem maca who sola when they denied the messengers. Now if you think about it, how many messengers were sent to the people of nowhere listener?

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How many messengers only one messenger? But why is it said lamarca? Double musala? When they denied the messengers? Yes. Okay, because denying one messenger is like denying all of the messengers. Why else? There are other reasons as well.

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If you deny the first messenger, if you deny the concept of prophethood, if you deny the concept of messenger ship, then what does it mean? you're denying all of the messengers. So to them, the first messenger was sent. And when they denied the first messenger, it meant any messenger who would come after him, obviously, they would deny him as well.

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There's another reason as well, which is that new Hudson M was in them for how long? 950 years. And in that time, many people can come and go. So you can imagine he was in them for so long, and he warned them continuously. So yes, they denied one person. But it was equivalent to deny many messengers, given the time that he spent warning those people. So in America, double rasuna What happened, these people weren't punished. But how were they punished? A little cleaner home, we drowned them, what you're allowed homelessness car, and we made them for the people assigned, what kind of assign a warning, a lesson, that if the first people to whom the messenger was sent, if they

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denied, then any people after them if they deny as well there and would not be any different. So the people of New Zealand were made a sign for all people, for all mankind, any person who comes after them. And if you think about it, this great flood at the time of new Palestina It was such a great calamity. And this flood is still mentioned in the literature of many, many religions. People, they remember it, they tell their children about the story. So what's your Annette homeliness? Aya we made them assign for the people a big lesson. What are tetanus lolly Mina either been a Lima and we have prepared for the wrongdoers a painful punishment. What does it mean by law you mean over here?

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Does it mean can be understood as these particular vitami who denied the first messenger. And secondly, olalekan can also be understood in general, that any people who are like them, who do not take a lesson who do not believe in a messenger who do not follow the messenger, they will meet the same and

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in inserted aarav is 64. We learned forget the boo boo for angina who were levina Mara who feel full key rockin alladhina camdeboo bi or Tina. But they denied him so we saved him and those who were with him in the ship, and we drowned those people who denied our science. What do we learn from these if so far?

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What's the lesson in this for us? How would you relate it with yourself? What's the main warning that is being given over here?

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If you look at it for earnest people who were sent to them, do messengers, the people of New Zealand, the first messenger, but what was the reaction of denial, of disbelief of disobedience? And what was the end, destruction in the dunya, even such people cannot survive. So what do we learn that the messenger has been sent by Allah why, so that he is obeyed every messenger who is sent? Why is he sent leotta rb vanilla so that he is obeyed.

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And when we learn about the teachings of the messenger, we cannot have a disobedient attitude towards know, when we learn about the teachings of the messenger, the instructions of the messenger, our duty as believers is to obey, to follow to listen. And if we don't listen, then we will suffer the consequences even in the dunya.

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Because what do we see over here, the people who denied the messengers who refused to obey them they suffered in the dunya. So if we suffer, one of the reasons could be that we're not paying much attention to the instructions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Why then with a murder, and we also destroyed the people of art and the people of the mood. Who else will us have a seat? And the people of the US the companions of, of Russ, Russ is from the veterans law scene scene. And it's used for a well,

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but what kind of a well is less, it's used for an unconstructed? Well, typically, a well is not just a hole in the ground, at the bottom of which is water, no, you have to build a wall inside like you have to layer the inside part with for example, bricks or stones or something like that. Why? So that when it rains, the sidewalls, they do not collapse because of the collapse and what's going to happen the when it's going to close

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and also in order to secure the well what do people do, they build a wall around it like a small wall around

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it is for safety purposes, and also so that any trash any garbage does not fall into the well because if it does fall into the well then the water is going to get contaminated, it will not be safe.

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So, unless is what kind of a well, a well, that is not constructed, it's just like a hole in the ground. At the bottom of which is water.

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And unless is also understood as is the proper name of a well.

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Now, who are the people of us, as herbalist we have learned about art we have learned about the mood. What about us habitus

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as have a lesser only mentioned twice in the

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intelligence icon, and insolate cough. And according to a poverty, the people of Russ, they are the same people as us habit of dude. They're the same people as us habit of dude, which are mentioned into the brooch Who are they?

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What he has habit of

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the people who dug trenches. And all of those people who had become believers, what would they do, they would throw them into those trenches that were filled with fire. So as herbalists are the same people because rust is what a well, and what did these people do is have a look, they dug trenches, they were known as the people of the trenches,

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according to some scholars as herbalists, and as I would do, they're the same however others they differentiate between them.

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Now, their story is not mentioned in detail in the Quran. Like the story of the people of the people of the mood, as mentioned, their story is not mentioned in detail. Whoever they were, whatever they did, what do we learn that some well had something to do with them. Either they lived around a while. Or some scholars say that when the punishment came, it was such that it came from the well, that from the well the play started collapsing inside, it began to cave in inside and it took their dwellings along and some say that your abrahamsson was the prophet who was sentenced. So there's a lot of difference of opinion, whoever they are. What's the point of mentioning them over here, that

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when these people, when they denied the messenger, even they were not spared? You don't even know their story. You don't even know their account. You don't even know who they were, where they lived when they lived what they did. But what do we see that a person who denies the messenger who does not listen to the messenger, then his ultimate end is destruction and loss. And it's not just the US hub of us, but walk around and bainer there Liga, kathira and generations, between that many meaning many generations between that meaning we destroyed many generations between that as well. Now what does he mean by between that between the people of us

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And the people of Ireland simulate.

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So during the time between the people of Ireland the mood and the people of us many generations who came What happened to them? When they denied they were destroyed, they were punished. And how many were they alone Ireland alone was their number in Surat Ibrahim I and I and we learn and then we take home never alladhina makaveli con camino handwired and with a mode when Medina mimbar Diem layer and mo home in the law has there not reached you the news of those before you the people of New and odd and some mood and those after them. No one knows them but Allah. No one knows about their names no one knows about their details. No one knows about where they lived what they did.

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Only Allah knows about them. But when they denied they were punished.

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What Columbo Robin Allah Who am sad, and for each we presented examples as warnings. Meaning all of these people who were destroyed, they were not destroyed for no reason. No, they were destroyed. The punishment came to them when the hotel was established against them when the truth was shown to them. And they denied it when they refuse to believe in.

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So we're colon meaning to each people, each of these nations barabara we struck laahu for it lm sad examples. Why? So that they could understand the truth, so that the truth would become clear to them. We gave them many examples. We taught them many lessons, we showed them many things. They were shown miracles, the messenger was sent who explained the truth to them. many examples were given. But what happened when they refuse to believe were called lanta Bama, that bureaux and each we destroyed with total destruction.

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We destroyed them completely, utterly double net that bureau This is different from their demeanor, but it means destruction as well. So how is a different that varies from the

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and tab of David is to break something into tiny, tiny pieces. And it is to destroy something in such a way that none of its signs remain, none of its remnants remain. You cannot even tell what it was.

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Like for example, if you see tiny pieces of shattered glass on the floor, and it's clear glass, tiny, tiny pieces. Can you tell what it was before? Not unless you saw it breaking. So this is what that means is to destroy something such that not even the signs remain so that you cannot even recognize it. You don't even know what it was. What can lanta Burnett at VIERA, we destroyed them completely. So what do we see over here? that the people who were destroyed or not destroyed without any reason? It's not that a long wish to destroy them for no genuine reason? No. It was because the proof was established against them. The warning was given to them. The truth was clarified to them.

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But still when they persisted on their denial, then what happened? The punishment was sent to them. And they were destroyed in a way that nothing of theirs remains still today. Nothing of there's no signs remain, no remnants remain,

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what occurred and certainly at all, they have come who the people of Mecca that certainly they have come idle arrietty upon the town, which town allottee only what month or so, the town which was showered with the reign of evil in Virat masala so from the reflectors, me and Flora Matter What does matter mean rain, and I'm Tara is to send rain. And from that only lot.

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And some scholars say that ampyra is used for saturation that brings punishment that brings destruction

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and muffle the verb Matata is used for such rain which brings benefit blessings, it's a source of goodness. So on the last month or so they were rained, they were showered with a reign of evil. What does it mean by this rain of evil? Meaning it was such rain that brought death and destruction to them

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that brought death and destruction to them. Now who were these people? Which people were showered with an evil reign? The people of lutes are listening. How are they punished?

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How are they punished that first of all with a blast. They were picked up. This is why they're also known as Effie cats. They were picked up and turned upside down and then on top of that, a rain was sent down upon them of brimstone that completely

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destroyed them, causing devastation.

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So the people of Mecca Wanaka, Otto, they have seen, they come upon the end of these people, they come upon their remnants, and they come and witness this place when on their journeys to Syria, especially when the people of Makkah would travel back and forth for their trade journeys. They would go by these places where the downs of Sodom and Gomorrah existed. So Allah subhanaw taala says, when you see this end, when you see these people, when you can barely walk through that place, because it is said that this place is such that as you walk through it, it's very harmful.

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So Flm mukono, then are they not your own ahead, they see, then these people, do they not see it? Do they not see the ultimate end of these people that how they were punished and what remains of them? We learn into the soft fat I want 37 to 138 that was in nicoleta madrona la you must behave or be layli flr therapy Loon. And indeed you pass by them in the mornings and also at night when during your journeys, then will you not use reason? Will you not use your intellect and take a lesson from these people? Similarly, we learned until 276 was in the hair levy Sabina morpheme, that indeed those cities are situated on an established road established road that people usually undertake for

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their journeys.

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So they pass by them, do they not see them?

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Allah subhanaw taala says Well, can you rather The problem is that layer juhlin assura they do not fear resurrection. They do not look forward to resurrection. And because they do not have fear about the hereafter. This is why no matter what they see, they do not take a lesson from it. Now belcanto can who has been understood as the people of loop and also the people of Makkah,

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that when they pass by the people of loot, they do not take a lesson why because layer Juna no Shura, what is new should mean resurrection, initial primarily known Shinra it means to spread. Because imagine when all of the people are going to be resurrected, what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen, they're going to spread everywhere. Just imagine, if there are 1000 people in one place, what's going to happen, they will spread. Now imagine all people, all mankind as they're resurrected, and not just people but also animals and birds, because everything is going to be resurrected, remember that. So as everything is resurrected, obviously they're all going to spread. So Ben can July or June anusara, they do not fear any resurrection.

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Now, this ayah digital is a very, very important lesson that the people have lost, why were they destroyed? Because they did not fear resurrection. And when they did not fear the resurrection, what happened?

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They did not believe in a messenger they did not follow the messenger. And they did not change their ways.

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They refuse to change their ways. So when a person does not have the fear of the Hereafter, what does that lead to?

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committing many things committing many crimes? Because he does not fear anyone is going to question he does not fear he's going to suffer any consequences. He doesn't have any concern, any fear like that. So he goes on doing whatever he pleases whatever he wants to.

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Similarly, we see that the people of Mata despite the fact that they saw the end of the people of loot, they saw this place they witnessed this place and they passed by regularly. They did not take a lesson. Why? Because lay of inertia. What does that show to us, that a person can be taught can be shown many, many things. You can try to teach him many lessons, you can try to show him many things that should shake his heart that should melt his heart. That should make him change himself. But what is it that prevents him from changing from taking any lesson? What is it? It's layer of junonia Shula when a person does not fear the resurrection, when he does not fear the hereafter?

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Because when a person is concerned about his alpha, then what's going to happen? Even the slightest warning is going to leave a huge impact on him. The slightest warning, but if a person is not concerned about the outcome, then no matter what you tell him it's not going to make a difference. What either Okay, and when they see you, meaning when the people of Makkah when the machine when they see you and who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? What is their reaction? In yet does he do Naka

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They do not take you Illa who's one except in mockery.

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Every time they see you what is their immediate reaction? They start making fun of you.

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They start mocking at you. They start joking about you. They start passing jokes, passing negative remarks about you making one another laugh, and yet a loser. And how do they market you? What do they say about you? I have a lady by the level of Sula. This is the man whom Allah has raised as a messenger.

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This is the person who is supposed to be a messenger out of all people, out of all these great leaders, out of all these influential and wealthy men who exist in our society. This is the person who Allah has chosen to be a messenger ahead and nadie Bharath Allahu wa Sula. As if to say Allah could not find anybody else. That if this is the man who's supposed to be a messenger, than he's a liar, because Allah would not use such a person. This is what they say, why would they say this? Why would they say this? out of arrogance, out of mockery, in order to belittle him in order to undermine his efforts. I had a lady Baraka la hora suta.

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So what do we see that as soon as the people of Makkah, whenever they would see the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they would start making fun of him,

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they will try to find faults in Him, they will try to find shortcomings in him that he is supposed to be an orphan. He is supposed to have only one way, he's not supposed to be that wealthy, he's not supposed to be that influential. They forgot about all of his good characteristics, how they used to praise him, and respect him. Before he became a prophet. They forgot all of those things. And now they could only point out the negative things. And those negative things were not really negative, they were just negative because they consider them to be negative. There's nothing wrong if a person is extremely wealthy or less wealthier or poor. Similarly, so what if a person was an orphan? He's

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an adult, now? He's 40 years of age? No. So what if he grew up as an orphan he's successful today. So this is something very true, that when people do not want to accept what you're telling them, then what do they start doing? They start attacking you. They don't want to listen to what you're saying, because they don't like the message. They don't like what you're telling them. And because they have no excuse, what do they start doing, they start attacking the person, they start making fun of him. They start talking negatively about him, trying to highlight his faults into little MBI authorities. 36 we learn

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what either are acca, Latina, cafaro lunokhod illa, who's where, and when those who disbelieve See you, they take you not accepting ridicule? And what do they say I had a linear Kuru otaku, is this the man who insults your gods. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had a very serious attitude about his mission, that whenever he would see the people, he would talk to them about it. But the people, they had a very non serious attitude, they did not wish to believe and this is why they would start mocking it, and they would start making fun of him. And this might happen today as well, that you go tell somebody about something. And what do they say? Who are you? Do you remember what

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you used to do? Do days ago, you were so different? And now you think you're so pious and righteous? Who are you to say this to me? Who are you to tell me about this, you did everything you wanted. And now you've changed and you don't want me to enjoy? Many times, children, young girls, they have this complaining as their mothers that when you were young, you did whatever you wanted. And now you're telling me to wear hijab, you're telling me to behave differently. You're telling me to do this, and to do that you did everything you wanted. And now you're telling me to do something different. So this is the problem with who, with those people who do not like the truth,

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who do not wish to accept the truth, who do not wish to live by the truth.

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That instead of looking at the message, they start criticizing the bearer of the message, the one who is telling them, they start attacking him.

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And they would say in Canada, leoline Luna, an early Latina, he almost would have misled us from our gods in Canada innovatives meaning of indeed, and gather your data. What does it mean? When something is at the verge of happening? Almost happening. So he was about to he almost would have misled us from our gods, meaning he almost would have convinced us to not worship our gods. What is in Canada show that he's so smart. He's so intelligent. He almost convinced

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But you know what, we're smarter? Because we didn't give in. In Canada, you live Luna and le Latina, Lola on sobre, La Jolla? Had we not been patient over it, meaning had we not stood patiently by our gods over the worship of our gods.

00:30:20--> 00:30:43

Now over here, what do we see that the people of Mecca, they would say to one another, that this man, he seems to be so convincing, he is so certain about what he's saying that he almost changed our minds, he almost convinced us to believe in him. And this is the reality of Hulk truth. That it's clear.

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It's clear, and it is such that nothing can stand against it. When something is true, and a person believes in it with conviction, then he can convince anyone

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and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had the truth, and he believed in it with conviction. And when he spoke to the people, he convinced them, they would have nothing left to say to him, they would have no argument against it. They were defeated in argument. So instead of accepting their defeat, what would they start doing? They would start mocking at the profit side of Odyssey. Because this is a way of who have those who have suffered? defeat,

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that when they have nothing left to say, what do they start doing? mocking, making fun, joking, trying to lighten up the situation, and trying to disregard all that was established thus far. So they say that in Catalan, you build Luna and Alia Tina Lola on top of Narnia, he almost convinced us had we not been patient over our gods. What does it mean by this Lola and savarna, the word sovereign has been used? What do we think sovereign is?

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And when you're suffering from a difficulty, you don't complain? Isn't it? This is what we think sovereign is. But what is our mean?

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That you control yourself have some nubs on something that you know is right. It is to control yourself to hold yourself on what you know is right. And what you know you should be doing. So for example, when it comes to doing something, right, doing something good, even if it goes against your desires, even if you find it difficult, what the sub domain,

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what does that mean? You still do it? Even if you find it very, very challenging. Similarly, if you find an opportunity to do something wrong, what does it mean over there? You don't let yourself do it. You don't allow yourself to do it.

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And it also means that when a person is suffering from a difficulty, when a calamity and misfortune has struck him, then how does he react?

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How does he behave? Does he lose himself? No, he remains calm. He's crying, but he's not saying anything negative. He's not doing anything negative. He's not leaving, what he should be doing. He's not doing what he should not be doing. So this is what summer is. And summer is basically to not give up.

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This is what summer is because what are they saying? Lola on savarna earlier had we not remained firm, meaning we did not give up. So server, in its essence is what do not give up.

00:33:25--> 00:33:45

And when you've started something that is important to you, what does it mean? You don't give up at the beginning. You don't give up in the middle. And you don't give up at the end. Rather, you started, you bear all the difficulties and challenges. And you complete it, you reach the end, this is what Seville is.

00:33:46--> 00:34:02

Because remember that whenever you start doing something good, you will always find it challenging at the beginning. So what do you need at that time? Just remember, when you started the course, how doing the lesson of just one page seemed so big, so challenging? What did you need at that time?

00:34:03--> 00:34:05

Summer? I have to do it.

00:34:07--> 00:34:26

But do you need summer only at the beginning? No. You need summer throughout the journey. So even today, sometimes the lessons are very, very long. What do you need? submit? Now, do you need to suffer only at this time? No. You need it all the way until the end. You need to hold on to it. You need to keep doing what you have to do.

00:34:28--> 00:34:30

So suffer is what do not give up.

00:34:31--> 00:34:39

And there are especially that when you're doing the course that chetana attacks people at the beginning. He adapts people in the middle and he also attacks people at the end.

00:34:40--> 00:34:55

I've seen this experience this witness this, that especially when it comes to this course anything good that a person is doing shaitaan definitely attacks people at the beginning. There's some people who cannot continue right from the beginning.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

And then what happens people who have made it through the beginning

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

When they reach the middle shaytan comes in attacks them as well.

00:35:04--> 00:35:38

And then what happens they forget about all they have achieved thus far. And they think they cannot continue anymore and they give up. And then what happens, Hanlon also comes at the end, that all of the struggle, all of the effort that a person has put in, he wants that all that effort should be wasted. So what does that mean? That you keep holding on, you do not give up. Once you started, once you've made up your mind, you tell yourself, I'm not leaving until I complete this. I'm not giving up until I finish.

00:35:40--> 00:36:12

And this is something very true that you can apply even, for example, to the class, that at the beginning, you find it difficult to come in the morning. And then during the day, you're like, this is getting very long, this is getting very tiring. And then towards the end of the day, let me just leave 15 minutes early. Let me just leave five minutes early. So chiffon comes again and again, what do you have to do? persist? Hold on, don't give up? And if you look at it, what did the machine of Makkah say that he was about to lead us astray from the worship of our idols had we not remained patient?

00:36:13--> 00:36:44

Meaning we did not give up, we stayed firm. So in this is a huge lesson for us, that if these people remained so firm, on falsehood, on idolatry, that no matter what evidence was given to them, no matter how the truth was shown to them, they refuse to give up. What is our duty, that no matter what challenge comes? We should remain firm as well. If they are so firm, shouldn't we be more firm? Of course,

00:36:45--> 00:37:12

we learned earlier that was there another local level in fitna, it does not even have sovereign or not. So Life is full of difficulties. Sometimes those challenges come from the situation that we're in sometimes from the people who are with us. Sometimes people who are opposing us, constantly we face challenges, what is our duty? What are we supposed to do? What is the way of dealing with these difficulties and challenges? Such

00:37:13--> 00:37:21

that imagine when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was trying to tell them about the debate about the oneness of Allah, they remained firm on should

00:37:22--> 00:38:10

they refuse to change their ways refused. And we learn in Santa Claus is that $1 called man or woman home and issue was beware Allah le article in the head Allah Shame on you, Rod. And the eminent among them, went for saying, continue, and be patient over the defense of your gods. Continue on your ways, and be patient remain firm on the defense of your gods. Indeed, this is a thing that is intended. So if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tried to convince them so much, he showed the half to them, the Quran, so many evidences of the hate are given, but look at their behavior, no matter what is said to them, they remain firm. So what should be our way?

00:38:11--> 00:38:39

What happens with us? Somebody says one negative remark, and there we are doubtful, should we do this? Should we not do it? We become shaky. That person looked at me with those eyes, and I don't know, should I do it? Should I not do? We become so shaky, we become so fearful, but look at the machine of Makkah, no matter what evidence was given to them, they refuse to change their ways, then why do we fall so weak? Why do we become so weak?

00:38:41--> 00:39:08

There's a nice quote in our book in the chapter for sure. When he left when I was asked, Why do you not SWAT it flies while performing solid, do they not bother you? He said, I will not do something that might become a habit and despoil messala then he was asked how he observed patients in that situation and he replied, I was told that sinners observed patients when they're flogged by the Muslim authority, and they even boast about being patient in that situation. If I'm standing before my Lord, would I move because of a fly?

00:39:10--> 00:39:46

That we get distracted? We get discouraged by the slightest of things. Somebody says one negative thing. One thing goes before us. The phone beeps and there it is, all our attention, all our focus, all our determination is gone, and we lose everything. But look at him. What did he say I take inspiration from, from those people who are flogged that when they're flogged, they still don't give up. And they boast about it. I got 100 lashes, I got 50 lashes and still I'm going to do what I'm doing. So why should I be distracted by one fly? Why?

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

You see when something is important to you, when you like something, when you believe in it. Then no matter what other people say to you, no matter what other people do to you, you will not give up

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

You will not give up. So many times we've seen people who want to marry somebody, the whole family opposes them, the entire family. But what is their behavior? I know of someone who persisted two years refused to marry anybody else. They said, I'm only going to marry this person, the entire family was against them, eventually they give up.

00:40:19--> 00:40:49

Similarly, if a girl wants to go to school, wants to study a particular subject wants to become a doctor or something like that the entire family opposes them. But what is her behavior? I'm going to do it, no matter what anybody says. The parents are trying to convince them, they try to get other family members involved. But know, when you've made up your mind, nobody can change you. Similarly, when it comes to the dean, this is the kind of firmness that we must have. This is the kind of determination and resolve that we must have.

00:40:51--> 00:40:57

that once you believe with conviction, then don't get distracted by flies. Don't get distracted by little, little things.

00:40:59--> 00:41:36

One of the sisters, she was mentioning that when she learned about that incident, you're supposed to raise your hands that have already a day, when she did it at home once one of the relativity saw her and he got so angry that she's become a Shira. You know, she's raising her hands like them. And everybody got so angry and upset with her. And her father sat her down that What are you doing, because they had never seen anybody doing it except for that she had when they prayed, they raise their hands up and down, right? So she faced a lot of opposition, a lot of criticism. But she said, This is what I have learned. This is what we're supposed to do. I don't care what you say, I don't

00:41:36--> 00:41:49

care what you think of me, I'm gonna do it. Obviously, depends on how you deal with people. But the point over here is that when you know you have to do something, then do it.

00:41:50--> 00:42:07

Don't get discouraged. Don't get distracted. Don't get demotivated by the criticism of people, by the mockery of people, by the objections of people. Because you will see yourself when you want to do something, you do it anyway. So when it comes to the dean, apply the same principle.

00:42:08--> 00:42:20

If you stop your ways, if you give up then how are other people going to learn? How is the truth going to spread? If each person starts compromising giving up, then how is the truth going to spread?

00:42:22--> 00:42:40

So in order to spread the truth, we have to live by it. And in order to live by it we have to have determination. So the machine of Mako What did they say that in Godzilla you blamed on Iran earlier Tina Lola en sobre la la her look at how proud they are about their determination.

00:42:41--> 00:43:20

Allah subhanaw taala says we're so fired up and soon they will no hanaa your owner either. But when they see the punishment, that must have been loose Avila who is more astray in way that right now they consider themselves to be those on the truth, but very soon they will find out who is actually on the truth and who is more straight when it comes to the right way. And when will that be in the dunya as well as the very soon the truth was shown to the people at the conquest of Makkah before that even at the Battle of the at the defeat of the Americans. So many times it was shown to them in the dunya and also in the hereafter

00:43:22--> 00:43:23

will listen to the recitation of these.

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