Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L061E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the concept of killing a believer deliberately and the punishment it brings. The culture includes punishment for killing a person, for killing a companion, and for killing a person. The speakers also mention evidence of people killing people and their actions, including wrestling and wrestling's parents. The conversation explores potential consequences of the attack on the US, including negative reactions and the return of the Saudi Arabia.
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Fellas paradata says, Well, my young man and Mohammedan but whoever kills a believer intentionally,

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whoever killed a believer intentionally, what does Mohammedan mean

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is from the veterans I mean that

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and remember this from the same root letters, which is used for a pillar,

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when there is a pillar beneath something, it becomes firm.

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So, what I meant is an action that is supported by any it has some broken beneath that it has an omelet beneath it. So, basically the action is deliberate, it is intentional, it is willful.

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So, whoever killed a believer deliberately

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and this has been understood in two ways. First of all, that whoever kills a believer deliberately, because he is a believer, meaning the only reason why he killed this person was that this person is a believer.

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Secondly, they said that, whoever killed a believer deliberately meaning he deliberately intended to kill him with something that is lethal.

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He deliberately intended to kill him with something that is lethal

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fighters are older now, than he is recompenses hellfire.

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The previous ayah

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warrant is against Patil hopper.

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This is gives us severe punishment for the one who does

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that what is it recompense for does that would that is recommended Hellfire harder than fee her? One abiding eternally in it was all the below Who are they? And Allah became angry with him.

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Allah became wrathful with him when I know who and he also cursed him. What I dunno Who are they have an agreement, and he has prepared for such a person, a great punishment.

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We see over here that the crime of killing someone deliberately is something very serious because of punishment that has been mentioned. No other sin. No other sin in the Quran has mentioned in the same way.

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The punishment for no other sin has been mentioned in the same way.

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What does the IRS say? There is jahannam. There is Quaalude in Hellfire, there is of law. There is a learner of Allah and there is either urban or leave

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either heaven or leave. Now for various punishments you will see only Liana is mentioned only 11 or leamas mentioned only Johanna was mentioned but over here we see all of them are mentioned together.

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What does it show

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that killing someone is off the worst of major sins, we know that shark is almost alien

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ship is only alien, it's the greatest of the major sins, but after that the most serious major sin is killing someone.

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It is killing someone that is a major thing. So we see that for other armored, there are two types of punishment. One is chattery.

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And the second is that he what is the shutter a punishment that a person is given the punishment in this world and what is that punishment? Because

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that such a person has to be killed

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for cattle Haha, they will be there, they will be the hero nakaba but for patrulla Ahmed, what's the punishment,

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capital punishment because such a person is going to be killed.

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And what's the other punishment

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that in the dunya a person will suffer from the anger of Allah, the learner of Allah

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and in the a person will have Hellfire and are the hub of the human.

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Even our best holding on who used to say that this is a must be understood as it is.

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This it must be understood as it is. So basically his opinion was that if a person kills another deliberately, then this thing will never be forgiven.

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This sin will never ever be forgiven.

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This was even even our best for the learning.

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That this I must be understood as it is. and killing someone deliberately is an unforgivable thing.

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That no matter how much justified a person does, he will not be forgiven. Why? Because it is vana for human What does it mean a person is distanced from the mercy of Allah.

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The person is removed far away from the mercy of Allah. So no matter how much

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Thought he doesn't matter how much though but he does not acceptable.

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And there is a lot of

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anger of a lot what is the anger of Allah punishment? In this dunya and there is punishment in the effort. There's halluf and

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eternity in the hellfire. And remember for other major sins, what do we learn

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that a person when he is sent to the Hellfire, after the punishment, he will eventually be taken out. But even our vessels that are who said that know this I must be interested as it is. That killing someone is a crime that is unforgivable.

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So according to our buffalo that are

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killing someone is a punishment that is completely unforgivable.

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Boko Haram, who said that I heard the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam saying that when two Muslims fight each other with their swords,

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when two Muslims they confront one another with their swords, and they're both trying to kill one another. Then both the party and the mock tool was the father of

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the murder me the one who managed to kill the other and he was saved. And the motto would mean the one who got killed.

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Both of them will go to hellfire.

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Abubakar said I asked Allah's Messenger is all right for the party. But what about the motto?

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I mean, the cartel he managed to kill the other person, but what about the muscle?

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He didn't kill anyone. He was killed. So why should he go to the Hellfire?

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The prophets are a lot of sort of replied he surely had the intention to kill his companion. He had the Nia to kill his companion.

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So because of that, he will also go to * fire.

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Even our boss with Aaron, who set to the profit side of autism said, Allah will be most angry with three people on the Day of Resurrection.

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Who are they? First of all, a person who deviates from the right conduct in the harem,

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in the area of heroin, what does he do? He doesn't respect the heroin and he deviates from right conduct.

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Secondly, a person who seeks that the traditions of the pre Islamic period of ignorance should remain in Islam.

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Meaning despite being a Muslim, he is still practicing the ways of Jamelia.

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And thirdly, a person who seeks to shed somebody's blood without any rate.

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Such people Allah subhanaw taala will be most angry with on the Day of Judgment.

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We also learn from another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Resurrection, the slain meaning the moku, the person who was killed, he will bring the killer with his forelock and his head in his hand,

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the macdon What will he do? He will be holding the head. And the forelock.

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In the front of the hair of the cotton in his hand means to the person who killed him, he's going to be holding his head in his hand.

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And his own jugular vein, meanwhile dripping with blood to the muscle, his neck will be bleeding, and he will be holding the author with his hand. And he will say, My Lord, he killed me.

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This person killed me.

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And you will keep saying that and you will be holding on to that person until you will bring him near the throne of amasa panatela.

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And even our best to learn who held the view that the repentance of the one who intentionally emerges a believer will not be accepted. And this is also the evidence that such a person who will bring the party on the day of judgment to a loss of panatela near the tone of this is the person who killed him. This is the person who killed me.

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This is a crime that is very serious.

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So first of all, we learned that even a wrestler and that was his opinion, but other scholars, which is the majority of the scholars of the earlier ended intergeneration said that the bottles repentance, it can be accepted.

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The cotton is Toba it may be accepted

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and what is the evidence for that?

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There are several evidences

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For example, we know about the person who had killed 99 people

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and then he went to a person and he asked that I have killed so many. What do I do?

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He said you will never be forgiven and he killed him as well.

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And then he went to somebody else. And they said did you leave the place and you go somewhere else? And that person eventually what do we learn about him that he is going to be forgiven inshallah.

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So this shows that if a person has committed even clutter out of ignorance

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Out of General, then, is the elbow. If it's sincere, it is up to a loss of panel data to forgive him.

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And we also learn from other either the Quran, especially those that are mentioned in Surah, two four Can I add 68 to 71

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in which we learned that one Latina laya, the owner of La Isla and while I akuna, Neff, seletti, habla mala, who in there will help, when is noon, when we have our Delica we have

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that those people who amongst the other things that they avoid, what do they avoid, they do not kill a person whom Allah subhanaw taala has for Britain.

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And the IRA continues that you are the healer that will almost be MIT where you have to defeat him or her that whoever does that he will commit a major sin and the punishment will be multiplied for him on the Day of Resurrection. And he will abide eternally in the hellfire.

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And then the AI continues in a moment.

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Except for the one who did

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except for the one who repented.

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What I'm on it and he believed what i mean i'm on silent and he does righteous deeds. For Allah acre you bet did a lousy Adam has an atom for such people, a loss of pangong will change there. So you add into has an earth what kind of local food over Hema and a less forgiving and merciful.

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So, what do we learn that even our boss within our new Yes, he said that such a person who killed another deliberately his crime is unforgivable because of this ayah.

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But if you consider other at other ahaadeeth and this shows that if a person does the work, then he can hope for the mercy of Allah soprano.

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Again, it cannot be guaranteed it cannot be guaranteed it is up to a loss of power that

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will listen to the recitation of these

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meaning a

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masala musala de

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If a person is in a place where the Islamic law is not implemented, then how is he going to carry out this

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punishment that has been given?

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Basically, if he's really sincere in his elbow, if he's really sincere in his repentance that he knows that it was a mistake, then he can also give the blood money on his own. Correct. He can give it I mean the government is not going to stop him from giving the blood money to someone.

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Surprise Nicola who will be Home Depot, Michel de la Ilaha. illa Anta, a stockbroker wanted to breed a Assalamu alaikum

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