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An-Nisa 94-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 96-b

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The origins of the ACA, there are much greater,

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they're much greater than the dynojet of the Union.

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And we see that in trying to achieve higher the Rajat and dounia even

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what happens

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in trying to achieve higher the Rajat adonia, many people choose not to sacrifice for their Deen.

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For example, if a person wants to have a high Raja, a higher rank in money, what is he going to do? He is going to spend his extra time making more money.

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Instead of spending his time in acquiring the knowledge of the team, or volunteering somewhere, to benefit the team,

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isn't this think about it if you have some extra time, especially those people who have a contract with a company or something? And they have the opportunity to spend that time making money?

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What is it that stops us from volunteering at the institute? Or reciting more Koran? Or going and attending an Islamic course? What is it that stops us?

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The desire to gain worldly knowledge?

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What does Allah say within these words, are very high,

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that the raw data, the aka they're much,

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they're much greater.

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Whatever you get in this dunya of this dunya, you will leave it behind. But whatever that you leave, for, the better, you will get much more than that. In the

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end, sometimes we think that, you know, for a woman especially, she doesn't need to do anything.

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For a woman, it's just her follow her obligations. And her house, isn't it. And everybody quotes the hypothetical woman, she performs her obligations and she is dutiful to her husband husband is happy, then she can imagine

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this honey is quoted a lot. And of course, it is true. Of course, it is true. We believe in it definitely we do.

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However, if a woman along with being beautiful to her husband, and looking after her house, if she has time, if she has time to go and shop.

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If she has time to go to the mall almost every other day. If she has time to host a party every other day.

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Does he not have time to learn that he

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does not have time to learn that he does not have time to help other people learn the dean?

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Of course she does. And at the end of the day, every person is going to be questioned about their time. What did you do with your time?

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This is something that we have to give herself to a lot of passionate about.

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So if a woman has the time, and you tell her that no, she should not go study the dean, but rather she should stay at home and because she doesn't like staying at home, she's going to go out to the mall and shop.

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Then we have proceeded. What is it we give preference to? Is it the dean? Or is it our comfort in our homes.

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So if a woman also she does jihad in this way,

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that she performs all her obligations, and she sacrifices some of her own time some of her own comfort for the sake of the then she is inshallah aspiring for a diraja that is higher for a diraja that is higher.

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And we see that people try so hard to get the raw data dystonia.

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Why don't we try hard to credit our agenda, the

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if a person has to all at work, that if you do this extra work, you'll get a promotion and within two months, what is he going to do? No, I'm content.

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I'm content. I'm happy with this much money that you're giving me know. If he stole you do this much extra work only you try a little bit hard, and you will get a promotion. What is he going to do?

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He's going to sacrifice his family time. He's willing to sacrifice his weekends. He's willing to sacrifice his extra time. Why?

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In order to gain intelligence? Why do we think that the origins of the affair are so cheap, or they're not that important?

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We also learned from this idea that when a person when he performs a follow up key fire,

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then he gets a Dodger above others.

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When a person performs a folk key fire, then he gets a Dodger that is higher.

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What do we think Spotify? It's okay.

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Right. That's what we think what I'm doing is enough.

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And we can understand this by the example that just as it is not mandatory in every person to become a doctor to be

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become an engineer. It's not mandatory on every single person.

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But if a person chooses to become a doctor, automatically his daughter is going to be higher.

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Similarly, if a person chooses to do photokey fire, then is the Roger is going to be higher.

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We also learn from this idea that a Mujahid a person who's driving the wave of loss of penalty is a selfless person, meaning he gives priority to others above himself.

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Because when is that you have your time, you are at home, you live a very comfortable life. You get to spend a lot of time with your family just chatting and talking, spent a lot of time cooking and finding recipes and cleaning your house and detailing and decorating your house and

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you know, all these little details you have all the time, along with your diet.

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This is what you're living a life of comfort. And the other is that you say that, you know I can be content with one meal a day, two meals a day, even if my dinner table has only one dish, I'm content with that, why should I care three.

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So a person sacrifices on his time, on his comfort on his pleasure. And instead he uses that time to help other people learn

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to help other people praise further with meaning with understanding.

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Now, how selfish is it that you understand the deen and those people who don't understand anything, they're striving to learn and there is nobody to help them.

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There is nobody to help them literally. Sometimes, when there is some work that needs to be done at the Institute. We're wondering, is there anybody who can do this work? Is there anybody

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and people who are working? You know, we have to beg in front of them, please do it, please do it, we have to keep encouraging them. Why?

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Why do we think that my extra time is more important than other people reading the Quran with meaning?

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Is it really important for me to have three meals at the table? Or is it more important for somebody to learn how to read Quran? learn the meaning of the Quran? I mean, how selfish Can I be?

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The my dinner my palate is more important to me than the author of someone.

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How selfish can we be? So we see that the Mujahid he is truly a selfless person.

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And the Hadith of the prophets or the law doesn't remember that none of you can believe until you love for your brother, which you love for yourself.

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Because sometimes we think that, you know, once you've studied the Quran, I just want to live my own life. I want to read, you know, God, do just a day.

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And we start to enjoy our better. We'd like to do that. But if you're enjoying your brother yourself, don't you think it's your duty to help somebody else enjoy their event as well?

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Isn't it your obligation? Isn't it your duty?

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So a Mujahid is the one who will sacrifice some of his time, some of his comfort, so that he can help others

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that the good that he has attained, he wants other people to get the same, the Quran that he is enjoying, he wants other people to enjoy as well.

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The Quran that he hears and he cries and increases in his he man, he wants the same for other people. He's not selfish,

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and which I hit wants good for others.

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We also learn from this ayah, that in order to attain biojet a person has to sacrifice you cannot attain hydrojet just by mere wishes, just by mere money.

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And if you look at it, even the dollar jettas dounia, what do they require sacrifice.

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If a person becomes a very successful businessman, or a person becomes a doctor, and he's making a lot of money, does that come out of nowhere. But just by chance, he made a perfect resume. And in that he wrote he was a doctor and that's it. know, years and years of study years and years of practice, years and years of hard work of sacrifice, then a person gets the reject. So why do we think that for the better, we don't need to strive we don't need to sacrifice.

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We also went from this idea that jihad is done through both a person's nuts as well as man.

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jihad is done through both naps as well as man.

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And the best is that a person spends his time his energy a part of himself and also his own wealth in the way the last parameter

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that is a full jihad.

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We also learn from this idea that the udara those people who are disabled, they can obtain the same rank as Mujahideen. If they have

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The yearning if they have the desire to be imager, our problem is that we don't even want to be sacrificed. Just the thought of sacrificing scares us. How can you do that? How can you do that? Just try and make the near.

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Try at least a loss of penalty will help you

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say they've been savety. He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam dictated this ayah to him,

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which I

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that layers that will carry Luna middle Medina while Mujahidin.

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So he did get to this ayah to him. And remember the day had been severed, he was one of the scribes, so he would write the way.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he dictated this ayah to him, and he was writing.

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Now when he was writing, even MK two, who is even

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one of the Sahaba and he was a blind man.

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He came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And he said, Allah's Messenger By Allah, if I had power, I would surely take part in jihad.

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I mean, I am blind, I can't go.

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So if I had the power, I would certainly take part in jihad. So Allah subhanaw taala sent down revelation to His Messenger, while his thigh was on mine, they live inside with the same that while the prophets are a lot of times Ty was on my thigh. And it became so heavy for me that I feared that my thigh would be broken.

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Why? Because of where he was coming down to the prophets, Audubon Center.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed this part of the value the

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value in the Torah, except for those who are disabled. So initially, they thought this was not part of the ayah.

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And then it was revealed afterwards. So sometimes you see that the worry, it would be as short as just a few words.

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Sometimes it would be very long, complete surah sometimes it would be part of a surah sometimes it would be one eye, and sometimes it would be only a part of the ayah.

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We also learn from this idea that

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Jihad attains a person high levels, India.

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And because of this reason, jihad in different times, in different places is different.

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In different times, different places is different. So you're supposed to do whatever that you can do.

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For instance, in my case, aura certification, I number 52. What do we learn, which I hate to whom Biggie, Jihad and Kabira and strive against them with the Quran? A great striving.

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So, in Medina, okay, Jihad was through the sword. But in Makkah, how was the Jihad through the Quran

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that you spread the Quran

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to for us? What can we do?

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What can we do? This type of jihad we can do, which I don't need, you haven't Kabira that, first of all, learn the Quran yourself. And if you have to sacrifice for that, and you think that because it's not an obligation, why should I do it?

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Tell yourself that I am doing jihad. I am aspiring for higher levels.

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So first of all, by understanding the Quran yourself, and secondly, by telling other people by spreading this knowledge to others as well.

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All of this is what part of jihad

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then a person who does jihad, a person who is a major hit, his level is much higher. The project's not just one level, but it's many levels higher compared to those people who don't do jihad, even when they can.

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We also learn from this I that the benefit of being a metalhead is that a person he gets a drone or Lima

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he gets a great reward. He gets the raw jet in the afternoon. And he also gets what is the is a little Jatin Minho, warmer for forgiveness as well.

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Now you see

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a person who thinks that performing the obligations is enough

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that I'm just praying my fault. I'm just giving my Zakat

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with what intention is doing this, what is in the back of his mind, that whatever I am doing is sufficient.

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So he is looking at his good deeds, and he's not looking at the sense that he is committing.

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And we see that many times we commit sins and we don't even realize we're committing them.

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Day in and day out. We make mistakes, but if a person he does jihad, then what's the promise of Allah?

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Why would a person do jihad in the first place when he knows that what he is doing is not enough?

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Enough is not sufficient. He needs to do more.

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When he knows that what he is doing is not enough and he needs to do more. So he's not content with the obligations but rather he goes on to the level of sacrifice. He goes on to the level of doing extra

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and when he will do extra panel data, we'll give him

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The long email mukilteo

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una Mina Mina

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Mujahideen Abby bit more

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work Hello, long

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danila is

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long long.

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If you look at it in the first time it was mentioned only the Roger

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and in a second it was mentioned

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and you may wonder why Delta one and delta jet again

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it is said that the first time that Roger is mentioned it is the delta of mud and telling that they're worthy of praise from Allah subhana wa tada

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that Allah subhanaw taala has given them preference with a dojo, what dojo is that, that they get praise, which the car you don't, don't get.

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We all love praise.

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And secondly, the dollar jet. It refers to the monastic agenda, the ranks agenda. So daraja refers to the donnager of praise. And the project refers to the moon as an agenda, the different ranks of paradise.

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So, what are the main lesson we learned from these two?

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That getting Jenna is not cheap that the rajas of gender are not that cheap.

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If you want the dollar jet of Gemini, if you want the higher ranks of gender, then prove yourself worthy of those that are

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and how do you prove yourself worthy of those that are jet

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produced doing something that for every person could be different type of jihad.

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Like for some people, for one person Jihad could be praying the Sunnah.

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Really, Jihad could be reciting the Quran every single day, outside of Salah,

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giving sadaqa

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these are sacrifices that you have to make you have to put in your effort. You have to struggle

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but the more effort a person puts in

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The more double jack he will be getting

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what else?

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That if you do a little, you will get a little. If you do more, you will get more

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what he called lingaraj at me, man, I mean to every person will have the Rajat according to what they had done. What level do you want?

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Whatever you want, work for it.

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If you want mediocrity, then be mediocre.

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If you want excellence can be excellent.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this is that we should set high goals for ourselves why do we think that oh if I pray only the fact that you know for me, no set a high goal for yourself.

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And if you do so, then inshallah you'll be able to get there.

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And it's a huge favor of of Allah subhanaw taala if he gives a person that will feel to do extra in the way of Allah to be a Mujahid

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and because of that he should never look down on those people who are not in that category because they should remember that karateka Quantum and you are all to like them before you didn't know a word of the Quran. used to run away from the Quran you never used to pray.

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It's a loss of God's blessing on you that you have reached this level. So don't look down upon them.